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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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The Sexy Lebanese Housesitter (18+)
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Outside the city of London in the suburbs, lived a husband and wife; they were planning on going out for the Afternoon for a movie and then dinner, but wanted someone to look after their pet dog, Becky. The dog is am adorable little brown terror and an intelligent dog and she does exactly what she is told by her owners; the time is 15:30 in the afternoon.
The woman is middle-aged in her thirties to forties, she is five foot and six inches tall in height; she also has light blue eyes that are gorgeous. The woman is wearing casual clothes in the form of a corset with buttons at the front; it is also coloured white. She is wearing black jeans along with a nice pair of black, high heel boots; she also has a black jacket to go along with her outfit. The lady also has blonde-coloured hair, which drapes down her back and she is currently applying a light-toned lipstick to her lips.
“Sharon, are you ready yet?” shouted her husband from downstairs.
“Yes, I need to call, Vasanta, to check she is still coming as planned. I will make sure she does not invite her boyfriend over either. I do not want a mess to clean up when we come home!” replied Sharon shouting from the bathroom, while she is fixing up her hair.
“Okay, Dear, you take forever, were only going to a movie and dinner not the prom!” he mocked in reply teasingly as he spoke each word.

Next, Sharon grabs her mobile phone and speed dials, Vasanta as she is her usual house sitter who lives down the road from her, “Hello!” answered a sweet and gentle voice.
“Hello, Vasanta, it is Sharon are you still okay to house-sit for me tonight?” asked Sharon.
“Yes, I am. I am just coming home now; I will study at the same time here and I know the rules no boyfriends or other people allowed!” replied Vasanta.
“Thank you, Vasanta, I owe you big time. I will pay you extra for today as it was such short notice so you two can go out on a nice date!” declared Sharon.
“Awww, thanks! I really appreciate it, Sharon!” replied Vasanta as she ends the call on her Blackberry phone.
Sharon then finishes her hair and comes downstairs to meet her loving husband Paul who is five foot eight inches tall in height. He is wearing casual clothes as well but smartly dressed as after the movie they are going to a restaurant in London. The clothes he is wearing are a nice shirt with a collar and buttons at the front, which is coloured navy blue and has the design logo from Ralph Lauren. He is wearing black trousers from Next and black shoes also from the Next brand with a nice belt with a gold buckle to keep the trousers in place. He has brown coloured eyes as well and dark black hair, which is cut short and he has no facial hair on his face.

Suddenly there is a knock at their front door and Sharon answers it to see that is Vasanta who is a mixture of English and Lebanese heritage she is aged sixteen and is coming close to her final exams. She has a really lovely pair of hazel eyes that glisten in the reflection of the light she is currently standing in as she enters the house. She is five foot and eight inches tall, she has long silky black hair that is so shiny, she really takes care of her hair. She has such a very curvy and athletic-type body for a girl her age with a 36D bust size. Vasanta loves playing basketball at the school where all the boys go to the court during breaks and lunch breaks just to observe her play and eye her up and she loves every second of it. She also plays for her school team as well in the point guard position so she is very popular too.
She is currently wearing her school girl outfit, which is a white shirt with buttons along with a dark blue tie. She is also wearing a black, short skirt, which barely covers her legs, she never wears tights as she has amazing legs as she is so sporty every day; she is also wearing black boots to go with it, longs you have black it goes with school uniform dress code of the school.
“Hi, Sharon, sorry I am little late, I was kind of naughty at school so the teacher kept me for a 15 minutes detention!” she laughed.
“Bad girl, Vasanta, what did you do this time?” replied Sharon
“Nothing, I just made a smart ass comment about something we were learning and my teacher got pissed at me, she is such a fucking bitch my science teacher!” Explained Vasanta.
“Oh well, you are free to watch the television or any Blu-rays we have. Please just no boyfriends or girlfriends please as per our agreement,” Declared Sharon.
“Do not worry, go and have a good time, I will take great care of Becky I love her, she is so smart and fun to play with!” said Vasanta cheerfully as she pets her and strokes her head; Becky then barks playfully with affection towards Vasanta.
“Thanks, Vasanta, we will be off now!” stated Paul as he holds his wife’s hand as they leave the house, leaving Vasanta and Becky alone in the house.

Next, Vasanta decides to go study in the living room while watching some television, aka the music channel; she loves music and cannot live without it. The living room is pretty large with a nice looking fireplace and also inside of the living room, it has two cosy chairs and a nice cosy sofa made from the same design, nice and comfy to lay down on. There is also a small table, which is perfect for eating or studying on while watching television, which is also a nice thirty-two-inch flat screen with full HD 1080P along with Sky satellite capabilities.
Suddenly, her mobile phone starts vibrating in her shirt pocket and it is her boyfriend.
“Vasanta, do you want to do anything tonight, I cannot wait for us to have a house alone again as it is the only time we can make love together!” said her boyfriend.
“Poul, I have to house-sit for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, but I have some good news for you; we have the house alone!” explained Vasanta as she then smiles knowing she may be able to get laid as it had been a while due to both of their parents and she absolutely loves having sex/making love with him.
“Also, Sharon told me they are going to dinner after so come over and keep me company, she told me no boyfriends, but I don’t care we just need to be extra careful as she is paying me extra so we can go out on the weekend. So I will need to kick you out before they come home!” said Vasanta.
“Okay, sounds good I will be over shortly just getting changed. However, you did look mighty fine today on the court; I love watching you dominate the other girls in basketball, I Love you Vasanta!”
“I love you too, sweet-cakes, please be quick; you know patience is not one my virtues!” laughed Vasanta getting wet thinking about her boyfriend.
Vasanta hangs up the phone and thinks out loud to herself, ‘yes, finally I am getting fucked again! it has been too long since we last fucked each other, damn parents!’
Vasanta strokes Becky who is laying on her lap while she is studying for about twenty minutes, “You are such a cute little doggy, Becky!” she kisses her on the forehead and then goes to feed her some biscuits and give her clean water in the kitchen. The kitchen is very beautiful with a stainless glass floor and a big table, which they eat their dinner on. There is a washing machine as well and other normal household items you would find in a kitchen along with Becky’s bed that she sleeps in at night.
“Becky, some biscuits for you!” The dog comes rushing over to eat her biscuits.

Poul now turns up at the house as he rings the door-bell as Vasanta comes from the kitchen from feeding the dog; she opens the door standing still in her school uniform but she had unbuttoned the collar and removed her tie exposing her beautiful neck. “Hello, my love!” he said as they embrace in a cuddle and he kisses her gently on her lips, “I promise to be good, Sugarpuff!” he said after their kiss.
Sugarpuff is Vasanta’s pet name, which her boyfriend kindly gave to her and she loves it as it is very cute to her.
Poul is dressed in a nice casual Reebok sweater, which was coloured black and he is wearing black jeans to go with it as it is a pretty cold day out, especially now nightfall is slowly approaching. He is also five foot and eight inches tall and he has an athletic body as he tends to play basketball sometimes with Vasanta or he plays soccer with the boys at school. He has light, brown hair and light, brown eyes. He is also aged 16 and in his last year of school as well.

He takes her by her hand and leads her to the living room and they sit on the sofa together. Vasanta decides to put her legs on top of him and speaks softly into his ear as she wraps her arms around his neck, “Poul not sure how much longer we have, but also I do not want to rush this moment, we barely have a house to ourselves usually!”
“I know, baby!” he replies with as he strokes her hair gently then grabs it gently.
“Mm, Baby, kiss me!” she moaned.
He holds her long, silky black hair as he begins to kiss her slowly and this time he slides his tongue inside of her luscious lips and pretty mouth. Vasanta then slides her tongue in his mouth as she rubs the back of his head and runs her nails through his hair as they start French kissing, the sounds of kissing can be then heard throughout the living room.
“Mmmm, I have missed this so much baby!” said Vasanta after the long kiss smiling as she unbuttons another button on her shirt revealing more of her neck for him.
“Mmmm, Vasanta, you are so beautiful, I am so lucky to be your boyfriend. You could have any guy you want in school, but you chose me!” he replied.
“Awww, Tootsie; it is because you treat me like a real woman and not something to just fuck and then fuck off and go to your mates tell everything you did with one of the hottest girls in school!”
He slowly nibbles on her collar-bone and licks up it and then sucks on the side of her neck, “Mmmm, Poul, you really know how to get my blood pumping!” as Vasanta gets quickly aroused as it is her weak spot.
“Vasanta, lay back on the sofa!” he asked nicely as he whispered in her ear gently.

She obeys her lover and lies back on her back as he unbuttons and slowly removes his shirt and places it beside the sofa on the carpet on the ground. he then crawls on top of her and starts kissing her again as he gently plays with her hair, “How do you keep your hair so healthy?” he asked.
“It is my secret!” she says smiling as she leans back for him to kiss her throat as she glides her long red-painted fingernails over his upper back and spine, which then sends pleasurable shivers up Poul’s spine.
“Mmmm, Vasanta!” he moans softly into her throat as he licks it up and down driving her crazy.
“Mmmm, BABY!” she moaned loudly.
Next, Poul takes one hand and glides it up her right calf, which is in amazing shape because she is so sporty and he takes it underneath her skirt to her thigh, as he now sucks on her neck.
“Baby, I love you so much!” she says as she squirms a little bit on the sofa before she speaks again, “Poul I just had a thought, we should not fuck on this we should do it somewhere it does not leave a mess!” she giggled.
“Yes I know, just relax and let me seduce that sexy body of yours!” replied Poul as he makes her suck his finger, which she does so expertly with those precious, curved and perfect lips that she has.
Vasanta lies back and enjoys it as she sucks his fingers and start to unbutton her shirt and places it on the floor revealing her amazing curvy and voluptuous body and she has an amazing belly-button piercing, which her boyfriend went and supported her with as she got it done behind her parents back as they said she had to be eighteen. However, Vasanta could not wait another two years she also wants to get a Persian lore tattoo on her back of the goddess of protection as she loves that sort of thing, but the law is making her wait if she likes it or not.
“Oh, how have I missed seeing that body, your tits are just amazing, so big!” he says teasingly at her and Vasanta starts laughing on her back.
“I will let you see them again soon!” she winks at him after saying that as she looks back at him as she places her arms above her head to make them stand out even more inside of her white Bra with flowers on it.
“Sexy Bra!” said, Poul, as he kisses the exposed tops of her lovely 36D breasts
“Mmmm, baby!” she moans as she suddenly rolls Poul on his back and kneels on top of him and she unhooks her bra and lets her lovely breasts reveal to him, she then simply lets her lips curl into a luscious smile for him. She then looks at him with love as it was almost like you could see small pink hearts glow in her hazel eyes.
“Oh my god, Vasanta, that is so fucking sexy!” he shouts as he begins to get hard immediately underneath her as she is perched on top of his lap kneeling.
“Mmmm, something is excited to see my twin-peaks again!” she answered as she lies on top of him grinding her hips as he undoes her skirt from the back leaving her only in her white knickers also with a flower design.
Vasanta then starts to kiss his neck as he slowly takes off her knickers slowly revealing her full ass but her beautiful pussy is still hidden away as it is leaning against Poul’s crotch.
“Spank me, baby!” asked Vasanta, Poul did not need to be asked again as he lightly spanks both ass cheeks which makes her wilder.
Vasanta then slowly kisses down his body with her lips slowly, “Mmmm, Sugarpuff!”
“Time to get you naked I want to see that nice shaven cock again!” demanded Vasanta.
“Wow, you are aggressive today, I remember the first few times you were so innocent!” said Poul
“Not innocent, scared and inexperienced!” she replied as she pokes her tongue out at him as she looks up as she slowly undoes his jeans and pulls both the jeans and his pants off at the same time and his hard cock comes into view for her.
Vasanta licks her lips seductively, “Mmmm, how I have missed seeing this, but let continue in the kitchen!”

Vasanta grabs Poul by his right hand and interlocks her fingers from her left hand and drags him aggressively towards the kitchen she pushes him down on the chair and begins to immediately wraps her soft and luscious lips softly around the head of his large seven-inch cock.
“Mmmm, love it when you are like this, baby, a new side I have yet to see!” moaned Poul.
“You should as I learned to know exactly what I want in bed!” she said sounding so experienced for a 16-year-old girl.
She flicks her tongue over his head softly and sucks him again ever so gently as she kneels in front of him letting her long, black silky hair drape in his lap, “Mmmm, Baby let me take that hair out of your eyes. I want to watch your pretty eyes!” declared Poul.
He takes her hair and plays with it, which she likes very much as it sends tingles down her scalp and back as she then slowly takes him deeper inside of her warm and beautiful mouth.
“My god, Vasanta, you really know how to suck my cock; it feels so good!” he moaned.
She peers up with half of his cock inside of her mouth and looks up with her eyes and then closes them to enjoy him, he leaks some pre-cum into her mouth, she swallows it, “Mmmm, fuck baby you already pre-cumming and it tastes so good!” she says teasing him some more.
She then takes her tongue and licks up the base of his hard cock with one long lick, which drives him nuts.
“Mmmm, VASANTA!” he yells in pure pleasure.
“I see you like that, sweetie, let me do that again!” snickered Vasanta.
She simply does it again on the other side driving him insane for her, before she starts sucking him faster and wraps her luscious lips tightly around his shaft; he then grabs her hair and forces her to suck him as deep as she can. He decides to not let up for air until she starts gasping for air.
“Mmmm, Baby, first time you been aggressive with me, I like it!” stated Vasanta.
“Mmmm, shut up, suck my cock my little bitch!” he says jokingly as he would never really call his girl a bitch.
Vasanta smiles and likes it, “Damn that sounded fucking sexy, Poul, Mmmm!”
She starts sucking again faster and faster and he says, “Vasanta, stop, baby you going to make me cum!”
He picks up Vasanta and makes her sit on the table and he rubs her fully shaven pussy that is already glistening, “Stay there sexy! I need pull the curtains and put on the light!”

He comes back and starts to lick her pussy from the bottom upwards a few times, which Vasanta absolutely loves, “OH FUCK YES, BABY, MMMMM!” she screams.
“Vasanta, keep it down the neighbours may tell them what we are doing!” he said teasingly.
“SHUT UP AND FUCKING LICK MY PUSSY!” she yells at him as she grabs two handfuls of his hair.
“Yes Baby!” he says and she forces him to lick her pussy as he slides his tongue over the slit of her outer pussy lips.
“MMMM, YES!” she moans again.
she simply leans back and enjoys what he is doing to her as he now licks her clitoris and sucks on it, which is now swelling up and becoming harder and harder every second.
“Such a beautiful looking, pussy, and you keep it fully shaved too! That is so sexy, darling!” he says as he comes up for air before he parts her outer pussy lips so he can slide his tongue deep inside of her.
“OH, MY GOD! I love the way you lick me; I feel so fucking good right now!” she screams in pleasure.
He rubs her clitoris next as he slides his tongue in and out of her tight, wet, love cavern.
Poul then decides to place two fingers inside of her pussy and he begins moving them deeper inside of her with each thrust looking for her G-spot.
“MMMM, that is it finger my fucking pussy!” screamed Vasanta.
He does that for a while before he turns her over and licks both of her wonderful, ass cheeks, “Mmmm, you, not done that to me before, Poul!”
“Want me to stop?” he asked politely respecting her.
“Hell No, Baby, I love to explore new things!” replied Vasanta.
Poul licks her ass cheeks again; he then spits on her pussy making it wet for his cock, “Time to get fucked, baby!”
“Mmmm It has been too long, hope you remember how to make me cum!” she said smartly and slyly with sarcasm.
Paul goes back to find his trousers to get a condom out of the packet and puts it on and he comes rushing back to the kitchen to not keep Vasanta waiting any longer as she was craving for his cock.

He then slides his cock deep inside of her pussy from behind and lifts one of her legs onto the table, “MMMMM!” she moaned as he slid it inside of her for the first time that night.
he grabs hold of the back of her neck gently and massages it as he starts to pound her pussy slightly harder as he moves it in and out of her.
“Mmmm baby!” she moaned.
He gently pushes her face into the table and then grabs two handfuls of hair, “Vasanta, let me know if that is too aggressive, do not want to hurt my Sugarpuff!”
“NO BABY, I LOVE IT!” she screamed getting extremely turned on by it.
He spanks her on the ass as he starts to fuck her faster as he slides his hard penis in out of her pussy.
“God, I missed us having sex, MMMM! moaned Vasanta again.
“Yes, I forgot how good your pussy feels, Vasanta!” moaned Poul.
He now pounds her hard from behind as she starts to scream in pleasure as he grabs her hair tight and makes her scream out louder making her lean her head towards him; he then kisses her neck from behind.
“FUCK YES, BABY!” screamed Vasanta in ecstasy.
“Vasanta your getting fucked on the washing machine now!” he said grinning at her as he grabs her making her face him.
they then share a quick kiss as he hoists her up. Next, she locks her thighs around his bum and hips and he begins to carry her towards the washing machine and he sits her down on top of it.
“Mmmm, this is sexy, baby!” stated Vasanta.

Next, he puts it back inside of her; she then starts to grind her hips as he bounces Vasanta up and down on his hard cock, “Mmmm fuck I am so wet!” she screamed.
“God, I love the way you grind on my hard cock, baby!” he moaned as she places her arms around his neck and makes out with him as he bounces her up and down on top of the washing machine.
she leans past his head cuddling him as close as she can while he continues to bounce her up and down she then pushes him backwards and climbs on top of the washing machine and kneels on top of him and starts riding his cock in full motion.
“Mmmm, Vasanta, you fuck so good baby!”
She flicks her hair over her beautiful back and really starts to show him how she has improved her riding skills since the first few times they have had sex.
“OH shit, Vasanta, that feels fucking amazing!” moaned Poul again.
she leans forward and kisses him, “Poul, I want you to cum in my mouth today!”
“Anything for you, Sugarpuff!”
Vasanta continues to bounce up and down now on his large shaft making it hit all of her inside and g-spot as she controls exactly, which spots and the angle it goes inside of her.
She feels him about to cum inside of her within the condom so she gets off of him and Poul get’s up so Vasanta can lay all the way back to the washing machine.
“You want it like this, Baby?” asked Poul
“Yes, honey, then you can easily put it in my mouth when you are close to cumming again!”

Next, Vasanta lays back and gives him her legs as Poul inserts his still hard and throbbing cock back inside of her; he begins to fuck her nice and hard on top of the washing machine. Vasanta’s lovely 36D breasts bounce up and down so naturally as he gives her the fucking of a lifetime, “MMMM, god how you have improved at fucking my pussy, OH BABY!” she screamed.
“Keep going I am going to cum all over that big fucking dick!” screamed Vasanta as she reaches her climax.
“OH MY GOD, I AM CUMMING!” she begins to shake wildly and she has her best orgasm yet in her life she goes absolutely crazy as Poul is forced to hold her down.
“Oh my god, Vasanta, your pussy is squeezing me tight!” he yells as he removes his cock and the condom as he then places his cock back inside her mouth.
She begins to suck him fast, but it only needed a couple of sucks as he explodes his white, hot liquid deep into the back of her throat, “OH, VASANTA!”
he continues to cum in her throat as she swallows it all down like a good girl.
“Mmmm, you taste so good baby!” said Vasanta as she licks her lips and then shows him all his cum is gone.
“Wow, this was amazing, Vasanta!”
Suddenly, a car pulls in around the back area, “Shit, Poul get dressed and leave via the front door they are back, I think; I will clean this up and pretend I fell asleep on the sofa, GO!”
Poul goes and gets dressed and quickly and silently lets himself out of the front door without being seen. Vasanta then quickly puts her school uniform back on and she then puts the blanket over herself and lies her head on the pillow watching the TV and pretends she fell asleep as Sharon and Paul come in through via the back door.
“Vasanta, we are back!” said Sharon
She receives no answers and then sees that Vasanta fell asleep, which she actually did as she was exhausted from the fucking she just got.
“Oh Paul, Vasanta fell asleep on sofa do not wake her up I will tell her parents so they do not worry about her!”

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