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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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The Persian Goddess, Vasanta Lockheart! 18+
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In the suburbs of Northolt within the city of London, a beautiful young lady is packing the last of clothes ready for her vacation in Jacksonville Beach Florida, she is about meeting her boyfriend for the first time as she had been dating him online. She is a mixture of Persian and English heritage, she has opal, black eyes and long black hair that drapes down over her mid back. She is five feet and eight inches tall in height and has 36D sized breasts and an athletic-type petit, body with the cutest ass you will ever feast your eyes on. She is currently wearing a white tank top and black jeans, with black stilettos, she packs away her business outfit as she wanted to show him this outfit in person and refused to take a photo of this outfit, she also packs a kinky black, French Maid;s outfit as she thinks out loud to her self, ‘If things go perfectly this would be a nice treat for my sweet and sexy Andrew.

She lives currently in a three-bedroom house, which she has almost finished paying off the mortgage on her house. She had this house because she was recently living with a person that she kicked out after she was heart was broken a few years ago by an ex-boyfriend who she walked in on having sex with another woman in her very own bed. The Lady had to go through counselling and anti-de-present pills as she even tried to commit suicide once as she thought something was wrong with her. She is now over all of this thanks to her new boyfriend she met online whilst playing final fantasy 14. They both got acquainted very well and love playing with each other in more ways than one, she has been finding it hard to trust another man, but she gave in to her heart and cleared the voices and distrust from her mind and opened up her heart and soul again too, Andrew, and has finally found the courage to meet him in person after a couple of years of playing games together and Skyping together.

The time is around eleven o’clock at night, she is taking a late night flight, which is at 2 O’clock in the morning as she has time to nap in between her flights at a hotel in Detroit as there are no direct flights from Heathrow Airport to Jacksonville Airport. Finally, the lady has finished packing everything and she phones up the local mini-cab services from her Sony, Android mobile phone. “Northolt Taxis! May I help you?” answered a male phone operator.
“Good Evening, Sir! I would like to book a cab to take me to Heathrow Airport for a 2 O’clock flight so it would be lovely if he could arrive by twelve O’clock.” the lady replied.
“Certainly Ma’am, could we take your name?” replied the Operator.
“Yes, it Is Vasanta Lockheart” answered the lady as she reads him out her address.
“We have your address and a driver will be here and on time as we value not keeping our customers waiting.” said the Phone Operator.
“Cool, thank you so much, sweetie, and bye!” she said in a friendly tone of voice.
“You are Most Welcome Vasanta, Bye!” responded the Phone Operator.
Vasanta now waits patiently for her cab, she decides to put some light pink, lip gloss and eye highlights on to make her look better in the public eye.
She then makes sure she has the correct legal documentation to travel to the United States of America as well as her Passport and puts that in her Loubiposh handbag, which was coloured black with clutch spikes on it that cost about £699.00. She decides to unlock the door as the cab driver is almost there or should be according to the time that was booked via her previous telephone call.
Suddenly a car pulls up and then Vasanta’s doorbell rings, “Just a minute let me get my 2 bags of luggage, the door is open!” answered Vasanta.
A Man enters Vasanta’s house he shows her the Cab ID badge to ensure her that he is the driver and not some guy wanting to try and fuck/rob her, “Let me help you with that, Vasanta, oh my name is Mike!” said the Cab Driver
“Thank you so much Mike, and pleased to meet you,” she shakes his hand to be respectful as that is way her parents had brought her up. she grabs her Purse and puts it inside the handbag so she can pay the cab driver at Heathrow and her traveller’s cheques.
She carries one of her bags + her Loubiposh handbag and gets in the front seat of the car; the car is red and is a Ford Escort.
Next, Vasanta fastens her seat belt over her shoulder and clips it in to make sure she is safe and it is a personal fine to not wear a seatbelt and not the driver’s liability to pay in the United Kingdom, and Vasanta really doesn’t want chuck needless vacation money away.
“Going anywhere nice?” the cab driver asked as he puts his own seatbelt on and turns the key inside of the car.
You hear the roar of the engines and then Vasanta replies with, “Going to Jacksonville, Florida to meet my boyfriend for the very first time and I am so excited!”
as he drives her towards Heathrow Airport he asks her, “Oh you met online did you a dating website?”
“No, we met on an online game and we just got ever so close and he asked me to be his girlfriend; I said yes as he seemed not like the rest of these guys who only want my Boobs and Pussy!” she laughed after the last part of her sentence.
“Well not all guys are like that you know!” replied Mike.
“I know, so glad I met Andrew he changed my life for the better; if things go well I have agreed for him come live with me over here!” she said in excited tone once again.
“I am happy for you, Vasanta!” he replied.
They finally reach Heathrow Airport, he drops her off at the bus stop and she gets out her hands her other bag for her.
“The fare will be £18 please,” declared Mike.
“Sure here you go, and thought it would be a lot more, please keep the £2 tip!” she said as he was really nice to her and helped her with her bags as she hands him a £20 note.
“Aww, Vasanta that is sweet of you!” he said smiling at her, she smiles back at him.
She arrived at 12:30 in the, even so, she has to wait a little bit and suspense is killing her and her boyfriend must feel even more as he had been waiting longer as he was ready before her, but totally understood the personal issues she was going through and stuck behind her all the way.

‘damn I am a bit early I will go check in and then relax in one of the chairs’
“Hello Ma’am how may we help you?” asked the flight representative behind the reception.
“Checking in for my flight to Jacksonville, I am so excited!” replied Vasanta.
“That’s great, Holiday?” replied the attendant.
“Yes and to see my Boyfriend for the first time, so it is both for me!” answered Vasanta.
“Aww, that is great, everything is fine legally, we will take your luggage now. You can go wait in the lounge and we will tell you when you can board the flight.
They take her luggage to have it scanned, she previously removed her I-pad for them before they got scanned as she knew about this by reading up the rules in advance and because she has been on Aeroplanes before.
“Oh these 2 items are just my I-pad, I also have my phone here if you need to check that too!” said Vasanta being helpful and knowing she has nothing to hide.
“They will need extra screening to make sure they are charged and working and thank you for taking them out. They will be brought back to you with your luggage” replied the customer service representative.
“Thank you!” said Vasanta.
All of Vasanta’s stuff is perfectly fine including her fully charged Mobile Phone and I-Pad and at the time of boarding they give her back her Mobile phone and I-pad and she boards her plane and is sitting next to the window alone as not all seats were taken on this flight.
A female flight attendant speaks now, “Please keep yourself strapped in on take off and put your phones on aeroplane mode for the whole flight and keep laptops off for the take-off/landing parts only, enjoy your flight!”
Vasanta simply decides to strap herself in and lays back and relaxes for the most part of the flight until she arrives in Detroit as its late for her.
She gets woken up by the attendant as she had fallen asleep and didn’t even feel the landing at Detroit, she flew by Virgin Airlines, she quickly exits the Aeroplane and gets checked through customs. They did a little extra security check on her as the US usually do after the 9/11 incident, which is rightfully justified.
Vasanta passed those with flying colours and found her way to the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport Hotel where she previously booked the room to rest until her next flight to Jacksonville. Vasanta gets on the comfy bed and rests until her next flight which is at 15:00 in the afternoon.

Vasanta awakes from her short slumber and she is Jet-lagged as she left late, she ahead down and re-apples her make-up for Andrew as she knows he will be waiting for her at Jacksonville. She realizes she is so close to meeting possibly the man of her dreams finally. She cant take the smile off her face and hide the excitement anymore.
She gets checked into her internal flight from Detroit to Jacksonville International Airport and arrives there on time, but cannot find Andrew, “My god has he trolled me?” she said out loud and starting to panic and then she finally sees him, dressed in his Zelda top and black jeans.
Andrew is six foot and 2 inches tall in height and is pretty slim, he has brown eyes and brown hair and wears glasses as he has sight issues, that she knew about as he had told her in the past. He is also wearing white trainers and he even went as far as shaving for her, “Andrew, I am finally here!” yelled Vasanta in sheer excitement and joy.
he quickly runs over to her and cuddles her tightly and kisses her on the lips gently, she returns his kiss with her luscious lips, she used a lip gloss that doesn’t stain luckily.
“Wow, Vasanta you are finally in my arms, and you are more beautiful than any of your photos!”
Vasanta starts to blush and just smiles hugging him, “Mum is waiting in the car!”
“Awww, thanks, let’s not keep her waiting and oh my god you actually shaved for once!” replied Vasanta poking her tonight out, she likes to make fun of her.
“Do you still want to do what we discussed for the first day?” Asked Andrew as he carries Vasanta’s larger bag for her.
“Yeah and you owe me my first Massage, you can do a scalp-massage tonight and proper one tomorrow when your Mum goes to work,” she winks slyly.
“Vasanta you will get one while we watch our movie of Advent Children,” he replied.
“Hi Clair!” said Vasanta as she hugs her quickly before getting into the car.
they all talk for a little bit mainly Andrews Mum and Vasanta talking as Andrew was just so happy Vasanta was finally there and in person, he waited several years to meet the woman of his dreams or least that what he told her every night on Skype.

They finally reach their apartment and Andrew helps Vasanta with her luggage, “I can handle the Handbag dear + it cost £699! So you can’t damage it or I will be furious!” she said teasingly.
“Dear lord, I hope you are joking about the price of the bag,” asked Andrew.
“Nope, honey-buns, I bought it for the trip, with the money I been saving up every month!” smiled Vasanta.
“Andrew let watch that movie and then go to your room?” said Vasanta.
“Yes, but we not doing anything while my Mum is home!” stated Andrew.
“You are naughty I meant to sleep I am really tired from my trip!” stated Vasanta, smiling.
“Well, I have tomorrow off work so we will have the whole day together and Mum is going to work!” Said Andy, but shyly as he is intimidated by Vasanta beauty.
“Don’t be shy I am just like I am over Skype and yes I was a centrefold model and a cam girl, but I love you for who you are not what you look like.”
“Aww Vasanta!” Andy has a few tears of joy and Vasanta hugs him tightly and then kisses him once on the lips.
“See it is no longer a dream but a reality, finally we are together!” said Vasanta happily.

They both lay down with Vasanta laying on her side in front of Andrew, he cuddles as they begin to watch the movie, he kept it sealed just for her and its the Final Fantasy Anime she has been waiting to see for a long time; her surname is even named after Tifa from the game Final Fantasy VII.
as they watch the movie, Andrew gently runs his fingers through her Hair, her Opal eyes glow with little pink hearts in them, “Mmmm, that feels really amazing, feel free to run your fingers through my hair all night if you want to.”
“Been wanting to do this for a long time, Vasanta.”
“Awww, I know, baby!” she replied enjoying Andrew running his fingers through her long black and silky hair.
They finally finish the movie Andrew had made Vasanta full asleep just as the movie had ended, as he gave her a lovely scalp massage. He picks her up gently and tries to not wake her and takes her to his bedroom and lays her down on the bed, she is fast asleep exhausted from the travel.
“Mum, look at Vasanta, she fell asleep!” whispered Andrew.
“Awww like a princess, don’t wake her or you will pay!” she joked, whispering.
“I will take an early night with her as I have taken tomorrow off,” replied Andrew.
“Yes, you love her so much and been waiting for her this long, go be with her.”
He decides to lay down next to her without waking her he watches her until he finally falls asleep.
Vasanta wakes up shortly after and places her head on his chest and sleeps on him clothed, though she loves to sleep naked usually she is wanting him to unwrap the present first.

The next Morning his Mum had already gone to work, he currently lived with his mum as his dad burnt a lot of his money on drugs, so he was having to get back on his feet, Vasanta understood this and didn’t care as she knows people have hard times and sees that Andrew was trying to fix his problems and she wants him to move in with her anyway.
“Morning Sugarpuff!” said Andrew as he kisses her on the lips,
she is startled but returns her kiss with a tongue this time, but only briefly and she rubs her black, opal eyes, “Morning Baby, is it time for my first real Massage as you said I would get one every day!”
“Damn I did say that didn’t I and yes Mum has gone to work, we are alone” he smiled slyly.
“Well I need to get semi-naked hope you are ready for this!” she said as she pulls off her white tank top and unbuttons her jeans revealing a laced, black/purple Bra and Knickers, and she is wearing only a thong.
“Oh my god, Vasanta, pictures don’t do you justice!”
Vasanta smiles and sits in front of him, “Start with my scalp and neck baby!”
Andrew decides to take his top off, Vasanta eyes him up and down looking at his body and smiles.
Andrew moves her long hair to one side exposing her neck, “I love you, Vasanta,” he says as he places a few kisses on her neck to get her warmed up for him.
“Mmmm Baby!” she moans as he digs his nails into her scalp and applies more kisses to her neck, this is Vasanta’s weak spot and she feels herself getting a little moist between her legs, she smiles knowing she is getting fucked again and it has been several years since she had a cock inside of her pussy. This is why she is not stopping him making her wet this quickly and she is in deep love with him even though they had only just met in person, they had a perfect connection from the first moment they spoke via text.
Andy places a towel and some pillows for Vasanta to lay down,”Baby, lay on your stomach and show me that sexy ass of yours!”
She lays down on top of the towel, “Are you going to use, Oil?” she asks as she looks back wiggling her ass to tease him.
“Yes Vasanta, you should take it all off for me!”
Vasanta gets wetter knowing she is about to strip the man she wants inside of her so badly. She slides off her knickers in front of him showing that perfectly shaped, sexy Pussy, which is fully shaven and is simply a Sexy V. She then Un-clips her Bra as well and reveals her 36 D breasts to him and Andy looks on speechless for a few seconds as when she showed him naked photos in the past he was speechless then and now he gets to see it physically moving and in person.
“My god, Vasanta, you are gorgeous!” said Andy.
She smiles and lies down for him and he spanks her playfully on her ass, and her Tattoo of Ma’at the goddess of protection is visible, he kisses her tattoo and then pours oil all over her back from her bum, up her spine to her upper back. She looks like a true goddess oiled glistening in the sunlight coming through to Andrew’s Bedroom.
“Mmmm that feels amazing,” she moaned as he rubs the oil into her naked skin and all over her back and he focuses on her arms and upper back. He places kisses and licks the back of her neck.
“MMM, FUCK YES!” she screams in pleasure.
Andrew strokes her face as she turns they begin making out gently, tongues dancing with each other.
“Baby this is a taste of what is to come, let me finish the massage and then I am going to massage that sexy pussy of yours and titty fuck you!”
“Mmmm guess I taught you how to be naughtier since we dated” replied Vasanta as she smiles.
he massages the rest of oil into her tattoo and then rubs both of Vasanta’s ass cheeks, he moves them together.
“Oh baby, mmmm!” she moans as he licks up her pussy once teasing her.
“MMMMMMM!” she moans loudly.
Next Andy rubs her inner thighs, purposely running his hand a few times to see how wet she is between her legs, “Oh you naughty girl, Vasanta, already soaking wet for me!”
He grabs her left leg and massages her foot and calve, she giggles as she gets her toes played with. He then does the other leg and calves.
“Turn over, sweetie, so I can do the rest of you!” said Andrew as he spanks her on both cheeks.
“Mmmm, Baby, I would love to!”

Vasanta then turns over and spreads her leg, the smell of her pussy starts filling the room with a strawberry scent. Andrew takes in her scent and then pours oil over her amazing 36-sized Boobs and he starts to massage the oil in, Vasanta plays with Andrews cock that has gotten instantly rock hard seeing her naked and glistened up.
Andrew grabs both boobs and plays with the nipples, which forces Vasanta to pull his pants down, he stands behind her and she places his cock into her luscious and horny mouth, “Mmm, Vasanta!” moaned Andrew.
He continues to play with her breasts as she sucks his cock, she wraps his lips tightly around him now and moves her pretty little mouth up and down from her back showing her sucking skills that she practises on Ice lollies.
“Vasanta you suck like a pro!” she stops and kisses him on his lips and then climbs on top of Andrew.
“Lick my fucking pussy!” she screams as she puts herself in the sixty-nine position.
“Yes my queen, he moans!” he moans as he starts to circle her wet and amazing pussy with his tongue, which causes her to scream in pleasure.
“Fuck, Andrew, Mmmm!” shouted Vasanta.
She sucks him deeper, and now being on top she has more control and really starts sucking him wildly up and down with that beautiful lips and mouth, she massages both of his balls at the same time. Meanwhile, Andrew parts her outer lips and slides his tongue inside of her pussy. He slides in and out and then licks and sucks on her beautiful, but exposed clitoris. She squirms but remains to suck her and then is forced to stop as the pleasure is too much for her, she spits on his cock after moistening it up for the main course.
Andrew flips over Vasanta and really starts to eat her out, nibbling away at her clitoris, “Oh fucking hell, baby you lick pussy so good for someone that hasn’t done it before!”
“I wanted to but my ex-girlfriends never let me!” he moaned as he inserts 2 fingers inside of Vasanta’s soaking pussy.
“Mmmm slide those fingers and make me cum!” he needs no second invitation to finger such a wonderful and moist sexy V. He really fucks her hard with her fingers making her scream. He starts licking her clitoris at the same time and he then curls the fingers to hit her G-spot.
“Oh god I am going to fucking cum all over your fucking fingers!” screamed Vasanta.
she starts shaking and bucking wildly and has her first orgasm with the love of her life, but doesn’t squirt this time as she is squirt and told him she is. She covers Andrews tongue with her sexy nectar, “Mmmm you taste amazing Vasanta!”

Andrew, I can’t wait any longer Make steamy hot love to me, it has been over 3 years since I have been fucked!”
Vasanta lies on her back and gives him his legs and she places them on his shoulders. He guides the cock to her pussy lips and slaps it against her clitoris, which makes her further impatient.
“Just put it inside me, fuck that tight pussy!” she moans naughtily.
“Wow, you are naughtier in person than on Skype, when we used to Phone fuck!”
“I told you I would be wilder in person, Now fuck the hell out of me I want to squirt and you be the first guy to make me squirt from penetration!”
Andrew slides his hard cock deep inside of her pussy, which is soaking wet now and it slides in easily, you can hear her liquid with every thrust. He thrusts in and out and she places both legs each side of him.
He starts licking her calves and feet as he fucks her beautifully, “MMMMM ANDREW!” she screams.
She starts rubbing her clitoris with her thumb clockwise as she gets pounded, “Harder Baby!”
“You are wild Vasanta!” he screams as he fucks her harder thrusting all the way to her womb almost, as he has a nice and large cock that is eight inches long.
“MMM you are so deep, don’t worry about cumming inside of me… I am on the Pill!”
she places her legs down and he climbs fully on top of her she instantly holds his hands as he holds her down and gets even deeper inside of her. She now wraps her legs around his bum, He really starts pounding her and she screams louder than ever, “YES, FASTER!”
“God you are so tight and wet, Vasanta, ride me please!” asked Andrew.

He gets off of Vasanta and she sucks him clean of her juices, “MMMMM!” she moans before pushing him down on her back and she kneels over him.
She guides him back inside of her and she gently sinks down filling her up fully again.
She leans forward again and she kisses him softly, “Ready to be fucked by a woman that is actually good in bed and one that loves to fuck every day and night?” she said smirking at him.
“Yes Vasanta, and that’s exactly what is going to happen for the next 3 weeks!” moaned Andrew.
she starts to gently ride him in a clockwise motion and then starts to jump up and down gently, making love to him.
He starts sucking on her breasts from below until she holds his hands down and leans back. Vasanta jumps up and down high and fucks the living hell out of her boyfriend, Andrew.
“OH GOD, VASANTA, YOU ARE SO GOOD!” screamed Andrew.
She works those hips expertly going back to grinding him fast, almost making him cum, but she wants her favourite position to finish having sex in.
“I want you in Doggy-style and want to cum inside of you, you will be the first woman that has let me do that!”
Vasanta quickly crawls onto her elbows and waits for Andrew to slide back inside of her he thrust her a few times and spanks her cute ass a few times.
“MMMM, yes!” she screams.
She grinds her hips against him and he then makes her lean back as he yanks back on her long hair gently, which she absolutely loves in doggy-style.
“That’s it fuck that pussy and cream it good!” screamed Vasanta.
He begins to pound her hard from behind controlling her by her silky black hair, her boobs bounce and so does her ass cheeks, he watches her tattoo as well as he continues to slide in and out of her faster.
Vasanta begins shaking and actually squirts for the first time while being fucked by a cock, she covers him in her love-juice. He wraps his hand around the back of her neck and pushes her face into the pillow. and he pounds her clit and pussy and he eventually can’t hold any longer and she feels him throbbing inside of her.
“You better be on protection as I cum a lot!” he screams as he shoots, three loads of hot, white sticky, hot liquid inside of her that shoots inside of her womb and fills her up completely up.
“OH MY GOD, SO MUCH CUM INSIDE OF ME!” Screamed Vasanta.

Andy then kisses her and tells her to come to the shower to get cleaned up. She follows him as he drags her by the hand, she giggles and starts kissing him in the shower.

To be continued!

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