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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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The Moonlight Walk! (Over 18+ only)
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A woman and a man are just getting ready to leave a five star, posh restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. The woman is dressed in a shimmering lovely dark, black dress. She has the silkiest black hair you will ever see and the most exotic eyes that are coloured hazel; though, she is wearing black make-up contact lenses. She also has black eye highlights on top of her eyes and a light pink-red lipstick, the dress is extremely tight on her amazing figure; the dress has two straps over her shoulders, but her upper back is exposed for the world to see. The woman is of a mixed race of English and Arabic, it gives her such a sensational look. She is five foot and eight inches tall, she is wearing black high heels that go along with her amazing dress she is sitting at the table with her man that appears to be her lover.
The man is dressed smartly, he is wearing a black bow-tie and a white shirt with buttons at the front of it; he is also wearing black trousers and shiny, polished black boots to match the trousers. He has short black hair which is all gelled up to look nice for the evening; he has brown eyes as well; the man has also a nice freshly shaven and smooth face. He has a nice fit frame and he is a bit taller than the lady as he is six foot and two inches tall.

He signals for the waiter to come over so he can pay off the bill for the night as he is a true gentleman and the lady did not object to this, “In just had the most amazing night with you. It has been way too long since we have been able to go out together as a couple.”
“Yes, Andy! It has been a while hasn’t it?” replied the Lady dressed black to him.
“It has been awhile, are you off of work tomorrow?” replied Andy.
“Yes, Baby, I am! Do you have something planned for me then?” asked the Woman.
“Well, we haven’t been to the beach in ages. I was thinking we could go and watch the sunrise together,” suggested Andy.
“that would be so awesome; I love moonlight walking, one of my favourite things to do!” replied the lady.
“I know, you have been working so much lately we have not been able to go on a walk together in a while,” explained Andy, as he takes the ladies hand and helps her out of her seat as they start to slowly walk towards the beach.
Next, she holds onto his left hand with her own right hand as she is walking on the left side of him; she then smiles as she interlocks her fingers with his as they continue to walk towards the lovely beach in Jacksonville, Florida.
He pulls her a little closer as he has missed her so much recently; the moon is shining down on us as it is a perfect night, “I have missed you a lot, Karna,” mentioned Andy.
Karna enjoys it very much when he pulled her closer to him and she simply replies with, “Awww, that is so sweet, Andy,”
“We need to work on spending more time with each other. I was kind of afraid we were drifting apart; I know we can get busy, but we have to make time for us,” said Andy.
“Yes, I agree totally,” replied Karna, as she smiles again at him and looks into his eyes with her hazel and exotic eyes.
He stops for a moment to pull her in even closer as he gives her a deep kiss on her soft pink and pink lips that are covered in the flawless, lipstick make-up.
She totally takes in the kiss, “Mmm!” she moaned as she begins to kiss him back gently; they then finally arrive at the beach and both of them walk along it together.
Andy takes off the pair of his black and polished boots; he then carries them in one of his hands so that he can enjoy the feeling of the sand on his feet as he continues to walk closer to the water. In his other hand he carrying a little pack with him which contains something or a present for Karna.
Next, Karna decides to do the same as she takes off her black high heels; she carries them as well as they walk together. This reveals Karna’s beautiful painted tow nails that she had painted pink, just like her fingernails, her feet just gorgeous.
Suddenly, Andy looks to his right as he remembers exactly where they are, “Do you know where we are Karna?”
“Yes, How could I ever forget? This is the spot we first met at!” replied Karna.
“I would say this is a good place to watch the sunrise,” suggested Andy.
“Okay, let us sit down here and cuddle, while we watch it then,” exclaimed Karna.
“Sounds good to me,” answered Andy, I take a blanket out of the pack that he bought for the both of them to sit on; he lays the blanket down and sits down first.
She then sits on top of his lap as both of them now sit on the blanket.
Andy then puts both of his arms around her and holds her close to him, “Remember how we first met?” he asked.
“Yes, I was sunbathing and you asked if I needed any help with my lotion, and I let you rub my back,” said Karna smiling.
“I was actually kind of surprised you said yes. I did not think someone as gorgeous as you would let a random guy touch you,” stated Andy.
“Awww, but it turned out great didn’t it?” answered Karna.

After Karna had said that; she then places another kiss on his lips after she turns to face him while sitting in his lap.
After Karna had kissed him once he opens his mouth and speaks again, “I would have to agree with you. I think I know a way to make it better though.”
He then kisses her back gently; Karna then breaks the kiss and speaks, “What is that, dear?”
“Well, we have been dating for a couple of years now, Karna. I cannot even imagine my life without you anymore, I do not want to imagine it without you anymore either. I want to keep you forever and I want to be yours forever… Karna, will you marry me?” asked Andy as he pulls out a beautiful diamond ring out of his pocket. It is shaped like a dolphin as Karna loves dolphins and anything mythical.
Next, Karna’s lips curve into a beautiful smile and her exotic eyes glow, but she is stunned for several seconds before she finally is able to speak, “I do, Andy!”
She then lets him place the ring on her finger.
He decides to not waste any time and places the ring on Karna’s finger in case she changes her mind, but he damn well knows she would never do that as she loves him deeply. However, he does give her some time to soak it in and to let her look at the ring for a brief second; before he kisses her deeply.
She quickly kisses him back deeply and throw her hands and arms around his back strokes it up and down with her soft hands. Her wrist tattoo is now visible of a musical note on her right wrist. Andy starts to run his fingers through her hair as they continue their deep kiss.
She loves it very much as she loves having her hair stroked and played with; she then strokes the back of his neck as she slides her tongue into his mouth gently. He has always loved how forward she is as he brings his tongue to her’s
She starts making out with him passionately and her hands flow through his hair and she moans softly, “Mmm, Baby!”
Andy breaks the deep kiss as he then looks deep into her hazel exotic eyes; His hands then run down her back as he pushes the right strap of her shimmering black dress from her shoulder down to her arm. She lets him do that so it is exposing her shoulders as she smiles back at him. Next, he leans down and starts to kiss her all over the right exposed shoulder.
“Mmm!” she moans gently, as he kisses her shoulder
Andy then sucks gently on them, before kissing up to her gorgeous neck.
“MMM, Baby!” moaned Karna loudly as this excites her very much as it is her weak spot; she then leans her neck back for him to kiss it even more as she closes her eyes to feel his touches even better. After he had kissed her neck several times she decides to lay back on the blanket and her silky black hair flows along it beautifully.
He continues to kiss her neck as he reaches for her 36D breasts with one of his hands; he starts to then massage them over her black dress.
“MMM, yes! That feels so good, baby!” Moaned Karna.
He pulls her dress down slightly after pulling both of the shoulder straps down to reveal her beautiful breasts as she is not wearing a bra. Karna never does wear a bra with dresses like this, with the exposed back. He kisses down her neck and shoulders towards your breasts.
“Mmm, Baby, do you like what you see, Honey?” she asked teasingly and smiles.
“You know I do!” replied Andy, before he plants kisses all over her breasts. Next, he teases her nipples with his lips as he brushes over them.
Karna quickly places her hands on Andy’s head as he continues to lick and suck on her large breasts.
He starts to suck on her perfect nipples as they harden and become erect with arousal. He loves the feeling of her hands in his hair as he sucks on them harder.
“MMM, YES!” moaned Karna even louder, luckily they are alone on the beach right now.

He then reaches between her legs and places a hand inside of her dress as he feels the warmth coming from her pussy. Next, he reaches over her pink laced knickers and starts to rub her pussy up and down gently with his right hand.
She closes her eyes as he starts rubbing her pussy; she loves it very much and squirms on the blanket and moans in pleasure, “Baby! Will you please remove my dress!”
He needs no second invitation to undress such a beautiful lady and lover; he then pulls away from her breasts and allows her to sit up so that he can remove her dress. Andy lifts it over her head as he leaves Karna in just her pink laced knickers in the moonlight.
she turns over on her stomach and lets him slide off her pink laced knickers and she then kneels up in doggy style for him. She then reveals her amazing designed tattoo of the Egyptian Goddess of Protection known as Ma’at which is inked on her tail-bone above her amazing petit ass.
Andy quickly gets behind Karna as he bends over and plant a kiss on her beautiful, waxed, smooth and shaven pussy lips, her pussy fully waxed all over not a single hair on it. Her smell excites him even further as she has the most beautiful scent; he slides his tongue over it to taste her sweet nectar.
“MMM, BABY! I love the way you lick me!” shouted Karna as she places both of her hands on the blanket to hold her position for him.
Next, he slides his tongue across her clit as he then starts to suck on it.
“MMMM, BABY!” Moaned Karna extremely, loudly.
He starts to suck harder on her perfect clit which is getting more swollen every second as he hears her moans get louder.
She shakes and shudders as he continues to pleasure her from behind on her curved ass and an amazing pussy.
He then slowly licks up her pussy before going towards her ass. Next, He then slides his tongue out towards her ass as he slides one finger inside of her wet and soaking pussy.
“Mmm, slide two in, baby, just how I like it!” Moaned Karna suggestively.
He adds another finger inside of her as he continues to lick her asshole; he then starts sliding both fingers in and out of her pussy.
Suddenly, she screams out in pleasure as he pleased her exotic cavern as it begins to fill up with even more of her wet and juicy love-juice. Andy begins to feel some it over his fingers as they continue to burrow there way inside of her. He keeps pressing his fingers in deeper and deeper as he slides his tongue inside of her ass.
“MMMM, that is it! Right there, fuck my pussy hard!” She screamed.
He takes her up on her offer and continues to fuck her with his fingers hard and just the way she likes and wants it; he then pushes his tongue deeper into the cute asshole.
“MMM, YES BABY! I AM GOING TO CUM!” Screamed Karna at the top of her voice as she begins to shake wildly and her body bucks as he has to hold her still.
Karna’s body temperature rises to an all-time high and finally with one last gasp she squirts all over his fingers.
“Oh my god, Karna! I love it when you squirt for me, Karna!” He lets come down from her amazing orgasm before laying down next to her.

After Karna had finished orgasming she quickly pushes Andy onto his back; She then starts to untie his black bow-tie from around his neck. Following that she starts unbuttoning his white shirt one button at a time starting from his neck; after all the buttons are finally off she takes off his shirt revealing his shaven body. Karna then places it on the beach next to their blanket after it was removed from Andy.
Karna then kisses down Andy’s body with her luscious lips and arrives at his trousers; she is now totally aroused and god-damn, horny and she cannot wait any longer for him. So she then starts to remove his black, leather belt and then remove his trousers and boxers shorts at the same time. His hard eight, inch cock comes out, which is fully erect from seeing her squirt, but before she starts to suck him she is very naughty. She decides to make him taste her as she rubs her pussy and then puts the fingers inside of his mouth. He loves the taste as he sucks and licks her fingers getting all of her sweet juice off of them; his cock begins to throb for her as he waits for her.
Suddenly, Karna spits all over his cock gently, before she rubs it in with her hands; she then sucks the tip of it and only the tip gently, and then she licks the exposed head several times over. Next, she goes down to the base of his long shaft and licks with one long and lengthy, lick all the way up and then takes his cock into her mouth and wraps her lips around him ever so tightly. She then massages his balls with both of her hands.
“Oh god! Karna…” Moaned Andy as he looks down at her as he sees his cock disappear between her luscious lips; he reaches down and moves her hair out of the way.
She starts sucking on him now up and down faster with her mouth, her luscious lips are wrapping more around him; she then takes almost all of him into her mouth at once. She stroke his balls some more and runs her long, pink fingernails over them to tease him even more.
“That is it, Karna! you are so good at this!” He moaned deeply as he continues to play with her silky black hair.
Karna switches her hands and mouth over; her mouth starts sucking on his shaven balls and her hand starts stroking his long shaft up and down in the form of a hand job.
She licks them as well all over, making them wet with her saliva and then she sucks him some more getting him ready, “Now make love to me my, Sugarbuns!”
Andy does not hesitate for a second as he flips her onto her back as he looks deep into her exotic eyes, “As you wish, Karna!” Said Andy to her softly.

He then takes his cock in his right hand as he guides it to the lips of her gorgeous, freshly and shaven pussy. He then teases it at first by slapping it; this only excites Karna even more if that is even possible as she really wants to be made love to or fucked right now and eventually he puts it inside of her tight love tunnel granting her wish. Karna quickly wraps her legs tightly around his ass; so that he can get deeper inside of her wet and moist pussy. He presses his cock as deep as he can inside of her as he keeps on looking into her exotic eyes; as his cock is fully inserted, he leans over and kisses her deeply.
Karna kisses him back as she then leans her arms above her head and exposes her neck to him by leaning it back; she then closes her beautiful eyes and enjoys him fucking her even more as she tells him, “Fuck me harder, Baby!”
He does not need further encouragement to fuck her tight and beautiful pussy even more as her lips wrap around his shaft tightly; he starts to fuck her as hard as he can as he starts to ravish her neck with kisses.
“MMM, BABY! I truly love the way you make love to me, and kiss my neck!” moaned Karna with such pleasure, she then turns onto her side slightly letting him lay behind her to spoon her.
He quickly gets behind her before he slides his cock back inside of her; he continues to fuck her hard as he kisses the back of her neck. She abstinently loves being fucked like this, but this position, however, is not her favourite, “MMM, Baby, that feels so fucking good!” screamed Karna loudly.
He reaches around her body to play with her large breasts again as he continues to fuck her hard, just the way she likes it. Next, Karna lifts her leg up a bit so he can slide inside of her easier; She is so wet and is getting wetter every second and moister as he pounds her perfect pussy.
He cannot take it any longer as he wants to fuck her in her favourite position, which happens to be doggy style. He pulls his cock out and turns Karna over putting her on her hands and knees; before he is able to slide his throbbing hard dick back inside of her tight pussy.
“MMM, BABY!” She screams as she loves nothing more than being fucked so hard in this position.
As he continues to pound away at her pussy, he massages up her back before grabbing a handful of her silky, black hair and pulling back on it gently.
“MMM… You know exactly what I like, Baby!” Screamed Karna louder than ever.
She is absolutely in pleasure and ecstasy as she loves the way he fucks her in this position as it is her favourite, she screams at him again, “I AM ABOUT TO CUM AGAIN!”
“Cum again for me then, Karna! Cum as much as you want around my hard cock!” He shouts back at her; He starts fucking her as hard as he can again keeping a handful of her hair in his left hand.
Karna’s body shakes wildly again and she cums over his cock, but this time she does not squirt and after she finishes cumming, “Get on your back! I am making you cum inside me tonight with me on top!” Yelled Karna.
Andy pulls out of Karna and gets on his back as he waits for her to get on top as she does this she yells at him again, “GOD BABY! You make me fucking cum so hard!”

After Karna had screamed that she needed no second invitation to ride such a big, large and hard cock. She sinks down letting his cock go deep inside of her again; she was already wide open and soaking wet from being fucked so good earlier. With his cock now fully inside of her; she then kneels in front of him facing him and she looks deeply into his eyes and says, “Ready to be fucked by me?!” yelled Karna.
“Oh god, Karna!” He replies as he looks up at her as looks look deep into her eyes.
She starts to ride him gently at first and then she jumps up and down hard and fast on his large shaft. Next, she leans forward now to kiss and suck on his neck and whispers again into his right ear, “I want you to cum deep inside my wet pussy!”
“Karna, you know I am not going to last very long when you ride me like that!” Screamed Andy as he keeps looking up at her as he spanks her lovely ass before holding it with both of his hands.
When Karna is spanked; she gets even more into it and is excited by it and makes her even hornier if that was even possible at that time. She then kisses his neck more and fucks him even harder; She then leans back and rides him faster than ever.
Andy cannot hold and last much longer as he yells, “KARNA, I AM CUMMING, MMM, KARNA!”
After Andy had yelled that Karna feels his cock stiffen inside her sacred tunnel and before she knows it; it has exploded deep inside of her, it squirts inside of her several times overflowing her pussy with the white, hot steaming liquid.
Karna’s pussy is boiling hot right now as she feels the white liquid pulsate inside of her pussy and some of it drops down onto his cock, “OH MY GOD MY PUSSY IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW!” yelled Karna!
She then kisses him afterwards and smiles as she lies next to him as they both watch the sun finally come up together, but they have to quickly clean up and get dressed as they are on a public beach before the sun rises.

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