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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Rubbing with love (over 18+)
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It is a lovely, bright and sunny day the rays of the sunshine down on the sandy beach of Jacksonville, Florida. It is around 94 degrees so everyone is out enjoying the sunshine and getting a pure and natural tan, rather than the fake one from ultraviolet machines you can use. There is one woman that has just arrived and she is setting her sunbathing chair up on the beach. She is wearing a very skimpy bright, Pink bikini, which is in the form of G-string and the top ties behind her back. The lady also has an amazing tattoo just above her petite bum; it is of Ma’at the Egyptian Goddess of Protection, it protects her and watches over her. She has silky, black hair which drapes down across her back to her mid-back; she has the most exotic pair of eyes, they are a light, hazel colour. She is wearing no makeup, but still looks amazingly gorgeous; she is five foot and eight inches tall with a nice toned body as she works out every week to keep in shape. The Bikini fits on her so perfect and shows her curves in the right spot, especially her amazing 36D, large breasts that bounce up and down when she walks in it.
The lady then lies down on her sun-bed and she pours sun protective lotion on her arms and the front body; she rubs it in firmly to protect herself but has no-one to help her do her back. Suddenly a good looking guy walks along next to her and he has a smooth face and short black hair. He is built pretty solid and has a nice frame and also he is six foot exactly and he is also wearing a designer t-shirt and swimwear shorts, they are both coloured white to reflect the sun a bit.

As he finally reaches her, he decides to stop and ask her, “Sorry to bother you, but would you like some help getting to your back with your sun Lotion?”
the lady replies with, “Yes, Please, you are an angle, thank you very much!”
She turns right on her front and lays her arms out in front of her and relaxes as the guy takes the sun lotion and pours it into his hands and then places it on her upper back; he starts to rub the lotion into her soft and beautiful skin and then starts to speak, “My name is Chris what is your name?”
“Pleased to meet you, Chris. My name is Kalila,” replied Kalila.
She relaxes and closes her eyes as he continues to rub down her back, he also gets the back of her neck as well and she moans softly, “That feels really nice, Chris!”
“I am glad you like it, Kalila. You are so gorgeous as well, thank you for letting me do this!” replied Chris.
He then moves his hands down her back and rubs over her tattoo, which he notices, “Lovely tattoo! What is it?” asked Chris.
“It is, Ma’at, the Goddess of Protection, she watches over me and protects me,” she replied smiling and giggling.
he then gets to above her ass, but he goes back up, suddenly she says, “why did you stop, my bum needs protection as well, just be careful where you touch!” declared Kalila.
Next, he takes her up on her wonderful as he rubs his hands all over her lovely ass, she begins moaning softly as it feels really nice, he then goes down her inner thighs and down her amazing calves and feet that are painted pink to match her bikini.
He takes his time to examine her amazing feet and ass, before telling her, “All done you are now protected, but do you mind if I join you for a bit?” asked Chris.
“No please do, I would love the company. Please also let me rub this lotion on you to protect your body from getting any form of skin cancer, dear,” replied Kalila.

He slowly takes off his T-shirt and places it on the beach next to Kalila’s sun-bed; however, she sure does take the time to look at his body before she gets off her sun-bed, “Please lay down on my sunbed just while I lotion you, after that you will have lie in the sand,” said Kalila as she smiles at him.
He then lies down on her sun-bed and she starts with his neck after warming up the lotion in both of her soft hands, her pink painted nails also match her bikini. Other people look on very jealous of Chris as she is one stunning lady. She slowly rubs it into his neck gently, he smiles as it feels really good and he had never imagined to meet such a beautiful woman, let alone have her rub him down or being allowed to rub her down. She continues to rub down his impressive frame and back making sure not to miss an inch.
“Kalila, that feels amazing please keep going!” said Chris, moaning slightly.
“Glad you like it, sweetie,” replied Kalila.
Next, Kalila moves her soft hands down to his lower back and rubs it in firmly, protecting that area. She skips his shorts area and moves to his legs and does his thighs, calves and feet.
“Please turn over I want to get the rest of you!” explained Kalila.
He obliges and turns over quickly and then she reaches for his amazing chest with her soft hands and she looks into his eyes for a second; he is stunned for a second realizing how beautiful her eyes actually were up close.
“Did anyone ever tell you this, but you have the most amazing Eyes!” said Chris.
“Thank you, Chris! You are really sweet!” answered Kalila.
She continues to rub the lotion into his chest and lower body and after that he gets off of her sun-bed and she relaxes in the sun for a while and they chat for a bit, while they sunbath for an hour together tanning their bodies.
After an hour had passed, Kalila asks him, “Chris would you like to hang some more at my place? It is very dangerous to stay out here too long even with sunblock?”
“Sure how can I refuse such a beautiful, lady?” replied Chris.

After that he helps her pack her mobile Sun-bed up, “My house is not far from here, but we need to drive to get to it; also, did you come by car?” asked Kalila.
“No, I live only 10 minutes away, I am lucky, ha, ha,” replied Chris.
“Okay, Great you can jump in my car, then I will bring you back later after we have hung out together,” stated Kalila.
She leads him to her car and lets him get in first since she is driving otherwise I am sure Chris would have opened her side for her to get in. Kalila then drives her back to her amazing house in her company car, which is a Ford Puma; she is well off as she has a well-paid job. her house is large and has a swimming pool. Her house is built with red bricks on the outside and tiled with black roof tiles it is a house all on its own as well with a white porch, The door is made of brown hardwood with a golden number saying ’22.’
Next, Kalila pulls up in her driveway and puts the car in the garage and shuts the shutter sealing her car from being spoilt by any bad weather, the little that Florida actually gets.
Both of them get out of Kalila’s car and they head towards her house, she unlocks the brown wooden door and they enter her house which is very nicely decorated by wallpaper with different kinds of flowers on it. Next, she takes him upstairs and into her bedroom and closes the door behind her.
Her bed is a water bed, which is coloured white on the outside of it with two draws that open to contain things; it also has white bars at the headstand. The bed is covered in the form of red roses along with the same design on her pillows.
“Kalila! Wow are you really that forward?” asked Chris.
“LOL, no it is not what you think we are going to play some basketball together on NBA2K13. If you are able to beat my team, The Miami Heat in any of the games that we play you get to do to me whatever you want!” suggested Kalila.
“Wow, Kalila, you are extremely naughty, but I love it!” replied Chris.
“But if you are unable to beat me I get to do what I want to you, though.” she grins as she knows she cannot lose and wants to fuck him so bad as she thinks he is really hot. However, much like Kalila wants him; he thinks she is drop dead gorgeous and he is trying not to be too forward as they had just met.

Kalila pretty much beats him with every game they play she knows the game inside out and she says, “Sorry, Chris, you need more practice… now you are mine for the afternoon!” Stated Kalila.
She makes her move onto him and starts kissing him on her lips; he is stunned at first, but soon kisses her back and cannot believe his luck today. He moves his arms around her and he rubs her bare back that is exposed as she is still wearing only the pink bikini. She then pushes him back on the bed and he still has his shirt off from earlier and she lies on top of him straight and kisses him more, “Mmm, you are a good Kisser, Chris!”
“Thank you, Kalila! You are so fucking sexy, Baby! Please take me and use me!”
“I will, but you will get to fuck me soon enough; I need you it has been a while since I have gotten fucked!”
Chris smiles knowing he is going to get to fuck this amazing woman today, he runs his hands through her hair gently which she likes very much as she smiles in between kisses.
“Mm, Chris that is exactly what I like having my hair played with,” explained Kalila.
Chris begins to kiss up her throat from the bottom this really begins to turn Kalila on as she moans, “Mmm, Baby!”
Next, she begins to untie her bikini top and lets it fall off, but she keeps her amazing large breasts hidden as she lays flat; Chris strokes her back all over as they continue to make out on the bed.
Eventually, she sits up and shows him her lovely 36D breasts and he loves what he sees as he then begins to suck on them gently as he continues to stroke her black silky hair.
“MM, Chris, Baby!” moaned Kalila as she enjoys her nipples being licked and sucked by Chris.
“Oh my god your breasts are fucking amazing, Kalila, MMM!” moaned Chris as he sucks her beautiful pink nipples.
She then slides down and starts to French kiss his neck and suck deeply on it, which makes him moan out in pure pleasure, “Mmm, Kalila!”
After that she moves down further and takes off his boxer shorts and begins to stroke his hard nine-inch penis; she then strokes it up and down making him harder than ever, if that was even possible.
“Mmm, Baby, suck me!”
Kalila grants Chris’ wish quickly and suddenly as she places her tongue and flicks it over his head teasing him even more as she knows that area is sensitive. Finally, she pushes him inside of her warm mouth and sucks him up and down, to begin with.
“Mmm, Kalila!” moaned Chris.
She really starts to pleasure him well; she runs her index fingernail up his long and hard shaft, he shudders in pleasure after that.
“Wow, Kalila, you are so good at this!” yelled Chris.
she smiles and knows she is her lips are so perfectly designed to suck cock and she damn well knows it too. She continues to suck him deeper and deeper getting as much of him as she can inside of her warm mouth; She then licks down his shaft with her tongue. He then grabs two handfuls of her silky black hair gently and prevents it from getting in her eyes and plays with it; Kalila loves this very much while she is sucking and shows it as she gets even more into it as she closes her amazing eyes. She then sucks on his shaven balls one at a time while still stroking him up and down this excites him even more. Kalila then sucks him a little bit more before she stops and tells him something, “Baby it is time you got to see my, Pussy!”
she unties the string on her pink bikini bottoms and it falls onto the bed and reveals an amazing cute pussy, which is wet from the excitement of sucking him, her pussy is so smooth and fully waxed not a single hair on it.
“MM, fully shaved I see!” mentioned Chris.

Chris then moves his hands towards her pussy as he rubs it as she stands in front of him. Next, she then turns one-eighty degrees and kneels on top of him in the sixty-nine position. Chris begins to lick her lovely wet and soaking pussy, the smell gives off such a nice smell as he inhales it as she smothers his face with it.
Kalila begins to suck on his large cock again, “Mmm did I tell this before, but you are really big and large, baby?” mentioned Kalila smiling at his large cock between sucks.
He begins to really lick her pussy nice and fast, “MMMMM BABY!” moaned Kalila loudly as he really starts to eat her out.
“That is it, lick my pussy good, you naughty little boy! You are my bitch tonight!” moaned Kalila again, which excites Chris even more as he never knew this girl could be so nasty and naughty in bed.
She continues sucking on him nice and fast, move her mouth to engulf his large cock, she gags on it and spits on it a little bit as well getting him ready for her. Chris begins to suck on her small and swollen Clitoris, nice and hard this makes her scream a little bit, “MMM, FUCK YES, BABY!”
“MMM, Kalila! Your pussy tastes so delicious and you suck like a porn-star, baby!” moaned Chris loudly.
she gets off of him no and lays on her back as he crawls on top of her and rubs her lovely pussy some more before he inserts a finger inside of her: Kalila then moans out “MMM, Chris!”
He hears her moan and he slides it in out of her before adding a second finger deep inside of wet and now moist love cavern; she is loving every second of this, “FUCK ME!” she screams out.
After hearing those words from Kalila he fucks her nice and hard with both his fingers as he licks her Clitoris nice and fast and then sucking his lips around it. Her body temperature begins to rise and rise as she gets more aroused and horny from her pussy being pleasured so amazingly well, “Mmm, Chris you really know how to please a woman don’t you, but now it is time you stuck that huge cock inside my pussy!”

Chris stops fingering her and obeys her as he lost the game earlier so he must do everything that she asks him to do. Next, Kalila lies on her back for him and he climbs on to of her and kisses her deeply so that she can taste herself; she licks his lips and tastes her self. Next, Chris places his cock at her entrance it presses her outer lips part and finally makes its way inside of lovely pussy it feels nice and warm, which makes her moan out, “Mmm, Baby that feels so fucking good already!”
“Mm, Kalila! Your pussy feels so amazing, the best pussy I have ever felt; now it is time to fuck you how you deserve to be fucked!” said Chris as he starts to push in and out of her.
“MMM, Chris!” moaned Kalila again, as Chris begins to fuck her pussy a little bit faster.
He then grabs two handfuls of her hair and begins to kiss her deeply; she returns his kisses and runs her nails gently over his back, which makes him moan out, “Mmm, Baby, your nails feel so good!”
He grabs hold of her thighs and wraps her legs around his bum as he gets deeper inside her and begins fucking her nice and hard just how she wants it.
“Oh Baby, YES, Fuck that pussy!” yelled Kalila.
After a few minutes of pounding her, he turns her onto her stomach and makes her kneel on all fours as he puts her in doggy style, which seems to be her favourite position as she smiles joyfully and closes her exotic hazel eyes. He pushes his large cock back into her dripping, wet and moist love tunnel; He fucks her hard to start off with and she screams in pleasure. He then spanks her on the ass; and grabs hold of her hair hard, which forces her back a bit as he really pounds her pussy from behind.
“MMMM! FUCK YES, BABY, YOU ARE SO GOOD!” screamed Kalila loudly.
Chris keeps hold of her hair as he kisses Kalila on her neck, which drives her even more insane with ecstasy and pleasure, she begins shaking wildly. Her body bucks and she begins to almost reach her climax; She screams in pleasure at him, “CHRIS I AM GOING TO FUCKING CUM, MAKE ME CUM NOW, BABY!
“Oh my god! Cum over my cock, Kalila, soak it!” he moaned back at her.
She finally reaches the peak of her climax as Chris pushes her face into the pillows as he does this she begins cumming all over his large cock that is buried deep inside of her, “MMM, BABY, I AM CUMMING!”
“Oh my god, Kalila!” yelled Chris as he feels her cum all over his cock.

He transitions her into the spoon position to fuck her some more as he fondles and plays with her neck and large breasts. Next, he sucks on her neck as he fucks her again, she has never been fucked like this before and she cannot get enough of his nine-inch cock.
“I have never felt this good before while having sex!” yelled Kalila.
Chris now rams his dick harder than ever into her pussy as he knows she loves it hard and she screams out with every thrust in pleasure, eventually he gets close and he has to pull out and he puts it back in her mouth.
“Mmm, Cum in my mouth; I want to swallow you, baby!” stated Kalila.
He helps her by stroking into her mouth and eventually she suck him deeply and he finally bursts inside her mouth and squirts several times and he screams at her, “MMM, KALILA, OH FUCKING GOD, BABY, I AM CUMMING!”
She swallows every drop of him and licks it all off and she then kisses him passionately and asks for his phone number and address so she can see him again.
“Would you like to stay the night with me as it is now very late, Chris?”
“Yes, I would like that very much! I also want to see you again you are amazing, Kalila!”
They look into each other’s eyes like they were meant to meet on that day and they end up falling asleep together on top of the bed as Kalila places her head on his chest as Chris strokes her black hair; both of them eventually fall asleep.

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