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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 11 – The Chambers of the Guardian!


After several hours passed, the group finally awakens together, and they all fill their water bottles from the lion-headed fountain. Next, they then take the journey back towards the Choose Your Fate room.
The party approaches the door, which had the writing carved onto the wall next to it, ‘The Chambers of the Guardian!’
Next, Karna presses the button, and the door opens up; they slowly enter through the portcullis and into the cavernous-corridor. They follow the corridor to the south, and it opens into a grander chamber after completing another turn to the right. Next, the entourage observes another group of three blue insectoid-creatures armed with wooden clubs. Karna readies her shield for battle; she then draws her sabre, followed by Rheill’s falchions. Sadly, luck is not on their side this time, as the sound of the weapons getting drawn, notified them of their presence. The three Ant-type creatures move swiftly towards the party, but Karna is ready for them and jumps in the way. She manages to block all three of their blows and stands her ground. Rheill stabs the first Ant creature inside of its head right over the top of Karna’s shoulders as she was ducking and remaining hidden behind her shield; the insectoid-entity then falls lifelessly to the ground.
Next, Karna reveals her head as she is no longer ducking behind her shield; the protector then swerves her body and moves around the Ant-monsters, making them turn to face her. With the two remaining Insectoid-creatures now turned from the group, both Sana and Isai throw their shurikens and daggers into their backs; they fall, down and Karna makes sure they are dead by stabbing each of them in the chest area. “Well, they are getting easier every time to kill, but we still must take them as a serious threat!” said Karna after the battle.
Sana notices that there is another enormous drumstick lying in the corner of the chamber on the razor-sharp floor and it appeared the same as to what they discovered earlier. She quickly plunders it and places inside of her backpack, before the group presses onwards through the cavern; they find a tunnel leading out of the underground-room into another cavernous-corridor, “Be careful! Let me check it is clear around the corner,” declared Karna.
Next, she moves around the underground-corridor and sees that it is clear, but there is a left turning that traverses into to a dead end. Also in the tunnel, there are several portcullises; there are a total of four in view. Also, on the walls are several sapphire coloured diamond-shaped buttons on the walls to the left of each gate.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 10 – Voyage Into The Vault!


They see no apparent way to open up the impressive golden doors. They all decide to search around for clues or anything that will help open the door, “There must be some way to get this door open?” queried Sana.
Karna replies to Sana with, “There is some writing here on the left wall. It reads, ‘You must pay for your entrance!'”
“Remember, we have the means to pay. We found two golden coins in that treasure chest in the Choose Your Fate room!” Replied Isai.
Rheill notices that there is a coin slot on the wall next to the door and he points to it, “Look, there is a coin slot here!”
The coin slot appeared constructed from gold, and it is a rectangular shape; it is the perfect size to accept the coins.
Karna withdraws both of the two shiny golden coins from her pouch as she speaks, “Here they are… I am going to insert one of them into the slot to see what will happen!”
Karna moves her right arm slowly up to the coin slot and inserts one of the golden-coins into it; The entourage then listened to the sound of it falling into the hollowed-opening.
“Nothing is happening! Shall I insert the other coin?” Asked Karna.
“Yes Karna, there is no other way to open this… it seems!” Answered Sana.
Karna places the second coin into the slot and suddenly the golden door rattles. It then opens revealing the pathway ahead.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 9 – A Blue Gem and A Third Degree Burn!

Once the entrance to the Room of the Gem completely opened, the party could instantly view a fraction ahead of them up to around fifteen paces. The champions soon encounter another wooden door, which is coloured brown and encased in the hardwood was a window at the top. The lattice is a semi-circular shape; the window was too vertically challenging to see- through, hence barring the entourages vision further; the cavern leads off to the left as well. Just in front of the door, looks to be another small squared-pressure plate engraved into the cavernous floor. As the entourage got closer towards the semi-circular windowed door, they confirmed it was a squared-plate; also on the right-handed cavern wall, a new type of socket was carved flawlessly into it. The hollowed image shaped itself in the form of a pentagon with the semi-circle at the top of it. Conveniently the shape got placed next to the wooden door that appears to be tightly locked by this new type of mechanism. Some strange text appeared written next to the socket, which someone or something had carved into the wall that contained the unique pentagon-hole.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 8 – Dissension in the Party!

After several hours, they then wake up and are relieved that the door held the water and they remember never to open that door again.
“We did find some upgraded equipment and one of the gold keys for one of the doors!” said Karna, relieved to be alive.
“There is no point going back to the locked doors yet, as we know we need more keys because we could see through the doors,” declared Rheill.
All of them get up and stretch, “Which door shall we try to today?” Asked Sana.
“Time is of the Essence is something possibly we have faced before… we had to be fast, this could be an option?” Suggested Isai.
“I do not care, as long as it does not involve me fighting for my life in another flooding cavern!” Mentioned Karna.
“Then it is settled. Time is of the Essence, it is!” Said Sana.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 7 – Choosing their Fate!


“So, Theron conveniently left out this small detail, when leading us all the way to the mountain. Additionally, this appears to be more than just a volcano and a tomb to hold a Firestaff in place. Well, now more than ever, we need to tread lightly!” Said Karna, with a worried concern that was apparent in her facial expression.
“Karna, do not worry… with your skill, there’s nothing, we cannot tackle together,” Declared Rheill.
She then smiles, although still cannot get the thought out of her head that Theron, was not truthful with her from the start but she decides to press onward with the others.
Also, Sana and Isai notice that Karna is more worried than usual as well, but they both feel the same feeling inside themselves. Rheill hides it better than the others and remains confident.
Rheill’s confidence has lifted Karna’s spirits back up, but could he be hiding it better than we are?” whispered Sana to Isai.
The cavern appears to go on and on forever, farther than the human eye can see, yet it does not change apart from the darkness ahead, due to the burning torches irradiating range.
“My light spell is getting better now. We will no longer need to carry torches. In fact, drop it and put it out. I will test it here!” Stated Sana.
Isai obliges and puts the flambeau’s light out; suddenly, darkness engulfs the party of four so quickly without any traces light remaining. Karna could not see the rest of her party, and she freaks out because of it and then yells, “What the hell are you doing?! There could be anything wandering around this area, as we have yet to scout it!” Shouted Karna.
Sana mumbles the rune again, and this time the area is brighter than even the flaming torch could show.
“Wow, most impressive, Sana! This passage seems to go on forever!” Said Isai.
“Well, let’s tread carefully, and sorry for overreacting. Just with untruthfulness of Theron, got to me of a sudden!” Explained Karna quietly, no longer freaked out, as she can see her surroundings crystal clear again.
They continue down the corridor, and Sana examines a wall firmly as it is a different colour compared to the grey-jagged rocks.
“Wait, everyone, this wall looks odd… it is a different colour!” Said Sana.
Rheill replies, “Move out of the way… it looks like, it is about to collapse!”
Next, Rheill strikes the wall with his falchion and the wall crumbles with a single blow as it was not even a regular wall, but a non-natural partition coloured almost the same. Only the smart and intellectual could spot it as it was placed to hide something.
“An opening!” Said Karna quietly.
“Be careful!” Whispered Isai.
Karna motions with her hands as she unsheathes her falchion and readies herself for combat, but then realises it is an abandoned corridor of razor-sharp rock. At the ending of the narrow cavern-type tunnel, were some objects, but there is a flashing light that kept on beaming over at the concealed areas end. The haze is blue, but it is transparent as well.
“There is a strange light flashing… it could be a trap!” Said Rheill.
“Throw something at it to see if it is harmful, but use a non-weapon type object!” Suggested Sana.
“Try a Screamer slice. It will not hurt if we lose just one. In case it rebounds at us, a dagger or arrow could injure or kill us!” Said Isai.
“Pass it here please, Sana!” Asked Rheill, being the strongest of all of the party.
Rheill throws it, and the Screamer slice naturally falls on the ground; at the beginning of the passage. Rheill then grabs it and passes it back to Sana.
“Seems it teleports whoever tries to steal the objects back to the entrance. We need to be faster than the speed of light, but the objects are within arm’s reach. Karna has remarkably fast reflexes due to her training. She could try it?” Suggested Rheill.
“Yes, I can do it! If I only put part of my body through it, it may separate my arms from my body. So I will step through it fully!” Replied Karna, thinking safety comes first.
Karna moves closer to see what the objects are, “Here lies a compass and a helmet. It covers part of the back of the head, but it is not ideal protection against the face, and there are also two sets of leather armour. Also, there is another water-skinned bottle as it looks empty. There is a lot of treasure here, and I will need to throw the stuff out, so please stand outside the tunnel!” yelled Karna.
The others take heed of Karna’s yelling and get the hell out of the way. Karna observes the blinding light closely, to memorise the pattern as she leaps through it. Her timing was just perfection; she passes through with ease. The reflexes and agility of this woman are insane; she has a rare gift, indeed.
Karna places the helmet on top of her head and then dresses into one of the sets, of leather armour over the top of her corset and her warrior-hide. Karna appears more protected than before; as she throws the other set of leather armour through the blue light and the objects teleport to the entrance. She takes the water-skinned bottle and compass and deposits them inside of her backpack. Karna then watches the timing again and hastily passes through the haze when it was invisible to rejoin the group.
Rheill takes the second set of leather armour from the ground and dresses in it. Promptly, Karna and Rheill are not fighting any longer, half-naked.
“That is an improvement!” Said Sana, “not that you looked bad half-naked, either!” Joked Sana.
All of them, laugh for a bit at the joke before pressing onwards.
“Let’s go back upstairs and fill this water-skinned bottle I found and get some rest, before continuing onwards since we are close to the water supply,” mentioned Sana.
They all take Sana’s advice and go upstairs and drink from the fountain and rest near the stairs against the wall; they all eat more Screamer slices. Still being the only food source, they have to keep themselves alive in the dungeon and now this razor-sharp cavern. They all fall asleep very quickly, as all four of them had become fatigued from the battles; before deciding to press onwards after they are well-rested.

They all rub their eyes, as they awaken, “I hope we can find a water supply to wash soon!” Said, Karna.
“Maybe on the next floor, as it is a cavern. We can find an underwater area which will have pure, clean water as well,” replied Isai.
Sana re-casts her magical light spell; Karna fills up her water-skinned bottle. Rheill is the only one now without his water bottle. Rheill feels slightly left out, although not too bothered as he knows Karna and the others will share with him when he is thirsty. The party of adventurers heads back down the stairs and quickly moves forward past the secret that they discovered in the previously, concealed cavern corridor. The party comes to another intersection which branches to the west; they comprehend this via the compass that is now possessed by Karna. It is tiny, so she wrapped it around her hand that is carrying her small buckler after she took the navigational device out of her backpack earlier.
“Do we continue or go left?” Asked Karna.
“Let’s see what lies ahead first!” Replied Sana.
Next, the adventurers decide to push forward, and then the entourage come to another portcullis; this time, they are smaller squares at the bottom. They appear as locked doors much like on the floor above, but the portcullis fits the cavern perfectly. Consequently, Chaos had constructed these to hinder people’s progress.
“These are locked!” said Isai, while he spotted the golden locks on the left-handed cavern-wall.
“This lock looks like the ones on the level above that were opened by the gold keys. This time it has a golden-plated design, and it looks like there are two more behind it as well,” declared Karna, as she glances through the openings in the door.
“We, should go back and go left!” Suggested Rheill.
“Well, there are no other ways we can choose, Rheill!” Said Karna, making fun of him, but in a playful manner.
Now, taking Rheill’s advice, they travel back and are forced to traverse the right-handed passageway. After heading down the intersection; this time they come to the end of the corridor of razor-sharp rock, and it carves into a significant room as the cavern ceiling heightens.
Sana suddenly speaks, “Look on the right wall… there is writing carved there that reads,” ‘Choose your door, choose your fate!’

She swirls around the pole, wiggling her cute bum as she lowers her shorts a tiny bit to show some more of her bare-skin; this also displays her natural curves and more of her ink. She then pulls the obsidian-coloured shorts back up her radiating legs.
Karna replies, “Caution! Scout the room now, anything could be here. But it sounds like there are doors for us to choose!”
Karna and Rheill unsheathe their weapons and move into the enormous underground chamber and spot six doors, two on each side of the large cavern. They notice a golden chest on the floor as well, although they encounter no signs of life in the cave.
“Okay, the room is empty apart from this chest… maybe we should open it for clues?” Queried Rheill.
Karna and Rheill examine the chest for traps, locks or anything suspicious, as it appeared too easily obtainable. The golden chest looked clean of traps. Thus, Rheill decides to open it, and they find two scrolls; which were dust-free. Also, a bit of food; there was a humongous drumstick from an unknown beast.
“Wow, that must be some beast. Never seen a drumstick this big before, it is enough for all four of us to eat!” said Karna.
Next, Rheill gathers the food and puts it inside of his backpack; since Sana and Isai’s rucksacks are full of Screamer slices already and to share Karna’s carried weight, as she needs to fight. Also, inside the chest are two golden coins that are utterly fresh and unscathed; some strange magic again is at work here. Karna acquires the money and deposits them inside of her pouch. Next, Karna gently passes the scrolls to Sana to recite as Sana is more adept at reading lore and languages because she is a sorceress.
Next, Sana reads aloud, “‘Cast the Rune Symbol ‘ZO’, to open doors from a distance that are not locked!’” She then reads the second scroll out loud as well, “Cast the Rune Symbol ‘YA’ for a stamina potion. It will re-energise the weary. This is for you Isai, as you are the Monk/Priest,” exclaimed Sana.
“So, we know the contents of the chest… it’s too heavy to carry around. Now we need to investigate each of the doors carefully. I see writing on each one, but it is encrypted!” Replied Isai.
Sana reads each of the writings, which was etched into the cavern walls, starting from the west side, “The Matrix!”
She then recites the one on the door adjacent to it, and it reads, “Time is of the Essence!”
After turning east, the next door reads, “Creature Cavern!”
The door next to the creature cavern door also reads, “Room of the Gem!”
“Interesting rooms, there are two more,” said Karna in a gentle voice.
Next, she reads the last two out softly, “Chambers of the Guardian and the other one says The Vault!”
“So, which one should we pick. It seems we need to enter at least three of the rooms as there are three locked doors, but there could be more!” Said Rheill.
“Well, the Creature Cavern sounds like it is infested with monsters and would be the most dangerous. The Matrix sounds like it’s a maze, and we have lots of food. Should we pick this one, in case we get lost?” Asked Sana.
“Sounds good,” replied Isai siding with Sana, Karna and Rheill also nod in approval at her suggestion.
All of the doors look precisely the same as before with the button in the top right-hand corner to open them up, except for the one door. The one that is different is in front of the writing that reads, ‘The Matrix!’
It is made out of steel and is a full metal-door that looks stronger, sturdy and reinforced than the rest of the alloy-grated portcullis. However, it has the same automatic button in the corner to open it up. Karna chooses the door that looks different and gently presses the button with her index finger, and it opens up automatically. They explore the first corridor, which is a winding cavern passage; all of them take extreme care not to stab themselves on the dangerous stalactites hanging from the ceiling.
They tread carefully and then see the underground chamber divides into many different columns of razor-sharp rock, which looks very odd that a cavern would shape itself like this.
“Now, this is a maze!” Shouted Rheill.
Karna shakes him, “Do not shout… it might collapse… you silly person!” Replied Karna in a quiet, but forceful voice.
“Sorry Karna, but which way? Let’s go left!” Replied Rheill.
Karna takes the lead but readies her shield and falchion in case of anything lurking around; they step on one part of the Matrix, and suddenly they are facing a different way.
“Stop, there is some strange magic here,” declared Karna.
“What do you mean, Karna?” Asked Sana.
“Step back and look at the compass!” Replied Karna, holding it up as they notice it is taking a ninety-degree turn every time they step on the spot.
“I see what you mean, Karna. Good thing we found that compass or we would have gotten lost!” Said Isai.
They use the compass to head west, which was the direction the party was formerly trying to go towards and they finally reach the corner of the cavern. Suddenly, Karna leans against the cavern-wall, and she almost falls over; but holds her balance and goes through the wall and vanishes. The wall on the left of the corner was like it was not even there, it did not exist; it was an illusion.
“Karna!” Said Rheill, trying not to shout.
“Relax! I am fine, and I have found a wooden shield in here which is much larger than this rubbish buckler. It is another secret room!” Replied Karna.
Next, she walks back through the wall, and the rest did not believe what they just witnessed with their very own eyes. It was like Karna was almost a ghost, moving like an ethereal being.
“Wow, that is some magic that is in this place… let’s not linger here any longer, this is spooky!” Said Sana, in a concerned tone of voice.
Now Karna is holding a much longer shield. It is bulkier and will be much more efficient at defending her; although it is constructed only from hardwood. The protective left handed-guard appeared as if several blows from an enormous mace or club could probably shatter the bulwark.
“Rheill, did you want the buckler or do you prefer to fight with two swords or a two-hander?” queried Karna.
“Yes, my style is two-handed fighting. Merely leave it on the ground, dear!” Replied Rheill.
Now they hug the western wall of the Matrix and find another spinning tunnel, the compass shows them this. It is held, wrapped around Karna’s left hand that is holding her new wooden shield. They find that the whole area is full of columns and that it is nothing but a squared-cavern. On the northern side of the underground chamber, there are niches, but there is nothing else here.
“There must be something here… we are missing something!” Exclaimed Sana.
“You are right, there is possibly a new type of switch, that we need to find. let’s examine these small dead ends that are here, more closely,” replied Karna.
“Here, this looks like a switch,” declared Isai.
“Get ready… I am pushing it now!” Said Rheill, as he presses it down and suddenly the cavern walls move to the west of their position.
“Look! A new area… I see a golden key and a new type of sword, but nothing else of much use!” Said Sana.
“Quickly, we have wasted a lot of time here! We will need to eat and drink again. We have found no new food in here at all!” Stressed Isai.
“Isai, do not despair… we have lots of food left still!” Replied Sana.
“Yes, but it will not last forever!” Answered Isai.
Karna rushes over to collect it, and before she picks up the sword, she notices the sword is in the shape of a curve, and it is long and much better for cutting stuff. As she picks up the sabre, she notices that it is wet, “Why is this sabre wet?” Queried Karna of the others.
She sheathes her new weapon away; Karna decided to keep her old falchion as a spare sword and hooks it on the leather belt part of her new leather armour.
“No idea!” Replied Rheill.
“Grab the damn key and stop screwing around!” Shouted Isai, still worried about not finding any new food sources.
Karna grabs the gold key on the ground; suddenly, water smashes through the cavern wall and starts to fill up the room, which the champions are standing in.

“The wall has given way!” Yelled Rheill.
“Run! We must retreat towards the big room, and this is why there is a reinforced door!” Screamed Sana.
The entourage dashes to try and outpace the water flow. Nonetheless, it starts filling the cavern up far too fast for them, and they are forced afloat on top of the water. The liquid is stone cold and freezing; the champions start swimming towards the exit. Luckily, the spinners in the area were disabled by the rushing water, which seemed to have been a trap triggered by something; somewhere where the gold key rested on the ground.
Suddenly, Karna starts to struggle because of her shield, and she only has one free arm to swim with; Karna’s helmet is just making matters harder for her.
“RHEILL, HELP ME,” cried Karna.
Rheill was able to swim okay because he concealed both of his swords inside of his sword-holders. Karna begins drowning, but Rheill then grasps hold of Karna tightly and raises her head and keeps it barely above the violent-gushing water.
“Karna, I have you… you are safe! Both of you get out and get ready to shut the door when we are through it!” Shouted Rheill.
The water is now coming in at full force. It is smashing them against the rocks, but luckily the razor-sharped edges were worn smooth by the power of the crashing water. Isai and Sana quickly swam the way back by remembering the route they came, so Karna and Rheill could pursue the correct path. Rheill holds Karna against himself while swimming; she then wraps her arms around him to hold onto his back. He shows his dominance and power; without this Karna would have certainly drowned here today. Somehow, Rheill never gave up on Karna, because he refused to allow Karna to fall under and die in the Matrix. Next, they get knocked off course by a sudden surge of water; but Karna uses her own will to live, as she remembers her old falchion. She then uses it to save them as she pulls it out of her leather armour belt. Suddenly, Karna slams the falchion into the cavern floor; while still holding onto Rheill’s muscular vertebrae and deltoids as she screams, “Rheill, grab the sword handle and push towards the door!”
Karna was not the lightest of females. She is toned, but very built from her sword and shield training; although he manages to keep her up perfectly fine. Rheill uses one last ounce of strength utilising the sword stuck into cavern floor as leverage and swims towards the door through the winding corridor. The flood was not advancing in this direction, but against the pillared-area instead. Once he got out of the surge’s path, it was much more effortless for him to swim, even with Karna on his back. The cold-liquid was much shallower here, and at the tunnel’s end, it was quite dry; he finally pushes Karna towards the door as she then tumbles through it and onto her back; she is breathing hard, but she is okay. Rheill dives through the door after her. Isai and Sana push the button, the surge of the water dies down as it reaches the door and the door holds the water in that area.

All of them were drenched and soaking wet, but they could not change clothes, or they would have gotten totally-naked. Next, Sana casts a warmth spell that she had learnt from her magic school to keep them from freezing to death.
“We should rest now. Karna, are you okay?” Asked Sana.
“Yes, I am fine. I am merely not the best swimmer in the world. Thank you Rheill, for saving me again!” Replied Karna.
Karna then cuddles Rheill tightly and leans on him; he wraps his arms around her gently, and they embrace in a sweet cuddle. They reluctantly separate, but sit together as all of them eat, drink and rest for the night because the champions were exhausted from the flooding event that just took place. Rheill is feeling exceptionally weak as he had to keep Karna along with her equipment, and himself afloat of the rushing surge of water.
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