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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 16 – Learning the Usefulness of Magic!


As soon as the dungeon door opened automatically, the party is due to face against yet again two more Magenta Worms in battle; they could see the monsters hiding around the corner. The two Magenta Crawlers slither closer towards them. Additionally, the sound of moving branches could also be heard in the distance, “Screamers as well, let’s use the door to crush the worms or isolate them?” Suggested Sana.
“Let’s isolate the crawling menaces from the Screamers and if we are to completely crush the Magenta Worms using the door as a weapon. We will not be able to salvage any food from them at all. The door will crush all of the Worm’s flesh!” Replied Isai being stressed about the lack of food lately.
“You make a pretty good point, which is it and hurry the worms are almost on top of me?” Queried Karna shouting.
“Let them through, Karna, I will close the door with an open spell over the top of them as they are low to the ground!” Explained Sana using her wits again.
Karna steps back just a little bit to allow the worms to pass through the semi-circular windowed wooden door; while the screamers are moving closer to the party, the sound of their branches becomes much more deafening. Next, Sana casts her open/close door spell using the (ZO) Rune, and the opening slams behind the two Magenta Worms trapping them between Karna and the wooden exit. Karna holds up her small iron guard and instantly goes into a defensive stance; she then keeps her sword ready to parry and block any incoming bites with her shield. Both of the Magenta Worms attack at the same time, one of the crawlers tries to bite her over her bulwark while the other worm strikes a low attack towards her; this forced Karna to quickly block the lower strike and parry with the sword at the same time, “Oh god! That was extremely lucky! They have never done that in the past; please kill one of them and do it as quickly as you can. I do not know how much longer I can defend such speed and cunningness!” Yelled Karna in desperation.
“Just move back, Karna, there is no need to keep them against the door!” Suggested Rheill.
“Yes, but this whole area is one massive corridor here, and this is the best spot to keep them away from Sana and Isai. I have an idea though… we discussed earlier on using the poison cloud spell, and it may not work on the creatures as they are venomous. However, we have yet to test it, and if Sana, knows the spell by now she should be able to use it very effectively. The Worms are not getting past me while I defend here. Although it might poison the food, so the choice is yours!” Explained Karna, while she continued defending against the two Magenta Worms attacks.
“We will risk it! I can always have us take an anti-venom potion after we eat it and have Rheill store this food separate, so we know in the future!” Replied Isai as he pushes the issue of obtaining more food.
“I have learned those two runes, but have not mastered the combination yet. So the cloud may not be as powerful as it should be yet, but Karna duck!” Shouted Sana.
Next, Karna ducks behind her shield and Sana mumbles the Runes of (OH) and (VEN) then a green-coloured projectile flies from Sana’s hands. It was the same as the poisonous bolt, but it expanded into a massive green rain cloud. Karna does not dare to move as she hears the venomous rain cloud pouring down against the ground and then on top of the two Magenta Worms. The two Magenta Worms suddenly start to shriek out in pain and desperation; the crawlers look for a way to get past Karna, so they are no longer inside of the green poisonous rain cloud. However, Karna denies the creature’s passage. She starts to attack them to force them back to the door; suddenly the crawlers die as they could no longer withstand the venom from the poisonous rain cloud. The vapour then vanishes from sight as well as all the water from the toxic puddle that was on the ground as Sana stopped channelling the spell; this made it safe to move onwards and collect the food.
“Now that is some powerful magic indeed, so maybe the rain cloud is only poisonous while it is active. Although we will use, Isai’s, advice earlier when we eat these Magenta Worm rounds!” Said Sana.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 15 – Shortcut or no Shortcut?


The group then stops for a second after learning of a possible shortcut through the dungeon and then determines what they want to do with this shortcut, “Hmm, do we wish to take this shortcut as we do currently have the golden key for it?” Asked Rheill.
“I would say no, but let’s open it anyway to be merely safe in case we have to quickly backtrack to the water source on level two of this dungeon. Also, If we skip stuff, we may probably miss several armour upgrades like Weapons and food that we will eventually need!” Replied Karna.
“Good Idea, Karna!” Replied Isai.
“Okay Karna, place the gold key in the lock to see what type of short-cut it is!” Suggested Sana.
“Well, let’s get our weapons out ready first before I place this key inside of the golden lock,” declared Karna.
Next, Karna takes out the last and final remaining golden key that they currently possessed. She deliberately puts it inside of the lock it clicks and turns and is locked in place; suddenly, a swirling blue-hazed Vortex appeared much like the dungeon puzzles they had solved earlier.
“Ah, it is a teleportation Vortex!” Explained Sana.
“I will go quickly through and come right back!” Said Rheill.
“No, you will not go alone… I have said it too many times already. We should never split up unless there is no other choice. I hope you are hearing me nice and clear, Rheill!” Demanded Karna to Rheill in a forceful tone.
“Karna, let’s all go together to check what is on the other side then. We have activated a vortex. We could get back-stabbed or even ambushed by stuff?” Replied Rheill back at Karna.
“Yes, you are right, Rheill!” Replied Karna.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 14 – A Supernatural Presence!


After they awake Karna, rubs her hand over Rheill’s forehead to check he is okay and does not have a fever or any side effects from the anti-venom potion, “Are you okay now, Rheill?” Asked Karna afterwards.
“Yes, thank you, Honey!” Replied Rheill as he gives her a good morning kiss not caring about Sana and Isai watching.
Karna kisses him back and says, “I will bring my awareness up to an even greater feat, today!” Explained Karna.
“No, Karna! You were already holding off two worms already. It was just that two new ones came into the fray, and this is where we need to help you. Karna, you cannot possibly see or fathom everything that goes on all the time!” Replied Rheill.
“You are too sweet, Rheill, but maybe you are right!” Answered Karna.
“Yes, we will try to warn you also from the back, since we can see more being at a ranged perspective!” Said Sana as she illuminates the area with her Ful Rune.
“We have these four massive worm/leeches lying here. Maybe we can use these as a source of food?” Asked Isai.
“Hmm, let’s try cutting them up… Sana, your dagger is still sticking into the side of one of them, here you go!” Said, Karna, as she passes the dagger back to her
Next, Karna and Rheill, chop the larvae up into Worm rounds and they then pack the provisions inside of Isai’s backpack as Sana’s was still full of Screamer slices.
“Okay, let me taste a little bit of these Magenta Worm rounds to check it is okay to eat. Also, Isai, please prepare me an anti-venom potion in case their bodies are poisonous. Just as a precaution!” Suggested Karna in a gentle tone.
“Here you go, Karna. I can make this as many times as I want as longs as we have empty flasks and we have three of them so far. Let’s hope we discover more abandoned bottles. I will then be able to prepare this aid in advance easier making more of the Healing/Anti Venom flasks. It will come in handy before dangerous and large encounters. I will always have two anti-venom potions made and ready from now on. If you or Rheill do get hit again by the Magenta worms, you can instantly drink the antidote!” Explained Isai.
“I am taking a bite now from the Worm rounds to see if it is okay, but I do highly suggest that we eat the older Screamer slices first. Also, the Screamer provisions are older, and we surely do not want this food to start rotting away!” Explained Karna, as she then took a bite into one of them; however, nothing happens to Karna, so they leave the anti-venom potions alone. Isai decided to keep them ready for more Magenta Worms.
“Seems the food is not poisonous, but it tastes horrible, but we will have no choice once the Screamer slices do run out and all the other food that we have in our possession. I will keep this Worm round since I already ate most of it, I will have this as my meal today, and you can give the others Screamer Slices please, Sana!” Explained Karna softly.
“Sure, Karna, and you are brave to eat something you do not like, ha, ha!” Said Sana.
“Well you guys, might like them it’s just too sour for me!” replied Karna laughing back.
“We have four water bottles everyone take a drink from it but do not drink too much. I have yet to spot a single water source on this level so far,” added Isai to the conversation.
Rheill is quiet and only consumes his food as he thinks about Karna and their special three kisses that they shared over the last eight hours. Meanwhile, Karna answers Isai, “Yes, we need to be careful with that… Hopefully, the next level has more of those lion-headed fountains!”

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 13 – Deadly Venom Strikes!


The four of them awake and stretch their bodies; both Sana and Karna flick their silky hair backwards and over their shoulders, “Morning, Lovely,” said Rheill to Karna.
“Morning to you too, dear,” replied Karna.
Sana then irradiates the area with her Ful Rune; the dungeon became Illuminated and visible once again. The champions progress still appeared blocked by the same closed hardwood-door. Next, Sana to Isai’s surprise gives him a gentle embrace as she opens up a tad more to him. He smiles and thinks to himself again, ‘hmm, maybe I will leave Karna for Rheill after all!’ as he wraps his arms around her tailbone gently.
“I guess we should start chopping this door?” Suggested Rheill.
“Yes, Rheill, there is no way we can open this. There are no locks or switches present!” Replied Sana.
There is an axe here; we must have overlooked it. It is laying right in front of the door,” said Karna who laughs to herself and begins to speak again, “Take it, Rheill, instead of the falchion or sabre!” Demanded Karna.
Rheill picks up the axe and drops his sabre as he no longer needed it anymore; also, he realises it is a two-handed axe, so he then drops the falchion as well.
He starts to chop the door with ease using the axe, as it was much more powerful than both of his previous weapons. Next, Karna watches Rheill with happiness as she loves to see him work his muscles, even if the flesh got concealed under his Mail Aketon chest-piece.
After several strikes, the axe chops through the door. A hole gets carved inside of the door-frame as the hardwood ultimately shatters. They are now able to progress deeper, on this level of the dungeon; all of them now move through the archway of the door and into the next area.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 12 – Preparing to Face Their Doom!


Karna slowly, but necessarily gets a grip on herself, shortly after reading that statement loudly, “Well words cannot hurt us! Chaos, is trying to play mind-games with us!” said Karna softly.
“Yes, I think you are right, Karna!” Replied Rheill as he agrees with her.
From the corner of Sana’s left eye, she sees an alcove to the left of the grey-wall, where the non-cryptic text got carved into it, “I can see an alcove just beyond this wall, but nothing more!” Explained Sana.
Karna motions to the entourage to start to explore the dungeon’s fourth level. The champions then arrive at a to a narrow room with another rectangular hollowed-hole, only to find there were no objects placed inside of it. The Alcove was merely an empty-space carved into that particular wall.
Suddenly, they hear a familiar sound one that sends chills down the spine of Karna; she is stunned for a second and then yells, “Weapons out! That sound is a Rock-pile!”
Karna silently unsheathed her newly-found sword and readied herself, kick the Rocky-creature’s butt. The look in Karna’s eyes appeared scary, as she usually contained the most beautiful eyes, which someone would ever experience in their life-span. Although Karna’s optics got filled with hatred and malice, which became directed towards this type of creature; she will one day get over the fear of being burnt by them, but it will take some time.
“Lure, it into the room Karna, we know what to do… to take these out now!” Suggested Sana.
“I will Sana. I am for sure not going to fight the monster in the corridor… that is for sure!” Answered Karna.
This Rock-pile is much larger than what they had seen inside of the gloomy cavern on the floor above; it also explained why the sound was louder as it was further away than what the adventurers had first thought.
“It, may be bigger and more dangerous, but not impossible to defeat!” said Rheill as he gazed upon the creature as he draws out his sabre and falchion.
They wait patiently for it as with the previous rocky-entities. The Rock-pile finally moves around the corner and into the room, “This room is small! We need to be extra careful!” explained Isai worryingly.
“There is no room for doubts, the battle begins!” roared Karna.

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