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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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One, Hot Elevator Ride! (18 + Only)
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It is a cold day out, which is unusual for the weather of Jacksonville Beach, Florida in the month of May; a fine looking young lady gets out of her red, Ford Puma. She locks the door with her remote control and sets the alarm on her car; She is five foot and eight inches tall. She has really light, black hair, which shines and blows in the wind as she walks; she feels the light breeze of the wind as well as it blows gently over her. She has light, Brown hazel eyes and a body to die for and one of the sexiest business woman you will ever feast your jolly little eyes on. The lady is wearing a short, black skirt, but the professional black one. She is wearing no tights or anything to go along with the skirt that stops just above her knees as she seems to like to show off her legs a lot and it is to no surprise why. The woman also is wearing a white blouse with button up the middle of it; It does show a little bit of cleavage, but not very much and over the top she is wearing her professional business jacket which has the black line design and it is made by YSL.

she finally makes it to a large building, which has several floors; it is an office building. She enters it, and the receptionist then greets her as she shows her identification card as every employee needs one, “Morning Taline.”
“Hello, Helen please have a good day I am going up to my office now this is going to be a long day!” she replied.
Taline then presses the button in the shape of an up arrow, which makes the elevator open up, she enters it and two other guys enter next. The first guy has light brown hair, which is almost the same colour as Taline’s amazing eyes; he is six foot and two inches tall, he has brown eyes as well. The man is wearing a black suit with trousers and black shoes, he is wearing a navy, blue shirt with a matching tie. He is has a normal frame, which is not fat or skinny just right for the clothes that he is wearing.
The second man is also dressed in a black suit, but he has black hair and is wearing a white shirt and black tie instead, he is slightly smaller and is the same height as Taline.
“Morning, Taline,” they both say.
“Good Morning, Vikenti and Lorne!” Replied Taline.
“You look beautiful as ever Taline and damn your ass looks so fine in that skirt!” said the taller guy.
“Thank you, Vikenti, such a smooth talker as always,” she says giggling to herself.
She looks at his eyes with hers almost mesmerising him she does it slightly longer than normal like she wants something, but does not say as she knows she needs something before her long day starts.
“Please close the door, gentlemen, and press the up arrow so I can get to the top floor where my office is,” asked Taline in a soft and gentle voice. Both of them love her accent as she is a mixture of Arabic and English. both Vikenti and Lorne work in the sales department just below her floor; so they both know Taline extremely well but would give anything to fuck her at least once in their lifetime. She is simply a black-haired bombshell.

She knows they are watching her so she turns around slyly and Vikenti is eyeing up her lovely, cute ass in that fits perfectly inside her dark, black skirt. She turns around and catches him looking and almost drooling over her.
“Taline, How do you feel about me staring blatantly at your ass?”
Taline smiles and deep down she loves all the attention every guy gives her, however, this day is different she wants to do more than have guys look at she bites her lip gently before she replies to him, “What is there not to like about that… I would not be normal if I did not like it when guys think I am sexy, would I?” queried Taline.
Lorne seems to be more professional, but Taline is having none of that as she tries to get his attention; she simply just looks at him with her goddess-like eyes and he is hypnotized by them almost immediately.
Vikenti shows some jealousy and grabs Taline by her hips and moves her away and back to him, “Wow, what are earth are you doing, Vikenti!” she said shocked at first then and she smiles even more and says again, “hold on a second!”
Taline quickly presses her hand on the stop button on the lift and removes the key from the lift trapping them she places it in her pocket and smiles maniacally.
“Taline you are one naughty woman,” said Lorne.
She smiles back at him slyly as well after hearing his words and speaks softly and aggressively, “So are you; you do not think I have not noticed both of you spying on me and looking at me all the time? Now you need to be real men and do something about it!”

Vikenti takes action immediately he has waited two whole years to be able to do anything to Taline and today is finally the day he can do something. He quickly Presses his lips against the soft skin of Taline at the left side of her neck and some of her hair tickles him as he touches his face as he moves his lips along her neck, “Mmmm,” she moans softly before exposing her neck as she turns her head sideways letting her dark and shiny hair fall down the right side of her.
Lorne does not know what to think or do and is very shocked at Vikenti being so forward towards her; he, however, sees that Taline is loving it. Vikenti then slides both of his hands on each side of Taline’s body feeling her voluptuous, curvy body and becomes harder as he touches her.
Vikenti says, “Taline, do you feel what you are doing to me!?” as he stands behind her as his cock becomes harder.
“Oh yes, I can!” she replied getting excited herself.
“How does it feel? How does it feel Knowing you have got two men turned on just by entering the elevator?” asked Vikenti
“It makes me feel so good, baby!” replied Taline.
Vikenti rubs Taline over her breasts as she bites on her lips knowing she could get in a lot of trouble if anyone ever finds out what is happening, but she lets him continue to explore her 36 D breasts that are tucked away and hidden within her clothes, “Mmmm, Baby!” she moaned.
“I just cannot resist you I have waited two years to do anything!”
“Really, why not just ask me out on a date?” suggested Taline
“You are married and do not want to wreck your marriage!” answered Vikenti.
Lorne continues to watch as Taline then answers again, “Well it is not stopping you now, Mmmm!” as she moans some more as he fondles her breasts some more over her business clothes.
Vikenti then traces his fingers over her nipples and breathes into her ear, “You have got me losing my mind, Taline, I cannot think straight!” said Vikenti. He then grinds his hips against Taline and this makes her feel his cock on her ass and pussy from behind.
Taline simply moans as he is making her more moist and aroused. Vikenti feels Taline’s nipples harden as he places his hands on her white blouse; he continues to kiss her neck and play with her nipples more roughly his excitement takes control over his body.
“How do you like these nipples being played with, Taline? asked Vikenti.
“I love it, baby!”
“Do you like them Pinched, rubbed or sucked, or do you like the whole of them played with?” he asked as he whispers into her ear from behind as Lorne continues to watch, but he starts touching his cock over his trousers getting harder every second as he can hear Taline’s sexy moans.
Taline replies as she moans, “I love them being sucked, licked and being kissed, especially my nipples, but please do not pull or pinch my nipples It hurts and I do not like it!”
“Take off your blouse and Jacket off, Taline, I want to see these glorious Tits of yours! They look so big… do it now!!” Demanded Vikenti.

Taline shockingly agrees as she takes off her suit jacket and places it gently on the floor not wanting to damage it; she then starts unbuttoning her white blouse and lets it fall off of her shoulders. She is now standing before both of Lorne and Vikenti wearing a black-laced bra which holds both of her breasts firmly together. Her gorgeous navel piercing is on display as well; both guys are stunned by the magnificent toned abs of her as she works out a lot giving her amazing curves as well.
“Wow, Taline your body is amazing!” said Lorne.
“Such a Tease, Taline” he growls as Taline stripped slowly but surely and did not remove her b black laced bra just yet.
“Do not make me wait or I will rip it off!” shouted Vikenti getting impatient and lust overcoming him.
“You will not! These clothes are expensive!” she says back aggressively as she unhooks her bra from behind and it falls down slowly and her amazing 36D bust is on display with her perky pink nipples that are as hard as a rock.
Vikenti grabs Taline and kisses her passionately; she kisses him back as he buries a hand in her silky, black hair as his other hand pushes into her ass over her skirt and pushes them together closer. Next, Taline feels his hard cock push against her tight, wet pussy that is concealed in her dark, black skirt and knickers.
“Mm, Baby, that feels so good,” moaned Taline into Vikenti’s mouth as they continue to make out with one and another. Suddenly, he yanks her hair back exposing her throat and leaves a trail of kisses down her neck as his mouth moves towards her amazing breasts.
“Mmmm!” she moans.
“You want those nipples sucked, baby?” said Vikenti
Taline gets tired of him talking and grabs him by his head with both hands and says, “Stop talking, Boy, just suck them!”
he slides his tongue along her Nipples which drives her even wilder.
“Mmmm, that is it, Baby!” she moans as he finally engulfs her nipple inside of his mouth; he sucks it hard and plays with it. Next, he flicks his tongue over the nipple as he sucks on the breast with his lips.
“Mmmm!” moaned Taline.
Her beautiful large breast now inside of his Vikenti’s mouth as Lorne continues to play with himself in the background; he moans as well. Meanwhile, as he is sucking her left breast his other hand cups her right breast, “Which feels better the sucking or touching?” asked Vikenti.
“The sucking does, baby, Mmmm!” replied Taline moaning loudly as she runs her hands through his hair.
“You clearly want more of me, don’t you?” declared Vikenti as he finally releases her nipples from sucking.

Vikenti then suddenly starts to undo his belt buckle and drop his pants and removes his boxer shorts, he also unbuttons his shirt exposing his smooth chest as well his already rock, hard and solid cock. It is finally revealed to Taline who licks her lips seductively, which is around seven to eight inches long. He then kisses her again before pushing her head down, but she stops and does it her self. Taline begins to kiss slowly using French kisses with her tongue gently and slowly kissing over his smooth and shaven body.
“Mmmm, Taline, I need those dick sucking lips wrapped around my hard cock, baby!” moaned Vikenti.
Taline stops mid-way, “Yes, keep going baby, you know what I want! You can see how hard you have made me!” stated Vikenti as she continues to go lower down his body. Taline then goes to his lips for one last kiss before she finally knees down in front of him she is still in her black, high heels and dark, black skirt.
“Take my cock, Taline, take all of it!” moaned Vikenti.
“You look so divine, baby, the way you are kneeling in front of me your bare breasts jutting out, your nipples hard and poking into the air,” explained Vikenti.
Lorne unbuttons his short and slowly starts to remove his clothes in the background his eight-inch cock on display as well as he masturbates to what is going on.
“Vikenti all good things do come to those that wait, you know?” said Taline as she slowly licks up the full length of his hard shaft slowly from his balls she looks up slyly and seductively with those hazel-like eyes. Vikenti is weakened by her magical eyes as they draw him in and en-flame him with even more lust for her.
She then kisses the tip gently before she presses the head of his cock inside of her warm mouth and sucks on only the head gently, “Ah, Taline, your mouth feels so good!
She wraps her lips tighter now as she pushes him into her mouth further and she tightens her grip like a vice; those perfect lips designed purely for sucking cock and other things. Taline wraps her lips tighter now as she pushes his cock further into her mouth and tightens her grip on it with her luscious lips.
“Yes, suck me, take me all in!” moaned Vikenti
Taline simply does as he asks and moves her mouth backwards and forwards sucking him as she pushes deeper each time, “Play with my hair as I suck you, I love that a lot” asked Taline as she continues sucking him perfectly.
Vikenti entwines her hair around his hands as he tugs on her hair with two handfuls of her lovely hair and guides her to the way he wants to be sucked.
“Mmmm, Baby!” moaned Taline as she enjoys the taste of him as she moves her mouth quicker and faster; she fills his balls filling up and tightening she realizes he is close to cumming in her pretty, little mouth.
His grunting sounds fill and can be heard throughout the elevator, his eyes locked onto her as she is sucking him.
He can no longer hold back as he no longer guides his mouth and simply holds her by her face and begins, mouth fucking Taline; he is completely lost in the feeling of her lips wrapped around his cock. Taline loves every second of it; Taline has never been a slut in her life or ever done a one night stand, however, today was the time to change that.
“MMMM!” moaned Taline.
“Look up at me, Taline, Look up at me and tell me where you want my cum!” screamed Vikenti.
Taline looks up at him and explains to him, “Fill my mouth up as we are in a public place and I will drink all of you!”
“Wow, you are naughty, Taline! Damn I did not know financial controllers/Accountants are this exciting in bed!” moaned Lorne as he continued to stroke himself, “Also I am going fuck your tight pussy you little slut, Taline!”
That is all Vikenti needed to hear; seeing those eyes makes him completely lose control, and he begins shooting his hot white liquid and cums deep into her mouth, over and over again, draining his balls
She presses tightly so nothing drips out and start to gurgle and swallow it all; she then opens up her mouth to show him it is all gone.
Taline then licks the rest off of his cock like a good girl
“What a good, little girl, But the elevator ride is not over yet, Lorne, needs to be pleasured! What would you like him to do to you, Sweetie?”
“I want him to fuck my tight, wet Pussy and I want you to get hard again and fuck me as well, Mmmm!” said Taline bringing out the naughtiness in her
Vikenti leans back on the wall and watches Taline and Lorne now get it on.

Lorne approaches Taline; she then starts to take off her dark, black skirt and slides off her black, laced-knickers. This reveals her smooth and waxed pussy, which glistens from being aroused; especially when she gave Vikenti the best blow job he has ever had in his entire life. Lorne, “Taline get on your hands and knees baby, I want to fuck you hard in doggy-style!”
“Good it is my favourite position, now fuck me like the little whore that I am!” Taline thinks to herself, ‘wow did I just say that.
I know I am naughty in bed, but I do not usually talk like this!’
Lorne slowly rubs Taline’s pussy-juice onto his cock and slowly slides it inside of her tight and moist pussy it feels so good to him as she is fully shaved and then he is not using any condoms either. Taline is okay with it though as she likes to make love to her husband without protection from him as it feels better for him and her.
“Do not worry, Lorne and Vikenti I am on the pill, So you can fuck me like this… I should have said something before you put it inside me!” explained Taline.
“Oops sorry, Taline, but damn you feel good I have never fucked my girlfriend like this, she always make me use a condom!” replied Lorne.
Lorne begins to thrust his hips backwards and forwards, fucking Taline nice and fast, but soft to begin with.
“Mmmm, Baby your cock feels so good inside of me, Fuck me Baby!” she screams gently remembering she is in public place.
Vikenti comes over to Taline and she begins to suck his cock again to get him hard again as Lorne continues to drill her inside of her tight and wet pussy.
Taline thinks to herself ‘damn I am a slut and feel like a porn-star in a scene I have watched on the internet, but no one will know about this’
Lorne now pumps into her pussy harder, she starts to scream as his balls bang against her tiny little clitoris, “OH GOD BABY!”
“Vikenti I always wanted to try this, please lay on your back and let me get on top of you?” asked Taline.
“Sure, Taline!” replied Vikenti to her.
Lorne pulls out of her knowing exactly what she wants to do; Taline then straddles on top of Vikenti and sinks down and begins to ride him gently.
“Lorne put your cock in my ass!” Both Vikenti and Lorne are shocked after hearing Taline say that.
“Wow!” replied Lorne as he lubes up her ass by spitting into it gently, this makes Taline shiver; he then rubs his cock slowly and his head towards the rear entrance of Taline.
“Are you sure, Taline, you want this Double Penetration?” asked Vikenti.
“More than anything this is my fantasy and you are making it a reality, just do not say a word that I let both of you fuck the shit out of me this morning, okay?” explained Taline.
Lorne needs no further encouragement as he slides his hard, eight-inch dick inside her hot, tight ass, “OH MY GOD, this feels like heaven, I always knew this must feel good, but this is amazing!” screamed Taline, Vikenti covers her mouth quickly with his hand as his other hand spanks her on her ass hard.
“MMM, YES SPANK, MY ASS BABY!” yelled Taline.
Now Both Vikenti and Lorne are fucking Taline in her perfect pussy and amazing ass; Taline rides slowly as Lorne moves in and out of her ass fast, but gently. He keeps a perfect motion with Taline’s perfect riding on top of Vikenti’s hard cock, “GOD, THIS FEELS TOO GOOD! I AM CUMMING!” she begins to cum all over his dick and she shakes wildly on top of him Vikenti quickly covers her mouth in case she screams too loud as she hits the peak of her climax and then after a minute finally comes back down from her amazing orgasm.
“Don’t stop fucking me, Cum in my ass and pussy fill me up!” she demanded.
“Wow, you are truly the naughtiest woman I have ever had sex with!” said Vikenti.
Lorne agrees with him as they continue to fuck her good and fast, “Are you ready for me, Baby!?” asked Lorne.
“Yes, fucking fill me up you, Little Boys and don’t you ever spy on me again or I will tell your boss that you both raped me today and you will be in deep trouble!”
“Yes Ma’am!” they both then cum inside of her and she goes into another orgasm of the feeling of the warm cum inside both her ass and pussy.
“Taline, that felt so good!” both of them say before they get dressed.
“Do you have any tissues?” asked Taline to both of them.
“Yes, here we can get new ones from the men’s toilets!” As both of them pass a tissue as Taline cleans herself up mopping all their cum from her ass and pussy. She then slowly gets dressed and lets them out of the elevator.
“If you say a word about this you, Two, I will be having words with your boss, so keep your damn mouths shut!” demanded Taline.
“Yes, Taline!” they say gently and scared of possibly losing their jobs.

They both walk out of the lift to their floor as she rides the elevator to next floor and to the office she works in. Taline has a huge smile etched on her face as she enters through the double doors and into the accounting department of the company. She then says good morning to her employees and they see a nice smile on her face and they know she got made love to this morning or last night by her husband, but little did they know what she had just done. next, she enters her private office and closes the door and gets on with her figures and work for the day.

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