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Natasha Reviews WWE Hell In A Cell PPV 2018! #WWE #HIAC
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So this will be my first time writing a non-biased, but a truthful review, which will be featured on the website every month.

I will be looking more at how matches get booked, what makes sense and what has logical holes. WWE let me remind you something. I don’t forget what you want us to not remember as I am a creative writer in my own right!

Pre-show match – Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match (Challengers) Rusev Day vs (Champions) The New Day!

There was no build up really to this match on the pre-show, noticed I said the pre-show here. The story behind this match taking place was Rusev Day won two matches. One against the Usos and some random jobber team and then against The Bar the week after.
So WWE did a good job there as they made the number one contenders earn that; however, this has come a little too late, I think personally for Rusev Day as they appear to be not quite as over as they were six months ago.

Nonetheless, here we are, and this was a decent match, and the last six minutes is where it got better as the pace picked up.
I liked the part where Aiden English mimicked Rusev’s Accolade submission hold. Also, the spot where Rusev hit that Maska kick on I think it was Kofi in mid-air. It made me go oh my god, as that timing was sick!

I understand they were explaining the story of Aiden England messing up several times, and then sacrificing himself in the previous weeks for Rusuev to get back into Lana and his good books. Then Aiden costs them the title again!

However, I do think the wrong team won this match though and Rusev Day should have gotten this title run.

Main Show first Match – Hell in a Cell Match – Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy!

The build-up for this match has been exceptionally good with the Randy Orton becoming one vicious viper. Randy’s best work has always come at the hands of him being the cocky or dangerous and demented heel!

This match started the correct way with Jeff hardy not waiting at all; it wouldn’t have made any sense to start any other way. I loved this match because it felt like a Hell in a Cell match they used tables chairs, ladders and a freaking screwdriver.

Randy got so sadistic in this match and made me look away when he put the screwdriver through Jeff’s earlobe. I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about this match as it delivered some chaos and destruction.
There was some strong kick out spots with Swanton Bomb onto the chair.

The ending told the perfect story of gravity defeating Jeff Hardy as he tries to do a crazy big splash from hanging onto the top of the ceiling of the Cell. Jeff then tried to destroy Orton, but Randy moved out of the way, and he crashed through the table from over fifteen feet high. The viper then showed zero remorse by telling the referee to do his job and count to three ending the match.

Nothing I would do differently here as this match delivered beyond my expectations. Not sure what is next for Randy Orton?
Let’s wait until Tuesday to find out!

Match 2 – Smackdown Women’s Championship – (Challenger) Becky Lynch vs (Champion), Charlotte Flair!

The storyline on this match has been phenomenal with WWE winning the lottery with the massive babyface reactions Becky Lynch got at SummerSlam.
Becky attacked Charlotte after the match because Charlotte pinned her with Natural Selection to steal the championship away from our beloved Becky Lynch.
I cheered when she attacked Charlotte after the match.

The contest started off quite slow with chain wrestling; this was one of the best women’s matches on the main roster since Asuka vs Charlotte.
The main story of the fight was told by Becky Lynch when she worked over the arm of Charlotte throughout the match.
Becky did work sort of like a heel, but mark my words she is not a heel. The crowd was behind Becky, so they are keeping her a tweener like Stone cold was.

Charlotte never hits her Moonsalt 99% of the time properly or makes pretty, little contact, so when she does miss the move, it looks better. These two tore the house down and was one of the most anticipated matches of the night, and it delivered.
The ending came when Becky reversed Charlotte’s spear into a pinning combination.

My one criticism here was the post-match event; they showed Becky as a heel again when Charlotte should have just decked Becky. It would have completed her heel turn, and we would have generated a clear-cut heel and a babyface in Becky Lynch. To me, she is still the face in this feud.

Match 3 – Raw Tag Team Championship (Challengers) Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs (Champions) Drew Mcyintre and Dolh Ziggler!

The tag team championship match was by far the best match on the (PPV) tonight. The action was fast and chaotic with several excellent spots in the contest.
The heels work perfectly together isolating the ring like an old skool tag team match.
The highlights of the bout for me was the end sequence, which looked phenomenal whSeth hit the Falcon Arrow from the top rope. Then Suddenly out of nowhere Drew came back in and hit the Claymore to his face and a half-unconscious Ziggler draped an arm over for the win.
The correct team won here, they need to keep the titles on these two until they decide to split them up so Drew can be a world champion. This guy cries champion all over from the way he carries himself, the way he speaks and especially his visual features.

Great stuff here, it’s a shame that these two are Roman’s lackeys storyline wise. Also, the commentating team made a dumb statement; as they said, they are the shield but are not wearing their shield gear.
Another thing I did not like was to hear Micheal Cole continually driving the narrative of, ‘at the end of the night they all could be champions!’
Despite the crappy Reigns agenda the match delivered on many levels.

So far the pay per view is a thumbs up and never thought I would say that as most main roster pay per views are booking poorly!

Match 4 – The Smackdown World Championship (Challenger) AJ Styles Vs (Champion) Samoa Joe!

The build-up to this Smackdown World Championship match has been fantastic. I love the fact they made this personal and that WWE acknowledged that both of them have fought and were friends going into the Summerslam match.

Joe’s promo package appeared so well done on this weeks episode of Smackdown Live. Joe read the story to Aj’s daughter Annie. The way they presented the video of all the stuff that happened fro the start to the ending. In the end, Joe was holding the championship belt with AJ’s family saying he is going to be his daddy was astounding.

Now that covered the backstory for those that may not watch the weekly shows. The match started off with Aj not wasting any time and thats how the first match should have started!
Both Aj and Samoa Joe have remarkably good chemistry in the ring as well.

I liked several spots in the match especially that flying forearm Samoa Joe was scary as someone that large should not be flying through the rings. Take some notes Brie thats how you do a suicide dive!
AJ demonstrated some phenomenal strength, and (no pun intended here) with that rack bomb to Joe.
Later in the match that lariat Samoa Joe gave AJ Styles was brutal, my god he flipped him inside out on that one.
The ending was a screwy finish, and Joe got robbed in this match tonight. He was irritated and rightfully so, yelling at Corey Graves.

This match was great, and it saved Joe getting beat completely clean, and I think it was better than doing another count out or DQ finished.
What happened was Styles tapped out before the count of three got made when we got a review at the right angle.

I would have booked it with Joe winning here with Styles passing out to the Coquina Clutch and AJ chasing. However, they did follow up the storytelling paying attention to detail when later he confronted general manager Paige about it. I always appreciate that as a writer when they don’t miss the little things, which is unusual in this day in age on the main roster PPV.

Match 5 Maryse and Miz vs Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

Now we come to the worse two matches on the card; this match was horrible, and it was not because of Daniel Bryan or The Miz.
It was because you had two women who should be divas and has no business wrestling that ring. Maryse has never been good, and she did what like what one move here?
Come on WWE don’t put these two in the ring again for the love of God.
I told you I would not be holding my punches back if WWE does something wrong I will call their asses out on it.

Also another thing Brie Bellas entrance is so freaking cringe I have to cover my ears or turn the volume down. I do not hate Brie as a person just as a wrestler, she is an astounding mother what I have seen on total divas; yes I watch that show as it is entertaining sometimes. Same can be said about Maryse as I appreciate the care she has for animals and her love for her newborn daughter Monroe Sky Mizannin.

Now back to the match everything the men did was okay, but it should have been a one on one contest instead.
I am a female writing this as well so don’t start saying I am sexist and crap either.
The ending to this match looked absolutely, freaking stupid!
Brie did the worse rollup I have ever seen and Maryse counters with no offence on it. Are you seriously telling me Brie could not have kicked out of a standard pin? All Maryse did, was hold both of Brie’s legs; get the hell out of here!

God awful moving on!

Match 6 – Raw Woman’s Championship match – (Challenger) Alexa Bliss, /w Mickie James and Alicia Fox vs (Champion) Rhonda Rousey /w Natalya!

Notice I praised Becky and Charlotte earlier, but this championship was awful; it was an overbooked freaking mess.

The First question I ask why was Natalya, Alicia Fox and Micke James even at ringside?
Let them have a one on one match. Also, Alexa’s offence does not look believable against Rhonda Rousy. Nia Jax, even brought Rhonda to a better contest, so what does that tell you?
I understand the fact they were selling Rhonda’s rib injury from Raw, but this match went on way too long. Can we merely move on and have Rhonda face people that have more in the ring skills like a Ruby Riot?

There is a massive problem with Rhonda being a babyface there is only one credible heel to work with until Charlotte at Mania. Rhonda is over as she got Rhonda chants, but she would be a brilliant heel. She would have to get paired up with Paul Heyman as she trash-talks her opponents in the ring when she is beating people up.

Rhonda showed she is getting better, and it will just take some time, and that Swagger Bomb she did on Lexi looked good. I love how Rhonda’s face changes when she turns into savage-mode too; like I am going to mess you up.
Rhonda won with Alexa tapping before the hold even got fully applied, which makes Alexa look even more of a pussy-type heel.

Did not like this match at all, and I don’t even think Rhonda is the problem. Alexa again is fabulous as a person outside the ring. She cuts some of the best promos for the women; she needs to get utterly get better at working in the ring. Alexa needs to be working with someone like Charlotte or a Sasha banks to look good.
I am probably going to get a load of backlash from Alexa fans on this, but as I said on my twitter, my reviews will be honest if you like what I am saying or not!

Raw Universal Championship match (Challenger) Braun Strowman vs (Champion) Roman Reigns

Now for the main event of Roman Reigns vs Bruan Strowman. First of all, before reviewing the match; I want to look at this ridiculous Roman Reigns agenda with The Shield and turning the most over Male babyface on raw to a heel.
Fundamentally, Seth and Dean are Roman’s shield against the hate he gets, why because he is not over with the fans. WWE needs to bloody accept this and turn him into a bad guy already.

Now the match was not that bad at all, Bruan and Reigns have always had amazing bouts in the past. There was one particularly illogical thing Bruan did though on the outside. He choked slammed Reigns on the ring apron when he could have done it on the thin mats on the outside, which would have inflicted vaster damage to him.
However, there was a bad mistake, that happened and Strowman got robbed because Mick Foley counted three by accident. Strowman did a sound job at arguing with the referee though to cover it up. After replaying it a few times, I noticed Foley’s hand hit the mat, but he never actually said it was a three count.

This part gave me a laugh when roman ran around the ring right into the steel steps like an idiot that was held up by Bruan Strowman.
Another thing I especially liked was letting the Shield and the dogs of war fight on top of the hell in a cell; that Seth Rollins and Dolph spot was pretty nasty when they both fell through the announce table.

The ending of the match I did not appreciate was when Brock Lesnar came out. The kicking of the door down was a nice touch. What I am talking about was the way the match ended with him giving the F-5 to both men and the contest suddenly stopping abruptly. I know it protects Bruan and gives him gripe here to possibly say he got robbed by Lesnar. Will it lead to a triple threat match?

Who knows, have to wait for raw, which that show has been awful and I don’t watch it much anymore so that is why Smackdown matches may have gotten a bit more coverage.

Overall I enjoyed the PPV minus the mixed tag match and the Alexa Bliss match.

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