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Natasha Reviews WWE Evolution – 28/10/2018
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So WWE fed this down our throats for the last couple of months about having an all women’s Pay Per View. Here are my truthful and honest thoughts, some may not like what I have to say about certain women on this event.

Match 1 – Trish and Lita VS Mickie James and Alicia Fox /w Alexa Bliss.

(Note above the graphic is the original match as changes were made last second due to Alexa Getting Injured.)

The match order did seem okay though, and Trish and Lita looked phenomenal in the ring. They also outperformed half of the main roster people when it came to actual wrestling cough (Bella Twins). I will not be too harsh on Rhonda as she is still new to the business!)

Anyway looking at the opening contest I enjoyed this match a lot as I got to watch Trish and Lita growing up, and they were an inspiration to me. Charlotte, please look at Lita’s Moonsalt that is how you truly hit someone with it; However, Not taking away from her astonishing performance along with Becky that happened later in the night.

There unquestionably was not much storyline going into this match other than Alexa saying Trish was her idol then saying she sucked. Additionally, Alexa Bliss said she would never have made it in this business if she was around, Please don’t make me laugh that is the most bullshit statement you can ever say. I understand she is trying to get heat, but that is cheap Heat!

The match came off great though all the women got to show their move sets off and give little Nostalgia feeling back from the attitude era. Alicia was the only one in there that cannot work still to this day, and she is 10-year+ veteran. I still see no improvements from her inside of that ring, and she even manages to botch as usual. Alicia was so late to that pin cover, and I unmistakably saw the referee stop the count prematurely.

In the end, the hall of Famers pick up the win with the Stratus-faction, into a Moonsalt and followed by a Chick Kick to seal the deal for the legends; this was more of a nostalgia act than anything, and it did nothing to enhance the evolution of the business.

Match 2 – The Woman’s Battle Royal to Determine a New Number One Contender!

Where do I even start with this match; this was done only to get every woman on the card and was a complete waste of everyone’s time. Now if they had Ember Moon win the Battle Royal, I would have a different view of this, but nope I am going rip this match apart and tell you how it is!

The highlight of the contest for me was when Asuka and Ember went at it. The crowd chanted NXT, which even Micheal Cole had to acknowledge.
However, I have one positive thing to say about the match, and that was the fact that they let Ember show off her wrestling. They left her in until the end and finally had her get one over on Asuka by eliminating her.
What does that tell you about the current main roster product on Raw? Also, the crowd was so hot for Ember Moon, and they gave it to freaking Nia Jax; who the hell wants to watch Nia Jax vs Rhonda Rousey again, certainly not me!
Enough writing about this trash, let’s move onto real wrestling, shall we?

Match 3 The Mae Young Classic 2018 Final Io Shirai vs Tony Storm!

Now we get to the real wrestling of the show. Toni Storm has been the hottest thing in this tournament when it comes to marketable to being over with the fans. Io Shirai is phenomenal as well, and they call her the genius of the sky for a reason this girl knows how to get the elevation, my god.

This match was great for the time it was given, but sadly WWE handcuffed both women and did not let them outshine the main rosters.

What I did like was the storytelling told in this match. Toni using technical wrestling and can this girl mat wrestle, I loved the sequences showed by Toni Storm reminded me of watching a Bret Hart or a Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle. Toni Storm showed very crafty intelligence in this match. Whenever she saw an opening, she went and hit her Ground Zero finishing move, but the first time shockingly Io Shirai Kicked out.

Earlier in the match also Shirai hit a beautiful dropkick on Storm all the way on the top rope, followed by a moonsault, which made me say wow. It Makes Charlotte moonsault look ridiculously stupid that she does. I will address this later.

Then another dangerous spot was when Toni hit that German suplex on top of the hardest part of the ring Apron and watching Io Shirai sell that like a boss as she bounced off it to the arena floor.
The ending of the contest came quite swiftly when Shirai got caught in the thundering-tempest as she crashed down onto Toni’s knees when she went for her high-elevated Moonsault finisher. Toni showed a sense of urgency and hit a second Storm Zero, allowing Toni to pick up the win.

Like I sad the match was not bad, but if it went longer it would have been Woman’s match of the year this year!

Match 4 – Natalya, Sasha Banks And Bayley vs The Riot Squad

I love the female wrestlers in the match minus Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan as not seen enough from them yet.
However, there was no build up, and the match has already happened 1000 times on Raw.
There was nothing new to see here other than Sasha bumping like she does every match to make her opponents look better (cough Alexa Bliss).
The only compelling part for me was when Bayley Sacrificed herself for Sasha due to their problems that still makes no sense to me as they kept starting and stopping. There unquestionably was no narrative told in this match other than the Baby-faces winning.
Can we please merely move on to matches that matter?

Match 5 – NXT Women’s Championship – Shayna Baszler (Challenger) vs Kairi Sane(Champion)

Now for this match, which was my second favourite of the night. I would have rated this one higher, but the ending I did not like very much as it is not the standard outcome in a championship match in NXT, Outside interference rarely plays a factor unless there is a plot twist on an NXT PPV.

Great work from both girls and the story was simplistic, but sometimes that is all you need! Shayna currently is the best thing in the woman’s division outside of Becky Lynch. I love how she shows no freaking remorse and only wants to hurt her opponents, and it comes off as such a bitch/bully type of personality. When I say bitch, I mean it in a delicate way as in her character.

The match was great where Kairi showed her aggression towards Shayna knowing how dangerous she can be. Shayna was great as well, and you can certainly see how much better she has gotten from 1 year ago.
That DDT spot was sick that Kairi gave to Shayna, it came out of nowhere!
Also, I loved how Kairi did the same spot how she beat her at the last NXT Takeover event and Shayna this time remembered and broke the hold.

I did not like the UFC Horsewoman getting involved in the match, but if it leads to a bigger picture and NXT is so good at presenting that on a weekly basis. I do appreciate also they did not have Kairi Tap out as I surely hate it when wrestlers submit to sleeper holds and it showed Kairi’s heart and will to retain her championship, but on this night it was not enough to beat three women.

Match 6 – Smackdown WWE Women’s Championship Match – Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch in The Last women’s Standing Match!

The Last women’s standing match should have closed the show as this was unmistakably the best match of the night and the only thing on the main roster worth watching. When I say worth watching, I mean storyline continuation each week.

The match delivered above my expectations, and it showed as it was both Charlotte Flair’s and Becky’s best match that they have ever had in their careers.

Both women showed fire and the will to destroy each other, and there were some great spots in the match. Like the figure eight in the ladder, the announce table, the leg drop and the devastating powerbomb through the table, which Charlotte sold well. If I went over every aspect of this match, I would be here all day.

I do have one tad bit of criticism in this match, and that was Mike Chioda. Maybe he is getting old, and he forgot the rules of the last women’s standing match. There were a few instances where Becky won because Charlotte was not on her two feet. He also did kick the chair, but that is a good thing because I don’t think Becky could move to reach the chair; it shows you how valuable referees are in this business to a contest. I wish the commentators would talk more about the referees I loved JR when he did that and gave them personalities like Tim White.
One last thing I am going to say is I appreciated, and it came from Micheal freaking Cole, but the fact he addressed the crowd cheering Becky saying how we can relate to her as we bought into her story and that she was not given everything like Charlotte because she is a Flair.

In the end, though Becky retained her title using that devastating powerbomb when Becky prevented Charlotte’s Moonsault from the top rope to the outside through the table.

Hopefully, Becky can now move on with the same character, but have her fight heels she is so over its crazy right now!

Match 7 WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match – Nikki Bella (Challenger) /w Brie Bella vs Rhonda Rousey (Champion)

Now for the trash of the night, rather than the Main Event! Nikki Bella had no right being in this spot, as it belonged to the woman that built the Evolution. Sasha, Ember, Bayley, Charlotte and Becky!
Not some freaking stupid Total Diva that bashed down the door to John Cena’s Bedroom, luckily he wised up and kicked her out of it too. Nikki says it was her show, are you fucking kidding me she has done nothing in this business for ten years. She has only ever had two good matches where talent such as Charlotte and Natalya were able to carry her ass.

Now for the match, this was god awful, and I am not going to hate too much on Rhonda. The problem I have is the storytelling as it was pathetic. Rhonda beat up five male security guards; yet the Bellas humanised her and took her to limit, come on WWE!
The match went on far too long, and Rhonda needs someone like a Sasha to work with at the moment as she is still learning how to wrestle, but at least she shows some improvement. Nikki is the same as when she first started, only slightly better.

If I was booking this show; this match would have gone on in the middle of the PPV, and I would have ended it in 1/2 minutes.

Overall I enjoyed the PPV on some of the matches as the women worked their asses off in them. Nonetheless, some things could have been a lot better; this was your first All ‘PPV ever! WWE should have been swinging for the fences from Start to finish!

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