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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 27
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Book 1 – Chapter 27 – Arrival at the Tomb of The Firestaff!

  Karna finally closes her stinging eyes from all of the tears she had shed a few moments ago.
‘I should not distance myself from Rheill… I now know this was a mistake. I need him more than ever, but the group can never know the truth it will cause a volcanic eruption that is unrepairable!’ Were the final thoughts that travelled through Karna’s mind while her eye-lids remaining tightly shut.
The protector gets as much sleep that she physically could in such a small amount of time she had left caused by her tossing and thoughts.

Rheill and the others stir awake before Karna. Rheill gently rubs Karna on her deltoid and kisses on the cheek, “Wake up, Sweetheart its time to get up!”
“Oh is it that time already, darling?” She replies as she rubs her hazel-eyes gently. Karna keeps them there while she looks at him and smiles as her long hair drapes down the back of her full, mithril armoured-set. She hides the fatigue and the fact she was crying as she tries to keep the deceptive truth only known to her and Isai.
The adventurers have no means to wash as there are no water sources on this floor of the dungeon; this only irritates Karna further, but she hides it well.
Both Karna and Rheill put their armoured-headwear back on concealing their faces. Next, they grab their weapons as they set out to explore the final areas of the catacombs.

“Karna, We should go left, I think from that weird intersection?” Suggested Isai as he acts normal to her as if nothing had happened.
‘Don’t freaking patronise me! Okay, I must stay calm and think happy thoughts of Rheill!’
“Sure we can go that way first!” She replies in a fake happy-voice.
‘Well, least those two are getting on today!” Thought Sana silently to herself unaware they are both acting.
The shield-maiden leads them through the halls of the catacombs, which glow brightly as the party backtracks in a westerly direction.

The champions arrive at the eerie looking passageway that they traversed through earlier from the first right-handed intersection. However, this time they choose to hug the left wall, which follows a zig-zagged route around the large upside L-shaped column of grey-coloured granite. They see that the passage leads back to that long corridor as it drifts off to the right. The only sounds which are currently echoing throughout the tunnels; were the footsteps of the small band of adventurers as Karna leads them to the north.
After a few paces forwards they witness a right-handed intersection and as Sana gazes further ahead notices a second turning to the east. Sana taps Karna on the shoulder, which startles her a little before she shows her the second passage ahead.
“We will investigate the first one, Karna?” Asked Rheill.
“Yes, darling, don’t want anything backstabbing our lovely Isai do we?”
Isai remains quiet; Rheill and Sana both look at each other and also say nothing.
“Rheill with me now!” said Karna demandingly as they check the first side-passage.
Both Rheill and Karna discover nothing but an empty sconce and a dent in the northern wall. The party soon realises the small corridor leads only to a dead-end, so they have no choice but to return to the long tunnel heading north. Karna leads them further northwards as the air suddenly becomes colder. The draft forces Isai and Sana to hold themselves tightly as they shiver; it does not effect Rheill or Karna as they are wearing armour.
“Karna, be wary a bizarre chill fills the air here!” Explained Sana.
“Only way we can go is right, and I will draw my sword now!”
After Rheill hears Karna mention about her sword, he then readies his two-handed axe for combat.
The group heads east and into another extensive tunnel; the southern direction leads to nothing but grey-scaled walls.
“We are adjacent to that other dead-end, but a little north!” Mentioned Isai remembering where they have all been.
“Keep close… something is wrong here!” Said Karna worryingly as dread suddenly feels her body too.
Karna leads them further with Rheill in the frontlines they start to tread carefully tip-toeing silently on the grey concrete floor.
“I think the north route goes back to the other corridor that leads us to the room with the vortex in it?” Whispered Sana to the rest.

“Let’s go left then!” Mumbled Karna quietly.
She walks forwards towards the left and into small tunnel heading northwards. Suddenly, horrors and fears begin to overwhelm Karna for a fleeting moment because she spots not one, but four evil, Floating Eyes. The creatures appeared contained inside the vicinity of a squared-room behind a closed portcullis. They were the precisely the same monsters that hurled lightning bolts at them in the past. The magical entities resembled the shape of a beholder with fire coming out the tops of them.
“Quick charge at the door, we cannot let these creatures roam free!” Yelled Rheill.
“We cannot dodge here though, maybe Sana can cast her rain cloud through the door?”
“Karna move then!” She replies as she channels her venomous raincloud through one of the squared-metal holes of the alloyed-plated door. The surging sound of the toxic rain poured to the ground; it boomed through the room as Sana had gotten much proficient with this magical spell. Unfortunately, though the creatures move back; however, some damage got inflicted on them as it caught the fiery, Beholders by surprise.
Suddenly, the Beholders launch some lightning bolts through the portcullis mimicking what Sana had just done. Luckily the magical projectiles go between the party and miss them. Abruptly two explosions echoed from the southern dungeon wall.
“That was close, they freaking copied Sana!” Shouted Karna in despair.
Karna refuses to give in to fear and opens the door and tries to fight all four of them like a maniac, but Rheill pulls her back.
“Karna you will not die as Valeria did in battle, use your head woman. We can crush them with the door!”
Karna notices the Beholders eyes begin to glow crimson red. “Watch out they are attacking again stand on the right and move left, and vice versa each time!”
“Try to get them to come under the door… I will use the ring of time, the situation calls for it!” Cried Sana desperately as she followed Karna’s dodging instructions.
The others obeyed her as well, and the party avoids the next wave of lightning bolts.
“It won’t work they can see us. Let’s take the creatures to one of the wooden doors we have rested behind. Maybe, the one near stairs has a small corridor and will be easier to lure them into the room if we hide behind the left and right walls as the door is in the centre!” Explained Sana.
Karna listens to Sana as she has proved she can solve any puzzle this dungeon had chucked at them so far.
“Follow guys we will do what Sana just said, but remember to weave each side and do it together. Otherwise, they will shoot at both directions, and we will explode into a billion pieces of charcoal!” Shouted Karna firmly.

They hurry back to the door and set up the ambush. The champions purposely leave the wooden, button-operated door wide open. They all stand on the left side to avoid Sana accidentally freezing Karna or Rheill in time and making them easy pickings from the terrible, floating eyes.
Suddenly the eyes arrive searching for their prey, and the first one enters under the archway of the opened door. Sana freezes the first Floating Eye in the door as she jumps out from behind the wall; it causes the ring to shatter into tiny pieces. She then closes the door with her Zo spell.
The Zo rune reverses the effects of the open spell and crushes it into smithereens leaving only three Beholders.
Next, the Fiery creatures unleash a force of power that Sana has never witnessed any Sorceress or Wizard ever do in her order. All three of the Beholders cast a lightning bolt at the same time and manage to blow up the wooden door into thousands of pieces of sharp wooded-splinters.
Karna drags Sana out of the way before they stab her in the heart as several sections of hardwood-debris flies past them.
“What power! There was even metal in that door!” Shouted Rheill as he gets ready to go into melee with them.
The Beholders try to swarm into the room, but Karna had already moved in front of the doorway. She positions her Falchion upwards. One of the Magical Eyes flies straight into the blade as it pierces the big eye in the centre of the creature. The beholder Shrieks in pain and gets slain almost instantly.

Karna is forced to move as other two fire at her; she then cartwheels out of the way and back to the group, ‘Praise Mithril, it’s so light!’
“Rheill help me split them up… Isai, use your crossbow with Sana’s magic, and we have killed them like this before, but our space is tighter in this room!” Explained Karna to Rheill and the party.
While Karna was explaining her battle-strategy, the Magical Eyes had already swarmed into the small chamber.
Isai fires his crossbow at one of the Beholders from the side, and it lands flawlessly into the crimson-coated region of the monster. Rheill then swings his axe at it before it can recover from the slayer arrow and the Axe sticks into the red Eye slaying it instantly.
“Just one left, but don’t get cocky!” Said Isai.
The creature fires at Karna, but she swerves her sexy, figure out of the way smoothly; she then shield-slams the Floating Eye. Karna then jumps towards the left of the chamber as she remembers there is a pit in the room to the north. That then opens up a gap for Isai who fires two more slayer arrows one after each other square in the centre of its eye dispatching it.
“Yes, we win! Now there better be something good in that room!” Declared, Rheill.
“Don’t even say it, Karna!” He added seconds later.
“No idea, what you are talking about!” She replied giggling, but exhaustion slowly begins to take a small hold of the shield-maiden of Rune.
Although her lover Rheill, and the other two party members have yet to notice it. Isai collects his slayer arrows from corpses of the beholders, and he then passes Rheill his axe too.
“Thank you Isai, that was thoughtful of you!” Said Rheil Suprised by his actions.
‘Something is going on, but Karna will tell me when she is ready,’ thought Rheill silently to himself.

The Champions head back to the portcullis after triumphing over the four beholders only to find another ring of time lying in the corner of the four-sided chamber.
“Damn all that work, Well least I got another ring for dangerous situations I guess or for an ambush!” Moaned, Sana in a displeasing tone towards the party.
“Well be thankful that we are still alive and in one piece. You saw a glimpse of power these things possess when in groups!” Explained Karna, shivering at their power.
“There is only one place left to explore and thats the long corridor that goes north between both these areas!” Said Isai.
Rheill embraces Karna a bit before they set out to calm her nerves back down, ‘Aww, Rheill is the best!’ she thought as her heart pumps with love for him like no other man she has ever met.
“Get a room you two!” Sana said Jokingly, but wishing Isai could be her white in shining armour.
The adventurers return to the long passageway and begin bravely walk forward exploring it. The champions then come across another colder spot in the dungeon; this time it was combined with several skeletons hanging from the ceiling and lying on the floor with hundreds of skulls littering the ground.
“Please, can we go back, I am scared!” Said Sana.
“Sana you can hold my hand if you want?” Said Isai changing the way he treats women.
‘I wonder if my motivation speech when I had my blade against his throat, woke him up a little bit or he is just acting to get Sana back. Since he knows I don’t want anything to do with him ever again, and I reveal the truth and ruin his chances with Sana!’
Sana smiles, ‘Wow, he is finally treating me like Rheill does for Karna!”
Karna witnesses Sana clutch her heart. Next, She gulps knowing what she knows and sees her happy again for the first time since floor five. ‘Please Isai. do not make me have to tell the truth, Sana will be entirely devastated!’

“Skeletons two of them, let’s take them out quickly!” Demanded, Rheill with Malice.
Both Karna and Rheill roar with battle-cries as the charge the two white-boney warriors. Once they reached the skeletons, they make them attack first, and Rheill parries the falchion from the left undead-entity. Karna blocks the attack and counter swipes its weapon arm off from its bony-ribcage. Rheill did entirely the same thing; both Karna and Rheill have learned not to be too aggressive as their defences are great for undead warriors. The skeletons armed with no weapons begin retreating to end of the corridor. There is a metal-coated gate at the end of the northern tunnel located on the far eastern wall. The champions chase down the two skeletons. However, little did the party realise the bony, endoskeletons had purposely triggered a hidden mechanism. Karna and Rheill swiftly dispatch the two undead minions of Chaos.
“Sana and Isai switch now!” Declared, Karna in a forceful tone.
“What do you mean, Karna?” Replied Sana.
“Get behind me and move against the wall and also stay away from that portcullis… we have entered a freaking graveyard!” Shouted Karna as she heard other skeletons footsteps because they were stationary in the room to the left.
Rheill sees the army of the dead approaching them, no less than six undead-warriors armed with wooden shields and steel falchions, ‘She has a sixth sense or something entirely, amazing how she picked that ambush up so fast!”
“To make matters worse my magic is useless on these!”
“Sana do not use the ring… I can defend these easy enough, as only two will be able to attack us anyways at any one time. The situation is the same as that other ambush we had in the ‘Test Your Strength,’ area!”
“Karna you have me to defend them too!” as Rheill mentions that he makes Karna smile underneath her helmet.

Suddenly the skeletons thrust through the bars, but the falchions do not quite reach Sana as she leans her back into him to avoid the falchion’s blades.
“Sana I can’t fire my crossbow with you leaning your sexy body into me like this. Now is not the time for sexual activities!” Said Isai seriously as he did not see the skeletons attacking her.
“Honestly Isai, I thought you had changed. I guess I was wrong… can you move over already. The skeletons are attacking us from the right flank through the bars!
“Sorry, Sana! Try to see if you can slip behind me so I can shoot the skeletons!”
“No need we gonna push them back a bit so you can stand just in front of the gate!”
Karna lunges forwards providing more space that was desperately needed; before the first two skeletons could trap them against the dead end with the portcullis in it. The champions did not know precisely how many Skeletons were in the room. The only fact the party knew is that the undead warriors could not get out of the chamber or the champions would have surely perished here today.
‘I am getting tired of being stupid lately. I should have for seen that the Skeletons were retreating to set off a trap, but my fatigue is making me not think straight combined with Isai on my mind… it is the third ambush we have let happen to us due to getting impatient, and I am so tired already!’ Thought, Karna silently.
Karna starts to defend the group with her life and gives everything she has left in the tank to do her job as the best protector of Crom.

Karna swiftly disarms the Skeleton closest to her with counter-slashes, Rheill remembers that they will intercept, as it happened to even Karna. He puts his full trust in his girlfriend and leaves her to take it out herself. Rheill sees an opening and chops off its shield arm. Next, Karna slays the first skeleton as she removed its shield and weapon; the undead minion got trapped between the four undead-warriors, so it had nowhere to go.
“Nice Karna!” Yelled Rheill.
Isai then uses his initiative and starts shooting his crossbow twice between Karna and Rheill. The Two slayer arrows then dispatch one of the skeletons behind them in the group of four as it pierces its skull.
“Get In!” Yelled Isai as he praises his accuracy.
The next Skeleton moves up and attacks Karna, but her blocking skills are still on point for someone who only had three hours sleep last night.
“Come on minions of Chaos is that all you have got. Is this all fury you can muster on this day, strike me if you can!” Shouted Karna taunting skeletons to keep herself awake.
Rheill’s skeleton suddenly attacks Karna as if it could understand what Karna had shouted.
However, the undead-warriors are bones and no flesh. Nonetheless, much like all the of Chaos’ creations so far have shown they are as intelligent as people. Rheill then slices down the Skeleton in the front row, which leaves only one Undead-Warrior on his side.
Karna does magnificently and takes out the remaining two skeletons with the help of Isai’s Slayer and standard arrows. Sana helps Rheill with the last Skeleton as she stabs it with her Vorpal blade as it strikes Rheill causing it to explode. The magical edge seems to do wonders against anything undead or supernatural.
“Phew, we win!” Said Karna tiredly as she holds onto the wall for a minute.
“Please, can we take a few mins before we clear that chamber out the remaining skeletons!”
None of them thinks anything of the request other than she did defend against a lot of the Undead-Warriors.

Karna moves back to the gate and notices an emerald coated button, shaped like a diamond. “We can try to crush them or rush them?” Asked Karna.
“There is only four more we just killed six, lets just charge in there, but let me get my arrows to assist you!” Explained Isai as he collects them.
Karna opens the door with the button, and she charges into the room with rheill. Luck is on their side as they take the skeletons by surprise and manage to slay the front two from behind in an ambush.
Karna abruptly slows down as she cannot fight any longer, Rheill spots this and assists her in combat. He becomes her white knight and slays the last two all on his own as he goes into a controlled rage; he remembers the training Karna had taught him back on the level above. He ends his Berserker rage all by himself, which impresses Karna as she looks on half asleep.
“Karna lookout!” Screamed Sana suddenly, but it was too late as the skeleton had already flanked Karna and stabbed her in the mithril plating on her shoulder with its falchion blade.
“OUCH!” Screamed Karna in a pinch of pain, as the mithril armour had shielded the puncturing blow a lot. A small amount of blood drips from her arm; she then clutches it tightly.
Isai and Sana help finish off the skeleton that lurked in the shadows of the room using their Mace and Vorpal blade as it went to try and finish off the helpless Karna.

“Karna, how can you not defend against a skeleton you are usually more aware than this. The day is still young, is anything wrong?”
“Yes, everything is wrong. I have had enough of playing peacekeeper… I got three hours of sleep because of a particular member of this group!”
Isai’s face drops as he realises Karna is about, to tell the truth, he quickly collects his arrows in the background and then says, “Karna stop, Let me tend to your wound!”
“SHUT UP ISAI… I AM NOT DONE SPEAKING!” Screamed Karna as she removes her helmet and lets everyone see how tired she is. Karna displays the rage that courses through her veins and the anger in her eyes.
‘Oh by the Gods Karna is super angry. She has gotten angry before, but this is beyond anything I have witnessed before!’
Rheill does not dare to interrupt nor does Sana who is as shocked as him.
“Now that Isai is not rudely interrupting me I will continue. Sana I am deeply sorry for what I about to tell you about the one you like, but our healer is a freaking pervert and a piece of work!”
“Isai, please tell me you did not spy on Karna?” Asked Sana as she is ready to burst into tears.
“Sorry Sana, I have been hiding the deceptive truth from you from when you got injured by an Ant-Man. Isai forced his lips onto yours while you were unconscious. Not only did Isai do this, but he spied on me twice when I was changing. The first time it happened I felt so violated like never before in my life. I had to accept the fact to catch him I had to get entirely naked and let him see every inch of my body to prove I was right. That moment belonged to Rheill to see me before anyone in this group and this scumbag took it away from me!”
Her eyes grow larger with hatred and an emotional volcano, as she finishes her final sentence, “now most likely crushed your heart Sana, which I am so sorry from keeping this from you it ate me alive every single day.

“I FREAKING KNEW IT! YOU ARE A DEAD MAN LOOKING AT MY WOMAN LIKE THIS!” Shouted Rheill so loudly the room echoed as he tries to strike Isai who moves out of the way.
“This is why I did not tell anyone about this, for so long and had to live with these the last two months, and now our team is in complete Chaos, no pun intended!” She wept softly after uttering the final sentence.
Rheill tries to attack her again, and she blocks him by stepping in front of him with her metal shield, but he makes contact with the injury she had just sustained.
“Oh my god, Sorry Karna!”
Isai runs away, “Rheill bring him back, but do not kill him… We need his healing, and I mean it!”

Meanwhile, Sana collapses in the corner and starts crying her pretty blue eyes out. She curls into a ball and does not stop sobbing for at least ten minutes, ‘Damn it to hell! Now we will never stop Chaos, but I must comfort Sana. She did not deserve any of this, and the poor soul loved Isai. Sana was trying to be patient with him!’ Karna thought to herself before heading over to comfort her.
“Sana come here dear and cry on my shoulder!” Karna then strokes her blonde locks softly.
“Karna, why did you not tell me sooner!”
“I wanted to Sana, believe me, I could not put our group as the risk with us progressing at a rapid pace. I wanted to avoid all of this drama, but because of the lack of sleep. I almost got myself killed, and I simply had enough of hiding it!”
“You know, Karna, I can never forgive him what he did to you and me. I want to cry again, and hope Rheill finds him as we now have no healer and you are bleeding a little bit still!”
“Do not worry about me, Mithril is strong, but I will need to patch myself up to avoid infection. You can cry on me as long as you like!”
“Karna I forgive you for holding this in all this time, I dunno how you did it. Your intentions as always putting everyone first, but yourself!”
“Thank you Sana, let me embrace with you and wipe those tears away!” She wipes the remaining tears and Sana finally stops weeping in Karna’s arms as Rheill returns.
“Cannot find him, Karna!”
“Do not worry he cannot of gotten far he needs us as much as we need him!”
“Sana, are you okay now?” Asked Rheill.
“Yes, thanks to Karna, and treasure her Rheill, Always!”
“I will marry her after this over, and she will sit on my throne beside me!”
Karna starts to cry a little, but they are happy tears as she collects her helmet and notices a second vorpal blade.
“Rheill, you take this as a second weapon, perhaps we might meet more of those limestone-coloured ghosts. I think we can kill them with this magical weapon!” Explained Sana as she flicks her blonde locks back.
“Shall we head to floor seven?” Asked Karna.
“Yes, but can we please use that shortcut back and refill our water bottles. Isai did have a lot of our food supplies. I hope we find him on floor seven or back on the floor above. Perhaps he went to get some water!”
“All I know is he can’t go any further on his own, but he needs to apologise now and grow a set and own up for what the hell he has done!” Explained Karna, they both nod at her in agreement.

The three remaining champions head up to refill their water bottles, and they traverse back to the stairs leading down the seventh level of Chaos Dungeon.
“It’s now or never, wonder how deep this dungeon truly goes!” Said Rheill as they arrive on the next floor, they hear strange something burning, but it gave off no burning aroma.
The party walks around the corner to see some cryptic text carved into the western dungeon wall.
“The Tomb of The Firestaff!” Read Sana aloud.
She then stands at the wonder in front of her, which was creating the burning sound they witnessed earlier. The door was magical it was almost like it was on fire as it gave off an intense yellow aura of heat that barred anyone from entering the tomb.
“We made it!” Shouted Karna with joy, and she spots Isai sitting in the corner on his own with his hands over his face.
“I apologise for everything I have done, I have been a complete idiot. I know now I probably have lost Sana for good, angered you and Rheill. Most importantly I have lost all your trust, but we need to work together to get out of here if you three like it or not!” Explained Isai.
“Well Isai, I will never forgive you, I told you just be patient with me, I told Karna I had a rough time with guys, and you made it worse again for me to trust another man!”
“I don’t expect you to Sana, but we need to use our abilities together like I just said we have to co-exist or Chaos Wins!”
“You are so lucky my future wife Karna, told me not to kill you, or you would be a dead man now!” Said Rheill.
“You are also lucky, I know this task needs a healer, you are also great with a bow and have a good memory. Every one of us got chosen for a reason to stop Lord Chaos. Nonetheless, I am watching you like a hawk, and I am getting tired. Can we please rest if its safe here?”
“Yes, Karna, but the racket of that fiery door might keep you awake a bit!” Explained, Isai pointing at the door.
“I will use Rheill’s chest as a buffer I am sure he won’t mind as last night I distanced myself from him!”
“Not at all, I truly missed the scent of your hair and your ravishing body close to me!”
“Aw, Rheill!”
“By the way Karna I hid something from you, and maybe I could have avoided Isai disrespecting you. He thought you were the cause why I friend-zoned him. So he probably spied on you to split you and Rheill up!” Whispered Sana to Karna.
“You know that is the most absurd thing to do. Rheill knows I would never cheat if that what his intention was going to be to tell him I stripped for him?” Replied, Karna whispering back to her.
“Who knows, at least he might have grown up now. Please rest Karna!”
“Wait Karna let me sort this wound out, and take Vi-potion if you are in any pain, but it seems your armour blocked most of the attack!” Explained Isai.
He wipes the blood from her arm, Karna reluctantly lets him help her after all that has happened before getting some sleep. He uses a strip off of his sleeve to dress the wound clean, “Thank you Isai, I need to sleep now!”
“I understand, Karna.”
“They get some early rest, so they decide not to eat anything, they do have a little bit of water first.
“I refilled before I came down here,” Said Isai.
Once they get used to the presence of the fiery door; the champions all then take a small nap and awake again shortly afterwards.

“Put the Ra key in the lock as its only key that we have, and it is unique much like this fiery door!” Suggested Sana after they awaken a little bit.
Karna inserts the key into the golden-plated lock, which was shaped like a star, with the keyhole etched into the middle of the design. The burning essence of the door slowly vanishes allowing them passage into the tomb. Although they are stopped by another door, which looks accurately the same as the door they just passed through. There was a second lock in a niche to the right. Nevertheless, on the wall, Sana notices a small crevice with a button in it. She motions for Rheill push it as she knows how much he likes to touch things.
“Yes, you can do it, Rheill!” Said Karna, softly under her helmet that she had placed back over her head.
Suddenly a semi-circular alcove appears containing a dusty and aged scroll. The recess looked different from what the champions got used to witnessing as it had small stones on top of it. The textures fitted flawlessly inside of it and the rest of the wall.
“Sana read the scroll to us, please!” Asked Karna politely.
“Give me a second to open it, Karna!” She replied poking fun out of Karna trying to forget what Isai had done, but it did not work.
Sana focuses on the task at hand, “The keys to this passage lie hidden deep!”
Karna, sighs, “I guess the Grey Lord left us another clue to where the remaining Ra Keys are!”

Well, let’s check this other passageway where you were sitting then Isai!” Asked Rheill.
Karna leads them back and sees several objects lying on the stone floor. There are an apple and some corn, which looked precisely the same as what they had found previously inside the dungeon. Additionally, there were two more ancient scrolls on the ground too.
“Sana Here!” Said Isai, as he passes the two scrolls to her.
“Fireball Spell, add the Rune IR after what you use the magical torch rune. Oh hell yeah, finally some real magic. The undead should fear me now!” Said Sana chuffed that she can finally be of use when fighting the undead.
“Cast These runes for a much powerful light spell, that no longer needs channelling. This light will forever outshine any darkness in this realm, The runes are, OH, IR, RA. I think I can master this, but it seems to have 3rd level Rune, which is beyond my ability right now!”
“Sana, you have got this!” Said Karna encouragingly before speaking again, “Just practise, how you think I got so good at fighting minus that potion my dad gave me!”

The party turns a corner and notices some more stairs leading into the lower depths of the Kakareeg Pinnacle mountain. The four champions now are faced with the gravest of challenges that await them with an untrustworthy healer. Is there any hope now for this small group to save the world from Chaos or just a fools hope.

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