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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 26
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Book 1 – Chapter 26 – The Deceptive Truth!


Karna places her helmet back over her beautiful and silky, jet-black hair; she finds her new Mithril chainmail as light as a feather. The armour fits her chest flawlessly and shows off all the curves of her upper-body beautifully.
The shield-maiden of Rune then collects the flaming-flambeau from the stony-terrain and holds it in her right hand.
Next, Karna starts walking back to the room sealed by the lattice-windowed, wooden door. She exits under the archway of the portcullis and then acts very cautiously as she is alone. Karna then follows the winding part of the long corridor to the south and then she treads silently The towards the west. The torch lights up the door that was tightly shut by Sana, Isai and Rheill. Karna opens the door, which startles Rheill as he immediately jumps up to his feet and raises his axe. He quickly lowers it as he sees his lovely Karna.

Next, he runs to hug her as she stands there in her Mithril armour, “Karna you are safe! So this is Mithril. It looks fantastic!” Said Rheill lovingly.
“Yes and it is so light, now you see why I wanted it so badly. Rheill I love you! I am glad you are okay… I was so worried about leaving you on your own for so long!” Replied Karna as she embraces him tightly and then begins to speak again.
“Sana and Isai, it is so glad to see you again too!”
Karna puts out the torch and then passes the unlit firebrand to Isai so that he can place it with his other flambeaus.
“Now that is some nice feminine armour you found, Karna!” Replied Sana.
“Isai, I have a present for you!” Said, Karna, as she blocks out the fact he could have been the one that was spying on her when she got changed.
“What is it?” He asked looking at her.
She then shows him the two slayer arrows that she found and then hands them to him.
“These do look stronger, maybe they have been tipped with poison for more lethal killing?” Questioned Isai.
“All we know is they look different, save those for larger monsters I guess!” Suggested Sana before She begins to prepare the food for the day, which was thankfully not worm rounds since they had already eaten it all over the last few days.
Sana takes out four succulent Screamer Slices and hands them out to Isai, Rheil and Karna. Both Isai and Sana starts munching away on the fruity tree slices. Sana sits down on her own not too far from Isai. However, Karna quickly snuggles up with Rheill as they both remove each other’s helmets so they can eat. Next, they playfully feed each other their slices of food; Karna’s eyes are full of love and sensual- thoughts. Rheill then places her arm around her and holds her close to him as they begin to get some sleep together.
“Rheill Please don’t sleep yet, but wait for them to sleep… I need to talk to you about something that happened earlier,” said Karna quietly as she gains Rheill’s undivided attention.
“Sweetheart, you know you can talk to me about anything, we are a couple, couples share everything together!”
“Aww, Rheill you make me blush.”
“Goodnight All!” Said Sana sleepily as she lays down on the stony floor using her backpack as a pillow.
“Good Night, Sana” Replied the others.
Isai falls to sleep a little while later before he was able to say goodnight to the others.

“Good they are asleep. Now please be honest with me when I ask you this next question.
“Sure what is it, Karna?”
“Well, when I was changing into my new mithril armour I sensed a presence watching me. I heard some footsteps as something ran away after getting a full view of my body. Rheill, did you take a peek at me. It’s okay if you did, but you could have just asked, you have earned the right to see me now!”
“Karna, Remember when I told you I wanted to wait and I meant every word I said. I want to see you in my bed or your bed naked when we make love for the first time!”
Karnas Heart starts beating again as she rests on top of Rheill gazing into his eyes as she lands a soft kiss on his lips.
She then opens her mouth to speak again, “Thank you for being honest with me.”
“Also, I don’t think it was Sana or Isai as they walked with me back to this room!”
“Rheill, I need to sleep now my mind is at peace now!”
Karna closes her eyes on top of Rheill’s muscular chest, and she begins to think quietly to her self.
‘I will challenge Sana and Isai tomorrow to see if they will slip up and make a mistake. I know its not Rheill I trust him with my heart and life now!’
Karna is the last one to fall asleep as darkness covered the small chamber.

Eight hours later the group of adventurers stir and wake up. Next, each of them takes their water-bottles out and has a small drink, “Our water is getting low. We might need to backtrack or pray there is some water on the next level?” Asked Isai as he worries as usual about their supplies.
“It’s not that far back, but maybe there is another shortcut much like the one on the level above?” Replied Sana suggestively as she illuminated the room using her Staff of Manor.
“There is a shortcut! Remember those stairs I suggested for us to leave alone. We merely need to find where those stairs lead to on this side!” Said, Karna.
Both Rheill and Karna collect their armoured helmets from the ground wear them over their heads. The headpieces hide their faces again as they take to the frontlines; the sound of their chainlink armour echoes throughout the small chamber.
“Let’s head out and check the unexplored parts for possible upgrades and treasure. I mean look at what Karna found maybe the bottoms are hidden somewhere on this floor?” Declared, Rheill suggestively.

Karna opens up the latticed-wooden door using the button that mechanically opens it automatically. The champions remember the way and take the passage in the northerly direction until it zig-zagged to the west. Karna walks towards the intersection; which leads southwards to another jagged pathway that traverses to the west after some time. She decides not to go down that passageway and for some reason, her instincts feel something is behind her. Karna abruptly spins around and finds a small crevice carved into the wall.
Karna then opened her mouth, “Sana, was this switch here before?”
“I am not sure we only briefly investigated here. We were too occupied with checking the rooms to the south for valuable items. It was good we did too!”
“Be careful either way is unexplored… do we want to open another direction?” Asked Isai thinking Karna cannot handle it.
“Isai you have a good point, maybe we should check the western way!” Said, Karna, as she cautiously walks in that direction.
She follows it and notices the corridor narrows into a smaller tunnel that winds downwards for a few inches. The tight space curves towards the west and back in a northerly direction. Karna continues investigating it, with Isai, Sana and Rheill following closely behind; she notices it leads to a small dead-end after an opening in the tunnel into a small cavern.
She draws her sword swiftly as she hears a strange noise. Karna soon realises it is a blue-hazy vortex located in the southeastern corner of this underground chamber.
“We are quite lucky nothing has ambushed us so far. The enemies could have slipped through this area and move swiftly through the dungeon. I do not want to explore this just yet. I would like to see what is inside that small crevice, as we know both areas seem to be safe for now.” Explained Karna in detail. The small party then backtracks to the route heading southwards; Karna then sees a switch inside of the crevice, and she pushes it. Suddenly the wall behind her a few inches to the right begins to rumble open.

The group hears a faint sound within the distance, and it seemed as if it was coming from the newly opened dungeon wall. A tall shadow appeared moving across the exposed eastern partition; it grew faster and fiercer as it reflected from Sana’s light spell. The shadow forced Rheill to quickly ready his axe along with Karna unsheathing her sword and raising her metal shield; they both move to the entrance and then see another white skeleton wandering mindlessly about a chamber. Karna notices some stairs were present in the north as she charges at the Skeleton before it can force its way into the narrow corridor.
“Karna, wait… there could be a trap!” Shouted Rheill, but alas it was too late.
Fortunately, Karna set nothing off as she engages in her first battle with her Mithril armour. Sana and Isai join them in the rectangular-shaped room with the stairs in it; both of them flank the skeleton from a distance.
The bony, undead-warrior stood no chance against the four of them as Karna baited the skeleton to attack her. Karna hastily swerves to right and dodges the slashing blow from its falchion. Next, Rheill and Isai cut it down ferociously with a combination of a slashing and crushing blow from both of their melee weapons.
“Let’s see if those stairs lead to those stairs beyond that nasty pit-room!” Said, Karna, as she shudders at the thought of that dreaded room of trapdoors.

The party ascends the stone steps and emerges in the corridor leading to the small room.
“I remember how to get back to the main corridor… we should refill our water bottles. Then we can go through that vortex perhaps?” Asked Isai.
“You have a great memory, Isai… it is a wonderful gift you have!” Replied Sana as the party follows Isai.
He leads them back to the passageway with the lion-headed water fountains; the champions refill their water-containers up, so they are no longer water-skinned bottles. Karna and the others then drink from the water basin directly and quench their growing thirst; before they head back downstairs to continue exploring the catacomb floor of Chao’s dungeon.

“Everyone, follow me, and I will take you to the vortex room!” Said Karna sternly.
Karna then leads them back down the grey steps. She then traverses along the corridor and ignores the southern tunnel.
“There is a small opening you need to crawl through to get into the chamber!” Explained Karna.
Rheill, Sana and Isai all crawl through the small opening in the tunnel that descends a few inches downwards. All of the champions then emerge inside the chamber with the vortex.
“Karna, are you ready to see where this goes?” Asked Rheill in a friendly tone.
“Yes, let’s get our weapons ready… we have no idea what lies beyond this portal.” Replied Karna, worriedly.
Karna then steps through the portal, and she disappears from view; she ended up in another crypt, with Skeletons resting on the floor. The shape of the new chamber was oblong, but that is all she could make out, “Sana I need you, it’s too dark!” Shouted Karna, but it fell on deaf ears as Karna got transported miles away.
Sana quickly jumps through the vortex with Isai and Rheill; suddenly the room lights up. They see a reinforced wooden door with diagonal wooden beams nailed across each other, which seemed to bar their way to the east.
“Shush, I can hear a giant wasp buzzing beyond the door!” Said, Karna.
Suddenly the faint sound of possibly another skeletal-warrior was also heard in the distance as Karna moved prominently and cautiously.

“Check that passageway before we mess around with this door!” Stressed Isai.
“yes, give me a chance, I was not moving with caution for no reason!” responded Karna, as she walks down the southern tunnel.
Karna leads the party around the corner to the west and then she notices it heading to a junction. She decides to check the intersection out, and Karna finds it leads to a lengthy- passageway heading towards the north. Also, the same corridor had two exits heading towards left and in the other direction towards the south the tunnel curved to the east. Additionally, there was a small crack in the bottom of one of the dungeon walls, which was close to the junction.

Karna then speaks, “Let’s head back, I will guard this area as the only way in is through me!”
While the group walks back into the tunnel, Sana observes a wooden lever; she raises her hand and points at it.
“Karna I will use that lever, stay there unless I call for you!” demanded Rheill in a powerful way.
“I hear you, Sweetheart!” Replied Karna as she stands guard.
Rheil moves closer to the brownish lever that appeared carved into the catacomb wall. He pulls it down forcing the rotation gear to activate the reinforced hardwood gate, which suddenly rattles open wide.
“LOOK OUT!” Yelled Sana as she suddenly then yells, “OH VEN!” As she shoots a toxic rain cloud as the flying wasp buzzes demonically as it heads straight for the party!”
The yelling alerts Karna, and she rushes to her friend’s aid, but the poison cloud already took care of the wasp; it smacks the ground hard as it succumbed to Sana’s deadly spell.
Karna moves to the reinforced door, but as she tries to enter it suddenly shut furiously, and almost crushed every limb in her body.
“This is much like that portcullis except the trigger is right before the door it seems!” Explained Sana.
“Looks like I might have to go alone, I am the only one who can get under this in time, thanks to my father’s gift!”
Sadness fills Karna’s heart as she still wants to know why he left her and her mother.
Rheill spots this and comforts her with his words, “Karna as I promised you, when you told your story we will discover the answers as he knew that is what she was thinking about.”
“Thank you, Rheill for always being so supportive of me and for becoming my pillar of strength to lean on. Even though you lost your father too!”
“Karna I just had time to think about this enigma… If you stand on the hidden trigger, the door should remain open and allow you to enter!” Explained Sana.
Isai did not add any input to the situation and remained silent.
“Rheill raise the lever and pull it again!” Said, Karna, as she looked at him down the corridor as she braces herself ready to go through the reinforced gate.
Karna runs underneath the archway after Rheill had re-opened the door. Sadly, there was another trigger on the other side, and the door slams shut trapping Karna inside of the new chamber.

The profound darkness covers the room hastily, and Karna freaks out as she hears movement in the room, “Guys I cannot see a thing in here, and I am not alone!”
Karna draws her sword and prepares to fight blindly. The eerie sound gets louder as something approaches her in the pitch black. The unknown entity gets closer to Karna, and it swings a weapon at her; luckily Karna hears the sound and blocks the incoming blow with her metal bulwark. ‘It must be a skeleton!’ she thought as the sound of steel clashing with her metal protective guard.
“Karna is everything okay?!” Yelled Rheill in despair.
She does not answer as she is too focused on fighting the bony, undead-warrior in the gloom.
‘Stillness… I must remember how Sonya trained me!’ Thought, Karna as she channels her inner spirit to fight by sensing the creature’s movements.
Karna does not risk exposing her self and waits patiently for the Skeleton to attack her; she then counter-slashes the skeleton knocking its shield from its bony-hand. She closes her eyes again and uses her mind to find the location of the undead-warrior. Karna thrusts several times but seems to miss the monster; however, the skeleton attacks her from the right side, which Karna senses and swerves to the left side. The falchion blade misses her as the sound of the sword thrusting into the dank air of the chamber.
“I need to get in there, Karna needs light!” Yelled, Sana fearing for Karna’s life, but little did she know the shieldmaiden of Rune was doing exceptionally well in the darkness.
Rheill pulls the lever down again, and at the same time Karna shield slams the skeleton; she swings the sword with all the strength that she could muster and finally chops the skeleton’s skull from its bony-endoskeleton.

Sana then quickly runs under the opened door, and the bright light startles Karna as she had been fighting gallantly in an eternal gloom for several elegant minutes. The door slammed shut again leaving Rheill and Isai outside. Rheill Opens the door for him, and he runs into the room as well.
Rheill then uses the lever, and he is forced to roll under the door as soon as he stepped on the hidden pressure plate; the reinforced gate tried to crush him, but he makes it through in time.

“What on earth, how?” Shouted Rheill in amazement when he witnesses that Karna slew the skeleton alone in the dark as he got back to his vertical base.
“I will tell you later when we next settle down to eat and rest.” Replied Karna to Rheill.
Nonetheless, the room was now clear from all hostile forces of Chaos; however, there was a chest made of gold resting upright in the southwestern corner of the room.
Rheill rushes over to the chest instantly because he sure loves his treasure, “Do not worry, Karna I will check first!”
That made Karna smile beneath her Casque’n”Coif helm. Rheill rummages through the golden treasure chest, and he discovers another green, slayer arrow. Additionally, there was a crystal clear, glass flask filled with drinking water; strangely the water looked safe enough to drink despite being in this ancient treasure chest. Finally, there was another considerable-sized drumstick, which looked much like what they have found; although the four champions have yet to encounter such an enormous creature.
The party of adventurers search the remaining quarters of the small chamber and then locate a ranged weapon lying on the floor. It appeared to be a crossbow, which had shades of brown etched into the base of the ranged-weapon; the snow-white strings glisten in the magical light from Sana’s locket and spell.
“Isai, a powerful ranged weapon for you!” Said Karna, as she shows him the crossbow on the floor.
“Also, there is another slayer arrow in the chest, take the possessions and hold onto them as well please.”
‘Why is she ordering me about, who made her leader?!’ thought Isai silently to himself.

“Sana, come here please, I need ask you something serious?”
Karna drags Sana to the southeastern part of the room while Isai is collecting his new toy.
“Yesterday when I was hanging I heard some footsteps. Did you want a sneak peek of my body?” She said chuckling at the last part.
“Sorry Lass, I do not swing that way even if you are particularly beautiful!” replied Sana giggling at her.
“Okay, time to ask if it was Isai, I am going to hurt him if it was!” Said, Karna.
“Karna, I know Isai doesn’t like you… he thinks you were the cause of me friend-zoning you. However, If he did this to get back at you, he would have just made the biggest mistake of his life, but I don’t even think he could stoop that low!”
‘Oh god I need to tell Sana what he did to her, but I cannot do it, but if I find Isai forces my hand I will have no other choice. Why does our only healer have to be the biggest creep in the whole world!’ Thought, Karna as she hides the deceptive truth from Sana again.
Karna notices there means of escaping the room as she spots just above Sana’s head an emerald coloured, diamond-shaped button.
“Sana, nudge yourself over towards your left!” Said Karna softly as she leans over her shoulder and presses her index finger on the switch pushing it into the partition.
The door rattles open, which startles Isai and Rheill who jump at the shock of the thunderous sound.
“Rheill, please take Sana outside for me, I need an answer from Isai about what I asked you. Also, I need you to take Sana away from him again if I ask you too. You have to trust me honeybuns!” Explained Karna to Rheill.
‘Hmm, What is she up to, Isai did something else too… Karna is pursuing this much like she wants to know why her father left. I need to trust my love, and that is precisely, what I am going to do!’ He thought to himself silently.
“Sana can I borrow you for a second?” Asked Rheill in a gentle tone as he smiles behind his helmet.
“Sure!” she said knowing Karna wants to ask Isai what she asked her most likely.

Sana and Rheill exit the door, but the same problem as there is a hidden trigger in front of the door inside the chamber too.
“Oh, be careful you two, I will open it with the button again!”
Rheill slips under the archway and waits patiently with Sana outside.
“What’s the problem, Karna?” asked Isai in a surprisingly friendly tone.
“Well, don’t think I am singling you out here with this question, I have already asked Sana and Rheill this.”
“What is it?”
“Well, Isai the funny thing is I heard some footsteps when I was changing and whoever it was got a detailed view of my breasts and then ran away. I know you have probably never seen a woman naked before in person due to your order. If you admit it now, nothing further will happen, and I will not tell Rheill it was you. I know you hate me also… Sana told me, and you got the wrong end of the stick as usual!”
“How dare you accuse me like this, I do hate you for causing Sana to friend-zone me, but I would never look at another man’s woman, especially effecting this quest, I don’t want to be around any of you any longer than I have too!” Shouted Isai back getting angry at Karna.
“Now this is why Sana does not want anything to do with you, as you do not listen to a word anyone says or take it personally. Next time try comforting Sana when she is upset and listen to what us females have to say!” Said, Karna, as she gives him a pep talk.
“Also, Isai if you say it’s not you I will believe you for now, but if I catch you, you are history!” said Karna aggressively as she opens the door for Isai to escape the room.
‘If it was a creature, what type of monster would get off on spying on me and not attack me, something is fishy here!’
she thought as she opened the door for her to escape and she rolls under the door in her light, mithril armour.
“Karna, which way shall we go now?” Asked Sana.
“We should head towards that strange area with many different ways and plan from there, I guess?” Queried, Karna.

Karna leads the rest of her group to that junction that leads off into various, different ways. The champions walk north a little bit and then turn to the left; the adventurers then witness a jagged pathway traversing to the southeast. Karna cautiously follows it and passes an obsidian coloured wall ring and a wooden wall hook on the opposite side at the end of the corridor.
“Karna we back in that long northerly corridor!” Said Rheill.
“Rheill is correct, it one of those confusing tunnels that as the walls in the middle of them to make you go around in a circle!” Explained Sana in more depth.
“Go south and then east as I think we are at the southern edge of this floor,” declared, Isai.

Karna follows his advice as she respects his sense of direction and memory even though he has treated her exceptionally unfairly of late. Karna traverses a long tunnel, which passes another wooden wall hook that did nothing at the beginning of it. After a while, the corridor grows broader allowing them to move north a few paces, but it leads nowhere and ends forcing the tunnel back into a single passageway.
They keep pressing on, but fatigue grows on their weary bodies as the distance, they have all walked has become vast. Eventually, the party reaches a wooden door with a rectangular window with three alloyed-bars coming down it vertically at the top.
Suddenly the door opens on its own, “MOVE!” Screamed Karna at the top of her lungs as she knew it was a floating, fiery eye.
“Rheill go to other side and let’s ambush it for a change!” Said Karna firmly.
The shadow moved through the air with immense speed as it created a small gust of wind as it flew into the corridor; Although the creature flew right into Karna’s battle strategy; Rheill and Karna dispatch the magical flying eye with a single blow from a double slashing, pincer attack. Karna and rheill high-five each other.
“How do you like that, Bitch!” Shouted Karna.

“Karna leave the room for a minute lets press onwards to the east?” Suggested Isai.
“ZO!” shouted Sana as she closes the door with her spell as she realised it must have been a button-operated gate.
Next Karna leads them further eastwards as they take a swerve to the left and another back to the right.
“This was one long ass corridor!” Said Rheill as he complains as he starts to get tired.
“Rheill we will rest in that room, soon I can feel you are getting agitated!” Said Karna softly.
The champions head left again and another left and finally they find a long staircase carved out of the concrete floor ascending further into the dungeon.
“Let’s head back… we still have two more areas to finish exploring!” Suggested Sana.
“Yes, honestly, I am getting exhausted now too. I am going to check that room is clear… so we can set up camp for the night!” Replied Karna.
The heroes and heroines backtrack to the door, and Karna opens it with the button. The latticed-wooden door opens automatically. The adventurers peer into a small chamber, with a dead-end to the right as they first entered. Also, there was a large trap door that was vast, deep and wide open; it was located just before the northwest corner of the room. There, however, was a small niche to the right of the deep-chasm, “I am standing right here unless I need to go closer to that deep hole!” Exclaimed Karna.
“Sweetheart, I will check the dead end for you!” Said Rheill.
He then spots a white coloured piece of chain mail lying on the floor with rings of metal attached to the hips and front of it. The legs were chain-linked of metal, offering the least part of protection from the bottoms, Rheill picks it up and shows Karna.
“That’s Mithril!” She yelled in excitement.
“Here you go, Karna… now everyone, please get the hell out of this room and let my woman change alone and in peace!” Demanded Rheill forcefully as he was fuming about what happened last time she got changed.
“Both of you come with me all the way to the stairs!”
Rheill leads both Isai and Sana all the way to the stairs, and he starts chatting to Sana.
“Sana, tell me more about Syra, please as I am curious to know more about Magika!”

“Sure Rheill, Syra is remarkably intelligent, she poured all her magical knowledge into me to possibly prepare me for this quest. Would you like me to describe how she looked?” Asked Sana after explaining the first part.
“Yes!” Replied Rheill, Suddenly Isai sneaks off out of their sight.
“Syra has blonde hair like myself and a sizzling pair of dark sapphire gems for eyes. She is slim built with a figure I could only dream about having!” Explained Sana.
“Aww, you are beautiful the way you are, but don’t let Karna hear me say that she would kill me!” he laughs at the last part, and Sana Chuckles with him.
“Sana if you ever need a friendly cuddle just ask one of us!”
“Where the hell is Isai?” Shouted Rheill.
“I swear if he spies on Karna I will freaking kill him!”
“Rheill calm down he may just have wanted to spend some time alone, but I don’t trust him either since I wanted to hold off dating him until we defeat Chaos!”

Moments before Sana and Rheill headed towards the door.
Karna takes off her helmet, Hosen boots and the Mithril chest piece again as she wanted to readjust it and catch the culprit who violated her last time she got topless. She feels the cold air brush against her voluptuous body as she slowly undresses her leather trousers revealing her sacred-sanctuary. She flicks her hair back draping down her built frame before turning to face the door purposely.
‘That should be enough time for whoever it was to want to spy on my beautiful body!’ She thought to herself knowing what assets she possesses.
‘Oh my god, what a body this woman has, now to execute my plan and tell Karna she saw Rheill kissing Sana!’ Thought Isai as he sampled every inch of her through the lattice on top of the door.
‘That creep, hope you got a good look as this will be the last thing you will see!’
Isai hides by the door and waits to tell her the news, but unaware that Karna saw him somehow through the window of the gate.
Karna gets dressed now pulling her new Mithril chainlink legs up her long calves and thighs that fit her curves flawlessly. Next, she now adjusts the Mithril chest piece to match the bottoms as pulls the armour over her head and all the way over her breasts and lower abdominal regions. She then puts her helmet back over her head and puts her boots back on.

Karna then opens the door, and abruptly grabs hold of Isai by his throat with her strong arm, “DO NOT MAKE A SOUND!” She says shouts viciously.
Next, she takes her sword and places it across the windpipe of Isai, “Now you listen up and listen real good. I saw you kiss Sana forcefully, and it ate m alive to conceal it from Sana. I will tell her if you even look at me wrong or disrespect me again. I knew it was you all along and Rheill has his suspicions about you spying on me. However, I will let this slide if you start treating me again properly and you respect Sana. If not I will tell them our secret and it will be all over for you, scumbag!”
Karna hears footsteps of Sana and Rheill rushing towards them; she quickly releases the sword from his throat. Nevertheless, they both catch her holding him against the wall next to the door in her full Mithril armour.
“What on earth is going on here?” Asked Sana in disbelief.
“Nothing, dear, just a misunderstanding, but Isai now knows how to finally, treat a woman properly!” She said, pleasantly as she releases him from her grip.
“Yes, nothing is wrong!” He said gasping for breath.
“Karna you look fabulous in that full set!” Said Rheill as he tries to calm the situation down.
Rheill knew deep down Karna had caught him, although he pushed Karna’s buttons a lot yesterday, ‘She must be using this as aggressive negotiations to keep the peace between the party!’
“Thank you, Rheill, let’s eat something different today, get your asses inside I am tired!”

“Sana lets use some of that bread and cheese up… it must be getting old now. We have some apples too that we can make sandwiches from!” Explained Karna.
“Karna, what a wonderful Idea. Please don’t push yourself too hard or let anger cloud your judgement. Now rest and let me make the meals for tonight!”
All four of them have a drink from their water-bottles and eat up. Isai acts entirely different and starts to sit with Sana again, which make Sana happier as she is frightened of sleeping alone in the dungeon.
“Sana let me know if you need anything!” Said Isai.
“I will do, but all I want his some shut eye right now!”
“Rheill, thanks for trusting me today, but I would like to sleep alone tonight. Do not worry nothing has changed between us, and I only need some alone time.”
“Karna, take all the time you need!” He kisses her on the lips goodnight before they sleep separately.
Karna tosses and turns unable to sleep thinking about what a creep she has to work with now on this quest. She begins to cry as she wanted Rheill to see her naked first and now she regrets not making love to him the night he massaged her shoulders, ‘God damn you, Isai!’ She thought over and over to herself.
She wipes the tears away incase Rheill sees after their rest; she had been crying and didn’t want to show any more weakness or let Isai think that he is getting the better of her.

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