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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 25
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Book 1 – Chapter 25 – The Vorpal Blade!


All four of them awaken after another well-deserved slumber, “Morning, Sweetheart and everyone!” Said Karna, who was the last one to wake up.
“Ah, you are finally awake, Karna… I have already refilled your water-bottle, but please go an freshen yourself up before we head out again!” Replied Sana.
“That was sweet of you, Sana!” Answered Karna as she smiles at Sana while she places the helmet over the top of her jet-black long-locks.
Rheil had already put his headpiece back on as he was ready to press onwards.
After a few minutes, Karna returns after freshening herself up at the lion-headed water fountain upstairs.
“I am ready, and I see everyone else is too!” She said as she walks to the front-lines again and leads them back to the locked the door; which was on the left side of the junction with the three sets of encrypted writing on the walls.

“I wonder what terrors await us beyond this door!” Asked Sana.
“One way to find out!” Replied Rheill.
Karna takes out the last of the two remaining iron keys; Next, she places it into the lock and turns the key. Abruptly the door rattles open automatically, and the passage leads to a sharp left turn.
“Follow me, my friends!” Said, Karna.
She then leads them around the corner and then they enter a corridor, which heads to the north. On the left wall right before the party was an iron key lock, which appears linked to the wooden door adjacent to it. The door got constructed much the same as one they passed through with hardwood; it has the two red arrow symbols showing the barred-door will open horizontally and not vertically as well. On the eastern wall just before the door was also a black-coloured metal ring hanging on the dungeon wall halfway up it.
The party decided to all leave that stuff alone as they saw the passageway turn to the west again; they traverse around it and see an open archway of a doorframe and then see squared-pressure pad carved into the ground. Sana then shouts suddenly, “Do not proceed, that will lock us inside. The door is not open for no reason, I sense it!”
“Well there is another door in front so, we can leave that for now then!” Replied Isai.

Karna leads them back with hands gestures to the locked door, as Karna still possessed two iron keys, “Rheill I am opening the door get your axe ready!”
“Sure!” He replies as he grabs hold of his axe in his fighting stance.
Karna then unlocks the door, and it rattles open and another eye of time rests on the stone floor inside a niche, “There is nothing else here, but we might need that ring again to solve a puzzle or neutralise a dangerous threat!” Explained Sana as she picks up the ring and wears it on her longest-finger on her right hand.
“Don’t worry the ring only works when I channel my mind through it and hold it up!” Explained Sana.
“Something is odd with that black ring, we have never seen anything like this before on any of the dungeon walls?” Asked Karna to the rest of the group.
Rheill touches it to see what happens, and suddenly the wall rumbles right behind them which makes Isai and Sana jump as they were still turning around. The noise was so loud they were forced to cover their ears as they were not wearing helmets like Karna and Rheill was., which softened the blow to their ears.
“Rheill!” Yelled Karna.
“What?” He shouted back chuckling.
“I opened it… Didn’t I, and you said it looked suspicious. So don’t even think about saying don’t just touch things!”
Karna smiles below her helmet knowing he was kind of correct saying that as she leads them into a secret area.

They walk down the newly opened corridor, and it leads to a junction, branching off towards the south and the north. The party then walks into the passageway. First, the champions turn their vision towards the south and see it leads to a small chamber; next, they look north and see the corridor leads to another left-handed turning. Additionally before the corner is a small intersection to the left, which appears to be a niche, but the adventurers cannot make that out yet. Karna motions them south into the small room, which is empty with no signs of life or objects inside of it.
The Party moves backtracks into the corridor heading north, and they see it was a small empty dead-end; so they traverse past it and around the corner. The group comes to another right-handed intersection, and past that the corridor leads to a dead-end with another large drumstick resting on the stone ground. Sana scouts over to it and notices nothing unusual in the dead end and gathers it up, “Least thats another meal for us!”
“Yes, that is good!” Responded Isai.
“Shall we continue onwards?” Asked Karna suggestively.
“Yep, see what else is here!” Said Rheill.
The party takes the intersection leading to another junction giving them yet another choice of left or right.
“Another Coaque’n Caque resting here, just on the floor to the right!” Said, Sana spotting it.
“Rheill use this now until you can find a plate helm!” Stated Karna.
“Karna, can you use plate helms also?” Asked Rheill as he takes off his old helm showing his face and his ebony-coloured hair.
“I can if its constructed for flexibility!” She replied.
Rheill feels how much lighter the helm is to his old full metal helm, and how much more he can envision and sturdier the back was.
“Yay, we have matching helms!” Karna said happily.
“Karna focus on your job!” Said Isai sternly, which angers Karna a little as her eyes burn bright with fury.
‘Think happy thoughts, I know he has a problem with me!’ Thought, Karna to herself silently and calms down.
‘Isai blames Karna for me friend-zoning him! Were the thoughts which were running through Sana’s mind; as she finally clocked on to why Isai was acting like he is towards her.
‘I am not going to say anything as this is now quite entertaining to watch and I want to see how long it takes for Karna to figure it out!’
Karna notices the passageway turns to the left, so she decides to turn around and investigate the other direction. The rest of the party follows her closely behind, as the tunnel leads to another dead. There some skeletons hanging down from the wall with some corpses fitted into a rectangular space within the southern wall.
“Another crypt!” Said, Karna.
“Look a magical staff, Sana check it out and see if you can use this?” Suggested Isai.
Sana kneels down to gather the staff. It is made from a brownish hardwood in a long shape with the staves head coloured silver; Sana soon realises it contains quite a lot of potent magic. Next, she scans the staff as her eyes glow a bright blue colour again.
“This staff contains charges of a dispell spell and a light spell, but this one seems more potent than my magical torch spell!” Explained Sana.
“I guess you should get rid of the Staff of Claws as two staves will be too heavy for you and this one seems a lot better?” Added Rheill to the conversation
“Yes, you are correct!” Replied Sana as she relieves the Staff of Claws on the stony ground.

The champions then backtrack to the intersection, which they used to enter the corridor. The party then passes that side-turning and traverses around the corner to the left. Next, the adventurers take a second swerve towards the left, and in the distance, they witness a group of four skeletons together.
“Karna have fun defending against all four!” Said Rheill jokingly.
“Rheill, don’t be so stupid! You somehow need to grab two of the skeleton’s attention!” Said, Karna not realising that Rheill was kidding.
Karna readies her sword and gets ready to engage them in melee combat, “Hmm I remember the Ant men could only hit me two at a time in tight corridors, maybe I can do the same with them?” Suggested Karna.
“Karna, try it!” Urged Sana, as Karna moved closer to the four undead warriors.
The first skeleton lunges and does a thrusting jab at her, but she sides step to the right; Next, the second undead-warrior positioned in the front does the same attack to her, but she blocks the thrust as the blow gets deflected off of Karnas metal-shield.
“Rheill attack now, but wait for an opening… I will swap into a full defensive guard… while you three find a way to kill them!” Shouted Karna in battle.
The vicious undead-warriors relentlessly attack the shield-maiden of Rune; however, Karna’s iron curtain of defence was impenetrable.
‘What the hell… this is in human, how can someone block four sword strikes at once?’ Thought Sana as she tries to help by moving into close combat. Next, Sana smashes the closet skeleton in the skull with her staff, and it knocks the leftmost front undead-warrior backwards. The force of the blow caused the white-skeleton to knock over the other two behind leaving the one undead-warrior alone briefly.
Rheil and Isai quickly jump at the chance to turn the battle into their favour. Isai strikes with a downward force with his mace into bodies of the three skeletons on the floor while Karna shield slams the upright undead-entity stunning it. All of the creatures body-cages get shattered into several smaller bones, but they remain alive somehow.
“Karna jump back and duck!” Yelled Rheill as he swings his axe at the skeleton separating its skull from its endoskeleton frame.
“Finish it!” Roared Karna as she starts slashing away at the pile of skeletons, which Sana stacked nicely moments ago with her wooden stave. Karna makes sure there is no longer any movement in the undead-corpses as she severs their craniums from their bony-bodies.
“Sana that was great!” Praised Karna as she gives her a gentle cuddle.
“It was a bit of luck… I saw an opening over your shoulder, and it fell back onto the back skeletons!” Said Sana as she releases her embrace from Karna.

The adventurers witness nothing, but a dead-end; however, Sana realises there is more than meets the eye. She starts scanning the concrete walls of the dungeon closely. She spots a crevice-switch again and motions to Karna to push the tiny button.
“Let’s see what awaits us inside this secret chamber. Maybe the switch will open something somewhere else. However, brace your ears just in case it is right next to us!” Explained Karna.
She presses the switch with her finger, and a rumbling sound echoes throughout the corridor as a secret opening reveals itself to the party. The entrance to the tunnel is very tiny and tight to squeeze through, “Sana you are going have to go through alone, it looks to be empty anyway.” Mentioned Karna.
“Why? I am not going in that tunnel alone!” She screams terrified.
“What are you thinking Karna?” Added Isai aggressively.
“Don’t you dare raise your voice to me like that for no reason. I am starting to get sick of you disrespecting me!” shouted Karna in an angry tone.
“STOP IT!” Yelled Rheill as loud as he could, which shook the walls of the dungeon.
“I suggested Sana as she is the smallest of us and I cannot fit through the gap. I was about to explain this before you tried to bite my head off again. I even went as far as to look into the tunnel to see it was empty and it was only natural that Sana got scared. Please adjust your attitude before I fix it for you!” Explained Karna.
Rheill moves Karna away from Isai to protect their only healer. He then talks to Sana and reassures her it is safe.
“Okay, I trust you, Karna… I will come straight back with whatever I find or if I sense any danger!” replied Sana as she smiles at Rheill.
Karna thinks to herself silently in the background, ‘Wow, Isai is going get a whooping soon if he is not careful, but Rheill handled that well. I can see why he is the leader of his people!’

Sana crawls through the tightly, spaced secret entrance and finds her self in a small tunnel filled with more skeletons dangling from the ceiling; however, this time she does not scream as she had seen them previously in the Catacombs of the Dead. The area is very pristine and has looks to have been untouched for many centuries as Sana wades through the cobwebs and dust. Suddenly, She finds resting on the ground an unusual blade, something they have not seen in their lifetime. The weapon appeared constructed from hardwood on the small handle, which was coloured brown; furthermore, the blade itself seems coated in a dark, obsidian colour. The jagged ends signify its shape and continue all around the part where you would pierce something. Sana lifts the sword, and to her surprise, it is as light as a feather compared to a regular blade.
“Sana, is everything okay?” Shouted Rheill into the tunnel through the tiny gap.
“Yes, I found a strange blade, and it is so light to carry. I can wield this as a weapon, or I can give it to Karna as a secondary weapon!”
Sana then crawls back carrying the magical sword, “Oh wow, I have never seen a blade like this in Thornwood. What about you Karna?” Said Rheill.
“Nope, nothing like this in Rune!”
“Let me scan it now!” Sana’s eyes start to glow blue again as she tries to magically, identify the strange blade.
“I cannot make out what exactly this sword does. It is beyond even my knowledge of magic, but the sword is surging with magical energy!”
“Sana, you should use it until you find some better spells!” Explain Karna.
“Well, we need to backtrack through that open door there is nowhere else to go!” Declared, Isai.
“I will lead the way, stay close to me!” Said, Karna.

After several minutes Karna leads them through the archway of the door, which had the rectangular pressure pad. Also, Sana had stopped them treading on it, “This door will most like close once we pass beyond this point!” Explained Sana.
“Well, there goes our normal resting spot!” Replied Isai.
“We will have to find another then won’t we?” Said, Karna, as she treads boldly through the door. She sees a wooden door blocking the party from further heading towards the west; The exit has a rectangular window metal bars coming downwards carved into the hardwood door.
The rest of the party follows her and as they step on the mechanism a wooden door abruptly slams shut; the champions jump as the sound boomed throughout the small corridor.

“We are trapped, watch out!” Said Sana as she sees two hazy, blue vortexes appear and vanish into thin air from an intersection to the right.
It was much like the one where Karna found her compass all the way back on floor three. Beyond the disappearing vortexes, there was an alloyed-portcullis with a button to operate; but the door was between the two blue hazy portals.
“How the hell do we open the door!” Shouted Rheill.
“With my ZO spell, but I need to time it flawlessly, or it will get lost in vortexes. I can only cast it so many times a day as well, but hey at least we are safe here between the two wooden doors!” Replied Sana.
“Look over here a keyhole got carved into the wall next to the wooden door leading to the west, but it’s not an Iron lock, as it looks different!” Said, Karna.
“I bet you the key is hidden beyond this puzzle, and only Sana can get us through this… as it’s a magic-user orientated puzzle!” Explained Karna.
“Stand back, or you will get in the way of my Zo Spell!”
Sana’s hands glow into a blue colour as she channels her open door spell using the Zo rune. The blue-coloured projectile travels through the air, but her timing is off. The first vortex reappears and teleports the magic to where the champions are standing; the spell suddenly hits the party, although, it does nothing to them luckily.
“Try again, Sana!” Said Karna encouragingly.
Sana then takes her sweet time as she watches the pattern, and thinks to herself quietly, ‘I need to wait until the vortex is active by the time my spell reaches it. It should disappear again and open the door!’
Sana changes her stance and fires her Zo spell once again this time it flies through the gap and the portcullis rattles open slowly.
“Yes, I knew that was the key!” shouted an excited Sana.
“Let me go down through the vortexes I already have experience in doing this back when I got the compass!” Demanded Karna sternly.
“With that potion, you will be able to get through this easier than us anyway!” Replied Isai.
Karna gets ready as she then stares at the vortexes memorising the timing to perfection. She moves her body back and forth as she then further prepares to sprint.
“Karna, please be careful!” Stressed Rheill as he worries about the love of his life as he holds his head over his helmet.
“Wait, Karna! you will need a light source, Isai do you have any spare torches left?” Asked Sana.
“Yes, here Sana!” Replied Isai as he removes an unlit torch from his backpack and hands it to Sana.
“Give it to Karna, stop being petty towards her!”
Isai listens to Sana’s words, but he takes no notice of her other than he passes Karna the torch without saying a word.
“Thank you Isai, Light it please Sana!” Said Karna in a polite tone.
Sana lights the torch for Karna; she then walks towards the corridor with the vortexes.

“Karna, please be careful!” Stressed Rheill aloud as he worries about the love of his life as he holds his head over his helmet.
‘Aww, he is too sweet, I don’t think anything will happen if I mess this up, it will just do what it did to spell to me!’ She thought as she runs flawlessly passed the first blue hazy, portal. Karna almost loses her balance as she stops suddenly in the archway of the opened metal-grated door.
‘Oh, by the gods… I have to do this on the way back or test my theory out!” She thought to herself as she rushes past the second vortex successfully.
Karna appears in a very tiny, square-shaped room, which was vacant of anything, “An empty room, but the key has to be here somewhere!” Yelled Karna back to the others.
Karna then shines the torches illuminating the stony ground, and she finally spots a key the same colour as the concrete. However, this key looked different, but resembles the same key they found in upper depths of the labyrinth; it was a solid-key.
Next, Karna picks up the key and places it in her backpack, “Please move to either side of the Junction, I want to test something!” Shouted Karna.
She then steps purposely into the vortex, and the blue, hazy light teleports her instantly back at the start of the intersection.
“Wow, thats some magic… I have never seen anything like it!” Shouted Sana in amazement.
Karna then puts out the torch on the ground and passes it back to Isai. He takes it back and places it into his backpack again.
“Great Job, Karna!” both of them remove their helmets to share a loveable French kiss, “So, shall we get out of this room?” Asked Karna.
“Yes, I don’t want to stay in this closed space much longer!” Replied Rheill before he puts his helmet back over his helm.
Next, Karna places her headpiece back over her silk-dark locks; she then takes the solid-looking key and inserts it into the stony lock, which got carved into the wall. The door constructed from hardwood then rattles open loudly. Now the way further into level six of the Chaos’ evil dungeon is laid out for them.

The party looks ahead to see another oblong-shaped pressure pad and a left intersection placed next to the plate on the ground. After the pressure plate the adventurers can slightly make out there is a wooden door; also another turning to the right could be witnessed a few steps further than the door. The passage looked to go on forever as the could not see any further than that right-handed intersection. The ceiling had changed as well as more dangling skeletons were present, but they remained motionless for now.
“Looks like we are getting closer to the Tomb of the Firestaff, as this looks be one massive grave site beyond this door!” Explained Sana concerningly.
“Don’t worry, Sana, I got your back!” Said Rheill.
“As I do too, I am your protector, and we are in this together!” Added Karna to the conversation as she leads them into the corridor of hanging skeletons.
‘Yeah right, thats why you turned Sana against me!’ Thought, Isai not understanding the reality or the true meaning of why Sana did not want to be with him.
After the champions step on the pressure pad, the door that closed on them abruptly; suddenly rattles open allowing them a retreat if it is needed.
“Oh, that is nice the pad did the opposite what I thought it was going to do!” Stated Sana.
Isai then notices some unreadable text, “Sana, please read this on the wall to the left of where we are standing!”
“Test your strength!” Said Sana as she read out the text aloud to Isai and the party. The passageway turns and heads after the cryptic writing in the same direction as the long corridor from the pressure pad.

Suddenly two of the skeletons spring to life and jump down from the ceiling behind the champions armed with the same falchion and their large wooden shields ambushing the party.
“Sana and Isai get in this corner NOW!” Screamed Karna as she hears them land on the floor of the dungeon. The skeletons swing their swords at Sana and Isai, but because of Karna’s warning they miss and then the protector stands her ground, “I knew this would happen, it was just a question of when!” Said, Karna as she thrusts her sword at the undead-warriors trying to push them back.
Sadly it had unaffected the creatures as they are nothing more than just a walking endoskeleton; they had lost their sense of fear.
“Damn it’s not working, we have like no freaking space, try to move down that corridor behind!” Urged Karna as she fends them off.
“Luckily there is only two of them!” Replied Rheill as he takes on the left one to help out Karna with his two-handed axe.
Sana and Isai try to walk down the passageway behind them and suddenly a blue swirling, haze appears and forces them back behind them.
“We are trapped! We have to fight, time to test this magical sword out!”
“Sana, be careful you are not trained for this stay behind me!” Said Karna very seriously, as she did not want any harm to come to Sana.
“Karna, trust me I will not do anything stupid!”
Next, Sana uses the sword between Karna and Rheill and then steps back behind Karna each time. However, Sana is unable to land any blows as she is unskilled with a blade.
Rheill waits for the skeleton to attack and he parries the blow with the sharp part of the axe and knocks its sword flying to the dungeon wall, it then makes a racket as the metal clangs onto the stony ground. Karna without hesitation lunges her sword at the undead warrior, but the other skeleton blocks her attack and her sword sticks into the shield. Karna is unable to pry the sword loose leaving her vulnerable for the first time in her life. Rheill notices this and places his axe in front of her in case she was unable to block the next attack. Karna finally with all her fury pulls the sword free from the bulwark, “Thank you Rheill!” She says thankfully, to still have her life.
‘I made the same mistake he made in the first fight with these skeletons, underestimating them. Even if they have no brains or emotions, they still show signs of intelligence!’
Sana then uses her enchanted blade and lands a hit on the skeleton that had no weapon. A surge of magical energy forces its skull to explode, which slew it instantly. Isai after doing nothing but watching them fight; suddenly decides to flank the remaining skeleton with his mace and cracks the undead-warriors cranium killing it.
“Why did you not help with ranged attacks, Isai” Questioned Karna intensely.
Karna felt he was trying to get her killed as she knew he was starting to dislike her and she still had no clue why.
“I did not want to hit either you or Rheill, and I could not get into melee range, and a bow cannot fire at such short range!”
“Fair enough!” She replied in a more gentle tone.
“Karna I don’t think he was intentionally doing nothing, it was surprisingly tight quarters in that last fight. It was a wake-up call for us to be more careful when exploring as now monsters are coming alive and out of coffins!”
‘I may hate her for what she did, but I would never want any harm to come to her. We need her, just like in that case with the skeletons. She has to lose, Rheill as her boyfriend. It’s a danger to the group, and I only need an opening to use against them!’ He thought to himself.

Karna leads the group back out of the area, which the skeletons ambushed them into the main corridor.
“Let’s stay here, for now, and we can work out that puzzle. It seems obvious as it prevented Sana and Isai from walking there. We have to throw, or maybe we can cheat and use your bow, Isai!” Said Rheill.
“Leave the door as well, and check these other corridors… we do not want to get ambushed again!” Declared, Sana using her wisdom.
“Follow me then!” Motioned Karna as she leads them down the dark passageway, which got illuminated by Sana’s Ful rune. The party arrives at the turning to the right only to find it was a small niche, and it leads to absolutely nowhere.
Karna gestures them to continue as she walks carefully forwards with the rest following behind her; this time they come to another right-handed intersection, which headed in a northerly direction. The corridor then winded towards the left.
“Rheill guard this route please, I need to investigate the rest of this passageway!” Suggested Karna.
“Yes, Love!” Replied Rheill.
“He needs a light-source, Isai give him a torch please!” Asked Karna politely.
Isai takes out an unlit firebrand from his backpack and hands it to Rheill.
Rheill takes it and holds it in his left hand, so he could see if any monsters come from the unexplored regions of the 6th floor.
Next, Karna places her hand on her heart over her leather chest piece and smiles beneath her helmet again. She feels her heartbeat pump a little faster, ‘That feeling again, I am so in love with Rheill!’
Karna continues to traverse the long passage until it swerves to the left; she carefully turns the corner and sees the edge of another wooden door constructed out of hardwood. After the door, there is another right turn. The shield-maiden of Rune ignores the door and leads them around that particular corner; which lead to another Wooden door with the rectangular-shaped, lattice, carved into the door.
“Okay, we need to get back to Rheill since that route needs checking next!” Said Karna softly.

Karna and the others meet back up with Rheill. Rheil and Karna guard the frontlines. The champions then tread carefully around the corner; which shifts into a zig-zag and then heads in an easterly direction. The tunnel then has a turning to the west, and it keeps on going forwards as well.
“Karna we need to explore these previous areas, I will stand guard while you solve the riddles!” Suggested Rheill.
“A good idea for a change!” Said, Karna mockingly.
Rheill smiles under his helmet knowing she was making fun of him in a good way.
“Call us if something comes, do not be a hero!” Added Sana to the conversation.
The three of them return to the area where the rest of the skeletons are dangling from the ceiling.
The three of them realise they missed a portcullis on the south wall before the turning. There appeared to be a pressure pad underneath it. Sana remembered what Rheill said about shooting bow down that corridor, “I know how to solve the test your strength puzzle, Rheill told us the answer earlier!”
“Isai, use your bow and don’t worry you can get arrow back as this portcullis will open. Go to the area that prevented us from walking down that corridor and fire the arrow!”

Isai goes alone down the corridor and then stands at the end of the passageway with the writing on the wall. Next, he raises the strings on his wooden bow and lets loose an arrow; Sana and Karna witness the quarrel fly all the way and land on the pressure pad. Suddenly, the grated door rattles open and Karna draws her sword. Karna swiftly walks under the archway of the now opened-portcullis; she then sees Isai standing at the end of the other corridor faintly.
“Come back to us the door opened, leave Rheill guarding the passage still unless I need him in combat!” Yelled Karna.
Karna and Sana then check out the area and notice there are some objects in the room, as Isai rejoins them.
“Leave this, for now, as I don’t want Rheill standing there too long on his own!”
“Understood Karna, and you are right!” Said Sana.
Isai nods his head and follows Sana and Karna. Karna leads them to the wooden doors at the end of the corridor. “The non-windowed door with the two red is locked with the same Iron lock carved into the wall next to it!” Stated Sana.
“Karna, don’t you have one Iron key left?” Asked Isai as he spoke to her since the incident where Karna got angry with him.
“Yes, Isai, let’s open it!” Declared, Karna.
“Isai, get one of those Ven bombs, I hear a loud buzzing sound behind the door. It reminds me of that super-fast wasp You had to shoot after I stunned it!” Said, Karna.
“Let me use my ring to freeze it if the green venom bomb is as powerful as that Ful bomb… it will kill them quickly, and it will be bigger than my rain cloud!”
“Sounds like a plan!” Said, Karna raising her voice with excitement under her helmet.
Sana stands in front of the door as Karna places the iron key into the solid lock on the wall next to the hardwood door. Sana holds her ring of time up as the door was opening; there were three giant wasps, which looked identical to ones on the poisonous-worm level of chaos’ dungeon.
“Sana, get out of the way and you Karna!” Shouted Isai as he throws the green potion, which explodes into a massive rain cloud. Isai is forced to move to the left of the doorway because of the extreme toxic rain cloud; which poured intensively over the gigantic insects killing all three of them almost instantly.
“I want a cloud that big… that was phenomenal!” Shouted Sana in excitement.
It took a few minutes for the cloud to disappear, Sana’s ring had dissolved again. Nonetheless, luckily for her, there were two more green-coloured rings of time resting on the ground. “I will take these rings, as they are so powerful. We could have used it earlier on that ambush, but Karna and Rheill had the situation covered!”
“I am glad you chose to use good judgement, Sana!” Said Isai, three wasps flying around could have been deadly. No disrespect to Karna, but she wouldn’t have been able to protect us against all three!”
‘Is he trying to trigger me again, I would have kept them in the dead-end perfectly fine!’
“Whatever you say Isai, we are wasting time, and I am worried about Rheill, I am going to check he is okay!”
“Wait, Karna, we only have this room to explore!” Said Sana.
“No, we have another door, which we did not check due to the ambush, right where we entered this corridor of hanging skeletons!”
“Ah yes, the door with the rectangular window. Why don’t you check it out and we check the other room, and if there is something in the chamber we can close the door again?” Suggested Sana.

Meanwhile, Rheill waited patiently for the others he wondered what was taking so long. Although most importantly he thought about a special someone, ‘At least being alone I can think about my beautiful, Karna!’

Karna then checks out the furthest wooden door. After she opened it as it had the button to open it in the top-right hand corner of the door-frame. Nevertheless, she saw it lead to a dead-end, but it contained a few items. There were two ninja shurikens, which were lying on the ground with some corn. Nothing else was inside the dead-end, so Karna grabs the food and the throwing-stars. She puts them away in her backpack; just in case the party needs them for some puzzles later on. Karna then swiftly rejoins Isai and Sana who in the meantime were exploring a vaster chamber after opening the other door with the lattice window etched into it.
“Oh, hi there Karna. There was only a torch here and some cracks in the lower parts of the wall. Also, there was a wall hook that did nothing!”
“I found some corn! You should take it for our provisions, and speaking of that we should maybe rest inside of this room for the night. I will quickly check what the items are in portcullis room can you go and get Rheill for me please Sana, Isai you go with Sana!”
“Okay, Karna, don’t be alone in that room too long. This floor is layered very differently as there are a lot more unsealed areas!” Stressed Sana.
“Yep, its why I had Rheill stand guard for us, next time I will do it. I need another torch please!”
“Karna, I have another, Sana will need to light it though,” replied Isai.
Sana ignites Karna’s Flambeau, and she then carries it her weapon-arm.

Sana and Isai travel a small way to meet back up with Rheill; Isai takes a quick detour to pick up his arrow from the pressure pad and then rejoins Sana. Both of them finally reunite with Rheill, “Hi, where is Karna?” Asked Rheill to Sana.
“She is just checking the last room. By the way, you solved the strength puzzle using the bow!” Replied Sana.

Karna finds some slayer arrows, which looks to have been coated with some form of poison in it by the green coloured nock. The regular arrows that Isai shoots were coloured brown at the ends of them.
‘Oh my god Mythril!’ Thought, Karna as she notices a white piece of fine, light chainmail with no fancy designs resting in the corner of the room.
‘Since I am alone, I will get changed here since I told Sana to bring them back to the large room with the door,’ thought Karna silently.
Karna puts the flaming-torch down on the terrain momentarily.
She then waits until the chatter goes away as Sana lead them back to the room before she starts removing her leather top; exposing her radiating and astonishing toned figure. She turns around to face the entrance as she stands fully topless. Suddenly she hears some quick footsteps as if someone was running away she quickly covers up her breasts with her hands feeling violated, ‘I swear if that was Isai spying on me… I will wring his neck! However, if it was Rheill, and I guess he couldn’t resist me and he will get to see all of me eventually anyway. There is no way it would be Sana she is another lady.’
Karna finally uncovers her busty chest after removing her hands that were concealing them. She then fits the Mithril chest piece over her upper body giving her extra protection to that area.

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