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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 23
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Book 1 – Chapter 23 – The Riddle Room!

“Hmm… The Riddle Room, huh!” Said Sana, getting a little bit cocky.
“Right down your alley, Sana… but, we are here to help you solve these Riddles as well!” Replied Karna.
Karna then smiles at Sana; before leading the way into the Squared-room. It was fairly-large; at least a five by five in both width and length. Directly in front of the party, was a metal-portcullis with no mechanism, or a way of opening it. Situated in all four of the corners appeared four oblong-shaped alcoves; each of them had cryptic text next to them, which only Sana was able to read.
Next, they head over to the north-westernmost corner and Sana begins to read the text out loud, “I am all, I am None!”
Isai adds to the conversation after Sana had finished reading the text, “I think we need to place the items, which we have found on the floor above in each of the alcoves found in this room. It will open the portcullis for us to proceed further, into this level!”
“Isai… I think you are correct here, but what could the item be?” Asked Sana in reply.
“Wait! I know the answer to this… it’s a reflection, and we have the mirror of dawn from the vortex puzzle!” Said, Karna excitedly.
‘Why does Karna seem to be so excited about solving something I did not know straight away. That is so childish!’ Thought, Sana to herself.
Next, Karna places the Mirror of Dawn into the alcove, after taking it out of her backpack.
Suddenly, the same clicking sound echoed within the chamber, which usually opens a secret dungeon wall or triggered a pit-trap to activate; It forces Karna, to draw her weapon.
“That sound… it could just mean that we have placed the correct item in the alcove!” Said, Karna.
“Great job, Baby!” Said Rheill to Karna quietly praising her smart intellect prowess, one of the qualities that made him fall in love with her.
“Shall we just go around the room clockwise… as it looks to contain four riddles for us to solve and is probably needed to open the door, which Isai presented to us earlier!” Asked Karna.
“Yes, Karna that makes total sense, since we started in this corner!” Replied Rheill.

The group of adventurers then move towards the alcove to their right; Sana, again reads out the text on the wall, next to the rectangular-hole, which got carved into the dungeon wall.
“A golden head and tail… but no, body!”
“Karna, look for something golden in your inventory as an item, which you have collected from the treasure stores on the floor above us!” Suggested Isai.
“Karna, it is a golden coin… think about it. A coin only has two visible pictures on it. They contain two drawings of a head and tails, which is what this riddle is explaining to us!” Declared, Sana.
‘Take that, Karna!’ She thought to herself,’ silently while she put on a gorgeous smile towards, Karna.
Karna looks at Sana and smiles back unaffected by Sana and what was going through her mind. Karna then replies, “Well done, Sana! I have more than one golden-coloured coin… I am going to place the item into, the alcove now!”
Karna does not realise something is ticking inside of Sana’s mind or that she is a little bit jealous of her and Rheill as she doesn’t want to be alone, but wants someone like Rheill too.
Next, Karna slides out one of the coins from her pouch and places it softly into the middle of the oblong-shaped hole. A clicking sound again is heard, to say the item is correct, but the portcullis remains tightly shut.
Meanwhile, Sana then turns around and walks over to the third riddle after walking past the closed gate on her own to hide her anger; as she got zero reaction from Karna.
“Sana! do not do that… please stick close behind me at all times!” Said Karna in a protective tone of voice, as she wonders why she did that.
The rest of the party then arrive at the next riddle, “Sana, what does the next riddle say as we cannot read it?” Asked Isai.
Sana, replies with, “It reads the following: I arch, yet… I have no back!”
“Hmm… Any ideas?” Asked Rheill.
“What items do we have already, which could even represent that? It will help us narrow it down!” Suggested Karna.
“Wait… I know what the item is… but I truly don’t want to part ways with this weapon yet. It helped us defeat our last ranged opponent!” Explained, Isai.
“Oh… your bow, Isai?” Asked Sana.
“Hmm, Isai, just surrender the bow… maybe we get to reclaim the bow after all four of these riddles get solved in the Riddle Room!” Added Karna.
“Hmm, I guess we have no choice… it is not like we can smash a metal door down!” Replied Isai, as he reluctantly, surrenders his bow into the alcove.
The clicking sound is then heard again as they place the correct item inside of the empty alcove.
Suddenly, the door rattles open and little could be seen through the archway as it leads to a junction, “Hmm, maybe if we solve the fourth riddle… you can retrieve your bow!” Said Karna, with a positive attitude.
“Yes, that looks promising, indeed… thank you, Karna!” Replied Isai.
Karna then places her arms around him giving Isai a gentle hug, “It, will be okay,” and she smiles and releases him, showing her friendly nature.
‘Mm, that did feel nice, and Karna is super-hot!’ Were the thoughts running through, Isai’s mind when they embraced for a few seconds.
‘Isai, you better stay away from my woman, or there will be trouble! Don’t think I am not watching you, with your flirty tongue!’ Thought Rheill, to himself; hiding his protective nature away from, Karna.
Meanwhile, Karna leads them to the last riddle. Next, they leave the bow lying in the alcove for the time being. Sana looks displeased at Isai for cuddling Karna, which was only adding to her already growing jealousy of Karna.
Rheill grabs hold of Karna’s arm gently and pulls her to the side. Next, he raises her casque ‘n’coif helm upwards a little bit to expose her right ear and speaks softly and sweetly to her, “Karna… I don’t mind that you hugged him… I honestly don’t. That was extremely sweet of you and one of the qualities, which I truly adore you. I don’t trust him!”
Karna listened very carefully to Rheill and every single word that he spoke to her. Rheill’s words quickly travelled into her right ear-lobe and on that day the soft gesture of his comforting voice and the concerns of what he was explaining to her, which then sunk deep into Karna’s, warm heart.
‘I should tell Rheill what he did in private to Sana, but it will make things worse, emotions are starting to show. Sana is acting strangely towards me for some reason too, but why?’ Thought, Karna to herself.
“Are you two done?” Asked Sana smugly.
“Yes… Rheill was merely asking me something!” Replied Karna, poking her tongue out at Sana.
“Well, the last riddle reads, Hard as a rock… blue sky, a twinkle in a woman’s eye!”
“The first part only happens after Karna’s touches me!” Joked Rheill.
Rheill’s joke makes Karna blush as red as a strawberry; much like when she fell on top of Rheill when she tripped down the stairs from the hall of champions.
Isai then yells, “Stop it, if you want to talk about such things… do it in your own time and stop wasting our time!”
“Woah… where the hell is this hatred coming from, Isai!” Replied Karna as she tries to hold Rheill back.

Sana pulls Isai to the side, “What the hell was that all about, I know you are serious a lot of the time, but that was uncalled for!” Explained Sana, in a firm tone of voice.
Meanwhile, Rheill speaks to Karna, “Karna, thank you for holding me back. I should not let my anger overcome me. He comes across as so serious, yet he wanted to meet women. I don’t get it! He should start acting like a gentleman first. I may be a barbarian, but I learned how to treat a woman with love and respect!”
“Aw Rheill, come here!” Replied Karna as she embraces him tightly before letting him go. Meanwhile, Sana and Isai, re-join them.
“Karna, you have the item, in fact, two of them. Remember, when you first saw one of those gems. you said it was beautiful?” Suggested Rheill.
“How could I ever forget… you told me it wasn’t as beautiful as me!” Replied Karna, as she takes out one of the blue gems from her backpack.
She then places it in the alcove, and the clicking sound sounds again.
“Oh, a hole appeared next to the opened portcullis, let’s check it out?” asked Sana.
The party then witnesses another Iron key; it was much like the one the adventurers found on the second floor of the dungeon.
“Hmm a bonus key maybe, we should grab it!” Suggested Rheill.
“I will take it since I have most of the valuable items in my backpack already!” Replied Karna as she stores the key in her pouch.
Isai then retrieves his bow, which he was pretty happy about, and the door remained open since only three items were required to open the portcullis.
“See told you Isai! It would work out fine. Now let’s continue and beat this dungeon so we can all go get on with our lives in whatever we choose to do!” Said Karna, trying to stay positive.
Karna leads the party out of the portcullis into a long corridor of the dungeon on level six, which exited off a junction. The champions then notice when they look south and witness a wooden door at the end of the tunnel. Also, there is another door constructed from pinewood a little bit before the southern wooden gated-entrance. The adventurers then turn around and observe their surroundings to the north and see on the eastern another wooden doorway, possibly entering another chamber. Additionally, beyond that door to the left was an intersection heading behind the Riddle room.
“Look a new type of door at the end of the northern passageway, looks like the edges appear constructed from gold, let’s take a look!” Suggested Karna.
“Okay, Karna, but we need to check the open corridor first! We don’t want to get trapped in the corridor, and we have no clue what is behind any of these doors yet!” Replied Rheill.
“Rheill as a good point there!” Added Isai to the conversation.

The party then traverse around the left intersection and follow the corridor to the left and come to a dead-end. There is another shield resting on the granite-floor that matched Karna’s bulwark; which she found on the eastern side of the dreaded trap-door room.
“There is a green button here… I wonder what it does?” Said Sana as she noticed the emerald-coloured diamond button on the wall to the right of the shield.
“I don’t need the shield, but if my one gets damaged I will come back and grab this one!” Explained Karna.
“Good Idea, Sweetheart!” Replied Rheill.
‘Why are they ignoring my question?’ Thought, Sana to herself.
“Sorry, Sana! please push the button, almost forgot about your question when I noticed the shield!” Said, Karna.
‘Oh guess I overreacted again, I need to keep my emotions under control for a bit, I will eventually get used to Karna having the perfect man!’
Sana pushes the green button, and a notably loud sound echoed throughout the corridor; which scares the life out of the party as the wall behind them opened up creating another route to the Riddle Room.
“Well no point going back into the room, let’s start North and check out those new type of doors as well?” Asked Karna.
“Yes, Karna lead on and protect us!” Said, Isai replying to Karna.

Karna leads the party back down the passageway and traverses to the north to look at the new decorated-doors. The large door appears constructed out of ornated-gold on the sides of it, and it goes down the centre of it on each side suggesting that the entrance possibly opens sideways.
“The Door is locked, there is a lock here!” Said Sana as she notices the granite-coloured lock engraved into the dungeon-wall to the right of the door on the eastern wall.
“We can use the iron Key, or do you want to see if we can get passed any of the other wooden doors?” Asked Karna.
“Yes, Karna! We need all treasure we can get!” Karna sighs at Rheill.
He then smiles at her beneath his helmet and then says speaks again, “No seriously we should explore everything for better equipment. The monsters are getting dangerous now!”
“I agree with Rheill on that one. That Coautl bite reminds me still!” Replied Isai.
“Suggestion for Karna! Shall we start from the closet door and investigate through each door? ” Said Sana.
“Yes, a good idea, follow me then!” Replied Karna.
The champions then arrive at the wooden door and notice its the same regular door constructed from pine. Karna observes that there is a button carved into the side of the door where it usually is.
“Sana open it, please! Rheill, get your weapons out, who knows what is behind this door!”
‘Wow bossy as always, who made her the leader anyway’ Thought Isai silently
Sana notices Isai looking at something, but ignores him and opens the door with her Zo Rune; meanwhile, Rheill readied his two-handed axe and Karna had her sword out ready for action, and it was a good thing they did. The adventurer’s witness in horror two undead skeletons walking in the room; to make things worse for the party the undead-beings appear armed with falchions and long wooden shields. The Undead-warriors come into view more clearly and are coloured white, and they appear much like a skeleton inside of a human’s body. The creatures rush towards the party extremely fast, but Karna gets ready to defend the group as she blocks the first slashing-strike from the left Skeleton.
“Oh, these are aggressive be careful, Karna!” Shouted Rheill, worried by how fast they attacked Karna.
“Don’t worry about me I have a shield, try to find an opening on them. I think we need to use the mace to crush them. Isai it’s your time to shine!” yelled Karna as she defended more attacks from the skeleton’s falchions.
Karna moves more into the middle of the chamber, which was a square-shaped room; It forces the Undead-warriors to turn towards her, as they expose their backs towards the party.
“Strike now Isai and Rheill, Sana I know this dangerous too, but use your staff in melee your magic is useless on these!” Explained Karna.
“Yes, I know and gets me angrier every time!” Screamed Sana in rage.
Sana, Isai and Rheill rush the left Skeleton as Karna keeps them at bay, but one of the undead-warriors turns to face them suddenly and slashes at Rheill; However, thanks to Karna and his sparring sessions back on the floor above, Rheill learned how to defend better and uses his axe to parry the attempted attack.
‘He defended a strike just like I showed him. Now he can help defend the other one while I find its weak spot!’ Karna thought to herself while fighting.
Karna Parries a few overhead strikes and then she shields-bashes the other Skeleton in its skull, but it is unaffected.
At the same time
Isai cracks the skeleton it’s head from the side with his mace; it shatters the skull into pieces, and suddenly the first undead-warrior falls lifeless to the ground.
“Yes, you did it! The skull is the weak-point!” Shouted Sana in excitement towards Isai.
Karna then swerves her body to the side creating an opening for herself, and she swings the sword hard to the side and chops off the skeletons weapon arm. It forces the undead-entity to drop its weapon removing its offence; She then does the same to the shield arm leaving it defenceless as Rheill comes from behind and swings his axe chopping the skull from the skeletons frame, causing it a swift death.
“They are like humans, and they have no flesh. Their bones break the same it seems as if you chopped the head or arm off of a human or beast.” Explained Isai being the one that studied the bodies of various while also learning about healing and medicine.
“Thanks for helping me Rheill, and great job with your defence I saw you easily parry that strike, which allowed Isai to finish the skeleton off!” praised Karna.
“All thanks to your help and teaching me to stay focused and to create stillness in combat!” Replied Rheill to Karna.
Karna smiles at him and then speaks again, “So what do we have in this room, I wonder?”

The party investigates the chamber to find two pairs of cryptic text engraved into the eastern walls. Sana began to decipher the writing on the dungeon wall starting from the left one. She reads it out aloud once she comprehended what it meant, “The Grave of King Milias who even.”
“Is there more Sana, sounds like another riddle?” asked Isai to her.
“Yes, patience! The next text continues onwards it seems!” Replied Sana.
Sana then worked out what next piece of text said, “In death thirsts for bullion!”
“It sounds like these Skeletons were guarding its treasure then bullion probably means billions?” Suggested Rheill.
Karna chuckles at Rheill in her head as she knows, he is doing it on purpose to make her mad y mentioning treasure again.
‘Hmm, Karna did not shrug at me. She must have caught on to what I was doing by saying treasure on purpose. Karna is so smart for a fighter, and I love her for it!’ Thought Rheill to himself.
“Even if its a riddle there nothing we can use to solve it, but we have extra gold coins I think!” Queried, Sana.
“Yes I have a one, search the room closely there has to be something hidden in here. This text is not here for no reason!” Responded, Karna showing her wisdom to the party, which scares Sana a little.
Next, a few thoughts ran through Sana’s mind, ‘Damn for a warrior… she shows the intellect of a sorceress at times!’
Suddenly the champions hear a rattling noise, which indicated one of the doors got opened in the distance, by a zo spell from some unknown and mysterious force.

“Did you hear that sound, just now?” Said Sana, worryingly.
“No, you must be imagining things!” Replied Rheill.
Rheill was wrong to joke about such things as suddenly a new flying creature had silently flown in behind them facing towards the room. The monster appeared a jaundiced-looking colour with a lot of small eyes on the top of it and one humongous crimson-coloured eye. Also, it was circular shaped without a body it looked to be a creature of the underworld. The creature eye glows red behind the party and launches a lightning bolt at the champions, but Karna sensed it, and she turned around at the last second to see it flying towards them.
“GET BEHIND ME NOW!” shouted Karna as loud as she could, which made the rest of the party jump in terror.
They heed her words as Karna raises her long metal shield in front of them and then the Lightning bolt explodes, shattering her shield into tiny pieces and knocks them down to the ground.
“My the gods what power from that creature’s spell, it destroyed Karna’s shield in a single blow. We could be in trouble!” Screamed Sana.
“Get up and spread out! We might need ranged attacks here and try your poison spell it looks to be some form of abomination created by Chaos. I have never seen anything like this before!” Explained Karna, as she demonstrated her leadership skills in battle once again.
The adventurers spread out with Rheill and Karna rushing at the strange-creature with their weapons out; they both thrust upwards at the magically-enchanted flying eye. Karna does not get shocked easily in battle, but she witnesses something that she as never seen before from a creature; it moved like a human, as the floating-eye sways perfectly sideways avoiding both attacks.
“What the hell!” Yelled Rheill.
“Watch out ti s eye is glowing again, MOVE!” yelled Karna as she saw a glimpse of it glowing when the ambushed lightning-bolt got shot at them from behind.
The party scatter and move out the way, as the mysterious creature shoots at Karna; nonetheless, she dodges to the right of it and a small explosion echoes throughout the chamber, which makes Karna cover her ears. ‘what the hell do I do here, even I don’t know what to do!’ thought Karna much like when she could not hit that large rock-pile back at the entrance on the worm level.
Isai lines up his bow and shoots an arrow at the magical-floating eye, and the arrow pierces into its red eye as the creature was not able to move in time. Chaos’ evil creation lets out a shriek, but it does not stop; it flies sideways again to face towards Isai, as it prepares to fire another lightning bolt. Next, Sana fires a massive toxic bolt as she realised the cloud would be too slow and it connects to the eye area as well, but the creature remains alive somehow; the floating-eye gaze glows brighter again, but then it suddenly falls to the ground violently as it succumbs to a large amount of venom from Sana’s enhanced spell.

“Great Job, Sana and Isai! For the first time, I felt useless in a fight. The creature was too fast for our melee attacks!” Praised, Karna.
“I thought it would have moved from the toxic bolt, but I think Isai weakened it. Also, you saved us, Karna, you better go get that new shield!” Explained Sana.
“Yes It ultimately destroyed it, we are lucky I had this, or we would probably be dead now!” Replied Karna.
“Yes, Thank you, sweetheart!” Replied Rheill as he cuddles her tightly and ushers for her to go and get that shield in the dead-end.
“You guys should be fine in here, but we need to determine also where that thing came from!” Said, Karna.
Karna quickly runs to get a replacement of her shield from down the corridor, ‘Ah, a brand new shield it did get battered a bit anyway, it is most likely why it exploded so easily!’
She then returns to the group, “Shall we find out where it came from, then we can go back to solving this puzzle?” Asked Karna.
“Yes, It would be wise there could be more of them!” Answered Isai to Karna.
They walk along the long passageway heading south, and the party looks on in horror to see that the second door is now open.
“How in gods name did that happen, did any of you open that door?” Asked Sana.
“No, we were together the whole time!” Responded Karna.
“Maybe the thing knows the Zo spell?” Queried, Sana.
“Who knows it knew more powerful magic than you had learned so far!” added Rheill.
“Right, I will close the door, but we should head back to previous puzzle and solver it now!” Declared, Karna
“Yes, I remember what you said earlier about there must be something in that room!” Answered Sana back to Karna, as the party walked back towards the chamber with the riddle about him having a lot of gold after death.

The adventurers Investigate the room thoroughly until Sana notices a small hole in the south-western wall of the room, “Look maybe we can place a gold coin in here?” Explained Sana to the group loudly.
“I do think that is the answer to this, Sana!” replied Isai.
Karna pulls out a gold coin from her pouch and places it inside the hole; suddenly a rumbling sound echoes throughout the chamber as a wall inside of the room opens.
“Look a Secret passage!” Shouted Rheill.
The party rushes over to observe the contents of the hidden corridor; they discover an Iron key on the floor as Sana got closer with her light-source making the ground illuminate.
“I will take the key as I have the other one!” Suggested Karna.
“Karna, can we please go to the room where the eye came from?” Asked Sana.
“Yes that was my intention… we will leave the closed door until last!” replied Karna in a soft tone.
Next, The champions walk to the room opposite the big Riddle room. Karna re-open the wooden door with the button in the top right of it; the chamber is empty other than few dead-ends as the room was not entirely square, unlike the first room.

“Look some unreadable text!” Said Isai.
“I can decipher this, so far you are all probably wondering how I am the only person that can read a lot of this evil-language. Also part of my training was to learn new languages and occasionally we discovered writings that seemed to be not of this world from accessories or ancient texts. These items came from underground caverns and ancient places much like this dungeon!” Explained Sana in detail.
“The grave of King Filius, explorer of combinations!” Is what it says, added Sana shortly after.
“So Sana, there must be a bunch of switches, and we have to push them in the right order?” Said Isai.
“well duh, thats what combination usually is!” Said Karna Mockingly, which irritates Isai.
“Karna if you don’t have any useful Info, please shut the hell up!”
“Isai apologise now to Karna before I hurt you more than that couatl did! Shouted Rheill.
“ENOUGH!” Yelled Karna in rage, which almost shook the foundations of the chamber.
She then speaks again, “I honestly don’t know what your freaking problem is with me lately Isai, or how you treat, Sana!”
‘Oh by the gods! I almost let it slip, but hopefully, she doesn’t fully catch on and remembers what he did yesterday/last night!’
Shortly after Karna’s outburst, which got caused by Isai made him go silent, but he thinks t himself silently, ‘I bet it was Karna that caused Sana to distance herself with girl talk I will get my revenge, and it will come soon!’
“Rheill, please don’t touch him, I will mess his chances up with Sana for good if he continues on this charade to berate me for no reason. I will tell you soon I promise!” Whispered Karna into his ear.
Meanwhile, Sana tries to knock some sense into Isai’s attitude over in the other corner of the room.
“Isai please tell me what is wrong? Is it honestly because I said we should wait. Isai, if you truly like me, please wait until after the dungeon. I have had bad relationships in the past, and I want to settle down with right person now, please understand me!”
“Okay, sorry I have little experience around women in general. I am sorry if I upset you last night by sleeping on my own!”
‘I will merely tell her what she wants to hear, for now. I am still going to carry out my plan soon… I only need the right opportunity!’
“Karna, don’t keep it inside you can trust me, you know?” Said Rheil.
“I know, but you trust me, and you will learn soon why I could not say anything at all!” replied Karna as Sana and Isai rejoin them.
“Sorry, Karna I guess it’s my leg, which was bothering me of late, again sorry I snapped at you!”
“Don’t worry about it! Let’s not waste time and solve this enigma now!

The party looks around the chamber and notices several switches in all of the small niches as well as one switch on the western-wall inside of the large opening of the room. “I count four crevice-type switches!” Said Sana.
“So which ones do we press, there could be a trap?” Said Karna, worryingly.
“Honestly, I don’t think there would be any traps, sweetheart, it’s a combination puzzle, but you could be right also!” responded Rhiell.
“Be careful either way you three, to play it safe!” Said, Isai pretending to care as he seems to not care as much about party now as time went on since he wants what he can’t have right now and thats one of the ladies.
“I think that we should not push the two switches together in the right dead-end. However, we should press a button from that dead-end and take one thats not in a dead-end as it is the odd-one-out!” Said, Sana trying to apply logic to the situation.
“Try it we can’t sit here quarrelling what to push all day!” Answered, Rheill getting impatient.
‘Wow, and I thought I lacked patience sometimes… good thing I am not only one that, which has that to overcome!’ Thought Karna silently to herself.
“You don’t need my approval on everything you solved everything until now! Sana, I will only lead us when it comes to combat!” Explained Karna.
“Sorry, Karna! I was just, being polite!”
“It is Okay, Sana!” Replied Karna.
Sana walks over to the switches in the eastern dead-end and pushes the one on the northern wall, the same clicking sound happens, but that is all. She then walks to press the switch at the south of the room and the rumbling of one of the walls booms throughout the chamber as it opened.
“Oh was I right, or could it be any of the two switches, which opened it!” Said Sana.
“We don’t know let’s grab whatever is there and shall we move on!” Suggested Rheill.
The party hastily goes and checks the new secret passageway that opened up next to the northern niche. They spot a mail Aketon on the floor, which Karna still refuses to take as it is too heavy for her. “Hmm, another Chainmail chest piece, I will remember this location, if I was to ever damage the top part of my, Mail Aketon armour!” Said Rheill.
“Please take it, Karna!” Said, Isai trying to annoy her as he knew too well she can’t use it, as she explained it was too heavy for her.
“Are you purposely trying to trigger me again, as it will not work, Isai!” Replied Karna, staying calm as a feather floating in a light breeze.
‘Wow, thought I was going have to separate them again!’ Thought Sana silently.
Karna picks up the armour to see if anything was underneath it, “Thought you did not want it?” Said Sana.
“No, Sana there is another key below it, remember from the start of our journey through this cursed place. Small details, may hide greater rewards?”
“You have a great memory, Karna, Almost as good as Isai remember our sense of direction!” Replied Sana positively.
‘Now why is Sana, being nice to me again. I hate woman, seriously!’ he thought to himself.
“I’ll keep the key again, and add it with my other two!” Stated Karna.
“Only one more door to explore then we can open those locked doors!” Mentioned Rheill.

The adventurers then set out towards the southern door, which was also a button-operated wooden door; much like what sealed the other two rooms.
Isai closes the exit to that room, as he was behind them as Karna opened the new door and readied her sword for combat.
The party sees in the room a deep, squared-hole in front of them, and just before that were two rectangular shaped pressure pads. The chamber appeared oddly shaped as it had a dead-end beyond the pit-trap and directly in front of them, which looked to have a third pressure pad. Also, a glimpse of an emerald diamond-shaped button was across the pit as well. The party barely makes out from their right out of the corner of their naked eyes was a metallic-closed door leading somewhere.
“Nobody move… we have no idea what these pressure plates could do!” stressed Sana.
“We will let you solve this one, as it looks quite complicated!” Replied, Karna putting her trust in Sana again.
‘I am so happy she trusts me to solve the puzzles. I feel bad now back in the Riddle Room. Karna is such a friendly person, and she is so kind to all of us. Isai better not disrespect her again or I won’t date him once we leave this place!’ were the thoughts running through her mind.
“Okay, first let’s check what the pressure pads do because we have to step on one to enter the room anyway!”
Karna motions them to move in, and as the rest of them step on the plate, the door rattles open; the party then has some nasty company as the room is notably small. “Oh for christ sake, another floating Eye, we need move into the larger area to fight it, but watch the Hole!” Shouted Karna.
The magical floating-eye got released from inside the portcullis as the door closed violently as the second pad closed it; the mysterious-minion flies quickly towards the champions. The creature shoots at Karna hastily, but the protector sidesteps towards the second pressure pad and bolt explodes against the wall even louder as it had less distance to fly. ‘God, I hate sudden loud noises!” thought Karna as she covered one of her ears.
Luckily for the group, it chased Karna exposing itself to a pincer attack formation as Rheill strikes with overhead chopping attack. It wounds the eye badly, but it does not die. Karna realises she had to move away from the hole as it could fly on top of it forcing Isai to lose some of his arrows. Karna then leaps with high altitude and somersaults at the magical creature diagonally and cuts it in half with her finishing move before it had time to recover.
“Amazing Karna!” Praised Rheill, he also wonders if she can do that in mithril armour as she said it was light.
“It seems these magical creatures are weak in the eye, but it can be out-smarted easily, but we need to remember that they can fly sideways without turning to evade attacks!” Explained Karna.

“Guys there is another lever here this must add to the puzzle!” Said Sana, as she pulls it down creating a whirling vortex in front of the pit.
“We have to teleport to that pressure pad across the pit-trap, I think!” Suggested Karna.
“Yes and, no Karna! If we teleport, we only go back to square one as the portal will block us. However, Isai, grab hold of a spare torch. Or we can use one of my daggers, we have to put an item into the portal, and it will land on the pad. It will open the portcullis again, allowing us to avoid the second pad, which closes the door!” Explained Sana into detail how the puzzle works.
“You are smart, Sana!” Said, Karna genuinely.
“Aww thank you, Karna. Karna, you are smart too for not being a sophisticated person who has studied as much as I have!” Replied Sana.
Isai then places a torch into the portal, which then magically appears over on the pressure pad.; the Portcullis then rattles open.
Rheill rushes over and checks the portcullis and finds another iron key.
“Rheill don’t just rush into places!” Said Isai.
“Isai it is okay, the door got guarded by a monster and a puzzle. I highly doubt there was a trap in there!” Said Sana.
Rheill hands Karna the fourth Iron key, which she takes and puts them together in her backpack.
“Lets’ move to the locked doors then?” Asked Karna.
“Yes, we could set up camp in the Riddle Room as we don’t know how secure it is ahead, and I am getting a little tired for some reason!” Replied Sana.
“Me too, to tell the truth, these Floating eyes are dangerous. I think its that blast we all took did some damage somewhere!” Replied Karna.

“It’s Settled then, let’s eat and rest, we are near entrance also so we can grab some fresh water before opening those doors too!” Declared Rheill
‘Rheill is so caring it’s unbelievable he is a guy!’ thought Karna to herself as she sits down with him shortly after to eat.
“Sorry we have to have worm rounds today, we need to use these up as its oldest of our provisions!” Said Sana.
“Don’t worry, Sana, it’s better than starving to death!” replied Karna.
They all eat their meal and get some rest. Karna thinks to herself, ‘I hope there are not more of those things as we go deeper into the dungeon. It does seem like Chaos is saving the most horrific creatures for the later levels. I will need to step up my defensive actions more than anything.
“Remember what I said Isai, be a little more patient, and we can be together there cannot be much more floors left to explore!” Whispered Sana to him as she laid closer to him than last night.
“Yes, Sana sorry for any trouble caused today, at least my leg is starting to heal up now!” Replied Isai quietly.
“Thats good let’s sleep now!”
‘Hmm, Sana can be, so naive at times and she is meant to be a sorceress, someone with pure intelligence. I can read her like a book, so easily and she does not even suspect anything!’ Thought Isai to himself as he schemes up what he wants to do to Karna and Rheill.

The party wakes up and heads upstairs to take some drinking water; before heading back towards the locked doors with the golden plates on them. Karna Inserts the first iron key into the lock, and the door opens horizontally. Nevertheless, the champions get faced with a second door, but luckily they had solved the riddles in all of the rooms; the party possessed three more iron keys. Karna then slips into a right-handed niche to find the second lock engraved into the eastern wall. The shield-maiden then opens the next door and reveals a junction, which leads to the right and the left. Sana then abruptly shivers when she reads the text in her head on the wall directly in front of them.

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