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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 22
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Book 1 – Chapter 22 – Dangerous Potions!


“Karna, we may still need to go back through this room, sadly!” said Rheill.
“That is okay… I think I am overcoming my fear of heights slowly. Although I will deal with that room later… let’s explore and find some more food. Since it has been a little, scarcer on this floor compared to the Magenta lair level. We should go south, as we came north to get here. As I think, the northerly direction, will head around to the north-western section of this level, that we are currently on!” replied Karna.

“Yes, I agree with you, sweetheart… you are usually good with your directions. Except, you did lead us, to a few dead-ends!” Chuckled, Rheill.
Karna smiles at him as they head towards the southern area and they find another large, drumstick lying on the floor; right before the dead-end.
“Stop and listen!” Said Karna, suddenly.
“What is wrong, Karna?” Asked Isai.

“There is a Couatl, behind this wall… I can hear it, moving!” Declared, Karna.
She then speaks again, “Get back, everyone… maybe there are some false walls here. I will stand here, so I am the first and last person this creature will ever see!”
She waits for several minutes, but the Couatl refuses to show itself, so Karna bashes her sword against the wall; only to find a false wall instead. Karna amazingly keeps her balance and walks through the wall; only to find a bunch of flasks. They were lying on the floor with some green liquid inside of them with the Ven Symbol carved into the outer glass area of the bottles. There was three of them in total, one was lying right next to where she was standing, and the other two were lying in a dead end to the north. However, there were no signs of the Couatl; although the sound of it was louder than before.
“There is another false wall here, or a switch to open one of the walls and you can come in everyone!” Said Karna, as she broke one of her rules, which she had set up at the hall of champions.
“Isai, take these flasks… they, look like Poison-cloud potions. It has the Rune Ven etched onto the base of the flask, which I use to cast the spell!” Explained Sana to Isai.
Karna, swiftly draws her sword making a high-pitched metallic sound, which makes the others jump a bit. As she senses the Couatl, moving towards them; as it moves through another false wall and lunges at Karna.
“I knew it… take that!” Shouted Karna, and she swats its head away with her large metal shield.
Karna attempts to hit the Couatl with fast-strikes, as she knows how quick these creatures are. Her defences got exposed for the first time in a one on one fight; in the pit-room several minutes ago. All of her strikes miss; although she retains her defences and keeps the minion of Quetzalcoatl at bay and protecting the rest of the group. Next, Rheill joins the action, with his two-handed, axe; he also misses as he strikes the ground, “It is too fast… it’s a larger Couatl, again!” Yelled Rheill in despair.
“I have a risky idea!” Explained Sana, as she begins channelling her poisonous rain-cloud since they were in a corridor.
“Rheill, fall back now… to the outside of the intersection!” Screamed Karna, as she moved backwards, followed by Rheill.
Sana shoots two toxic rain-clouds, which cover the whole corridor; the passageway glows a bright limestone colour, as it rains down on top of the Couatl. Meanwhile, it just flies through the cloud, and it shrieks in pain, as the venom from the rain enters the monster’s bloodstream. It slows down the Dragon-flied entity a little bit; Isai then raises his bow and let’s flow an arrow into the creature’s neck. He then hides behind Karna. Next, he puts his bow down, as the Couatl has trouble breathing; it slumps its neck down on the ground, and Karna delivers the finishing blow, by sticking her sword through its head to the grey, stone-floor. Karna then picks up her sword and wipes it clean of the green coated-liquid and sheaves back into her Scabbard. Meanwhile, Isai retrieves his arrow from the serpent’s neck.

“Let’s, see what the Couatl was guarding!” Said Rheill with excitement.
“You and your treasure again, Rheill!” Replied Karna, mockingly.
Rheill enters the hidden passageway again and says, “Shush, you!” Back at, Karna.
She follows him and smiles underneath her helmet, “The second false-wall should be right about here!” As her arm, vanishes through the wall.
She tries to go more south and bumps into a dungeon wall. Luckily, she is wearing a helmet; so she merely shakes the impact off, “Karna, are you okay!” Giggled Rheill.
“You are mean! no kisses for you tonight, or cuddles!” She then starts laughing, as she says, “Damn, that hurt… usually every false wall, had been in a straight direction!”
“What are you two doing in there?” Asked Sana thinking they were getting dirty together as Karna and Rheil were out of sight.
“Karna, accidentally hit a wall, as the false wall did not go straight!” Explained Rheill, as he found it hard to keep a straight face, underneath his helmet.
“Well, Karna wasn’t real smart… because she is carrying a compass and she should have known this passageway was leading in the direction of the wrecked tunnel. She was lucky that she didn’t fall into the chasm!” Said Isai, harshly.
“How the hell, could I know that? Yes, I know we went east towards the main Treasure Stores, chamber!” Said Karna angrily, as she didn’t like his tone of voice and she is already exhausted from her incident with the pit-room earlier.
“STOP IT!” Yelled Sana, she then breathes calmly, “This is not helping, and Karna head to the west. It is a corner, I think, but its hidden from the naked eye!”
Karna heads west and finds the corridor continues forward a little further, and there is another golden chest lying on the floor.
“Let me check it for traps or mechanisms!” Said Rheill.
“Wow, someone showing responsibility, for a change!” Replied Karna, chuckling out loud.
Isai sighs, as Rheill, safely opens the chest and finds the contents of it. There is a dusty old anti-venom flask, which didn’t look too healthy to drink; but the lid is sealed tightly. Also, there is another flask as well. The bottle appeared covered in a crimson-red colour with the symbol of Ful carved into the base of it.
“This one matches my light spell symbol, which means it is probably a dangerous flask! Maybe, it is a bomb. Take care when carrying it, Isai!” Said Sana, in a caring tone of voice.
“No switches here… so we need to backtrack and head north!” Demanded, Karna.

The party decided to backtrack; to the long passageway, that took a sharp, ninety-degrees turn to the left and it leads to another intersection heading south. As the champions come to the intersection, they noticed another one a few paces ahead; suddenly, a Swampy-slime emerges from the first junction.
“Rheill, you take the left flank, and I will take the right side… Isai and Sana, you both know what to do. Lure it into our trap!”
Sana hurls a throwing star at the creature and Isai starts firing several arrows at it, a few of them stick into the creature’s tentacle area; but it still, keeps coming towards them. Next, both Sana and Isai, hide behind Karna and Rheill; as both of them are ready to devastate, the creature with a pincer attack.
Suddenly, the slimy-entity stops and starts firing several volleys of projectiles of toxic acid at them, “MOVE!” Screams Karna, before it explodes off of the northern dungeon wall.
“I guess your plan didn’t work… I need to find a different spell other than poison, and soon this is getting frustrating,” shouted Sana.
The slimy-minion falls to the ground after the third arrow lands in its tentacles, “Great job, Isai!” Praised Karna as she places a hand on his shoulder.
Rheill shows no signs of jealousy; much like Karna did earlier.

Next, Karna leads them into the passageway to find another lion-headed fountain on the right wall; directly opposite it was a drain of toxic slime dripping down the left wall.
“Let’s take a quick drink, while we can!” Said Rheill.
“I will take mine last… I want to check around this corner for enemies!” Declared Karna, as she finds nothing,
“Dead-end, let’s check the next side-passageway?” Asked Karna, as she goes to refill her water-bottle up, after drinking a lot of water. After she had finished filling her water-container up; she then sprinkles water from the fountain, over her eyes, as she is starting to get a little fatigued.
“Karna, do you want to rest for a bit, I know we can’t go back due to the pit-room?” Asked Rheill.
“No Sweetheart… Let’s push on. Although if we meet any more enemies. I will need to rest up for sure!” Replied Karna.
After Karna had finished sprinkling herself with the water, she moves to the frontline again. Karna then leads them to the intersection, and it leads to a small dead-end; after taking, a small left-handed turn, “Dead end, and nothing here either, this area seems to be pointless!” Said Karna, frustratingly.
“There is another water fountain here… why so much water on this floor?” Added Isai to the conversation.
“Who Knows, I didn’t build this cursed place!” Said Sana, as they continue to head to the west.
The corridor goes on for quite a while, as they go around, to the left twice and start heading towards the south. Next, they come to another double turn in the passageway; but this time, it travels in the form of two right-handed turns. Next, the dungeon swerves left again, and then there is another intersection that turns to the right. Also, there are some stairs, which were descending downwards. The steps were seen slightly ahead, to the right; followed by the corridor turning to the north.
“Any preference, guys and girls… so I know where to lead us?” Asked Karna.
“Just guide us, Karna!” Replied Sana.
“Karna, do the side-route first, remember what we have learnt so far and the creature cavern!” Added Isai, as he purposely tries to irritate her more.
“Yes, I remember that very well… the right turning it is then!” Responded Karna, showing no signs of irritation, as she learned from her previous mistakes.
She turns to the right, with the other three members of the party following her closely. Karna finds another small niche to the left with another flask resting in it; however, this time inside the container was a blue coloured liquid. However, there is a rune on the glass-bottle; it had a curvy line going downwards and a diagonal-line drawing from top-left to bottom-right, “This symbol is new, no one is to drink this… until I find out what it does!” Explained Isai, very seriously.
“Take it for now though, Isai!” Suggested Sana.
Underneath the flask was another blue sapphire carved in the shape of a beautiful gem, which sparkled remarkably brightly. Karna was already carrying one of these in her backpack; that she found earlier on this level of the dungeon. It got found inside of a small dead-end; along-side; Isai’s current melee weapon, the mace. Additionally, Rheill possessed another, which got discovered inside of the Store Rooms.
“Take it, Karna, you have more space to hold valuables, and If we don’t need it for anything. We can sell it to a merchant and share the profit between all four of us!” Said Rheill, thinking about money, as usual.
Karna solely shrugs her shoulders and sighs loudly at him, under her breath. They continue to the south only to come to a dead-end; they have no choice, but to backtrack to corner with the stairs.

They then notice the corridor, expands into a small room, with four tiles in it; there is another flask lying on the floor.
“This potion has a sword-type symbol on it. Please, again no-one is to drink this liquid. Until I know what the rune does!” Explained Isai, as he takes the flask and puts it inside his backpack.
Sana then spots a pretty small crack in one of the walls to the left of the stairs, and then says out loud, “Karna, there is a crevice-type, switch again!”
“Well, every area is safe… let’s push it then!” Replied Karna.
Karna then pushes the switch, and the rumbling of a dungeon wall raising is heard echoing though-out the area.
“I have a sneaky suspicion, it opened something in that dead-end, we just explored, but what about the stairs?” Asked Sana.
“let’s leave the stairs for now… as we just opened a possible secret area up. There could also be new monsters roaming about now!” Declared, Karna.
She moves the group back to the area; where the first potion got discovered. Now the corridor linked up to the starting passageway, which went back to the Treasure Stores hub. However, the party decided not to go down the broken tunnel towards the safe-haven; which they spent the last few days in, so they knew the other corridors were safe. The adventurers all knew there were two sets of stairs leading back up to the level above, and they had killed everything on those two floors. Furthermore, there was a button-operated door blocking anything from coming up the stairs from the floor below; as that is the area, they all want to explore next.
“Let’s eat and let especially, Karna, rest her body… Karna, would you like an arm and shoulder massage?” Asked Rheill.
“Aw, you are such a sweetheart and a cutie. I would love one… but, wait until we have eaten please!”
“So, Sana what’s on the menu for today’s meal… as I have no clue what time it is!” Asked Isai.
“We can have some meat again from the large drumstick… since its big enough to feed all of us, for one day. However, this beast must be big, and we need to be careful, in the future!” Explained Sana, as she prepares the meat.
She cuts it up with her dagger; taking the raw meat from the bone, and divides it up evenly, and she uses a torch to cook it a bit; since they had no way to make a fire.
The champions all munch away and enjoy themselves, knowing they have completed another one of Chaos’ evil dungeon designs and are on the way to level six.
“I wonder where he built the tomb to house the Firestaff… I think there is something stopping chaos from reaching the Power Gem. He has not once come to try and stop us, but he imprisons those that fail in the mirrors. Something is off here!” Said Sana, while she was eating, and sharing her feelings about the quest to her comrades.
“Damn I forgot my arrows… I need to go get them from the last slimy- minion we killed!”
“Rheill, can you go with him, even though the pathway is safe!” Said, Karna.
“Yes, dear take your helmet off and relax, and all your armour!”
Karna grabs Rheill by the arm and whispers in his ear, “I don’t have any clothes on underneath remember. I can lay face down on the floor if you promise not to peak at me or massage me over the top of the leather armour, it is only leather and not plate. Also, when I find mithril, I will need to strip naked again!”
‘mm, wonder if she will let me watch!’ he thought to himself silently, as he begins to set off with Isai.
“Wait, Rheill you have no light source, I know we are used to my spell now, ha, ha!” Said Sana, giggling a little, as she hands over the fully lit torch.
Rheill then takes the torch from Sana.
Isai and Rheill then walk down the shortcut, avoiding the pit room; meanwhile, Karna and Sana have some girl-talk, “So, Sana is there more to it… why don’t you want to date Isai, until after the quest?”
“How did you guess, before he told me about not getting to make love to a woman and being forced to never get into a relationship with a lady either. He was utterly trying too hard, but I can positively sense, he is after only my V!” Replied Sana.
“Hmm yes, like when he wasn’t valuing my input earlier, but with Rheill, he does try hard sometimes. However, every time I was hurt, he comforted me and hugged me, it is the little things, like wanting to spend time together. Also, don’t tell Rheill, but I had a warm fuzzy, feeling in that pit-room in the likes, that I have never felt before. The tingling feelings continued to run through my veins and body. I think it is called true love!” Answered Karna.
Sana thinks to herself, ‘Hmm, she still has not apologised. Maybe she did only feel Rheill pull her up. However, I feel bad for thinking that she is a bitch, all the other times she has saved me. Like that poison bolt that could have poisoned me to death. She has been nothing, but kind to everyone. I will let it slide, but I am, so jealous of her and I don’t mean to be, she has the perfect man. I truly want that in my life, sigh!’ She then holds back her tears, as she wants to cry.
“Sana, is everything okay?”
“Yes, I was thinking about some stuff… Like, how you almost died, and yet you sit here so strong. You kept going, even though, I could see you were struggling a bit in combat!”
“Just a little bit on my attacks… usually I would have landed a hit from a defensive move, but that Couatl was super-fast… thank you for the poisonous cloud, it made our lives a lot easier! I am going to prepare for that massage, Rheill owes me, and you get some rest, Sana.

Karna removes her helmet to let loose that beautiful jet-black hair and reveal her natural beauty once more, ‘feels good to be out of this helmet for a while!’
She then sits in the middle of the corridor and patiently awaits her lover; to caress her sore parts of her amazingly built and chiselled figure.
They both return and Isai now had recovered all of his arrows back, and he decides to go to sleep on his own.
‘What the hell, Isai, I said we could be friends still, don’t mean you have to sleep on your own!’ Thought Sana, as she begins to cry; not wanting to be alone anymore.
“Goodnight, Isai!” Said, Karna.

“Just us and no taking advantage of me!” She said jokingly.
“Aw, Karna, I don’t want to make love to you in here… I want our first time to be special. I love you, baby, so much. Please relax and let me take care of your weary body!” Replied Rheill.
‘Gosh, how did I get so lucky, a man that doesn’t only care about my V and breasts, for a change!’ She thought to herself.
Karna closes her eyes as she starts feeling Rheill’s powerful hands and fingers run all over her triceps. He then moves his hands over Karna’s arms above the fabric of her leather armour.
“Mmm, baby, that feels good… they hurt so much. I honestly don’t know, how I held on with one arm for so long. It was my shield arm, darling. Please work that one as thoroughly, as you can!”
“You know what is scary, how you killed that Couatl, with your other arm and you, never gave up!”
“Your words baby, don’t you dare let go ran through my mind the whole time. Also, I have something to fight for now. I have no parents… you are the only family, I have now. It wouldn’t be fair for you to lose the best thing in your life right now either, right?”
“Yes, and you are going make me cry… you are the sweetest woman, I have ever met, and your heart contains pure love,” as he works purely on her shield-arm and shoulder.
Rheill then removes his helmet revealing his facial features and brown hair. Next, he gives her a couple of gentle kisses to the top of her shoulder and then a couple on the neck. After that Karna moans softly, as she seems to be sensitive on her neck and then he slides his tongue into her mouth, and they start to kiss and make out passionately.
Karna’s breathing gets faster, as she feels herself and her lustful body getting aroused and she so wants to take him right now; She spreads her delicate hands over his arms and grabs Rheill by the bum. Karna then squeezes it as she slides her tongue into his mouth to explore it and then she releases her lips from him and smiles joyfully.
“Rheill, I love you so much can we only snuggle now. If this wasn’t our first time together and I would want to get on top of you!” She said as she was feeling a little horny.
“Oops, did my kisses to your neck, entice you, darling!”
“What do you think, imbecile!” she laughs as he turns her around to play with her hair and kiss her shoulders some more; as they fall, down and he spoons her from behind. He still nibbles a bit on her neck, teasingly and continues to twirl her hair and rub her shoulders.
“Oh, Rheill, I love you so Much, words can’t describe the love I feel for you… but, after this is over, you will go back, to being the king of your barbarian tribe!”
“Yes, and I want you to be my Queen, but for now you are my loving princess!”
“Aw, you are so sweet, and I would be honoured to be your wife and to sit on the throne beside you as your queen. Also, I love being your princess too. Sonya can lead the village, as she is more than capable of doing so!” She then falls asleep so happy she sheds tears of joy.
‘Wow, she said yes to being my queen, and she said she was my princess!’ A few happy tears run down the face of Rheill, as he remembers, due to the war, the woman that was destined to be his queen, Valeria, passed away, recently due to sickness. He thought he could never replace her or find someone even close to having the same qualities Valeria had, but he knows no one could replace her. Valeria was destined to be his true love or thats what he thought before he met Karna. Rheill then peacefully falls asleep next to Karna.

After, several hours they all wake up and freshen up. Both Karna and Rheill, place their helmets back on their heads; after taking a drink from the lion-headed fountain.
Karna speaks full of joy and energy, “Let’s see what floor six has to offer, shall we!
“Hmm, did someone get some sex, last night?” Said Sana, teasing her as she saw them kissing passionately, as she had a hard time sleeping; due to Isai, being selfish and sleeping on his own.
“No, we just kissed and cuddled, Sana… plus I wouldn’t spill the beans if we did, either way!” Replied Karna.
It makes Sana laugh; as they reach the door. Karna uses her index finger to push down the button, and the door rattles open sideways, and they see the stairs, they boldly descend them and reach the sixth level of the dungeon.
“Sana, can you read that cryptic text?”
“Yes, it says, The Riddle Room!”

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