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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 20
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Chapter 20 – Store Rooms


Both Rheill and Karna, remove their metal helmets as they grab their provisions to eat, that Sana had prepared a few minutes ago.
Next, they start to get stuck into their meals, “This, tastes good when combined with the Screamer Slices!”
Now, let me start with my story about my past. Since Rheill shared his, which was quite a shock to hear!”
She pauses before continuing to speak, “When Rheill, was doing those little things to make me smile. It truly got me thinking about my mother, as I felt a tingling feeling close to my heart. She told me that’s how you will know you have found your true partner in life and you are in love!”
“Aww, Karna!” Said Sana as a happy tear runs down her right cheek from her beautiful eye.
“Karna, I feel the same way about you! Although you have more to tell right?”
“Yes, thank you, I lost my mother… when I was only ten years old, and I had also lost my father five years earlier. I do not even know who my father is properly, as he was always taking trips to distant lands!” She pauses again and starts to cry a little as she misses her mother so much.
She, then continues, “The last day, I saw my father was the day my mother told me he had to go to protect the world, by finding a cure to this horrible disease that was spreading over a distant continent. You all know that we live on the continent called Aenas. However, there are lands that, exist beyond the seas. Just it has not been mapped out yet, as you know how destructive, the sea can be with storms and typhoons. The distant land, which my mother said he was constantly visiting was called Eyos, and that he had found rare herbs. He used these herbs to brew special potions that could cure diseases. Although he never returned. So she raised me alone for the next five years!”
“Karna, that is terrible… do you think that he possibly died?” Said Sana. She then comforts Karna as she wipes her tears away; as she was getting emotional from telling the story of her troubled past.
“I do not know, but my mother told me to train hard and be strong, as one day. I might have to defend the village from other villages, or evil not from this world. She also gave me a potion, which was apparently from my father, that he gave to her on the day of his last departure to Eyos. My mother also told me. He said to her for me to drink this, as it will make me the best fighter in the land of Rune. I trusted my mother and father, with my life and drunk it. Therefore, I noticed while I was training and growing up… I could do things, no other fighter in the village could do. Was my father preparing me for the day, that Theron came to Rune!”
“Whatever, was in this potion, is simply extraordinary and it cannot fall into the hands of the wrong people either!”

She takes another bite into her food before continuing to tell her tragic story, “Suddenly out of nowhere we were contacted by a pigeon carrier with a coded letter wrapped around its leg to our village. My father had met already with the people there. Once my father heard of the dreaded news, he wanted to use his medicine to save those people. He had such a kind heart from the stories my mother always used to read to me at bedtime. I honestly do not think he abandoned me, or my mother on purpose and something happened to him!”
Karna pauses and clutches her heart over her leather armour, and thinks to herself, ‘Mother, why didn’t you tell me the truth… before you died, now I will never know!’
Karna then continues and shares, what she was thinking to the rest of the group.
“I think my mother was hiding something from me and she was going to tell me. However, she died in an attack by an army of Couatls about ten in total. They were much smaller than the ones we had fought in this dungeon earlier. They went astray from the inner Montoya Jungle, situated to the east towards the outskirts of Rune. They killed all of our men, but the Warriors took down most of them before I took up my sword and shield. I defeated the last three that remained all by myself, which should have been impossible for a ten-year-old girl. We had no one to cure the poison of the bit victims, so they all died a slow and painful death. Now only the woman remained in the village. I left Rune in the hands of a woman called, Sonja. I trained her to be the new protector of the village in my absence, and here we are today!”
“Such a moving story Karna. Now I know why you are so driven… because, of that fateful day, twenty years ago!” Said Rheill, as he lets Karna, rest on his chest, as he brushes her silky jet-black hair softly.
Next, he whispers into her ear softly, “We will find the answers, my love, but please rest now!”
Karna drifts off to sleep slowly as she keeps on thinking about her parents; but, she eventually gets some shut-eye. The rest of the party sleeps, a lot easier than Karna, and they all wake up after several hours of rest.

Karna is up first, and she looks glazed and tired in the small lighting, which is lit up by Sana’s new Illuminant amulet, “Karna, is everything okay, my love?” Asked Rheill.
“Had a horrible nightmare of my past, I witnessed my mother fall over to a Coautl bite. I was powerless to stop the venom and had to watch her die again, in the middle of my sleep. I guess talking about it, triggered it again!” she bursts into tears again as she says the last word as she is unable to control her heart and emotions any longer.
Karna’s emotions were being held so deep inside of her heart, that she joined the quest to escape from it all; but, she had none nothing of the sort, as it was just pushed aside and was like a volcano waiting to erupt. So, she finally gives in and uses Rheill’s love; as a shield to comfort her and she leans against him to have a good ole cry.
Rheill cuddles her tightly, “Let it all out, Karna… we need you! I need you… you helped me become a better fighter!” He plays with her soft jet-black hair to calm her down.
Oh, what happened?” Said a startled, Sana, who was awoken by, Karna’s loud crying.
“Karna had a terrible nightmare. She saw images of that dreadful day, twenty years ago, again!”
“That is terrible Rheill, please, look after, Karna! We need her, focused. However, it is good for her to let this all out now. She may have been enhanced, by that potion, but, she is a human being like all of us!” Explained Sana as she wakes up Isai, who slept despite having a terrible injury put upon him yesterday.
“Wake up, sleepy!” Said Sana, as she shakes, Isai; he finally wakes up from his deep slumber.
“Oh, is it time to get up, Sana?” he mumbled; meanwhile, Rheill gives, Karna, a kiss on her cheek, after wiping all her tears away.
“You Know, Karna… you are the strongest woman I have ever met. Other people would have gone into depression, but you are still able to smile and move forward. Also, you are still extremely sexy even when you are sad!” Declared, Rheill; as he looks into her eyes and smiles at her.
Karna smiles again, despite having lost the two most important people in her life, as she eventually realises that she gained another. An extraordinary person is now part of her life; it is her new best friend and boyfriend, Rheill.
He passes Karna her Casque ’N Coif headpiece; she then places it back on her head. Rheill then puts his full basinet helmet on and grabs his axe; while Karna gets her trusty sword and her small iron shield.
Isai is now ready to venture forth as well armed with his new staff that he found yesterday and his bow on his back; he seems a lot, better mobility- wise today. Sana then illuminates the area with her Ful rune; so they can see properly in the dark.

“So, we are taking the south door… right, Karna?” Asked, Rheill.
“Yes, dear… we are going clockwise, from the eastern, most door,” replied Karna.
Karna moves into the front to resume her duties, “Karna, please take it easy… I know it has been an emotional rollercoaster for you and you did not sleep very much last night!” Said a concerned Isai, as he could tell by the look in her eyes.
“I will be okay… I have all of you to support me, right… Rheill, made me realise when he was caressing me to calm me down. I don’t have to face this alone, anymore!” Explained Karna.
“You are damn right, Karna… you are not alone!” Responded Rheill, as he opens the reinforced wooden door with the button.
Next, the rattling of the door opening vertically booms throughout the chamber, “A gold coin!” Said Sana, as she spots it before the dungeon turns to the left.
Karna moves past the coin and scouts the corridor; she sees that it leads onwards for a little bit and the path branches off to the east. Rheill takes the money to look after it and places it safely into the pouch part of his backpack.
Meanwhile, Karna approaches an empty oblong-shaped alcove, which appeared situated just before the turning to the east, “let’s, move as one, and check both areas quickly… to avoid any ambushes!” Declared, Karna.
She decides to hastily move down the intersection; as it was a short passageway, and it leads into an oddly-shaped chamber with no apparent exits.
“Hmm, empty more than meets the eye… I am sure, let’s check the other area, Karna!” Suggested Sana.
“Yes, Sana… I think there might be some switches. Oh, there is some jewellery on the floor!” Replied Karna.
“Wait, there could be a trap… that is just too easy for us to obtain!” Said Isai.
Rheill starts to investigate the oddly-shaped room and finds no signs of anything unusual; Sana then reminds everyone, “There was a hidden-trigger in the first main area, which we explored… when that huge Couatl got released on our way back!”
The party hears the sounds of another slimy-type creature moving about; Karna tries to pinpoint the exact location, as she moves closer to the eastern wall. Next, she walks towards the golden necklace that is conveniently lying on the ground and points her sword at the wall, “It is coming from behind this wall. Let’s grab the accessory quickly. Then we can explore the other direction. Before we try to work out how to release this creature and whatever loot maybe also contained behind this wall!” Explained Karna.
Sana takes a look at the golden necklace, which is lying on the floor and she picks it up to examine it closer. The part that fits around the neck appeared constructed from solid gold. It also has an opal for a gem in the middle of it; where it would fit around the front of the collar-bone. Engraved into the black area was some very small, and cryptic text, which only Sana could read, “Gem of Ages!”
“This necklace contains some magical properties… Isai you should take this necklace. It contains healing arts and magical enhancements!” Explained Sana, as she finishes scanning the necklace with her light blue, eyes that glowed while she uses her technique.
“That is, so cool, Sana!” Said Rheill, excited, by the way, her eyes glowed while identifying.
“It is pretty cool, isn’t it!” She replied chuckling.

Karna seems to be feeling much better, as she resumes her leadership role. She leads them down the long passageway towards the south, and the party arrives at a small dead-end. The tunnel then branches into a small rectangular-chamber. Suddenly, Karna shivers as she spots the torture manacles etched onto the wall; inside of the niche on the right-handed dungeon wall.
“Karna, are you cold?” Asked Isai.
“No, look on the wall! I hope Chaos, doesn’t torture his victims… that, he had captured, inside of the mirrors, back at the Hall of Champions. This frightened, Sana so much. She could not sleep alone, at the start of our journey through this labyrinth; hell it even scared me, and I don’t get scared easily as other women do… no disrespect, Sana!”
“None, taken, Karna!” Replied Sana.
‘I guess she is right I do get frightened quite easily!’ thought Sana to herself.
The party notices another lion-headed water fountain, so they decide to refresh their thirst and then refill their water bottles. All of the adventurers then place them back inside of their poaches.
“We have a locked portcullis here, it seems!” Said Rheill, as he explores the chamber; since it was empty again from monsters.
“Watch out, there is toxic, slime on the southern wall… there is also a new type of crack!” mentioned, Karna.
“I am going to check this crack… to see if there is maybe a button inside of it!” Explained Sana being careful not to get too close to the slime outlet. The crack appeared carved into the left side of the closed portcullis.
Sana could not see, as the crack was far too dark within the grey-scaled dungeon walls. So she decides to poke the inside of the hole with her magical wand; abruptly a click happens, and the portcullis rattles open. It gives the party a lot of treasure.
“Yay, Sana the best at solving puzzles… soon she will be the Dungeon Master!” Praised Isai, trying to get past her friend zone that she kept from the start of the journey and wanted it this way until the quest is over.

Karna walks through the archway of the opened door and sees three objects, resting on the ground. The three objects are another beautiful, and sparkling sapphire-coloured gem. The second item was a gold necklace again, but this time it was carved into the shape of a cross. It also has shades of limestone inside of the cross part. The final item looked to be a weapon; after examining it more closely, the champions realise it is a mace. It appears constructed from hardwood, and it also contains a grey diamond-shaped metal head. It allowed the baton to crush its opponents easier and the crushing-weapon is wieldable in one hand.

“Another beautiful Gem… awaits you, say it’s not as beautiful as me again!” Mocked Karna in a sarcastic tone of voice.
“I never use the same flattery lines twice, darling… I have real, game and last time… I was only telling the truth, Darling!” Replied Rheill, sticking his tongue out at her.
Karna, blushes bright red as a plum, as she is impressed by Rheills sweet pillow talk; Rheill then passes her the gem for her to look after as a kind gesture.
“Oh, thank you, Rheill!” She said, sweetly.
“Sana, please take my necklace… as I think the cross, would be a better fit?” Asked Isai.
“Let me examine it!” Replied Sana, as she does that cool thing with her eyes again.
“Oh, I missed this last time!” Said, Karna, as she is astonished at the sight of Sana’s glowing light-blue eyes.
“The Necklace is pretty much the same… like the one, you are wearing. Just this cross, seems to favour, higher level runes more. So this would indeed, be much more useful to you. Especially, when we learn the runes for more powerful healing magic!”
“Looks like it is your lucky day then, Isai. You are going to get two pieces of loot!” Said Rheill.
“I swear to the gods, that’s all you ever think about!” Said Karna, teasingly.
“No, I think about other stuff… that is more beautiful than any treasure or weapon. You are going to have to guess what it is, Karna!” He replied mockingly.
‘Wow, he is so charming, and wish we were alone right now!’ Karna thought to herself silently while her heart pounded away. She kept thinking about a particular Barbarian.
“Are you Okay, Karna!” whispered Sana, as she moves away from the group while noticing Karna clutching her heart.
“I am fine… I am just smitten over Rheill as he is so charming!” Whispered Karna, not wanting the guys to hear.
“You guys, are too much sometimes… I am going to give you the staff, Sana. Unless you want to use the wand instead?”
“Give it to me anyway… I can put it over my back; it gives me the chance to melee anything, that gets through, which rarely happens, as Karna is brilliant at her job!”
“Aww, thank you, Sana!”
Isai hands over the staff to Sana. He then picks up the mace and wields it as a crushing weapon; the party now has a thrusting weapon, slashing and crushing for all types of foes.
They then decide to backtrack to the strange room; where they could hear the movement of another swampy-slime. The monster echoed through the partitions of the dungeon as it slithered around behind one of the grey-scaled labyrinth walls.

The champions notice another empty alcove, “So let’s examine the place closely!” Suggested Sana in her infinite wisdom.
Karna, starts searching the walls near where they entered the chamber, “Nothing here, any luck on other sides of the room?” Asked Karna.
“Empty over on the right side too!” Replied Isai.
“Also, nothing on this side either… it has to be near you, Sana!” Said Rheill.
“Yes, here it is… another small crevice-type crack that we saw in the Vault. This time I just happened to look in the right area!” Stated Sana, to the others.
“Guys, going to push it, get your weapons out!” Said Sana, as she presses, the small crevice-type button and suddenly the movement of the walls echoed throughout the room.
The walls shook the room as the chamber vibrated, it was so loud as the topmost-western wall opened, and the one behind her; although, no monsters attacked, them as the slime got contained inside the eastern wall.
Meanwhile, Karna is ready with her sword overhead in her fighting stance, “Oh, I got all ready to kick that swamp slimes ass. There must be more switches inside of these concealed sections, which we just opened up!” Suggested Karna.
“Yes, there are two new switches. I do not know, which one we should push first… one could easily be a trap!” Mentioned, Isai.
“We have no way of knowing… there is no text!” Butted in Rheill into the conversation.
“Screw it… I am just going to push the one behind me!” Declared, Sana, as she pushes the same small switch behind her.
“Strange, I see no change at all!” Said, Karna, getting a little annoyed, then remembers not to get angry at small things and calms down, “I will push the other switch then!”
Suddenly, the thunderous sound of the dungeon wall opens up next to Karna; she jumps in fright for a second and swings her sword.
“Karna!” Yelled Rheill and consoles her, “It is just the wall, sweetie and lucky none of us was close!”
“I am so sorry… it scared me, I could have killed one of you. I am just scared of sudden loud noises ever since my childhood!” Explained Karna.
“It is okay, just be more careful in the future… you are not alone here!” Replied Isai.
“You can talk, Isai… you almost shot me with an arrow yesterday in the head I almost forgot to deal with you about that… thanks for being rude to me. It certainly jogged my memory. I did not get a single apology from you either, least I apologise when I screw up!” Said Karna angrily.
“Wow, stop it… both of you now!” Shouted Rheill, he sees Karna is fuming and grabs her by the shoulders gently to calm her down, as he knows she is very unstable right now.
“Time for me to play the peacekeeper… Isai, please apologise to Karna for almost shooting her. Also, Karna I then want you to hug him. So we can move on. We don’t have time for petty squabbles. It is exactly what Chaos, would want right now!” Stressed Sana
“I am sorry… you almost got hit by my arrow yesterday, Karna!”
“Apology accepted, come and give me a big hug, it is your only chance, as my cuddles belong to Rheill!” as she embraces Isai tightly and she then smiles at him.
“Apology accepted, come and give me a big hug, it is your only chance, as my cuddles, belong to Rheill!” she replies, and embraces, Isai, closely, she smiles at him.
‘Why is Karna, being so moody and then suddenly friendly to me… is it a love and hate relationship?’ Isai thought to himself.
“Thank you, Sana!” Said Rheill.

“Rheill, it was nothing now… let’s get back to what we were doing here. It looks like the north-east part of the wall opened as well!” Said Sana.
“Let’s push the closest button first and see what happens?” Asked Rheill.
“No, I think the other one opens it. These are like a combination of buttons!” Replied Sana.
“Please, explain more, Sana!” Asked Karna.
“Okay, the puzzle works like this… only one of the button opens the area we are trying to acc. Remember, when I pushed the second switch nothing happened. Why do you think this is?” Suggested Sana.
“Hmm, the first switch toggled, and two walls opened. So Sana, you are saying that the wall must have been open, so the switch, was an empty mechanism?” Answered, Isai.
“Yes, that is precisely why, and I think the last switch was a toggle one, which opens the wall and if you press it again, it will close it. However, it seems very strange that Chaos would design it to have a toggle and an open switch-type. You would think it would be a toggle and close version. It was simply to make it look more complexed than it truly is!”
“Guys get ready for combat, Sana is a real genius!” Praised, Karna.
Sana pushes the button in the north-west, and a passageway opens up to the east of the room, which took a sharp ninety-degree turn to the right. Suddenly, the swampy-slime slithers around the corner; Karna, lets the Slimy-creature come into the main room and then engages it with her sword and small Iron shield.
Karna moves in and makes the slime entity turn towards her; this forces it to change direction and look away from the others. Next, it lunges with a venomous bolt, but Karna, swerves her body to right in a sexy motion and it flies into the wall and explodes.
Karna spots the particles and quickly jumps backwards; unfortunately, it now faces Sana, Rheill and Isai, “Spread out… It will then only shoot at one person, and then we can chop it down!” Explained Karna.
Rheill approaches the creature with speed and malice lifting his axe over his head and slashes down on the swamp slime; but, it somehow predicts him coming and moves out of the way, and he strikes the ground. The impact rocks Rheill and knocks him down making him vulnerable, “Rheill!” Yelled Karna, as she stands between him and the creature.
“You, will not harm him… you must go through me if you want to touch him!” In an angry voice, as her hazels eyes glow with a fury of the likes that they have ever witnessed before in their lives.
“Isai, shoot the thing!” Yelled Rheill, as he gets back to his feet.
“I freaking hate these creatures as I cannot do anything to them magically as I only have poisonous runes. Although, I can do this!” Shouted Sana as she smacks it with the staff hitting from the right side.
The slimy minion then turns its gaze towards, Sana; as Isai shoots it in the back with a well-placed arrow. Rheill returns to his vertical base, and this time he controls his barbarian rage using the advice of his true love, Karna. Both, Karna, and Rheill strike down the slimy monster as Karna lunges with a thrust to the back of the blue tentacles. Rheill then follows after her with a massive slashing blow. It took off the melancholy limbs ultimately forcing the monster to turn into nothing, but a pile of highly toxic slime; the magic of the dungeon floor prevents it from melting it.
The party stands victorious again with Karna showing no fear when it comes to combat, and she put her life on the line to save, Rheill.
He embraces her to say thank you, and no words were even needed as she rests her head on his shoulder, but she still utters these soft words.
“I will not lose you… I already lost everything almost before!” She sobbed.

They then follow the new path; as it traverses into a square room. There is a dagger on the floor and some more mail aketon that they had seen before. However, Rheill still needed the hosen foot mail, “Rheill, we can now have matching boots!” Said Karna, happily.
‘The journey is going to be interesting now. We have an unstable protector, one minute she is sad the next she is happy. She keeps on flirting with me. She gives me hugs and winks, which is not normal!’ Thought Isai, again not being around woman half his life, he just cannot read a women’s body-language at all.
Rheill removes his black leather boots and places the hosen foot plate on each leg one at a time; as it provides the added protection from low attacks.
“Let’s head back to the main room… it was a bit disappointing after trying to get in here. Although Rheill needed the mail, we did get two amulets, a mace, a golden coin and another gem. I assume this gem is needed again for something, or maybe it is just a treasure!” Said Sana.

They, then head back to the main room and get ready to tackle the last two areas.
“The next room is the western door… let’s merely rest for a few minutes. We will eat after we explore this one unless it takes a long time like the Couatl area!” Declared, Karna.
“Close that door also before we head into the next one, we want this area secure!” Stressed, Isai, as he presses the button to close the southern door in the main room of this level.
They then head over to the western reinforced wooden door; Karna opens it using her sword to press the button to be smart and shows her precision with a blade.
The dungeon turns sharply to the left, as they follow the corridor. It turns rights into a massive chamber, and they are amazed at what they see in front of them.

The party witnesses a load of vortexes; but, they don’t suck them in like the very first teleporter that they came across on level two of the dungeon.
“Oh, now this is a puzzle we have never seen before. I have never seen anything like this in Magika!” Said Sana excited at the sight of all the blue-hazed teleporters.
“So Sana, what do we do here?” Asked Isai.
“Why are you asking me? I may have solved them in the past… but, it does not mean I know the answers to everything!” Replied Sana.
“I have experienced this before… they are only teleporters!” Explained Karna.”
“So, let’s see where they go, and if we have to go through lots… we will use bread trails. We can break up one loaf of bread, and we have more than enough food. It would be catastrophic if we got lost and could not get back out!” Said Sana.
“Oh, gosh a horrible way to die… starvation, slow and painful!” Stated Isai. Rheill remained quiet, as he adores Karna’s figure.
She notices it and starts to flaunt her goods a little bit and smiles at him; before opening her mouth, “Well let’s get started then, shall we… let me go first?”

Karna moves and thinks to herself, ‘hmm, going to choose right every, single time!’ As she steps into the first vortex, she gets teleported with a magical force out of this world.
Karna ends up in the south-eastern part of the chamber in between three more blue-hazed Vortexes.
She spots another Mirror of dawn on the floor, and shouts, “I found another Mirror… I will take it and try to see where else, I can go, Sana!”
“We should never split up… however, this is a confusing puzzle, and we don’t want to injure people by teleporting on top of each other!” Yelled Sana back at, Karna.
Karna enters the right vortex again and appears in the north-western part of the massive chamber surrounded by three more spirals.
Karna spots a dart lying on the floor. She then bends down to pick it up and places it in her backpack. Next, Karna decides to choose right again as that what she thought about in her mind; before she entered the first vortex.
“Oh, Karna you are back!” Said Rheill, startled as she appeared magically in front of him.

“It seems I chose a wrong vortex… after getting this, dart!” Replied Karna, as she hands over the dart to Sana.
“I think this is poisonous… we should use it maybe to weaken living creatures that we may encounter deeper in the dungeon?” Suggested Karna.
“I will keep this. Although I have rain clouds to use. We may need it for a pressure-plated type puzzle!” Explained Sana.
“So choosing right everytime did not work… it was something I just planned out of nowhere. There has to be logic to this, or we need to use bread trails, as you suggested earlier, Sana!” Declared, Karna.
“Karna go the same way, but choose a different direction, on the one that returned you to us. Also, please place different size, breadcrumbs in the areas you end up!”
“Okay, Sana, this will help me figure out how to get us to the other side… if there is another side!” Said, Karna.
Next, she takes the slice of bread from Sana, so she can quickly create the crumbs.

Karna then walks straight back into the blue portals and breaks part of the bread into different sizes; for each part of the entrance. She takes the right vortex, each time repeating the process until she arrives back to where she got teleported back to everyone. Karna decides to go with left blue haze after she had set up the breadcrumbs in each different way.
This time Karna does not appear back with the others, and she appears in the north-eastern part of the room; as she turns left, she notices a different exit for the first time.
“Well, these breadcrumbs are helping… I made some progress. It looks like I know exactly where we need to go… but, it is finding the right portals to get there!” Shouted Karna loudly as her voice echoes throughout the chamber.
She breaks more of the sliced-bread, ‘damn it… I hate to waste food, but we have no choice’ She thought to herself as she places it in different shapes again, to keep her bearings. The compass that the party found in the secret area on level three of the dungeon has become so valuable in solving the puzzle. She messes up twice, and she is forced to restart the enigma.
She growls and keeps her thoughts to herself, ‘I have to keep restarting. It is freaking annoying, and I hate repeating stuff. I know I need to work on my patience, but this is not the time for it!’
She finally picks the correct way by going south, and she appears in the centre of the room; the others now can see her and wave, “Oh… hi there!” She said and then speaks again, “So I have four choices… I may have restart three more times!” She said shrugging as she sprinkles more crumbs to help her remember the incorrect portals.
“Come on Karna… you are doing well. Keep your anger under control. Like you have been teaching me!” Said Rheill.
Rheill’s, words sunk into her heart and she stays as calm as the sea with no gales, as she messes up three times.
Karna remembers the way as she has a good memory of visual stuff. She eventually arrives at the most north-western part of the chamber; but diagonally to the other side, she had already been. So she instantly knew there were only two directions; It could probably be.
She puts her right hand onto her busty chest, to feel her heartbeat and choose the way for her; which, was the eastern portal and she appears in the room.
‘Yes, I solved it now to go back and get them to follow!’
Karna returns to the party and gets them to follow as they all arrive inside the new room.

“Let’s take a two-minute break for you to rest your feet, Karna. Plus, there is water here!” As Sana spots the lion-headed water fountain, which got perfectly carved into the south-western corner of the weirdly shaped-oblong room.
There is also a portcullis, situated on eastern, wall as Karna swiftly draws her sword as she sees; yet another Couatl, on the other side of the square-holed door.
“Isai use your bow through the holes of the door. I know earlier… I said last time we should fight like men, and you got angry Karna. These, are very dangerous and we have an easier way of dispatching it!” Said Rheill.
“I let it slide remember… but, I am going to stab the creature through the bars as well from the right side… shoot your arrows from the left!” Replied Karna.
“Well, Karna, I can use melee range as well, as it will be a lot easier to get my arrows through the holes this way. There is no chance it can bite us through these holes. Although, we need to beware. It can grab us while trying hit it on the other side!” Explained Isai, in response to Karna’s plan.

Karna and Isai move in on their assigned sides; the Couatl shrieks at, Karna. She shows no fear as she knows how to defeat them much better now and she is the Couatl’s worst nightmare, thanks to that dreadful day.
She watches the Couatl’s movements closely; as Isai, draws back his bow and lets loose an arrow that connects into the neck area of the scaly- Coautl. The shaft sticks through it, and the reptile screeches in pain as Karna tries to stab it through the gate, it moves backwards out of her reach, “Fire another, Isai… it is hurt!”
Karna then moves out of the way allowing, Sana to walk towards the portcullis instead and she channels a poisonous rain-cloud that prevents it from moving east. Although this made it more difficult for Isai to shoot the Coautl; Sana was unable to get an angle to place it south, locking its position behind the alloyed-door.
“Damn it… I was trying to keep it close to the door!” Said Sana.
Isai hits it in the mouth with another arrow-shaft. However, shockingly it had enough strength to catch it, and it spits arrow on the floor.
“Screw, this!” Yelled Karna as she opens the door and goes into melee range away from venom pouring down at the eastern wall.
The Coautl lunges at the shieldmaiden of Rune, she blocks the Couatl’s attack and then she shield slams it in the injured neck, “how is it still breathing, that arrow went right through it is windpipe!” Said Sana in despair.
“Karna move to the right!” Yelled Rheill as he shows unimaginable power as he throws his two-handed axe right into the yellow-scaly body and the Coautl is hurt.
“Don’t take this personal… but, I hate your type now… after what you did twenty years, ago and injuring, Isai. Your kind will not do it again. Not on my watch, time to freaking die!” As Karna swings her sword with all the might she could muster, chopping the injured neck in half. The Couatl’s, head lies motionless on the stony-ground, as the body slithers down beside it; meanwhile, Sana stops channelling her toxic rain-cloud.
She then goes to stab it repeatedly, as she sees flashbacks of her childhood. Rheill quickly grabs her and shakes her by her shoulders forcing her to drop her sword, and weep again.
“Karna, its okay now… we do not blame you for acting this way. They killed half your village and your mother!”
“I am so, sorry… I am having a real hard time controlling my emotions around these serpents!”
She clutches onto Rheill tightly, and then picks up her sword and sheathes it away into her weapon-holder.

“Look, a deep pit… blocks our exit from this room and there is no way across it!” Said Isai.
“Isai, there is a freaking lever here… you, numbskull!” Replied Sana.
“Wait, Sana… I see a pressure pad as well on the other side, but it’s in a weird spot… as we can easily throw the object over the top of it!” Explained Karna.
“Okay… let’s not waste more time. Push the lever its right here, and see what happens!” Suggested Rheill to Sana.
“It is too easy… but, logic tells me this is within reach, and the other mechanism is not!” Replied Sana and then both Karna and Isai nod in agreement.
Sana presses down the lever, and it closes the pit, allowing them to progress further south; On the right dungeon wall, some cryptic writing appeared faintly in the distance.
“Before you step on that pressure plate… make sure everyone is across!” Demanded Karna.
Karna’s instincts, could not have been more spot on, “Don’t step backwards, or look… Karna, I know you are afraid of heights!”
“Oh, gosh!” Replied Karna as she moves ahead for her well being.
The party comes to a junction with two wooden doors; the one on the eastern direction has a square button to operate it. The entrance on the western route has no switch and can only be cut through with an axe or sword, or opened via a mechanism.
“What does the text say!” Asked Isai.
Sana reads the text out loudly, ‘Store Rooms!’
“So this must be the main storerooms of the treasure Stores!” Said Rheill getting excited for treasures again.
Karna zips his lips with her finger as she places it outside of his plated-helmet where is mouth would be.
Sana chuckles as Rheill moves Karna’s finger away from his face and looks at her and utterly smiles; he then opens his mouth to speak again, “We should go through the button-operated door first!”
“I agree as we won’t be able to close them again if there are any monsters concealed inside the room beyond the door!” Replied Karna.

Karna opens the wooden door, and she enters through it in combat stance; they, arrive at a junction, and the right direction leads to a dead end. The champions follow the corridor and find another niche to the right, as they walk north. All of them continue onwards, and the party then comes to an intersection to the right; there is a small turning to the left that did not go anywhere, but they come in contact with another swampy-slime.
“The hell! It was in the dead-end and waiting for us!” Karna shoves everyone out of the way the attack.
Next, she dodges out the way as it tries to grab her with its light-blue tentacles. Karna fell to the floor helping everyone to avoid the last attack from the slimy-minion. She twirls her body as she moved along the ground; as it shoots a bunch of toxic bolts at her, as she remained on the ground, and the venom almost splashes onto her leather. Karna then nips back to her feet as the adventurers witness the horrific noise of the acid hitting the granite on the floor; which sounded throughout the corridor, yet the ground remained unharmed by the toxic.
“Damn, that was close… great reactions, Karna!” Said Isai.
“We are not out of the woods yet. We have very little space this time!” Said, Karna.
“Karna, we have to check what’s behind those wooden doors… so, let’s just run back there and see what is inside while it chases us!”
“Yes, Sana, a great idea we can shut the slime out and clear the room if anything is there!” Replied Karna.
The slimy-creature moves slowly towards the party; as they had no choice, but to wait patiently, as they did not want to risk getting melted or poisoned by the venom and acid. Rheill cuts through the door; while, Karna lied in wait around the corner.
“The room is empty, let’s use the first storeroom as our battleground!” Said Rheill as he motions Karna and everyone to hide behind the walls as the door contained a small rectangular-room.
The Slime comes through the door, and Rheill and Karna hit a perfect grand- cross preemptive strike. Sana and Isai add even more devastation to the attack, as they follow up with an arrow from Isai’s bow. Next, Sana grabs a dagger from her quiver and throws it at the slimy-fiend as Karna and Rheill sidestep to the left avoiding the projectiles; the Swamp-Slime did not stand a chance.

“Nice Work, Rheill!” Praised Karna, as she saw he put this plan together.
“Now leave the stuff here and check the rest of that corridor first, as the treasure or items are not going anywhere!” Said Isai
.“Good point, Isai!” replied Karna as she leads them back to where they were surprised more than an ambush.
The party follows the corridor to the east, and it turns to the north; no scenery, but the grey-scaled walls; the dungeon then takes a turn to left leading to an intersection to the right and another dead end. It was similar to the one that they found the Swamp-Slime in.
“Nothing… but, two dead-ends!” Said Karna, frustratingly.
“Yeah, Karna a waste of time… but, it is better to check all the dungeon for upgrades!” Said Rheill.
“Let’s head back and see what goodies are in that room!” Replied Isai.
They arrive back at the room that looks to be a storeroom, as they find several items lying on the floor.

There is another shiny, and golden coin resting on the floor, next to a rabbit’s foot, “Rabbit’s feet are meant to provide luck… but, it’s just a superstitious-story my mother used to tell me back in Magika!” Explained Sana as she takes it and places it inside of her backpack.
“On that note… I will explain more about my lifestyle, as Isai only asked me about my problem-solving… now it is time to tell you everything as Karna, shed tears about hers. Mine is not as sad or tragic. If not the opposite. I want to protect my people as well much like Rheill and Karna!”
“I will tell you more as well when we eat… as, you were training when I told, only Sana!” Replied Isai.
“Take the golden coin, Karna… you have the other one, right?” Asked Sana.
Karna nods her head up and down, as she picks the money up. Both Rheill and Karna then chop through the second wooden door, which appeared situated on the western side of the room; it was the same door as the other one.
The champions come to another storeroom, which had another blue-sparkling gem, which was coloured sapphire. They see some more blue-poisonous darts, which were short and had azure flights carved into the top of them. There was another full plated-helmet, also lying on the floor; although, the party did not need it, as they already possessed two strong headpieces.
“Rheill, take the other gem. Since you love treasure!” Said Karna, mockingly.
“I will take the darts and use these for ranged fights until I find better magic than this, or maybe on the next floor there are monsters I can channel my stronger poison bolts at!” Explained Sana.
“So, now let’s go make camp… back, in the main room and we will have some bread slices, mixed in with Cheese, apple and corn, with some screamer slice juice. Much like the first fruity meal we first shared together!” Explained Sana.
“Makes sense we opened that bread to get here, least heading back will be much faster!” Replied Karna.
“Yeah… and I am very eager to hear your story, as I missed most of it, last time!” Said Rheill.
The party makes it back to the middle room, as they see it is the hub of the floor and Sana prepares the food she talked about earlier.

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