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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Legend of The Firestaff – Book 1 – Chapter 18
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Chapter 18 – Treasure Stores!


“The monster draws closer to us, get ready, everyone! It must be a new form of a swamp-type creature, and it has slime pouring all over it from its body!” Shouted Karna to the others with a disgusting and disdained look written across her face.
As the unknown-being becomes visible; it is a dark and green colour, it is darker than the Screamers, they had already encountered. The monster also has blue tentacles, which are moving about and are coming out of the top of it; this appears to be the creatures face.
Suddenly, Isai yells out, “DUCK!” as an incoming poisonous bolt flies towards them through the air.
It was much like Sana’s poisonous bolt, but it looked to be a much larger and more powerful projectile than what Sana already possesses. They all duck out of the way just in the nick of time as the bolt then collides with the dungeon wall; next to the grey-scaled stairs behind them that lead back up to the previous floor.
“Okay, we have never had to fight monsters with spells before and we have very little room here to move and avoid other than ducking!” Explained Sana.
“Another bolt! Get up the stairs we will see if it can climb the stairs!” Yelled Karna as they all quickly move and regroup up the stairs. Luckily, for the party, the green slimy-creature could not climb the stairs.
“Do we wait and see if it moves somewhere else on the level below or just try to fight it?” Asked Rheill.
“We need everyone to have anti-venom potions at the ready, just in case they get hit by any of its poisonous bolts. As you saw how swiftly, Sana’s Toxic bolts kill creatures that are much larger than us. However, what is more frightening, is the fact that Sana’s spells are much smaller than these new swamp-slime creatures’ venomous bolts!” Explained Isai.
Meanwhile, Isai starts to conjure four potions one for each of the members of the party, “Here take one each!” Stated Isai to all of them.
Sana, Karna and Rheill all take a flask from Isai and Isai keeps one for himself; All four of them then put the anti-venom potions inside of their small pouch-section of their backpacks. It was to ensure that they all had easy access to them; in case of them getting hit by one of these deadly large-poisonous bolts from the new green swamp-type monster.

Karna motions them to follow her down; they tread as silent as a feather falling to the ground. Chaos’ minion is unaware, and Karna uses her wits now; as she rushes towards the creature and past it, which forces it to turn around and face her, “KARNA!” yelled Rheill worryingly.
The creature turns its gaze towards Karna; Karna shows no fear and faces it head-on but then keeps her distance and moves towards the left grey-scaled dungeon wall. She did this because this gave her enough time to move to the right and left from any large poisonous projectiles; which green the swampy-creature could shoot at her. Karna amazingly dodges them all with ease, and the others realise what Karna is trying to achieve here.
“Attack, everyone!” Shouted Sana.
Karna continues to weave from the right to the left adjacent wall, avoiding all contact from the creatures deadly-poisonous projectiles; Sana then throws her dagger into the back of it, and the monster shrieks out, “This creature is getting hurt by physical attacks!” Shouted Karna.
Isai raises his wooden bow into the aiming position. He then starts to let loose several arrows into the air as they then fly towards the swamp-like creature; he had found at least five so far throughout the dungeon. The quarrels pierce the green-slimy flesh of the monster, and the arrows stick into the slimy-minion as it shrieks out again; however, the creature instantly directs its attention towards the rest of the group. Karna swiftly rushes and delivers a leaping aerial slash, which cuts it down quickly with her sword; her blade slices through the top of it and all the way along its back, and it finally gets slain. Karna’s weapon appeared covered in green slime, and she speaks out; trying not to look at the ooze on the tip of her sword.
“That is so nasty, so much slime! We definitely cannot eat this creature. Let’s completely leave it, and move on!” Suggested Karna.
“Yes, Karna, you are right… thanks for stating the obvious!” Replied Rheill with a snide remark as he even holds his nose due to the stench of what got left from the blue-tentacled swamp-like creature.

The champions carefully step around the swampy-monster as the slime could have been highly toxic as it was shooting poison at them moments ago. Suddenly, all of them realise they still have the anti-venom potions as Karna never took a single hit from any of the creatures’ toxic bursts.
They come to a side passage, and suddenly, Sana starts to speak loudly, “Wait! We forgot there is a water fountain, right where we entered!”
“Oh yes, Sana. Let’s refill our bottles and please drink now, while we have a few moments of peace!” Replied Isai.
All of them take out their water bottles, which are now water-skinned liquid containers from their backpacks and place them inside the water fountain. The source of water looks much like what they had seen in the past, as it is still in the shape of a lion’s head; with the water trickling down from its mouth. Both Rheill and Isai allow the ladies to fill their’s bottles up first, and then the guys take it turns with Isai going first. Once Rheill had filled his bottle up; they all take turns to drink from the lion’s mouth refreshing their thirst. It also re-energised them with the hope of not running out of drinking water, at least while they remained on this floor.
Next, the entourage then turns their attention back at the intersection that had branched off to their left; Karna takes a quick look down the passageway, and she sees that it takes a turn to the right.
As Karna comes back and she says, “Do you want to go this way or check the main corridor we entered?”
“Hmm, Karna, we can explore this, but I would like to know what is down the corridor as well. We do not want to get caught between monsters from both sections, let’s, scout, please. Remember the cunningness of those last two worms, when they flanked us!” Suggested Isai.
“Yes, that is a good Idea, Isai!” Replied Karna.
Karna motions them to follow her back to the junction, and they start exploring the longer-corridor, which leads to another intersection. This intersection also branches off towards the left of the heroes and heroines current position. They take a peek around this one and see it leads to some more stairs heading upwards; which was unusual as they had only ever encountered a single set of stairs, heading either upwards or downwards. Also, there is an opening of a trapdoor above them, which appeared carved into the dungeon ceiling. The hole in the canopy was located directly in the narrow corridor before it leads to the left to the new stairway.
“Another set of stairs, we should head up here then next, possibly?” Asked Rheill to the rest of the group.
“Yes, it could be a short-cut back. Or it could have some secret items that were not assessable from where we were on the previous floor and must be accessed, via this set of stairs!” Explained Sana to Rheill and the others.
“I will first take a look up the stairs, and then I will call you if the coast is clear,” declared Karna.

Karna begins to slowly climb the staircase as quietly as she can, ascending the stony-staircase; fortunately for Karna, she did not disturb any evil presences or entities. Instead, she came to a dead end with the trap-door leading back down to where she passed under it on the level below. It was situated on her left as well, “Everyone come up it is just a dead-end with a trap door, but there is more than meets the eye here!”
Sana, Isai and Rheill all ascend the stony-stairs and meet back up with Karna; who is waiting patiently in the dead end next to the trap-door.
Sana possesses the wits to notice and pay attention to great detail; as she suddenly spots a tiny- switch that looked like a crack carved into the wall. The champions had encountered this before in the vault on level three of the dungeon. The button appeared located on the right wall after ascending the stony-stairs, “Shall we press this?” Asked Sana.
“Yes, otherwise this is just a dead-end!” Replied Rheill.
Both Karna and Isai nod in agreement as Sana presses the button with her index finger and the wall to their left rumbles and begins to open automatically. The entourage sees the wall open, and they soon realise it is almost like a short-cut back as the passageway looks very familiar.
“This was the passageway we entered passed that, Screamer room!” Declared Isai, showing his marvellous memory as he sees the same portcullis.
“Well this goes back to level three, which we have already explored… let’s head back downstairs!” Said Karna in an irritated tone of voice.
“Yes, I agree, Karna, it was a waste of time, but it is best to explore everything!” Answered Sana.
“Yes, you are right Sana, sorry for sounding stroppy!” Replied Karna.
“You are just a Stroppypuff!” Mocked Rheill turning her newfound pet-name against her; it made Karna’s luscious lips curl into a warming smile hidden underneath her armour-helmet.
“So, what am I then, when I am happy to you?” Asked Karna with curiosity to Rheill as they head back down the stony-pair of stairs.
“You are my, Sugarpuff!” Replied Rheill.
“Awww, such a cute name!” Said Karna, loving her new pet-name as she was a bit beaten up when he said it back in the Screamer room.
“Okay, enough you two!” Replied Isai and Sana teasingly, as they now turn to the long passageway
“Please, can we explore this passageway now, merely to see what lies down here? It is the only area we have yet to explore other than the first intersection, where we first entered on this floor!” Explained Isai.
“Yes, I think we should!” Replied Karna as she takes the point.
The party heads down the corridor, which is covered in grey-scaled walls and on the left partition is another lion-headed fountain, and the calm sound of the water trickling down from the lion’s mouth sounded in the distance; it got fainter as they all moved further down and along the corridor. Next, some slime appeared coming out of the wall near the fountain, causing the party to move swiftly onwards.
“This is one long corridor!” Said Rheill.
“Yes, that is for sure!” Replied Karna.
They then come to an empty rectangular-alcove that was carved perfectly into the wall. Although, the recess contained nothing at all. The champions hear, the sound of more water running and trickling down from another lion-headed fountain, which was on the right-sided dungeon wall.
“Lots of water here… we should refill once we have seen where this leads to!” Explained Sana.
The adventurer’s nod in agreement to one another, before they decided to press onwards traversing the passageway; the champions then conclusively arrive at a left-handed ninety-degrees turning. All of them decided to travel around the corner, only for them to observe a new type of wooden door.
The entrance appears constructed from the same type of timber, but in the middle of the hardwood is two squared pieces of metal plating. However, luckily for the group, there is a button to operate the door in its regular position.
“Do we want to open this or go back and explore the other area, since beyond this door is pretty secure?” Asked Sana.
“We could do, or we could see what is beyond it… this way we have a safe place to rest. We could even use this door as protection as well. It is up to you guys?” Responded Karna.
“Hmm, let’s see what is behind this door!” Replied Rheill softly.
“Okay, and you two?” Suggested Karna.
“My heart tells me that I would like to explore the rest of the floor; but, my infinite wisdom is telling me to explore the door to make sure we have a safe, haven!” Replied Sana.
“I say we open the door, as we can always go back, and that last ambush could have turned out a lot worse… we need to prevent that type of stuff from ever happening again!” Explained Isai, giving his in depth, but always serious input.
“Well, it is settled then!” Said Karna, as she pushes the button to rattle the door open; this door opens horizontally, and the passage gets revealed to them; the party then visualises some more stony-steps leading down further into the gloomy depths of the dungeon.
“Now let’s head back… as we have this little area now as our resting spot,” declared Sana.

The party then heads back to the very first intersection they came in contact with since they arrived on this floor; which is level five of Chaos’ strange dungeon. The champions tread carefully, as they follow the corridor that traverses around to the right, followed by a left turn into a longer-corridor. They see another lion-headed fountain, on the right dungeon wall and the floor seems to be falling apart here, which was thirty paces ahead of where they are walking.
The adventurers decide to hug the right-handed wall to be safe from the area on the ground that looks to be breaking apart. The party then witnesses some toxic slime, on the floor, as well as it is oozing out of the left wall through a tiny, circular hole, which was most likely causing the area to erode.
“This place smells horrific as well, please move quickly and don’t go near the other side!” Shouted Karna.
They arrive at the end of the passageway and see some more cryptic text, which Sana reads aloud, ‘Treasure Stores!”
Suddenly, a familiar noise echoed in the distance; the party also notices the corridor turns to the right before opening up into a more larger room, but not much of the chamber was visible by the naked-eye.
“Screamer sound!” Whispered, Rheill to the group.
“Let’s move into the room… this corridor is unstable enough!” Stressed Karna.
She silently unsheathes her sword; as she motions everyone to move in as quietly as they can with her hand gestures.
The party moves into the enormous room, which looked to be a chamber; there are four different exits, all leading to a reinforced wooden door. Near the southern side of the room is some more toxic slime on the floor. Next, the entourage, scans the northern part of the room, as they searched for where the Screamer noise was.
Suddenly, they spot two Screamers, at the northern side of the room; the party was unable to ambush the huge trees, as they were already confronting them and moving their brown-withered trunks towards them.
Karna moves over to them in one swift motion, holding her small iron shield up; she elevates it to block the first attack from the Screamers’ right branch. It rebounds off of the protective-guard of Karna and then Rheill slices off the withered- branch, splitting the bark in half; the woody-plant shrieks and pulls the other half of its living tissue back. As it was pulling its limb back; Isai readies his bow and fires an arrow straight into the illuminant area, and the tree collapses down to the ground. Simultaneously, the other screamer launches an attack at Isai but does not quite reach him. Karna notices the opening and uses the same summersault finishing-move that she killed the last tree from, the pack of six screamers on floor two. The second Screamer falls, down instantly as the blade of the sword cuts right through the entire life force area, covering it in screamer-juice.
“Well, that was easy… get your arrow, Isai,” declared Sana.
“Let’s cut these trees up for a little bit of extra food!” Suggested Isai, as he retrieves his arrow, pulling it out of the first Screamer and placing it back into his quiver.
Rheill and Karna start slicing the dead Screamers remains into edible food, and then hands them to Isai as Sana’s backpack was still full up with provisions.
“Rheill and I, are now going to quickly and carefully return to the fountain to clean, our melee weapons; there appears no apparent danger as everything is currently, concealed behind these reinforced wooden doors.

Several minutes passed and they both return with clean weapons, “So which door d, would you like to start with!” Asked Karna.
“It does not matter as we are going to explore everything; so that we have the best form of equipment, before moving to the next level!” Said Rheill.
“Thinking of treasure and riches again, huh!” Replied Karna, teasingly.
“I never once mentioned treasure, I want us to have the best equipment, that we can have in combat!” Responded Rheill to Karna.
“I was just, teasing!” Answered Karna, as she pokes her little tongue at him.
“Enough! Pick a god damn door, Already. I would like to finish this quest as soon as possible so that we can all go back to our normal lives!” Shouted Isai in frustration.
“Isai, calm down, sweetie… fun is the only thing keeping us sane, while underground. We must have been here for at least one month now!” Said Sana.
Sana tries to calm him down, ‘I might regret this’ she thought to herself as she gives him a tight and close embrace.
“Sorry, I just don’t like wasting time!” replied Isai.
“We are going to use the eastern door because the stairs, going down to floor six is just south-west of our position. I know this because we headed a long way south and only a short way towards the east,” as she looks at her trusty compass.
“Interesting reasoning, but let’s not, tarry any more as we will need to eat again soon!” Said Isai.
“Also, we will go clockwise, around the doors!” Declared Karna being the voluntary leader of the group.
“I go wherever you go, Karna, my love!” Replied Rheill.
Sana merely smiles, and points for them to move to the door and solely says, “When you are ready, our protector!”

The party treads carefully, towards the door; suddenly, Sana sees another sconce on the southern wall near where the toxic puddle of slime is. She does not say anything, but quickly moves away from the group and collects a torch from it.
“Oh, I wondered what you were doing, Sana!” Said Isai.
He then pauses and speaks again, “Pass me the Torch, I will keep hold of it, just in case we have any floor puzzles to solve in the future!”
She passes the newly found torch to him and he places it with a couple of the others he was safe-keeping as a precaution.
Karna presses her index finger onto the button, and the reinforced wooden door opens vertically and reveals a small corridor; they follow the passageway, and the party follows the section around two right turns. After they take the second right-hand corner; the adventurers observe, an enormous rectangular shaped chamber. Next, all four of them, see an exit from the right side of the immense open space; the room still has a ceiling on it. On the right-handed wall there is yet another circular hole; oozing out of the outlet is more of the green toxic liquid. The party hugs the left wall to avoid the ooze and try to walk across the centre of the room towards the east. Abruptly, some strange magic starts affecting the group; as they keep observing the end of grey-scaled walls of the chamber getting closer over and over as they try to cross the open space.
“Stop, this is a waste of time… I can feel a hidden vortex moving us backwards!” Explained Sana.
“You are right, I can feel it as well!” Replied Karna.
“Well I might be a brute, but I have least some common sense to try and find another way. The brute part was what, Karna, called me ages ago!” he pokes his tongue out at her mockingly!” Said Rheill.
Isai then speaks, “Yeah, whatever… let’s move back to the wall as there has to be some mechanism to remove the hidden vortexes!”
“Try the sides as well first!” Suggested Karna.

“Sorry going to side with Isai, there has to be a switch or something here!” Replied Sana.
“Okay, looks like they win!” Said, Karna.
“Cannot win every argument, Karna!” Replied Rheill.
“This wasn’t an argument, you stupid idiot!” she takes a calm breath and says, “Only joking sweetheart,” and then rubs his shoulder gently on his right chain armoured-shoulder.
She then moves back to the entrance of the room; they search along the Western-wall. Sana spots something on the southern part of the wall; it was a small crevice that looked different from the rest of the walls.
“Everyone, please stay out of the middle… I am pressing this small crack-type switch,” declared Sana.
The clicking sound echoes throughout the chamber, but nothing appears to have happened; although, Rheill gets paranoid, “That clicking sound get out of the room, could be a trap!”
“Chill, something happened in this room, but what?” Said, Karna.
Rheill tries to walk to the exit, which is directly opposite of them.
Nonetheless, he does not have any success in crossing the room either; as the hidden vortex seems to cover every floor-tile, in the middle of the open space.
“I think I understand this puzzle!” Mentioned Sana.
“Please explain it, Sana?” Queried, Isai.
“All of these hidden vortexes are here, but this switch is a trigger to one of them, or it would be impossible for us to travel any further in this direction. Unless there is something in one of the other rooms!” She takes a slight pause and continues, “Although, every puzzle, we have solved so far has been almost right under our very noses, or in contact with the mechanism!” She explained further.
“So, Sana, you are saying one of the positions in this room got deactivated, and we have to find it?” Asked Karna.
“Precisely, Karna, and I believe it’s near the wall to the north… because we would have to walk around the chamber rather than through it!” Declared Sana, showing how intelligent, she unquestionably is and the party would have gotten stuck without her; or never made it past some of the earlier puzzles without her knowledge.
“Okay, follow me then closely!” said Karna in her leadership tone of voice.
Karna begins to walk hugging the western wall; she passes the entrance that they entered the chamber in, and finally reaches the northern wall. Next, she starts to walk to the east and this time they cross the open space, “We finally made it across, amazing as always, Sana!” Said Isai, praising her.
“Let’s hug the wall; that way we don’t get teleported back and have to start over. Now we can exit and see what lies ahead!” Stated Rheill in a gruff voice.
They enter through the opening, and it takes a left turn; only to witness a horrific-creature as it hovers slightly in the air and is extremely aggressive towards them, and it catches the party by surprise.

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