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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 9 – Luminitia and Dale Get Serious!

Two more years passed by swiftly; Dale’s and Luminitia’s relationship blossomed further. Luminitia telephones Dale before she goes to work!

“Dale picks up the phone and answers it, “Hello?”

“Dale, you know we have been seeing each other now for almost four years. I think its time for us to go house hunting!”

“Oh, Lumi Baby… I would love nothing more and tomorrow is the day you are going to get your first tattoo done!”

“Yes Honey, and I want you to watch it getting Inked onto my skin, too!”

“Lumi, did they let you have the day off, as I booked a day off just for it!”

“Aww, Dale, I love you so much. Yes, Stuart, let me have the day off too. He can be strict sometimes, but fair!”

“Speaking of work, I need to go and get ready!”

“Yes, it does take you ages to do all your glamour and makeup, Lumi. It still baffles me why you have to look so attractive for work!”

“Shush, you… you know I have to be the centre of attention, as always!”

“Okay, Lumi… you better go and get to it then. So talk to you later. Bye!” Said Dale as he hangs up the phone.

Hmm, I feel like teasing the guys in the sales department today. They always whistle at me and wish they could get me in their bedroom!

Luminitia did not start work until nine o’clock in the morning; she still lived with her sister and parents. However, Mariana did not work yet but is going to makeup school at Middlesex University to perfect her craft. She always left early in the morning; it took a long way to get there on the bus, as she had not yet passed her physical driving test. Both Lulia and Ben supported her daughter with the finances, as she always helped out with the cooking, cleaning when she was not studying.
Both Luminitia’s parents also went to work before her. So she learned quickly to be self-sufficient on waking up at the right time and getting her butt to work on time. She had a run-in with her boss before she could drive, as one week she was late three times in a row, and it was never her fault. She always gave herself plenty of time to get there. In the end, she researched a faster way via the train avoiding the rush hour traffic on the Uxbridge Road.
Her boss Stuart was impressed, as she took the initiative to fix the problem without any help and on her own time. What impressed him was how early she came into work the next day to make up the lost time and that she approached him with the new solution.
Additionally, she explained she was taking driving lessons from her dad on the weekends and was going to pass her physical test soon. Luminitia already had the written theory test completed at that time.
Now she drives her mum’s car, as her mum got a discount on a new Ford Escort car at Trust Ford t/a Dagenham Motors, where Luminitia works.

Hmm, I got 45 minutes to get dressed and eat my breakfast. I love the fact it only takes me 15 minutes to get to work now that I drive. It used to take 45 minutes. Thought Luminitia as she ascended the stairs.

Luminitia had already showered before she went downstairs to eat some Frosties for her breakfast. Next, she enters her bedroom and opens up her third drawer from her chest of draws and then removes her dressing gown, revealing her figure briefly.
Afterwards, she places it neatly onto her bed covers, so she can put it away in her wardrobe once she got dressed in her work clothes.

What am I doing? I forgot my bra and knickers. I don’t want to get fired for dressing like a slut at work!

Luminitia then quickly closes the third drawer and opens the top one to grab an obsidian-coloured laced bra and knickers to wear. She fits the bra around her 34D breasts and slides the knickers over her smooth mound between her legs before re-opening the third drawer.

Next, she takes out a short black skirt to wear for work, as she slips into it casually. Luminitia flaunts her body in the mirror as usual.

Hmm, my tattoo is going to look so good on me, especially when Dale takes me doggy style again. Also, when we have our place, we can make love twice a day without any interruptions!

Were the naughty thoughts running through her mind as she takes out a white-coloured blouse with small buttons. The buttons go down the centre of the top.
Luminitia then places it over her head, so that it covers her bra and she hastily starts doing them up one at a time. Still, she conveniently leaves the top button open to show a bit of skin.

This will turn some heads when I do my receptionist cover today at work. Now, where is my handbag!

Luminitia finds it in her wardrobe as she forgot to put it on top of her table while she grabbed hold of her black high heels. Her purse had her car keys and her bleeper to get into the accounts office, which was above the reception area in the showroom. She quickly slips the high heels onto her petite feet.
She then quickly fixes up her jet-black hair, so it shined brightly when the gleaming sun shined into her bedroom window and puts some feint lip-stick on.
Next, Luminitia heads downstairs and exited out the backdoor and heads where she had parked her Volkswagon polo in the back parking area. Luminitia then gets into the car and sits into the driver’s seat to start up the engine. She then starts driving to work.

Luminitia always took the route on the way to work down the western avenue towards Uxbridge. Still, she learned that turning off at the Uxbridge roundabout lead to a load of traffic in the mornings. So she would turn off at the Hillingdon Junction and after the traffic lights took a left turn and followed it to Uxbridge. Luminitia then drove left around the big roundabout and down St John’s road to where the Uxbridge branch of Trustford got constructed.
Next, Luminitia parks down the road in front of the forecourt; the parking spaces were reserved for Trustford employees only.

The business had many new Ford cars on display ranging from Ford Escorts, Ford Fiesta, Ford Mondeo and the new beautiful sportscar called the Ford Puma. All the models of cars were out in front of the showroom to the right of the petrol station. Additionally, there were a few cars inside the building as well, along with a few desks made out of light brown mahogany. It was where the members of the sales department sat and tried to finalise their deals with their customers.
Inside of the top left part of the showroom was an office, which was where the sales manager worked; he had a phone, a computer and a desk to do his daily activities. Over on the right, appeared the reception desk. The table contained a receptionists telephone kit and a working computer in case something occurred and to help with visitors. All guests must get signed into the registry in the visitor book; this included any temporary accountancy staff that was not on the Trustford payroll.

Luminitia then entered the reception area, and she got a few whistles from the sale’s boys. Luminitia merely smiled as she says, “Good Morning, Becky!”

“Good Morning, Luminitia, you look nice today!”

“Thank you! I decided to give the guys something to look at when I cover reception for you later!”

Luminitia then opens the side door and ascends the stairs to the accounts office. She swipes her security tag, which let her in the door. The Sales admin manager was not very happy with this new system, as people keep forgetting their key. So he has to get up and open it to let them back into the office.
Luminitia greeted everyone and then sat down at her desk to start her daily duties. The Finance department had around sixteen employees, ranging from the two that worked in the Sales Admin department of it. Four more in the Purchase Ledger division. There were four more that worked in the Credit Control department. The final department there contested of the Trainee Assistant accountant, the two assistant accountants and the two Financial Controllers. These two were in charge of the Finance department.

Her current job title was an Accounts Clerk/Receptionist, and she was part of the Credit Control department in the Finance division. Her daily duties were to firstly open all the incoming mail unless it said private and confidential. At the start, she made this mistake once and opened the envelope with the monthly payslips from head office. Luckily for her, she was new, and no one told her this little detail.
Luminitia’s joint boss Sara was very nice about it and told her “It’s okay. You did not know that!”
Luminitia also got shown by Stuart how to sort the mail after working there for six months when the lady was away for two weeks vacation that usually did this. Luminitia distributed everything that she could, but always asked if she was unsure about anything; this stopped critical documents from getting lost. It took her usually thirty minutes to forty-five minutes to complete this task.

The next part of her work was to check all incoming electronic payments known as BACS, against the bank statements and to start putting them on the organisation’s cash sheets. Although Luminitia first reviewed what customer accounts they were to get coded to and to check the invoices were on the electronic statement as well. If she had any queries on the remittances. At first, she would give them to the Credit Controller for their particular Sales Ledger. Three locations were debt collected from the office, Uxbridge, Barking and Hayes.
After a few weeks of working in the office and covering the reception, Lumnitia’s confidence grew, so she asked her supervisor, Hayley, if she could phone the customers herself.
It impressed Hayley as it freed up her Credit Controllers to chase up outstanding debts and not waste time. Additionally, it helped Luminitia sound more professional on the telephone.
She also filed and photocopied stuff as ADHOC duties as well. Additionally, she did a lot of data entry into the in-house accountancy system darts before it got upgraded to Kerridge.

She got given one or two extra tasks once she got up to speed with that after only a month or two. The first was she learned how to use CC-billing software for all British Telecom invoices. Luminitia did this for each account and batched them up.
The final task Luminitia had was that she allocated the money for the BT accounts, and those accounts became her baby to look after.

In the afternoon, suddenly her boss Stuart came over and said, “Hayley is this a good time to talk to Luminitia?” Quietly, but Luminitia overheard it.
“Sure, now is fine!” Replied Hayley.

Oh, crap, what did I do wrong, they both want to speak to me! Luminita thought silently.

Luminitia’s boss Stuart had short jet-black hair, and a slim build and he was smaller than Luminiita in height. He was around five foot and five inches, Luminitia had grown taller over the last two years to five foot and eight inches. He wore a cream-coloured shirt and a dark black tie, with black slacks and raven-coated boots. Luminitia sometimes had naughty thoughts about having sex with her boss in the office at night if she wasn’t with Dale. She also knew that she did want to gain a bad reputation by sleeping her way to the top either. Luminitia wants to work for a career. Not to mention they had video cameras due to the forecourt and cars.
Luminitia’s supervisor Hayley was short at around five foot tall, and she possessed long blonde locks. She had a bigger bust than even Luminitia, as she was unquestionably a double-D cup size. She had a little wider figure than Luminitia as well, but not fat, just beautiful curves and a nice ample butt. Luminitia had become good friends with Hayley outside of work, but Hayley never showed favouritism during work hours. Today, Hayley wore a long black skirt and a red-coated blouse along with a pair of black-coloured stilettos.

“Luminitia, can I have a quick word?” Asked Stuart.

“Sure!” Replied Luminitia, as she tried not to show worry in her voice.

“Please come into the tax office!” Asked Stuart in a professional and courteous voice.

Stuart and the people that did the tax discs were the only ones that knew the passcode for the door. He entered the correct combination and opened the door.

“Do not worry, Luminitia, you are not in trouble… I could see you looked a little worried!” Explained Stuart.

“I see you are a very observant person, with Clare leaving to go back to the parts department across the road. We have tried to fill the Uxbridge Credit Controller position, and it is just not working out!”

“I showed Luminitia what the last temp did by just allocating the cash to any invoice number. I had to re-key all of the invoices back onto the system. Luminitia even offered to stay behind and help that night, and this is exactly the person I want as one of my Credit Controllers!” Added Hayley.

“Yes, precisely what Hayley said we been looking in the wrong place we already have an outstanding credit controller sitting in our office already. I know you are a bit quiet sometimes in the office. How will you overcome this as you will need to use the telephone a lot more?” Explained Stuart.

“I am only quiet as I learned from my mistakes at school. Let me let you in on a secret. I was the girl from hell in year nine, and I would disrupt the class and think I was such a badass. I grew up quickly halfway through that year when I hurt my mum. I listened to the people closest to me and learned to control my anger, so this is why you probably never see me get angry in the office. I am getting more confident at using the telephone professionally. The more I use the phone, the better I will get at it, much like my writing craft. I want to become an author as my dream job. Still, I am also highly interested in eventually becoming a charted accountant.
I forgot to tell you this, but I am already one year into my AAT degree when I started this job. As you know, I came in from a temporary to a permanent role without an interview. I am just working from books and sitting the exam at the end that my parents kindly paid for and I passed the first year with flying colours!” Explained Luminitia in great detail.

“Luminitia, thats exactly what I hoped you would say, but you should have told me about the Accountancy degree, do you plan to do ACCA after?”

“Yes, I do, Stuart!”

“I also wish you luck with your writing dream. I have noticed you drafting notes in your lunch break a few times. Luminitia, I will see if the company can support you with funding half of it. However, please understand that if you don’t pass any of the exams. You will have to pay for all of it!”

“Oh Gosh, thank you, Stuart! I will tell Mum about all of this later!” replied Luminitia ecstatically.

“Thats the Luminitia I knew existed not this shy young lady, try to show it more, but not in your old disruptive behaviour!” Joked Hayley.

“Okay, we will sit you in the chair on Monday, as I know you have tomorrow off!” Said Stuart.

“Yes, I am getting a tattoo tomorrow, and I cannot wait, sadly I won’t be able to show you, Stuart, as it’s on my lower tail-bone, it will be the Goddess of Harmony!”

“Tattoos are not my thing, but if you are sensible and know what you are doing. Now we should get back to work!”

Luminitia then finished the day at work and drove home from the office to tell her boyfriend, Dale and her Mother the great news she received today at work.

Luminitia arrives at home just in time for dinner. “Mum, Dad guess what happened to me today at work?” She said excitedly, as she closes the backdoor gently.

“You got fired?” Replied, her Mother jokingly.

“Ha, ha, very hilarious, Mum!” Replied, Luminitia sarcastically.

“I got promoted to the role of the Uxbridge Credit Controller, so I now have to chase up outstanding debts! My boss told me that I was quiet in the office, as I chose to act more professionally, much like my last two years of high school!”

“Lumi Quiet thats a new one!” Replied Her dad before continuing to speak.
“Thats amazing, Lumi, come and give your old man a hug!” Said her Dad.

“Also, Lumi being a quiet girl… what a joke that was!” Said her mum, which made Lumintia smile.

Next, Luminitia swiftly walks over and gives her dad a gentle embrace and one to her Mother.

“Sis, I am proud of you too and thank you so much for helping me type out my CV yesterday. I scored an interview at a hair salon next week in Greenford for the weekends. It may be only a part-time hairdressing job, but it will give me real practical experience while I study to be a full makeup artist!” Explained Mariana.

“Mari, thats great, remember to be confident. I cannot give you much interview advice because I never had one. However, research the company and learn a few minor details about them, it will impress your interviewer. Also, don’t lie about your weaknesses, as it will make you sound arrogant if that question comes up. Of course, wear a suit even if you don’t have to wear it, first impressions count. I am sure Mum and dad can help you further!” Replied Luminitia.

“Lumi, you are so grown up now, and Mari, your sister, is right. We can do a few mock interviews over the weekend to help you prepare for what they might ask you!” Said her Mother.

“Mum, thank you. I can see our dinner is ready now!”

“I will tell Dale tomorrow when we go to get my tattoo done, and I know dad doesn’t approve fully about me getting one!”

“Lumi, it’s just not my thing, but you are a young adult, and Lulia has some, which do look very classy. You showed me what you are getting, and it is why you have our blessings. Now eat up kiddo!”

Luminitia ate with her family. They had salmon parcels with some creamy white dill sauce and deep-fried chips peeled from medium-sized potatoes with spaghetti.

“Thanks for dinner, sorry for not helping you wash up, I have to study more of my AAT. Also, Mum, don’t pay for any more of my studies. Once I get set into my new house with Dale. Stuart is trying to get Trustford to pay for half of it, as long as I pass. I should be able to balance my books and the mortgage with Dale’s help. He is working now as well, so help Mariana until she gets a well-paid job. I should also be getting a pay-rise as of next month.

“Oh, you two are finally taking the next step, huh!” Said Mariana.

“So nosey as always, yes we need search for houses over the weekend!” Explained Luminitia.

“Lumi, You are working and paying the rent. Although now you will stop to pay your own!” Replied her Mum.

“I am going for instalments on a two or three-bedroom house via an affordable mortgage. I am planning for when I have kids of my own down the road. Do not worry. I am not pregnant, yet. I want it to be with the right father! You both taught me well!”

“Spoken like a true accountant. Ben and I could not be more proud of both of you!”

Luminitia then studies more towards her second year of AAT for the rest of the night before taking a quick shower before bed.

The next morning came quickly, and it was already nine a.m. Luminitia woke up and stretched her weary body; she then rubbed her beautiful raven-coloured eyes as she wakes up. She quickly slips into the shower to wash her body and to make sure her skin is healthy, clean and ready for her tattooing at eleven O’clock.

I must remember to tell Dale about my promotion at work. I want to do it face to face and not over the telephone!

Thought Luminitia while she rubbed the shampoo into her silky long-jet black hair. She then rubs the soap all over her body, not missing a crevice in her lovely curves.
She then gets out of the shower and wraps a pink towel around her body and walks into her bedroom.

I need to wear something skimpy today, so the tattoo artist can apply the ink easier. This session may be an all-day one, as the tattoo is on my whole tail-bone. Thought Luminitia as she looked inside her wardrobe and chest of drawers.

A few moments later, she finally decided what she wanted to wear. She takes out a nice pair of white booty shorts. For the top, Luminitia takes one of her high cut black tops designed by Calvin Klein. Additionally, she pulls out a white bra and thong to wear.
Hmm, this should work, and they can lower the knickers without taking it off, as Dale will be watching. He would not appreciate me wearing any knickers on for the inking!’ she thought to herself, as she places the top and shorts over her sexy body.

Luminitia goes to make herself some Ham and cheese Rolls to eat for breakfast, as she takes the right ingredients out of the family’s fridge. Luminitia had got good at making these as she took them to work with her every day, as it saved her money from eating out at lunchtimes.

Luminitia goes to make herself some Ham and cheese Rolls to eat for breakfast, as she takes the right ingredients out of the family’s fridge. Luminitia had got good at making these as she took them to work with her every day, as it saved her money from eating out at lunchtimes. She then bites into her lunch, and the time was now ten o’clock, and there is a knock at the door.
Dale’s early.

I look a complete mess, my hair and make are not even done yet! Oh well, he can watch me get ready for the first time, as we are going to live together soon!

Luminitia hurried to the door, “Dale, don’t even think about mocking me, I am not ready yet!” said Luminitia aggressively as she opens the door.

“Lumi, you still look beautiful, this is only the second time I have seen you like this. The other was after we made love for the first time and you let me stay in your bed!”

Aww, he is so sweet as always!

Thought Luminitia silently, as she closed the front door after him. Dale appeared dressed in a colourful, sports t-shirt and black shorts, as it was a pretty hot day out. The perfect day to show off the tattoo after it gets done.

“Dale, did you eat already?”

“Yes Lumi, it doesn’t take me one hour to get prepped as you do!”

“Well you are man, you will never get it!” Chuckled Luminitia, as she takes him upstairs to her bedroom.

Mmm, I want him so bad right now, but I have a tattoo appointment to make!

“Dale, take a seat, I am sure you are thinking the same naughty thoughts as me, but sadly we don’t have the time to act on it. However, you do get to witness how much better I have got at applying my make up from my sister’s lessons!”

Dale watches and enjoys Luminitia brush her hair. He then takes the brush from her and starts to smooth her hair out straight.

Oh, the tingles, and so romantic… I never thought a guy would ever brush my hair! She felt and thought as she applied her makeup at the same time.

She smiles, appreciating Dale’s sweet words, as she finally finishes her makeup and light-coloured mascara.

“Dale, I wanted to tell you before we go to the tattoo parlour. I got promoted at work yesterday, and I start the new role on Monday!”

“Lumi, no one has worked harder than you on your studies and your job. What is your new role?”

“It is a Credit Control role where I chase commercial companies for outstanding debts owed to the company!”

“Lumi, I am happy you want to live with me finally. Also, I will get to please you in the bedroom more, and pleasure your sexual needs and fantasies!”

“Oh, Dale. I honestly wish we could make love twice a day, and soon it will be a reality. I want it once in the morning and once before bed, and you better keep up, boy!” Explained Luminitia teasingly.

“I am holding you to this, Lumi, hurry up or we will be late!”

Both Dale and Luminitia get into her car. She then drives to the tattoo parlour. It was the same one she got her tummy piercing, which was on full display today.
Luminitia and Dale arrive ten minutes early at the Ink and Needles Tattoo and body piercings parlour; they both enter through the entrance.

Next, the Tattoo artist remembers Luminitia from two years ago.

“Oh you did say you will be back when you are eighteen to get that design done, it was Luminitia, wasn’t it!”

He then pauses before asking her a few questions.

“We already sketched it out, does this look good enough for you?” As he shows her a beautiful sketch of the Goddess of Harmony, Ma’at.

“I love it! I do want it on my lower tail-bone. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I would prefer a female artist to do it if possible as its quite low. Are any available!” Replied Luminitia.

“None taken, I was already gonna refer you to Kat, and she is free today. The job may take several hours to complete, but I see you brought back your boyfriend to keep you company. I need you to fill out some paperwork to allow us to carry out the work, also can I see some form of photo ID t check that you are eighteen years old?”

“Yes, I have my drivers license and passport on me!” Said Luminitia.

Luminitia then fills out the relevant information that was requested of her and signs it at the bottom.
“Here you go. Should we go through and meet Kat now!” Asked Luminitia.

“Just so you know Kat sketched the design too, so you are in good hands.
Please go through and meet her in the room in the right!” Replied the guy behind the counter.

Luminitia and Dale enter into the room on the right and Luminitia appeared shocked, by how professional the setup looked. There was an incredible black-coloured chair, which stood out the most. On the side, desk appeared already a prepped version of the tattoo done on a white sheet. The drawing will get used as a guide for the outline. The design got sketched a few months ahead of time, as Luminitia asked about getting it done three months ago by the telephone.

She then saw Kat standing in the parlour, setting everything up for her. She appeared dressed in a black customed designed short with her beautiful tattoos on her sleeves of red roses, and she was wearing a short black skirt to go along with it. She had a pleasant figure like Luminitia and also a body piercing of a ring on a silver chain.
Additionally, she possessed short raven-coloured hair with crimson-coated highlights in her dark locks and a pair of dark brownish eyes.

Luminitia smiles as she shakes her hand, “Hi, Kat, pleased to meet you!”

“Welcome, it’s Luminitia? My colleague gave me all the details, I see you are impressed by our setup. This tattoo will cost around £200/300 as it is quite large, but we value quality here at Ink and Needles Tattoo and Body Piercings. You won’t get a better design for this price anywhere else. Not to mention if you go to some crappy tattoo artist you might end up with a disease or worse!”

“Hello Kat, I take it is £300 if it takes three hours to do and £200 if it is only for two hours?”

“Yes, I see you researched how the process works a little, which is great!”

“Okay, the money will not be a problem… I have been saving up for this for two years. I work as a Credit Controller starting from Monday. I used to be an Accounts Clerk for one year!”

“Oh, so brains and beauty. Is this your boyfriend, he for sure is a lucky man if he is?”

Luminitia smiles, “Yes, this is Dale, and he is my lover and best friend!”

“Thank you, Kat! The first time I saw Lumi, I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I intend to marry her someday. We are house searching over the weekend to take that next step on trying to live together!”

Oh, he is so proud to be with me, he told a total stranger our plans. I honestly should be mad for him for discussing our private life like this. However, it is not like that he is telling her how we are having sex. Dale is just showing his love for me, and it is too cute! Luminitia thought to herself.

“May, I call you Lumi too?” Asked Kat.

“Yes, all my friends call me that I will get on the chair now and lay face down for you. Dale will get a nice view for a few hours. I am going to take my shorts off now, so they do not get in the way!” Replied Luminitia.

“Nothing I have not seen before, Lumi!” Said Dale, chuckling.

Luminitia slides off her booty-shorts, revealing her petite bum-cheeks, as she was wearing only a white thong. Luminitia places her body face down onto the chair, ready for the work to be done.

“So, Lumi… first we will clean the area you want the tattooing done on with some alcohol. Afterwards, I will take a disposable razor to remove any small hairs from your skin. Sometimes you cannot see them, but it allows the whole process to go a lot smoother.
Secondly, we will outline the sketch onto your skin using a stencil, which will save us a lot of time. It will then leave a blue outline where your tattoo will be inked.
Then I will prep the tattoo gun and all the essential ink that will get used on your skin. Lumi, you may experience some discomfort, as it is on your tail-bone. I will use ointment and vaseline that is sterilised for your use only. This will to allow me to work more relaxed, and you will feel less pain. All the needles are clean and for your use only as well. For the last part of the process, I will switch to my shading equipment.
I can take a deep breath too, as I will no longer have to transfer ink, and this part goes quicker than you would think it does.
However, I heard, when you got your piercing done two years ago you did not make a sound!”

Kat then explains the aftercare stuff to Luminitia, “Once the design is finished, I would love to take a photo of your tattoo for my portfolio.
I will take another photo for you as well as it will not have the glare after we put the protective ointment over the tattoo for your aftercare protection. I will give you the written instructions on how to take care of it. It is all on you after this to treat it with respect and care!”

Luminitia felt reassured that this was a professional artist as she also noticed the sanitation equipment and the tattoo kit on the side.

Luminitia lays there peacefully, as Kat begins cleaning the area above her cute bum where she wants the tattoo done. Kat lowered Luminitia’s knickers slightly when she started to clean the bottom part of the tail-bone.

“Sorry, Lumi the top of the thong was getting in the way a little!”

“It’s okay. If you need to remove it entirely, you can. Dale has seen me naked many times already. We have dated for four wonderful years now.” Replied Luminitia.

Damn, Luminitia is not shy talking about us having sex! Thought Dale silently, as he holds her right hand gently, interlocking their fingers together.

Next, Kat takes the razor to the skin removing any invisible short hairs from her lower vertebrate.
This process did not take too long, and Kat then traced the tattoo using her professional stencil equipment. It leaves the blue line on her skin, showing Kat where to work.

Kat then begins to prepare her tattoo gun, and the permanent black ink that she will be using for the outline, as it is a shaded design and not coloured.

“Lumi, be brave now as I am going penetrate your skin with the needle, To be honest, if you survive the first minute your skin will adjust to it!” Explained Kat as she dips the sterilised needle into the ink.

She turns on the tattoo-gun and starts working on Luminitia’s tail-bone sketching out with fine strokes from the needle. Luminitia clutches Dale’s hand tighter and grits her teeth together, as she bears the initial pain. She soon finds the pain not too unbearable, as she possesses a high threshold of pain. Luminitia merely closes her eyes and starts to fall asleep, and allows Kat to do the work.

Damn, I wish all my clients rested like this it makes working on such a beautiful body so smoothly! Kat thought to herself.

“Lumi is doing soo great. I will try not to wake her up until I finish!” Whispered Kat to Dale.

“It looks fantastic so far, Kat. Well worth the extra money of a professional!” Replied Dale quietly.

Kat smiles and prepares the shading needles and ink, which is a little darker in colour minus the inner part that goes between the wings. She plugs in the new tattoo gun, which also got sterilised.
Luminitia wakes up suddenly as she feels the Shading needle re-penetrate her skin. Still, it felt a lot more comfortable than the first needle.
Luminitia’s final thoughts that wandered through mind were.

Getting a tattoo is not too bad. It’s just time-consuming and expensive. I honestly thought this would hurt like hell. My tummy-button piercing hurt a lot more than this!

Before Luminitia knew it, her first tattoo was completed.

“Lumi, All done and it sure does look fantastic on you!” Said Kat excitedly and relieved as it was not an easy design to do.

“Please take a photo for me to show my sister. You might see her in here soon as she will be eighteen next year. I will recommend your services to my sister, Mariana if she ever decides to get a tattoo or body piercing.

“How much do I owe you, Kat?”

“It will be £200 as you were so good I could work smoothly and do it one hour faster than I thought it would take!”

Kat takes two photos and gives Luminitia one to keep for herself. She then starts to apply the protective ointment and wipes away any small drops of blood from her skin. She then dresses a bandage on her back.

“Lumi, follow this very carefully, and it will heal in a few months. Here are your ointment and vaseline for your aftercare. DO NOT REMOVE THE BANDAGE UNTIL AFTER TWO HOURS!” Explained Kat as she raised her voice on the last part.

“Thank you for everything, Kat. If I get any new tattoos, I will come back here as this looks stunning.”

“Yes, it does, when I take you doggy-style I can look at it!” Said Dale quietly.

Luminitia bites her lip with dirty thoughts running through her mind as she swipes her HSBC Debit card and signs her signature on the receipt.

“Kat, you don’t want to know what my boyfriend just said to me!”

“I have a good idea what it was this is a common spot for girls to get tattooed, so I am quite proficient at it now!”

“Dale, Let’s go, so I can treat this in two hours when we get home, and we can search online for a place to look at on Saturday. Goodbye, Kat!”

“Bye Dale and Lumi!”

Once Dale and Luminitia got home, they went onto various housing websites to find suitable properties that they could afford. Most were out of their price ranges until they find a three-bedroom house in Blyth Road, Hayes, which is near the Hayes depot of Luminitia’s work at Trustford. The property was only £200,000 in total.
“Dale this one will be perfect in 10-20 years we can own this, and I guarantee this house will be worth £600,000 in the future if we look after it. We will probably need to put a deposit down, and then pay the mortgage in instalments. We can split it by 50%!”

“Lumi, telephone the Agent quickly! See if we can visit it on Saturday!”

“I am doing it now, jeez. I can ask Mum and dad if they can help with the deposit if we cannot afford it, the mortgage I know I can do on my salary alone if it’s £1,000 a month.
Luminitia gets to use what she learned at work to make a phone call that will surely change her life in the next couple of years.

“Hayes Housing agency, how may we help you today?” Asked the Agent on the phone.

“Hello, I saw one of your properties for sale and would like to come and look at it on Saturday. Also, how much of a deposit would we need to place on the house. For example, if we were to try and buy it in instalments. Sorry, my name is Luminitia.

“Luminitia, you can rent the house as well as you sound quite young, as a deposit for this would be £10,000!” Explained the Housing Agent.

“Oh, gosh that is a lot. My boyfriend and I would like to rent the property then. Would I be able to file for a mortgage later when I have saved up money for it? I might even ask my parents for help towards this.

“Certainly, Luminitia, the rent would cost around £513, so we would need that upfront and some admin fees for you and your boyfriend. We can discuss it after you took a look at the property. The landlord is called Fizzly!” Explained the Agent.

“Thank you. Please book the appointment for Saturday, as I want to check it meets Dale and my needs.

“That is getting booked for you now at eleven O’clock, Luminitia, Thank you for your call and have a nice day. I look forward to seeing you both on Saturday!”

“Thank you, Sir, bye!”

“Lumi! You sounded very professional on the phone!”

“Aww, thank you, Dale. I have been using it a lot the last three months to request pay advice for electronic payments for my job. Now I have to phone people asking for outstanding debts!”

“So Dale, we will rent it for the time being and then file for a mortgage when we can afford it. The rent wasn’t too bad less than £600, not much more than this house, but this is a council house!”

“So, how much deposit did they want?”

“Dale, they wanted £10,000!”

“Oh dear, yeah we won’t be able to afford that yet, we are still young and only just beginning our professional careers!”

Luminitia then takes care of her new tattoo carefully, following the instructions she was given. She, however, is a bit bummed out that she could not start mortgaging her new house. Although Luminitia kept her spirits high because she will be renting a property with Dale once she has investigated it.

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