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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 8 – The Day Luminitia Lost Her Flower!

Dale had finally turned the age to be able to make love to Luminitia legally. It was now five o’clock that evening. It was the date that both of the star-crossed lovers had agreed on. They had dated now for over two years.
Gosh! Tonight I finally get to feel what it is like to have my boyfriend, Dale inside of me tonight. I am so thankful I have understanding parents. Mother has been especially great. She even helped me get prescribed birth control pills for tonight so that I don’t throw my life away getting pregnant! Thought Luminitia to herself while having some private time in her bedroom.

Luminitia descends the stairs to say goodbye to her mother and father.

“Lumi, we both support you and want you to have an extraordinary time with Dale tonight. My final piece of advice for you to hear tonight is to let things flow naturally. Do try to explore what you both like and communicate with each other. Your first time will probably not be that pleasant, as it does hurt a bit!” Explained Luminitia’s Mother to her delicately.

“Thank you, mum. I so appreciate you taking Mariana out to the cinema for this. I do think she has caught on that we are going to make love tonight. Do not be shocked if she asks if I am having sex. You know how freaking nosy she is and she is getting close to wanting it herself, I am sure of it!” Replied Luminitia.

“Lumi, Make sure Dale fucks you good tonight!” Yelled Mariana in front of her dad.

“MARI, DON’T LET ME HEAR YOU YELL THAT WORD AGAIN!” Shouted her father as he clips her around the ear.

Luminitia giggles at the facial expression on her mother’s face, “See told you she knows!”

“Lumi, He can stay the night, as it will be late and you will be in bed anyway!”

“Thank you, Mum! Please enjoy your movie tonight, as I need to get ready for Dale!”

“Bye, Lumi!” Replied her mother as Luminitia embraces her and the heads up to her bedroom.

She then slips out of her casual clothes. She jumps into the shower quickly to freshen up and to be completely clean for her man, I want to be fresh in case he decides to lick me out tonight! Those were the dirty thoughts that coursed through her veins and mind.

Now time to try on that sexy new lingerie that he bought me for my birthday! She thought again to herself aloud.

Luminitia struts bare-naked into her bedroom; knowing that she is alone in the house. She did not need the towel anymore after drying her flawless, goddess-figure. Next, Luminitia wipes her hands with a dry cloth and then switches on her trusty hairdryer; she then starts to dry her silky wet jet-black hair.
After a few minutes passed, she took out the box with the sexy, crimson-coloured corset in it and she slips it over her head; She had never worn anything like this before. She then puts on the garter belt, Oh this has no bra, but I can see why it’s not needed.
Luminitia quickly learns how to fit the red transparent-looking stockings to the garter belt using the clips.

I guess the thong goes below the belt to complete this sexy masterpiece of an outfit!

She then picks up the thong and slides it between her legs and underneath the ruby coated garter belt. The Sun glazed through the window of her bedroom making her look like a crimson-coloured goddess, with the only cool place being the black haven of her raven eyes. Next, she gazes at herself in front of her big mirror, and after plainly seeing the reflection of herself. She then starts to think out, loudly to herself.

I never knew clothes could make you sexier, than being naked… he is going to fucking love this… If he doesn’t ravage me first! I am so taking charge of him tonight. Who cares if I am a virgin, I am taking his virgin cock tonight!

Then her telephone rings, and it is her boyfriend Dale.

“Lumi, remember my present. Please wear this for me tonight, and put something like a night robe over the top as tonight I am cooking you a romantic candlelit, dinner. Then I am going to give you a nice sensual full body, massage to relax you. After that, I want to sample that divine, pussy of yours for the first time. I want to feel what it is like to be one tonight when my large cock is finally allowed to enter it!”

“Oh My God, Dale, talk dirty to me some more, fuck! I am already wearing it. I will be wearing my nightgown with it as it is red, but tell me more what you want to do to me, baby!”

Luminitia’s cavern started to get so freaking wet, and she never knew she could talk dirty like this. Her innocent mind is slowly being corrupted, by the thoughts of having sex with Dale for the first time, “Oh Lumi, you are a bad-girl today… I wonder why, as I run my tongue down your collarbone and to the side of your neck. I then kiss you more on it!”

Her sanctuary becomes moister between her legs. She slowly rubs her smooth and fully-shaven pussy up and down; after sliding her hand inside of her red knickers, as she listens to those naughty words. Next, she licks her lips seductively at the mirror, pretending, that Dale was standing right in front of her. She continues to rub herself, and she then thinks about how he combined the dirty talk with romance. Luminitia then thinks to herself quietly, I want him to show me the passion… he has been building up over the last, two years.
She then takes her hand from between her legs and sucks on her wet-juices and moans softly.

“Mmmmm,” making sure Dale, could hear her suck on her finger.

“Fuck, Lumi… you are a fucking naughty, girl. Is that your divine juice, I can hear you sucking?”

After, she hears those words, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” she says teasingly.

“I better stop, as I am going to collect a gift for you before I come to your house!”

“Gosh, you are such a tease, Dale… what is this gift… you have for me!” She shouted excitedly.

“It would not be a gift, would it… if I told you, my Lumi Baby!”

After Luminitia hears those words from Dale; she then puts her hand over her, pumping and raging heart, as it filled up with lust and love. Next, she smiles joyfully and starts to think to herself as she replies to him again, Oh, Dale… I love you so much! Especially how you are making this day all about me, which is so selfless!

A happy tear begins to trickle down Luminitia’s left opal-eye; as she knows it is both their special day, today.
Luminitia, replies as she wipes the tear from her face with, “Oh my sexy, Honeybuns… I cannot wait for the gift, but most importantly, to have you inside of me tonight. You have deemed yourself worthy over the last two years. I promise to wear this to perfection, only for you. Please come over at 19:00, as I need to finish my makeup to look flawless for you!”

“Lumi, you are perfect, and makeup only adds an extra layer to your beauty… I am going to wear something nice for you, but you have to wait, until seven, Bye Lumi Baby!”

“Aww, too cute, I will see you in one hour, and I cannot stop thinking about you, Bye!” She replied excitedly.

Luminitia then puts the phone down in anticipation and not being able to wait that long.

Luminitia takes her trusty-makeup set from the top draw from her chest of draws as she sits on her bed. Meanwhile, she is doing her makeup; she starts thinking, aloud to herself, I will finally lose my virginity tonight and in my bed!

Luminitia then thought to herself some more, This is exactly perfect for me, am I truly the luckiest girl in the world?

As she sat on her bed, continuing to apply her make to herself and knowing this is where she grew up and slept her entire life.
Luminitia first applies some pink eyeliner, and she takes her time. Luminitia always looks at her reflection in her smaller and personal mirror on top of her table. Luminitia watched Mariana do this over the last two months, as she realised she had to learn to do it herself. She asked her sister to give her lessons on how to do it as well, which she kindly did for her.
Luminitia finishes up her eyeliner and then moves on to a light-coated, pink lipstick. She always prefers to wear light-pink or light-red as it doesn’t make her look too, slutty; it matches her eyeliner perfectly. She doesn’t take too long as she got a lot better at applying it from her sister’s training. Luminitia then moves down to her nails and paints them the same light-pink colour to match her facial beauty; she looks like a walking goddess right now. Next, Luminitia decides to paint her toenails as well today. She knows that her boyfriend Dale is going to be massaging her thoroughly. He will be gazing at every inch and curve of her fantastic body.
She finally finishes all her makeup and grabs her, red nightgown to wear over the top of her lingerie; just like he had asked her too. So that he, could only see the stockings and not see the crimson red, corset and knickers.

After she had finished all her makeup, it was 18:55, and she had to wait five minutes, which seemed like an eternity to her.

Come on, I know I said 19:00, but you don’t have to arrive precisely then, I only wanted 45-55 minutes! She thought aloud to herself.

Finally, her doorbell rings; she opens it and sees her loving boyfriend, Dale.
Dale had a warm and gentle smile etched across his face as she opened the door. He was wearing a very delicate blue checkered-shirt, along with black trousers and shoes. He wanted to look nice for Luminitia and not appear dressed in casual clothes. Dale is standing there on her doorstep and in his right hand. He was holding, a lovely vase of pink roses as he greets her.

“HI, Lumi… you look, absolutely fucking gorgeous, pardon my French!”

Her pink-coated lips, curl into a warm and loving smile, as she sees the vase, full of roses.

“No, I know roses are your favourite flower… but red is cliché, so I went with pink, my love. I am going to take what you want me to take!” He winks at her slyly, as he then hands them to her.

They quickly embrace in a warm cuddle as she takes them from him, with her right hand; she smells them, briefly, “Mmmm, lovely!” She says as they enter the hallway to her house.

“Babes… I am going to put the flowers in my bedroom, okay?”

“Sure, Lumi Baby!”

Luminitia takes the vase of flowers with her upstairs and enters through her bedroom door and places them onto her table, which is next to her bed quickly. Meanwhile, Dale goes into her kitchen to starts to cook their meal. Dale pulls out one of the chairs for her to sit while he waits for her to return. Luminitia returns and see’s his amazing-chivalry, and she then sits her cute bum in the chair and waits patiently for her dinner.

“Lumi, shall I surprise you with the dinner or would you like something specific, Darling?”

“Baby, I would like the meal, which we talked about having as I love to try anything once. Please try your best at the Smoked. Salmon Potato Cakes with Herbed Crème Fraîche!”

“Anything for you… Baby Girl. Now please turn off the lights for me!”

Luminitia pushes her index finger down onto the light switch. A visual sensation of profound obscurity then fills the kitchen. Next, the luminescent-white gaze of the full moon, which was gleaming through Luminitia’s, Kitchen window could be seen. Now with the full moon presenting some minor-light. Dale took a few candles out of the drawer, along with a box of matches from the cupboard. Luminitia’s family always kept a few candles in reserve, just in case there was a power cut. Dale takes out a lightable stick from the box of matchsticks and strikes it; this makes Lumintia jump as she doesn’t like fire.

“Sorry Lumi, I should have said something. I forgot you don’t like sudden noises or fire. However, you managed to ignite the oven just fine when you had to cook for your sister.”

“Dale, it’s okay I must get over this fear one day. Also, when the oven lights I had the door closed, and I knew I had protection from my oven gloves.”

Next, he lights the candles with the match he struck letting them flicker and giving her the romance, which she truly deserves.
Luminitia gets lost in her mind as she gazes into the flickering, flames, feeling the warmth of the burning sanctuary near her skin. She starts to think what the sensation will feel like when she gets licked for the first time.

My God, he is here, and we are alone… I am trembling with fear and excitement, as I want to feel what it is like to experience sex finally! We have kissed many times before and he has kissed and licked my neck, can it feel even better than that, gosh!

However, Luminitia and Dale both agreed to wait until they were both ready and for it to remain amazing for them. Meanwhile, Luminitia abides for Dale to cook her dinner.

“How, was your day, darling?”

“Dale, my day was very nice, and you made it even more perfect for me. I started researching about my AAT and ACCA accountancy degrees. I found out that I need to spend three years on AAT and four years on ACCA… if I do this right I will be fully qualified Chartered Accountant at the age of 25!”

“Wow, you have your whole life planned out already… I know I want to get into computing and engineering, so I will look at courses over this week and see what is good for me. Dinner is almost ready, love. Now let me prepare it for my beautiful princess Lumi, who will one day hopefully, be my Queen!”

“If you play your cards right Dale and we are together for a long time, and I feel you are the right one for me. I will happily spend my eternity with you until the day I die. We don’t possess a crystal ball and cannot see into the future!”

Luminitia knew deep down inside of her heart that Dale wanted to marry her sometime in the future.
However, Luminitia will only marry once, and she wants the right prince to share her life with, forever.

“Thank you, Dale… this looks delicious, and you cooked it just for me. Aww, the best boyfriend ever!”

“No need to thank me… please taste it, Luminitia!” as he places the kitchen towels with a knife and fork to go on top of it.

Luminitia cuts open part of the dinner with her knife and tastes it briefly, Wow, my boyfriend can, cook, maybe, I need to keep him around! She thought to herself.

“Dale, this is delicious… but there is something else, I want to taste later!” Which nearly makes him spit his food out.

“My God… what has got into you, today… I have never heard such filth come out of your pretty mouth before. Are you really, Luminitia and not an evil twin?”

Luminitia smiles and says, “You, promised me a massage tonight, and I hold you to it!” She giggles again as she seductively licks, the juice from her food out of her lips, teasing him.

His smooth member begins to get hard; underneath the table, as she entices him with everything, she can use to her advantage.
Dale hides the fact that he is hard for her until; he has to stand up and put the dishes in the sink.

Oh, my… I made him rock hard for me, already, least he won’t have that problem of getting it up! She thought to herself still a little frightened but excited to make love and have her virginity taken for the first time tonight. They, finish their meal up, which they both enjoyed very much and Dale then takes, the dishes to the sink.

“Let me help you with the dishes, Dale… it will get done much faster, with both of us doing it!” She walks over to him, and they wash the plates together.

He places his hands over her hands, helping her wash them, and as soon as they start finishing the last dish; they put them down quickly, on the draining board.
They both grab each other with pure passion and start exploring each other’s mouth’s and play tonsil-hockey with their tongues, “Mmmm, Lumi… I want you so much!”

He then lifts Luminitia’s left leg against his crotch.
It peels out of her robe a little as he sees her red-coloured stocking; he then gets more excited for her. Dale cannot wait to see Luminitia later in the outfit that he had bought for her.

“MMMM, Dale me too, Baby!”

She moves her medium-sized and pink-coated fingernails through his silky hair. Luminitia tickles the back of his neck, and she then slides her tongue deeper into his mouth.

Fuck… I can’t get enough of him right now… I have never been this horny before, shit! She locks her lips and bites on Dale’s, bottom lip.

Dale caresses Luminitia’s leg over her stockings a little, enticing her more; as if she needed a second invitation to get wetter for him. She is freaking dripping under those crimson, red knickers as they continue to roll their tongues over each other’s tasting vessel.

Oh fuck, I want her so bad now, I love this new side of my sexy, Lumi and she is my girl!

“Mmmm, Dale!” Moaned Luminitia, as she moves her arms, placing them around his neck. She then crosses over both of her wrists, locking Dale in place as they continue to kiss.

“Don’t undo it yet… save it for the bedroom!” Said Luminitia, as she felt Dale tug on the ties of her matching red robe.

Dale traces her layers of hair as they kiss. He lathers it, and then clutches her by the face and looks into her gorgeous, raven-gemstones as he pulls away from her eyes.

“My God, Lumi… you are so perfect… I could never lose my virginity to anyone else, but you! I love you so much!”

“I love you too, and I can’t imagine losing my flower to anyone but you, as well and its time for us to go to my bedroom. So you can caress every inch of me, as you promised me on the phone!” She declared as she looks him into his light-brown, eyes.

His optics were almost ready to shed some tears, as they were both so happy.
Next, she places her lifted-leg back down on the kitchen floor; as she leads him quickly through the hallway and up her stairs by his hand.

Oh, my God… this is really, happening tonight. She is taking me to her bedroom all alone, and Lumi is finally going to give up what has been so precious to her! He thought to himself as they ascended the stairs and passed her bathroom and walked through to her bedroom, doorway.

She doesn’t even close the door as she knows her parents and sister Mariana will not be back for at least another hour or two; the massage will be part of their foreplay. Luminitia slowly starts to take off her robe and gradually displays some of her fantastic body trapped inside of her sexy, crimson red lingerie. As the robe, falls gently onto her bed stood a sculpture of a princess dressed in pure red. The only cool place on Luminitia, was the raven, sanctuary known as her eyes. She, lets him see her full behind, first, she does this on purpose to entice, Dale.
Now, Luminitia’s curves on her tailbone and beautiful, bum-cheeks are displayed outside of the sexy red lingerie. She then turns around to face him, slowly and she smiles at him, “What do you, think, Love!” She says as crazy thoughts are now running through her mind.

Oh, my God, my parents are out, and we are alone. I cannot wait for him to make hot, steamy and passionate love to me!

She feels her heart pounding as she looks at him, standing in front of her bed.
Luminitia’s breasts are showing a lot of cleavage inside of the red-corset, and they are just waiting to pop out. So they can breathe the lovely fragrance of the strawberry-scented room.

“Your room smells so lovely, Lumi, and so do you!”

As he steps closer to her and holds, Luminitia, by her shoulders. Next, he gazes, ever so deeply into her eyes again.

“Are you sure… you are ready for this, Lumi?”

“More than anything in the world, Dale. Could you help me relax please, as I am very nervous right now!”

She crawls onto the bed, in doggy style on purpose, If this doesn’t get him hard, nothing will!

She slyly smiles afterwards, knowing he was watching her every action.

“Holy-Fuck, Lumi… you look so fucking sexy in that. You are lucky that I promised you, or I would be undressing you right now. I have already seen you topless, as you got them out as a present for me. It was sad that your dad interrupted us as I wanted to hold them badly! This lingerie makes you turn from an innocent girl into a real woman!”

Luminitia, smiles and giggles as she relaxes from his words. Suddenly, she wiggles her cute-bum, cheeks that are on display from the sexy, red-thong. The knickers are the only thing concealing her beautiful, sacred-haven. Next, Luminitia lies down slowly, on her chest; she then grabs her pillows to lean her head sideways on one of them. Luminitia is then able to let her long Jet-black hair, drape to the right-side, exposing the left side of her neck.
As she gets comfortable; Dale crawls onto the bed and takes her silky dark hair into his hands and begins to lather it gently. Dale starts twirling it around his fingers,

“Mmmm, baby, that feels so lovely!”

He then digs his finger-tips into Luminitia’s scalp and gently massages it in a small circular motion. He then whispers into her left earlobe, “Relax, Lumi… let me take care of you tonight!”

She smiles, warmly as she feels the pleasant ASMR tingles, run through her head and course through her veins and body; which makes her shiver a wee bit.
I have never felt sensations like this, and these tingles are so crazy! Luminitia thought to herself as Dale continued her lovely, scalp massage.

Wow, Lumi is the sexiest girl, that I have ever laid my eyes on… she truly is my princess, tonight! Were the thoughts, which are currently running through his mind as he continued to massage her.

She closes her raven-coloured eyes, and she relaxes her body and lets Dale take care of her. Next, he slowly moves his thumbs down her neck, as he tries to remove all of her stress from around her collarbone, “Relax, Lumi!” He whispered again.

I need to remove your top, or you can strip for me, Lumi?”

“Dale, please remove the corset-top for me. You have earned the right to strip me tonight. Plus, I have never had my clothes taken off before by someone else. I want to experience what it feels like!”

Blood starts to pump towards Dale’s large-cock after he sits Luminitia up-right, as he turns her head to face him directly. Next, Dale lifts luminitia’s, arms up in the air, but he had forgotten to unclip the garter belt to the stockings for later. He caresses both of her sides and body, feeling every curve of her body until Dale, caresses luminitia’s thighs. Afterwards, he unclips the corset from Luminitias’ s-stockings. Dale starts raising her top, inch by inch and then over Luminitia’s head and finally reveals her wondrous 34D, breasts.

Oh, my… it has been a long time since I have seen her magnificent, titties… I cannot wait to suck on those nipples for the first time, and they seem even larger today!

“So beautiful, Lumi!” He says as he cups her breasts with both hands in front of her.

Next, Dale gives her another gentle kiss on the lips to taste her.

“Mmmm, Lumi. I remember holding your hand when you got that Belly-button ring, and it looks so good on your body!”

“Mmm, Dale! I love how you played with my tits, just now!”

“Mmmm, fuck I am so hard for you right now, Lumi!”

After hearing this Luminitia, feasts her hungry and lustful eyes on his bulge, showing underneath his trousers.
She grabs him by the balls gently to feel, as she has never felt Dale there before.

“Fuck, Lumi, mmmm… you are so aggressive, tonight… I freaking love it, Lumi Baby!”

She licks her lips as she moves up to his front and begins to kiss him some more; she grabs him by the ass and spanks him lightly, “Mmmmm, Lumi!”

“Lets, get you out of these clothes, it’s not fair… I am showing my body, and you are not! Hell, I have yet to see your cock!”

he demanded as she starts to unbutton his shirt, as quickly as she can. He strokes her hair again, softly; as she unbuttons him and holds it a bit gently before she removes his checkered-shirt, and places it on the floor. Luminitia quickly starts kissing down and along his body, and she sits down as she reaches his tummy. Dale never releases her hair while she kisses and moans.

“Mmmm Baby… your lips feel, amazing. I cannot wait to feel them wrapped around my hard, dick!”

“Well… this belt is stopping me!” She shouted with lust, wanting to get his cock out as soon as possible to suck on.

Wow, she was so nervous before, and now all of a sudden she simply cannot wait to suck my dick!

She forces the belt off of Dale’s trousers and cannot get them off quick enough.
Luminitia then runs her hands all over his boxer shorts, that were coloured white, she grabs his rigid member but does not take them off.

“Dale, I am not going to suck your dick!” she pauses an. smiles, and says, “Yet!”

Next, she turns around, and she then lies face down, back on the bed, “The Oil is in that small-cupboard, next to you, Dale!”

Wow… she teased the crap out of me… I am going to get her back when I massage her!

Dale starts to trace the contours of her back, “Mmmm, Dale, I love that… please do this for a little bit longer, never had anyone trace my spine before and I like it very much!”

So, she likes her hair played with and her back-traced… she is very sensual. However, I have seen a glimpse of a darker and naughty-side of Lumi and some aggression tonight. I wonder how nasty she exactly is inside of the bedroom. It is usually the quiet and innocent ones, which you have to be careful about!

He continues to trace her back slowly; not missing an inch of her gorgeous body. He goes under her knickers, a little bit to touch her bum. Dale has only ever spanked her there playfully over her clothes in the past. So he decides to slide them down her long and soft legs and over her cute ankles; this is the first time, as he has never seen her lower body before. Dale, finally reveals her fully, shaven wet-cavern, that is glistening already. He looks at how good her pussy looks from behind. Dales love how wet he has already made her, which he is showing her and the little things; he had done for her so far tonight.

“Lumi… you are a naughty, girl!” He gently spanks her on the right ass-cheek, “Already wet for me, you craving, naughty-minx!”

Fuck… I want him to call, me sexier names and talk dirty to me like on the telephone earlier! She thinks to herself.

He repeats on her other cheek and then kisses both of Luminitia’s bum-cheeks better, and he says, “Kneel for me, baby in doggy-style. I want a preview of what you look like without your knickers on as you never posed for me in the doggy-style, position before!” He pauses and then adds, “I need to put this towel underneath you… so I can use your massage-lotion!”

Luminitia kneels up and assumes the doggy-style position, and she then spreads her legs; almost-like, she was waiting to have sex. Dale slides the towel, underneath her body and removes her stockings for her as well to prevent the oil from ruining her sexy outfit and so that she is fully naked.

Time to get her back!

He then pours the oil on her on purpose without warming it up, “Dale, that is too cold!” She shivers a bit.

“I know… I thought it would be funny to see you shiver and since you teased the living hell out of me and didn’t suck my cock!” Chuckled, Dale before he rubs the oil in.

Next, Dale takes his hands for a second to hold her hair to smell it; he then plays with the long black and silky locks, with his hands. Dale starts lathering it again a bit, which makes, Luminitia, feel like she is in heaven. Next, Dale slowly starts to rub the oil into her skin.

“Your skin is so soft, I love how you take care of your beautiful body!”

“Dale, what did I do to find such a romantic guy, or deserve this?” She asked softly.

“You did nothing special. You were yourself, and that’s all, I ever want in a woman. Please move your hair to the side. I don’t want to get any of the baby-oil in it!” He replied as she places her hair on the right side of her neck.

Dale then starts to work on her beautiful neck; much like earlier this time, his hands glide over the skin with less friction.

“Mmmm, Dale, how did you learn to give a Massage, like this!”

“I don’t know what I am doing… just doing what I think you will like, darling!”

She quietly smiles at Dale, and lies peacefully, as he runs his hands all over every crevice and curves of her, goddess-like body.

He grabs her by the ass softly. Dale moves it clockwise, massaging her lovely bum-cheeks, and he purposely rubs her pleasure-spot once; this makes Luminitia, start to sigh out softly.

“Mmmm, Baby!”

He then tastes her once, sucking on his finger, “Mmm, Lumi… just like strawberries!”

Next, he lets her taste herself as well as he places his finger into her mouth.

Mmm, fuck baby. So freaking wet for you, Dale, I have never been this wet before!”

He smiles at her and rubs her sacred place up and down, all over her slit. Dale looks at her, as he makes her moan with pleasure.

Oh my god, he’s rubbing my pussy… I should let him know how good he is making me feel right now!

“MMM, Dale, don’t stop rubbing me!”

He listens to his lover and continues to rub her sanctuary over and over. Dale changes his technique each time on the outside, making her love-juice, drip onto the towel. While Dale rubs her moist cavern and tries to get her clitoris exposed, without breaking her hymen; he starts to place gentle kisses, on the side of her, exposed neck.
Dale then kisses the back of her neck as he opens her up and displays her small and cute clitoris. Luminitia moans out as she raises her body a bit for him. She holds onto the metal-bars, on the headstand.

“Fuck Dale, mmm… it feels good when you play with the top of my, pussy!”

Dale slowly starts to rub her clitoris, which swells up and is very wet from all the massage oil and foreplay, “Lumi, turn over for me… I want to lick your, cute pussy and feel how you taste!”

She turns over slowly and spreads her legs for him. She then watches him. Luminitia starts to rub her own-pussy, gently at the top, just like Dale just did to her, keeping it wet for him; as she got impatient, waiting for him to lick her.

“Mmm… that is sexy, Lumi… keep playing with yourself and moan for me, as I get my hard dick out for you to play with, while I am licking you!”

Holy fuck! I fucking love it when he talks like that! Were the thoughts rushing through, Luminitia’s mind.

She had turned from being one of the most, innocent-girls, which went to Northolt, High School, into a craving-virgin, which utterly wanted some hard-cock. However, she wanted Dale’s hard-member specifically.
She keeps playing with herself, as he finally takes off his white-boxer shorts and his hard eight inch-cock pops out and dangles in front of her. She licks her lips, knowing it is her, dick, and no other woman will get to play with it while he is still her boyfriend.
Dale crawls up to her; Dale then kisses her on the lips once and then on her neck, as he goes downwards licking it.

“Mmmm, Dale, my neck is my weak spot!”

As he hears her say that; he licks her more on her neck and French kisses it with his lips. It forces Luminitia to squirm on the bed. Next, Dale pushes her hands onto the golden-bed, bars and tells her.

“Do not move your arms… until I hear you moan my name and desire for you to suck my dick this time!”

This will show Lumi, not to tease me… although, I fucking loved it!

He kisses further downwards and starts to nibble on her, clitoris and then he moves and licks up her open slit.

“Fuck… give me that cock… I cannot wait any longer, Dale!”

“No… you are going to beg me some more, as you are a naughty girl, tonight!” As he refuses to let her, suck him now.

Let’s see how much she can take before she grabs, my cock!

He goes back to slow long licks teasing her entrance a few more times. Next, he takes her clitoris into her mouth and sucks on it hard.

“FUCK… MMMM, DALE!” She screams at him as her grip on the bed bars, tightened.

Luminitia flicks her jet-black hair backwards; she is forced to lean her head back and arch her back as the pleasure gets too much for Luminitia to handle. Dale lifts her legs, and he licks over her ass, making it wet, as he rubs her clitoris in a circle fast, “MMMM, Dale… That feels fantastic!”

He pushes a finger, slightly into her asshole. He starts to lick her clitoris, fast, “DALE… OH, MY GOD… HOW GOOD THIS FUCKING FEELS, RIGHT NOW. I AM GOING TO FUCKING CUM!!!!!”

As Dale hears his girlfriend scream in ecstasy and sees her start to shake on the bed; he holds her down as he fingers her tight little-asshole, and laps all of her love-juice up. Dale then licks his lips and crawls up to Luminitia’s face, which is smiling after coming down from the high of her first clitoris, orgasm.

“Have a taste, my little princess!”

She breathes heavily; as she is forced to taste herself, “Fuck, Baby… that was so fucking, sexy when you fingered my ass. That was like a fucking-whirlwind, through my body, so thats what an orgasm is!”

Dale, smiles and replies with, “There’s more where that came from tonight… I am going to make you cum, internally when I plant my seed, deep inside of you!”

This time she screams what’s on her mind, “Fucking Hell, Dale… I cannot get enough when you talk, dirty to me. It triggers something inside of me and lets my bad side come out!”

Luminitia then pushes Dale back aggressively onto the bed and lays in front of him as she takes his hard cock in her soft left-hand.

She slowly flicks her tongue over the head of his already hard-cock, “Mmm, Lumi!”

He moaned as she slowly strokes the base of his dick; with her soft left-hand, which had already grabbed it. Next, Luminitia switches her hands as she starts to stroke his balls with her, left-hand; as she then takes her right-hand and strokes the base of his hard-cock, as she flicks her tongue over the head again.

“Fuck, Lumi Baby… you seem to know what you are doing tonight!”

So practising on all those ice-lollies, is finally paying off every night for the last three months, he is fucking loving it. Luminitia thought to herself as she teased him with her moist tongue.

Luminitia wraps her soft-luscious, lips around just the tip of Dale’s cock and gently spits over it for the first time, “Mmmm, didn’t know you were this nasty, Lumi Baby!”

She looks up at him briefly with the head of his cock still in her mouth, showing her sensual-dark, raven eyes. It makes him pre-cum, into her warm throat. Luminitia relaxes her throat to swallow his pre-cum, “Mmm, delicious, baby!”

“Lumi, Oh, my god… that look is the sexiest thing, I have ever seen you do to me!”

She, squeezes his balls gently and sucks him to the back of her throat and wraps her lips tightly around him, “Baby stop… you are going to make me cum!”

“Already?” She said.

You, have barely been inside my mouth? She thought; as she stops for a bit, before continuing.

She then wraps her lips tightly around, Dale’s hard cock, and pushes him deep into her throat again, and keeps it there, as she gags slightly, “FUCK ME, LUMI, YOU WERE BORN TO SUCK COCK!”

He holds onto her head and her jet-black silky hair. She then comes back up and looks up again, enticing him more. She then spits a load of saliva, all over his hard-cock.

“You fucking nasty, girl… Lumi!” Shouted Dale.

Holy fuck she has to have practised on something to be this good, no way for a first-time blowjob can someone be this freaking good! Were the last thoughts that went through his mind as he saw her saliva running down his cock.

Holy shit… didn’t know I could be this nasty, but it is time to take his big cock deep into my soaking wet pussy!

She moves away and lays on her back. Next, Lumi gives him her legs to hold and says, “I am ready, Dale… please take, my Sexy V, away from me!” She says in a demanding and horny-voice.

Dale looks deeply into her lustful eyes; as he places his bare cock to the entrance of her smooth cavern. He then rubs his dick, teasingly against her wet-sanctuary with her own-saliva; this lubes up Luminitia, even further. She slowly bites her lower lip in anticipation, waiting for him to enter her through her wet-haven and into her tunnel of love.

Oh god, he’s entering me, good thing I started taking these pills last December! She thought to herself.

Dale slowly enters her, and he breaks the hymen at the entrance to Luminita’s pussy. Suddenly she begins to bleed a little, “Oh, Dale… it hurts a little!” she cried.

“Mmm, Lumi… your pussy, feels so warm and wet! Moaned, Dale, as he pushes his cock in deeper to her cervical entrance and he pulls it back out to the tip.

Dale re-enters her again, and this time she feels less pain, but more pleasure as she wraps her arms around his neck, as he lays on top of her.

“Mmmm… fuck me, Baby!” She moans softly; as she starts to get used to having a dick inside of her pussy for the first time.

He needs no second invitation to fuck such a beautiful pussy, and Dale starts to pump her love-cavern gently, to begin with. Suddenly, Luminitia starts to moan out loudly, in pure-pleasure, “MMMM, BABY!” She screamed.

Oh, my God… I never thought she would let me fuck her raw, the first time even though she hinted that in October. I know I went with her to get her pill subscription. I still thought she would make me wear a condom!

“FUCK… SO THIS IS WHAT SEX, FEELS LIKE!” She screams in ecstasy, disturbing her neighbours as her house is a semi-detached; but, she did not care right now, as she was having sex for the very first time.

“LUMI, mmmm. I heard sex was good, but damn, your pussy feels like heaven!”

She wraps her legs around him, so he can get deeper inside of her. Luminitia gazes into his eyes and watches him fuck her as she leans her neck back, but on the other side for Dale.

Oh, my God… she is taking it like a champ for the first time… I think, she wants her neck, kissed some more! Dale thought to himself and plants deep, french kisses on her throat.


Fuck, should I tell him to pull out at the end, or let him cum inside and cream my pussy as it feels too good right now to stop! Luminitia thought to herself.

“Lumi, mmmm, love the way your walls, squeeze me!”

She feels some of Dale’s white-liquid drip, deep into her pussy as he pre-cums inside of her. Luminitia notices the white glint on the edge of Dale’s cock while he continues to slide in and out of her juicy-pussy.

There is no way… I can get pregnant as I am on the pill! Luminitia thought to herself.

She grabs his ass with her nails softly, making sure not to cut his smooth ass, “MMM, Lumi you feel, so good right now!” Moaned Dale as he pounds her faster.

As Luminitia hears him moan, she pushes him off the top of her body, “Get, on your back, Honeybuns… I want to ride you!”

“Wow, Lumi… I never expected this. You are a bad girl, in bed already!” He said smirking.

Wow… she is going to ride me and this the first time she has ever had sex and with no condom either… holy fucking shit, that is so hot!

She pushes him on his back aggressively, as she was horny now; after being pumped for at least ten minutes in the missionary position. She climbs up and perches herself on top of his lap. Next, she sinks downwards and kneels over him, like she was on a pedestal; she places her hands in her dark silky jet-black hair and holds it and gets ready to have the ride of her life. Dale’s warm and hard-cock, once again felt the warmth of her, sacred-sanctuary.

God… he was only out of me for a minute, and I missed the feeling of him caressing my insides!

She thought to herself, as he was able to fit-himself back inside of her so smoothly this time. Luminitia’s private and warm-haven had expanded from taking the thickness of Dale’s hard-cock, deep into her pussy earlier.
She was so glad to feel him back inside of her again and filling up her love tunnel with his enormous member. Luminitia already remembers how good it felt rubbing against her cervix, oh so well. She wants to be able to control the way it slides into it now; while she was riding him.

“Mmmm, Lumi… you look so beautiful, especially the way your breasts sit and bounce in front of me,” moaned Dale as Luminitia started to rock back and forth on his cock.

Next, Dale plays with her large 34D Breasts, as they bounce up and down, while she is riding him.
He cups and holds them as he teases her now, hard and erect nipples, which only makes her ride faster for a little bit. She then gyrates her hips in a clockwise motion, feeling him rub every inch of her insides to find her g-spot. Once, she finds her G-spot, she starts screaming in pure pleasure.

“MMMM, now this is the spot. You need to fucking hit!” Luminitia, screams, loudly, as she starts to bounce, hard on his hard-cock, making his dick massage her G-spot.

“FUCK MY COCK… it is yours, Lumi!” He moans in pleasure.

The sounds of both of them moaning in ecstasy now echos throughout the room. Luminitia rides his cock; almost like she had done this before.

“MMM… you are a natural, you ride like, a Pornstar, Lumi Baby!”

He said moaning the Pornstar word to make her feel like she is on top of the world. He then mentions, “Baby… I want to take you doggy style, as I can get even deeper!”

“Mmmm, not yet baby… let me practise on top for a bit longer, I’ll slow down, as I love being on top like this!” She moaned towards him as she pulls him upwards and pushes his face into her large, 34D breasts.

Luminitia, slowly rides him, in the new position letting him rock her up and down, as he sucks on her nipples and breasts.

“MMMM… love the way you suck my tits and tease my nipples, you stud-muffin!” She screams in pleasure as she remarkably starts to work her hips anti-clockwise this time, finding her magical spot again.

“YES, RIGHT THERE!” She screams out while she rides him.

She starts jumping up and down hard, smashing down onto his dick with all her force, she feels him begin to throb. So she jumps off of him to quickly suck on his cock.

My, god… this girl is fucking amazing!

FUCK… it felt like heaven being on top of him, as I had so much control. However, I want him to fuck me hard now!

What the fuck is he doing? Grabbing me like, I am a fucktoy! She thought to herself, getting annoyed at first.

Suddenly, new dirty thoughts ran through her mind, NO, THIS IS FUCKING SEXY!

“MMMM, DALE, make me fucking cum… I love being treated, like your fucktoy!”

The shock is written all over, Dale’s face when he heard those filthy-words come out of Luminitia’s lustful mouth.

“Fuck me… you are one nasty bitch inside the bedroom, and I fucking love this side of you… I have never seen it before!”

What is even scarier, is the fact this is our first time, fucking each other. Will Lumi get nastier, when we get better at this?

Holy fuck, he called me a nasty bitch… if it were anyone else I would have kicked them in their balls… yet when he talks dirty, calls me filthy and degrading names. It makes me feel even hornier? Luminitia, thought silently to herself, while she was getting pounded from behind.

She feels him fuck her extremely hard, she screams out, “Dale, fuck I never thought someone could disrespect me, and make me feel fucking sexy… I will be your bitch any day!”

Dale hears her speak filthy, words to him and he starts to slam his dick harder than before into her. She screams, louder than before as his balls punish her clitoris, but with pleasure. Dale also gets even deeper inside of her, which makes her, go even crazier for him.
Luminitia’s bed bangs against the wall, making more noise for her neighbours to hear.

Luminitia made a hell of a racket, screaming, “YES, YES, YES, MMMMM, BABY!” As he filled her pure-sanctuary up.

HOLY FUCK! I AM GETTING FUCKED HARD RIGHT NOW! She thought to herself amidst all of her pleasure-moans.

He continues to grab Luminitia by her Jet-Black and silky hair. He tugs it a little harder, occasionally, to make her lean her neck back for him to suck on it. Sweat is now pouring off of both of their bodies, as they continue to have beautiful sex.

“FASTER AND HARDER, BABY!” She screams as she is about to have her very first orgasm from penetration; she had come before from her clitoris, but never from her pussy.

She starts feeling strange things happening inside of her body, that she has never felt before. It almost feels like the ASMR tingles she had that shot through her body, but energetically more powerful. Her toes that were painted pink start to curl backwards.

Screamed, Luminitia at the top of her lungs as she begins to shake wildly, squirming everywhere; forcing Dale to hold her.

Fucking hell, did she merely say what I thought she just said and asked me to put my seed in her pussy!

After he heard Luminitia, tell him to cream her, he could not hold back any longer, and stopped caring if she was on protection or not, “OH, my God… I am going to cum too, Luminitia, I can feel your pussy tightening around me. I am going to explode into your womb!”

Luminitia grabs hold of the golden-bed bars in front of her; Luminitia’s wet-sanctuary begins to squeezes around Dale’s hard-cock, ever so tightly. He moans and growls as he starts to shoot his hot-white, semen into her womb. He blasts, several times to the back of her wet-sanctuary.

“DALE, YOUR CUM FEELS SO FUCKING AMAZING INSIDE OF MY WET PUSSY!” After screaming that the sensation of the warm-white, liquid, filling her cavern up escalates her instantly to reach her climax.

She starts to cum all over his hard cock, “DALE, YES, YES, YESSSSSSS, I AM CUMMING!” She screams at the top of her voice.

Luminitia, goes absolutely, crazy, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO MY BODY… I AM TINGLING ALL OVER AND CAN’T CONTROL MYSELF! As she continues to shake wildly and out of control.

Dale continues to hold her down and thrusts her through her orgasm, and he eventually goes soft.


I made her actually-cum, I am great. No way she could have faked that pleasure! He thought to himself.

Dale pulls his cock out of her pussy, and she quickly jumps in front of him to clean it off like a good girl, My, God… she even cleaned me… she must have watched a lot of porn, preparing for tonight!

She sucks all of his cum into her lustful mouth, “Dale… I love you!” She says as she kisses him on the lips after swallowing his remaining, love juice.

“Oh, Lumi I love you too… please come and lay on top of me, until your family comes home.”

“You can stay the night… Mum said you could. But, please pull the covers over the top of us in case my nosey sister, Mariana, comes in!”

“Okay, I know back when you had to sneak me in she thought we were having sex then!” He said chuckling, as he pulls her under the covers and then lays her head, onto his chest.

“Also, Luminitia you were a fucking bad girl in bed tonight. I thought you were always the innocent one as you never talked that much about sex in the past. However, you had your occasional, dirty joke!”

“Well, you should never judge a book by its cover, and you knew how to fuck tonight as well, especially for a virgin or did you cheat on me to get practice?” She laughed at the last part.

“Hell No… Lumi, you are the princess of perfection, and you took it like a champ for your first time. I don’t know any other girl that would have gotten on top of me either. I have seen other girls who moan in pain or fake in the porn industry!”

“Aww, you were amazing, Dale, I wasn’t expecting to cum the first time!”

I cannot believe… I let him cum inside of me without a rubber that was so fucking hot, which just made me orgasm, that much more!

Luminitia then lies there peacefully and out of breath, as Dale then strokes her, Jet-black and silky hair. They then both drift off to sleep after enjoying making passionate love, for the very first time together.

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