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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 6 – The School Prom and Luminitia’s first Piercing!

Chapter 6 – The School Prom

Mariana and Eric had already arrived at the main hall, where the joint year ten & eleven school prom was taking place. They walk through the side of the building via the two large double doors; usually, these doors remained shut. They stayed open up for the event, and then suddenly Luminitia and Dale arrive with them both holding hands with interlocking fingers.

“Wow, Luminitia you do look stunning tonight!” Said Eric as he held onto Mariana’s hand.

“You are with me tonight!” Joked Mariana as she pulled him towards the dance floor.

“Is everything okay my sweet, Prom Queen?”

“Yes, Dale, was a bit shocked that Mariana got a little jealous when her boyfriend complimented me!”

“Ha, ha, Lumi, may I have this dance?”

Aww, how sweet, he didn’t have to ask, but he is keeping the tradition alive!

“Yes, my sexy Dale!”

Dale holds Luminitia by her right-hand and kisses it, as they start to dance together with the music inside the grand hall. The ballroom of the prom appeared decorated with lights dangling down from the ceiling. Towards the top of the chamber, where the music is booming from was writing hanging down. It read, ‘The School Prom!’

The ceiling was high, and it had white-coated support beams that went down the sides near the middle of the room. It allowed for a lot of space for the couples that came to dance.

“Lumi, let’s give your sister some space… we will dance over here!”

“Sure, Honey!”

Luminitia and Dale re-position themselves away from Mariana and Eric. Next, they start to dance more closely to one another as Dale glares into Luminitia’s radiating raven eyes.
“Why are you looking at me like that, baby?”

“Lumi, your eyes are just so perfect, and you do have the most dazzling eyes that I have ever seen. It made me fall in love with you instantly!”

Luminitia leans in for a French kiss, as she hears those sweet words into her ear. Dale is not hesitant to kiss her in front of everyone to show that she is his girl.
They taste each other’s lips briefly and then release, and he smiles at her. Meanwhile, two girls in Mariana’s year come over to her and start hassling her. Dale taps Luminitia on her shoulder to look.

“For fuck sake… I just wanted to have a pleasurable evening with you. The dance is supposed to be fun. Why do some girls have to be so cruel?”

“My sister does not need my help, but she is so sweet and won’t use our training to defend herself as the martial arts teacher explained to us both never to use it aggressively. Dale, come with me, as we are not going to fight, or we will get chucked out!”

“Yes, Princess, Lumi. I will let you handle it. I will be merely a witness!”

Luminitia struts over with a purpose and yells at the two girls, “What the hell is going on if you want to pick on my sister you will have to go through me first!”

The first girl was wearing a red coloured evening gown with a bunch of jewellery. She was quite toned, but not nearly as fit as Luminitia or Mariana as they worked out a few times a week with their mother. The girl also had blonde coloured hair with a pair of sapphire-coloured eyes. She wore braces on her teeth to protect them.
The other girl was a bit larger and was wearing a blue prom dress, and she possessed black hair with some brown highlights in it, her hair was pretty short compared to the other three students.
“Luminitia, Sarah is still jelly because Eric asked me out instead of her. Now she has her so-called asslicker trying to pick a fight!”

“Who the hell are you to get involved anyway!”

“I am her sister that’s who the hell I am, bitch!

“let’s take this outside then!” Suggested Sarah, as she offers Luminitia for a fight with her friend.

“No Sarah, we will get thrown out!” Shouted Luminitia, who is slowly losing her temper, which she had controlled so well for almost a whole year.

“Well, I don’t care, time to teach these girls a lesson, Kim!”

“How dare you talk about my girl like that. Luckily for you, I don’t beat up girls, and I will be back with a teacher to get you spiteful girls thrown out.” Said Eric.

Dale starts laughing as he knows how dangerous Luminitia can be as he knows her full background.

Oh God Dale finds this funny; he is lucky he is the love of my life right now, or I will kick his ass too. It is time to teach these two bitches a lesson!

Suddenly Luminitia controls her rage, as she remembers their karate & Judo training.
She visualises her and Mariana sparring with each other in her Karate class. Both of them trained in the Kenshukai Karate Dojo, located in Greenford. The interior was coloured white with the floor getting constructed from a brownish-hardwood. Luminitia remains still and remembers the art of stillness, which her sensei taught her last year. Additionally, she remembers the afternoon when both of them received their black belts.

Suddenly while remembering all this, Mari yells, “Lumi, Watch out!”
However, Luminitia saw the punch coming in her mind from Sarah; She sidesteps her strike and flips her over with one motion.
Swiftly everyone turns around because of the noise it made.

“What the hell I did not know Luminitia could fight like that!” one of the boys yelled in the background.

Kim tries to strike Luminitia from behind, and Mariana grabs her arm and places her in a wrist lock.

“Let me go!!!” Kim pleaded.

“STOP IT RIGHT NOW, OR I WILL CHUCK ALL FOUR OF YOU OUT!” Shouted the headmaster of the school.

“LUMINITIA! Why am I not surprised. Although you have changed a lot over the last year!”

“This was not Luminitia’s fault. They attacked her. Lumi was merely defending herself. If you are going to throw anyone out it should be these two spoilt brats.”

Dale explained while trying not to laugh at his girlfriend and her sister owning them.

Damn, that was funny to watch. I better not get on the wrong side of Lumi. I love the fact my girlfriend is a freaking badass! Dale thought to himself.

Oh, damn! I didn’t even need to get the teacher. My Mari has her in a nerve hold and looks like Luminitia decked Sarah already!

“Sarah and Kim, can you please leave! Let her go, Mariana. I have never had trouble from you only from your sister Luminitia. Eric told one of the teachers what happened, and they just filled me in. Luminitia you acted in self-defence and never threw a single punch.”

“Sir, I wanted to do a lot more, but I remembered my training and my parents sent me there for anger management and discipline. Also, I listened to all the people around me. They explained to me that if I continued down that path, I would never achieve any of my dreams. So I grew up a lot since last year!”

“All I wanted tonight was to enjoy myself with my loving boyfriend, Dale. It was also my sister’s first date. She did not need that rubbish, so I came to her aid. Big sister knows best!” She smiles as she said that last line and went back to dancing with Dale.

Sarah and Kim had been embarrassed in front of the whole year ten and eleven, and they were not happy at all.

“Luminitia, thank you for helping me. I don’t like hurting people, but you taught me tonight to not let people walk all over me!” Said Mariana lovingly.

“Mari, enjoy your time with Eric, as you deserve it!” Replied Luminitia.

“Lumi, Don’t tell mum or dad this happened, please!” Pleaded Mariana.

“No they worry too much, and my lips will remain sealed!” Responded Luminitia.

Mariana started to get closer to Eric as they danced as the music turned from dance to a piece of more romantic style music.

Luminitia whispers into Dale’s ear, “My sister likes him a lot, look how forward she is getting, oh my God!”

“Lumi, nothing wrong with that, maybe he is shyer than me. Remember you had to hint for me to give you a real kiss!”

“Yes, I remember, and it was the best moment of my life, but I am sure it will be topped when we finally make love on your birthday!” Replied Luminitia as she raises her leg against him, teasing him in front of everyone.

Before Dale responds to Luminitia, she slides her tongue into his mouth to keep him quiet, and she starts making out with him softly.

Damn, that feels good, I hope she does this more in future I wouldn’t mind to hold her like this!

While Dale was thinking about it, he abruptly lifts the other leg in the air forcing her to wrap her legs around his bum, while still kissing her.

Mmmm, he kisses so well, and I like this position, and I am so ready to have him deflower me. Only a few months to go for me to turn the legal age to have sex. However, I will still need to wait until January for him, three more long months!

Meanwhile, Eric smiles at Mariana, “Mari, you look so stunning tonight… please lean your head on my shoulder as I feel you want to be closer to me!”

Finally, he gets it!

Next, Mariana closes her glowing hazel eyes and enjoys Eric’s company. She then decided to place her hands around his lower waist and interlocks her fingers in place.

My sister is having a lovely time after that incident, oh it is time for voting now! Luminitia thought to herself silently.

Suddenly, Luminitia gets remarkably anxious as she is such a competitive person. She wants to be known and remembered as the Prom Queen, as it is her last year at Northolt High school.

“Girls and boys, can I have your attention, please? After adding up all the votes, it appears that tonights Prom King and Queen goes to Luminitia and Dale!” Declared, the headmaster of the school.

“Yes! We won, see I am the sexiest of the sexy, Dale!”

“That, I cannot argue with, let’s see who got second place. Hope it’s your sister she deserves it, she looks almost as pretty as you tonight!”

Dale chose his words carefully at the end in case Luminitia got jealous.

“Also, in second place with the second amount of votes, is the cute new couple of Eric and Mariana as a little birdy told me it was Mariana’s first date!”

Damn, who told them that! Mariana thought as she got a little embarrassed, but also happy at the same time as she was very proud to be Eric’s date tonight.

Next, Luminitia and Dale walk up and onto the stage to claim their crowns. Both headpieces got constructed from a silvery material. Each accessory resembled what a king and queen used to wear on their head when they ruled in England. Dale takes the feminine-looking crown and places it over Luminitia’s long, shiny and radiating hair. She smiles, glaring at him with pure love in her raven optics.
“Bow, down to your queen, Dale!” She said as she wanted him to lower his head so she could place the crown on his scalp.
Luminitia clutches hold of Dale’s right hand and leads him off the stage so her sister could collect her flowers for the runners up prize.

“Mari, more flowers for you. Please use my flowers so you can decorate your bedroom. It’s a girly thing after all, and I don’t have a use for them.

“Lumi, I need to go to the loo. Do you want to check up on your sister?”
“Yes Dale, I want to see if they kissed yet, and to get my own back on her, she kept teasing me about having sex with you. She heard me show you my breasts that day, but she was resourceful in distracting dad!”

“They are getting bigger too, and I cannot wait to see them again!”

Damn, he makes me feel like a little princess all the time!

Luminitia waits for her sister to be alone and she walks to her in a b-line, “Mariana, You seem happy after we beat those bitches up. Did you and Erick kiss yet?”

“It doesn’t matter if we have or not! Lumi its none of your business!”

Holy shit, I hit a nerve, I feel bad now!

“Mariana, I am sorry my purpose was to get back at you for teasing me in the shop about the sex stuff with Dale. However, be patient Mari, remember your own words? Let it flow naturally!”

Luminitia shows her love for Mariana and cuddles her tightly.

“Thank you, Lumi… I am so sorry I snapped at you, I want to have my first kiss so badly tonight. My feelings are strong for him already, and he is such a gentleman!” She approaches Eric on her way back to Dale.

“Eric, she likes you a ton. Please don’t hurt her, or use her for sex even though you are younger than us. I can see it in your eyes that you are a good person and you have my trust and approval make sure you don’t lose it!”

“Lumi, I would never do that to her she is a person and not something I want to get into bed with only. She is hot as hell, and that is a bonus to me. I like her for what she truly is a beautiful young lady!”

“Also, Lumi, She was the only one in class that helped me settle in. I already explained this to her the day you spoke to me at break time.”

“Aww, that was beautiful to hear, I need to find my man now. Will you walk her home with Dale and me later tonight, she would love it so much? See you later!”

“Bye, Lumi!”

Aww, he called me Lumi, he has the right too now. Now where is my sexy man, I want to kiss him! Luminitia thought to herself.

“Dale give me a Kiss!” She shouted across the hall as she saw him return from the toilet.

Dale needed no second invitation to kiss his beautiful girlfriend, Luminitia. They lock their lips together as he pets her hair from behind before they decided to head home as it was getting late.

Mariana and Eric walked together holding hands, Eric plants a kiss on Mariana’s left cheek.
“That was for giving me such a beautiful evening sweetheart!”

Mariana’s heart started to pump a little faster as she loved it.

“Aww. I enjoyed myself too. Please walk me to my door. Don’t worry about my father he has changed his tune on us dating boys. Dale is the one to thank for that as my dad saw the change in Luminitia’s behaviour. She used to be entirely different than this. Lumi was very selfish in year nine, as she thought only about her self and was very disruptive at school.”

“Wow, I would have never have guessed that after meeting her for the first time, she came across so caring of you!”

Stop talking and freaking kiss me already! Mariana thought to herself.

Luminitia and Dale walked slightly behind Mariana and Eric as they took their journey under the street lights that shun brightly along the main roads.

“Dale, please show Eric how you French Kiss me under my porch later. Mariana wants him to kiss her so badly. Mari even snapped at me and told me to mind my own business, when I teased her!”

“Oh, I have an idea, Lumi… I will say something out loud before I do it to encourage him!”

After twenty minutes have passed, finally all four of them reached Union road.

All four of them walked down the street, and it was not long until they were outside Lumnitia’s and Mariana’s House.

“Eric, this is how you kiss your girl and make your first kiss mean something. Under this porch, I kissed my sweet Lumi Baby on the lips after she told me you call that a real kiss after I pecked her on the cheek. I was as nervous as hell, Luminitia as this saying, she will tell you now!” Explained Dale.

“Eric, sometimes there are things in life, and it is not a question of what, when or how, you just do it!” Said Luminitia.

Luminitia embraces Dale, and he kisses her on the lips in front of her sister and Eric. After a minute, he releases her, and she smiles gratefully at Dale.

“Mmm, That brought back sweet memories!”

“It sure did Lumi, now let’s watch your sister have her first Kiss!” Whispered Dale into Luminitias right ear-lobe.

Next, Eric gently takes Mariana by both of her hands and walks her under the porch to the front door. Luminitia and Dale move inside the front door for them.

“Mari, please close your eyes, I have been wanting to do this all night, but was unsure if you wanted me to make out with me on your first date.”

“Eric I did since the start of the night I hinted for you to many times by pulling you closer. Lumi and Dale can you please go inside I am too shy to do it with you watching me!”

Aww, bless her heart. I understand the first kiss is special. I will take my lover inside!

“Lumi, let’s go inside and respect your sister’s wishes, I know thats what you are currently thinking. I can read your facial expressions like a book now we have been together for almost two full years!”

Luminitia unlocks the house and takes Dale into the living room, as it looked like her parents went to bed ready for work tomorrow.

“Dale, Lets spy on them through the windows, just be sly with the curtains, or they will see!”

“Eric, I am ready! My sister taught me that we should just let our tongues do all of the talking. Shall we try now?”

“Yes, Mari, close your eyes and place them around my neck!”

Eric then places his around her lower back gently and starts rubbing her back gently as he pushes his lips against her lipstick.

Holy hell, my heart is pounding, and I can feel his tongue going into my mouth! It feels so sweet and lovely.
So do I do the same and breathe through my nose? Lumi taught me how to do this when I asked her a week ago in case this happens!

Mariana thought to herself as she finally built up the courage to kiss him back. Eric and Mariana started to get into it a lot more than Luminitia and Dale did.

“Holy shit… My sister is freaking going for it!”

Luminitia couldn’t believe her eyes on how passionate her younger sister got compared to her on her first kiss. Luminitia and Dale only had a brief kiss, but she had no guidance beforehand.

“Lumi, I did not do that because I had respect for your family. If your mum saw this, or even your dad, I would shudder. Phew, they finally stopped. Luminitia slyly withdrew the curtains silently, so Eric and Mariana did not know they got watched.

Now back outside of the house, Eric said to Mariana,

“Wow, Mariana I never expected my first kiss to be that full-on, your lips tasted so sweet and delicious!”

“Eric, Oh my god I may have got a bit carried away, Luminitia gave some advice. Also, Eric, you were fantastic. I want to kiss you all night long, but sadly we have school tomorrow. We can practise at lunchtime and break time behind the bike shed!”

“Good Night, Eric!”

“Good Night, Mari!”

Eric could not remove his smile, as he had been planning to kiss her before they even dated he was just too shy to ask her.

Back in the house, Dale says, “Lumi, I should go home now… you need your beauty sleep, to remain as my sexy princess!”

Gosh, I love it when my Dale tells me I am sexy. It makes me get so wet for him!

Dale kisses Luminitia goodnight and then says to Mariana as she enters the front door.

“Mari, wow that kiss was fantastic to watch!”

Mariana blushes, “Fuck, you both watched me through the window, I got carried away as wanted it so badly!”

“Sis, nothing wrong with that, but if mum or dad saw you doing that outside our house. I don’t know what they would have done. You are the youngest, and they are overprotective of you!”

“Lumi, thank you so much for giving me that advice last week, it helped me a lot tonight. I will tell mum all about it tomorrow after work as I know she will love to hear about it!”

“Yes, she will. Also, Mari, you can ask Mum for that type of advice too, you know. I am embarrassed as I want to ask Mum about sex now and oral sex. We want to explore that once our exams are over, but saving the lovemaking for our special night. I am scared if he goes down on me I might not want to stop.”

“Maybe wait for the night and do it all then, you can only decide that Lumi, but you have to describe what it’s like the day after in every detail.
Let’s go to bed now before they freak out. It is a school night, after all!”

“Yeah, we should Mari, and I need to study hard now, as my exams are next week!”

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