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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 5 – A Sisters Love!

The next morning came swiftly, and both Luminitia and Mariana got ready for school as usual.

“Mari, I am going to talk to the boy you have the hots for at break time, as we have different lunchtimes!”

“Lumi, don’t you dare make a fool out of me and tell him I want to make out or even screw him!”

“Would I do that to you, Sis?”

“Yes, Lumi you would as you were a bitch all last year!”

Mariana quickly locked herself in the bathroom before Luminitia could do anything to her physically.

“I’ll get you back some other time… as I am going to meet, Dale, after I finish doing my hair for him!”

Both the sisters then left for school, Mariana walked by herself, thinking of what Luminitia is going to explain to Eric. Meanwhile, Luminitia walked with Dale, and they talked about the joint year ten and eleven Prom for a bit together.

After the first lesson had expired, Luminitia went over to her sister.

“You did not even tell me what he looks like, dumbass!” Luminitia chuckled aloud after she said the dumbass word.

“Yeah, Yeah, whatever!” Mariana slyly points over towards Eric’s direction.

Next, Luminitia casually walks over towards the boy; he appeared dressed in the regular school uniform. He was around Luminitia’s height, and he looked fit because he played football as Dale did.
He also possessed light-black hair, and his strands were cut short. Eric brushed it sideways forming a curtain-style.

“Eric, do you have a minute?”

He suddenly stutters, “How did you know my name?!”

He is abruptly mesmerised by the beauty of luminitia who looked more radiating today than usual; she was wearing an exceptionally short skirt.

Aww, how cute! Maybe I did overdo it today! Luminitia thought to herself, silently.

“Oh, I am Mariana’s older sister, Luminitia, my friends call me Lumi!”

Luminitia pauses and continues speaking, “How much do you like my sister?”

“A lot, but no way she would ever go out with me, look how beautiful you both are!”

Luminitia’s face suddenly turned ripe as a strawberry at the compliment.

“Erik, do not be so stupid and have more confidence in yourself! My sister needs a date for the school prom, and she talks about you a lot at home.
Erik, do not get any funny ideas that you and Mariana will beat me and my boyfriend Dale as the prom King and Queen, as we are the cutest couple in the whole school!” Said Luminitia as she oozes confidence and being plain arrogant.

“Luminitia, Does she honestly like me in that way… why can girls not just freaking state the obvious?”

“It is like a puzzle, and you have to put the pieces together correctly, and what fun would it be if we just asked you out!” Smiled, Luminitia.

“Also, if I find out you have not asked her out by the end of the week, I am going knee you in your balls, as no one hurts my precious, Mari!”

Gosh, her sister is sexy as hell, but I still think, Mariana is hotter than her!

Eric thought to himself quietly to avoid getting slapped by Luminitia, especially after she threatened to hurt his crown jewels.

“Luminitia, thank you for coming and talking to me. I will ask her out at lunch…”

The school bell then rings, Luminitia and Eric then traverse towards their next lessons.

The day grew hotter as the sun rays heated up the fields and the playground of Northolt High School. Suddenly Luminita closely observed, Erik, talking to Mariana during their lunch-break outside of her Mathematics class window. Mariana had the later period for her dinner break, as they both ate alone on the short and lush grass.

“LUMINITIA, pay attention! You have been good for six months, don’t slip back to your old ways!”

“Sorry, Miss, I was just watching my sister get asked out to the school, Prom!”

The classroom all let out an “Aww!” Which forced the teacher to lay off of Luminitia.

The class soon finished and they headed to their final lesson of the day.

Shortly before Luminitia got yelled at, Erik finally built the courage to talk to Mariana alone. They were very close, much like Luminitia and Dale was, just not quite as long. Erik had transferred schools and was the new boy in her class this year.
“The reason I wanted you away from your girly friends today as I have a serious question to ask you!”
Did Lumi manage it, I wonder! She thought to herself and then opened her mouth to speak.

“Erik, what might that be?”

“Well, I am new to this school, and you helped me settle in more than anyone. I would love to reward you, Mariana, if you will let me do so by asking you out to the school prom for our first date.”

“Erik, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me outside of my family. I would love too, to tell you the truth I would like to go out on a date with you before that, but the Prom seems perfect to me, and it will make a lovely first date.”

“I am delighted you said yes, and we don’t need to rush things, the prom is next month anyway, give me a cuddle before we go to our afternoon lessons!”

Mariana gives him a warm and gracious embrace before they head off to class. Erik wraps his arms around her neck and gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek to say thank you for accepting him as her prom date.
Mariana slightly blushes as she was not expecting that. Still, her heart embraces it as it pumped a little faster before going to class.

School had finished for the day, but it was still baking outside and, it had only got warmer as the time was quarter past three.

“Dale, I want to talk to my sister, it is girl talk so go away!” Said Mariana.

“Ha, ha I know when I am not wanted… I will get the details from, Lumi, anyway we don’t hide secrets!” Replied Dale.

He then goes home on his own.

“So Lumi, whatever you said to him worked!”

“I know… you got me in trouble earlier I was staring at both of you from the class-window.

However, I did get you back like I said I would earlier in the day. I told my whole class what you two were doing as I had to defend myself from my Math’s teacher.

“Lumi, what the hell!”

“Relax, everyone was like aww, not like I said your names or anything like that!”

Mariana growls at her sister but then smiles at her, and thanks her using her body language.

“Lumi, I need to go shopping with Mum over the weekend for a new dress… Will you come and help me choose one?”

“Yes, Mari, I need a new gown anyway for the Prom, I cannot let you and Erik upstage me can I?”

“Why are you always so competitive, Lumi?”

“Just how I am Mari!”

Next, both of the sisters then head home, and they study for the rest of the week. Mariana gets more excited as the week goes on as this is the first official date she has ever had.

Saturday morning finally arrived for Mariana and Luminitia to get their new Prom gowns for the event in two weeks. Mariana and Luminitia’s mother got ready to take them both to West Harrow.
Lulia respectively did some research for both of her daughters so they could try on the prom gowns. Lulia did this because she knew it would cost her a lot of money, as last time she only had to buy Luminitia and not Mariana as well. She also realises that both of her precious princesses are growing up fast. Still, she could not be more proud of them, especially how they have grown up to be respectful of their bodies and towards other people. It took a bit longer with Luminitia, but since last year she has made a complete whirlwind of a turn and focused on her goals in life.

They all got in the car, Ben, their dad, decided not to come, as he knew they would take years trying to pick out dresses that they both liked.

“So that you know, your father gave me £400 to spend on you both this afternoon. You will have £200 each for your Prom gowns and any accessories to go with them. Also, put your seatbelts on!”

“Mum, we are not kids!” Replied Luminitia.

“Good, I am glad you feel that way… you have shown Mariana how to act this past year, and I want the night to be fun for you before you take your GCSE exams. Mari, you have your mock tests to do as well!” Explained their mother.

“Mari, don’t sweat the mock exams they truly help you with the final exams as you will get an idea of what they may throw at you in the real test next year!” Added Luminitia.

“Thanks, mother and Sis for doing this for me today. It means a great deal to me, and Lumi you have a great taste in dresses. I still remember how beautiful you looked when Dale took you out on that dinner date for the first time.”

“I want to have good competition!” Joked Luminitia before she continues.

“I would do anything for you even if you can be the most annoying little sister at times and nosey about my love life!”

“I am not little, I am only one year younger, and I guess I can come across annoying, but you can too!” Replied Luminitia.

“Be nice to each other, or you won’t get anything this afternoon!” Shouted their mother.

I guess Dad didn’t give Mum any last night, as she is so moody! Luminitia thought silently, not daring to utter those words towards her mother.

Mariana just sat in the back calmly with excitement thinking about her date with Erik in two weeks and how she can impress him.
Luminitia smiles at her sister as she knows she is going through everything she did last year with Dale. Shortly after their mother parks the car in the car park at West Harrow.

“Mum, what shop are we going too?” Asked Mariana with curiosity.

“Silhouette London! I checked it out myself in my spare time with your father, as we had a wonderful dinner that afternoon. The shop has so much for you to choose out of, so take your time. Also, I am going to buy myself a dress or something else for Ben.”

“Mum! We do not want to hear about that kind of stuff!” Said Luminitia as she tries to tease her mother by twisting her words around to get a rise out of her.”

“You are soo bad, Lumi!” Whispered Mariana to her sister.

“Luminitia, It is no different than what both of you are doing today. The only difference is I am not shy to admit when I want to do something nice for your dad and share it with you!”

“Mum, chill out… I was only joking!” Said Luminitia as she cuddles her Mum.

All three of them head out onto the main street that looked posh. It was a pretty noisy and busy road today, as it was a Saturday morning. Lots of motor vehicles passed them by; ranging from cars to trucks as well as the buses that would stop here near the shopping centre and local stores. The three of them finally see a large clothing store in the distance, which had extensive writing on the top of it, spelling ‘Silhouette London!’
Luminitia peered into the store and saw all the lovely and beautiful, and radiating dresses hanging on top of the coat hangers.

I wonder what Dale will be wearing for me in two weeks. He is very secretive about it. Although this is the one time, I will allow him to keep something from me! Luminitia thought to herself.

“Lumi, let’s go in and choose our dresses, I think we should buy the same dress, but in different colours to show our sisters love for one another!”
‘Aww, thats adorable!’ Lulia thought silently.

They all enter the store and stand in awe. The shop was posher than when Luminitia bought her first real dress for Dale.
It had several rows of dresses in one area, as well as sensational sexy lingerie, which their Mum went over to observe. The counter was made out of some transparent stainless glass as it had marvellous excellent accessories ranging from earrings to bangles. The store pretty much sold everything you needed to wear to go out on a date, Lulia’s research paid off well. The two sisters then looked more closely at dresses and continued to discuss getting similar dresses.

“Only if I get to choose the colour I want!”

“Well Lumi, I think you should get black again it goes so well if your jet-black hair. You are also naughty one where I am the innocent one. So I will be picking white!”

“Yes, I love it! However, please let me choose the one that will make us look sizzling. We should show off some skin, but let’s keep it classy!”

“Lumi, Please be careful what you buy… you know how your father is about you wearing clothes that show too much of your bodies off!”

“Mum, trust me it will be a long gown, I merely want to show off my tummy a bit for Dale.
Also, you are not going to like this. I want both your blessings to get a piercing in October when I am sixteen years old!”

“I feared you might because I have one myself. I can’t judge you for wanting one. It will hurt a lot, and you must treat it every day to prevent infection. Your father may need a bit of convincing, but I will work on him for you. Consider this a reward if you get all C+ in your exams!” Explained Lulia.

“Mum C+, I am going get all A’s on how hard Dale and I are studying together!”

“Cough! Don’t you mean by studying some tonsil-hockey and probably more stuff!” Mariana said quietly to Luminitia.

“What do you mean more?” Asked Lulia.

“Mum, we have not had sex yet, if that is what you are thinking. I do need to talk to you and dad about it soon and in private!”

Ha, ha I got her back! Mariana Chuckled to herself.

“Lumi, don’t shout in the store, now look what you have done, a Male Assistant is laughing at you. He is coming over now too!”

The Middle-aged male assistant comes over towards Luminitia and her Sister to help them since they are disturbing the customers. He appeared dressed in a formal clothes shop attire with an obsidian coloured waistcoat, dark-coated shoes and slacks; combined with a white shirt with a colourful looking tie.
“May, I help you two, girls!”

Luminitia was blushing ripe as strawberry, as she knew the whole store heard her talking about her and Dale and her still being a virgin.
She stutters for the first time as she looks embarrassed, “We would like erm a long prom dress for our school prom. I want a black one and Mari here is my sister she would like a white coloured one of the same design.

Damn you, Mari, I will get you back soon, and you will never see it coming!

“How about this one here?” Replied the shop assistant.

“Oh this is gorgeous, and I have no problem showing off my mid-front as you can see me and my sister work out weekly at the local gym! Lumi likes to show off her body more than me, so if I am happy she will be!”

“Mari, what the heck. Stop trying to make me sound like a slapper!”

“Showing off your bodies don’t make you either that!” Said the shop assistant trying to remain professional and not laugh at Luminita and Mariana arguing.

Why do they have to show me up when they are together, but they are worth it. I am going to pick the raunchiest lingerie for my sexy husband!

Luminitia examines the prom gown more closely, especially the black coloured one. She eyes it up and down looking at and asks the shop keeper this, “Would I be able to try it on first as its £200!”

“Certainly, let me show you to our changing rooms. Get your sister to bring the white version of it too!”

“Mum, we are going to try our dresses on before we spend a lot of money!” Said Mariana to her mother.

Both of them walk casually into their small changing booths, which were covered by black curtains and a large reflective, oblong-shaped mirror.
Luminitia and Mariana take off their casual clothes and try on their particular coloured, Prom dresses. Each of the sisters, slowly walkout to show their Mum what they will look like giving her a sneak peek.

My gosh, they look like princesses out of a fairytale! I could not be happier for them! Lulia suddenly wipes a small emotional, but happy tear from her right optic.

“Mum, I want this dress!” Said Luminitia, feeling a bit of a spoilt child getting such an expensive dress.

“You realise you won’t get anything else, same for you Mari if you choose this one too!” Explained their mother.

“I understand Mum, as you want to get something for you and dad too!” Replied Mariana.

That is thoughtful of Mariana. I know Lumi understands too, as she is a smart young woman!

Mariana and Luminitia both get changed out of their gorgeous looking dresses and back to their casual clothes. They both hand the prom gowns to the middle-aged shop keeper.
He then begins to put them in packages neatly for them.
Meanwhile, their Mum, Lulia, picks out some crimson coloured lingerie for herself for her husband.

Damn, I bet I know what they will be up to tomorrow night when Mariana and I go to the cinema!

“You are lucky that I love you both more than anything in the world to spend this amount on you two!”

“Dale is going to love this in two weeks!” Said Luminitia excitedly after her Mum bought them both the dresses and her lingerie.

Two more weeks passed, and it was finally the night of the school combined year ten and eleven Prom. Luminitia and Mariana were both getting ready for the event as they both slipped into their Prom gowns. Luminitia was the second to take a refreshing shower thirty minutes ago, so now she was all nice and dry. She slowly puts the dress over her head, and she decides to wear no underwear again, not even any knickers this time since the gown is long.
The gown remarkably shows off how much of a radiating and beautiful young woman she is. The dress shows off her toned tummy, but hiding the colour of it under a transparent fabric that draped in front of it. Luminitia then puts her black designer heels on her petite feet to match the dress. She grabs the pendant that she bought for her first date to wear around her neck to remind Dale of how long they have dated.
She starts to fix up her silky jet black hair to have it straight with a fringe at the top. Luminitia had recently got it cut a little as it had grown far too long at the back.
She wanted to look as beautiful as her first date if not even more as her assets had grown a lot more since the time they went to dinner at the restaurant by the river.

“Wow, Mariana I have never seen you all dressed up before like this. My younger sister is turning into a lovely young woman just like me!” Praised Luminitia.”

“You look stunning yourself, Lumi, I also see that you are wearing the pendant too!”

“Yes, Mari to remind me of how long we have been together!”

“Aww so nice. I hope Eric treats me the same as Dale does with you and don’t just go after you know what!”

“It’s your job to protect your flower until you are ready, Sis.”

“I will do your hair, Mari, as thats the one thing I am good at in the makeup department. I cannot touch how good you are at applying eye-liners, mascara and lipstick.
Luminitia asks Mari how she wanted her hair done and slowly brushes it out for her gently with her pink-coated brush.”

“We need to hurry the boys will be here to pick us up in thirty minutes. I will do the makeup, or you will never be ready in time. You take so long to get ready just like Mum, haha!” Said Mariana as she enjoys the ASMR tingles of having her hair played with as much as Luminitia does.

Mariana then applies a shallow coated pink lipstick out of her cosmetic set. She then traces it along Luminitia’s luscious lips and fills up the contours of them flawlessly. Next, she employs a matching coloured eye-liner and mascara on her cheeks to make her even more exotic and beautiful than she has ever looked before.

“Mariana, you have outdone yourself again at doing my makeup!”

“it’s nothing, and it gives me practice. Thank you for trusting me as always to fix you up for Dale. You will need to learn how to do this yourself though when you eventually move out!”

“I know, I am going to go, show Mum, so she doesn’t have a heart attack seeing how we look at the same time!”
“Haha, you are probably right, Lumi!”

Luminitia descends the stairs of her house quietly and goes to show her Mum and dad how she looks.
They both look at her with a look of disbelief of how radiating Luminita looks in her Prom dress.

“Great choice Luminitia, it shows class and beauty without exposing your whole body!” Said her Dad.

Phew, I thought Dad would get mad for showing some of our body in the dress! Thought Mariana as she walked down the stairs in her white gown and high heels.

“You look stunning Mariana, This boy Eric will be gobsmacked!” Said her Mother.

She takes a quick photo of them for her photo album and then suddenly the doorbell sounds. Luminitia abruptly hides in the living room and forces her mother to answer the door.
Standing at the door was Erik, Mariana’s date. He was dressed in his black Prom suit, with black trousers and dark-coloured shoes, underneath that he possessed a white shirt. Also, he was holding a small vase of red roses.

Wow, Mariana is in for a lovely time! Thought Luminitia, as she peeked her head around the door.

“Mariana your date is here!” Yelled Lulia.

“Hello, I am Lulia. If you haven’t worked it out yet, I am Mariana’s Mother. You look good too. Please don’t bring my daughter home too late as it is school night tomorrow.

“Yes, Lulia… I will bring her home as soon as the Prom is over. It was my pleasure to meet you tonight!”

“Oh my god, Eric are these for me you shouldn’t have!” Said Mariana as she appeared out of the kitchen to take the roses from him, and she took them and put them into the living room after smelling them.

“Mari, he bought you flowers, he is a keeper. Go and enjoy yourself while I wait for Dale!”

She returns and embraces Erik, “Mariana you look even more beautiful in that dress. Thank you for being my Prom date tonight!”

Still cannot believe you bought me flowers on our first date and you look magnificent too, let’s go!” Said Mariana, who was a bit more forceful than Luminita.

She held Eric’s hand with hers as they exited the house and headed towards the school under cover of the approaching night and full moon.

“Mum, Dale better not have stood me up… I am destined to win this whole thing and become the Prom Queen, where the freaking hell is he. Dale is always early!”

“Lumi, calm down. I have witnessed the way he treats you. He will be here if not, he will have a good reason for no-showing!”

Lulia’s words comforted her and then suddenly the doorbell rings again, and this time it is Luminita’s love, Dale.
Dale stood on the porch of Luminitia’s house just outside of her front door. He appeared dressed in a dark waistcoat suit. Additionally, he was wearing a checkered-white shirt with a black bow-tie combined with black slacks and dark coated shoes with no laces.
He was also holding a bouquet of pink roses as he knew one of Luminitia’s favourite colours was lotus Pink.
Before Dale could tell her how pretty she looked in her Obsidian coloured Prom gown, Luminitia yells.

“Oh pink roses, Mariana got red roses from Eric and a whole vase for a first date. Maybe he is trying to outdo you!” She chuckles after saying in the last sentence, as she places it next to Mariana’s flowers in their living room table.

“Dale you look mighty fine tonight!” Said Luminitia.

“I have nothing on my beautiful princess… words cannot describe how sexy you look tonight, my Sweet Lumi Baby!”

Luminitia loves being called his sweet Lumi Baby and smiles and gives him a big full-on kiss, which her dad sees.

“Get out of here already, and bring my daughter back safely!” Shouted her dad as he did not like to watch his daughter tongue-kissing on his porch.

“Crap, your dad scares me sometimes. let’s go and win this thing!”

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