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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 4 – Luminitia’s and Dales Secret Love!

It has now been one whole long year and a couple of months since Dale and Luminitia have been a couple. They both have formed a strong bond and a healthy relationship together. Luminitia and Dale had learned how to kiss a lot better as they would spend a couple of hours enjoying each other every night.
Luminitia and Dale studied maths and did their homework together over at his house every single school night. Luminitia and Dale then got the chance to enjoy mastering the art of the French kiss further after completing their studies together.

It was a Friday afternoon; Luminitia and Dale had just finished school for the day and were walking home together. They were holding hands, and Luminitia loved how Dale cherished her wherever they went. He would interlock her fingers with his making them whole.
Luminitia had very scarce problems from other boys. However, other girls were very jealous of her because they saw the way Dale treated her, and they wanted the same treatment. If those girls were not so shallow and looked at Dale as Luminitia did they may have had the chance, but it was their loss and her gain.

“Lumi, will you come to Rectory Park with me in one hour. Tell your mum not to make dinner for you, as I have a surprise for you!”

“Dale, I can get changed into something sexy for you then as its quite hot today!”

“Mmm, Luminitia you are quite the tease… less is better as I want to caress your body while I make out with you on the grass while we watch the ducks and birds!”

“Dale, you are, so romantic! I will wear my new high-cut tank top, which I specifically bought to tease you. Also, for my piercing that you are going to help me choose after my birthday this year.”

“It would be my honour too, Lumi it will hurt like hell… I heard they are worse than tattoos!”

“I know, but it will be worth it. I also want a tattoo when I am eighteen. Dale, I wish I could show you my mum’s artwork on her back, as it’s so classy and pretty!”

“Lumi, what does she have inked?”

“It’s a large butterfly on her upper back, and then down her mid-back, she has roses on a tree branch!
The tattoo I want to get is the Persian Goddess of Harmony called Ma’at, and its a lot smaller. It will go on my tailbone, so I require a female artist as I don’t want another man touching me that low!” Explained Luminitia excitedly as she desperately wants a tattoo.

Yeah, Lumi, I would not like another guy touching you that low either!” Replied Dale as they reach the estate.

“Dale, I can walk from here, let me go.
Also, I think my Dad is going out with mum to dinner to celebrate their anniversary together at around five O’clock. I am going to show you my bedroom after we go to the park.
Don’t get any funny ideas about thinking of making love to me!” Luminitia chuckled on the last part as she remembered from her date when Dale said the same thing to her.

“Oh, I bet your bedroom is as beautiful as you… see you at the park, my love!” Replied Dale as he French kisses luminitia with a loving embrace.

Every time I kiss him, it feels like I am in heaven! I wonder how sex feels? Thought Lumnitia as she releases her lips and tongue from Dale’s mouth.

Luminitia rushes upstairs to her bedroom. She then starts taking off her school uniform and looks at her large wardrobe and her chest of drawers wondering what to wear.

I think I will wear some black booty shorts and the tank top, which I already teased my sexy Dale with earlier.

She takes out a pair of dark-skinned black booty shorts. These were very short as well and indeed showed luminitia’s fantastic bum off.
Luminitia always knew she had a nice butt, as she worked out a lot at the gym when she was not with Dale.
Luminitia pulls them up slowly and looks in the heart-shaped mirror to see how she looks, just wearing her black bra. She smiles and loves what she sees in her reflection before grabbing the tank top and placing it over her arms. The tank top was lotus pink, and it only went down a little bit after her chest that had grown into a 34C size. Luminitia’s breasts had grown quicker than other girls in her year because she is one of the oldest in the year. It was another reason she drew a lot of jealousness from other girls in her class and year.
The boys started to notice them more as when she did physical education, they would bounce, and they would look through her white shirt at her bras too. It made Luminitia uncomfortable, but also in the back of her mind, she loved knowing they wanted her and could not have her.
Finally, Luminitia finishes getting changed into her summer clothes and puts on her Nike trainers.
Luminitia goes to see Mariana in her bedroom as she got home a lot quicker as Dale was explaining to her about his surprise.

“Mari, I am going over to the park with Dale as he has something he wants to do for me!”

“Ah, that explains why you are showing half of your body off going to the park!” Said, Mariana, as she tries to get a reaction from her sister.

Luminitia looks at her and then replies slyly, “Nothing, wrong with dressing up sexy for the love of your life, soon you will understand. I am going to brush my hair quickly as its a mess. Mari, Did Mum and Dad say they are going straight out from work or are they coming back here?”

“Straight there I think, why?”

“Nothing!” Replied Luminitia.

What is she up too! Thought her sister as she puts her head back into her books to finish some of her coursework.

Luminitia quickly fixes up her hair using her spiky comb. She decides to go for the wet look because It got even hotter outside as it reached four p.m in the afternoon. She applies some hair moose to her long, jet-black hair that she needs to get cut soon as its draping down to almost her bum. She then quickly sprays her perfume as well to smell divine for her lover, Dale.
She hurried downstairs as she knew that she took longer than expected. She then runs back upstairs as she left her house keys in her school blazer that she carried home and hung up tidily in her wardrobe.

I would forget my head if it weren’t screwed on!

ext, she opens the back door and then locks it tightly. Luminitia then opens her wooden gate to her back-garden by removing the latch.
She then moves through it, and then Luminitia closes the gate tightly, putting the upper latch back in place. Luminitia then walks the same route she went to school towards Kensington road.
Luminitia patiently looks for an opening in the ongoing traffic after waiting several minutes as she was too lazy to walk to the traffic lights. Ironically though the time she waited, she could have probably crossed at the traffic lights in the same amount of time.
She then takes the southern entrance to the park and finds Dale sitting further in the grass near the lake. He was sitting upright on a lovely blanket, but the design was hard to see in the distance. Additionally, he had next to him a bunch of red roses and a basket of food.

Oh no, he did not? He just invited me to a freaking romantic Picnic. It was another one of my dream dates that I told him about when we were just friends. Dale always listens to me and pays attention to the things I tell him. I love him so much! Thought Luminitia to herself as she approaches him.

As Luminitia got closer to Dale; she could see the blanket was brown and looked plush and remarkably comfortable to sit on. The basket appeared a light brownish colour and was a country picnic style bag. It had a carrying handle, which got constructed out of woven rattan, much like the whole basket. It was closed, so Luminitia had no clue what Dale had hidden inside of the basket.

“Oh, wow Luminitia you look so freaking sexy in that… My love here is some roses for your bedroom.
I asked my mother to buy them for you as I told her that I wanted to take you on a picnic after school!” Said, Dale, as he greets her with the flowers.

Next, he places a kiss on her lips, which still looked beautiful even without any lipstick applied to them. Luminitia breaks away from Dale’s lips after giving him a passionate kiss. Next, Luminitia inhales the sweet scent of the roses while she then lies down gazing up at the sunlight.
Dale looks at Luminitia’s incredible body and especially at her cute tummy-button.

Luminitia sees him looking at her tummy, and she smiles up at him says softly, “You like what you see, huh?”

“Who the fuck would not love to look at this goddess, replied Dale as he climbs on top of her.

Luminitia bites her lips. She felt what it is like to have him on top of her, a few times in his bedroom. Naughty temptations of them going further grew in both their minds when they kissed in this position of wanting to do more to each other. However, both had an immeasurable amount of control and knew they wanted their first time to be a night to remember for all eternity.

Next, Dale leans in and starts to kiss her sensually and passionately. Luminitia closes her eyes and starts letting her tongue do some exploration into his mouth, seeking an adventure. Dale then does the same back, and he pushes his lips tighter against hers. He then moves his mouth down her neck and starts to kiss her.

Mm, I love getting my neck kissed! He damn well knows it now, and he takes full advantage of my weak spot every time! Those were the precise thoughts that started to race through Luminitia’s mind as Dale began licking her neck.

Luminitia started to moan softly, and Dale realises he was getting her far too turned on. He knows the park is not the place to go further as families like to bring their children there. He stops licking the left side of her throat and starts to run his fingers through her jet-black locks.

“Got you back for teasing me earlier, Lumi, when you described what you would wear for me, which sounded so hot by the way. I know you love it when someone plays with your hair and especially when I do it, Baby!”

“Yes, Baby… I love you so much. I have been thinking, and I have decided you are the one to take my flower from me in my bedroom on your next birthday!” Replied Luminitia.

“Oh, Lumi… what a birthday present to look forward too! You are worth waiting for, but I cannot believe you are going to let me make love to you, its a dream come true!”

“Dale, we will talk more about this after my birthday in October as our GCSE’s are due in a few months!”

“Lumi, I bought you out here to spend time and for another reason… but you have to wait until we have eaten the fruit and Sandwiches that I made for you!”

“Tell me now, Bitch!” Said Luminitia.

“You are my Bitch… now, wait!” Replied Dale.

Luminitia puts him in a cross arm breaker playfully demonstrating some of her Judo training, “What did you call me?”

“Sorry, Lumi, I mean my sensual lover. Wow, Lumi you are good. I hope no girls at school piss you off!”

“I am only playing… I did not even apply the full pressure to your arm, plus I knew you were joking, Dale.
Also, Dale, I am only an orange belt in Judo, but Karate I am a black belt, my kicks are deadly. I pray I never have to use it, but I will If I do feel threatened or if someone throws a punch at me for no reason!”

Luminitia then opens the basket lid. Next, she takes out a red apple from the woven rattan country picnic basket, and she throws another at Dale. Luminitia forced Dale’s eyes off of her as he fixated on the apple to catch it.
She peeks further into the country picnic box to see what else he may be hiding in there. Luminitia only found the sandwiches Dale mentioned to her earlier. They looked ever so delicious so she realises it must be a verbal-present Dale has for her.
“You are Nosey, Lumi, but take the sandwiches out so we can eat!”
“Yes, Sir!” She says mockingly, which forces Dale to bring her to ground to tickle her.
Luminitia is very ticklish, and that possibly is why she receives pleasant ASMR tingles.
She keeps on laughing, and he suddenly stops to part her jet-black hair to the side. Dale merely gazes at her while he passes her one of the sandwiches he made for her.

“Why are you so beautiful, Lumi. I bet you look radiating even when you wake up in the morning!”

“Aww, Dale… you make my heart melt for you, truly you do!”

He lets her up so they can both eat the sandwiches.

“Lumi, Usually, my mother makes me my lunch. However, I made these for you myself!”

Wow, so thoughtful!

She thought before saying, “Thank you, Dale. You never stopped doing little things since we first met!”

“Lumi, I expect you to do the same too, as this is a two-way street!”

“I have not, have I?” Asked Luminitia.

“No, just making sure and I know its harder for you to ask your parents since you can only ask your mum. Honestly, you just spending time with me every day is enough for me!”

Luminitia smiles at him again and finishes her apple and sandwich. Next, she puts the apple core into the nearby bin.
Dale then chucks the centre of his apple in the bin from his picnic blanket.
“That was just a lucky shot, Dale!”

“Was not… you know how good of a team we make on the basketball court at school!”

“That we do baby, now what else did you want to ask me?” asked Luminitia.

“Sit in my lap, Lumi, and I now have a serious question for you” Explained Dale as Luminitia sits in his lap as they both watch the calm waters of the lake.

Dale wanders his hands to Luminitia’s exposed tummy and starts rubbing her there. “Luminitia, just before our exams in a few months the school is holding a Prom for years ten and eleven. I want you to be my Prom date, Lumi!”
Luminitia had a few thoughts that coursed through her mind.

Oh gosh, he asked me to the Prom, but we are already a cute couple, but it’s the chivalry and the thought I love the most!

“Dale, Not only are you going to take me to our school prom, but we are going to be the freaking Prom Queen and King!”

She pauses and then says, “Then next year, after we have made love, you can use the line from my other favourite movie, ‘The Rock!’ Winners go home and fuck the Prom Queen!”

Dale laughs and starts kissing her below her ear, “Mmm, Dale, I love that….”

“You are my princess, and I love pampering you as much as tongue kissing you!”

“Dale lets go back to my house, as dad will be home soon and I have a special present for you!”

Dale’s heart starts racing, It must be something very private, or she would have done it here. Maybe a blowjob or she wants me to eat her out!

Dale holds his hand out for Luminitia.
She then takes it and holds it tightly as he picks up the empty picnic basket with his left hand.
She leads him to her front door to where they first kissed.

“Lumi, wait I want to relive this moment!”

“Mmmm, Dale, you romantic boyfriend, kiss me!”

Dale needs no second invitation to kiss such a beautiful young lady, as he locks her lips onto his in the porch. Mariana hears some noise outside and then goes into Luminitia’s bedroom and watches them tongue kiss and make out.

What is she doing? If Dad comes home early, Dale is a dead man. But, damn, I am getting a lesson on how to kiss 101 here!

Mariana continues to watch them until Luminitia opens the front door and she rushes into her room quickly.
Luminitia drags Dale aggressively into her room and shuts the door.

“Mari, can you keep an eye out if Dad and Mum come home early!”

“Lumi, If you are going to have sex… please tell me so I can leave the house. I don’t want to listen or watch it!”

“We are not, Mari!” Replied Dale in an angry tone.

“Oh, Dale seems a stroppy one today!”

“No, it’s just I thought you would know better than that. I want that to be special for Lumi!

“Mari, shut up, I just wanted to show him my bedroom!” shouted Luminitia.

Dale compliments Luminitia, “Lumi, your bedroom looks so cute and pretty!”

Suddenly Luminitia takes off her top and turns around and looks at him in her dark-skinned bra. Dale cannot believe what he is witnessing right now. He begins to get hard as he looks at her curves and ample peaks trapped inside of her bra.

“Dale feast your eyes on these now, this is for being so sweet to me today, here is your reward!”

Dale gulps as he watches her unclip her bra and she is not shy about doing so either.

Holy fuck! Her tits are so freaking huge for her age, and they are, so perfect along with those delicate pink nipples. I need to restrain myself from taking her right now on the bed!

“Lumi! Oh my God, they are perfect!”

“Shit, they came home early, get under the freaking bed. Dad will never enter my room without knocking first!”

He comes upstairs and knocks on Luminitia’s bedroom door as he heard Lumintia talking aloud.

“Lumi, is everything okay?”

“Yes… Dad, I am getting changed. Please do not enter as I am topless!”

Holy hell, Luminitia is about to get grounded and beaten for life, as it sounded like she was showing Dale her body. I will make her owe me a favour after this! Mariana thought to herself, as she witnesses her Dad standing outside of Luminitia’s bedroom.

“Dad, can you come in here, please. I need your help with my Geography coursework, and it goes towards my Geography GSCE grade next year. I only need your opinion on something!”

“Sure, it sounds important, let me get my Wallet from my room, thats why I came home. Mum is waiting for me at the restaurant!”

Dale begins to sweat underneath as he hid under her bed as there was not much space below it, only just enough to breathe. Luminitia quickly puts her clothes back on and grabs Dale’s Picnic basket.

“Dale, wait until I say it is clear!” Whispered Luminitia.

Luminitia opens the door as quiet as a mouse, and she notices her Dad had gone into Mariana’s bedroom to help her.
Next, Mariana motions for Luminitia to take action hastily, Luminitia quickly hand gestures for Dale to get out from underneath her bed and gives him his Picnic basket.

“Quickly Dale, creep out the house with me as the front door is locked still!”
Both Luminitia and Dale started to creep downstairs, gradually trying not to make a sound, while Mariana keeps their Dad preoccupied. Mariana was genuinely struggling with one part of her coursework.
Luminitia quickly unlocks the door.

“Dale, quickly leave! I will tell Dad about you later tonight to avoid this sneaking around!”

“Okay, Lumi that was pretty scary! Thank you for letting me see your perfect assets.

I hope you will let me see them again and soon!” Replied Dale before he left her porch.
“Hurry! Dad is coming!” Whispered Luminitia.
Luminitia closes the front door and relocks it and goes to get a drink of apple and strawberry juice. Her Dad then walks past her and says.

“Luminitia, make sure you and your sister behave yourself. Also, you might need to make yourselves dinner as we are going to be out later than expected!
If I make your mother wait any longer, she will divorce me!” Said her Dad as he quickly rushes past her in his work clothes.

After her Dad left the house to go and meet their Luminitia’s mother, Luminitia went and knocked on Mariana’s door.

“You can come in, Lumi, I am just making an early start on this coursework!”

“Thank you so much, Mari. I had to do that last year if you need to see what I did, I have a copy of it still.”

“Thank you, Lumi!”

“Mari, I have decided I am going to confront Dad about this. I will explain to Mum first, and we can gang up on him!” Said a convincing Luminitia.

“Yeah and I have my eyes on someone now, but he’s much like Dale, shy around beautiful looking girls. I will try a few more days to get him to notice me….”

“Mari come to me again about this if he still ignores you. I don’t want you to have to go through six weeks of torture as I did. I need to finish this coursework that I should have done earlier!”

“Well, Lumi if you spent more time doing it instead of having a picnic and stripping for Dale… what did you show him anyways? I heard you said you were topless to Dad!”

“None of your business, little sister!” Shouted Luminitia embarrassed about the whole situation and she storms off in a fit to finish her English assignment!”

After Luminitia had finished her assignment, she goes to see Mariana again. “Sis, we need to make dinner by ourselves tonight. Let’s try and impress Mum and Dad. I have to drop the bomb about my serious-relationship with Dale for nearly one and a half years now.

Yes, I am hungry, but you can do most of the cooking… I did save your ass after all!”

“Thats a good idea… it will go more in my favour, just wash up for me, Baby Sis!”

“You can be selfish sometimes, Lumi. I want to see how you do cooking dinner though. Please don’t burn the house down, Lumi!”

“What the fuck, Mari!” Shouted Luminitia with rage and heads downstairs to prepare dinner for the first time without supervision.

Hmm, I will make something easy like fish fingers and chips and spaghetti for Mari, since I ate at the park! Thought Luminitia as she starts to get out some frozen chips from the freezer along with the fish fingers.

Luminitia’s parents always had a combination of potatoes and frozen chips when they didn’t feel like peeling taters.
Luminitia then opens the cupboard next to their fridge and freezer and takes out one round and transparent dinner plate. She places it on the table for later.
Luminitia then lights the gas oven and puts the fish fingers and the frozen chips in the oven on a baking tray. The tray comes out and goes in when you close the door.
Next, Luminitia gets the spaghetti that was contained inside of a plastic pot as they had leftovers from yesterday.

I will warm the spaghetti up in the microwave once everything else gets cooked!

After twelve minutes, the four fish fingers looked done, so she put on a pair of oven gloves that she found from the drawer above the cupboard where the plates got kept. Luminitia removed the fish fingers and put them on the plate.

Oops, I should have put them in after eight minutes, I can warm them with the spaghetti anyway later!

She waited another eight minutes for Mari’s oven chips to cook and then pulled them out with the safety of the protective gloves.
She puts the cooked chips on both of the silverware equally and removes the fish fingers to heat with the spaghetti.
“Mari, Dinner is almost ready. I am just microwaving your spaghetti and fish fingers!” Shouted Luminitia from downstairs.
She then puts four fish fingers on her sister’s plate and pours the leftover spaghetti from yesterday.
“Coming and wow you did not set the kitchen on fire!” Yelled Mariana as she walks down the stairs.

“Mari, you can put your salt and vinegar and tomato sauce on it!”

“You did a good job… I am proud of you, almost as good as Mum’s cooking! I will clean up for you if you want to go and relax!”

“Thank you, Sis. I will have an early night and talk with Mum and Dad before they go to work. Make sure you are up too!”

Luminitia turns in for the night as it was quite an eventful day for her.

The next morning before breakfast, Luminitia pulls her mother into the living room.

“Mum, I think its time to come clean to Dad about my relationship with Dale and that I have been studying with him all the time. If you want I can say I asked you to lie?” Suggested Luminitia to her mother.

“No, Luminitia it was my choice… I will tell him I did it for you. let’s go tell him then and see how he takes it!”

Her Dad was sitting at the kitchen table, doing a crossword puzzle. He was quite a tall man and was aged 56 years old. He was eight years older than Lulia. Luminitia was born when she was thirty-three and Mariana a year later at thirty-four years old.
Ben had just finished work as he was working the night shift at Ealing Broadway’s main sorting office, so he was wearing his royal mail work outfit. He had black hair and a dark-coloured beard, which only went around his face, and it matched his hair colour.
“Dad… Mum and I have something to tell you, and you are not going to like this!
I have been studying with a boy called Dale we have been best friends now for four and a half years. I also started a relationship with him on the night when Mum told you I would be studying with my friend Joanna. He took me to a romantic dinner at a restaurant. I beg you, Dad, to let me keep on seeing him. I have never been so happy in my life. We are doing very well in our coursework by working on it together. Also, I did not make, Mum lie, either!” Explained Luminitia, in-depth to her father.

“Lulia, I see that you did what is best for Lumi. You will have to make it up to me tonight!”

“Dad thats gross!” Said, Mariana, as she barges into the kitchen.

“Yes, and you know this is the first time I have ever hidden anything from you, Ben. What is your decision?” Asked Lulia.

“Lumi, You have shown a great deal of responsibility ever since you started to date him. It would be foolish to stop you.
I was impressed with the way you cooked dinner for your younger sister last night. The old luminitia would never have done that, daddy’s little girl is growing up. Mariana, you are now the same age as Lumi when she started to date. You may as long as you focus your schoolwork too.
Lastly Lumi, I want to meet this boy Saturday night since I am guessing you are serious by now, by the amount of time you have spent together!”

What the hell, I expected Ben to go ballistic and start world war III! Lulia thought silently.

“Dad, I would love for you to meet him! Yes, we are, and we haven’t done anything more than kissing, honest!”

My sister is such a liar! She showed Dale her bare tits yesterday in her bedroom! Thought Mariana silently as a slight grin etches all over her face.

“Nothing, just thinking about how dad helped me briefly with my coursework when he forgot his wallet like a typical man!”

“Shut your mouth, Mari and eat your cornflakes!” Her father said jokingly.

“I am going to meet Dale now and tell him the good news. I am sure he will agree to come to dinner on Saturday!”

Luminitia kisses her Dad, Mum and sister on their cheeks and heads off to meet Dale.

“Dale, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is we can date freely now. However, I got some bad news for you. You have to meet the family for dinner on Saturday night!”

“I will wear something smart, but casual then and I look forward to showing your Dad how well I treat you. Just don’t mention you got your tits out for me. I dreamed about you giving me blow job topless last night!”

“Holy fuck that is so fucking sexy, Dale… I am ready to start exploring oral sex with you after the Prom!”

Dale started to get some dirty thoughts about his girlfriend.

Wow, Luminitia is feeling frisky today. I have never heard her talk about sexual stuff before. I can’t get the image of her lovely rack out of my head. But I need to focus on school and to impress her overprotective father!

It was now Saturday evening, and Lumimitia’s family had all dressed up nicely, Dale had yet to arrive. Luminitia decided to wear the dress she wore on her and Dale’s first date with the pendant. She felt she denied her Dad the visual of how she looked on her first date.
“Luminitia, thank you for showing me how you looked. You look beautiful!” Said her father.

“Yeah I did have more makeup on, but it’s only a family dinner, so I just wanted to look natural!”

Her Dad was wearing a blue shirt and trousers as he made an effort to look good for Dale. Mariana wore those large round earrings that her mother bought her earlier in the year for her birthday. She also wore a red dress similar to Luminitia, but it did not have an exposed back.

“Mari, I love those earrings I picked them out for you last year on the day of my date with Dale!”

“Thank you, Lumi!”

Lulia is wearing her cooking apron as she is making dinner for the family plus Dale. Underneath it, she is wearing a fine-looking white dress and high heels.

Suddenly there is a knock at the house and Luminitia goes to answer the front door, she checks first as it is around seven o’clock in the evening.

She beams with joy, “Dale is here!” As she opens the front door for him.

He had bought Luminitia a box of chocolates for her to share with her family. He was wearing a dark-blue checkered shirt and black slacks and a pair of polished shoes.

“Oh my God, Lumi… you wore the same outfit on our first date! Was it for your Dad?”

“Yes, Dale, I felt sad that I deprived him on seeing how I looked that night. I know I miss the awe-inspiring makeup Mari did for me, tonight!”

“Let me put those chocolates in the fridge and come and join us. Do not worry. My Dad is not as bad as I make him out to be. He said some extremely wonderful things about me this morning. He thinks you influenced a lot of them too!”

“Hello, I am Dale. I am Luminitia’s boyfriend. You certainly have a beautiful and kind-hearted daughter that I cherish very much!”

“Thank you, Dale, I am Lulia, and this is my husband, Ben. You have met Mariana already, I presume!”

“I met Mariana the week I found out Luminitia liked me more than a best friend, and I had built the courage to ask her out to dinner. It was hard as I did not want to jeopardise our friendship, but she promised me we would always be friends no matter what!”

“Dale we have a roast dinner tonight we usually have this Sunday, but I thought you deserve a nice meal!”

“So Dale, Luminitia has probably been saying how terrifying I am as a father.
I think you have been a fabulous influence on her, as she got a fantastic report from the school since you started taking my daughter out as your girlfriend. Not sure what you have done, but she has grown into a pleasant young lady.
However, do not take my kindness for weakness. If you ever break my daughter’s heart, I will end you!” Said Luminitia’s father as he raises his voice as he utters the last sentence.

“DAD!” Yelled Luminitia.

“Lumi, it’s okay.
Ben, I understand I would feel the same if she was my daughter, the last thing I want to do is break her heart. Luminitia has a heart of pure gold.
Even before I asked Lumi out while we were best friends, I never thought about or looked at other girls. I wanted to be her boyfriend the day I laid my eyes on her. I was happy to be her best friend, but in the end, we grew closer than even friendship could offer!”

Dale holds onto her hand before they start to eat the roast turkey and baked potatoes and vegetables that Lulia had cooked for everyone. Luminitia begins to cry a little.

My Dad did not even scare him. He honestly is in love with me, and that was so sweet the way stood up against my father to be with me!

“Sis don’t cry!” Said Mariana, who never said a word until now.

“They are happy tears, Mari!” Replied Luminitia sobbing as Dale hands her a tissue.

Lulia smiles at Dale.

“See Ben… they make a great couple. It was something I had to let happen, and now hopefully you understand why I did what I did as a mother!”

“So Mari, who is this boy you told me about, and what is his name. Can you point me out to him on Monday!” Asked Luminitia.

“His name is Eric, and he is in my tutors class. I have put subtle hints towards him, and I want him to take me to the prom dance after Luminitia’s Exams. We are great friends much like you and Dale!”

Their parents listen to their daughters, as Luminitia shows how a big sister should act and says.
“I will talk with him on Monday for you. I can be very persuasive!”

“Don’t go full-on Lumi that would be embarrassing. I still want him to ask me as Dale did with you. We got bought up to show respect and keep the tradition alive!”

“Mari, just like Lumi. Please don’t let dating boys affect your grades as they might impact what you want to do as your dream job. If either of you gets behind on your coursework, I will have to stop you seeing them. I hope you understand Dale!” Explained Ben.

“Crystal clear, but Luminitia and I do a lot of studying together, just because we may be a couple and spend romantic time too, we balance it out!” Replied Dale.

All of them continued to enjoy the roast dinner and talk about general stuff. Dale got to know Luminitia’s parents better like Luminitia had got to know his parents.

Luminitia then takes Dale into the living room to watch some television as they chilled together with Luminita lying in front of Dale.

“It’s such a relief now we no longer have to sneak around!” Said Luminitia.

“I know my precious, Lumi!” Replied Dale as he runs his hands through Luminitia’s hair.

Her mother peeks into the room to see if they were kissing. Although she only observes how lovingly Dale is treating her and she could not be any happier for her eldest daughter.

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