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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 3 – Luminitia’s First Date!

After Luminitia and her Mother had returned home; her Mother decided to make them all some lunch.

Lulia silently thinks to herself. Hmm, what should I make my two princesses today? Let’s have some crumpets and tea. Luminitia is unique; she is the only one in the family that hates tea or coffee. I wonder if all that sugar from all the orange juice or apple and strawberry juice, that she drinks makes her so hyperactive all the time!

She begins to make the preparations while Luminitia goes upstairs and decides to change into her new dress.

Luminitia slowly pulls her jumper over her and thinks to herself.

Hmm, maybe I should not wear my bra tonight with my gorgeous new dress, it has an exposed back. However, I will keep my knickers on!

“Nobody can come into my room for the next five minutes without knocking, I am getting changed into my dress ready for tonight!” Shouted Luminitia.

“Luminita wait for lunch first!” Yelled her Mother back to her.

“Okay, Mum I will wait a little bit longer… I guess its only half-past one and I am so anxious already! I guess it gives Mariana more time to fix me up for Dale!”
Replied Luminitia as she puts her YSL jumper back on and heads back downstairs.

“Mari, don’t even mock my hair… it’s because of the jumper!”

“Lumi, I never said a word, come and eat our crumpets and drink your juice… you really should drink tea/coffee like a normal person!”

“Stop insulting each other and play nice for a change!” Said Lulia as she raises her voice to both of her daughters.

What? I am kind to her. I am going to do her make up for her, and free of charge too!

Her Mum had made her two daughters some Warburton’s round crumpets using their toaster. She had buttered them with her butter knife, causing it to spread over them flawlessly.

“Mum, how do you cook so good? I need you to teach me someday in case I have to cook for Dale!” Said Luminitia.

“How do you know you will even like him after your first date, best friends are two different things?” Asked her Mother.

“Mum, please don’t say things like that!” Luminitia almost begins to cry before she says the rest.

“If you have met him, you will see that he likes me for myself and he’s not after one thing like the other boys!”

“Haha sorry, Mari… You will understand one day when you finally like someone so much!” Replied Luminitia.

“Luminitia, please be careful tonight as you are going out extremely late on your own to a place you have never even been to!”

“Mum, I know, but I know Dale will look after me, so I am not worried!” She said as she curls her lips into a beautiful smile, as she gazes at her Mother.

Gosh, Lumi as cutest smiles ever… How Ben resists her, I don’t know!

Luminitia gobbles up the rest of her crumpets and drinks her apple and strawberry juice. Next, both Mariana and Lumi wash up the dishes and cups to her Mother’s surprise.

Ben walks in and kisses Lulia on the lips in front of them; which shows they have a healthy relationship even after fifteen years.
“Do that in the bedroom!” Said Luminitia.
She then thinks.
Oh my God, I just realised I have never kissed a boy before, let alone dated a boy. I know girls in my class are already getting off with boys or worse!

Her Mother homes in on Luminitia deep in thought, “Everything okay, Lumi?” Asked her Mother.

“Yes, just thinking about stuff!”

“It better not be about boys!” Said Her father.

Oh, for God sake, and now I am making Mum cover for me. I feel awful about this, but after what he said Mother is always right!

Next, Both Luminitia and Mariana walk upstairs.

“Mari, can you give me thirty minutes I am going to take another shower and think about some stuff before I slip into my new dress. I cannot wait to show you the pendant, which she bought me also!”

“Lumi, after what Dad just said to you downstairs… I feel, so sorry for, Dale!”

“I know, right!” Replied Luminitia as she walks into the shower.

Luminita’s shower was extremely posh. It had all floor tiles on the floor, which were fitted perfectly into a square shape. There is a white coloured toilet with a black tinted lid.
Next to the toilet was a white-coated sink, the taps were coloured silver along with the plug hole. The plug had a metal chain with an obsidian tinted round part, which could get put into the sink.

However, the family did not have a proper shower, just a stainless steel bath; it had a metal shower on the far edge near the plug-hole.
However, the bath had a shower curtain, which looked beige and could be pulled to hide whoever was in there; just in case someone barged in without knocking on the bathroom door.
Luminitia never liked having a bath, she prefered to take showers instead. If she were to have a bath, she would have to sit down at the opposite end of the tub.
Luminitia started to strip her clothes off, first with the jumper and then followed by her jeans. She now stood in front of the bath only in her crimson coloured pair of Bra and Knickers.
Next, she starts to unclip her bra and then slides down her knickers, as she bends over to turn on the hot water tap. Luminitia gets into the bath and stupidly and forgets to close the bathroom door, let alone lock it. She then pulls over the beige shower curtain to hide her self while waiting for the water to warm up.
“Mariana, I forgot to close the door can you do it in case someone freaking walks in, I have the curtain pulled through!” Yelled Luminitia.

Gosh, she is useless sometimes! Thought Mariana as she walks to the bathroom and closes the door.

“You will have to try and lock it yourself Lumi, but I will tell them if they come upstairs that you are in the shower!”

“No worries, Mari, it was just so cold with the bathroom door open in here, at least now the shower water is heated up!”

Mmm, the water feels, so good!

Thought Luminitia, as the warm water flowed across her long jet-black locks and her bare skin from beneath the shower. Luminitia grabs the soap bar from the far end of the bath. Afterwards, she rubs it all over and into her body. Next, she takes the bottle of Pantene 3 in 1 shampoo and pours some into her hand before applying it to her gorgeous and shiny hair.
I love the feeling of having my hair washed, and brushed by the hairdresser… it does make me tingle from head to toe! Strangely when I do it myself, I don’t get this feeling!
Thought luminitia as she finishes up washing her entire body.

She gradually turns the tap off to stop the water from pouring into the tub. She then opens the curtains swiftly; a small breeze flows through Luminitia, chilling her as she is still wet.
Next, Luminitia retrieves a fluffy pink towel, and the sheet hung over the radiator. The heating device got constructed onto the opposite wall of the bathroom.

“Lumi, hurry up!”

“Jeez Mari, my date is not until 7 PM tonight!”

“Yes, and I have plans I want to go meet some friends tonight while you are making out with Dale!”

“Mari, seriously, this is our first date. Do you honestly think I am going to stick my tongue down his throat and ask him to bang me?” Said Lumi angrily.

“You dress like a slut in summer, would not surprise me!”
Replied Mari, trying not to laugh as she is purposely trying to enrage her sister.

“I am going to beat your ass when I get out of the shower!”

Damn, she pushed my buttons… I promised Mum I would control my temper!
Thought Luminitia as she slowly calms down and wraps the towel around her. Luminitia walked into her sister’s bedroom, just wearing her towel.

“Mari, please don’t push me like that again. I already explained to Mum earlier when shopping she said the same thing to me!
Showing off your body because you work hard on keeping it toned and curvy doesn’t mean you are a slapper. Mum even told me she used to dress the same so, hah! I would love to see you call her that in front of Dad!”

“I am not that stupid, Sis!”

“Good! Anyways let me show you what Mum bought for me this morning. We went shopping at Harrow. You will be so jelly of me, Mari!”

“Yep, you are always her favourite!”

“Mari, stop that, she loves you just as much, just because I was the first!”

“I know, but you got away with so much stuff at school until the school started phoning mum up!”

“I forged their signature a lot when I got put on the report card. Do not ever tell Mum I did that. She would kill me!”

“She must know you did, Lumi, as the school would have asked her if she was aware and if she had seen the report card, surely?”

“Mum never said anything to me about it!”

Replied Luminitia, as she takes out her shimmering black dress from her bag and shows it to Mariana.

“Wow, that is gorgeous, cannot wait to see it on you once you are dry. I will leave you to get dressed even though we used to change together when we were younger!”
Explained Mariana.

“Yeah, we are both girls, but I am happy you respect my privacy, I will call you in a sec to do my hair and makeup!”

Luminitia then walks out of her younger sister’s bedroom and into her bedroom for a bit. Luminitia had forgotten to show Mariana the pendant.

She grabs another clean pair of knickers from her top drawer after fully-drying her body minus her hair.
Next, Luminitia peeled off her towel and then decided to wear a white thong instead of another pair of crimson knickers. Luminitia left the matching white bra in her chest of drawers.
Next, She takes out her shimmering black dress from her shopping bag; luminitia then dresses her self in it, and it fits perfectly on her. It remarkably shows off her beautiful curves that she is developing every day.
This feels strange not wearing a bra, but I am showing off a lot of my back, and it would not look right! She thought to herself.

After that, she grabs her pendant and calls for her sister,

“Mari, can you attach this necklace for me?”

“Sure, I am coming to do your hair now. Do you want it the same as when Dale asked you out, straight with a fringe?”

“Yes, Mari but make it look better if you can?”

“I will try, but my speciality is makeup and eyeliner as you know, Lumi!”

“Exactly, like I said you should be a makeup artist, Mari!”

Mariana attaches the pendant on the back of Luminitia’s neck, and she loves how it looks on her older sister as her lips curved into a gracious smile.
She then starts playing with Luminitia’s hair to part it how she wants it, which gives Lumnitia that tingling feeling in her scalp. It makes luminitia smile, and Mariana also experiences the same feelings that Luminitia does, which is known as ASMR.
Next, Mariana then takes the blow-drier to Luminitia’s hair to dry it a little and then grabs Luminitia’s hair-brush. She begins straightening out her beautiful jet-black hair and gives her that look with a fringe. Her long hair drapes down to her spine.

“Lumi, I am so jelly of your hair, as it shines so nice!”

Mariana then starts to apply Luminitia’s lipstick and eyeliner, “Same colour as before, Lumi?”

“Light pink please, Mari!”

I love my baby sister so much, even though she is only one year younger. She still is my baby sister!

Mariana grabs Luminitia’s lipstick and draws the contours of her lips and applies it flawlessly for someone her age. She then motions for Luminitia to sit motionless while she does the tops of her eyes. This was to avoid damaging her gleaming raven-coated lenses and to make sure no makeup dripped into them.
Mariana then grabs her handheld makeup mirror to show Luminitia how she looks.

“Wow, Mari… It’s amazing, how makeup can make so much of a difference!”

“There are no words to describe how beautiful you look tonight. I hope it all goes well for you. As you and Dale are best friends, don’t force anything and let it play out naturally!”

“Aww, thank you, Mari, come here!” Replied Luminitia as she cuddles her sister tightly!

Luminitia’s sister thinks to herself about boys.

My sister looks so lovely this afternoon, and I wonder when the day will come for me to have my first date. I know I need to focus on my school work so that I can get good grades at school. However, I am getting closer to the age of where I want to explore this side of my life.

It is now half-past six, and Luminita walks down the stairs to show her Mother how she looks for tonight’s date. Lulia had Ben make dinner for Mariana, and herself earlier, so she could hide the way Luminitia looks tonight.

“Are you off now, Luminitia?”

“Yes, Mum, and I will be fine… I told Dale to meet me at the top of the road. Also, you know he would have knocked and walked me all the way if it wasn’t for dad!”

“I know, Princess!” Replied Luminitia’s Mother.

Luminitia exited through the front door and porch door. She then walked down the lit up the street from the lamp posts that got constructed into the pavement. It was not long before she met up with Dale, who was wearing a black suit.
Also, he was wearing polished black shoes with no laces and dark trousers to match the suit. Underneath his outfit, was a white shirt and a black bowtie instead of the regular school tie he usually wears.

“Wow, Lumi, I am speechless for the first time… you are always beautiful, but damn, girl!”

Luminitia stands there, letting those words sink into her pure heart; she then smiles gracefully and humbly at him and opens her mouth to speak.

“You look amazing yourself, and I have only ever got to see you in your school uniform. So we are getting to see each other in a new light tonight!”

“Shall we walk to the bus stop then, Darling!” Said Dale to Luminitia.

“I am glad you do Lumi, you have nothing to fear from me taking advantage of you. I want this to work between us. We can move as fast as you want it to go, which seemed a bit faster than myself anyway!”
He laughs a little as spoke his last few words to her.

“Dale, I will explain it more at the restaurant as I want to open my feelings to you tonight. Now I want us to enjoy the view and be together until the Bus stop.”

“Sure thing, Luminitia. Also, I want us to study maths together in the future so we can spend more time together without your dad getting suspicious. It will mean you will have to meet my parents at some point. Do not worry, precious as I will say you are my best friend until you are ready to let them know we are an item!”

Oh gosh, what did I do deserve such a fit and caring guy!

She thought to herself as she remembers those words her sister Mariana said to her upstairs about letting it flow naturally.
Next, Dale and Luminitia walk across the road and then through a lit-up alley-way. The path goes into a larger area, which allows them to go through the British Airways estate, which was also a council estate. They both decided to walk past it and go to the end of the pathway. The pavement then took them by the bank of the Grand Union Canal; the waterway flowed through Northolt to Hayes.

The bank appeared slanted, “Dale, can I please walk on the other side, as you know I cannot swim!”

“Yes, Lumi! I one day want to teach you how to swim!”

“Aww, you are the best, Dale!”

Dale smiles at Luminitia, as he escorts her next to the Canal bank. The moonlight starts to shine briefly, although the full moon was not entirely out yet, as the night was still young.
However, it does not pierce the darkness that much. There were large trees that grew next to the water. Luminitia forgot to wear a coat. Nevertheless, luckily for her, it was not too cold yet;
. Although she worries about it coming home and before the time, her Mum had set for her.
They finally finish walking by the canal and ascend a small slope and reach the main road. It was the same road Luminitia and Dale walk by every day to go to school just it was in the other direction.

Dale and Luminita then walk side by side as they cross over the canal via an overpass. The bridge sloped over the channel from ten feet above, and the suspended structure got constructed out of white-coated bars. The bars appeared a few metres apart and were about twenty of them, and this always reassured Luminitia every time she crossed the bridge not to panic.
Luminitia is afraid of heights, but this bridge never bothered her as the pavement stretched out towards the road.
Luminitia could walk closer to the road as the main road did not scare her at all.
They then descend a small drifting slope and come to a safe part to walk across the main road. Luminitia and Dale both cross at the road-islands to the other side of the lane, which was still quite busy.
Luminitia and Dale then traverse the pavement there and walk towards the large roundabout. It went to Greenford, Southall or towards Hayes and Ruislip depending on the direction you wanted to travel.
They both arrived at the bus stop.

“Luminitia we should grab the E6 that way we only need one bus!”

“Dale you need to let me pay for half the dinner!”

“Hell no, Lumi… I asked you out!”

“Thats funny my mum said you should pay for it, with the same specific sentence when she bought me this dress this morning!”

“I want to buy you dinner, Lumi… I tell you what, let’s make a compromise. You can pay for the bus fare for both of us when it decides to arrive!”

“Wow, she said that to me too, learn to compromise and why they have such a good sex life. You can imagine my reaction when I heard the sex part!”
Said Luminita laughing, which made dale laugh as well.

“Thats one thing I love about you, Lumi, you always make me laugh. At dinner, I might tell you more about your delightful features if you are lucky.”

They both then sit patiently at the bus stop, which had four seats. The small shelter kept them warmer from the little breeze in the air; while they waited for the bus, which took at least twenty minutes to arrive.

However, one hour earlier, Lulia had a conversation with Ben.

“Ben, I need to tell you something… Luminitia wants to go out to her friend Kim’s house to study and do her homework!”

“Well, Lulia her behaviour has improved ten-fold, and if it helps her schoolwork, I am all for it.”

I hate lying like this, but I know it’s for the best for now and I need to put my princess, Luminitia first!

Mariana listens slyly from the stairs. Wow, Mum lied to dad and she has never done that before… she must badly want Lumi to have this date!

Mariana carries on eavesdropping, “Ben, can you prepare dinner tonight, I am tired as I got up early this morning?”

“No problem! You know you are the love of my life, and I will do anything for you. The only thing I will not let happen is for us to let our two girls waste their study time on boys, as no boy will ever be good enough for either one of our daughters!”

“Ben! That is not true as we found each other and my parents accepted you and blessed you!”

“Yes, but they are too young. We were grown adults when we met!”

“Okay, but we will talk about it later when they are both adults then, Ben!”

“Yes, Lulia, I want them to get the grades they need to do their dream jobs and provide for themselves. Also, make sure Luminitia is home before eleven o’clock!”
Mariana then heard her sister call for her and crept back upstairs to do Luminitia’s makeup.

Now back at the present time, Dale and Luminitia’s Bus finally arrived. Luminitia kindy pays for her and Dale’s journey to the restaurant. They both observe two spare seats, so they sit down next to each other. Dale lets Luminitia sit next to the window in case she wanted to look out of it to examine the scenery.
Luminitia smiles at Dale and thinks to herself.

I wonder where he is taking me tonight. I am going to ask, but I bet he replies with, it would not be a surprise, would it?

“What are you smiling about, Lumi?” Asked dale as he was curious.

“Oh, Dale, I was thinking about where you are possibly taking me to eat?”

“It would not be a surprise, would it, Lumi?” Replied Dale and Luminitia abruptly started to burst out laughing at him.

“Lumi, what are you laughing at?”

“Oh, I thought to myself just before I asked you that question, you would precisely say what I thought you would. I mean, how scary is that?”

“Get out my head, Lumi!”

They both laugh and Dale decides to place his arm around her shoulders and let her rest her head on his shoulders.
Luminitia is positively surprised as Dale never showed any emotion this deep towards her in the past. Luminitia smiles warmly and loves the fact she can rest her head there.

“Lumi we need to get off here!” as Lumi had fallen asleep for few minutes, as she got so comfortable next to him.

“Thank you so much for organising this for me, Dale, it honestly means so much to me!”

“You are more than worth it, Lumi!” Replied Dale as they get off the bus stop that conveniently stopped right outside the restaurant.

On top of the establishment, its name reads, ‘Tyme on the Waterfront.’
“Good thing, it is not cold tonight… I forgot to bring my coat!” Said Luminitia before Dale escorted her inside.

“Oh that was my fault I should have told you that it was an outside restaurant, but we can sit inside if you want to?”

“No Dale, I want to sit outside with you… if that’s what you had planned for us?”

“Yes, Lumi it was, but let’s go through to the table I booked outside then!”

Dale leads her through the restaurant that appeared as a quality establishment. It had several tables with two seats for couples to spend precious minutes together.
Some tables had more chairs for families to go out and eat together and they all had a white lining over the top of them. Also, there was shiny silver cutlery laid out on top of them resting on top of some white napkins.

A few waiters were working that night, and they appeared dressed in professional waiter outfits. The men were wearing similar outfits to Dale, and the only difference was Dale had a black suit coat on. Whereas the staff had maroon coloured waistcoats. The ladies dressed the same minus they wore medium-sized dark-coated skirts. They were much longer than the skirts Luminitia wears to school or out on hot days.
Both the male and female waiters had black shoes as well. Next, a lady waiter comes up to them to assist them.

“Hello, how may I help you?” she said in an enthusiastic tone.

“Yes, I ordered a table to eat at outside on last Wednesday for Luminitia and myself?”

“Ah yes, you did. It was kind of your parents to let you come alone at your age!”

“Well Dale’s parents let him, but my dad does not know. My Mum lied on my behalf, but here we are!”

“Lumi, you never told me that on the way!” Said Dale to Luminitia.

“I know… I was going to tell you about it… at our table!” Replied Luminitia to Dale.

“Aw, I can tell you will both have an enjoyable night! Now I will take you over to your table, and you can look over the menu and then call one of us over when you are ready to order your food.”

“Thank you!” Said Luminitia and Dale as they follow her as they stepped down some small stairs.

All three of them exit out to the garden area that loomed over a broader part of the Grand Union Canal.
Next, Dale pulls out Luminitia’s chair for her to sit down, Luminita thinks to her self.

Dale always is so kind to me, and he certainly knows chivalry at its best!

Luminitia then smiles at Dale as she sits her rear end down into the seat and then takes a look at the menu, “Thank you, Dale That was sweet of you!”

“This is just like the movies, huh?” Joked Dale as he makes his way to his seat and sits down opposite her.

They both stare at each other, and Dale holds onto her hands, “Luminitia, thank you for saying yes to me. You will have the best night of your life tonight, and I promise you that!”

Aww, I am going to cry happy tears if he keeps this up. I hope I will get to learn more about him tonight. He already told me a lot, but everyone has their dark secrets!

“Dale, please don’t ever change just be yourself, its why I wanted to go out with you in the first place!”

“Lumi, do not worry its also what I love about you… did you find anything you like, yet?”

“Yes Dale, I don’t want starters just Tyme’s Jerk Salmon F, and for dessert, we can order after?”

“Lumi, thats fine, let’s order that then. Longs the bill is not over £50 for both of us. I should be able to cover it!”

“Holy hell your Mum and dad gave you that much to take me out, what the hell did you do. However, saying that my Mum spent £125 on me today for my dress!”

Before Luminitia had the chance to finish after she mentioned her dress, Dale says, “Lumi, that pendant is gorgeous, did your Mum buy you that too?”

“How dare you interrupt me mid-sentence Dale!” She says in an angry tone and then curls her lips into a smile, “Just kidding, darling, thank you for noticing it finally!”

They both laugh and call for the waiter to order, and the same lady walks over to them, “Ready to order now, Ma’am and Sir?”
Luminitia orders what she wants to have, “Tyme’s Jerk Salmon F! Dale, what are you having?”
“Same as you Lumi!” Replied Dale.
“Okay, we will bring it over to you once it is ready!”

A delightful and efficient service here, I will surely like to eat here again with Lumi!’

“So Lumi, let me tell you something truthful now!”

Luminitia bites her lips nervously as she is curious about what Dale is about to explain to her.

“The first day I saw you, I thought you were the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I wanted to ask you from day one to go out with me since year seven. I was too scared too, you are too damn beautiful for me and just having you as a friend would have been enough to make me happy. Nonetheless, here we are today going out on a date together. I feel I am the luckiest boy in the world tonight, and soon you will make me the happiest man alive when I become an adult.”

Oh, my God… I should have said something much sooner, but we now have a healthy friendship, which is why this relationship is going to work so well. I feel it in my heart, and now let me tell him how I feel!

“Firstly, Dale never put yourself down like that. I am not like other pretty girls that are shallow as fuck. Oops, I should watch my mouth in here!” She quickly covered her mouth after using the f-bomb.

Luminitia continues to express herself to Dale, “Dale, I love you for how you carry yourself, your personality makes you shine in the darkness. You make me laugh every single day. There is no one else I would love to spend my evening tonight with, and I honestly mean this from the bottom of my heart!”

A male waiter arrives with their food, carrying a silver plate and he takes lids off both of their meals.

“Looks delicious,” said Luminitia excitedly!

Dale then says, “Can we please have some strawberry ice cream for our dessert for the both of us!”

“I will bring it out in a few!” Replied the Waiter.

“Thank you, sir!” Replied Luminitia

Luminitia oozes confidence, and she is used to public speaking because she was quite the troublemaker last year in class.
Luminitia’s heart begins to pump faster when she heard him call her his sweet Luminitia.

What is this that I am feeling, and it’s only my first date. Surely it cannot be love already. I’ll talk to Mum about this some time to find how you know you are in love!

Luminitia thought to herself as she finished eating her dinner.

“How much do we owe you for the meal?” Asked Dale, as he gives the waiter a £50 note.

“It’s £22 each, so a total of £44 and look like that £50 covers it, and I will bring you your change, which is £6!”
Said the waiter as he goes towards the till and brings back a pound coin and a five-pound note.

“Lumi, when do I need to get you home by?”

“Dale, before eleven o’clock I think mum said, and it’s only nine now!”

“Good, by the time we finish I should get you home by half-past 10, Lumi I want to take you to your doorstep even if your dad sees us, I am not afraid of him. He will have to accept that we are together some time in the future, and I hope it is a long future with you!”

“Dale, I would be scared to walk the estate on my own at night even though you know that I have a martial arts background. I don’t want to injure anyone severely with it unless I utterly have to.”

“It’s okay, Lumi you are safe with me, did you enjoy your food, let’s get you home safely now as it is starting to get cold and you don’t have a jacket!”

Dale walks her home, and they get another E6 bus, which Luminitia paid for again.

Dale walks her all the way, and this time to her house; they walk side by side, holding hands together with their fingers interlocked tightly. Dale then walks her into her front garden and past the roses in her garden to her porch.

“Lumi, I hope you had a fantastic time and now let me give you a thank you!” Dale leans in and kisses Luminitia on her right cheek.

“Thank you, Dale, but you call that a kiss!” Luminitia replied, teasing him.

I hope he tries to kiss me now… please, French kiss me, Dale!

Were the wild thoughts that were running through her mind as she felt her heart pound with anticipation.

“Luminitia, I wasn’t sure if you were ready… now close your eyes, my sweet Lumi Baby!”

Luminitia closes her raven eyes and parts her plump pink-coated lips, and she feels Dale’s tongue slide into her mouth. Next, Dale wraps his arms around her waist, locking them in place. Luminitia returns the favour to Dale, as both of them share a gentle kiss and taste each other’s lips for the first time. Luminitia decided to cross her arms over around his neck after she felt his arms around her.
Their kiss may have been brief, but it was a kiss that both Dale and Luminitia would remember for a lifetime.
Neither of them cared if Luminitia’s dad would have seen them as this was a personal and precious moment for them.

“Dale, sadly I cannot walk you home, but you are a grown-up boy after that kiss, and could not have shared it with anyone else, but you!”

“I know Lumi, and you are a young woman now too!”
Dale then made his way home as Luminitia arrives at her house at 10:45.

“Mum, I just had the best date a girl could ever ask for… he paid for dinner, and even pulled my chair out for me like in the movies!”

“He then walked me up the house wasn’t even scared of dad, and outside of the porch, he kissed me on the lips. I didn’t know what I was doing on that kiss other than I closed my eyes and let my tongue do the talking!”

“Lumi! why did you not come to me and ask I would have explained how to do it, but what you said was perfect!”

“Mum, I don’t think he knew how to kiss correctly either, so it was personal for both of us. I can’t honestly come to you and ask such things its embarrassing Mum!

“No, it’s not, Lumi! Also, when it comes to sex, which I hope you do not even think about until you are legally old enough to do it, you can come to me for the advice!”

“Mum! I don’t want to lose my flower to anyone. I feel he is the right one, but it is far too soon for that!”

“Good Luminitia, do not let anyone pressure you into making that decision!”

“Goodnight Mum. I am going to tell Mariana about it, as she is so nosey anyway!”

Luminitia’s Mother kisses her on the left cheek goodnight, and she ascends her stairs.

Luminitia then knocks onto Mariana’s bedroom door to see if she is still awake.

“Lumi, I am just getting ready for bed, but you can come in quickly and tell me about your date!”

“It was perfect, and he kissed me outside on the lips if you looked out my bedroom window a few minutes ago you would have seen us!”

“Wow, he was a brave one tonight, but he is a keeper, tell me all about it tomorrow, Sis I am tired!”

“Sure, Mari, I am going to think about him now in bed!”

Luminitia takes off her dress and hangs it in her big wardrobe. She then slides off her knickers, and she puts the white thong in her pile of clothes that needed to be washed in the corner of her room by the door. Luminitia then climbs into her bed, naked again and rests in her bed.
Luminitia thinks about Dale for thirty minutes before finally falling asleep.

What a marvellous boyfriend Dale is. I am so proud to be his girlfriend, and I cannot wait for Monday to come sooner. I can then show everyone Dale is mine, by holding his hand around school whenever we are together!

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