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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 2 – Luminitia’s Preparations!

On the next day, Luminitia held her end of the deal. She continued to get excellent feedback from every lesson at school on her report card for the rest of the week. Luminitia cleaned the living room every day; it even started to impress her Dad.
After each day; it grew closer to Saturday, she became more anxious and excited to be going on her first date with Dale.
On Friday after school, this time, she thought intensely to herself while she did her house chores.

I cannot get him out of my mind, but I am controlling it as much as I can, so it does not affect my schoolwork. I must make sure I score in my GSCES of at least a grades A-C in both Maths and English. If I am to pursue my dreams of becoming an Accountant and a published Author!

Meanwhile, her parents have a super quiet conversation in the Kitchen, making sure Luminitia and Mariana could not hear a single word.

“Lulia, whatever you said to Luminitia is finally working to perfection!” Said Luminitia’s father.

“I don’t think it was just our discipline to her from just words. I still do not like the fact you hit her Ben, but this time she went too far!” Said Lulia quietly.

“It was for the best, and she never cried though from me whipping her with my belt. She seems to have accepted what she did wrong. I saw her apologise, but as you said, she went too far!”

“Do not make a habit of it, Ben because she told me she was scared for her life yesterday morning. She is our princess, but our other princess Mariana seems to be more grown-up than her!”

“Yeah, but if Lumi continues to show such bad behaviour, she may get the idea she can get away with it. We did the right thing!”

He did not mention anything about how pretty Luminitia has looked the last few weeks. Hopefully, he hasn’t noticed what I have. I know she is going on a date tomorrow no way would she go through all this trouble. I hope this isn’t an act to get what she wants as usual. I honestly think she has changed, though!

Saturday morning had ultimately arrived; it was the day of Luminitia’s first real date. She is so nervous in the morning, as Luminitia started getting dressed. Luminitia had decided to wear a YSL jumper and YSL navy-blue jeans as it was quite a mild morning. She also slipped into her white-coloured Nike trainers, so she could go out shopping with her mother.
Luminitia’s family was wealthy, so both Luminitia and Mariana got spoilt at times. However, their parents made them earn all their stuff by getting them to study hard at school and do chores. Before Luminitia offered to clean the house this week, she didn’t do any choirs unless she got threatened by punishment from her Dad.

“Mari, I need a favour from you this afternoon!” Yelled Luminitia nervously.

You want me to do your make up again for loverboy, Dale?”

“Sis, you read my mind that’s cheating!”

“I would love to, Lumi, and I am very happy for you. He seemed a gentle and caring guy for the brief moments I spent with him on the way and from school the rest of this week!”

“Don’t you dare try and steal him away from me!” Joked Luminitia.

“Leave it to Mum… she can seduce him with her looks that we both inherited!”

“Mariana, that is so bad, but I fucking love it!”

“Would you like to brush my hair later, I will merely have it down for shopping?”

“Sure I will give you Mari’s personal, makeover. Sis be careful though as you two will be alone. Do not let him pressure you into anything.”

“Mari, He is not like that!” Said Luminitia as she looks at her sister in surprise.

“It took Dale six weeks and with me talking to his best friend to even ask me out. He valued our friendship more than getting me in bed with him. It was the actual reason he never asked me.
He even made me promise to him if I said no if we would still be best friends!” Explained Luminitia to her Sister.

“That is the sweetest thing ever. Lumi, treat him right. You will not find another like him. What am I even talking about, I have never even thought about boys in that way. I feel my studies are more important, but when I get to your age. I will probably change my mind. Can I ask you for relationship advice if I do?”

“Mari, of course, you can. I will help you best I can, as it’s my job to look out for you in every way possible. You are the best sister in the world!”

After the two sisters had finished some girl talk. Mariana went to clean the living room since Luminitia did it all week and then eventually relaxed by watching some television shows.

Luminitia had gone outside through their back door. The back door had recently got fitted by the council free of charge. It had glass in the top area of it with a golden door handle. The bottom was painted white, Luminitia opened the door and went into their back garden. Her family’s garden appeared radiating as it had lots of beautiful red and pink roses, purple tulips and some daffodils. Her Dad always mowed the lawn. It was one chore he would not let his two daughters do, as he did not want them to get injured by the lawnmower.
Their next-door neighbour had constructed a five-foot-high fence due to Luminitia’s Family making too much noise. Also, they thought Luminitia was very nosey. Additionally, Luminitia’s garden had a red brick wall going around the outside with a reinforced wooden gate; which had a lock on it and an alloy-latch to open it at the top of it. Surprisingly, Lumintia’s Mum and Dad did not have a garage; however, both her parents owned a car each.
Luminitia’s Mum owned a silver Volkswagon Polo car, and her Dad drove a crimson-red Ford Escort RS turbo car for their motor vehicles.
Luminitia opened the garden gate and walked over to the car. Next, she started to wipe the car’s front windscreen clean for her mother.
“Thank you for doing that, Luminitia!” Said her Mum as she came out wearing a brown cardigan and a pair of Levi dark-coloured Jeans. Her mother also had black stilettos on. She had her hair up in a ponytail, as she then opens up the driver’s seat door with her car keys. This activated the central locking system so Luminitia could get into the passenger seat.

“Lumi, please make sure you put your seatbelt on, or you will get fined not me!”

“Mum! I am not a kid anymore! I know the risks of not wearing one!”

“Good, I cannot be more proud to have a daughter like you. Last year you were a handful, but God gives us children so that we could have roses in December. Well, it’s now December, and you have given me, and your father a garden full, same as Mariana!”

“Mum that is so sweet you took that from my one my favourite movies, Armageddon!”

“Yes, I know I loved the movie too, and that line reminds me of how priceless both of you are!” Replied her mother as she started up the car to travel to the shops.

“Where are we going anyway?” Asked Luminitia.

“We will go to one of the shopping centres in Harrow. It may be further than Uxbridge, but we need to get you an astonishing dress. Luminitia this is your first date? You do not have to hide it from me. I need to know because I need to lie to your father if so, and it puts me in a dangerous position.”

Luminitia remains silent and is shocked that her Mum is willing to lie for her. She suddenly stutters a little and then regains her composure.

“Yes, Mum… So Um well, I have known him since High School and I been trying to get him to ask me out for ages! I even had to get his best mate to hint. He did not want to risk our friendship!”

“Aww, Lumi, that is the sweetest thing ever. I now feel a lot safer with you going out later and coming back late tonight. I am going to buy you a necklace too, as you earned it this week. Luminitia, you have put your agenda aside to help me clean the house!”

“Mum, it is the least I could do for the way I treated you and Dad recently. It was Dale that told me I should be a good girl after I told him at lunchtime. It’s what made me apologise too to my English teacher. You also said I need to focus on my dreams. My main inspiration is to become a published author. But I know I need something else more reasonable to work with, while I perfect my writing craft. So I need A-C’s Maths and English to become an accountant as well as studying AAT/ACCA while I work. I researched it yesterday.”

“Thank you, Luminitia. It honestly helps me to make you focus more now, as you know what you want to do with your life. Also, I saw how good your report card was this week. I think they will take you off of it if you keep it up all this week coming.

“Yes, Mum, I hate having to show this to my teachers, as they watch me 24/7 in the lessons. Although I deserve it because of the way I have acted all through year nine!”

“Please be good for the rest of the year… it made me very upset what the teachers wrote about you, as I know my daughter is the total opposite. I was beginning to think I was becoming a failure of a mother!”

“Fuck, no! You are the best Mum a child could ever ask for, you truly care about us, and it shows!”

“Watch your language, Luminitia, but I will let it slide this time!

“Sorry, Mum… I hate it so much when you think that as it’s not true!”

They both finally arrive at the harrow shopping centre, her mum parks inside and pays the parking fee. Lulia then puts the ticket in her window.

“So Luminitia lets have fun and spend time as Mother and daughter. I will let you know which dress fits you best.
Also, your father does not know I am going to spend over £100 or more on you today for the dress and necklace. Additionally, it includes money to get there and back!”

“Mum, that is very nice of you, but you should not hide things from Dad, Also do you expect the guy to pay for both our dinners!”

“Trust me it’s for the best and hell yes! Didn’t he ask you out?”

Yes, he did Mum, and I bet he has suits already for this!”

“There you go, now stop worrying, Offer to pay the travel then. Learn to compromise thats why Ben and I have been together for so long and have a healthy sex life!”

“MUM, what the hell… I do not want to think about both of you having sex, as you are my parents!”

Her Mum chuckles at Luminitia, as they look for the first designer clothes store.

“Hmm, there are no clothes stores worthy of my princess so we should check out on the streets.”

“Mum, You know if we go into a YSL shop it will cost a lot more!

“You are not getting a YSL dress, your jumper and jeans cost me an arm and a leg last time. We can try the Inspirations Couture shop along the street. They are a new designer we could check out?”

“Yes, Mum longs it looks beautiful on me… I don’t care for the brand, its a dress at the end of the day, and I know Dale won’t care what brand it is. He loves me for my personality and not what I wear!”

“Precisely, Lumi, ah here it is, let’s take a look!”

“Well, the shop looks posh, even if it’s not a well-known brand!”

The shop had a large logo of it reading, ‘Inspirations Couture!’
The store had automatic doors, so it was possibly designed, or a newer shop that opened up recently. Luminitia and her Mother walk through it and see a fabulous range of clothing from evening gowns to dresses and menswear trousers.

“Hi, may we assist you?” Said a woman that was in the store. The woman was wearing a feminine business suit on with a name tag of Jenny.

“Yes, Jenny, I am looking to purchase a dress for a restaurant for my daughter, Luminitia, she has her first date tonight!” Explained Luminitia’s Mother.

“Oh, that is a pretty name, I take it you are not English?”

“No, I am half Romanian, and my Mum came from Romania. My Dad is British, though!”

“I think we should go with this black dress. Are you okay showing a bit of cleavage though?”

Luminitia’s Mum looks on in disbelief Hope she doesn’t think my daughter is some freaking slut-dresser! Her mother bites her tongue and lets her daughter answer her.

“Well, Mum doesn’t like the way I dress up anyway as I tend to like to put on high-cut, tank tops and show off my body in the summer. Hell, I even wear thongs at this age! So a little cleavage won’t matter to me plus Dale will get turned on more!”

“Do you mind if I have a quick word with my daughter!” Said Lulia.

“No, go ahead!” The employee of the store was quite shocked at the words that came out of Luminitia’s mouth. Luminitia for sure was not shy about stating how she felt to people on the way that she likes to dress.

“Luminitia! What are you doing?
You make yourself sound like a right slut, respect your body. Also, I have no problems with the way you dress. It’s is your father that forbids me to buy you certain clothes, but I buy them anyway!”

“Mother, don’t ever say that again, I am not a slut, just because I like to flaunt my body because I work out. Please let me try the dress… you can see how it looks on me before you buy it. A little bit of cleavage can be sexy, especially for Dale!”

“Oh my, you are growing up too fast and who am I to judge, I used to dress just the same. Ben is just an overprotective father!” Replied Luminitia’s Mother.

Luminitia remembered her mother’s words about not to sound like a slutty girl, but to remain as a respectful girl. Luminitia then goes up to Jenny and says, “I would like to try it on. I can then see how classy it makes me look.
I may like to expose some of my body, but I am a courteous young lady too!”

Finally, Lumi gets it, as first impressions are everything! Thought, Lulia.

“Please use the dressing room over there, Luminitia!” Said, Jenny, the store worker as she shows Luminitia to a free dressing room with a black curtain in front of it.

The screen was open at the moment. Luminitia takes the dress that she wants to try on. The dress is a shimmering raven-colour that matches her hair colour to flawlessly. The dress had a pattern of silver lining etched the lower back and front of diamonds. Also, it had an exposed-upper back to show some of a lady’s skin, and it displays the top of the chest area. Luminitia was wearing a red bra and thong for her underwear underneath her jeans and YSL sweater. She takes off the jumper and jeans and reveals her figure to the mirror; she desperately tried not to mess up her hair when removing the top.
She then puts the dress over her head and sees how it looks on her. She notices her breasts had got a bit larger since last year. Luminitia loves it and hopes they will grow some more in the next two years.
Luminitia looked utterly radiating in that dress as she looked at herself in the mirror and then she walks back out to show her mother.

“Oh Lumi, gosh you do look so beautiful in that dress. Would you like it? Also, we need to find you a silver necklace/pendant to wear with it!”

“Mum I would really like a pendant if possible, but first let’s pay for this dress as I know it’s going to be expensive!”

“Do not worry about money. Just help me around the house like you have been unless you have coursework to do!”

“Mum I would like to study Maths with Dale, he is in my class for that subject. I would be able to spend more time with him without Dad getting suspicious.”

“Lumi, you are cunning like your father! It would help me make a better excuse for tonight. Although I will still say its a female in your class!”

“Mum, Say it is Joanna, as we are good friends!”

“Jenny, How much is it for this dress. Luminitia will get changed out of it now since the date isn’t until 7 pm tonight.” Asked Luminitia’s Mum.

“It will be around £100 for it.

“I will pay with my debit card then!”

After her Mum had swiped her debit card, she signed a copy of the receipt. Back in those days, there were no contactless Debit cards like we have now. Jenny then puts another version of it in a store carrier bag for Luminitia’s Mum.

“Thank you, Jenny, for the help!” Said Luminitia in a friendly way and cheerfully as she returns with the dress she was allowed to try on.

Luminitia was wearing her original clothes now as well.

“No Problems, Luminitia, have a good date tonight!”

Hmm, that is going to show up on our joint account. Lumi earned it this week if Ben questions it. I will say it was a dress for Lumi!

After Luminitia’s Mum swipes the card and purchases the dress for her; Luminitia’s face tells a perfect story to how much she loves her mother right now.

“Mum, Thank you so much. Please don’t spend much more. Not In my wildest dreams would I ever expected you to buy me that dress for £100!”

“Do not worry about it, as both Ben and I work great jobs and get paid a lot. We have lots of savings for you. If you want to go to college later, but you said you wanted to work first?”

“Yeah, I heard having hands-on experience is better. You can always study at the same time. Also, I think Mariana might need to go to makeup school like a professional course. She is so talented already, and I honestly think that is her dream. Mum, please talk to her about it!”

“Lumi, the way you look out for your sister and try to protect her is another reason you earned that dress today!”

“Do you want to eat out after we go to jewellers or wait until we get home!”

“At home, you spent enough already, Mum!”

They search the streets and find a beautiful jewellery shop called Warren’s James Jewellers; the time was now eleven in the morning. The store looked extremely posh. It had several rows of jewellery inside of see-through cases. There were several different types of silver and gold accessories ranging from rings, bracelets and earrings.
At the end of the store was another large counter of items to purchase along with a checkout till. Two men were standing behind it and dressed in formal attire.

“Mum! Those earrings, look so beautiful! However, we are not allowed to wear big round ones like these in school on our ears. I will wear those when I go out sometimes when I can afford to buy them for myself!”

“Good Lumi because you are not getting those as well… If anything I would buy them for Mariana, which I am going to another day for her birthday present In June.

“Aww, she will love them!” Replied Luminitia.

“Oh gosh, Mum can I please have this locket. It’s on sale too!”

“Lumi, stop shouting like a kid. Yes, you can have the pendant, even if it was not on sale. However, at least now I will only spend £150 and not, £200 on you, but you can have £20 to spend on travel money tonight!”

“Mum, you make it sound spending money on me is a bad thing?”

“I did not mean it like that… come here!” Replied Luminitia’s Mother and she gives her a gentle cuddle.

“Here take this £50 note and go buy it and keep the change for your travel!”

“Thank you, Mum!” Said Luminitia before she kisses her on her left cheek.

Before Luminitia walks up to the two middle-aged men behind the counter. She stops to gaze at the pendant; her lovely opal eyes drift off, looking at how beautiful it is. The necklace appeared made out of pure-silver around the string that went around the back of the neck. Additionally, at the bottom was a circular shape with a green emerald carved perfectly into it; this part looked to hang around the throat region of the neck.

As Luminitia approaches them, she sees they are both wearing black suits and trousers. The left guy was wearing a light-blue shirt with a blue tie. The other middle-aged man had a white shirt and black tie.

“May I assist you!” Said the man with the blue shirt to her.

“Yes, you can, I would like to purchase that locket with the green emerald that you have on sale. It is for my first real date with my best friend, Dale!” Replied, Luminitia excitedly.

“Well, what a lucky young man he is!” Replied the other guy.

“How would you like to pay for this?” Asked the same guy.

“Cash, Here you go, could you please exchange one of the £10 notes for coins and £5 note I need for the bus fare if not I will go exchange it at a food store!”

“It’s okay… we have change for you!” Replied the guy with the blue shirt.

The guy with the white shirt then takes out locket for Luminitia and puts it in a bag for her.

“Thank you again, and goodbye!” Replied Luminitia as she rejoins her mother.

“Very polite, Luminitia, it for sure does make a nice change!” She laughs after teasing her daughter.

“See told you, Mum, I would be a good girl… you thought this was all an act didn’t you to get what I want?”

Damn… how does she read my mind like that! I will be honest with her!

“Mum?” Asked Luminitia impatiently.

“Yes, Lumi, I am going be honest with you… I did think that, but I also believed you were not doing it as an act. I saw that you had been crying that Tuesday evening!”

“Thank you for being honest with me, and we should not lie… However, we might have to with Dad about me going on this date!” Explained Luminitia reluctantly.

“Yes, Pumpkin I know, but we have no choice… let’s go home and let your sister do your hair and makeup after you have eaten lunch!”

“Do you not want any clothes, mum?” Asked Luminitia.

“No, Darling, this is your day!” Replied Luminitia’s Mother.

Luminitia and her Mother then got into the car, and her mother drove them both home safely.

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