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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love – Chapter...
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Chapter 15 – Luminitia’s Road to Recovery!

Luminitia’s actions almost cost her life, but she started her voyage to getting her life back on track. Mariana helped her tremendously with this process by first booking her counselling sessions with her therapist. Time flew by as Luminitia returned to work.

“Mari, will you come with me to the first session. I just need you to sit outside. I will do the rest, Okay?”

“Lumi, you can give me a ride in your sportscar even though you wish the ford puma was your own at the age of 24.”

“Shall we grab some Hunter’s Chicken then for lunch at the pub?”

“Yes, Lumi. Also, take it slow you have your ACCA studies to maintain, which you now were able to get them to agree on a back payment. Stuart would have been very discreet about what happened to you, especially that you will be running that office next year.”

“Mari, you are right. I will go put something classy business-like for work on!”

Luminitia then ascended the stairs to her bedroom and freshened up hastily in the shower. Next, she put on a pale-white bra with pink roses, along with a matching thong. She slides the cotton fabric carefully over her shaven womanhood concealing it along with her breasts. She then grabs a creamy-white blouse with golden buttons on the front and a short raven-coloured skirt. Finally, she finishes her business outfit with her black business coat and dark stilettos.
She looks at herself in her heart-shaped mirror and fixes up her hair, but Luminitia’s confidence may never be the same again. She still doubts her looks every day since she was cheated on by her horrible ex-boyfriend.

I still cannot believe I let Andrew get in my head like that. I have everything to live for going forwards. I need to shrug this thing about thinking I am not beautiful off!

A lone teardrop dropped from Luminitias right eyelid, but she wipes it away and hides it from her sister. Mariana embraces her sister and says, “Be Strong Luminitia. You are already taking the right steps forwards by even agreeing to see this therapist today!”

“I am ready, Mariana!”

It was very unusual to hear Luminitia and Mariana call each other by their full names. However, on this occasion, they were both being severe and no longer the children they once were. Both sisters get into Luminitia’s red-coloured ford puma. She was given it earlier than her official start date as Financial Controller for the Trust division at Trust Ford.
Luminitia let the car rip down the western avenue but being innovative too by not weaving in and out of traffic like a nutcase. She kept below one hundred miles per hour.

“Luminitia, slow down!”

Luminitia laughed as she just wanted to scare her sister a little. This made Mariana happy as this was the first time in weeks that Luminitia could enjoy herself again.

It did not take long for them to arrive at work. Luminitia decided to introduce her sister to everyone. The male colleagues took an eyeful of her sister as she was fit like Luminitia. After that, Mariana was introduced to her boss Stuart.

“So you are the one that saved Luminitia. I cannot thank you enough, Mariana. She would have been missed by everyone here. Luminitia, do not worry… I told them you had a car accident why you was in Hillingdon hospital. I assume your sister is accompanying you to the therapist session. Luminitia, please take the extra time you need, especially if you feel the counselling sessions will benefit you on the road to recovery!” Explained Stuart.

“Thanks, Stuart. Luminitia will get her confidence back in due time. She has to believe in herself again that she is beautiful, and the ex lost an amazing young woman. Most guys would kill to date a girl as beautiful as my sister!”

Luminitia blushes and then focuses on Stuart’s teachings of her new job while Mariana does some clothes shopping.

A few hours later, the two sisters enjoyed a lovely lunch of Hunters chicken with a glass of Spanish wine at a local pub in Hayes. Mariana introduced Luminitia to her cuisine al lifestyle. The two Devon sisters caught up, and Mariana finally told her that she has a new boyfriend and that he proposed to her on the beach after a moonlight walk.

“I did not even know you had a new man, and you may even marry before me now. I won’t be dating another guy in like ever! What’s the lucky guy’s name?” Asked Luminitia ecstatically.

“His name is Brian. He is lovely and supports everything about my Makeup business. It will be a long engagement, so you may still beat me. Do not let Andrew put you off, men forever, after all, he only one fish in the sea after all!”

“You should have brought him over. Also, I am coming to visit you next year for my holiday, so don’t tie the knot just yet!” Said Luminitia, as they both travel to Luminitia’s therapy session.

The two sisters arrive at the Medicspot Clinic, located on Station Road in Hayes and was the closest to Luminitia’s work.
The building appeared quite large in size and had an entrance door and an exit door. It was modernised as Lumintia tried to enter through it; the entrance opened horizontally, allowing her to enter. However, momentarily she pauses for a second and says to her sister.

“No need for you to come in… you can go shopping again or find something to do. You will have to go home by public transport or wait until my finish time at work!”

“I will go home by bus. I still have my oyster card for when I was attending Middlesex University for my makeup course. It’s cool you don’t need me, and I guess being back at work is already boosting your confidence!”

“Thanks for all your help… you are honestly the best sister anyone could ever ask for… Chow for now!” Replied Luminitia as this time she walks through the automatic door.

The interior was big, and signs were hanging down promoting various services within the organisation. There was a hallway branching off towards Luminitia’s left and another to her right. In front of her appeared a large reception desk, a young lady sat behind the desk in her mid-twenties. She was wearing a professional business outfit with her name tag on display, which reads, ‘Samantha.’

Luminitia began trembling suddenly. For the first time in her life, when asking someone for help, she came across as extremely shy and timid.

“Um, Excuse me. I have an appointment with therapist Lucretia at 2 o’clock!”

The receptionist wondered why such a pretty girl would be so unbelievably scared.

“Do not worry… these appointments are strictly confidential. Anything you say will never leave the room. Lucretia is sweet. you will get along with her just fine!”

Luminitia lips curved into a warm smile, and her true beauty came out again as the receptionist then said, ” Just take a seat… she will come and get you when she is ready for you!

“Thank you, Samantha!” Replied Luminitia as she sits in a comfy black chair and waits patiently.

However, all the waiting made her fidgety as she never could sit still for too long as she still lacked patience. Luminitia had to always be working on something or being productive. She detested waiting needlessly almost as much as people asking her dumb questions.

Finally, a young woman dressed in a smart but casual looking raven-coloured top and skirt approaches Luminitia. She had her legs crossed, showing some of her bare skin off from the bottom of her thighs with her hand between its hemp to hide her knickers.
She always knew guys watched her when she did this and did not want them eyeing her up. Today she was not in the mood for any pickup lines and felt vulnerable too.

“Luminitia, I am so glad you followed your sister Mariana’s advice. I helped your sister too after what happened with her first boyfriend, Eric!”

This was news to Luminitia; her mother must have kept it quiet to focus on her studies.

“That’s reassuring then as Maria is a totally different person now she is like me successful, minus the last month where I let that idiot get in my head!”

“Thats what we going to change, Luminitia. Come with me, and let’s talk more privately and openly together!”

Luminitia cautiously follows Lucretia upstairs and along a narrow corridor with round luminescent lights hanging from the ceiling. This made the passage give off a pleasant light aura, which was radiating, and illuminating. Eventually, they reach a room with a brown door constructed from teak. The office appeared small and inside of it was a lovely table made from oakwood. It was held up by four wooden legs, and there were too modernised leather chairs that looked ever so comfortable.

Lucretia’s long, dark, raven hair sways as she walks into the room; Luminitia appeared a little jealous of her hair as it was so much shinier than hers. Lucretia was of Asian ethnic background; however, her skin was light but not as white as Luminitia’s. Se sat down on one end of the table as Luminitia placed her petite self down in the other chair, and they began to talk.

“So, as you know, I almost overdosed on alcohol due to a lot of my personal problems. The main one being my horrible ex-boyfriend Andrew, placed me in a months debt of mortgage on my property in Hayes.” Luminitia takes a brief pause to wipe a tear from her left iris.

Lucretia hands her some tissues, “Luminitia, let it all out. If you want to cry, please do. I am here to listen and give advice from an outside perspective!”

“You see, Lucretia, I gave up for a day and drunk myself stupid. Now I am on the road to recovery, but I lack confidence… How can I ever think I am sexy, beautiful again when I can’t even keep the attention of a guy? I have never felt like this before…”

Lucretia gives her a small reflective mirror, “Luminitia, what do you see when you look into the mirror?”

“I see my reflection.”

“Look again more closely because I see a beautiful young lady, who looks to have a fantastic job, those clothes are not cheap. You are buying your own house at only twenty-four years old. I am not stalking you, but I did look you up on Facebook. One thing I noticed you don’t have many photos on it. Your first goal today is to post some pictures and maybe open an Instagram account for yourself.

Luminitia listened carefully, and some somewhat crazy throughs started creeping through her mind.

I could do that and see what guys think of me. I am going to use this to make money. Why should I try and find a second job when I just need by a full HD webcam. I said I would never be a model, my parents won’t like this, but what is the harm if they never find out. Mariana can never know about this either it will be my dirty little secret!

“Lucretia, this was the advice I needed to hear. Also, please give me some tips on getting your hair to look so shiny. Mariana saw you didn’t she when she was young. My sister referred me to you!”

“Luminitia, this is a fantastic start… you may not need to see me again. Use this Colour, Ultime… it is what I use!” Lucretia smiled at Luminitia as they shake hands.

Luminitia then calls Maria to thank her as she goes, purchases some of the Ultime hair dye. Next, she books an appointment for next week to have her hair professional dyed to raven black and cut a little, so she can look good on camera.

One week later, after posting lots of photos to her social media, she started to get many likes and messages saying how beautiful and sexy she looked. Luminitias confidence was slowly returning to her mind. She even got asked out on dates and the occasional disgusting dick pic in her Facebook instant messenger. Although she did fantasise about a few nice shaven pictures. But then Luminitia quickly blocked those users as it was not how she was brought up by her mother, Lulia.

After she got her hair done, the volume of her likes went up even more. She opened an Instagram account, too, where she took selfies almost every day. In only a month, she had over a thousand Instagram followers. She made herself a Twitter account as well. Luminitia was always a private person until she met Lucretia; she loved the attention on all her social media platforms.
Luminitia continued to grow as an accountant at work. She was a professional accountant by day and becoming an internet sensation at night until she started to research adult webcamming sites. Luminitia wanted to find what would be the best fit for her.

She decorated her bedroom with some flowers and got a lovely pink sheet to lay on, and had set her webcam to view the bed with a controller to change her angles. However, she was not able to go live yet. After finding the perfect site for her, Myfreecams the number one camming site with no membership fee. Luminitia had to wait one more week for her video to be verified and to be authorised to receive a percentage of all her tips received via tokens.

Finally, the time had come. Luminitia logged into the site using a different name from her real name, which was Serenity dreams. She made a nice short but catchy bio for her chatroom, ‘I am one of a kind, and I will make all your dreams come true. I am a nice girl studying finance but needs to let her hair down once in a while and get naughty with you all!’

At the start, she was very timid, shy and scared. Luminitia had never done anything like this before, only taken photos of herself wearing clothes.

I guess I don’t have to get naked if I don’t want to, and everything is up to me what I do in my channel… I am in total control. I could make more money if I go private, but what I am going to do is set tip goals and do public shows instead to avoid dirty and obscene requests!

Were the thoughts running through her mind as she sat in front of the camera. Luminitia was wearing a tight black top with no bra underneath it and a black laced thong to go along with displaying her whole body and beautiful tummy piercing. Additionally, she wore some sexy black high heels.

Luminitia started to greet people as they came into the room and who bothered to speak to her. She answered several questions; eventually, confidence started oozing back through her again. She started reading how sexy she looked, which actually got her a little moist below her clothes. Especially when someone said they wanted to have sex with her.

Oh gosh, why am I getting turned on by these dirty comments? For my first cam show, I won’t charge anything. If I can get naked, I will get more comfortable, and tomorrow night I will get myself a toy. Wow, I have never owned a sex toy before; this will be interesting indeed!

Were the naughty thoughts that went through her mind as she slowly started to take her top from over her head and showed her viewers her radiating bare breasts with hard pink nipples. Suddenly Luminitia receives her first tip.

“Thank you so much!”

She said excitedly as she became more used to being on camera. She even forgot it was there and started to play with her breasts as she zoomed the camera in on her tits.

“Thats it baby, can you show your pussy, please?” asked a user that had not tipped her, trying to get a Freeview.

Luminitia ignored them; it was her room, her rules; she only acknowledged requests from members that gave her tokens.

I have to show my pussy soon. Shit, I am scared of what my parents and sister will think of me if any of my videos ever get leaked or if I go viral…

Thought Luminitia, but she got the courage to do it. She got into doggy style in front of the camera and slowly pulled down her black thong inch by inch as her now shiny jet black hair draped down her back, but she had cut it, so it did not hide her Ink on her tailbone. Luminitia could not believe what she was doing as her beautiful waxed sacred cavern was displayed to her audience. For her first night was quite large. She had promoted it on her Twitter that she was going to webcam tonight and that people could come and watch her if they wanted to. Luminitia understood branding and marketing being an accountant.

“OH MY GOD, Serenity, you have a beautiful pussy… I would love to lick it clean!” Someone wrote.

Luminitia then rests back on her back on the pink bed sheets. Next, she closes her eyes and starts masturbating, forgetting she was on camera. She rubs her cute tiny pink-coated fingernails over her lips and starts to moan for the camera.

Fuck… what am I doing here… Oh my God, I am so fucking wet right now… I love being watched never knew this side existed in me. I always knew after Dale fucked me I was a little crazy in bed, but damn I am a voyeur too now. What’s more, everyone loves me, and I am making a lot of money, and this is only my first night!

Luminitia opens up her sacred sanctuary as she slides in two fingers and starts moaning louder as the other hand played with her flawless 34D breasts at the same time. Luminitia continues to slide her fingers in and out of her as she laid on her back. Eventually, she starts to scream in genuine pleasure, not fake moans, as she gets closer to orgasm.

“Sorry, I was not planning on getting naked on my first night, so I have no toys!” Next, show I will have some!”

Said Luminitia in her erotic turned on voice as she kept playing. More and more tokens were tipped to her, which she thanked as she reached her climax.

Oh my God, I am cumming for real thought I would have to fake every orgasm doing this!

This separated Luminitia from most of the other Cam girls; she came across as natural and genuine as everyone watched her cum drip from her pussy.

“Great show, Serenity Dreams… I cannot wait to see more!” Another user said.

“Thank you to everyone that donated and for those that helped bring my channel numbers up even if you got free parking. I will be back tomorrow… however, tomorrow’s show will cost five hundred tokens.”

Said Luminitia thankfully as she realises how much money she made in one night. It was more than her current job if this level of tipping kept up every night.

Luminitia closed off her channel after saying good night, and she saw she gets to keep quite a high percentage of all the tokens she earned that night.

Wow, I will do this for one year and pay a lot of mortgage off. What I really want to do, though, is glamour modelling. It pays a lot more and is classier! It would be a dream to pose for Playboy one day, but that means I am viral, and my parents may disown me, so I need to keep this discreet for now.

Luminitia went to a sex shop the next day after work in Uxbridge called Pleasureberry.

The shop had several exciting products and the strange submissive and dominant stuff of BDSM, but she was not interested in that. She looked around the store, which was large and well illuminated by a pink glowing light. Several black curtains were decorating where the products were placed. Eventually, she came across to where the toys that she wanted to buy.

There were several rows of cock-shaped toys ranging from those that required batteries and others without. Luminitia wanted something cute but not too expensive. She wants to use a manual one, too; that way, Luminitia could demonstrate to her viewers how she likes to take it. She finally found a pink dildo; it was at least eight inches long as thats what she had been having sex with on her ex-partners.

This one will do if people want Anal beads and crap. They know where the door is and can go to someone else’s room. Serenity Dreams is my room and my online persona!

Luminitia then bought the toy discreetly and hid it bottom of Gucci black purse. Afterwards, Luminitia went home to continue what was making her some extra cash flow. She continues this until she gets a phone call asking if she would like to do a photoshoot to promote some lingerie for them.

They must have seen me pose in my corset in my room from last night. Wow, I cannot believe someone wants me to model for them!

Luminitia tells her sister over the phone about the shoot but conveniently leaves one crucial detail out.

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