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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love – Chapter...
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Chapter 14 – Mariana’s Courage!

Luminitia suffered greatly over the next few weeks; her boss Stuart asked her if she would like time off. Luminitia being the typical woman that she declined it at every opportunity that knocked on her door. She started to gather a slight drinking problem, but nothing major, just a couple of Smirnoff ice or glasses of red wine in the evening. Luminitia would not leave her house either as she started to drift into full depression mode. She hid it very effectively at work, so no one knew other than Stuart or Hayley what her ex-boyfriend did to her.

Oh my god, what am I going to do… I cannot pay for this in time as well as my college. Why did I trust that asshole? I am not asking Mum or Dad for help as I cannot lean on my parents, not to mention my Dad would track that guy down and kill him literally. I don’t want my Dad going to prison over me. I have the whole weekend to figure out what I am going to do!

Luminitia chose that day to drink her sorrows away instead as she went to the off-license and consumed a whole pack of Smirnoff ice one after each other watching her tv. After she had finished, she decided to go to her regular Tesco’s to get an enormous stash of Smirnoff Ice in her Volkswagen Polo. She knew damn too well not to use her companies red-coloured Ford Puma car for anything but work. The Puma was part of her new jobs contract to go to MPR meetings and regional financial meetings.

Before that, though, she went upstairs to put on some fresh clothes. For the first time in her life, she did not give a care in the world on how she looked. Next, Luminitia applied no makeup, only perfume, to get rid of the horrific vodka smell. She wore just a pair of black rubber pants which detailed every contour of her cute butt with no underwear underneath. For her top, she wore a black tank top showing quite a bit of cleavage, with no bra. It made her look very much like the one thing she hated, which was being portrayed as a slut. Her eyes were beginning to get diluted, but Luminitia could really hold down her liquor. It would usually take six to ten bottles before she started to feel really drunk and gain the buzz she loved.
Luminitia drove recklessly; she clearly was acting irresponsibly and not thinking straight at all. She somehow made it to the store using the Hayes Bypass Motorway without crashing into anyone. Luminitia finally takes the correct exit from the roundabout and then takes a left into the car park. Next, she passes Tesco’s Petrol Station and into the Yeading Tesco’s Car Park. She did not like the close grocery shopping mall at Bulls Bridge in Hayes. The Yeading one had much more variety of food and other products for her to buy every week. The store was massive and even had a small café to the left inside the building. It served hot tea and coffee for people to relax after doing their shopping. Luminitia was clearly not interested in shopping for her groceries as she had already purchased her food for the week earlier.
The shop’s interior was very bright and well illuminated, and it was always well air-conditioned, which sometimes made the store cold, especially near the frozen foods. Luminitia finally reached the store’s back, passed the refrigerated foods, and crisps to the adult drinking section. Due to new UK laws being placed within certain stores, Tescos being one of them. You had to be over the age of twenty-five to purchase any of these items. Luminitia was only twenty-three, although she would turn twenty-four after October and start her new role in January as the dealership accountant/financial controller. She seemed to get away with it, though, as she used the shopping scan as you go instead of going to the checkout. Luminitia knew no one could ask her for her ID, and she was a savvy young lady, especially at getting her own way as a teenager. This is the first time in Luminitia’s Life she broke the law as an adult s. She walked out with a bag of twenty-four bottles of Smirnoff Ice after using the automated checkout with her bank card.
She walked over to the nearby park and sat alone with all her twenty-four bottles of Smirnoff and started to drink them one after each other The green area was more a large field than a park, though, but she had the privacy she needed and away from society. Luminitia started making a mess of the park with all her empty bottles. However, this was the first time she had left her house other than her job and grocery shopping. Suddenly her mobile phone started ringing. However, she never answered it or even bothered to look who was even calling her. She was too busy getting consumed by her inner demons. Luminitia did not care as she almost started to drift in and out of consciousness.

A few moments ago, back at Luminitia’s house, her sister Mariana had come to visit her from Spain. After hearing about the heinous acts, Luminitia’s ex-boyfriend Andrew had put her through. Her sister had moved there with her new fiancé Bradley. They owned a beautiful villa in Spain, and it was half the prices of houses in the UK. She possessed her own set of house keys as Luminitia had two spares cut, one for her Mum and Dad and the other for Mariana. Mariana looked on in shock as she witnesses the state of her older sisters house.

My God, how can she live like this, there are bottles all over the floor, and nothing is tidy. This is not the Lumi I know for sure. She was so proud of her house and buying her own place and being an independent woman. There is something more going on here!

“Lumi, please tell me you have not done anything stupid. Are you even home?” Yelled Mariana as overgrowing concerned seeped through her skin and veins.

Mariana tidies up Luminitia’s living room for her and then checks to see if she fell asleep. However, Mariana finds no sign of her sister, and she then begins to call her.

Luckily Luminitia had phone tracking enabled, and she noticed she was near the store they used to shop.

What on earth is she doing there! Don’t tell me she went to get even drunker since they sell large stacks and a lot cheaper though she is under age to buy it from there. But my sister was such a naughty girl in year nine. Also, she had others buy her drink underage before. If Mother had found out, she would have been grounded for life before she met Dale. If only Dale was here to take care of her. Andrew will pay for this one day. If he causes my sister to off her self, his life won’t be worth living!

Her car was pretty large, but it wasn’t a Z3 convertible, just your standard BMW. She parks in the Tescos car park sees her car parked crooked but within the white lines.

How did she drive, if she is that wasted already, that parking is atrocious, and Lumi has always been a fast driver, but careful!

She then dials 999.

“I think she has overdosed on Alcohol at Yeading park. Please send an ambulance ASAP. She is not waking up, and her pulse is getting weaker too! The ambulance will be there ASAP. Don’t give up on your sister. She will need you more than anything right now!”

“Ma’am, stand back and let us do our work.” Explained the first paramedic.

The emergency crew was made up of a female and a male staff.

The lady had short black hair and appeared to be in her early thirties, and she was wearing her professional green medical work clothes. She had an athletic build as doing this job day in and day out gave her a great work out. The male paramedic had black hair too and looked very built and strong, and stood at least six foot.

“We are losing her, come on girl, fight… why do young girls have to be so stupid these days with their drink? Get into the ambulance quickly and jump in, Ma’am! Yelled the female paramedic.

She is not like this at all. Something has happened today. She never drinks, only socially. She is an accountant, for Christ sake. She s one who should be looked after me!”

“Please calm down. You will make things worse for yourself. What’s your name, miss.” Asked the male medical staff, who was not driving the ambulance.

“It is Mariana Devon, and this is Luminitia Devon. Please don’t contact our parents, I beg you. I will look after her as Luminitia legal family member!”

“Patient confidentially is strictly important. But if she does not make it, we will have to contact the legal guardians you know!” Said Bret.

Mariana read his name from his badge. “She has to make it, Bret. Luminitia has a brand new job to start next year and to finish her ACCA. I just wish she listened to me after having that one night stand with her Ex. He cheated on her, but she was coping with it the last time I spoke to her on the phone.”

“We need to take her straight for surgery and pump this Alcohol out of her system. We will let you know soon as she is stable.”

Said Lara, the female paramedic. She then hugs her to comfort Mariana before taking her sister into another room.

Mariana, still in total shock, cannot believe this is happening. She informed the store that the two vehicles will be moved out of their car park soon. She explained further that her sister was okay and not to treat them as abandoned cars.

They wheeled Luminitia on the stretcher through the double doors to the emergency room. The room was relatively small, and they picked her up and placed her on the white-coated operating table. Luminitia looked peaceful even though she was losing her life; her dark raven iris remained shut. It seemed she had accepted her fate that night. They put her onto a breathing machine and gave her oxygen to help her breathe better.

Next, the nurses and doctor applied a liquid-pump to her arm and started pumping out the drink from her liver. Meanwhile, Luminitia started to give up her will to live as she loses her pulse as the machine begins to make the horrid, lengthily beeping sound of someone dying.

“No, Pulse, we need to shock her stand back!” Said the doctor as they apply it over her chest.

The doctor then begins to pump her chest to regain her pulse, but it has no effect. The doctor, however, would not be denied his chance to save Luminitia’s life. Next, he asks them to shock her one last time.

“No man is worth dying for. Breathe Luminitia!” Said the doctor who had been filled in on what had happened.

Suddenly Luminitia got back her pulse and started to breathe through the machine and lot better as they drained the Vodka from her system.
The brown-haired doctor came out and removed his mask to greet her sister Mariana.

“Luminitia is a fighter, although she gave up for about fifteen seconds. Your sister felt what it was like to be dead. But we got her back. You will be able to see her shortly.”

“Thank God, you guys are truly marvellous. Thank you, doctor Stanley. I will go collect both cars then come back now. I know she is safe and in good hands. I am going to get her a therapist and get her on some medication for her depression. She won’t deny me as I will tell Mother and Father about this.

“Mariana, your courage was amazing, and your love for Luminitia may have saved her life today. Your quick thinking and calm but understandable panic were what she really needed. I did tell her this, no man is worth dying for… I am not sure if she heard me or not, but she came back after I shocked her heart again.”

“I think she did… I will be back soon!”

Mariana did the errand of retrieving both motors and parking them In Luminitia’s garage and driveway. She then took her BMW from out the front and headed back to the Hospital.

Luminitia had slipped into a coma, but she remained stable, and her pulse was stronger. She was moved to the ICU unit to be observed. Mariana was allowed to visit her even if it was past visiting hours due to the circumstances. Mariana quickly clutched her sister’s right hand, interlocking her hand, “Please, Luminitia come back to me and don’t do anything like this again. You gave us all a scare!”

Luminitia still rested in her bed but heard every word her sister just said, and suddenly her eyes opened, and she spoke,
“Mari, what happened? Why am I in Hospital?”

“You drunk too much stupid girl. Don’t ever do this again. I promise I will not tell Mum or Dad. But you must promise me to get some professional help. You tried to take your life, didn’t you? What else happened today?”

Luminitia explains how naïve she was and let her boyfriend manipulate her into giving him cash to pay the mortgage for her.

“That Jackass. I will pay for a therapist for you for a month. I know you won’t accept my help to pay the mortgage. I know you have savings. Speak to the college and explain what happened. If you were thinking straight and being the smart accountant and sister, I know… you would never have done this!”

“They probably think I am an alcoholic now and send me on a stupid anti-drinking programme.”

“No Luminitia, Mariana explained everything!” You do not need a Mental Health assessment either. The one condition stands you must get help for at least one month. I will phone your work in the morning and explain what happened.”

Luminitia clutches her sisters hand tightly, “I cannot thank you enough, Mariana. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage today and for saving my life. I never thought about how Andrew made me almost take my life. I am better than this. I have my fantastic job to focus on, and I will find my next Dale, maybe even better, but I will not date anyone. I will let love find me instead.

Luminitia smiles at her younger sister before falling back to sleep. Mariana decides to head back to her place and sleeps in her sister’s bed as it was a long day for her.

Thank goodness she is okay. I know my sister can be very reckless at times. She acts before she thinks sometimes. I don’t know what it must have felt like to read that letter, especially after getting betrayed in her own bed. That had to have been so awful to walk in on. My sister will recover and meet her true love one day. When Eric dumped me in front of my parents, I got hurt badly, but it was nothing compared to what Lumi endured that day and then finding out she is in debt for something she did not do! Thought Mariana before she closes her hazel eyes to get some rest.

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