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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love – Chapter...
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Chapter 13 – The Shattering of Luminitia’s Heart!

Luminitia decided to take Andrew up on his offer to take her to dinner. Both Andrew and Luminitia got to know each other better; even if the relationship started with a night of lustful sex. He continuously treated her with respect and class, unlike the first time when he bedded her. Although they did not even do it in her bedroom as Luminitia could not wait that long.

After two long months, everything went smooth and nicely, and Luminitia fell in love again. She took a risk and asked him to move in with her after only two months. However, during their third month together, Andrew got gross misconducted from his job, and he never gave Luminitia an honest answer to why he was fired. Andrew was a construction worker for a large building company called Balfour Beatty. Or at least that is what he told her at the several beautiful places they visited over the last two months.
Additionally, Luminitia noticed he was getting worse in the bedroom with her and not wanting it as much with her.

Something is going on with Andrew, I love him, but he is making it very difficult to continue to love him. Dale and I got better every time we made love together. He never used to smoke, and I know he is doing weed/cannabis due to the red-tint in his eyes at night!

Next, She descended downstairs after getting ready for work. Andrew was just lazing about on their couch half-naked watching tv.

“Andrew, when are you going to get another job. You know I love you, or you would be out on the streets!” Please take this money and pay the mortgage, so you are not sitting on your ass for a change!” Said Luminita in an angry tone.

“Sure, Babes. I will do it this afternoon while you are at work. I am looking for a job, but I am finding it hard to find one at the moment due to being wrongly fired for no reason!”

“Well if you told me the truth I will be able to help you. I am conducting interviews for Hayley’s replacement to do credit control. I can help you explain your situation better. Also, the jobcentre will stop giving you dull money if you don’t show evidence that you are actively seeking employment. You will still pay half of this mortgage from this point on if you want to continue to live with me and be my boyfriend!”

Luminitia headed to work as her blood started to boil at how lazy her new man is acting.
Luminitia thinks aloud to herself while she drives to work.

I really should have just set up a direct debit. That was one thousand pounds for the last month as I have been too busy with work to get it settled. Andrew wouldn’t be stupid enough to steal from me as it would land him without a place to live, and he doesn’t get along with his parents.

t did not take long for lunchtime to arrive as she was swamped learning new critical features to her new Financial Controller role that she begins at the end of the year. Luminitia also has her last set of exams to pass early next year. She will be the only member in the office that is an ACCA certified accountant other than her boss Stuart.

“Hayley, do you want to take lunch together, we can now we not in the same department, and I am not technically your boss yet!”

“Sure would love to, I see you look stressed out, and I don’t think it is your studying and learning your new role.”

“Oh, you noticed too! Let’s go to a pub for lunch, and we can sneak in one drink. I will explain all about it. Truthfully I want to ask for some advice. Still, let’s discuss it in a more relaxed environment away from other staff members!”

They decided to go to a pub called the Hambro Arms, the building appeared pristine. The walls were painted yellow with several white window frames and black tinted glass shutting out the view from the outside. Luminitia opens the door for Hayley, and they then both tread through the entrance and into the bar.
The establishment was not too busy at this time of day. So Hayley and Luminitia had no problems getting a table to eat at.
They find a little cosy spot in the corner with some chairs and a small oblong-shaped table. The furniture appeared in good condition even if it was a bit old, and the area was lit up pretty well. The atmosphere sounded lovely as they were only a few other people in the pub drinking. Neither girl had to shout to talk to each other, “What will you be having, Hayley?” Asked Luminitia.

“Beef Lasagne and I will have a glass of Jack Daniels and Coke!”

“I will have the same, but a bottle of Smirnoff ice. Let me go and order at the bar… lunch is on me!” Replied Luminitia as she takes her visa debit card out of her posh purse.
Next, Luminitia walks to the bar as she passes by several more tables and chairs constructed out of brown mahogany. She waits patiently for a free bartender to assist her.

A young girl with long brown locks, dressed in casual, but smart clothes approaches her after a minute and says, “Hello, what can I get you!”

“You can get me a Jack Daniels and Coke, a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, and for lunch two beef lasagnas. You can just bring the food over to us… I will take the drinks to our table after I pay you with my card!” Replied, Luminita politely.

“Thank you, and that will be £15. You get two meals for £10 on weekdays!” Replied the Bartender.

“Just like my regular pub The Crown in Northolt I go to!” Replied Luminitia.

Next, she entered her four-digit pin number and returned to the table to talk with her best friend, which also happens to be her work colleague.

“Our food will be ready soon and don’t worry about the cost. It’s enough you are taking the time to listen to me. I feel you went through something similar when you resigned as Credit Manager with your Ex!”

“Luminitia, please explain what is going on, and only then can I compare if it was the same thing that happened to me.”

“Okay, I am not proud of this, but I acted almost like I was a slut for the night even though I was not with Dale anymore. I through myself at Andrew, and gave him an easy shag. My Mum always taught me to respect my body, so I ended up trying to make a relationship out of this one nightstand.”

Luminitia takes a zip from her bottle of Smirnoff ice and gulps it down, enjoying her favourite alcoholic beverage.

“The relationship went well for the first two months, but now he’s turned into a bum, things have never been the same since he got fired from his construction job. He even started smoking weed, but not in my house, thank God. He never wants to make love, if you can even call it that.
Honestly, Hayley, it felt like two months of mediocre sex. Dale rocked my world in every way. Now he doesn’t even want much sex with me either. I think he is cheating on me with another woman!”

“Not quite the same, Luminitia. We just fought a lot, and in the end, it just did not work out together. You did say the sex went down, that is the first red flag. I mean, come on… you are seriously drop-dead gorgeous, and that is coming from another woman. If I was a guy and your lover… I would not be able to leave you alone!”

Luminitia smiles at Hayley’s compliment while Hayley pauses as the waitress delivers Hayley and Lumintia’s meals. The two girls thank the waitress for their high-quality service politely.

“My suggestion is to book a surprise day off work and come home early. I hope he is not cheating on you though and screwing some other chick. Luminitia, please tell me you did not have unprotected sex with him.”

“Hell no, I knew he was a player the first time we met. I always make him wear a condom even if I am on the pill!”

“Let’s eat now, Luminitia!”

“Yes, Hayley, thank you for listening to my problems, this has helped me a lot.

“No Sweat, Luminitia, and thank you for buying me a drink and lunch. That was so sweet and generous of you!”

“Oh, when we outside of the office, you can call me Lumi. It has been my nickname since school!”

Hayley smiles at Lumintia briefly before they both eat their lunch. Afterwards, they quickly consume their drinks and walk back to the office to finish off their day’s work.

Luminitia thought long and hard on the way home, but not as much as when she had that little fight with Dale that caused a near-crash.

I think I will book tomorrow afternoon off work and surprise him. I am sure Stuart will let me as I will explain the situation and I will not tell him I am coming home early. I need to know either way if he actually cares about me or if he is screwing other girls behind my back!

She shudders at the thought of him possibly banging chicks in their bedroom while she is at work or the idea of it in general. She clutches the steering wheel tightly to channel her rage, as she is so fed up Andrew and his laziness. However, she remained a loyal girlfriend and is trying desperately to make it work as she had felt his romantic side in the past. It was what made her start to fall in love again, after all. Even if Andrew wasn’t as flawless as Dale, no one is perfect.

Luminitia shortly arrived home to find Andrew was not at home. Luminitia being a faithful partner cooked for them both.

God, this makes me so mad! I work all day, have to clean the house and also cook for him. I question why I am still with him. I shouldn’t give up just yet… all relationships have their ups and downs. I am sure Mum and Dad had fights, they were just smart enough to not let Mariana and myself witness them!

Next, Luminitia starts to prepare dinner for the night, she decided to cook some vegetables to go along with chips and two chicken and mushroom pastries. Luminitia chops up some luminescent green Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli & carrots with her kitchen knife. She takes extra care as the blade of the knife is extremely sharp and focusing her anger, so she does not cut her finger off.
Luminitia then goes to her cupboard and takes out a beautiful looked stainless steel saucepan with a transparent lid to go with it. She filled it up with water and then puts all of the cut vegetables in it. She then turns on her electric oven and lets them boil. Next, she gets her potato peeling gadget from the cupboard as well.

I am so glad I bought this. It saves me so much time doing chips, and it keeps my weekly shopping money down!

Within a mere few minutes all of her potatoes were peeled and then she simply made them into long chips. She then placed them in the deep frier with some Olive oil. Luminitia always tried to use the healthiest fat options when cooking her dinners. She knew she only had to microwave the two chicken mushrooms for two minutes. So she waited until the food was almost ready before doing so.

Her boyfriend Andrew still had not come home, which infuriated Luminita further. It forced her to cover his food up, and more thoughts crept through her mind.

At around eleven o’clock, he finally came home. Luminitia had already gone to bed as she always went to sleep earlier in the week. Andrew at least bothered to eat the food that Luminitia prepared for him, before slipping into bed without waking her up.

Friday morning soon arrive swiftly, and Luminitia awoke to find her man asleep next to her. She hits him on the chest pretty hard.

“Nice of you to come home for dinner. You need to pull your weight in this relationship, or there will not be one soon!” Said Luminitia in an angry tone.

“Chill out, Lumi… I ate what you cooked when I came home, and it was incredible as always.”

God what is this woman’s problem, she should be thankful for having a stud like me as her man.

Luminita clenches her hand in a fist, ready to do some real damage as Andrew does not know she is a first-degree blackbelt. She then decides he is not worth the effort and goes and showers on her own and refuses to let him in with her

He is not getting any until he improves his act or even seeing me naked. I know this is punishing myself, but I know he’s sleeping around on me. I have this horrible feeling in my stomach.

Thought Luminitia as she washed her body clean and ready for work. She put on her a black business blouse and short raven-coloured skirt with no stockings. Luminitia hated wearing lingerie-socks but had no problem wearing it for Andrew when it came to having fun in the bedroom. She grabs a pair of black boots, she was not feeling the urge to wear high heels today.
She arrived earlier than her scheduled work time and asked to speak to Stuart in his office.

“You are an early bird today, Luminitia is everything okay?”

“Yes, I am doing an extra hour this morning, but I need a big favour from you. I have this new boyfriend, but I think he is cheating on me, and I need the afternoon off to see if I am right!”

“Luminitia, I will do anything for you, well almost anything I won’t cheat on my wife with you.”

He delivered the whole sentence in a severe tone.

“STUART!” Screamed Luminitia not realising he was joking at first.

“Relax, Luminitia. I can see you are stressed the time off will be great for you. Plus, I don’t have anything new to teach you today. Use the morning as a study period for your upcoming exam!” Explained Stuart

Damn, can’t believe he played with my emotions like that, but now that was quite funny.

Luminitia started laughing at him joking about them having sex, as half the office thought it was actually happening.

“See I made you feel better, do enjoy the day off. Luminitia I will see you Monday where we will do the profit and loss accounts together!”

Hmm, I will wait a bit, maybe I will buy some white lingerie for him in the same style Dale bought me for my sixteenth birthday. I don’t have a white version with a corset top. Not that he is going to get anything of this for a while. I want to treat myself at least to take my mind of this horrible relationship and its problems! Thought Luminitia as she leaves the office early.

Luminitia gets into her car and drives over to the new shopping centre that got recently built in Uxbridge. There used to be only one big shopping centre called Pavilions, now the Chimes was a welcomed addition for consumers to shop.
It did not take Luminitia too long to drive to it. Still, she had to go around the roundabout as Uxbridge had a built-up street where only pedestrians were allowed to walk where the chimes got constructed. However, it had a big car park consisting of several layers high. Luminitia carefully drove up the ramps as she had still not recovered from fearing heights. The only difference now is that she will not let her fear hinder her totally. For example, crossing a bridge or in this scenario parking her car to go shopping. Also, the ramps went around in a circle allowing people to drive up and down them safely.
Luminitia parked her car and went to the ticket booth to pay for two hours as she knows she takes while to choose an outfit. Andrew never went shopping with her because of this and hated the time she spent doing it. On the other hand, Dale loved watching Luminitia try on different outfits for him. Luminitia decided to take the stairs down from the third floor to get some exercise.
Even though Luminitia had aged a little, she still remained fit from her weekly gym and home routines. After she walked through the main door, she was graced by the presence of the large shopping mall known as The Chimes.

Luminitia walked around the shopping centre, which had chandeliers hanging above the second level of the centre. On the third floor, there was a Mcdonalds, and an excellent Cinema called the Odeon, which had several screens. Sometimes Luminitia would book to see premieres of new movies, she went a few times with Andrew before he lost his job.

Eventually, she found an exquisite looking store called La Perla on the second floor of the mall. It had the name carved into the top of the shop. Female mannequins were showing off various clothing, including the lingerie with the white corset top with black stripes. However, this particular version did not have any stockings, but it had an adorable white thong. Luminitia loved to wear thongs even when she was in high school to tease the boys. She was never shy at doing so and as she got older without her mum and dad telling her she could wear. Luminitia in the summer would always wear crop tops to show off her tummy-piercing and back tattoo. Still, you could only see the full tattoo of Ma’at the Goddess of Harmony when she was in a bikini or had no trousers on.

Luminitia saw a young female that looked to be school leaver doing a part-time job as it was the summer holidays. The young girl had an outstanding figure, and the professional business blouse and skirt had La, Perla written over the front of the top.

Oh, she is doing well for herself, getting a job here at a young age. She will get a lot of retail experience, let’s test her customer service skills. Thought Luminitia as she approached her slowly.

“Excuse me, how much is that white corset top and knickers?”

“It is quite expensive, but you look like you can afford it!” Said the young girl as she saw how well dressed Luminitia looked today.

That was a nice compliment, must be because I am wearing my business outfit!

“Expensive is okay… it looks lovely. It is not for my current boyfriend. It is for myself unless Andrew decides to get his act together and help me more.”

“Men Huh, glad I don’t have a boyfriend, my father won’t let me date anyone until I finish college!”

“Damn and I used to think my dad was strict, my first boyfriend changed his mind. I miss him still to this day we broke up last year due to him migrating to Seattle. He was my first everything. He bought me a crimson version of this, but with the stockings!”

She paused and realised she was telling the clothes store girl too much information.

“Oh sorry, look at me telling you about my personal problems, just name the price, and you can put it on my debit card!”

“That’s okay, you are a beautiful woman. I am kind of jealous in a way you could easily pass as a glamour model. The lingerie is two hundred pounds by the way!”

Gosh, thats expensive. I will find a use for it later, and I have a lot of money in reserve.

Thought Luminitia as she enters her pin number for her Visa debit card. The amount was too high to go contactless on that purchase. However, the chip and pin saved time having to sign and provided the extra security as signatory forgery had grown in the last few years.

“Thank you for Shopping at La Parla, have a nice day!” Said the young saleswoman as she hands her a posh bag with her sexy new outfit in it.

Time to go surprise my boyfriend he is going to love this lingerie I bought for him. I am still sticking to my word and not giving him any until he improves though! Thought Luminitia as she drove home early that afternoon.

There was literally zero traffic on the way home, unlike when she would drive to work on a typical morning. The rush hour at the end of her working day was even worse. Luminitia parked her in her garage. She then takes her bag with her sexy new white corset top and knickers, and she unlocks the front door carefully and quietly. She walks through the front door and throws her bag on the living room. Luminitia sits down and relaxes for a few moments before yelling.

Andrew, I am home, I got the day off today. Do you want something for lunch?”

However, there was no answer. Luminitia noticed that he had not gone out. Andrew’s jacket was still hanging on top of the coat-hanger. It was a pretty cold day, even for the summer. Luminitia wore her suit jacket, which she previously hung up next to Andrew’s coat.
Luminitia went upstairs to see if he was still in bed; she could hear strange noises coming from her bedroom. The sounds almost sounded sexual, until Lumintia witnesses the horror that she wished was not true.

As Luminitia slowly peered into her bedroom, she was frozen in shock for a few seconds. Luminitia witnesses another woman riding her man naked on top of her own bed. The girl appeared petite and had light red hair, which seemed dyed. She looked like she was having the time of her life on top of Luminitia’s boyfriend, the young lass had tattoos of the Japanese alphabet inked down her spine.
It only took a few seconds for Lumintia to unleashes her true-rage. If you thought she was seething at that night club incident, the next few moments made it feel like the calm before the storm. Her blood begins to boil as hot as a pyroclastic flow. Luminitia, with a sudden surge of lighting speed, grabs the unknown woman and throws her off her man and onto the bed.


“Now you think this is okay to screw my boyfriend in my own bedroom and house. I will be right back, and if you are not out my house in the next twenty-seconds I will freaking stab you!”

The Lady yells before covering up, “I did not know he was seeing anyone he told me he was single and that it was his house!”

“You really think a guy would have a mirror in the shape of a heart in their bedroom, Just get out of my house now. Do not make me regret my next action!” Screamed Luminitia as she grabs the woman by her crimson coated locks.

The lass screams in pure fright and pain as Luminitia forces her all the way down the stairs and throws her out onto her front lawn totally naked. The neighbours started to get a little nosy, which forced Luminita to yell. “Go back inside you nosey cunts!”

Luminitia had only just started as she then goes to her kitchen draw to find the sharpest kitchen knife she could find and held the sharp weapon in her hand. While she was doing that Andrew had come downstairs after putting a jumper and trousers on. He then gives the girl her clothes before he witnesses Luminitia holding the sharp object in her kitchen.

“Luminitia, put the Knife down before someone gets hurt!” Said Andrew quietly as he did not want the police coming to their house.

Andrew did not know Luminitia is a 1st-degree black belt in karate, so it would be him getting hurt and not him. Although lucky for him, she had a flashback of her kicking the girl in the nightclub a few years back, and deep thoughts crept through her mind.

I will not give either the satisfaction of ruining my life. If I stab either of them, I will go to prison. However, there is one thing I must do and end this bullshit relationship!

“Andrew, get your things and leave!”

“No, Luminitia I love you, she was just a bit of fun. You were not meant to find out about her, she means nothing to me!” Pleaded Andrew.

This just enrages Luminitia even further, but she throws the knife into the kitchen sink and storms upstairs. She went to get Andrew’s things from her bedroom and starts throwing his clothes out her top window. Thats all he bought to her lovely home because she had everything else he needed.

“Andrew we are done, you even lie to me now because she sure damn meant something five minutes ago you seemed into her more than me. It all comes crystal clear now why you got crappier in bed every time. Oh, and just so you know I faked every orgasm with you. If you are not out of my house within the next ten minutes, I am phoning the police!”

“I have nowhere to stay, you know my parents kicked me out!” Yelled Andrew.

“I don’t give a crap… you should have thought about this before you stuck your dick in another woman in my own bed, how freaking disrespectful can you be. Also, how do I know this is not the only girl you have slept with. I am so glad I made you use a condom I would probably have an STD!”

Andrew kept on begging Luminitia, who was having none of it. Eventually, Andrew gives up as Lumintia grabs the phone and starts Dialing. He leaves the house and picks his stuff that was all scattered across the grass. Next, Luminitia puts the cordless phone back in the holder as she had no need to call the police. A few neighbours still slyly peeked on the other side of their covers. However, no law enforcement officers came to investigate the so-called domestic argument, despite the volume of Luminitia’s rage.

After Andrew had left the house, Luminitia just curled up in a ball on her sofa. She suddenly starts crying her eyes out for the first time in her life. She began doubting her appearance, personality, and everything about herself. It felt like someone stabbed her with a knife into her heart and twisted it. She felt more pain than when she split up with Dale, but they broke up on good terms, both agreed to go their separate journeys. However, this betrayal really began to eat away at her. She just could not get the thought out of her mind that someone she loved could do this to her, and things only got worse for Luminitia in the future.

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