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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 12 – Luminitia Feels Lonely!

One long year had passed for Luminitia. She kept her promise to Dale and found closure, and also, she kept E-mailing him every day as her best friend. ‘I must speak to Hayley about something important today!’ Luminitia thought to herself, while she dries her body with a fluffy pink towel, after having her morning shower.

Next, Luminitia put on her black business suit with a white blouse for work, so she looked smart and sophisticated. It was around February, so it could get cold in the account’s office. She grabs her car keys and sets off to work. Stuart had given her a company car ahead of time since he had already announced Luminitia’s succession to Financial Controller/Dealership Accountant. She got an astonishing red Ford Puma as her company car. She asked for a two-seat car as she is yet to have any kids, let alone a new boyfriend.

I love this car, but people really resent me in the office right now. Jealously hurts I guess. I worked too hard to give up this position, and they did not even want the job. So honestly, what is their problem? She thought as she drove to work.

Luminitia did all her duties as well typically as if it was a regular day at the office. She then approached Hayley’s desk.

“Hayley, can I have a quick word with you in the cash office?”

“Sure, Luminitia!”

“Do not worry. You have done nothing wrong, but as you know, next year, I become the Financial Controller for the Trucks Division!
I would like you to be the Credit Manager again. It will save us time filling the job internally and saving the company some money by avoiding advertising and agency costs. You will get a pay rise, I am sure.”

“I would love to have my old job back you were doing a wonderful job, and was kind of hoping Stuart would let me resume these duties!”

“That’s great, I will go get Stuart now, and we can swap places earlier, as he needs to start training me now for the rest of the year!”

Luminitia exits the cash office to find her boss, which she will still report to in her new job role next year.

“Stuart, Hayley accepted to retake the Credit Manager position, so in March you can start training me the specifics of the role. I know how profit and loss accounts work in general and all accountancy-based stuff thanks to the degree that I will have in September!”

“Luminitia, that’s amazing. Let’s go chat with her now. Also, Luminitia you have had a good experience in the Managers Appraisal meetings too. You will have to present the figures, and take the opportunity to bring up any concerns too!”

“Yes, Stuart, with your training, I know I will be fine!”

They both return to the cash office and go into detail with Hayley what her new pay would be. The rest of her day went fast, and it soon came to the weekend. Luminitia felt lonely and thought about finding a new boyfriend for the first time in a year.

God, I need to get laid tonight, but my mother told me to always respect my body, but I miss sex so much. I am going to break my two-week dating rule for new guys, only for tonight!
Mum does not need to know!
Luminitia Thought further to herself.

Luminitia thought long and hard about where she wanted to go on this Saturday night. She decided she will go to a night club, but she looked around in her local area first before picking one.
Luminitia found one locally in Uxbridge called Zanzi Bar.
She had visited this particular place before when she went out for a few drinks with her work colleagues. Luminitia loved to dance after having a few Smirnoff Ice’s, which contain Lemonade and Vodka.
Hayley loved to watch Luminitia get drunk as she got to see the wilder side of her boss. Luminitia always appeared calm and focused on her work. She especially took her ACCA studies seriously to achieve one of her three goals in life, which soon will become a reality in September this year.

I should wear something sexy, but classy, I think tonight. I want all eyes to wonder what is underneath this short dress! Thought Luminita to herself as she found herself looking through her wardrobe of clothes.

However, for now, Luminitia grabs a pair of red crimson coloured lingerie, made from velveteen cloth. She slips on the underwear slowly covering up her vital and sacred body parts before grabbing a black Calvin Klein tank top and some black Levi Jeans.

I will fix my hair, so it looks lovely later. I have the whole afternoon to relax until this evening. How forward should I be?
Should I break tradition and make the first move on the cutest guy at the bar?
No, my mum would never forgive me even though it is my personal secret. I won’t tell Mariana about this one night stand tonight!

Thought Luminita as she started cooking some bacon and eggs. She places the toast in her black and silver-coated toaster for about three minutes. While at the same time, she fried her bacon and eggs on her brand new jet-black electric oven.
Next Luminitia prepared her cutlery and plate to place her lunch on her elegant transparent stainless steel sideboard. She then grabs a flat butter knife from the same drawer and puts it next to her plate. Luminitia then rummages through her fridge to find her box of flora branded butter. Luminitia loved this brand of butter because it spreads more easily over toast and bread.

Luminitia always had a mixed diet combined with a weekly work out at the gym or running in the park on the weekends. Although she still treated herself every now and again to chocolate and cakes. However, this Saturday, she decided to skip her running sessions at the park. After Luminita took her toast out of her toaster, she then spread her butter onto it. Next, she put everything into the sink and poured some fairy liquid into a round grey bowl, which needed cleaning. She then quickly hoovered any crumbs from the Hovis bread with her portable hoover, which was powered by batteries.

Finally, Luminitia took her plate, to the living room and placed it down on her small round table that got constructed from brown mahogany. She then started to eat her delicious fried bacon and white eggs. She had made soldiers out of her toast to dip into the yoke of her organic free ranged eggs. She then got up to prepare a glass of sugar-free pineapple and orange in the kitchen with cold water.
She then came back to wash everything up in the sink. Luminitia always washes up as she goes along to avoid a big mess later.

I will need to grab some take away tonight. I honestly don’t feel like cooking tonight. I have more important things to think about!

She watches some television for a bit until it was ready to get dressed for her night on the town.

Luminitia heads upstairs to her bedroom and takes off her casual clothes in front of her heart-shaped mirror. She smiles as she knows how beautiful and sexy she still looks after maintaining her figure through dieting and constant exercising.
Luminitia sprays some strawberry scented perfume over her body and removes her bra, but keeps her crimson-coloured knickers on. She remembered her short raven-coated dress had an exposed back and would not need the top part of her lingerie. She puts the straps of the dress over her delicate shoulders. Luminitia then pulls it down covering the rest of her body and the artwork of Ma’at on her tailbone.
She now starts to fix up her hair as she grabs a bottle of her trusty strawberry-scented hair spray making it moist. She then brushes the layers of her raven hair backwards to get the flawless look that she desired for tonight. She looked like an angel with her hair matching her short dress, her long legs were on display as she hunted for her Louboutin high heels amongst her several pair of shoes inside of her wardrobe. The heels would have cost her a lot of money; she only wore these when she would go out clubbing or with Dale. Dale got them for her on her 21st birthday as a present, which she could not believe. It was one of the times in her life that she was speechless. Luminitia sheds a small teardrop as it gets her thinking about her former love. However, she shakes it off hastily, as she knows she must now move on with her love life.

Luminitia’s petite feet fit nicely into her high heels, and she then gets her small mirror out of her purse. She grabs the makeup set on top of her light brown mahogany chest of draws, which she still has since a teenager. She had the furniture transferred to her house from her mum and dad’s place.

I am gonna go for a darker makeup tonight, to match my eyes and dress, but keep the pink lipstick!

Thought Luminitia as she carefully and delicately applies her makeup to her face. Starting with some mascara below her raven optics. Next, she uses a thin obsidian eye-liner on top of the eyes. Luminitia never had to do her lashes as she had been blessed with long lashes.
She finishes the application of her makeup with some eye shadow, she is cautious not to get any in her iris.

Phew, all done! I am so glad my lovely sister Mari, taught me and now I can finally do it half as good as her!

She grabs some silver-coated diamond earrings and places them where her ears were pierced as a little girl. She then takes a silver necklace and puts it around her neck, completing her fabulous outfit.
Afterwards, Luminitia grabs her handbag and places her purse. Next, Luminitia locks the house up, as she knows she is not coming back until late, and hopefully with a cute guy. Meanwhile, she decides where she wants to eat out on the way to the bus stop.

I need somewhere I can sit and eat, but Burger King and Mcdonalds are inside the Pavillion centre, so they are out of the question. Both fast food shops will be closed by the time I get to Uxbridge from the U4.
I know, there is a kebab shop that always opens late near a few night pubs. I will grab some chips there and sit and eat inside and then go to a pub until 11 pm!

Thought Luminitia to herself as she walks down the dimly lit up residential area.
The night had not fully arrived yet; it was only seven o’clock in the evening.

It did not take Luminita long to walk, but it was not too pleasant in doing so wearing her high heels. Luminitia knew she had no choice, but to walk, as there was no way she could drive tonight. She wants to drink lots of Smirnoff Ice, and she certainly did not want to waste money on a cab either.
Luminita took a seat at the bus stop, and she began to think of naughty things she used to do with her ex-boyfriend in her bedroom. She could not wait to try them again with someone new, but Luminitia would make them still earn it a little by taking their money and not wasting hers. Afterall she is almost a fully ACCA chartered accountant at the age of twenty-three. Luminitia will reach the age of twenty-four in October. However, she must pass her final exam to obtain her degree in September. Or be forced to pay the company half the study money back.

Luminitia gets a little chilly on her legs as it gets later and the air grows colder. Luckily, for her, the U4 bus soon arrives, and she boards the bus and pays for her fair with cash. The London Transport had yet to go to the system we have today. Where you can only use pay as you go Oyster cards or contactless bank cards.
Luminitia finds a seat alone, but not after getting looked at by some older men on the bus.

Gosh, they’re old enough to be my dad! I guess though I can’t blame them with what I am wearing tonight! Thought Luminitia silently.

She rested for the remainder of the journey but kept her handbag close to her. Since it had all of her bank cards and cash in it; so she guarded it with her life.
After twenty or so minutes the U4 bus arrived at Uxbridge station.

Luminitia exits the bus and walks towards the Uxbridge high street using a shortcut through a dark alleyway. She showed no fear, with her martial arts background. She emerged from the alley onto the brightly radiated main street. Buses stopped along here as well, but the public transport Luminitia was on went straight to station via a different route. There were plenty of shops along this route and a few pubs and even a Strip club named Spearmint Rhinos. Luminitia had no urge to ever visit that club even though, sometimes she thought about what it would be like with another woman in an intimate way.

Luminitia started to walk down the illuminated high street to find an establishment to eat some chips at.
Eventually, Luminitia found the kebab shop, and she entered it to order some chips.
The kebab shop looked hygienically clean to eat at as it had a number five rating on the outside shop window. The small establishment only had two tables inside of it as it was mainly a takeaway joint.
There were two members of staff working the evening shift at the takeaway shop. Both were in their mid-twenties and were both males and appeared to be of Italian heritage. One of the men had short hair without a beard, and the other was groomed around his face.

“Hello Miss, what can I get for you tonight?” Asked the non-bearded man.

“Just some chips please, I will eat them over at the table.” Replied, Luminitia politely.

She then wanders and sits by herself at one of the square-shaped tables.

God… I hope guys don’t already start hitting on me. I want to eat in peace. They can wait until I am at least in the Zanzi bar to try their luck with me!

The worker at the shop called over Luminitia to collect her chips once they were cooked. ‘I am not eating too healthy today, but tomorrow I can have a nice roast dinner with veggies!’ Luminitia thought to herself.
Next, Luminitia sprinkles some salt and vinegar on her chips with some tomato ketchup. The non-beared employee gave her a plastic knife and fork to eat. Luminitia then takes her food in her plastic container to the table again, and then she takes a seat.
She then starts eating her food, as the night grew darker as time flowed onwards.

She then puts the container in the bin and gives her thanks to them for the food as it saved her time on cooking.
She then realises she still has a few hours before the Zanzi Bar opens on the other highstreet near Royales. Luminitia got banned from there for life due to her physical confrontation a few years ago. However, she walks closer to where she wants to go at eleven pm and decides to go to the Three Tuns pub. Luminitia felt she needed to get a few drinks in her to loosen her up as she has never tried a one night stand before.

I am actually quite nervous… I have never gone out all on my own dressed like this. I always had Dale with me to prevent guys from hitting on me. Or least it seemed to help when he held my hand. Gosh, I miss him so much still how he always treated me like his princess!

Luminitia refuses to let her pass upset her. She boldly looks at the outside of the pub before walking in. The building looked an old victorian style with a curved roof. Also, the exterior walls got painted a magnificent pure white colour. The window frames appeared coated with black paint, and the windows themselves looked opaque.
Luminita was unable to see through them much she took the view one last time before entering the pub.

Luminitia walks in casually with her handbag and short black dress, which raised the eyebrows of a few young lads. Luminitia smiles, knowing she has everyone’s full attention.
The inside was lit up by several silver chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The yellowy lights gave off a lovely warm and radiating feeling within the bar. Luminitia totally forgot she could have ordered a nice cooked meal at this pub.
She walks up to the bar to ask the bartender. He appeared dressed in casual, but smart shirt and trousers. The man had long hair, but cleanly shaven and was about Luminitia’s height. She did find him quite attractive but decided to wait with flirting with anyone until the Zanzi bar.

“Don’t you look pretty tonight, what can I get you, lass!”

“Aww, thank you!” she blushes a little and then says, “One bottle of Smirnoff Ice and no glass needed!”

“That will be two pounds and fifty pence, please!” Replied, the bartender.

Luminitia reaches into her Gucci purse for the money and hands him a five-pound note. Next, she grabs her change from the bartender gently and smiles at him warmly.
Luminitia searches for somewhere she could sit by herself. However, she knew deep down that men would see her alone and come hit on her eventually.

It did not take long and one young eighteen-year-old guy who thought he was all that attempted to chat Luminitia up. He had short brown hair and had an athletic toned body.

“What is a pretty girl doing sitting on your own. Just imagine the things we could do in my bedroom!”

Luminitia could not believe her ears, but she smiles at the lad and then belittles him in front of his friends.

“The only thing you will be doing is dreaming of every being a with a real woman like myself. You have no game, least my first boyfriend could have a normal conversation and respect me!”

She then gazes at his friends who were laughing at him, “I am glad you found this amusing… may this be a lesson to you. Not every girl is easy or slutty like the general people that hang out at Royales.”

“You don’t know what you are missing, love. You are just one of those high maintenance bitches who thinks that they are too good for us normal guys!”

Luminitia just ignores him totally as he is not worth her time, she did not even find him attractive.

“Think you need some better game than that, mate!” Said one of his friends they force him to leave to avoid any trouble.

Well, I must look good if he wanted me in bed this quickly. But, come on I am not that easy, least buy me a drink and get to know me a little! Thought Luminitia with confidence, but disgusted with the way she was treated by the young lad.

She ordered one more drink before going to the cash machine to get some money to spend in Zanzi bar. She only got around twenty pounds out. Luminitia knew guys would most likely buy her whatever she is drinking.

Time to dance and let my hair down and have some fun. I have not had this much fun since my break up with Dale!

Thought Luminitia as she walks past the tall black-skinned bouncer in a black suit at the door.
He never bothered to ask her for age identification. When Luminitia was around eighteen, it sometimes happened because she looks younger than her age.

The Zanzi bar already had loud dance tunes playing, and the dance floor was empty. Luminitia soon changed that after ordering her third bottle of the night. Luminitia had practised dancing over the last few months at home by watching online videos. She wanted to look good and not stupid doing solo rave dances. Luminitia only knew how to do slow dances and dance with Dale sensually and sexily. She knew once she had a guy, she would be perfectly fine.

The interior of Zanzi bar was colourful with all the strobe lighting. Luminitia began dancing, moving her flawless body to perfection to the beat of the music. Luminitia started smiling and started to enjoy herself even more.

Gosh, I should go out more often while I am young, but I have to pass this final exam, or it will cost me a lot of money!

Suddenly a man comes up to her wearing a lovely black and white checkered shirt, black trousers and a pair of polished raven-coloured boots. The guy looked to be a lot younger than Luminitia. He appeared to be in his early twenties with short black hair. Immediately Luminitia felt attracted to him.

Gosh, this guy is cute. Wonder if he has any better game than the idiot in the former pub!

“Hi, there beautiful… Would you be honoured to dance with me?”

“I would love too, but you need to give me a top-up first!” Luminitia had really begun her night drinking. She had downed the bottle, which she had bought already.

“Same as before?” Asked the charming man.

“Yes!” Replied Luminitia shouting, as she screams with joy, as she continues to have a great night out.

Man, this girl is crazy, the night has only just started. She is so freaking beautiful too. I really hope she doesn’t have a husband or a boyfriend! Thought the man as he asked for a drink for himself and Luminitia at the bar.

A few minutes later the man returned with another drink, “Thank you that was sweet of you, now come and dance the night away!” Yelled Luminitia.

She invites him into her arms to dance, “I am Luminitia, what is your name, bad boy?” Shouted Lumintia over the volume of the music as she puts her arms around his neck.

Damn, she is a bit forward, she will be an easy lay tonight!
However, women try to get you to buy drinks for free then leave with their boyfriends. I do feel she is up for it, though!
Thought the guy.

“My name is Andrew!”

Next, Andrew takes a few gulps of his bottle of Stella Artois. He then places his hands around Luminitia’s sexy waist. Luminitia bites her lip with anticipation.

What am I doing… I am throwing myself at a guy that I don’t even know!

Luminitia did not seem to care; she gazes into his blue eyes with her raven coloured eyes. Next, Luminitia leaned into him a bit, pushing the cleavage of her breasts. The rest of her boobs were concealed by her raven-coated short dress.

“Mmm, Luminitia you really are sexy tonight!”

“You are not bad yourself with your dashing outfit. Andrew, I hope you like my dancing. I practised a lot with my ex-boyfriend!”

“I love it, Luminitia!”

Andrew suddenly tests the waters with Luminitia as he slowly moves both of his hands down to the bottom of her bum.
She moans slightly, enjoying it for a moment and then moves his touch back to her waist.

“Not soo fast tiger, we just met… good things come to those that wait!”

“You have such a nice ass, Luminitia. I can tell you work out as you look so fit!”

Luminitia smiles as she gives him a kiss on his right cheek.

“It has been a year since I went out, let alone let another guy touch me like this. I never do this sort of thing, usually. This is the first time that I have ever been this forward with a guy I have just met!” Explained Luminitia, as she closes her eyes, parting her pink-coated lips.

Andrew leans in, and he gives her a French kiss. Next, Luminitia soon returns the favour as they make out on the dance floor aggressively.

Damn, so this is what lust is, I don’t feel anything on this kiss. Nothing compared to when I kissed Dale for the first time. Thought Luminitia as she breaks away to dance some more.

“Luminitia, you are such a great kisser… oh the things I am going to do to you later!”

“Less talk, why not show me! Let’s go back to my house. I have not been screwed in such a long time!”

Woah, I have scored with the hottest girl in here. She did not look like she would be this easy. Time to cash in and see where this goes! Thought Andrew as he takes her by the hand and leads her out of the Zanzi bar.

“Since I am giving you such an easy lay tonight, Andrew, you can pay for the cab. Also, go get some condoms, I am on the pill, but this is a one night stand and want to fully protect myself. I will order the cab in the meantime.”

“Lumintiia don’t worry about the condoms. I came prepared tonight!”

Oh gosh, I have never had a guy wear one. Hope he doesn’t ask me to put it on him. Dale always took me naturally! Were suddenly the thoughts, which raced through Luminitia’s dirty mind.

Luminitia leads Andrew to the mini-cab firm just around the alleyway.

“I Forgot no need to call when there is one right here!” Said Luminitia as she was getting distracted of naughty thoughts of getting banged soon.

Next, Luminitia orders a cab back to her house, which takes around twenty minutes to arrive.
In the meantime, they just get to know each other better by kissing one another with lust. Luminitia locks her arms around his waist and grabs a chunk of his right butt-cheek.

“Mmmm, you are so up for it tonight, Luminitia… pretty girls like you deserve to get screwed every night.

“Andrew… I used to get fucked twice a day by my Ex.”

“Enough about him, the cab is here, Sexy. Time to take you home and show you what you have been missing for a year!”

Ten minutes later, Luminitia achieved precisely what she set out to do tonight. She arrives at home with Andrew as it was late and there were no cars on the road. Luminitia hastily opens the door and lets them inside her looked after house. She locks the door as Andrew pins her up against the wall and starts kissing her. He shoves his tongue down her throat.
Luminitia’s heart beats faster as she gets some action finally. She lifts her legs up against him as she slides her tongue into his mouth to explore lustfully.

I hope the sex feels better than his kissing. He is nowhere near as good as Dale in this department. Hell, least he told me I am great kisser! Thought Luminitia as her lust grows greater for him.

Andrew lifts Lumunitia’s arms up in the air as he takes off her short raven dress, exposing her 34D breasts.

“Wow, Your tits are fantastic, Luminitia. You are fucking sexy!”

Luminitia stood only wearing her silver jewellery around her neck and ears, she only had her red thong and heels on.

Luminitia started to undress him as quickly as she can unbuttoning his shirt starting from the top. She reveals his shaven body and toned abs.

He has a much better body than Dale had! Thought Luminitia as she continued to compare Andrew to her ex-boyfriend.

Andrew then takes off his trousers as Luminitia pulls down her red knickers for him as sexily and slowly as she can. Andrew then removes his boxer shorts and Luminitia notices he is the same size as Dale. She feels she should experience the same pleasure in a few moments, as she watches him put the condom on. Luminitia observed very carefully, so she knows what to do with the next possible one nightstand.

“Are you ready, Luminitia? Time to show you how a real man can pleasure a woman!”

Luminitia tried not to laugh as so far he was not even in Dale’s league in her eyes.

Next, Luminitia wraps her self around him with her long silky legs against the stairwell. She then lets him enter her, Andrew does not go in gently but with lust and slams it into her. Luminitia screams out in pain and a little pleasure as she feels what it is like to have sex again.

“Luminitia you need to learn to take a cock properly, I only just put in, and you are already screaming in pain!”

Luminita chooses to ignore him and lets him start to pound her sweet cavern against the stairwell.

What an ass… I can take a cock perfectly fine… you are not meant to ram it in straight away! Thought Luminitia silently, before she starts to moan out as starts to enjoy the lustful sex.

“Mmmm, fuck me, Badboy!”

“Ah. So you can take a good pounding. God… your pussy feels so good. Luminitia. it’s so tight for not having sex in a year!”

“Just shut up and fuck me!” Shouted Luminitia as she was not enjoying the sex as much as when she made passionate love to Dale.

She hid her body language well though and started to wrap her arms around him tight.

I wonder if it is the condom making it not feel as good too. But this guy looks like he sleeps around too much to let him take it off!

Suddenly. Andrew pulls his eight-inch hard cock out of her, which was wet from Luminitia’s gorgeous waxed sanctuary. He then turns Luminitia around and slides back into her warm and damp cavern as he makes her hold onto the wall.

“Mmmm that feels good, Andrew. Doggy is my favourite position to get screwed in!”

Oh, I am so wet, but don’t think I will cum with this guy. I will fake it if he cums. I have learned something tonight I need love to be able to climax. I will never do this again! Thought Luminitia while she got slammed harder from behind.

“Gosh Luminita… Cannot believe you are single you are such a good fuck, baby!

Those last words begin to excite Luminitia a little and raised her ego even higher of knowing she is excellent in bed.

Luminitia fakes her words and moans to him.

“Mmmm, so are you, Andrew… I love how you feel inside me from behind!”

When he hears that he gets close to cumming, and pulls his dick from her pussy and takes off condom and forces Luminitia to suck him.

Oh, he wants to cum in my mouth. I can least taste him as I didn’t want him to cum inside me, it would not feel the same with the condom on!

Thought Luminitia as she takes his head into her mouth and sucks him just like she used to suck Dale. She closes her eyes and starts to enjoy sucking on a dick again. It had been far too long for her she takes him all the way inside her lusting warm pretty pink-coated wet lips. She relaxes her throat to take him balls deep. Andrew is shocked by how good of a blowjob Luminitia gives.

Shit, this woman can really suck a cock, she must have practised so much with her ex. Fuck, I am gonna explode inside her mouth!

“Luminitia don’t stop… drink my cum you slut!”

Luminitia used to love being degraded by her Ex, but this did not quite have the same effect. However, she starts swallowing his hot and sticky white liquid. He shoots a few times down her warm throat. She had consumed Dale a few times, but usually, he flooded her sacred cavern.

“Mmmm, that was fantastic, Andrew. It had been so long since I had been fucked, let me clean it off with my tongue… I don’t want a mess on my stairs!”

Luminitia finishes cleaning him off, by licking every last drop of her one night stand buddy.

“I need to go to the shower. You can take one after me, and then decide if you want to stay with me or go home. I won’t force you to stay as this was a one night stand!” Asked Luminitia.

“Luminitia I will go home once I am dressed, but can I take your number. I want to bang you again, you were so freaking good. I have never experienced a blowjob like that before!”

“Andrew let me think about it in the shower, so please wait for me, okay?” Replied Luminitia.

“Sure. I will get dressed now!”

Luminitia went into her elegant stainless steel bathroom, and she phones her sister Mariana. The time wasn’t too late as Luminitia couldn’t wait any longer and brought Andrew home at around 1 am.

“Hello!” Answered Mariana

“Mariana, I just had sex with a random guy! He was a bad boy, cute and hot As Fuck! I just couldn’t wait any longer, after breaking up with Dale.

“How was the sex… spill the beans, Sis!”

“The sex was swift and lustful. However, I did seem to enjoy it, but it was the first time I ever had to fake an orgasm!”

“Guess he only cared about himself, typical guy. Do me a favour and don’t see him again. You will regret it and get hurt. I know you broke Mum’s teachings, I won’t tell her I promise Lumi!”

“Okay I am going have a quick shower then give him my answer, but damn sex feels so good. Never again will I wait a whole year!”

“Luminitia what’s taking so long!” Yelled Andrew.

“The guy is yelling at me, Mari. I am so happy for you. I cannot wait to meet him, Bye Mari, my sweet little sister!”

“Aww always looking out for me, Bye Lumi!”

“Sorry, Andrew, I am coming!”

Luminitia decides to ignore her younger sisters advice as usual and gives him her mobile number.

“I am only doing this because of my mother’s teachings, to never have one-night stands. I did enjoy the sex as quick as it was. I am used to it lasting longer if we are to date we can take our time. If things work out after a week, you can come and stay with me.”

What am I doing… I should just send this idiot packing. Maybe he will improve and treat me a little better if I become his new girlfriend. He really thinks I am sexy and flawless in the bedroom!

“Luminitia, I usually don’t do relationships at the moment, but I cannot refuse such a beautiful woman. You look like you are doing well for yourself. Your house is so lovely, and you take care of it well. I will go now and give you some space. Let me take you out to dinner tomorrow night to say thank you. You did not have to let me screw you tonight and could have made me work harder!”

Hmm, that’s a good start. Let’s see how things go this week then! Thought Luminita as she sees him out the door wearing a white towel.

Luminitia now takes a quick shower before bed, she thinks about what happened tonight while washing her curves thoroughly. Also, she starts to rinse her hair before applying her Pantene shampoo 3-1, cleaning it and giving her long dark raven hair a divine lemon scent.
She then drys herself down with the same towel and uses her hairdryer so she can finally get some sleep. She was excited for dinner tomorrow night but is it a decision, she will regret in the future.

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