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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 11 – A Difference in Direction!

Two years passed after the incident at the Royales Nightclub. No charges ever got drawn against Luminitia. However, Luminitia learned a valuable lesson in controlling her rage that night. She never spoke a word about this to anyone, as she thought in the back of her mind, she wronged her sensei’s teachings.

Everything was going well; Luminitia even became the Credit Manager of her department. She had achieved her AAT degree and was on the third year of her ACCA. Also, she got a delightful payrise and was starting to learn a new skill set; which included improving her presentational and public speaking skills. Sometimes she had to attend credit control meetings. Furthermore, she learned how to manage people, and she had to, regrettably, dismiss one member of staff. He was continuously late and showed no signs of improvement. Luminitia warned him several times person-to-person in one of the offices. She did not feel great about that, but she did what was best for the business of Trustford.
Luminitia soon learned how to conduct interviews, as she sat in the room while Stuart interviewed. Not only did she learn from the experience. She asked a few critical questions, and she was able to pick the member of staff to replace the incompetent employee.

Something appeared to be bothering Dale; it never affected their love-life, but Luminita knew Dale too well. After all, their relationship has lasted for eight wonderful years.

I guess he will tell me when he is ready? Luminitia thought to herself as she could see it getting worse every day.

Luminitia had a terrible feeling about it. She thought to herself every day alone on her lunch break at work.

Maybe he has an incurable illness, or he doesn’t want me anymore and is biding his time to dump me. I mean he still hasn’t proposed to me?

Over the next week, she started to look less chirpy at work, but she never took it out on her members of staff. Nevertheless, her boss Stuart noticed this and took her into the cash office for a quick chat in the afternoon.

“Luminita, you are doing an excellent job. I brought you in here, as I noticed that you are feeling down. I know it’s none of my business to ask about your personal life. However, you can always talk to me about anything that is bothering you.”

“Stuart, um I guess I should tell you. Something is going on with my boyfriend Dale. We have been together for eight years, but he is more distant with me, something is wrong. I wanted him to tell me in his own time. After all, we are both adults.”

“Thank you, Luminitia, for being honest with me. I also brought you in here, as I assume you want to become an accountant like me. Do not mention this to anyone in the office until I announce it in two years. The Regional Financial Controller for the trucks division has only two years left before his retirement, and I got offered the position by the Financial Director.
You will be taking my position in two years if you want it, as you are the only fit candidate for it. Neither of my assistants has any accountancy degrees or are they planning to study for it. You will have finished your ACCA by then and become a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.”

“Oh my god, I will only accept if you believe in me that I can do this at only twenty-four years of age!” Replied Luminitia in total shock.

“Luminitia, look at me… I was that exact age when you started at this company, and I believe in you. You could even be the Financial Director one day. You are a beautiful and smart young woman. You have shown great loyalty and dedication over the last five years!”
Luminitia, I am going to bring you to the (MPR) Manager Progress Report meetings starting next month, so you get more experience attending meetings. Look how far you have come from Accounts Clerk to Credit Manager in only five years!”

“What if they think I am sleeping with you, it’s a big jump. I am not even directly in the accountant’s department.”

Damn, did I say that to my boss just now? I thought about him taking me in the office when I was seventeen.
Maybe I watched too much porn, but he is freaking hot. However, He has a beautiful wife that he introduced to me once when she was his fiancee!

Stuart looks at her in total shock but then says, “Haters will hate on successful people. I got a lot of stick when I started this job because I was so young. Ignore the resentment, Luminitia. Now you have accepted, and I hope this has cheered you up a bit!”

Luminitia face suddenly glows with joy as she realises she is about to have Stuarts job in two years. She is about to become a fully Chartered Accountant at only twenty-four years old.

Wow, this is a dream come true… the offer was too good to refuse. I better tell Dale later tonight the fantastic news!

“Stuart, who the hell do I replace myself with as Credit Manager.”

“Luminitia, you have two years to plan for that. I would like you to conduct the interviews in one year. I will announce your succession before that. Otherwise, it will look strange having the Credit Manager sitting with me all the time.
I will be the assistant this time. You need to get used to doing this. So let’s start early, as when you are in my chair, you have to interview everyone for each department of the Trucks Division.”

“Luminitia is everything okay. I saw Stuart take you into the cash office, an hour ago?” Asked Hayley.

“Yes, everything is fine, Hayley. I cannot tell you about it, as he vowed me to keep it private, but he noticed myself looking sad. You have probably noticed it too?”

“Yes, I am assuming it’s to do with Dale… also I am glad that I stepped down as Credit Manager. I feel much happier now, and I can focus on finding myself a new boyfriend. You are doing a wonderful job, Luminitia, as I knew you would!”

“Thank you, Hayley. Dale is hiding something from me. I know he is not cheating on me as we still have amazing sex! He just is not communicating anything else with me like we used to!”

I wonder what Stuart talked to Luminitia about. Luminitia usually tells me everything. We are best friends now! Hayley thought to herself silently.

Luminitia wraps up work for the day and then drives home to meet Dale to tell him the shocking, but fantastic news.

Dale is already cooking dinner for luminitia when she enters the house via the backdoor. Dale decided he would cook her favourite food, salmon parcels with dill sauce and some oven chips.

“Dale I am home, and aww cooking for me. You are the best boyfriend ever!” She says as Luminitia pushes her luscious into his for a gentle French kiss.

“I always love the taste of your lips, Baby!” Replied Dale as they complete their lovers kiss.

Luminitia bided her time to tell Dale about her new fantastic promotion, which she will get in two years. She decided it would be best to eat dinner first with him. Luminitia slipped her cute rear end into the seat and waited patiently at the kitchen table.

Dale completes the final essential preparations for their dinner. Next, he walks from the Cuisine sideboard to the kitchen table and hands Luminitia two glass bottles. The first bottle was small and contained the salt and the other, which was medium size being the vinegar. Dale also handed Luminitia a large plastic tomato sauce container. Next, Dale places her dinner plate on the table, as well as his own. Luminitia always ate out of a colourful plate with flowers carved into it; Dale’s dish was brown. Luminitia starts to pour the bottles on her food to add some spice and flavour to it. She then hands them to Dale afterwards.
They both get stuck into their meals of cooked oven chips and Salmon Parcels with lovely white dill sauce inside of them. Luminitia enjoys one of her favourite meals with her boyfriend Dale.

After they both finished eating, Luminitia says ecstatically, “Dale, I have some exciting news to tell you!”

“Well, Dale, my boss Stuart asked to speak to me in the cash office today, and he offered me his position in two years!”

“That’s wonderful Luminitia… you have worked so hard with your studying, and I am sure you will be brilliant at it.”

“You don’t sound that happy though by the tone of your voice, Dale what is wrong. You said before we made love back when we were sixteen you wanted me to be your queen. We are not communicating like we used to. Are you interested in someone else?”

“You don’t sound that happy though by the tone of your voice, Dale what is wrong. You said before we made love back when we were sixteen you wanted me to be your queen. We are not communicating like we used to. Are you interested in someone else?”

“No, Lumi I would never cheat on you, I am mature enough to tell you and end the relationship. The reason is you know I have been studying computers. I have had an incredible job offer, but it involves me moving to the states. I am sorry I could not tell you before as I did not make up my mind until today. I love you so much Luminitia, but I cannot pass this job opportunity up. I was going to ask you to come with me, but now with you landing this role, it is one of your dreams fulfilled.

“Dale, You cannot mean that!?” Screamed Luminitia, but after she spoke the last word, she bursts into tears.

Small teardrops trickle down her face and over her mascara ruining her eyeliner she applied earlier for work.
Dale comforts her, “Luminitia, I will always love you. Thank you for being my first. We can try to make it work still when I come back once my training is over. If you want to wait that long for me?”

“Dale, I love you more than anything in this world, but I cannot give this job opportunity up either. I don’t think I can wait for you that long!”

“Not until next month, Luminitia, do not worry about the money I invested in the house. My parents are going to finance my trip. Mum and Dad also know how important it is to me. I will be living in the state of Seattle!”

“Dale, do you want us to stop being together tonight or wait until you leave as you are such a good lover in and out of the bedroom!” Luminitia smiles a little knowing she has little more time with Dale

“Luminitia, I want us to spend our last month together as a couple. We have been together even when we were besties!”

It has been a bittersweet day for me today. In one month, I will lose the love of my life, but I hope not forever as I want to stay in contact. Luminita thought herself as she cheered herself up.

Luminitia and Dale spent the last month together going out to dinners. They both additionally visited the local cinemas and amenities and just having a great time together. Both of them put it in the back of the mind that their time was running out together. Dale and Luminitia know they have to go in a different direction soon.
For their final day together; they decided to hang out at Rectory Park to have a conclusive picnic together.
They chose a spot near the lake so they could watch the ducks, as Dale laid down a delicate blanket for luminitia and himself.

“This is the perfect spot before you have to start moving all your stuff out of our house. It will always be our house, Dale, as we chose it together!”

Luminitia’s long locks blew in the wind as a gentle breeze flew over her and Dale. She was wearing a white high-cut tank top showing her beautiful tummy piercing off for the world to see. She had a pair of black tight booty shorts, with little slips in the side of her hips; along with her black Nike trainers with air bubbles. Dale was wearing a colourful orange summer t-shirt with black shorts and raven-coloured sneakers.

“Lumi, I guess you are right, let’s just enjoy this picnic together like when we were at school!”

“Damn, right, Dale!” Replied Lumi, as she lays gently on top of him and gazes into his eyes to have their last possible intimate moment together.

Dale kisses her from below, enjoying Luminitia’s soft lips. Luminitia returns the favour as pushes her ample breasts into his chest as she slides her tongue into his mouth to french kiss him for a little bit. They both make out with each other thoroughly exploring every space of each other’s mouths.

“Mmmm, how much you have improved since we first kissed, Dale!”

“So have you don’t pin it all on me little miss perfect!”

Luminitia smiles and feels safe in Dale’s arm as they both grab some pickle and cheese sandwiches to munch on for their lunch.

Luminitia then feels it all sink in, as she has to face the inevitability of moving Dale’s stuff out tomorrow ready for his flight.

Yes, but I am going to give mum and dad the tv. Sorry, Lumi you going to have to buy a new tv, maybe you can grab a 1080P HDTV. They should be much cheaper now, so you might be able to get a 40-inch flatscreen.

“Dale, it is okay… I can easily afford one with my savings, especially with the company paying half of my ACCA fees!”

“But you will be paying the mortgage on your own, can you manage it, Lumi!”

“Dale I will be fine, and in two years my salary will be higher at around 40-50k a year being a Financial Controller/Dealership Accountant!” Explained Luminitia.

“I wish I could have given you the wedding you deserve and be the father to your children. However, we must now move to the next chapter of our lives. Maybe fate may bring us back together. I only want you to be happy, Princess Lumi.”

“I will try, but it won’t be easy as you are a big part of my life that will be a big void. It will be nearly impossible to fill. I will help you move your stuff tomorrow!”

“Now, let’s spend some more time together before the dreaded day tomorrow!” Said Dale quietly hiding his sadness.

Luminitia lies on her stomach and lets Dale give her a back rub; I will miss his Massages the most as well as his brilliant lovemaking!

“Mmm Dale. One final massage, huh?”

“Yes for my princess, I am going miss making love to you and seeing this gorgeous body!”

Luminitia closes her eyes and tries to hold back her tears again. She enjoys Dale tracing her tattoo of Ma’at all around the outline with his fingertips. Luminitia shivers in pleasure, as she loves having her back scratched and caressed thoroughly. Dale does this for several minutes until the sun starts to set as nighttime approaches.

“Let’s head home so we can have one last meal together!” Explained Dale to Luminitia.

“Dale, let’s grab some pizza takeaway so that we can kiss on our couch one last time!” Suggested Luminitia.

“Sounds like a plan Luminitia, but only kissing as if we make love again. It will be too painful tomorrow for us!”

“It’s going hurt so much when I watch you get on your plane. You better not squander this opportunity in your job or I will be angry as hell with you Dale!”

“I won’t I just wish I didn’t have to go!” Cried Dale, as they walk back to the car that they parked where there was free parking outside of the park.

Luminitia starts driving them home, as she tries to stay focused on the road, “Dale, let’s stop at Rocco’s Pizza Hut before we go back home. It is the one opposite my primary school Ravenor!”

“Lumi, we can warm it up in the microwave then, I guess?”

“Yes, Dale!” Replied Luminitia.

They arrive within minutes at Rocco’s as it was just off the Lady Margaret roundabout. The place was relatively small as it was only an establishment for ordering Pizza and not eating in. It was red on the outside with a sign on top reading, ‘Rocco’s!’

Luminitia holds onto Dale’s hand as she interlocks her fingers with Dale’s, as they walk casually into the shop. The place had a high counter with an employee that was ready to take orders. The worker was wearing a white coloured chefs apron along with a red Rocco’s shirt. The lower part of the attire appeared hidden behind the counter.
The man was pretty young and appeared to be around eighteen-twenty years old, perhaps working his first job. He had short hair and a cleanly shaven onyx-coated beard. Also, he had a toned body and looked as if he went to the gym on a cyclic basis.

He asks politely to Luminitia and Dale, “What can I get you two?”

“We would like a medium-sized pizza with cheese, ham and tomato toppings on it to share between us!” Replied Luminitia to the worker.

“Sure that will take about ten minutes and will be £15, please choose a drink of your choice to go with it!”

“I will take coca-cola, Lumi do you want the same?” Said Dale.

“Yes, and thank you… we will sit here and wait!”

Next, Luminitia leans her head on Dale’s shoulder; he then swiftly places his arm around her shoulder and strokes it gently over her soft skin.

I am going to miss this so much! I hope I can meet someone as lovely as Dale, going to miss him so much. I cannot show weakness here. I must hold my tears back until we get home! Luminitia thought quietly to herself, while Dale continued to show her affection.

After around 10 minutes passed, the worker said,
“Your order is here, thank you for shopping at Rocco’s. You two have a nice day now!”

Dale Collected the food for Luminitia as she was driving. She opened the backseat door, so Dale could place the food as it was hot.

“Lumi-baby, I am so sorry this turned out this way, and I feel so awful doing this to you. Your dad said to me if I ever hurt your daughter, he would end me when I first met your parents.”

“Dale, this is different he will understand. I wish you could have told me a lot sooner, as we could maybe found something in the UK!” Pleaded Luminitia, almost ready to burst into tears again.

“That is why I didn’t tell you for one month, I searched everywhere for a job, but all required this degree. The position in Seattle was the only one, which they would train me while I worked!”

“You made me suffer even more doing that, as it was the first time we ever held any secrets from each other. Although thank you for being honest with me now, and trying to do everything you could do, it shows you love and care for me even though you picked a job over me!”

I should not have said that last sentence. It makes me feel selfish and an entitled Princess Thought Luminitia, but the damage indeed was already done.

“Lumi, How can say such a thing after being my girlfriend for eight years, maybe you are not the same Luminitia anymore that made me fall in love. She would never have stung me like that, remember when you hurt your Mum and English teacher how bad you felt. I don’t know if I want to eat this with you now.”

“Dale, I am so sorry!” She starts crying her eyes out and loses focus on the road.

“LUMI, LOOK OUT!” Yelled Dale, which makes Luminitia swerves out the way of a car that came out of a side turning with no indicator on and should have given way to her as well.

“Holy shit, I almost killed us, I will pull over a second!” Said Luminitia, thankful to be alive.

“Lumi, I am sorry that was mean. I lashed out because of what you said!”

“Dale, you are right though, and I didn’t mean it, I am hurting more than you know right now!”

Luminitia sobbed and wept, “I thought tomorrow would be harder, but it finally got to me when we started talking about you leaving tomorrow!”

“Lumi, I do want to eat with you. You know this is the first time we have ever fought with each other. But sadly I can’t give you make up sex, as it will make things even harder for both of us!”

“Dale, Making love to you tonight one last time would be too much for my heart to handle. I want to eat and sleep with you on the sofa!”

Dale let’s go of luminitia by the hand, so she can carry on driving back to their house.

They both arrived safely at home and in one piece; Dale and Luminitia start munching away on the Pizza after heating it in the microwave for a minute.
They spend their final precious moments together, not fighting but just peacefully lying next to each other on the couch. Luminitia had rested her head on his chest, and he stroked her hair to she finally slept.
Luminitia had a nightmare, as she saw Dale’s Plane crash; it felt so real like it was a vision. She abruptly awoke, screaming.

“Dale, please do not get on the plane you are going to die! I saw your plane crash into the sea, and everyone drowns in the sea!” Screamed Luminitia.

“It is just a nightmare, Lumi!”

“It was not… I felt you calling for me in your last moments. It felt so real!” She clutches him tightly urging him not to go, as she could not bear the fought of him dying.
Dale quickly carries her to bed and rests her head on the pillow as he caresses her again until she falls asleep.

I am worried, Lumi never has nightmares this could be a bad omen! Thought Dale to himself, which causes him to have a hard time trying to get back to sleep.
He tosses and turns while he tries not to wake Luminitia up, and he then finally falls into a deep haze.

The next morning came too hastily for Luminita. She was still dreading that horrible nightmare she had, “Dale, please don’t go. The thought of losing you altogether is starting to make me feel sick!”

“Luminitia I have to, you must understand, honey!”

She grabs hold of his hand pleading with him not to pack his things and leave for the USA today from Heathrow Airport.

“Lumi, let me go and help me pack. If you make me miss my flight, I will never forgive you!”

Luminita storms off into the bathroom in a fit and gets naked to have a hot shower. Meanwhile, Dale starts to pack all his clothes that he can fit in his luggage cases. Next, she curls up in the bottom of the shower shedding more tears as the water ran over her.
Luminitia’s eyes start to get sore from the flow and her sorrowing droplets.

Having him leave is one thing, but what if my dream comes true and his flight ends up in the ocean!

Thought luminitia as she wipes away all the water and her tears and switches off the taps to the shower and begins to dry her body with a pink towel.

She then slips on some obsidian-coated jeans and a black tank top, with a pair of onyx-coloured high heels. She wears no underwear at all, as she never does when she wears summer clothes. She sprays herself with her Strawberry scented perfume bottle and fixes up her hair in her bedroom, and then descends the stairs to help Dale.

“Dale, let me help you move your stuff out of the house, or you miss your flight. I was selfish earlier. The nightmare scared me so much!”
Suddenly the doorbell rings and Dales mum and dad arrive at their house to help move Dales things as well.

“Oh, Luminitia… I am so sorry this has turned out this way between you and Dale. Dale still loves you so much!” Said Dale’s Mum, as she comforts her in a warm embrace.

Randy then cuddles Luminitia, “There is not much to move, just the television. Luminitia can keep everything else as we paid half each on it!”

“Dale, please take this cheque it for your half of the deposit for the house. Spoke to mum last week and let her know what is going on between us. She wrote you out this payment for £5000, as she did not think it was fair.”

“Thank you, Lumi, but please tell your mum to put it against mortgage for your house. Like I said it is not necessary, right Mum and dad!”

“Yes, it is the least we can do to ease your suffering a bit Luminitia, as you will have to pay it yourself from now on.” Replied Sharon.
Both Dale and Luminitia re-enter Luminitia’s house.

Luminitia first helps Dale move out the 32-inch television from her living room and through the front door, which Dale’s parents hold open for them.
Randy had parked his black Volvo outside, which was big enough to transport the television to their house. Dale and his dad lift the TV and place it into the car’s boot successfully.
We will take Dale to the Airport now. His employer is paying for Dale’s relocation until he can afford a place to live out there it is such a pleasant company.

“He told me you were paying!” Shouted Luminitia angrily, as Dale lied to her for the first time.

“Luminitia don’t yell in front of my parents. I told this so you would try to make me pay for the deposit and not worry about me!” Replied Dale.

“You still lied, hate people that cannot be honest, please go already. I will get the bus as there is never anywhere to park!”

“Dale, let Luminitia calm down. She must already be emotionally distressed. I can tell she has been crying again. She is putting on a brave face in front of us.” Said Sharon.

“I never wanted to hurt her, now I have broken Lumi’s heart in two!”

Dale starts to weep as he gets in the backseat of the car, and he then watches Luminitia scream and breakdown onto her knees. Tears start flowing again, as she finally cracks under all of the pressure.
She gets up and goes back inside her house to find her Oyster travel card and starts to walk towards Hayes town via Dawley Road. While she is making her way there; she suddenly thinks about how little time she has left before Dale has to board his flight.

Why didn’t Dale tell me this critical information? It looks like he planned this flight months ago, and both of his parents conveniently show up at my house too to help him. However, I can never hate him, as he is my best friend and now my ex-boyfriend!

Luminitia then waited for the double-decker 140 bus to arrive at the Hayes Town Bus stop. The bus travelled from Harrow Weald to Heathrow Airport twenty-four hours a day every day. The bus finally arrives at the Hayes town bus stop, which Luminitia is waiting at, and she then gets on it and swipes her card, as she still had some credit on it.

Next, the bus driver starts driving through Hayes town and then over the bridge to where Hayes and Harlington Bus Station got built. The bus then travelled along the bath road passed the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel.
The Hotel appeared posh from the outside. It was where most tourists stay after visiting the country, as Heathrow is one of busiest airports in the whole of Britain and has four terminals.

Luminitia finally found Dale waiting at the correct terminal, as whenever you board a flight; you must arrive earlier than two hours of the boarding process, “DALE!” She yells.

“LUMI… you came. You looked very angry earlier!”

“Of course I came, I love you so much, Dale… I needed to kiss you one last time and give you a massive cuddle!” Explained Luminitia in front of Dale’s Parents.

She starts crying, as she doesn’t know when she will ever see Dale again. Next, he cups both her facial cheeks and puts his nose on her. Dale then rests his head on her forehead. “Oh, Luminitia… I am so sorry for breaking your heart in two. Please try to recover and be happy. I am hurting too, as I am inflicting this pain on you!”

“Dale, I now release you as my boyfriend, unless we meet again and we are both single. Please treat the next woman you meet as special as you made me feel every day we were together. I am glad we are breaking up on good terms. I promise to email you every day. I will never forget you, Dale. Even though you are no longer my boyfriend, I will always love you. I will never stop loving you as a partner and a best friend!” Explained Luminitia as she finally lets go of him.

“Luminitia, thank you. I hope you find another man that deserves your heart. You are so smart and intellectual, funny and everything nice that a guy could ever ask for in a woman. However, fate is telling us now that we are not supposed to marry each other in this lifetime. Bye, Luminitia!”

Both Dale and Luminitia start crying as Luminitia’s Mother Lulia arrived just in time to hug Dale before he boards his flight.

“Luminitia, I have told your dad. He understood, as your dads first love did the same thing and would never have married him if it didn’t happen.” Lulia explained, trying to ease Luminitias sorrow.

“Life is not fair, Lumi. But look what you still have people would kill to have the job you are going to do in two years. I am so proud of you, Luminitia. You will find the love of your life eventually.
I promise you will, Lumi, and it will find you when you are least expecting it.”

“Lumi you need to tell your sister. Much like how you were there for her when Eric dumped her in front of his parents. I know she now lives in Spain, but she could come to visit you soon. I have emailed her, and she could not believe it either, but that’s life Luminitia.

“Mum, can we go to the park and catch some sun together or grab a work out, I need you to help me take my mind off this horror. I hope my nightmare doesn’t come true today!” Said Luminitia.

“What, nightmare?” Replied Luminitia’s mother.

“I dreamt that Dales flight is going to crash into the sea. He asked me to save him, but I was powerless to do anything!”

“Oh, don’t be silly Lumi, it’s just a bad dream, let’s get you into the gym and get you some toned abs, as you no longer have Dale to work out on!”

“Mum, you can’t say stuff like that to your daughter in an airport!”

“I just did!” Lulia chuckles, as she takes her oldest daughter to the local gym.

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