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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 10 – Luminitia Explores the Night-Life of London!

It was Saturday morning, and it was around nine o’clock in the morning. Luminitia’s Mother was making breakfast for her husband and two daughters. She was cooking eggs, bacon and sausages for everyone.
Luminitia had just woken up and took a hot shower, freshening herself up for the meeting with the landlord. She had washed and rinsed her hair out beforehand and then picks out a beautiful black dress. The outfit was long and showed a little bit of her lower leg, as it was a business dress.

I won’t need any underwear with this! Luminitia thought to herself.

Next, Luminitia dries herself with the towel and then climbs into her dress. She puts the two straps over her shoulders and then lets it flow down her body towards her long legs.
Luminitia decides to let her hair dry out slowly since she has two hours before her appointment.

Luminitia then descends the stairs to the kitchen to eat her breakfast, and not caring that her hair was a total mess.

“Nice hair, Lumi!” Mariana said mockingly.

“Don’t speak with your mouthful, Mari!” Replied Luminitia.

“Morning Lumi, are you nervous about visiting the house?” Asked her Dad.

“Nope, everything will work out just fine, as Dale is going with me!” Replied Luminitia.

“I am going to be sick!” Said Mariana showing jealousy, as she split up with Erik, as he did not like her studying all the time and not spending time with him.

“Mari… you will get over Erik. It will just take time, and I know he broke your heart last year when he dumped you. Soon you will find your future husband, sometimes it takes time, or you will find it when you least expect it!” Explained her Mother with comforting words, and she then kisses Mariana on the cheek.

Luminitia merely pokes her tongue out at her sister, as she takes her breakfast plate to the kitchen table. She starts munching on her food and then starts pouring a glass of apple and strawberry juice. She takes her time to drink, as she awaits Dale to arrive. After an hour later, at ten O’clock, Dale finally arrives at Luminitia’s house.

Dale was wearing a dark black suit, combined with a white-checkered shirt; Also, he is wearing a sapphire-coloured tie, which blends in well with the shirt and suit.

“Looking smart, my sexy Lover!” Said Luminitia, as she smiles and kisses him softly on the lips.

Luminitia then embraces him lovingly, “Good morning, Lumi Baby, so we should head to the property at 10:30!”

“Dale, that’s a great idea, so we are not late. Plus we can chat while we wait for the people to arrive to show us around the house!” Replied Luminitia.

“Suprised, you did not mock my hair yet!” Added Luminitia.

“Go and get it done… you have thirty minutes!” Stressed Dale.

“Wow, did someone get their panties in a bunch, earlier!” Said Mariana, as she forces arise out of Dale.

“No, Mari… we want to rent the house in Hayes, being late does not show a good example!” Shouted Dale.

“Mari, stop being annoying… you are almost an adult now!” Said her Mother.

Mariana then storms off to her room upstairs, as she is still hurting from her breakup.

“Dale, don’t yell at my sister like that… she is still suffering from getting dumped in front of Eric’s parents by Eric. It was such a cruel thing to do! I wanted to beat up his ass so badly, and Mariana never told mum and dad. I know my dad too well, and he would possibly do something stupid and get arrested!”

“Sorry, I did not know what a Jackass Eric turned out to be. I will apologise to her later!”

“It’s Okay, Dale, and you didn’t know. Let me brush my hair swiftly, and put only some little mascara on quickly!”

Luminitia returns shortly with her car keys, “Dale Let’s go now, can you help me wipe the car windows down, it rained last night. There is a cloth in the car, and I will open it for you!” Explained Luminitia to Dale as they exited through the backdoor to Luminitia’s back garden.

Next, she opens the gate for her and Dale, and then Luminitia unlocks the car using the central locking. Next, Dale takes two yellow cloths, and he passes one to Luminitia. Both of them start wiping the windows clean; Dale scrubs the back car windows and Luminitia wipes the front car door clean.

Next, they both get into their respective seats, with Luminitia taking the driver’s seat, as she drives towards Hayes. Luminitia arrived at the busy intersection that they had to pass through at a place called The Grapes. Luminitia had to wait for the traffic lights to turn green, so she could continue straight passed Uxbridge College and onto Hayes Town. Next, Luminitia arrives at the roundabout before Hayes Town. There were several shops along the high street from clothing stores, general shops and banks. However, she takes a left turn down Pump Lane passing some side turnings, which lead to several businesses; once she reached the Olympian Fitness.

“I will sign up to this gym, as it is right next to Blyth Road, where our new house will be!” Said Luminitia, as she drives past it.

Luminitia takes a left turn and arrives at the property that she spoke to an agent about online.
Both Dale and Luminitia arrived a little early, so they have some quality time together.

“Hello, are you Luminitia? My name is Micheal, and I am the landlord of this property.” Asked the Landlord from Frizzy.

The Landlord for Frizzy homes was wearing a light black suit, white shirt and dark blue tie to match the outfit. He had obsidian coloured shoes as well to match the business garments. He dressed very professionally, which reassured, Luminitia and Dale, that the property must be in a prime condition.

“Yes, and this is my boyfriend Dale that will be living with me!”

“Follow me, and will give you a quick tour of the place. Then we can go through the paperwork of you renting it, and you being able to pay one month of advance rent.

“Thank you, sir!” Replied Luminitia.

He then walks Luminitia and Dale towards the front door, and they notice the house even has a garage. The property was a lot bigger than Luminitia’s parents’ place. It had double glazing windows, which were covered by beautiful crimson-coated curtains.

“Lumi, this looks great from the outside, excited to see the interior!”

The home did not have a porch this time, but the garden looked exceptionally pleasant, as there were a lot of pink roses planted within the healthy soil. The grass had got trimmed recently and cleared of any weeds to look lovely for Dale and Luminitia.

“Aww, the front garden looks wonderful, and pink roses are my favourite!” Said Luminitia, excitedly.

The landlord opens up the front door, which was coloured white, with golden handles. The number three appeared carved into the large front door.

No wonder this property is £200,000. I thought it would be worth a lot more!

The living room was on the right, much like where she had lived, but the kitchen was right next to it with no doors.

The living room had a sofa already, which was a beige colour, and it also was a curved sofa. “Oh wow, thought we would have had to buy new furniture!” Said Dale, as he was impressed by the living room.

“No the houses we rent out or put on the market have been previously owned, or are brand new. It makes the properties a bit more expensive than usual, but they have only key items like a bed, sofa and kitchen.” Explained Micheal.

“This is nice because when I am cooking dinner or the other way round, we can chat a lot easier!” Replied Luminitia.

There was no fireplace in the living room because it had a brand new boiler system installed into the house.
The kitchen appeared so posh, and it had an island for the sink. It got covered in pure stainless steel with a white canvas. The cupboards were by the window and seemed to have got built up high. They were also constructed by light rosewood to blend in with the white counter. The ground had floor-tiles, which were coloured black & white and shaped into small squares.

“Gosh, the kitchen to die for, I am already sold, but let’s look upstairs!” Said Luminitia.

Michael shows both Luminitia and Dale upstairs as they climb the stairs.

“You will need to fit new carpets in for upstairs though, as the previous owner took them with them when they moved houses!” Explained Micheal, the Landlord.

“That’s quite okay Micheal… we will focus on getting any furniture we may need before I think about investing in this house!” Replied Luminitia.

“let’s look at the bathroom first and then the master bedroom, as other rooms are empty at the moment for you to decorate as you see fit!”

Firstly Luminitia opens the white door, which concealed the Bathroom.
She looks on in amazement as she sees that it as a vertical shower with a slidable door. Luminitia loves taking showers more than taking a bath, so she is ecstatic after seeing this.
The cubicle doors were black with translucent glass, which you could see through before it got all steamed up. Inside the shower, the taps got constructed out of stainless steel. The shower-head was able to get adjusted too, whereas, in Luminitia’s parents’ house, it could not move, which annoyed Luminitia a lot. The taps were rotatable and got carved into the side of the oblong-shaped cubicle. The water drained out into centre through the plughole to avoid flooding the house.
The Bathroom was broader than what Luminitia had got accustomed too. Alongside the astonishing shower, was a beautiful silver-coloured stainless steel bath, which matched the cubicle to perfection. The taps were silver, and it looked comfy to take a bath.

“My gosh, what a beautiful Bathroom, everything is stainless steel!”

I am not going to question why this house is so cheap, and start renting it!

Dale notices what Luminitia is most probably thinking about, so he keeps a zip on his lips too.

“I see you are happy with the Bathroom, now let me show you to your bedroom!” Said Micheal, while Luminitia takes one final gaze at the Bathroom.

She observes the sink and notices it is a distinct piece of the Bathroom as well; it matched the bath and shower cubicle to perfection. Slightly above the sink was a small cupboard, where she could store all her shampoo and toothpaste in, the doors were reflective; so it acted as a mirror too.
She then finally pans towards her left and notices a beautiful toilet; which matched the rest of the Bathroom, with a modern flushing system.

This time the master bedroom was the first door on the left, and there were no cupboards on the landing other than the loft upstairs. However, the attic looked much more comprehensive than Luminitia’s parents’ home.
Dale and Luminitia, plus the landlord enter the master bedroom to find a lovely kingsize bed, with white sheets. Although there was no other furniture in the room, there was a large cupboard at the end of the bedroom, which had see-through blinds.

“Micheal, this will be perfect for both of us, can we move in today/tomorrow, once I fill out all of the paperwork!” Asked Luminitia.

“Not, yet Luminitia, we need to process it all, so next week you should be able to move in here!” Replied Micheal.

“Thats probably, better anyway, Lumi. We can take Friday off and move over the weekend easier!”

Wow, and I thought he was just all looks, he has a brain too! Thought Luminitia as she smiles to herself.

“What are you grinning at, Lumi!”

“Nothing, now let’s fill in this paperwork then, so we can move into the house next week. We can hire a truck too, to help us move!”

Luminitia fills out all the necessary documents and sets up a direct debit to pay the rent every month, including the month in advance.

“Thank you, Luminitia, everything looks good. Look forward to you renting it, and hopefully investing down the road. Also because you pay by direct debit the rent will only be £600, and not £650 as it saves a lot of paperwork time!”

“Yes, I work as a Credit Controller in accounts, and it’s nice when our customers pay like this, no risk of losing the cheque!” chuckled Luminitia on the last part.

She shakes Micheal Hand, and so does Dale, and they both head back to Luminitia’s car.

“That went remarkably well. £600 a month seems great, I think it will go up in the future, as things do. Dale, in two years, I will want to start investing.”

“Luminitia, as long as we are together, it will always be 50%, and I am not planning on going anywhere!”

Awww, I can tell he loves me so much, I think in four years I may marry him and have kids with him at 29/30 years old! Thought Luminitia to herself, silently, as she drives home with Dale.

Luminitia arrived back at home, and as she walks into the kitchen, Luminitia’s Mother asked, “Lumi, How did it go?”

“It went fine, can you and dad help me move my stuff next week, the paperwork needs to be processed. I will hire a truck for next Saturday. The good thing also is we do not need a sofa or bed, or any bathroom stuff. We only need to buy cutlery and appliances for the kitchen. So I am thinking in two years we can put the deposit on the house and start investing in it.”

“That’s great, Lumi. You and Dale look set then. Also, Lumi, we are going to replace the microwave, so you may as well take this one, but the rest you will have to buy yourself!”

“Thank you, Mum the microwave will be fine, and you should see the bathroom it’s so beautiful!”

“Lumi, tomorrow we can look for the essential furniture we may need. The first will be getting an Allegan oven and an electric oven, or we won’t be able to eat!”

“Yes, Dale and we need dishes too, we won’t need a dishwasher yet, but we need a washing machine as well. Or least I can come and borrow mum’s when they are not using it. It will be a lot of money to pay out at once.” Replied Luminitia.

“Luminitia if you need help financially, we can loan you, and you can pay us back later?” Asked Luminitia’s father.
“No, I want to do this myself. I could not have asked for a better family to grow up with, but its time for me to support myself. Even down the road, I can maybe help you out or my lovely sister, Mariana!”

Luminitia’s Mother starts crying a few happy tears, as she shows how proud she is of her eldest daughter.

The next week came swiftly; Luminitia and her family helped her move into her brand new house.

“Lumi, how did you manage to find such a beautiful house so cheap?” Asked Mariana with curiosity, as she also came along to help her sister Luminitia.

“Found it online and got everything set up!” Replied Luminitia to her sister.

Luminitia transferred all the furniture from her bedroom, as well as the stuff her and Dale could afford, A new electric Oven and an Allegan oven like her parents have. Dale moved in some of his personal belongings as well like the small television for the living room. He also purchased a washing machine for them with his wages.

“Dale we will get a bigger television for downstairs, and we can take that one up to our bedroom over the next two years, and we will decorate the rest of the house!”

“Sounds like a plan, Lumi Baby!”

Two years passed swiftly, Dale and Luminitia stayed together and lived with each other with almost to no disagreements. Often they had silly, but funny arguments, but nothing serious at all. They had decorated the house up, and both paid £5000 each towards the deposit. Now they have started up a mortgage of thousand a month. With both Luminitia and Dale working, they were bringing home a lot of money, and their monthly house instalments got taken care of regularly.

Dale and Luminitia had just finished eating dinner and washing up the dishes, “Dale, let’s go out tonight… I want to night club it up!”

Oh boy, drunk Lumi, is always the funniest, Lumi!

“Dale, we will go to Royales in Uxbridge, so it’s easy to get there, and we can grab a mini-cab home.”

“Sounds good baby! Now go and get ready soon, as you do take ages!” Replied Dale, as he pokes fun at his girlfriend, Luminitia.

“Go and put something nice on already!” Said Luminitia, as she tries not to laugh at Dale.

Next, she wanders upstairs to get ready for a night on the town!”

After about an hour, she finally finished getting ready. She comes down wearing a shimmering, glamorous and raven-coloured dress that matched her jet-black hair and dark eyes. With it, Luminitia had a dangling pair of round earrings and alongside it the same pendant that she got for her first date. Additionally, she also decided to wear a silver bracelet on each wrist. The dress was relatively short and showed off her long and beautiful legs. She then had tied around her feet upwards towards her calves a pair of sexy black boots. Luminitia also smoothed her long jet black locks out straight down to her mid-back. Her eyes then appeared to have a thin dark eye-liner to match the outfit along with a very faint mascara and light-rosy lipstick.

Oh, Mariana’s training is paying off! I finally did a great job with my make up as Dale looks speechless.

Dale wore a black shirt with white footballs printed onto the shirt along with a black pair of slacks, with a dark leather belt to hold them up; on his feet he wore a pair of fancy and polished jet-black shoes to match his outfit. He had also groomed his face and brushed his short hair backwards with gel, so Luminitia liked what she saw as well.

“Lumi, um… you look so beautiful, I still sometimes feel like I am dreaming and you are not my girl.” Stuttered Dale.

“Don’t be silly, Dale. I will always be your girl unless you cheat on me!”

“Who would be dumb enough to do that, you make love to me twice a day, you care for me and do stuff with me, but also give me private space too. What more can a guy ask for?”

Luminitia clutches her heart gently, I am going to marry him, he just needs to pop the question, but he still hasn’t!

“Dale, please let me grab my handbag. Bring your Oyster card because I ain’t driving tonight, and I just wanna let my hair down and get freaking wasted!”

“I want to see drunk, Lumi again… It was so funny last time we went to the Crown pub!”

“Well you better drink to, don’t want you remembering all the things I might get up to tonight!” She said as she grabs him by the bum and gives him a deep kiss on his lips.

“Mmm, Lumi you better stop that or I will be taking you to bed, and it will be three times today!”

“After we come home, I am going to ride you to orgasm, but tonight I wanna party!”

God damn, I love my girl, she is such a naughty girl sometimes!

They decide to leave the house at about nine o’clock in the evening, and it was dark outside. Luminitia and Dale sit on a residential estate bench and wait for their mini-cab.
Next, Dale cuddles Luminitia, as it was a little cold outside even in a fur coat. Luminitia could not help herself and started making out with him until their taxi arrived.

Woah, I am for sure not shy about expressing my lust and love for Dale, least the street is empty! Luminitia Thought quietly, as she continued French kissing him.

I guess she is feeling a little horny, but I love kissing Lumi, she is a fantastic kisser and love maker!

Dale pulls his tongue out of her mouth and says, “Lumi, the cab is here… so we need to behave now!”

He gives her a light spank on her right bum-cheek before he opens the passenger door for Luminitia, “Mmm, Dale, you bad boy, but you are my bad boy!”

Luminitia pays for the cab in advance with a ten-pound note as it was her idea to get their faster than mess around with public transport. Next, they both sat cosey together in the back of the taxi. Dale just lightly stroked Luminitia’s long locks as he did not want to make the driver feel uncomfortable.

Please ask me to marry you soon! You are so perfect, Dale. I cannot do it, as I have to hold onto the tradition!

Luminitia then smiled, enjoying him playing with her hair gently. It only took around ten minutes to arrive at Uxbridge Bus Station. “Thank you for the lift driver… it was very kind of you!” Said Luminitia politely as she steps out of the cab before Dale.

Dale holds onto his girl’s hand, interlocking his fingers with Luminitia’s fingers. He was never shy about demonstrating Luminitia was the love of his life, as Luminitia was so proud to be his princess.

Suddenly, Luminitia says, “Dale, you did bring your ID, right. I got my drivers license, as people always say I look younger?” Asked Luminitia softly.

“Yes, I got my photo ID, as its better to be safe than sorry!” Replied Dale as he kisses Luminitia quickly on the lips. Luminitia moans out softly as she enjoys his tender mouth against her luscious lips.

Luminitia moans out softly as she enjoys his tender mouth against her luscious lips. They walk through a dark alleyway that usually had a mobile fish and chips shop during the day. Luminitia would treat herself to a medium-sized burger and chips as it was moderately cheaper than Burger Kind or Mcdonalds. They soon emerged onto the main street, and the area got illuminated the from the shiny lamposts.

All of the shops looked closed. There was a lovely cafe next to the station where commuters would drink tea and coffee before starting their workday. There were other types of shops and Luminitia’s bank, HSBC was there too.

“Royales is down the end of the street, so let’s start walking!” Demanded Luminitia in a forceful tone.

“Bossy, aren’t we, Lumi Baby!” Replied Dale, which makes Luminitia laugh and smile, she then interlocks her fingers tighter, as they hold hands together.

“Dale, try to ignore guys that hit on me tonight, I will take care of them myself. I will dance on the dance floor!”

“Lumi, I trust you with my heart. However, if someone touches you inappropriately, I will get involved!”

“Yes, but I would have already kneed them in the balls or told them to stop it, so don’t worry honey. Also, Dale you can dance with other women longs it’s dancing only!”

As they walk next to the road, a few guys looked at Luminitia and thought damn that guy is a lucky man, but they respected that they were an item as they reached the queuing point to the club.

Luminitia and Dale had to queue up in a long line to get inside, and it went around a few times horizontally, separated by long silver posts and a red rope between the cylinders. The queue moved along quite quickly, and they got to end of it to where two bouncers were standing watch.
The bouncers were massive in size, at least over six foot tall and they looked menacing. Even Luminitia would have to think twice with causing any trouble with her martial arts background.
They were wearing black suits and white shirts, along with charcoal coloured shoes.

The front one says, “Both of you can go in, but we need to search you, everyone gets searched so don’t take it personally!”

There was a female bouncer inside the entrance of the club. She searched Luminitia adequately while a male security guard rummaged through Dale’s stuff and clothes to check they had no weapons or drugs.

Wow, strict as usual with clubs, but you can never be too careful these days. All I want to do is only have some fun tonight! Thought luminitia as she places her car keys, drivers license and android phone back in her coat pocket.

She had to show her pockets to the bouncers. Next, she decided to put them all in a safe-locker, which she rents for the night.

Royales was dark inside, but it appeared illuminated by strobe lighting. Also, loud music boomed throughout the club of prominent House and Garage tracks, and they also played awesome dance tunes like Cascada throughout the night as it went on.
Luminitia and Dale went straight to the bar before it got busy to order their drinks. The bar looked posh and had two people working on one side of the club. Additionally, on the other side of the dance floor was a second bar with another two members of staff.
The staff were wearing regular bartender outfits, casual but smart clothes of their choice, and they blended in with the guests.

“Can I a Bottle of Budweiser and for my lovely girlfriend a bottle of Smirnoff ice!” Shouted Dale as he ordered Luminitia a drink.”

“That will be £5, sir!” Replied the female bartender.

“Lumi, take your drink and let’s go dance before it gets crowded!”

“Aww, thank you, I will buy the next round, but I might see if I can get guys to buy me drinks all night for free!”
She said, laughing at the last part.

“You are bad, Lumi, just be careful as they might think you are up for it!” Replied Dale

“I am, but only with you!”

Luminitia winks at him and drags him onto the dance floor.
The dance floor looked massive and at the top of it was a DJ working a set there. The Dj was giving high-quality music that Luminitia loved to listen to in her spare time, Dance and House and Garage.
She wraps her arms around Dale’s neck and starts dancing and jiving to beat of the music.
Suddenly Dale’s best friend Bill turns up and calls him over.

“Dale, come and hang out with me for a bit I want you to meet my new girlfriend Crystal, Let Lumi have some fun!”

“Dale, go and meet her… I will meet her later when I need another drink!” Yelled Luminitia.

Dale goes over to catch up with his best male friend from school Bill; he was one that finally got Luminitia and Dale together six years ago.
Bill was wearing a white shirt, combined with some white-creamy jeans, and a pair of white shoes to go along with the trousers and shirt. He had much longer blonde hair than when he was at school, but his girlfriend Crystal seemed to like it.
Crystal was wearing a long white dress to blend in with Bill’s attire, she had beautiful dark brownish hair, which looked so shiny in the lighting of the club. She was as beautiful as Luminitia, and her figure was toned and slender. She was a little shorter than Luminitia, but it just allowed her to cuddle Bill easier. She possessed a bit heavier make up, as she was using a light red-coated lipstick and a blue eye-liner as she had deep sapphire-coloured eyes.

He takes Crystal by the hand, “Nice to meet you, Crystal… I am Dale, a close friend of Bill’s when we were at Northolt High school!” Shouted Dale.

“Nice to meet you too, you did well to have such a beautiful girl in your arms. I went to a different school than you three!” Yelled Crystal

“Thank you, Lumi is my everything!” replied Dale loudly.

“Are you not worried about leaving her alone, Dale?” Asked Crystal.

“No, I trust her, and she can take care of herself, trust me. It will be quite a show if someone tries anything with her!”

“Oh God… haha, I still remember at the school prom when she flipped Kim over like in the movies. Lumi is such a badass!” Added Bill to the conversation.

Everything went fine until suddenly a drunken guy came to dance with Luminitia. At first, Luminitia thought nothing of it and danced happily with him. The guy had short brown hair and was wearing a red shirt and black jeans. He was relatively slender in build and appeared set on getting some of Luminitia. Luminitia still did not catch on as she just wanted to have fun tonight.

“Dale you might want to keep an eye on Luminitia, some guy is getting a little cosy with your girl!” Said Bill.

He then takes his girl closer to keep an eye on her. Dale comes back to the dance floor.

Luminitia lets the guy cuddle her while they danced. Still, she was being innocent in the whole situation and not coming onto him until he puts a hand on thigh and tries to go underneath her short black dress.

Luminitia moves his hand and says, “Please, don’t, I am with my boyfriend, Dale!”

“Don’t worry about him, as I am more man than he will ever be!”

“Oh really… you better stop it before, I kick you in the fucking balls!” Said Luminitia getting angry.

Suddenly a tall blonde girl walks up to Luminitia who thought she was gods most incredible creation to man. Still, she certainly was not, “What are you doing bitch, with my man?”

She looked pretty in her own right, but she was no Luminitia or Crystal when it came to the looks department. She was wearing a light turquoise top and navy blue jeans, with black stilettos.

“Oh man, this is not going end well for this woman!” Said Dale to Bill, as he danced with Crystal still.

“Dale, protect your girl!” Said Crystal.

“It’s not, Lumi, that needs protecting, as I stated before she can take care of herself!” Said Dale.

“How fucking rude are you, Bitch. Firstly, you should control your jackass boyfriend who put his hand on my ass. You are a shit, fuck, or he would not look elsewhere!”

“Shots fired by Lumi, Haha!” Dale shouted and then could not stop laughing at his girlfriend, roasting this blonde chick.

“You think you are so cool and pretty, how about I rearrange your face?” Shouted the Blonde girl who raises a fist at Luminitia.

“I DARE YOU THROW A PUNCH!” Screamed Luminitia, which got the bouncers and whole of the club’s attention by the sheer volume of her undying rage.

The blonde girl ignores Luminitia dire warning and throws a punch at her; Luminitia easily blocks her fist and grabs her by the arm. Luminitia then gives her a roundhouse kick to the face with her black boot. It was remarkably lucky for the blonde girl that she was not wearing the typical black high heels that she wears to work. However, the kick knocks her completely unconscious, nonetheless.

“HOLY SHIT!” Said Crystal to Bill in disbelief.

Luminitia was still seething, as she still could not believe the disrespect she got shown by that woman. Luminitia soon realises that she should not have used such dangerous force on the blonde chick. She could even get charged with assault, although she acted in pure self-defence.

Shit, I just broke every rule of my teachings! Yes, it was in defence, but I could have taken her down lightly. I could have freaking killed her. She made me so mad, and I lost control again!

The bouncers reluctantly come over as they saw what Luminitia was capable of, “No need to drag me… I will leave peacefully, as I have done enough damage for one night! All I wanted was to have fun tonight!”

Luminitia starts crying, as she does not like to injure anyone.
She knew deep down she went too far tonight.

“Luckily, it was in self-defence, or you would get banned for life. Please take your girlfriend home, as she is dangerous. However, If the young lady does press charges, it will be your word against theirs. There seems to be a lot of witnesses that saw her throw the first punch.”

The bouncer remembered Luminitia and Dale arriving at the club together.

“Lumi, come, let’s go before you get arrested. Lumi Baby, this was not your fault!”

Dale comforts her, as best as he can, “Dale, let me pay for the cab, it’s least I can do I ruined our evening!”

“Lumi, stop it and cry on my shoulder. If it goes to court we have me, Crystal, Bill as witnesses and we saw the whole thing. You will win, as she has no legal case!”

Dale grabs her and his coat from the locker and then orders a cab with Luminitia’s £10 note.

“Oh, what happened?” Asked the cab driver on the way back.

“A girl accused my girl of flirting with her boyfriend, and she knocked her out after she threw a punch her. Luminitia is worried that she could have severely injured her as she lost control and used her MMA for the wrong reasons!”

“Well sounds like you acted in self-defence, cheer up girl!” Replied the male cab driver.

“I just want to go to sleep now!” Replied Luminitia still sobbing.

Luminitia’s had a few final thoughts, which coursed through Luminitia’s mind.

I cannot tell Mum and Dad what I did tonight, or even my sister, they will judge me. Mum always said my temper would eventually land me in severe trouble. I pray to God that I don’t have to go to court over this and if they find out about my black belt in karate. The judge could view me as a deadly weapon!

After they got home, Dale put her to bed and for the first time they did not make love that night. Dale understood sort of what Luminitia may have been going through and merely spooned her. They did not change clothes until the next morning.

“Dale, thank you for being so supportive, we can do it three times tomorrow if you like to make up for tonight!”

“Lumi, I love making love to you more than anything in the world, but it doesn’t make or break our relationship. We dated two years before we had sex, so shush my little princess, and go to sleep!”

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