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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 1 – Luminitia’s Best Friend!

It was another typical day at Northolt High school for Luminitia, as she looked at her reflective mirror inside of her bedroom in front of her bed. Luminitia’s mother had bought it for her as a present on her last birthday on the 2nd of October. The mirror looked like a heart, and Luminitia loves it so much, as it helps her apply her make up in peace.
Luminitia’s bedroom was always kept tidy, which to her parents was a surprise, as she never cleaned anything else in their house.

Her room was relatively tiny, and all that was in her bedroom was her mahogany coloured chest of shallow drawers. She kept most of her underwear and clothes inside of it. It comprised of four drawers with the top one containing her underwear inside of it, which no one else got to see. Also, the rest of the drawers held her summer clothes and blouses.
Additionally, Luminitia had a large wardrobe where she stored her beautiful dresses and dull school uniform.

Next, Luminitia examines her almost dry body, which looked tightly wrapped inside of her pink-coated cotton towel; pink was her favourite colour.
Luminitia had just taken a pleasant morning shower to freshen herself up before she gets dressed for school. She had already brushed her teeth before she showered; Luminitia was listening to some Cascada Dance beats, as this was her favourite type of music.

Damn, I do look sexy today, and Dale better-freaking notice me… since I have been trying to get his attention for weeks now! I want to be more than best friends, why can he not see that!

Luminitia oozed unbounded confidence as deep thoughts ran silently through her mind, as she willingly lets the towel loose. Her towel slowly peeled off her without making a sound and reveals her naked body to the reflective mirror. She took a swift glance at herself, and she realises that she is getting sexier every day.

What on earth do I have to do to make him notice this? I do have a cunning plan, and it will stick to the tradition of him still having to ask me out!

Luminitia carefully began blow-drying her dripping long jet-black hair, which was in quite a mess; she always loved to keep it down and not up in a ponytail. She hated this process though, as it would put intense heat onto her scalp. Luminitia had two fears, and one of them is she is afraid of fire a little. The other was sudden loud bangs, so she hated fireworks with a passion. She also thought they were a complete waste of money, and never understood the rest of the family setting them off.

Several precious minutes passed, as Luminitia finishes fixing up her long jet-black locks putting her hair down and straight with a gorgeous fringe. Next, she sprays her pleasant strawberry Calvin Klein fragrance all over her body. Afterwards, she comfortably reaches into her top drawer for a clean pair of black bra and thong knickers.
Luminitia swiftly puts them on concealing her womanhood and breasts. Afterwards, Luminitia sits on her comfy bed with red roses on her sheets and plump pillows.

“Luminitia, hurry up and get your ass downstairs, or you will be late again for school!” Yelled her mother from downstairs.

“Yes, Mum, I am coming… I am just getting dressed. You do realise perfection takes time!”

She said smugly, while she puts on a freshly ironed plain white shirt quickly, as she could and fastens her tiny buttons up.
Additionally, she puts on her navy-blue shaded tie slowly. Luminitia then performs a Windsor knot that her dad had taught her, which appeared visually sophisticated to a regular knot.

Luminitia finally places her dark, coated miniskirt around her waist. She does not like to wear trousers much unless it is freaking cold out.
Luminitia also hated wearing stockings as they were a pain to put on and take off, and she was proud of her body. Deep down, she loves the attention from the boys. Even though she respected her body as well, which her mother taught her. She eventually grabs her obsidian coated blazer that she certainly hated to wear, as most times it would make her hot and bothered.

Crap, I still need to do my makeup and eat my breakfast! I guess I can do the makeup later or somehow when I walk to school. I need to look good for Dale. Maybe I can let my younger sister apply it. Mariana is so talented at applying makeup, and it makes me so jealous of her!

Luminitia thought to herself as she exited her bedroom through her door.
She pushes it shut gently and then wishes she could have seen how she looked in the mirror one last time. Luminitia wanted to check that she looks okay without any makeup on.

Luminitia walked down her landing past her mother & father’s bedroom and her one-year younger sister Mariana’s bedroom. She then passes the bathroom and begins to descend the stairs. Both Luminitia’s parents took such pride in keeping their house clean & tidy, and the landing area was no exception. They had a beautiful and elegant carpet with a pattern of cats drawn into it; the same carpet went all the way down the stairs. Meanwhile, as Luminitia got halfway down the stairs. Luminitia then started to eavesdrop a little on a conversation between Mariana and her Mother.

“Jesus, why does my sister take so long lately to get ready Mother… I think she is trying to impress someone!” Asked Mariana with curiosity.

“If by wearing no makeup is trying to impress someone, Sis, you have a lucrative imagination!”
Replied Luminitia as she walked into the kitchen to greet her mother and sister.

Luminitia’s kitchen appeared rather posh as it got recently redone by the government and free of charge; the bonus of not owning the house but renting from the council. It has a nice-fitted sink of stainless-steel and sideboards. Their large dinner table got constructed out of hardwood and remained located on the left side of the kitchen. They usually all eat as one big happy family, but it was not a mandatory requirement either.

Her sister had just finished eating her cornflakes and was sitting at the dinner table in one of the wooden chairs.
She had light brown hair, and she had it nicely tied up in a ponytail. Her eyes appeared hazel, whereas Luminitia possessed raven-coloured optics. Mariana was a little shorter than Luminitia as well as being one year younger and in the year below her at school. However, both of them looked very pretty and in shape. They both are members of the local Uxbridge Gym, which is not far from where they live in Northolt. Their father forced them also to take karate lessons to defend themselves, so they train together as well.
Also, both of them had a mixed heritage of half Romanian and English, as their Mother was Romanian and their dad was full British. Mariana was wearing the same uniform as her sister with a short skirt and always wore translucent stockings with it, unlike Luminitia.
Their mother was quite short, but she was also very fit as well. She liked to keep busy doing yoga at the same gym, but secretly, she was merely keeping an eye on both of her little princesses. She had dark hair much like Luminitia, and her mother was wearing a dress, as she had the day off of work today with an exposed back. It showed her beautiful artwork that got tattooed onto her whole back. Only the upper vertebrate was visible of the large black and white butterflies and the top of the roses drawn into the tree branch.

When I turn eighteen, I do want to get a tattoo myself. I probably won’t get one as big, and I love my mum’s tattoo soo much because it looks so artful. At sixteen I want to get a piercing too as my mother has as well, it’s so pretty!

Luminitia thought silently before giving a loving kiss on her mother’s left cheek, “Good Morning, Mum!”

“I love your hair, Lumi! I guess taking the time does make you look like a princess!”

Luminitia blushes a little, “Mariana, can you please do my makeup before we go into class?”

“See told you, Mother, she is trying to impress a boy in her class!” Said, Mariana, as she always teases her older sister about things like this and is very nosy about her love life.

“So, what if she is… it is none of your business. Even if she is trying to date, she better not let her father catch her. You know how he feels about it.

“God, I am not! I want to look good for Dale as he is my best friend. What the hell is wrong with that!” Shouted Luminitia at her sister.

Next, she turns away and blushes red as a strawberry since she is trying to do the total opposite to what she is saying. Luminitia does not like lying to her parents. However, she knows precisely how strict her dad can be and how terrifying he is towards her and Mariana.

“Eat the cornflakes that I made for you already Luminitia and please focus on your studies. Also, if I hear again that you have been back talking your English teacher again, there will be hell to pay!”

Damn, the school must have phoned her and explained what I did. They put me back on report for telling my English teacher to F-off!

“Mum, I promise to be a good girl from now on! Please don’t tell dad about any of this!” Luminitia pleaded to her mother.

“I will believe it when I see it! You told me to do the same thing, which even upset Mariana and caused her to perhaps knock some sense into you, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears as usual!”

“You tell her Mum, and if you hit me Luminitia you can do your make up yourself!”

“Mum I will never say that again to you I promise, and I felt so awful!” She pauses speaking and then looks like she is going to shed a tear.

“Please remember when I came running into your bedroom and comforted you tightly. I then apologised crying after Mariana told me what the bloody hell is wrong with you, Luminitia! Also, Dad took the leather belt to me anyway, and I deserved every bit of it that night. I have never seen him so mad in my life, and I honestly feared for my life, luckily I only got a red bottom, as he was careful!”

“You certainly seem to have a temper Luminitia. I hope you learn to channel and control it someday. It could hurt you getting your dream job or achieving your dreams. Please think about this on the way to school, I love you, Luminitia, even if you are a bitch sometimes towards me. Now have a wonderful day at school!”

Luminitia opens her mouth in shock of what her mother called her.
Next, she starts to cry as she finishes her breakfast, realising how horrible she had been treating her parents. Those last few words her mother said positively sunk into her heart that morning.

Next, Mariana comforts her like a lovely Sister, “Don’t cry Sis or I cannot apply you this kickass Eyeliner!”

“Thanks, sweetheart you are the best sister anyone could ever ask for, and if anyone picks on you I will sort them out for you!”

“Aww, Lumi, I packed your bag now. Let’s go, or we are going to be late, and I don’t like rushing about first thing in the morning!”

Luminitia grabs her Nike school bag from underneath the stairs, which was coloured black with the white Nike logo painted on the back. It was a backpack, and she quickly takes the perfume bottle she used earlier and placed it inside of her bag. Mariana grabs her schoolbag as well, which was pretty identical.

Both grab their house keys from on top of the key holder they had underneath the stairs and opened the white-coated front door. Luminitia and Mariana then exit through their posh-looking porch. It had glazing glass around it with two double-glazing transparent looking doors that looked so beautiful. Their house was number 31, as it appeared carved into the door through the centre to show what premises number it was.

“Lumi, why the hell did you make us come out this way. It would have been quicker to go through the back garden!”

Luminitia appeared deep in thought about what her mother had just said to her this morning. Also, she was thinking about her best friend Dale as well.
“LUMI, freaking answer me!”

“Oh sorry, I was merely thinking about some things… let’s go this way. We can cross the road near our local corner shop.”

“I guess, but we need to walk fast as it takes 30 minutes to get to school, and I still need to fix your eyeliners for whoever you fancy!”

“For the last time, it’s for Dale!”

“I know him you are always hanging about with him playing basketball at school during lunchtime. I never knew you fancied him!”

“Mariana, you can be surprisingly irritating sometimes!”
Mariana smiles as she knows she is right, but promises herself not to throw Luminitia under the bus to her dad.

They continue to walk to school as they walk down the pavement on the road. The street had several lamp posts and then met a circular street, which they crossed. Before they approach the corner shop, they turn right and head underneath some tall-looking pine trees. It was not too cold out today, which made both of them very thankful. Suddenly the brief glimpse of the rays of sunshine then radiated a little light through the trees. Next, you heard the sounds of the leaves rustling as a slight gust of wind blows through. Surprisingly, it did not feel cold at all.

“What a lovely day for a change, during December!” Said Mariana.

“I could not agree more, Mari!” Replied Luminitia as they reach the main road.

Both of them watch warily before crossing the road they were travelling next to in case a car decided to pull into it. The cars sounded in the distance as both of them are forced to walk next to the main road. The noise of the cars grew louder as they passed both Luminitia and Mariana.
The main road went towards other various small towns, as they lived in an area with a superb public transport system. In the direction, the two girls were heading by the road called Kensington Road. In that same direction, it leads to the motorway or the industrial estate of the town of Northolt; the industrial estate consisted of many factories and offices.
On the other side of Kensington Road was a beautiful park called Rectory Park. It had a lake and a lot of hills to hang out on hot summer days. Luminitia loved to go there and lay on the grass sometimes to think about stuff alone. She always dreamt of a romantic picnic for two but has yet to live this dream with someone.

Both of them continued onwards and then walked under an underpass for the motorway. Luminitia and Mariana then cross at two small islands before the road took a sharp turn to go to the industrial estate. The two girls had to then pass through a small village, and cars were not able to go this way other than motorbikes.
The village had some old designed houses and as they got halfway through there was a miniature railway. The two sisters passed it every day, cutting across to go across another busy main road. Both the girls were smart, especially Luminitia as she got ran over before outside of her house by being irresponsible.
She just ran across the road when she was twelve without even bothering to look. Luminitia was remarkably lucky and only received a small fracture to her right knee and only missed one week of school.

Luminitia and Mariana then walk into another beautiful park, as they pass through the obsidian coloured gates. They both loved to walk through it every day to school as it had lovely scenery. They had caught up on time, so they decide to sit in the park for a bit.

“Lumi… please sit still, as we have twenty minutes to go and it will only take us another ten minutes to walk to tutor class. It seems we walked pretty fast today, huh? I will now apply your eyeliner, do you want light pink again, same as the lipstick?”

“Yes, Mari! You are a star!”

“All I am going to say is if dad finds out you are flirting with boys in your class. You will not be allowed out the house until your final GCSE Exams!”

Luminitia sighs loudly and remains still, knowing her sister is trying to get another rise out of her and doesn’t fool for it again.

“Sis, you are no fun when you don’t tell me to shut up!”

“That looks gorgeous, Lumi. I don’t want the attention from boys right now, so I won’t put any makeup on myself today. I have my mock exams coming up soon, and it will determine if I get placed in the top groups for the subjects I choose next year!
“Mariana, you seriously should try to become a professional Makeup artist. I am not just saying this because you are my younger sister, as you are so talented at such a young age!”

The two sisters embrace lovingly and then walk through the rest of the park, and enjoy the view and listen to the sound. They finally exit the park through the eastern park gates, which appeared precisely the same as the southern entrance. Luminitia and Mariana come to a final road to walk down, that crosses over a small bridge, designed with red rectangular bricks. The elevated way passed over the London Underground, which was the central line that would take you in out of the city of London easily.

God, I cannot wait to show Dale my makeup. He so better ask me out today, or I am going to go mental!

Luminitia’s heart beats faster as she gets closer to school, knowing she has never dressed up so good for a regular day at school. They enter through the side gate, and she gets instant whistles from the boys from the year above. It was due to how lovely her hair looked today.
She merely curves her lips into a gorgeous smile back at them, loving every second of the attention of them. Additionally, the environment, the chirping of animals and the whistling of the birds made her smile further, as it was such a pleasant ambient sound.

The school that both Luminitia and Mariana went to was massive it had two main buildings, with the first having three floors for lessons. The dining room got located in this particular building where everyone went to eat their lunch. Sadly, due to the year difference, Luminitia had a different lunchtime to Mariana, so they never got to eat together at noon.
Then between the two buildings are the football pitches and a basketball court where Luminitia goes to watch her best friend Dale play and even takes part with the boys. For some reason, Luminitia loved getting physical, especially when Dale would touch her; it would send chills up and down her spine.
Beyond the basketball courts was the second building, which was not done up so much as the first building. It, however, was in the middle of getting renovated. Some of the lessons took place in huts and older buildings.
“Mariana, have a good day at school, Sis!”

“Mariana, you truly don’t believe me… do you?”

“NOPE!” She yelled as she went into her class.

Luminitia had to make haste still as she had to walk over to the other building to one of the huts, which was where her tutor class was. This was where the register got done each morning to check, which students attended the school that morning. She had to return there at the end of the day as well.
Additionally, Luminitia had to show her report card until they took her off of it to the teachers for every lesson, including her tutor Mrs Songhurst. Luminitia was put on report, several times due to her loud and disruptive behaviour in classes. She would often swear at the teachers, or answer them back when they made her mad.
Sometimes she just wanted to prove them wrong in an argument or get the attention of the class. Luminitia had been sent to the head principle a few times and the deputy headteacher as well.

I need to get off this report as quickly as possible… I will forge my mum’s signature. Even if they phoned her, she has not seen how horrible my teacher’s responses were last week. Dad can never find out, as he will freaking kill me if he knew the things I said to them last week! She thought deviously to herself as she enters her class just in time.

Several hours passed in the day and Luminitia was so excited it was now lunchtime. She could not wait to spend more time with her best friend, Dale. She only had fifteen minutes earlier during her morning break, and she did not have much time to talk to him. However, they did not play basketball together as they usually do today; Luminitia was very good at it too, better than most of the boys.

She looks across the green field of short grass to find him and finally discovers him. He was sitting down eating his lunch; Dale is quite a big boy. He was a little bit taller than Luminitia.
Dale had short, black hair; it was not silky and jet-black like Luminitia, and he looked exceptionally fit too. He always played basketball or football with his friends after he had eaten lunch. His figure was toned and had a six-pack, as she examined it a few times when he played soccer with his shirt off in the summer.
He had an astounding pair of light brown eyes, which Luminitia loved to stare into in a friendly way.

“Hi again, Dale, still cannot believe how good I have been today. I even got praised by the teacher saying what did you do with the real Luminitia in Maths!”

“That’s amazing Lumi. You should keep it this way. I was getting pretty concerned with you always getting into trouble. You are a smart and incredible girl Luminitia just your temper can get the better of you sometimes!”

Luminitia blushes and smiles as she looks away to hide that her cheeks had gotten crimson red.

He has never said anything this nice to me before. He honestly does care about me more than a friend, or is he just being friendly as usual?

“Aww, did I make you blush?” He said as he sat down next to her on the field.

“What did you have for lunch today, Dale?” She asked nosily.

“Why are you always so nosey, Lumi?”

“I am not!” She shouted back.

“Chill, I am joking… I wanted to test your temper!”

“You are bad Dale, now take this!”

She suddenly sits on his lap, and Dale is very shocked at this. Dale’s best friend notices Luminita flirting with him hard, and he smiles as he watches them from a distance.

“Lumi, what the hell are you doing!”

My God he is hopeless, this has to be the most forward flirting I have ever done! Still, he does nothing, put your arm around me, do something! Luminita thought to herself but remained happy as he did not kick her off.

“Just being friendly to you, do you not like it, Dale?”

He stutters a bit, which Lumi finds cute, “Of course I like it, just you never done this before to me!”

I need to tell his friend Bill because I tried to dress up like a supermodel. I have sat on his lap. Is he honestly this shy, or does he think I am too pretty for him? Let me ask Dale if he likes my hair styled this way before I make a fool out of myself by telling his best friend about this! Were the wild thoughts running through her brain.

“Dale, I have a serious question?”

“What is it, Lumi?”

“Do you like my hair like this?”

“Why would I not! It’s freaking gorgeous, and that makeup is so beautiful. Do not ask silly questions, Lumi!”

“Aww you noticed my eyeliner, My sister did this, isn’t she talented. Also, you never told me what you had to eat earlier. You better tell me, or I will tickle you!” She said playfully.

“Okay, you win, I just had Jam and cheese sandwiches. Are you not eating today, Lumi?”

“Nope, I had no time as it took me so long to get ready, and I only had time for breakfast!”

“That’s not good… you need to eat something, Lumi!”

“I will when I get home, I need to ask Bill something now. Would you please be a gentleman and walk me home later today, I would invite you in, but you know how my dad is with boys!”

“I would love to Luminitia, but I don’t want you to get in trouble with your dad!”

“It’s okay… just walk with me until the estate, see you later, Sweetie!” Replied Luminitia as she climbs off of his lap, and heads over to talk to his best friend.

Dale’s heart started pumping when she called him sweetie, and he sat and just thought about her for the rest of his lunch break.

She walks over to Dale’s best friend. He had short blonde hair and was the same height as Luminitia as Luminitia was quite tall for her age at around five foot. He had blue eyes and was standing there chatting with his friends in his white shirt and blue tie and black trousers.

“Sorry Boys can I speak to Bill alone, and no it’s not to kiss or ask him out!”

They all laugh at her humour and say, “Sure Luminitia. You look stunning today, but you always are!”

My God, his friends are cheesy, or were they being genuine to me?

“Luminitia, I saw how you sat in his lap earlier, which was very cute and kind of you. Dale lacks confidence when it comes to girls, and he has never had a girlfriend before. He does talk about you a lot though, what did you want to ask me anyway?”

“Bill, that was what I wanted to know. Has he ever said anything about wanting me to be his girlfriend?”

“No Sadly Lumi. I didn’t know you fancied him like that!”

“Hell yes, I have been waiting for weeks for him to ask me out. I love his personality the most, as he doesn’t think of me as the other boys do. No disrespect meant to you as you have always respected me too!”

God, I am so embarrassed that I had to resort to this… my cunning plan failed earlier, and this is plan B!

“Luminitia, I will drop a hint to him!”

“Great, I asked him to walk me home, and he agreed to. I would have invited him to my house to hang out more, but my dad is so strict and hates me even talking to boys!”

“No worries Luminitia, you deserve someone special. I always saw how well you and Dale get on!”

Luminitia gives Bill a friendly hug, and then the bell goes for her afternoon classes, which were English and Science. She was not looking forward to English, which was her next lesson. Last week she went off on her teacher even using the F-bomb.

Luminitia decided to be a better person after her English lesson, which went a lot better. Her teacher did not hold a grudge against her, despite how rude Luminitia was to her. Although she remained professional throughout the teachings. She was pleasantly surprised by how well Luminita focused in class and how good she was.

“Miss Wright, do you have a free minute before your next class. Do not worry as I am not going to swear at you again!” Luminitia pauses and tries not to cry.

“I feel awful about doing that because I did the same thing to my mother too. My sister literally, knocked some sense into me last week. My mum said something important to me today. She told me I can do anything I ever want to do, as long as I put my mind to it. I must control my anger, or I will never achieve my dreams. So, what I am trying to say is that I am honestly sorry for the way, I spoke to you last week. You are only trying to do your job, and you don’t need to put up with my selfish behaviour. Also, to tell you a little secret, I have started practising writing at home. I one day want to be a published author, and that is my main dream.”

Luminita begins to cry as she hates hurting people with her anger as it reminds her of her dad’s strictness. She loves her dad very much, but she only wants him to give her a little more freedom.
Mrs Wright is in total shock as she stands there in her white blouse and black trousers with her long and curly black hair. She has never seen that side of Luminitia. Not many have as she hides it from everyone usually as she used to think it was a sign of weakness.

“Luminitia, I accept your apology, and this must of took a lot for you to do this. I can tell you genuinely meant it as you would not be crying.
Here take a tissue. Don’t ruin that beautiful makeup and I will write you note out.”

Luminitia sobs quietly, and replies to Mrs Wright, “It is for Miss Dean then she is my Science teacher. She scares me, and she is the only teacher I have never dared to misbehave in front of!”

“Maybe, I need to yell more like her then!” Replied her teacher laughing.

“Nope, do not change yourself for anyone. My mum taught me that!”

Luminitia then heads to her final lesson of the day.

After an hour later; it was home time, and she could not wait to see Dale as she knows her friend Bill must have told him how she honestly felt about him.

“Luminitia did you cry earlier your make up looks a bit smudged!” Asked Mariana.

“Yes, I apologised to my English teacher, and it made me think about how dad treats us sometimes.

“Yes, Lumi I know he can be too strict sometimes!”

“Hello, Mariana and Lumi!” Said, Dale, as he came up to walk Luminitia home.

“Mariana, do you mind if Dale walks me home today?”

“Dale, she did all this makeup for you by the way. She said she just wanted to look nice for you, but I know there is more too it!”

Bloody hell, kill me now please… my sister just totally embarrassed me again! Thought Luminitia and then she smiles at Dale.

“Mariana, Can I please borrow your sister for a few minutes when we get to the park?”

I knew something was going on between the two of them! Thought, Mariana to herself.

“Yes, Sure, but it will be your funeral if you date my sister!”

“MARI, what the fuck!” Screamed Luminitia as her cheeks glow bright red again.

Dale just laughed at her as he got the feeling, she had been teasing her all day about this. Dale starts to tremble with fear as he gets a little nervous as they get closer to the park.

“Okay, I will go on ahead. Sis tell me all about it later!” Said Mariana teasingly again.

She was having too much fun as she could read her sister like a book.

“Okay, Lumi, we have known each other already for three years, and we are best friends!” He pauses as his nerves get to him.

Luminitia’s heart beats wildly, as she listens to him. She locks her radiating raven eyes with the pink eyeliner on top of them into his light brown eyes.

“Sorry Lumi, this is hard for me. I do not want to mess up our friendship, but deep down, I know you want this too. You asked my friend to talk to me earlier, and he gave me subtle hints. Promise me one thing. If I ask you this question and you say no, nothing will change between us correct?”

“Aww, Dale this is why I like you so much. I will never let anything hurt our friendship, no matter what happens!”

“Lumi, I want to take you to dinner this Saturday. I will convince my parents to give me money. We are going to a restaurant of my choice!”

“YES!!!” screamed Luminitia at the top of her lungs, and then she speaks again, “I waited for six weeks to go out on a date with you!”

“Why the hell didn’t you just ask me, Lumi!” Replied Dale.

“That would have been too damn easy, and I am a traditionalist. I have never had a boyfriend before either, so it’s deep waters for both of us!”

“Let’s catch up to your sister Lumi. I don’t like her walking alone!”

Oh my god, he is so sweet, and this is why he is perfect for me!

“Mariana, wait!” Yelled Luminitia.

“It’s okay… I can walk by myself; you know!”

“No Mariana, I feel much safer if you walk home with myself and your sister!”

Oh, isn’t he a sweet one, no wonder Lumi likes him!

“Sure, you can, but you better not walk us to our front door. Although Dad is still at work, I don’t want you to get hurt, Dale!”

“It’s okay, Mari, I told him to just walk us onto our estate entrance… since he lives on the estate across the road anyway!”

“Yeah, it is probably for the best until you have told mum and dad about him anyway. That way mum can sweet talk dad into it.

I need to come up with an idea to ask Mum about this, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it since I have the rest of the week to go! Thought Lumintia Silently.

“Dale, thank you for walking us. I will see you tomorrow at school!”

“You too, Lumi and don’t forget about what I asked you earlier!”

“How could I not!”

They then head home together, and Mariana goes off to her room to do her studies. Luminitia then takes out the hoover and starts cleaning the house.

“Luminitia are you okay, sweetheart?” Asked her mother, who was preparing dinner for them.

“I am fine… I thought hard about what you said earlier. I even took five minutes to apologise to Miss Wright!”

“I am proud of you Lumi!”

“Thank you, Mum. I do have something to ask of you. I will work all week for it. I would like you to buy me a new dress for Saturday. Dale wants to take me to a restaurant as friends.”

“Luminitia, you clean the house for me for the rest of the week, and I will take you shopping on Saturday morning. I will tell your dad you are seeing a girl for studying that night.

Aww, bless my baby princess has her first date Saturday… I will have to keep this from my husband Ben until they are both more serious together. I want her to be able to date as long as she studies together with it.
Later that night after Luminitia cleaned the house and did all her homework like a good girl. Luminitia then rests in her bed after brushing her teeth. She clutches her heart, knowing she is finally going on her first date this weekend; more importantly, it was with, Dale her best friend and soul mate. She wraps her bed covers around herself to keep warm, as she likes to sleep naked mostly. Luminitia Also wears her underwear at night if it is insanely cold.
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