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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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Exotica, Erotica Story – A Great Start to The Day! (18+)
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In the Spanish city of Valencia inside of an apartment building, which got constructed on the outskirts of the town was a married couple. They are currently sleeping together inside of their small bed; the woman has her head lying across the top of her lover’s chest and is facing left. She has long jet-black and silky hair, and it is so shiny as she sleeps ever so peacefully on her husband’s chest; the silky, white sheets cover the rest of her up flawlessly. Additionally, the man has ebony-coloured hair, which looks to be delicate and cut very short. He also has a smooth and shaven chest and face, but you can only see the top of his chest because the beautiful young woman is sleeping on it. He remains resting on his back underneath the bed covers, which got covered with red roses. It shows she was the one to of chosen the bed covers for their bed.
He slowly wakes up only to find her still fast asleep. Next, the man slowly runs his fingers through her hair a couple of times; she moans softly in her sleep as he does this and eventually, she wakes up. She rubs her gorgeous dark-blue eyes, and then the man slowly speaks softly, “Good morning, sweetheart, I love you so much!” Said the man.
“I love you so much too, baby!” She replies as they gently kiss on the lips; after that, she lays back on his chest so that he can continue to run his hands through her soft-black and silky hair.
“Mmmm, what a sweet thing to wake up to… you never fail to amaze me, Dante!” Answered his wife as her lips curl into the most magnificent and cute smile.
“Anything for you, Savannah! You are truly the love of my life!”

After she hears those words that every husband should tell their wife; she sighs gently to herself as she then shows him her wedding ring and he shows Savannah he loves the ring he bought her. Next, they start to kiss softly for the little bit while they both lie inside of their bed. Savannah then lays directly on top of Dante as they continue to kiss as he wraps his arms around her; he rubs and strokes her back up and down with the palms of his hands beneath the covers as they French kiss each other. Both of them sliding their tongues into each other’s mouths exploring every area of their mouths.
“Mm, Savannah, you are so damn sexy, and your back muscles are so strong from all that working out you do!”
“Awww, thank you, Dante, you are in great shape too!”
“That’s because you make me and drag me around with you everywhere… not that it is a bad thing! I love going to the gym with you, or even shopping. I want to be with you forever!”
Savannah pulls off the covers exposing both of their bodies, and you can see the astonishing figure on her; she is so well toned and has all the curves in the correct places. She also has a 36D bust size with perky pink nipples and a pierced belly button; the jewellery that she has pierced into it is in the shape of a cross that hangs down slightly. You can also tell she is of a Spanish heritage just by looking at her; she is is a middle-aged lady in her thirties and is very tanned as the weather in Spain is so lovely.
Savannah gets off of Dante as she then sits on the edge of the bed and she then flicks her hair back and drapes over her tail-bone as it is remarkably long. Dante then gets up, and you can see his incredible six-pack and toned body as well as he sits behind her and slowly strokes her shoulders gently.
She then slowly replies with “Mmm that feels so good, Dante! I am going to take a shower, baby, would you care to join me?”
“Now that is a stupid question, dear!” As they both begin to laugh at each other; next, he takes Savannah and picks her up into his arms and then carries her towards the bathroom.
She giggles as he turns her upside down playfully and finally puts her down inside of the bathroom.

Savannah closes and locks the door behind them. The bathroom has no tub as it is a small apartment; however, it has a nice shower with the transparent stainless glass door. Next, Dante opens the shower entrance for Savannah and lets her go in first being the gentleman and the lover that he is. Savannah then turns on both the hot and cold water taps so that the water gets set to the correct temperature. The liquid sprinkles down to the black-squared floor tiles on the floor as more pressure is put on, and it splashes on the floor.
Next, Dante splashes Savannah with the cold water, and she screams as it is cold and then splashes him back. They play around until the water is hot enough and first Dante gets under it as Savannah reaches for her head & shoulders Shampoo and conditioner.
She pours some of it into her hands, and she rubs it together to warm it up; Savannah then places her gentle and small hands into his hair and starts to slowly and gently wash his hair.
“Mm, Savannah, that feels good!” He moans softly, as she stands behind him and places her fingertips into his scalp to make sure it washes deep into the roots of his hair.
She does this several times and then places her hands over his eyes as she rinses his hair out underneath the shower-head.
“Your turn, baby!” Said, Dante, as he places her underneath first to wet her hair as he prepares the Shampoo for her.
He then pours it over her head and into her long locks, and then rubs it in as the water is pretty hot now; she loves the feeling of it trickling down her spine and her huge breasts.
“Mmmm, Dante, rub it in, sweetie, I love it when you wash my hair!”
He needs no second invitation to wash such a beautiful woman’s hair not to mention it would be the most stupid thing he ever did in his entire life. He grabs her long black and silky hair as Dante makes almost a rowing-type action with the reigns of her hair, pulling and pushing on it gently like he is rowing a boat; her lips curve into a big smile, and she loves every second of it. He then starts digging his fingertips into her head and scratches her thoroughly making sure not to miss a spot. He stands behind her while he finishes this and covers her eyes as he rinses it off.

He then reaches for a sponge and a bar of soap that got kept inside the shower. It is put there purely for washing their bodies and keeping them nice and clean. He starts to rub the sponge over the back of her neck and then the front of it after going all the way around it. All of the hot water runs down her sexy body, and coat’s her skin with a darker colour; which looks most erotic as she as an exotic look too her as well.
“Mmmm, baby!” She moans softly, as he stands behind her and begins to wash her amazing breasts, making them all soapy and then rinsing them off.
He teases her by kissing the left side of her neck that is exposed, which makes her moan even louder.
“Mmmm, Dante. You are, so naughty always trying to seduce me!” She smiles after saying that and loves it.
Dante is not shocked as he knows she looks innocent, but is damn naughty behind closed doors, “So Naughty Savannah and it sounds so sexy when you talk like that!” He replied as he pulls her hair back and positions her against the wall so she cannot move!
“Oh my god, Baby, Mmmm… so aggressive this morning!”
He spanks Savannah on her ass hard as the sound echoes through the shower before he washes her beautiful petite-ass firmly with both of his hands this begins to make her pussy juice flow, “MMMM, HONEY!” she screams.
He rubs the sponge up her inner thighs and over her marvellous pussy that is fully-shaved and waxed with not a single pubic hair on it, “Mmmm!” she moans as he rubs over her pussy that is not only wet from the water, but from arousal. She then turns to face him and then lifts each of her feet up one at a time so he can wash them, he tickles her a bit as the sponge goes between her beautiful toes. He finishes up on her right foot and then cleans the rest of her body and takes extra care with her piercing on her tummy-button.

Savannah loves the feeling of the water trickling down her front and into pussy it drives her to a wilder state, but she knows deep down she will have him in five or minutes or so.
After she washes him because he had turned her on so much; as she then suddenly increases her aggression towards Dante and pushes him against the wall, “Oh Savannah, Baby!” He moans out.
She takes the sponge and runs it over his chest and sprinkles it; the water then trickles down his body onto his long shaven cock. It is so hard from hearing Savannah’s sexy moaning earlier. It is eight inches long and is soon ready to give her the lovemaking she truly deserves. She runs the sponge down and sprinkles it all over his massive dick after doing the rest of his body; she then squeezes it and then washes it along with his balls.
“Mmmm, Baby I want you now!” He shouts, Savannah simply smiles at him and tells him not just yet with her finger as she makes him suck on it.
He sucks it gently, which turns her on, and then she spins Dante around to show his broad muscular back; next, she takes the sponge and rubs it up and down gently, but firmly across his vertebrate. She then spanks him back, “Savannah! You are so, naughty!”
She then washes his bum and his thighs; she then moves onto his calves. Savannah finally turns him around one last time to wash his feet one at a time starting with his left foot and ending on his right.
“Baby, I cannot wait any longer take me!” She shouts.

Dante needs no second invitation to fuck such a beautiful pussy; he lifts her up and holds her against the shower door. Next, he slides his eight inches of rock-hard cock deep inside of her steaming wet pussy that wants to feel every inch of him inside of it.
“Mmmm, FUCK, YES DANTE!” She screams as Dante slowly starts to bounce her up and down on his huge cock making it fill her up each time as she is against the wall.
She then throws her arms around his neck and crosses her wrist over keeping the right on top of the left; she kisses him passionately as well and moans into his mouth sexily.
“MMM, Savannah! You are so damn tight as always, baby!”
“FUCK ME, HARDER NOW!” She screams as he was doing it too soft and Savannah prefers it deep inside of her warm and wet santuary, combined with hard thrusts.
Dante pounds her pussy harder by holding her against the stainless-glass door, and the sound echoed through the bathroom of her getting banged against the door
“OH MY GOD, YES!” She screams again.
You love it when I fuck you hard like this and make you my little fuck toy! Don’t you baby?” As he whispers into her ear, and this makes her body-temperature rise to an all-time high as she reaches her first orgasm.
Savannah’s body shakes against the door, and she cums all over his rock-hard dick, “MMMMM, DANTE! I AM FUCKING CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR DICK! YOU FUCK ME SO FUCKING GOOD, YES!” as her screaming echoes and fills the shower.
There is the visual look of the shower all steaming up from the outside and the lovely odour of both their clean scents of them fucking each other like wild animals.

He turns her around and pushes her neck against the shower as he slides back inside of her pussy from behind; he grabs two handfuls of savannah’s luscious and silky, black hair and fucks her even harder. He drills her pussy so hard, but she is in ecstasy because of it; she is still coming down from her first orgasm.
“God, don’t you dare stop fucking me… it feels too damn good!” Screamed Savannah.
“I will not stop until you cum again and then I am going to fill your pussy up with my hot cum like the cum-slut that you are!”
If anyone else ever talked to her like that she would kick them in the balls. However, she allows Dante to do it as he makes it sound sexy and he is her loving husband.
“God I love it when you talk to me like this when you are giving it to me!” She moaned.
“Mmmm, Savannah, clean up my cock, Baby!”
He lets her go from the stained-glass door, and she then pushes him down and licks off both his pre-cum and her love-juice before she straddles him and begins riding him.
“Oh my god… no one rides cock better than you, Honey! You could easily have been a porn-star, baby!” Moaned, Dante loudly.
She loves hearing this every time, and she rides him like a professional moving her hips with him. She screams in pleasure again as she reaches her second orgasm as she cums all over him one last time. She shakes on top of him as he holds her close to him they kiss.
“MMMM, SAVANNAH! I AM CUMMING INSIDE OF YOU, BABY!” He screams as he lets loose his white-hot liquid and cums deep inside of her tight wet cavern. He fills her up totally, and they end up kissing and lying in the shower for a bit.

They then get up and leave the shower; they each take a towel and then dry themselves with it. Savannah takes the pink wiper as the rosy-coated one is for her and Dante has a blue coloured one. Next, they plan what both of them going to do for the rest of the day, starting with making breakfast.

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