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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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Exotica Erotica Story (18+) The Day I Got Pregnant, by my Husban...
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Exotica Erotica Story (18+) The Day I Got Pregnant by my Husband! (Real Story)


It was raining outside in the country of England. You could hear the constant trickling of the raindrops bouncing off of the windows; as well as watching it run down the glass. There was a couple, which lived in the house that is married and has been together for the past two years. Both of them are lying on the couch together in front of the warm-sanctuary of their fireplace as it is cold outside. The lovers are cuddling each other under their blankets as they spend quality time together. The couch got constructed from leather and is very comfortable.

The lady has jet-black and silky hair, which drapes down to her vertebrate. She has obsidian-coloured deep and sensual black eyes, which forces you to get lost in them when you gaze into them. Today she had quite a lot of makeup on as she was planning to go clothes shopping before it started to rain heavy; which you can still hear the pleasant sound of the rain coming down, with the burning sound of the fireplace echoing through their living room. The make up she had on was a pink-eyeliner and light rosy-coloured lipstick that does not smudge when you kiss; as she plants a smacker on her husband’s lips as he continued to caress her jet-black hair as they rested together. The rest of her body was covered up by the blankets.
Her husband had light-black hair and a pair of loving hazel eyes that always eyed up his wife every single day without fail. He has a clean shaven face as his lover gets annoyed when he does not shave.

His body lies underneath the lady as he whispers into her eye, “Natasha, I love you!” before he kisses her again on the lips as he slides his tongue into her luscious and beautiful mouth. She returns the French kiss to him and then releases her loving-lips and curves her mouth into a radiating smile. Natasha then says these tender words to her husband, “Alan, I love you too, Baby. Since we cannot go out shopping because of the heavy rain, shall we try again at making a baby?”
“Mmmm, Natasha, I would like to try again. I adore nothing more than already making love to you twice a day. One more time will allow me to slide into your perfect pussy an extra-time today!”

Natasha begins to rub herself over her sapphire-coloured jeans when she hears him talk about how perfect her pussy is, as she lays on top of him. Alan then pulls her closer to him as he presses her natural 34D breasts into his chest so he can feel them against him. Next, he cups her by the face and kisses her on the forehead before he slides his tongue back into her warm mouth as he pulls back on her hair lightly. It turns Natasha on as she loves her played with or held during passionate kissing and in the bedroom. She pulls down the blankets, so Alan can look at her figure, which is an exquisite body. Natasha’s body is very athletic as she works out two/three times a day at the gym and has a running machine of her own. “Baby, lift your arms up, you won’t be cold for long I promise!”
She raises her arms up for her love and lets him remove her white-jumper from over the top of her head revealing that she was wearing no bra. Her artwork is then visible on her lower back of Ma’at the Goddess of Harmony. He starts to trace her tattoo as he continues to kiss her luscious lips below her.
“Oh, No bra that is very sexy, Natasha!” he whispers into her right earlobe before he starts to lick it softly and gracefully turning her on further.
“Fuck, Baby you make me, so horny for you all the time lately!”
“I would not be doing my job as a husband, would I if I didn’t?”
Next, Alan licks up her neck to get her going strong for him, and she then pushes her magnificent breasts into his mouth, “Fucking, suck my tits!” Natasha got extra aggressive towards him as he made her feel sexier for him.

She climbs off to help take off his black-coloured sweater revealing his muscular body. Natasha forced her husband to stay in shape or Alan would not be able to keep up with the sexual desires of his loving wife; Natasha had to make love twice a day to satisfy her sexual drive. She then forces him back onto her breasts to suck them more as she begins moaning in pleasure, “Mmm, Alan, love the way you suck on these. You know these will get bigger once you give me a baby?”
That excites Alan further as he licks around her left nipple; Natasha then runs her pink-coated fingernails over Alan’s scalp stimulating him while he kisses her breasts. Alan Smacks Natasha’s ass hard over her jeans as he finishes sucking her lovely tits,
Natasha moans softly, “Mmmm, you know I love that!”
Alan reaches down and caresses her bum over her jeans before he slowly begins to unbutton them. ‘Oh, I want him to give me a baby so badly. I need to get fucked hard right now!’ she thought as she felt him take her jeans off.
To Alan’s surprise, she was wearing no knickers either, which forced the blood to rush to his dick; knowing his sexy wife was about to go clothes shopping with no underwear on at all. ‘Oh fuck my wife can be such a fucking filthy girl sometimes. I am so happy she was able to come out and tell me after one year of being together that she was a Cam model/glamour model. It makes me so hard thinking about all those guys that watched my wife naked on camera.
I know it is weird for me to think like this, but deep down I know all of these guys can never fuck her like I do and please her in every way possible!’ He thought as he stares at her astonishing fully-shaven sweet haven.

Natasha smiles at him before Alan pushes her back onto the couch softly, forcing her to rest face upwards. He then gives her a soft-pillow to rest her head on as her jet-black hair glides over the pillow and on their leather sofa, as suddenly a flash of sheet lightning illuminates up the living room as the thunder then echoes shortly after throughout the living quarters.
‘Looks like we are about to have a storm. Now, thats the perfect weather to create our first baby together!’ Thought, Natasha to herself.
Alan begins to get harder inside of his trousers and briefs as he watched his naked wife lay on the sofa. He spreads her legs gently and starts to rub over her wet-Sanctuary as another bolt of lightning strikes the street outside; The noise of the thunder shakes the foundation of the room as he then places his tongue over her pussy lips, “MMM, Baby!” She moaned softly, as she loves the feeling of his tongue sliding up the whole of her slit from the bottom of her pussy. It forces Natasha to play with Alan’s head again with her hands, as she pushes his face deeper between her long legs. She wraps her legs around his neck making sure he cannot escape; even though he would never want to leave such a cute looking pussy as he grabs hold of her ass cheeks pushing her bum upwards. Alan then licks up over Natasha’s ass cheeks and between them rimming her gently as he opens up her outer lips to expose her tiny clitoris.
‘Oh fuck, how I love it when he licks my ass!’ She thought to herself as Alan pleasures her like no other man possibly could.
“Fuck, yes Finger my tight pussy!” She screams as the bad girl comes out to play.
‘Oh, there is that dark side that people don’t know about how nasty my sexy Natasha is. It only gets displayed when I fuck her!’
He then slides a finger inside of Natasha’s already moist cavern; she grabs hold of her own-legs to hold them up for him, “MMM, Natasha. Did anyone ever tell you this, but you have the best tasting and cutest pussy in the whole world!” He said as he starts fingering her softly to begin while her walls stretch and adjust to his fucking.
“Fuck baby, you are such a sweet talker in bed, but you also know how to fuck and make me cum. No one has ever made me cum as much as you!” She screams as she makes him feel number one as always.
Alan hears those words from her, and he adds a second finger into her love-tunnel; he knows she loves only two fingers as she is very tight until she has her first baby, which he desperately wants with her. Both of them are so ready to become parents, but some reason she is not conceiving as they have been trying for three months.
“Natasha I hope this storm brings us good luck!” he says as he fingers her even faster curling his fingers to her G-spot.
“YES RIGHT THERE!” She screams as he finds her magical spot. She squirms on the sofa as Alan gets forced to hold her down.
“Alan I am going to fucking cum all over your fingers if you keep this up!”
“I want you to cum, and I am going make you cum again when I plant my seed inside you again!”
‘Fuck I love it when he talks dirty like this to me!’ She thought to herself as she explodes into her first climax of the stormy afternoon.
“I AM FUCKING CUMMING!” She screams as she squirts over him a little bit, ‘Fuck me… It is so hot when she does this!’ as he quickly licks up all of Natasha’s love-juice from her and gives her a taste of it as well.
She sucks his finger like a smaller cock licking around it as if she cannot get enough of it right now.

“Drop your fucking trousers now and give me your fucking big-cock. I want to get it harder as I need it inside of my pussy!” Demanded Natasha in a forceful voice.
‘Holy fuck is she sexy when she speaks like a slut!’ He thought as he drops his trousers and removes his briefs; his nine inch-cock falls out that is already semi-hard in front of her as she then says, “Lay on your back or sit near the fire in the chair, it’s still cold wearing nothing!”
Alan moves over closer to the fire and sits and relaxes back in the chair as the rain falls harder splashing against the window; several thunderbolts then illuminate the room in front of the flickering flames as Natasha then grabs two pillows to put on her knees.
She then licks over his balls to start with and then does one big long lick up his 9-inch shaft, “Fuck! I can never forget how good you are at sucking cock, baby!”
Natasha’s eyes glow with love as she listened to those encouraging words and she starts sucking him gently on the tip, she does this a few times to generate some pre-cum on the head. ‘Fuck, she is so good, and I could never cheat on someone who is this sexy and this good in bed. Her ex-boyfriend is a dumb fucking idiot!’ He thought to herself as he remembers all the hardships his wife went through before meeting him. He smiles as she sucks him tightly, memorising how he restored her confidence; before his thoughts turned back to sexual pleasure as he moaned for her.
“Natasha, you are too good at this, let me help you!” He says as he grabs two handfuls of her jet-black hair and forces her to deep-throat him.
‘Fuck, I love it when he does this even though he makes me gag. I trust him fully to let me breathe!’ she thought as she starts gagging as her eyes water a little.
He does it again and holds her longer this time; he then wipes the water from her eyes as he brushes her hair back behind her ears and out of her pretty eyes. Next, she starts giving him head herself faster as he utterly plays with her hair investigating her locks and scalp.
She looks up at him with his cock in her mouth, and she then spits all over it. “God Natasha, you are one nasty bitch sometimes!”
‘Fuck! How do I love that, only he can degrade me and make me feel sexy at the same time, I want his cock inside me now!’ She thought to herself as she climbs on top of him.

She places his cock at the entrance of her wet-cavern as she then kneels over him gazing into her lover’s eyes, “So are you glad you married me then?” She said jokingly, as she shows him a gorgeous smile while his cock penetrates her sweet-sanctuary from below.
“Mmmm, baby!” She moans as he starts to fill her up with his 9-inch dick.
“Oh, how I missed being inside of you, and it has only been since this morning!”
Natasha starts riding him gently, to begin with, while his cock goes deeper inside of her each time; she enjoys his cock massage her pussy-walls as she starts to move her hips in a circular motion clockwise.
“Mmm, how many times did we have sex this week I lost count, Baby?” He asked her.
Natasha smiles and kisses him passionately on the lips with her delicate mouth and says these words, “I don’t know, but we had to increase it since two times a day was not working. Also, I used the rain as an excuse to fuck you again!”
“No complaints here, Sugarpuff!” He moaned as Natasha started fucking him more wildly as she jumps up and down now.
She leans forward while she goes upwards and backwards as she comes crashing down on his hard shaft.
‘Oh my god! Anyone would think she is truly a pornstar on how good she can fuck sometimes. While she is on top!’ He thought as Natasha was riding his cock in full-motion.
She jumps harder and faster as he almost cums already inside of her, which would have disappointed her. “Don’t cum yet, I know I am good, but we need to fuck more so you can cum in a larger quantity!”

Natasha then jumps off of his cock and sucks it twice to enjoy both of their love juice. She then takes him by the hand and leads him back to the sofar as she was now getting hot, being too close to the fireplace. Firstly, Natasha places the blankets over the whole of the sofa and not where Alan licked her earlier. She then crawls on her hands and knees and shakes her ass clockwise as her husband was taking too long to put his hard member back inside of her lovely sacred-haven. “Natasha! You look so fucking desiring when you do that, and I am so lucky I get to fuck you in this position!”
He then smacks her on her ass a few times and kisses it better as it turns red as a strawberry, “Ouch, baby, but fuck do I love it when you spank me! Do it as you pump me from behind and pull my hair treat me like your little fucktoy!”
‘Holy shit, she is worse than ever today with that dirty mouth she certainly wants it, this afternoon!’
More thunder crackles in the atmosphere as Natasha begins to scream in pleasure as Alan fucks her hard in doggy style; his hard cock goes balls deep inside of her massaging her clitoris at the same time, “YES, YES, ALAN! MMMMM, BABY FUCK MY PUSSY!” She screamed over and over.
Alan hears her moan his name and realises he is doing a good job; he starts to pound her even harder, as Alan yanks back on her hair softly making sure Natasha knows she is his bitch and wife.
“How do you like that, you Bitch!” He said into her ear, as he tilted her head sideways using her hair as his reins.
“Fuck baby, talk dirtier while you make love to me!” moaned Natasha as she enjoys getting fucked like this in her favourite position.
“He feels himself throb inside of her; he slows down to recover, but Natasha starts to move her hips clockwise.
“Mmmmm, Natasha!” He moans as he lets her fuck him for a bit gently while he tries to calm down.
Alan removes his dick from her pussy as she almost made him cum again.
“Baby what are you doing, I want to fuck!” She screamed.
“You made me cum almost again. You are too good, flip over I want to look into your eyes when I cum deep into your womb!”

Natasha turns on her side though, ‘Oh she wants me to cuddle her in spoon first, she utterly wants me to build a lot of cum up this afternoon!’ he thought as he slides back into her resting beside her as he nibbles on Natasha sweet neck.
“MMMM I wanted to feel you close to me. Also, I can turn around while you cum like this!”
“No Baby! You need be on your back. Now let me fuck you like this until I get close again!”
As he starts to move his hips in circles over her ass while he massages every inch of the insides of her pussy; Alan keeps nibbling on her neck and earlobes. It forces Natasha to moan in pleasure as her lovely warm sanctuary gets made love to and her weak spot is getting pleasured at the same time it all gets a bit too much for her, “MMMM, Baby, I am going to cum again!”
She shakes wildly as she beings to climax for the second time as more thunder echoes in the sky shaking the room again, “YES I AM FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN!” She screams as her juices flow over his cock and would have soaked the sofa and ruined it, but they were fucking on top of the blankets.
‘Oh, how I love the feeling of Natasha cum when it flows over my hard cock!” Alan thought to himself as he fucks her through her second-afternoon orgasm. The sound of Natasha squirming in pleasure and the heavy rain was all you could hear in their living room as Natasha somehow got even hornier for Alan.
Natasha flips on her back now and raises her legs as she is ready for him to impregnate her, “Alan now fuck me with all you have left, and cum as deep inside me as you can!”
“Natasha I have a lot of cum ready for you now!” He moaned as he rests her legs on his right shoulder making her tighter.
“MMM, FUCK ME… Alan!” She screams in pleasure wanting to cum a third time already.
Alan fucks her hard and as deep as he can as he throbs now inside her; Natasha feels his balls ready to empty inside of her as she starts to fuck back from below using the same rhythm as Alan.
“Natasha, are you ready Love, to become a Mum!” He yelled as he gets closer to his climax as his cock starts twitching inside of her.
“More than anything in the world. OH FUCK YOU ARE CUMMING I FEEL IT!” Screamed Natasha as she feels the warm sensation of his white liquid shoot to the back of her love cavern several times.
As Natasha feels the hot-semen inside of her, it bursts her into another orgasm where she goes utterly mental with ecstasy as Alan holds her tightly while she bucks and shakes on her vertebrate. “FUCK ALAN, I told you no one makes me cum more than you do, fuck three orgasms in one session. I love you so much!”
Alan then empties every last drop of himself inside of her as she rests her legs on his shoulders for several minutes before he places her down. The cum went so deep inside her you could not see any inside of her pussy even when she spread her legs.
“I think it should work this time, Natasha!” He said as he kisses her on the lips, they then fall asleep together by the fireplace.

Three weeks later Natasha had felt some nausea in the morning a few times, and she decided to visit her private doctor secretly. She did want to take a test and get disappointed again. “Natasha, you are not sick, quite the opposite you are healthy and now about to give life to another!” Said her doctor after doing tests on her. “Oh my god… am I finally pregnant after three long months of trying!”
She then leaves the doctor’s clinic and drives home in her crimson-coloured Ford Puma and awaits for her husband to tell him the news, “Alan, I got a secret to share with you!”
“What is it?” he asked.
“You are going to be a daddy, I am one month pregnant, and I didn’t even know it, I just went to doctors as I was sick again this morning!”
He embraces her tight and places his hand on her tummy, “I wonder if its a boy or a girl, Tashy?”
“I hope its a little princess, but if its a boy he can be my prince too! We need to wait a bit to find out!”

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