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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Book 2 – Chapter 9 – The Diamond Edge!

Karna steps out into the junction, and she notices that the dungeon takes a left turn when she looks towards the east. However, when the protector faced the west, she saw the passage go to the west; but, only a few paces before it turned right. Karna decides to go the right and check that corridor first; she hand-gestures for the party to follow her.
The four champions then traverse around the next turning, and they see it goes left again meeting back at the stone stairs.
“What the hell!” Shouted a frustrated Karna as she clenches her fist in anger.
“KARNA, chill out this is a puzzle, look there is some writing on the wall, it reads, ‘Clockwise!’ I think we need to go the other way around!” Replied Sana in her infinite wisdom.
“Sana could be right we did walk anti-clockwise!” Answered Rheill as he butts into the conversation.
Isai remains silent, and then he decides to add his own input to the conversation, “Why, don’t we start from where it says, ‘Clockwise’ and do what it says?”
“Well… we cannot go anywhere else!” Said Karna as she raises her white glowing shield, which she still thinks looks fantastic.
Sana casts her advanced light spell to refresh it’s duration, as Karna starts leading the party clockwise. Shortly after, the adventurers go all the way around the squared corridor, which went round a large block of solid grey rock. Little did they all know, but they activated a hidden trigger. Even though the dungeon looked the same. The party happened to no longer be standing in the same area.

Karna leads the party clockwise again, and they notice something that was not there before, “This golden lock was not here before!” said Karna in surprise.
The lock appeared precisely the same as the ones on the Choose your Fate room back on floor two. The keyhole’s plate got carved into a wall at around head height of the dungeon; however, the party seemed to have no way of activating it. The champions had to seek answers elsewhere or to find a key to insert into the device.
“Well, Karna keep going, and see if we end up in a different area!” Urged Sana.
Karna heeds the advice of her party member and treads slowly and cautiously around another full cycle. The champions of light then arrive in a brand new chamber.

Suddenly a giant wasp appears from nowhere. Next, it flies boldly up to Rheill’s face in an attempt to sting him; however, its stinger could not penetrate his plated helmet. Isai attempts to shoot the wasp, but it evades the quarrel. Abruptly after the metallic sound of it echoed throughout the labyrinth, as it bounced off the grey wall.
Sana murmurs the runes of Oh Kath Ra, “Everyone move, back!” Screamed Sana, as she unleashes a ball of devastating lighting that bounces off the wall and strikes the giant yellow and white insect. The wasp is electrocuted, and it falls down to the ground. Karna takes no prisoners and jabs it with her delta sword, green blood splatters on the ground.
“Well, that takes care of the wasp, Good job Sana!” Praised her new lover.
Sana smiles at Isai, and then she speaks clearly, “Let’s investigate where it possibly came from!”
They notice and old cane lying in the corner, where they finished off the wasp. The staff got constructed from oak, and it looked just like a regular walking stick. Sana scanned it for magical properties, but found nothing; It seemed the staff was worthless. So the party decided to leave it, and move on with their quest.
They end up in a fourth section, this time they find a closed metal door. It appeared made from reinforced iron, and with four grey square designs, which fitted the middle of it. Also, around the shapes were lighter shades of white; there looked to be a keyhole to right of the door as well.
“The door is locked, we must search the areas we have visited for both of the hidden keys. If this puzzle is a clock, we should eventually arrive back at the stairs where we entered the floor!” Explained Sana to the group.
She flicks back her long blonde locks, as they were getting in her eyes, she then winks at Isai to get this divided attention. Karna sees this and smiles, as she understood that same feeling when she officially got together with Rheill. She then leads the party around the squared-circle puzzle room, and they indeed return to the first region with the stairs in the bottom right corner.
“Karna, We should go back to the place we encountered that giant wasp. It must have been guarding something!” Suggested Sana.
Karna makes eye contact, and the agreement became visible as if someone had written on her face with a quill. She leads them past the golden lock part of the clock puzzle to the third area where they encountered the giant insect.
They walk anti-clockwise and Sana spots a loose rock. She says, “This is a hidden switch. However, it looks a lot different from what we have found in the past!” Explained Sana, as she points a the oddly shaped rock.

Karna presses the loose part of the wall in, and it makes a different type of clicking sound. Nothing appeared to have happened in their vicinity. Karna wandered ahead and entered the final area with the locked door alone. Shortly, after the rest, her comrades join her. Suddenly Rheill notices a shiny object resting in the southern passage opposite to where the gate is
“Rheill!” Shouted Karna, as she saw him run there not realising what he was up to.
“Chill out, Darling. I was grabbing the golden key that mysteriously appeared here!”
Karna Shrugs, “You could have just told us, you know!”
“Listen to your woman, Rheill!” Replied Isai, as he laughed at Karna telling him off.
‘Well, least I made Isai laugh. He has been a lot less serious, especially now he is dating Sana. He has changed so much, since the day we set out on this long journey!’ Thought Karna to herself.
Rheill checks to see if the key would fit into lock next to the iron door with the white and grey design. However, it appeared it was not a match, but he already knew that “Rheill, you know this for golden lock right!” Said Sana mockingly.
“What is this pick on Rheill day!” Said Rheill, and it made everyone laugh.
“It has been a while since we all had a laugh!” Replied Karna.
Next, she urges him to walk with her to the golden plated keyhole section. The adventurers traversed around the squared-circular clock puzzle wandering the corridors. Rheill then places the key in the lock, and it locks into place. Something happened elsewhere again in one of the other sections.
Once more, they traverse around the corridor until they reach the next region of the clock puzzle.
“Treasure Chest!” Yelled Rheill.
Rheill does not open it, but investigates it more firmly; However, he does not find any signs of traps. Karna checks it over as a backup plan, she also finds nothing and then allows Rheill to open it.
They find a grey key with a cross design etched into the top of it. The ends of the unlocking-object looked as regular, with an extended part to where you would insert it into a lock.
Rheill gives the key to Karna, as she has always looked after them. Next, Karna places it in her pouch for quick access; she knew she would use it in the next area.
The adventurers soon came to the iron door with the grey squares and white-coated lines on the outside. Karna opens the lock, and they progress into a new area it then hits a crossroads.

“Maybe that’s why it was a cross key, due to the three ways we can choose from. May I suggest we leave the closed wooden door, for now, it has a button on it though.” Asked Sana.
“Yeah, we need to check for roaming enemies!” Replied Karna using her leadership and pass knowledge.
Karna chooses to look right and follows a damp tunnel which went around a few turns going from left to right until it leads to a hardwood constructed door. It had a semi-circular window with two bards descending forming lattice type effect. There was another small orange coated square to operate the door.
“Let’s take a quick peek, I will guard the rear!” Said Karna.
Rheill opens the door, and they see another zig-zagged corridor with large holes carved into walls on each corner.
“Do not go in there yet, it looks to be a nasty trap set by the Lord of Chaos!” Stressed Isai as he slurs and stutters his delivery of the sentence.
“Rheill close it for now!” Declared, Karna.
He obeys his lover and pushes the button again, causing the door to come crashing down, which alerted two giant wasps to come buzzing at the party. Sana detected them ahead of time this time and conjured a medium-sized fireball. Her potent ball of incinerating flames roasted the flying pests alive. It explodes with such force and destruction, making a horrendous racket that echoed for eternity throughout the jagged hallway. The foundations even shook, but the dungeon was unaffected. The champions were relieved, or they would have been buried alive by the rubble.
“More of these pesky stinging wasps. We need to be prepared as they are fast and once they get too close Sana is unable to use her destructive magic!” Stressed Isai.
“Well, let’s check the other route before tackling any of these areas within the doors!” Suggested Karna as she leads them back towards the crossroads.

The protector makes them follow carefully, as she wanders the unexplored corridor. It takes a turn to left. Next, there is a small puddle on the floor, Karna decided to step around it. After that appeared a left intersection, which leads to the reinforced brown coloured door. It had three beams in total, one going across the top and another at the bottom with nails in it. Additionally, the last got flawlessly attached between the upper and lower in a diagonal manner, thus preventing it from being cut through with an axe.
“Leave that door as well for now!” Said Rheill in a gruff voice.
Karna hand gestures for the group to stay close to her; she eventually leads them into a dead-end. It forces the party to backtrack to the reinforced door.

Karna pushes the button with her index finger, and the door slowly rattles open, revealing a squared room. A flaming sword rests on the ground; also, there is a niche in the top right corner of the tiny chamber.
“Sana, why don’t you take that magical sword, it doesn’t seem too heavy, and I will train you how to wield it later tonight. I will teach you the ways of Rune, much like I did with Rheill!” Explained Karna in detail.
“Sure, I would love some girl time, and maybe I can teach you a bit about how we cast in Magika. It is very different from the way the runes work in here!” Replied Sana in a cheerful tone.
Sana picks up the sword and notices it is not as heavy as Karna’s Delta sword or the falchions she wielded earlier.
“This sword looks so cool, and it does not feel hot on the hilt, but I don’t dare to touch the flaming part. Even though this is a magical sword, it will not hurt ghosts or entities from the ethereal plane!”
Isai notices a secret button in the dead-end while the two females were chatting amongst themselves. He pushes the mechanism, and a faint rumbling resonates in the distance.
“Let’s recheck the dead-end!” Said Rheill after hearing the quiet noise.
“Okay, darling!” Replied Karna, as she leads the party out the small room; she then closes the automatic door.

After a short while, they notice the passage had expanded into a longer dead-end. Sana searches and uses the aid of her scanning technique, she also sees her flaming sword creates the fireball spell at the mid-range rune level. Next, she finds a small hole with a button hidden inside of it. She presses it in with the pointed end of her fiery sword, and the wall opens further.
“The Skeleton key for this floor. There can only be one or two more as that express stairway went down to floor fourteen, where we heard the roar of that unknown colossal beast!” Explain Karna shuddering on the last few words.
“Nothing scares you easily Karna, and the Vextrix mentioned a large monster that prevents Chaos from getting to the power gem!” Replied Isai.
Karna collects the grey coated skeleton key and places it with the two RA keys.
“Let’s open the door, which we haven’t investigated yet!” Asked Karna.
“Yep, will be best to because the other door appears a trap, but could contain something good including the arms of Lyte and Darc!” Said Rheill in a worried tone.

Karna listened to the advice of her friends and decides to open the door they have not gone through yet. Suddenly, they are greeted by a pack of three buzzing yellow and white coloured wasps. They fly towards Karna’s shield of Lyte as she puts it up in front of them like a wall. The three Wasps are unaffected by the white glow. Isai begins to fire his crossbow bolts at them, and he hits one of them as the speed bow had a fast and accurate release. The giant then wasp falls lifelessly to the ground, and Karna stabs it for good measure.
“Nice, Isai! Two left now!” Shouted Sana.
“Karna slam with your shield and I will try to swing my axe into them. Just don’t let them get to Sana or Isai!” Roared Rheill as he readies his hard cleave axe.
The two remaining wasps fly towards Isai, but Karna slams her shiny white bulwark into them both. Rheill then swings his axe and catches one of them slicing it in two. Sana fires a large poison bolt, which hits flawlessly and hit knocks the insect of balance. The flying menace almost reached her; however, Karna then thrusts into its white wings from behind to protect Sana. With its wings damaged, it falls to the ground and shrieks in pain. “Let me put this creature out of its misery! Saia Isai.
Isai then smashes the head of his mace of order onto it, which squashes it like a bug.
“Take that stupid that you Wasps!” Said Karna.
The champions then peer into where the wasps came from and enter another crossroads with 3 portcullises. However, this time appeared a circular design, and it looked very different. A crossed lattice got carved across the centre of it, rather than the standard squared design.
All three of the gates were locked tightly by three locks on the right dungeon wall. The mechanisms, which barred the party’s progress were the shape of a cross. Although conveniently another cross key lied in the centre of the three different pathways.
The champions had to make a choice which door they would open.
“Leave this decision for tomorrow. Let’s go through the trapped chamber as we may not be able to come back here. Also, we should not unlock the door, as we cannot close it again. The dungeon is designed this way, but why? That question we cannot answer, or been able to since the start of our descent!” Explained Karna.
Sana speaks to Isai, “Isai, I think they are not fireball shooters they look two big. It could be something else. I will use the staff if we get in trouble forming that barrier I used against the beholder ambush on the floor above.”
Isai responds to Sana, “Sana, we still have four anti-venom potions if they are poison cloud or bolt shooters!”
“Looks like we are well-prepped for this trap. Let’s investigate beyond the traps then!” Replied Rheill.

The four adventurers of light retraced their steps until they reached the ominous-looking jagged corridor beyond the hardwood door. Karna boldly steps through archway and close to the gigantic carved holes within the first two walls. However, nothing happens, so they move slowly through the dark and damp corridor. A strange chill runs through Karna’s body, as she feels something maybe a miss in the area.
The party reaches the end of it after going through a couple of jagged turns back and forth. They see a magnificent sword resting in an alcove. Karna examines it slowly but does not touch it. The blade got constructed via a precious material that looked to be as robust as pure diamonds. The hilt was made of mithril.
“Karna doesn’t touch the sword, but we need it. I remember vaguely the former hero wielded this same blade!” Said Sana.
“If I put my Delta Sword down then take the new blade, the trap might not go off!” Replied Karna.
“That’s a bright idea, but I need to be ready in case something happens. Also, have someone else do it, so you can guard us against the holes behind us with your Lyte shield!” Suggested Sana.
“I will do it, Pass me your delta sword, Darling!” Said Rheill.
Karna smiles at him, calling her a sweet pet name. Next, she passes him her sword, and he places it on alcove, and nothing happens.
“Rheill take the blade!” Said Karna.

Rheill takes the diamond crafted sword and even with her old sword resting in the alcove, it sets off the trap. Karna quickly blocks the two poison darts with her protective guard. A highly large toxic rain cloud shoots onto the party and starts hurting the party.
“Now we know what creatures felt under this spell, Stand close to me if you want to live!”
The champions suffer in agony until Sana creates a barrier, that shields the party from any remaining rain. Karna Rheill quickly washes all the vile green liquid from Isai’s Skin.
The two fighters were able to withstand it a lot more wearing their armour. Rheill lifts his visor so Isai can give him his antidote for the rains poison. He provides the anti-venom glass bottle to Sana next, as she began struggling to keep the spell channelling.
This removed the traces of toxin from her bloodstream, and she made the barrier even stronger with all the energy she mustered. The Toxic rain cloud got smaller over time. Isai finally gave the anti-toxin potion to Karna. All they could do now was hope Sana’s spell lasted longer than the remaining venomous rainfall. The Toxic puddle evaporated pretty fast once water could not get inside of Sana’s circular magical barrier.
“I can’t hold on much longer, but we move into a corner the cloud is small now!” Urged Sana, as she drops the shield before she passes out from overstraining herself.
The Champions remained trapped in the corner, But Karna grasps her diamond Edge sword and feels the power of Lyte flowing through it.
The cloud subsides, but now they have to figure out how to get out of this area alive. The warrior of light look at each other and know they survived a dangerous poisonous trap left by the Lord of Chaos.
Karna steps boldly forward and activates a further trap.

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