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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Book 2 – Chapter 8 – Sana’s Courage!

“SANA PLEASE FORGIVE ME!” Yelled Karna in despair.
“KARNA FOCUS, SUGARPUFF. It could go for them. We need to intercept and find its weakness!” screamed Rheill as he enters a controlled barbarian rage.
Next, Isai rushes to her aid, and he quickly drags her out of the way as far as his strength could muster.

The battle against the colossal scorpion raged on. Rheill swings at the scorpion with his axe, but he is unable to damage its body. Karna then slashes at the scorpions tail; she realises it is the most dangerous weapon it possesses.
The delta sword cuts off the extensive tail, and Rheill’s parries it away with his two-handed axe. Green blood pours from the scorpion, but it does not stop attacking Karna. The protector uses stillness to anticipates next moves; therefore, she keeps blocking and parrying against the fury of the enraged scorpion.
“That’s it, Karna, use your gift of stillness. I know how to guard that attack on the next one if there are more. But, we will discuss it after we slay this foul fiend!” Shouted Rheill.
“Least its pincers are its only weapon, but god damn it is radically fast it completely caught us off guard, I dread there are more too guarding these cursed hallways!”
Karna watches its attack patterns continuing to use her art of stillness. Although she can’t seem to find a weak spot other than back where the tail was cut off.
“Rheill, attack its back now, it’s trying to go for Isai and Sana!” Screamed Karna in despair, she jumps in its path and bashes the head with her bulwark.
It knocks her down and starts to relentlessly attach her, but she blocks and parries on her back with everything she has. Karna rolls to the right and thrusts upwards with her delta sword piercing its head, which seemed to be another weak spot on the massive beast. The golden-coated scorpion shrieks again in pain and Rheill then jumps and mounts the massive arachnid species. He starts chopping away at the head and eventually the two of the slay the dangerous monster. Next, Rheill helps Karna up, and she rushes to tend to Sana, who she thought she had failed epically.

Moments ago, while Sana and Rheill were fighting the new deadly beast, Isai applies pressure onto the wound. Next, he tells her to stop rolling about on the ground and be brave like Karna was when she got burnt by the rock-pile. “Sana, drink quickly, girl, I will sort the bleeding out.” Stressed Isai, and he then Yells, “Karna and Rheill you have to deal with the scorpion alone. Sana will die if I don’t treat stop her haemorrhaging.
Next Isai holds her head up delicately, cradling the back of it; Sana parts her dry lips and drinks the antidote. Isai then applies full pressure with his left hand on her left punctured shoulder. Finally, he makes a bandage with some of the cloth from his grey robes revealing his left shoulder
Sana tells Isai to help them, “Sana, you will die. They are doing well they cut its tail off. I trust Karna even though she failed to defend that unguardable attack. I trust you and Rheill with my life too. Drink the VI potion, so your pain eases it worked on Karna’s red scar!”
“Thank you, Isai you are… being so sweet. We will talk later about us!”
“Rest Sana please!” Whispered Isai, as he seals the wound tighter, she screams in agony only for a bit. Next, Sana’s pain vanishes from her body, but she looks at how big the bandage is. She had lost a lot of blood, but Isai acted quickly as the party’s healer and saved her life.
‘I am in his debt… he could have easily let me die for friend-zoning him!’ Thought Sana, as she laid their peacefully, but in the back of her mind, doubts slowly creep toward her heart, about Karna’s abilities as their protector.
Isai and Sana both hear a racket as the giant scorpion came crashing down to the ground after Rheill mounted it.

Next, Karna rushed to check on Sana’s health. At first, Sana pushes her away, “Karna you are meant to protect us, now look at me. I almost died!”
Next, Karna then bursts into tears at her failure; also, she felt she made a bad call to fall back. Ever since Gothmog named her the chosen one, nothing but bad luck as fallen onto Karna.
“Sana, Karna is not to blame here. The scorpion ambushed us smashing the portcullis, making us move behind her shield. I saw the attack that hit you it used both pincers and its tail. No one person could guard against that, no matter if they were enhanced by her father’s alchemy!” Said Isai.
“Sana, Karna had trouble guarding against the pincers once she cut its large tail off. The plan I have now is, I will guard the tail while she blocks the pincers with her shield and both of you must stand further back!” Replied Rheill.
Sana finally lets Karna cuddle her and accepts her apology.
“Another thing, Sana. Karna saved your life it poised its tail at your throat. She deflected it towards the top of your shoulder. If anything I should have stopped that attack!” Said Rheill.
“Sana, Isai is a tremendous healer. I thought I had lost you today, due to my incompetent defensive reflex. But now Isai and Rheill have explained what they have, I feel better now!” Said, Karna.
Sana begins to wipe the tears away, “Do not ruin that pretty face of yours. It was wrong of me to yell at you. I still believe in you… it was Chaos putting doubts in my mind since the last two battles with the larger creatures!”
“I will make both of you speed potions, and the anti-venom appeared to work against the scorpion’s venom. Sana has not collapsed or started shaking violently. I would suggest we rest, but we have to retreat back to the wooden locked door. If there are more scorpions, the left gate got completely destroyed, and monsters would kill us in our sleep!” Explained Isai.

Karna gets the rat meat, which they wrapped into drumsticks out of Sana’s rucksack. She prepares the food using a torch from Isai. Sana puts on a brave face and a tiny bit of her energy, as she lost a lot of blood from her wound.
“Darling, try to eat, or you will get sicker!” Said, Karna.

“Rheill and Karna can you give Isai and me some alone time?”
They both answer with “Sure you can have the room, and we will spend some time together where the monsters cannot pass.
‘Oh wonder if Sana is giving Isai a second chance because she is in debt to him’ Thought Karna silently as holds her lover’s hand as they exit the small room.
Karna and Rheill enjoy the alone time. Rheill tells her to relax, and they make sweet love to each other. It really helps take the protectors mind off at failing her role.

Meanwhile, Isai and Sana could hear Karna getting into it with Rheill, “Oh my goodness Karna is getting some again. I don’t blame her Rheill is hot!” Chuckled Sana
She then speaks again, “Isai, thank you for saving my life, and I am in debt to you. Can you promise me you will never take advantage of me or look at Karna or another woman if I am your lady?”
‘Oh by the Gods, did I just ask him out!’
“Sana, I promise that I will never hurt you again. I would rather die than be that jealous dickhead again. I owe this to you for helping me become a better person. Also, we can take it as slow, and at your pace, sweetheart!” Replied Isai.
“Aww, now that was sweet. Let’s have one kiss, and then you can cuddle me for the rest of the night!” Said Sana, as she closes her eyes.
Isai leans in and pushes his lips, Sana feels his whiskers of his sinister-looking moustache and beard as it brushes against her soft skin.
‘Oh, he is not bad at French kissing for a virgin!’
Both of them break their kiss, “Not bad Isai, you learn quickly, that was a good kiss for the first time, as when you forced yourself on me, you got no emotion back. See this why I don’t understand men that do that!”
“I still feel awful about doing those things in the past. Let’s look to the future now. Please rest on my chest as Karna does with Rheill you have been through a lot today. Sana you are much braver than me, The couatl bite was nothing compared to that. That tail was like god damn needle when it pierced your delicate skin.”
“I have never felt pain and agony like that. I wonder if it was worse than Karna’s burn because that made her cry, and that’s the first time I have ever seen Karna cry from discomfort. Even when she got stabbed, she shook it off, even if the mithril armour protected her.”
“Sana the Vi potion is only temporary let me know if you need another, but hopefully the pain will be bearable by then!”
“Good night, Isai!”

Meanwhile, Rheill and Karna fell asleep together with Karna resting on top of him fully naked. Karna did not care both Rheill and Isai had both seen her full frontal figure. Additionally, she knew deep down Isai wanted Sana and wouldn’t risk it again peeking at her.

“Isai let me go check on them in case they slept naked. I wouldn’t want Karna to have a go at you again for spying!” Said Sana laughing.
“Well It would be dark, oh they took the torch with them!”
“Sana how do you feel?”
“Drowsy still. I think I lost more blood than we thought, but my heart should pump more over time. I will take it easy with spellcasting for a few days!”
Karna and Rheill wait for Sana and Isai. They were dressed in their protective gear once they woke up from their slumber.
Sana arrives by herself. “I came alone incase you were naked. I heard you two romping again!”
“Am I really that loud?” Said Karna blushing red like a strawberry.
“Yes, you are. Rheill must be very good at it!” Chuckled Sana, which makes Rheill even blush.
“Let’s go get Isai and continue our journey. Sana, don’t push yourself. I can see you are off-balance!”
“I promise I won’t. Isai and I have decided to make a go of it now. I kissed him last night, but that’s all that happened. I am too weak to do anything else!”
“The thought never even crossed my mind Sana!” Giggled Karna.

Sana leads them back, and the party is united. They take a quick drink before setting back to explore the tunnels inside of the smashed portcullis.
Karna treads even extra carefully. All of the adventures drink their speed potions, and Isai keeps the bottles well-stocked as they investigate the hallways.
“Karna, this is where we first encountered that vile beast!” Explained Isai.
Karna treads ever so lightly, keeping silent. Next, she hand-gestures for them to move slowly. Terror appears to be on the mind of the protector, ‘I must get better, but this time I will lean on Rheill more versus the next scorpion!’ Thought to herself, as she turns the left corner.
Next, the adventurers were greeted with a right-handed intersection. A couple of lanterns made this area brighter than usual, the black, yellow glow of them gave off a pleasant warm sensation and radiating feeling.
“The first time there has been any light underground, tread carefully!” Said Sana in a worried tone.
Next, Karna leads them down the intersection into another tunnel, but it leads them all the way back to the entrance.
“The correct way is west then!” Said Rheill in an annoyed tone.
“Least we know that we won’t get backstabbed or ambushed!” Replied Karna, as she draws her sword, ready to move into the unexplored corridor next to the lantern.

The passage then traverses around a curvy arc and heads in a south-westerly direction. Next, the tunnel then heads towards two more opened door frames; however, this time, they were off of a corridor rather than a small chamber. Karna closes the right door and then walks along the dark hallway and through the left door.
“Watch out, this place is a labyrinth, and the corridors are all open, and monsters can move freely between sections. Chaos purposely left these doors open for the Scorpions to ambush people!” Said Sana, and she shudders on the last few words.
Sana looks at her injured shoulder, which was bandaged; although she remains strong-willed.
“Karna check the west passage, as I think we have to go north now!” Suggested Sana.
“I think northeast to be precise, Sana!” Added Isai.
Karna decided to take the advice of her two party members. The corridor leads to a dead-end. However, there appeared a crimson coloured skull, which seemed to get flawlessly constructed into the dungeon wall. “Well, we found the shortcut to get more water. Nonetheless, we need to find where the skeleton key is hidden!” Declared, Karna.

Suddenly the noise of another scorpion could be heard, but they were unable to get out of the dead-end; nonetheless, it actually works in the champion’s favour as they greeted at the end of the corridor.
It would have to go through and Karna and Rheill before it could get to them. Fear got bestowed into Sana, as she froze with fright for a few seconds.
“Be Brave, Sana!” Said Isai softly as he holds her hand briefly; this made her feel more at ease.
“Karna, I got the tail to defend the pincers!” Shouted Rheill.
As he raises his two-handed axe ready to parry the attack that got Sana. The giant scorpion tries the triple attack again to get Karna exposed throat, Karna blocks the two pincers, and Rheill deflects the tail with the axe. The colossal beast gets stunned as Karna shield slams it in the head, and they both move. “Now, Isai!” Shouted Karna.
Isai uses his new bow and unleashes three metal crossbow quarrels in quick succession that pierce the cranium of the massive scorpion. It shrieks in pain, but it still managed to survive, but not for long as Rheill and Karna had revenge on their minds.
They perform their high and low grand cross attack on the exposed skull of the deadly arachnid species; suddenly, the scorpion lied motionless on the floor. The combined tactics of the party proved even as severe as those beasts are they can be slain easier, with a cohesive effort.
“Well, that went a lot better. I think you can reuse those bolts if you pull them out, Isai!” Suggested Sana.
‘I must overcome my fear of these creatures. I froze last battle, but I am also still too weak to use any big offensive spells!”
“Guys, do you mind if we take a break, I feel dizzy all of a sudden?” Asked Sana politely.
“Yes, of course, sweetheart. You lost a lot of blood, I know we will use more food if we progress slower. Your health is our primary concern, as is of every member of this party!” Replied Karna in a friendly tone.
“Yes, Karna is right. I know, I worry about food a lot, but you are the most precious thing to me now, Sana. Before I let jealously control me and that’s why I tried to break you two up. I thought you should know the honest truth to why I spied on Karna!” Confessed Isai.
“All this is in the past, let’s find a better place to set up camp. Let’s close that door and camp far away. Additional scorpions then won’t smash it down if we remain hidden from view.” Said Karna, but still not one hundred per cent okay with being the victim of a jealously act.
Rheill noticed Karna seemed to be at peace with what happened after they made love. He knows his woman is stunning and more men will probably try the same thing after the quest is over.
They set up camp for a few hours to let Sana rest a tad with Isai.

‘Well, Sana seems happy with him even after he forced himself onto her. I just hope she isn’t doing this just because she would have died without him!’ Though Rheill to himself.
“What’s the matter Rheill, sweetie?” Asked Karna.
“Nothing just thinking about how she said she would never forgive him, and now they are an item!” Whispered Rheill.
“It’s none of our business unless it affects our safety and team effort. Today we seemed closer than ever, and this scares Theron and Chaos for sure!” Said Karna quietly as she holds Rheill’s hand and moves him closer to them.
Next, they all sit around the campfire, being in their own relationships. All four champions felt happy, and they exchanged more tales of their past. The adventurers did not eat yet to use the same amount of food per day, but they had a small drink until Sana opened her mouth to speak.
“Let’s carry on… I feel fetter now after drinking some water.
“Okay Sana, if you feel you need rest. Please do not hesitate to speak up again!” Said Isai as he cuddles her before getting up.

Karna leads the group out of the dead-end from the entrance of it; Isai pulls his iron quarrels from the head of the deceased scorpion. He then all three of his crossbow bolts back into his quiver, as he follows Karna down the northern corridor. The dungeon hallway then takes a sharp ninety-degrees turn to the right and heads in an easterly direction. Karna remembers that the southern side-passage lead back to the first door. So she decided to carry walking past it until they reach yet another corner, which branched off towards the left. The protector hand signals to stop, “Let me scout ahead a bit!” She whispered quietly.

Karna treads carefully, as she comes across another side turning heading towards the right, the corridor then continued and turned to the left in an arc. However, there was nothing there, So Karna returned the group and said quietly, “All clear, so we need to go right!”

The four champions of light traverse down the tunnel and they witness a junction in front of them. Karna walks out into the intersection, and suddenly a crossbow bolt flies out of nowhere and pierces her metallic protective bulwark, as she raised it behind herself. Nevertheless, only the tip of it went through the shield; although Karna knew she must replace it with a better protective guard.
Suddenly they hear footsteps, which sounded like rattling bones; the sound slowly grew louder every second. The party soon came to the realisation that it was two skeleton arm with regular crossbows. Karna had stepped back out of the corridor, the bony archers did not stand much of a chance. Both Karna and Rheill charge the skeleton, as the skeletal minions had no protective guards, unlike the skeletal warriors. The front-line fighters forced them the ground, and they dispatched them fast targeting their craniums.
The undead marksmen were carrying extra iron quarrels; Isai hastily grabbed hold of them and placed them in his quiver.
“Now we have ranged enemies we need to be extra careful. My shield has also seen better days. I hope I can find a new one soon!” Stressed Karna.
She treaded with a distinctive purpose and extra caution, as she wanted to explore both directions from the junction. Karna encountered no ambushes or surprises this time, she then motions for the group to join her in the passage.
They check the southern route, and it leads to an opened door-frame. Next, Rheill sequentially wandered off down the northern corridor, and it leads to another opened gateway leading to another area.
“Close the doors and just open one of them!” Said Rheill with a stern tone.
“Let’s open the Southern one as it cannot go far, as we already came from there before we went west!” Explained Isai, as he referred to his extraordinary memory banks.

Karna wields her sword over her head as she explores the tunnels beyond the opened door frame. Rheill closed the other door, which made quite a racket. A Portcullis now barred the northern entrance into the area where Karna started to investigate.
Sana notices a small red button that was camouflaged as the same colour as the dungeon wall before a dead-end. The end of the passage took a left turn after walking a few tiles southwards.
“Karna, there is a switch here, but we need to check if any more monsters are roaming freely. You almost got shot in the head moments ago!” Explained Sana convincingly.
“Yeah, I can hear something behind that wall. I cannot quite make out what it is!” Replied Karna, as she kept herself in her offensive stance.
Next, The chosen one leads her party to the north, until the champions reached an intersection that headed right.

Before the four adventurers of light were able to make a choice, another colossal scorpion crawled down the tunnel. It had its tail raised against the ceiling. Rheill closes in next to Karna to get the position to slice its deadliest weapon from it. However, the scorpion turned to Rheill and uses its tail. Rheill parries the blow, but the force knocks him down.
“Rheill! Sana and Isai stand far back!” Yelled Karna,
‘I cannot fear these forever. I have learned to defend against them on my own too!’ Thought the protector, as she shifted battle stances.
The scorpion went straight to its triple attack, Karna blocked the left pincer with her shield, Parried the right with her sword, and then swerves her body avoiding the tail all in quick succession.
Shouted Sana, as she once again fully believed in Karna. She uses every ounce of fibre and being that she has, channelling her inner courage as her hands glow of ember as he prepares her fist Mon sized fireball. Sana releases all her energy, and the fiery ball of flames passes over Karna, as she continued to roll on the floor towards Sana. Rheill got back to his feet and then leaned against the wall to avoid the incinerating essence of Sana’s incredibly strong cast. The scorpion bursts into flames, but it still kept coming towards Karna.
Sana then collapses with exhaustion and lies unconscious on her right side on the ground; her staff then echoes as it lands on the dungeon floor.
“SANA! RHEILL, RUN!” Screamed Karna in despair as she could do nothing, but watch the scorching hot scorpion get closer to her man.
“That creature is insane, it should have died!” Yelled Isai, as he takes the only cause of action he could and fires an iron quarrel over Karna and to the left of Rheill, and it lands into the fiery head. Alas, he lost his crossbow bolt in the massive fire. However, he managed to stop the colossal beast from burning Karna asunder.
“Sana passed out, she spent too much energy, but my girl’s courage is unparalleled to anyone I have met other than your kind heart Karna!” Explained Isai.
“Sana Saved us, she really did there. If the scorpion turned to Rheill after I would have been powerless to stop ii, she dispatched it almost with a single spell. Sana’s magical powers grow stronger every day, but she gravely wounded due to my incompetent defending of the first of their kind!”
“You are wrong, Karna you deflected that tail from puncturing her throat. Even I would not have been able to save her. Do not put yourself down. I know that’s what Rheill is thinking, right now!” Said Isai, attempting to make Karna feel better.
“That is Sweet Isai. You have changed a lot since the last week. Now go look after, Sana, as she needs your help!” Replied Karna.
“It is not safe here, so we need to carry Sana to somewhere safer. It is far to walk back maybe we can find a shortcut. Every floor has had a shortcut of in one form or another!” Said Rheill explaining the predicament that they are in.
“Let Rheill carry her, she is simply resting right?” Asked Karna softly.
“Yes, and I am fine with him carrying her. I know, Rheill, only has eyes for you, Karna. I have known that since the beginning of our journey. Let’s head west and see if we can find a more secure room!”
Karna marks the dungeon wall in front of the opened portcullis with her sword. She draws an X symbol, so they can find the secret camouflaged button.
Isai gives Sana to Rheill to carry; her eyelids remained tightly shut as lied in Rheill’s arms. It brought back a short memory of Karna when he held her after she got burnt by a monstrous rock pile. She smiles, and says “Take good care of her Rheill, I need to lead us to a safe-haven!”
Karna takes the point again and cautiously walks down the western passageway. She ignores the northern intersection and continues down, which looks to be another main corridor. She then sees a small turning to the left, which lead to a tiny room. Although it was open, it was guardable, until Isai spots a red cross button. “Karna, I know you said never push a red button… but we are out of options here!” Said Rheill in a stern tone.
“Do it! I will fight to down my last breath if we spring a trap!” Replied Karna.

Isai presses the button, and it opens a dark blue vortex. Karna decides to see where it leads to, and she finds herself in the room where Rheill got his leg plate from. Next, Karna returns and tell them to come through vortex; the party then arrived in the room. Isai was indeed right about every floor having some form of a short cut. Rheill gentle places Sana down and Isai pulls her on top of him so she can rest on his chest.
“Rheill we should take shifts, something may be able to move through that vortex/portal. You rest first Rheill. I can prepare food, or we can wait until Sana recovers her strength?” Explained Karna, while she takes off her helmet.
“We can wait for a little, even if we are starving!” Said Isai.
Rheill decides to remove his protective headpiece as well to give him more comfort he rests close to Sana and Isai while Karna took the first watch. Karna encountered no hostiles, and then Rheill took the next couple of hours so Karna could get some shut-eye.

Eventually, Sana woke up from her long slumber, “Uh-huh, what happened. The last thing I remembered was casting my first ever Mon sized fireball it looked incredible. I don’t remember the explosion though, I am glad Karna Rheill did not get caught up in either!” Said a startled Sana.
“You over-exerted yourself, Sana. However, Chaos must be scared now you have reached your full potential as a sorceress. You have mastered the fire element. That scorpion survived the blast, but Isai saved us. His marksmanship is as good as our armies scouts and archers!” Explained Rheill.
Karna gets awaken by the sound of voices in the room, “Welcome back, Sana. I will prepare food, just give me what we were supposed to eat yesterday!”
“Thank you, Karna. Also, Karna, that defensive display was in human yesterday you dodged the triple attack alone. I remember that so vividly, Which gave me an adrenaline rush to cast that spell that I know I should not have. However, we won, and I do feel stronger now after resting for a longer period!” Replied Sana, as she pulls out some more rat meat, “Our provisions are getting low again, but let’s worry about it when it runs out we have a week’s worth of rat meat left!”
Karna rations it a bit after hearing what Sana just said. “We will eat half of it and a half today. It will help us preserve it, and we can get some extra rest in that way for you Sana!”
Rheill’s heart melts when he hears our kind his future queen, and he knows she will make an excellent ruler with him in the future.
They all eat and drink the last of their water from their bottles, “Our water has run out too. We need to go back to that switch and see if the skeleton key is hidden there!” Said Karna remembering she marked it with the X.
“Sana this vortex is a shortcut, to quickly fill you in where it came from” Added Karna.

The four champions of light enter the swirling sapphire coated teleporter, and they all emerge back in the main corridor.
“We don’t know what lies further down this tunnel, so Rheill watch the rear guard pretty please!” Asked Karna.
“Sure, Sugarpuff!” Replied Rheill, which made Karna smile, which was visual under her casque’ n’coif helmet.
After several minutes passed, they arrived back at the second portcullis, which separated the two sections of the maze. Karna notices her X that she drew with the pointed end of her delta sword.
Next, she pushes the button, and a wall starts to open upwards next to her.

Karna draws her sword faster than the speed of light, as 3 beholders were sealed away inside the secret corridor. The creatures fire 3 lightning bolts without warning Karna moves back behind the single wall that now remained.
Karna holds her shield up, to defend herself and the party from the explosion, as the/y erupt against the back dungeon wall. The shield shatters into half, Rheill’s plate armour saves him from any damage. The two halves of Karna’s former protective guard bounces of his plated chest armour.
“That was too close. I will have to use more evade moves from now on or parry with my delta sword, which has served me well since floor eight!” Shouted Karna as get’s ready to attack the beholders.
“Karna we really need more space, but all of this area is nothing but corridors. If the Fiery Eyes split up, they will kill us with their bolts from behind or the sides!” Stressed Sana.
“They are coming. Let me kill the beholders I have this speed bow now. Lure them into the intersection, and I will shoot them from the side. They will never see it coming!” Explained Isai hastily.

Karna gives the signal to fall back a bit, She motions Rheill to go with Isai and for Sana to come with her. Karna did not want Sana casting any spells until tomorrow.
The three beholders fly around the corner and home in on Karna, as she baited them with Sana.
“Sana moved with me, I know you can evade like me. You learned by watching me train with Rheill!”
“Left!” Shouted Karna, and they both evade to the left wall.
The flaming eyes just sit back launching bolts trying to tire Karna and Sana out, so they moved into second northern intersection.
The beholders then had no choice but to move down the corridor. Isai shoots one of them right in the eye, and it dies instantly from the force of the iron crossbow bolt. The remaining two beholders fall back. “What intelligence these creatures possess, it is remarkable really!” Screamed Sana in shock.
“But, they are not smarter than us!” Said Karna, as she tries to reassure her.
Rheill tip-toes to edge of the junction and around the dead beholder. He waits patiently for the other two flies further down the passage. However, they do not move.
“Karna where are they?” Shouted Rheill.
“They are just behind the wall, but I don’t want Sana to use her magic until she has rested more other than her light spell.
“I will try to ambush them, but if they get a spell off I am dead, and Isai cannot fire around the corner, but he can go where you are!” Yelled Rheill from the other corridor.
“Rheill, I will go do that, but it might force them back into the dead-end. But if it’s just one beholder, we can rush it after!” Replied Isai as he readies another quarrel.
He moves stealthily down the northern tunnel and back into the main hallway, he hides behind Sana and Karna. He then fires between them, and it lands straight into the Crimson-coated eye and slays another one. The beholder goes to fall back, and Rheill quickly cut it down with his two-handed axe. His weapon looked to start to wear and tear, much like Karna’s former bulwark.
“I got it, but I must find a new weapon soon. I have had this axe since floor four and its starting to break slowly!” Roared Rheill, as he notices the wooden handle is getting looser every battle.
Rheill then gets suddenly excited, “Karna, let’s see what they were guarding… Come, let’s go already!”
“Okay… But what if the loot is for me!” Replied Karna with a smug look on her face.
Rheill chuckles at her, as they both retake the front-lines of the party and wander towards the secret tunnel. They notice a beautiful looking shield resting at the dead end. “By the Gods, maybe I am special my shield broke literally ten minutes ago!”
Karna examines the shield as she picks it up. It is a kite design, with the pointed bottom and semi-circular design with white and blue checker squares painted onto the front of it. Additionally, the shield felt sturdier than ever, and suddenly Karna feels a burst of magical energy flows through her veins. The kite-shield begins to illuminate in a bright opal colour.
“Karna, Let me scan the shield further it could be from an ancient era like Chaos and the lord of order!” Said Sana.
Her eyes glow like sapphires in the night, she is then shocked as she witnesses a vision from the past, “Karna this is one of the arms of Lyte. The previous hero wielded this same shield that defeated Chaos a thousand years ago. Also, there is a second set, which his lover wielded known as the arms of Darc. The combined balance of these 2 sets, armed with the true Firestaff by their sorceress defeated him and sealed him away.
“Now that’s why he wants the staff, as he knows it’s the only thing that can stop him!” Yelled Karna.
“I guess I will wield the Darc set then, the only difference is the chosen one was a man before. I knew it had to be more than fate that bought us together, we are a perfect match. Nothing is stronger than destiny!”
Sana speaks again loud and clear, “Also, in that vision, there was a healer too, but I could not see much, as it mainly showed the hero of light and the other two. Sorry, Isai, but if we can find more of the pristine arms, I can possibly learn more!”
“Sana, I knew all four of us were chosen for a reason. Theron does not realise that he has sealed his master’s fate by picking us. I will be damn if I let this ancient being of Chaos and destruction ruin our world!” Said Karna firmly as she carries her new shiny kite shield!”
“There is another switch here!” Said Sana.
“We would never have found this shield without you or discovered its true purpose, Sana. Also, why was it here? Questions we cannot answer or never know like when my father left, but now I feel like he did it for a good reason!” Said Karna putting on a brave face, as she utters those last words.

Next, Sana presses the switch, but they don’t notice anything at first.
“It opened something, but probably far away for us to hear anything open!” Said Rheill.
“Well, what are we waiting for. Let’s go and investigate!” Replied Karna eagerly hoping to find some more of the Arms of Lyte and information on how they defeated Chaos in the past.

Karna leads the party to the north, and she walks down the hallway until it turns to left. “The passage around this corner to the north was not here for, what gives?” Queried, Karna.
“There is a powerful looking Axe here, well done Sana you gave Karna and I some strong upgrades!” Said Rheill.
Rheill picks up the axe from the ground, and he throws away his damaged weapon. Next, he notices that it is lighter to wield, and the handle is coated in a brown varnish. The head of it is only one-sided where his axe had two blades, but it was much sharper. It is a hard cleave model; which seemed extremely potent for cleaving down foes.
“Well, you finally got a better weapon too, Rheill. Sana is astonishing for finding secret switches. Hopefully, she can lead us to our sets and better weapons for you two as well in the future.
Sana begins to scan the dungeon around where they are, “Wow, we missed the skeleton key it was carried by one of the beholders. I can feel its presence on the ground near the second intersection. It must have dropped from the first one!” Explained Sana as she walks ahead and locates the key.
“Usually, I do not like you guys going ahead of me, but I know this area is clear. Let’s backtrack to the crimson coloured skull lock in the second section of where we fought the scorpion at the dead-end.” Replied Isai.

The protector traverses the labyrinth of corridors and tunnels until she finds her way back with Isai’s guidance. Next, Sana unlocks the passage, and it leads back to express stairway.
They all decided to ascend the stairs and refill their water bottles. The four champions take a long, but much-needed drink from a lion-headed water fountain. They decide to rest in the room for several hours after eating the second half of the rat meat that Karna rationed earlier that day.
All of them awake from their sleepy haze, Especially Sana as she got to get double amount of rest that the other three party members got.

Next, they descend down the express stairway and branch off into the Deceiver of the Snake floor. The party then traverses the maze to the dark blue vortex. They continue walking westerly, and wander around a few tight turns to right until they find a pair of crimson coloured stony steps leading deeper into the labyrinth.
“Well, we have completed floor nine now. How deep does this place truly go!”
The party tread boldly down the steps as they now know they must search for the Arms of Lyte and Darc. Also, the champions know that Sana will be the one to banish Chaos with the Firestaff once they enhance it with the Power Gem. Isai still does not understand his role adequately, but he so wishes to find out, and sooner than later.

The Adventures then look upon the regular grey-coated walls of the dungeon. The party must decide if they are to explore the left or right direction, as they gaze upon a junction.

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