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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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The Legend of the Firestaff

Book 2 – Chapter 7 – An Un-guardable Attack!

“Rheill, I think I saved you from causing us major trouble!” Exclaimed Karna vehemently.
“Why is that?” Rheill replied with curiosity.
“Well, That button probably releases these creatures, there appears an unseen force field blocking the monsters!” Added Sana.
Karna smiles, “See, listen to Sana, Rheill. Cough!” Chuckled Karna.

The group moves in closer, and the shadows of the creatures grew large as the basked in Sana’s radiating essence. The monsters were everything they had fought before. Skeletal warriors armed with sword and board; additionally, there were more of those pesky little thieves. The dungeon showed no visual signs of why the monsters could not attack them all at once. Rheill arms himself with his two-handed axe. Suddenly and the attack came from their left and almost blind-sided the party. Luckily Sana used her staff of mana and created a massive sphere that blocked the beholder lightning bolt. The barrier’s potent magical completed blocked the ball of lightning that came out of the eye of a group of two beholders.
“Sana, What was that spell!” Yelled Isai, in amazement.
“It is a magical barrier, but limited charges, I did learn how to cast this spell early in the dungeon. I never thought it was this powerful I would have used it when the beholder shattered your shield, Karna.”
“Well, let’s not lean on this spell. We should focus on the beholders. First, the other monsters cannot move!” Demanded Karna
“Yes, I am with Karna on this, those lightning bolts are strong!” Responded Isai.
Rheill nods at Karna, as he closes in on the beholders that tried to blow them up in an ambush.
Karna follows him behind; Sana and Isai stand back and start to prepare ranged offence against the beholders. Sana makes a fireball, and Isai gets his crossbow out. Karna and Rheill move to the side of the front beholders. Although Karna’s head had to remain on a swivel because two more beholders position themselves on her left flank.
“Karna, we are your eyes. Let’s deal with the ones, so we only have to deal with the ones at the back. Then we will take out Skeletal warriors and then the thieves!” Said Isai.
‘I can definitely see a change in Isai. It’s clearly not an act’ Thought Karna, as she delivers a side step into a quick jab with her delta sword.
The tip of the blade pierces the large crimson eye of the beholder, and it shrieks in pain. Alas, the screeching racketed alerted a few skeletons to emerge from a misty tunnel that headed out of the vast creature infested cavern
Karna doesn’t budge and is not worried about the bony warriors, as they are blocked by the force field; She delivers another thrust and slays the fiery-eyed monster.
The second beholder’s eye glows brightly and Rheill strafes to his right and then cuts down the beholder from the side. Luckily, he just dodges the southern two fiery eyes lightning bolts. They also miss Karna, as she moved to the left in front of the remaining giant flying eyed creature. The spell then travelled towards Isai and Sana, but both of them had plenty of time to dodge the fast travelling spells.
Isai starts shooting at the beholders with his crossbow from afar with incredible accuracy. He manages to dispatch one of them, leaving only that last beholder. Sana Exchanges spells with it, she weaves to the right, just like their protector. Sana had been secretly studying Karna’s defensive moves, which played dividends as it allowed her to get off a fireball at the same time. Sana knew the fireball would not damage the beholder as it was fiery-eyed. However, she used it as her target to explode the nearby skeletal warriors. Bones fly everywhere, and the force of it knocks beholder to the ground. Karna and Rheill instantly jump with dive thrusts slaying it immediately before it could fly back up.
“Great job, everyone!” Praised Rheill.
“Yes, when we work together, there is nothing that cannot stop us!” Roared Karna.
Rheill and Karna then go and fight the remaining skeletons; they use block/parry counter attacks killing them all. Isai shoots the thieves, with his last slayer arrow and regular arrows, he then Shouts loudly, “Better to use Range in case they steal some of our gear again!”

After thirty minutes, the room is clear of all monsters, but the party began succumbing to fatigue, and they all decide to relax at the beginning of the cavern. Karna chose to sit with Isai, to try and move past what had happened, ‘I think I understand why Isai did what he did, he had never seen a woman like that before. I guess I should be honoured in a way, but he could have seen Sana first!’
Rheill looks on with a weird look in his eyes beneath his helmet, ‘I hope Karna knows what she is doing!” Thought Rheill Silently.
“Rheill let’s eat together, as it will nice to get to know each other better. We have always been a bit isolated, and this is why I think what happened.”
Sana and Rheill share tales of their past in more detail, and how Karna helped her in the last battle. Rheill explains to Sana how she helped him control his anger.

“Isai, I am ready to forgive you now. You actually made my love life better, as it made me a stronger person. You also allowed us to make love faster. Please don’t do that again for the sake of Sana and anyone else in the future.”
‘Hmm, I am going to ask him how much out of ten my body is. Merely to boost my ego and to have a bit of fun with him. If we are to defeat Chaos, this burden needs to behind us!’
“Karna, Thank you, you are truly too kind sometimes for your own good, and it is what Rheill sees in you!”
She smiles at him, “Also watch our body language. I think last time you thought I was flirting with you when I was merely friendly to you. I think Sana will take longer to forgive you, also just for my peace of mind how much out of ten was my body!” She giggles after the last line.
Isai stutters, “Um, huh. Why are you asking me this!”
“Relax, I am trying to get you to become more comfortable around ladies in general, you can tell me I won’t be offended!”
“Karna I will be honest you are a nine out of ten. I think Sana is a little bit prettier than you.”

‘Aww, he was frank with Karna. I have a feeling she will not resent me, she’s too sweet!’ Thought Sana, as she overheard the conversation while chatting with Rheill.
“So Rheill Isai thought your woman was only a nine, and I am a 10!” Chuckled Sana.
“Sorry, I overheard Karna ask him!”
“Hah, least I don’t have to worry about him going after her now. Also, how did that make you feel?”
“A lot better, as I know his true feelings now, but I will make him earn back my trust a little more. We have talked, and you can all see the change. Let’s eat now, we will use the bread up I have left, with some of the older cheese, corn and apples!”

She pulls Karna aside quickly, “Just wanted to assure you I never tried anything with Rheill.
“I know Sana. Also, you are a ten over me in Isai’s eyes!”
They giggle at each other, but Sana keeps it a deceptive truth from Karna that she overheard. Next, Sana prepares them some sandwiches with corn, cheese and apple slices.
“Sorry I know its not much, but we have to eat this first!”
After the party consume their meals, they rest together, with Karna and Rheill snuggling up tighter than ever.

Several hours later the four champions awaken, they drink and freshen up as best they can.
Next, Karna speaks, “Next time we camp, I want us to speak as a group. Isolation is what caused that massive mix up and events that could have been avoided.”
“Yes, but something things Isai did were on him. At least, though, he admitted he was wrong. Also, he has been showing us a better side of himself!” Replied Sana.
“I am going to continue to try to better myself. I want a future after we defeat the Lord of Chaos!”
“That’s great. Honestly, I was sceptical when Karna went over to talk to you. But, both of you seemed to have patched things up. From now on. If anyone has an issue with any member of our party… they should speak up even if it’s against Karna. Longs the issue gets discussed like adults. Of course, I may naturally defend her, as she is my girlfriend and future queen, but I will challenge anything she does that is wrong!” Added Rheill, as he puts his protective helmet back on.
“Rheill, you can challenge me if I am a Bitch to anyone, but let’s move on. I am sure there are some secrets here. A lot of creatures were here guarding something!” Stated Karna in her leadership tone.

Isai runs over to get his ranged ammunition. Sana’s light spell flickers as it gets nearly depleted, so she refreshes it. Karna scouts the tunnel entrance, where the additional skeletal warriors came from. So she stands watch, at the opening of it to be safe. Karna seemed worried, incase anymore living bones decided to ambush them when they are investigating the area close to that corridor.

Sana eventually locates a small hidden button inside of a crevice, which appeared the same colour as the obsidian wall. The Sorceress presses the button in with her index finger, and it opens a wall in the corner, revealing a beautiful looking crossbow. The ranged weapon got constructed from a brown hardwood material, and it seemed to have an automatic aim. There were no strings, so it would be faster to fire, “This is a speed bow, our archers use it for castle defence!” Explained Rheill.
“Isai, it is your lucky day, get rid of that washed up crossbow!” Replied Karna, as she hands it over to him.
Isai throws his old crossbow away and his arrows, as this one only used quarrel bolts. Luckily there was a small box of them. The crossbow bolts were made from iron ore and smelted down flawlessly to fit this type of ranged weapon.
In front of where the wall opened, the party at first overlooked a grey steel shaped plate helmet. It had a moveable visor, it left space just for the optics to see out of.
“Rheill, take this helmet. I think you will make better use from this than me, as it looks heavy!”
Rheill collects the new head-piece and removes the old one. It was too heavy for Sana or Isai to wear, so Rheill leaves it on the ground.
“Good thing we checked this we found some better weapons and armour!” Said Rheill.
“You are your loot!” Mocked Karna playfully.
“Time to explore the dark tunnel where the skeletons came from!” Declared, Karna.

All the adventurers slowly tread towards that eerie looking corridor that winded to the right. The tunnel looked very different, as it almost looked like the walls were covered in blood, as they appeared a dark thick crimson colour.
Karna led the group through the corridor and took extreme caution. They see some manacles hanging from the left wall before it turned left. The warriors of light were given two options of progressing to either carry on down a wide passageway or head left.
“Which way?” Asked Karna softly.
“Go left it might be like the earlier part with the main corridor!” Said Isai using his astonishing memory.
Karna heeds Isai’s advice and goes to the left, but it just goes in a circle, so she leads the party back to the main tunnel. There appeared a few fissures on the ground past the second turning, and then they come to a closed wooden door. The champions decide to leave this for now and explore the unsealed areas.
They then come to a right-handed intersection and another pathway branching off to the left.
“Stop! I hear Skeleton footsteps in the distance. I think they are behind one of these walls. We will scout until nothing is roaming about!” Explained Karna to the group.

They continue scouting the labyrinth of tunnels, first by choosing the right turning; however, it did the same as before but followed a jagged route. Back onto the main corridor. Although this time there were large dents in the crimson coloured walls.
After the four champions traversed around the jagged tunnel, they then emerge at a crossroads on the main corridor. Karna ignores the primary passageway because it developed into a sizeable curvy room. However, the party could not see anything else without entering it.
The northern tunnel only leads to a dead-end anyway, so Karna leads the group into the small chamber.
“Close those two portcullises quickly, so we can investigate that wooden door we saw earlier in the corridor!” Explained Sana.
Both Rheill and Karna close the doors hastily using the right-handed buttons on each door frame. The four adventurers then backtracked to the door constructed from hardwood.

An orange squared-button operated the door, and its placement appeared in the normal position. Karna presses it in with her index finger; the door abruptly rattles open, revealing a small room.
Karna and Rheill move into it swiftly, but cautiously. They find the chamber is vacant of all life forms other than themselves. Next, Sana spots a pair of grey coated plate leggings. They looked too heavy for a female, and more suited for a male warrior to wear.
“Rheill looks like you get new leggings too!” Said Karna, with a touch of jealousy, as she as not had upgraded piece of gear for a while.
“Aw, don’t be jealous, Sweetheart. Look at that sword you have. It is a far superior weapon to my axe!” Replied Rheill.
“It’s okay… I should be thankful for what I already have. Every enhancement, whether it is a weapon, armour or even spells, greatly increases our chances of survival!” Replied Karna after letting her lover’s words sink to her heart.

Rheill pulls his mail Aketon plate down, revealing his brownish barbarian hide and muscular, long legs. Karna does not need to watch him change, as they already made love one time. So she got to see every inch of his fit body. Rheill then works out how to fit in the more solid plated leggings. He feels that he moves a little slower, but he also knows that monsters will have a tough time biting through the iron armour.
Meanwhile, Sana discovers a small button, she nods at Karna to get ready for any nasty surprises. The device activated a single wall to open, and it reveals a pair of magical golden bracers.
The accessory appeared smelted into a golden material, which was designed to fit on the wrists of either sex. The patterns were coloured red, of two ful symbols, which Sana uses as the first symbol for her fireball and light spell.
Next, Sana begins to scan it, forcing her eyes to glow sky blue.
“This is for me, it greatly increases the potency of magical spells!”
“Take it Sana, nice catch with the switch we could have easily missed this!” Praised Isai.
“Let’s check the other areas in the corridors. Why is it empty, my ears also detected some movement from the undead!” Explained Karna as she sheathes her sword into her weapon-holder.
“Let’s check that dead-end again, as something is not setting, right with me. I am the brains of our group, after all!” Said Sana chuckling as she uttered those last words as she lifts up her staff.

Sana leads the party back to where she possibly thought something was amiss. The other help Sana find the switch; however, Rheill is one that spots a crevice, with a small button in it.
“You was saying Sana!” Said Rheill smugly.
“Wow, I am impressed, Rheill you did something useful for a change!” Said Karna Mocking her lover.
“Whatever!” She said laughing, and then she says, “I have still solved 80 per cent of this dungeon!”
They laugh, as they open up the wall with the hidden button encased within the small crevice of the crimson-coated wall.

Suddenly, the sound of skeletal warrior footprints grew louder every second. Karna swiftly unsheathes her sword, “Move out the dead-end or we might get trapped!” Shouted Karna sternly.
The white coloured skeletons arrived shortly after armed with their falchions and large wooden shields. Luckily, Karna’s warning got them out of the dead-end. Karna charges into the skeletal warriors drawing their attention, as she hides behind her protective-guard in her full defensive stance.
Karna deflects the attacks with her delta sword that try to go above her metallic bulwark.
“Karna, use your defence only. We will kill them!” Shouted Rheill as he moves towards the skeletons, ready to swing at them with his axe.
Isai moves on the other flank with his mace; this left Sana to use her staff as they were far too close to use her deadly fireball spell. The sounds of battle boomed throughout the small tunnel as Karna’s sword and Rheill Axe clashed with the skeletons. These bony minions seemed much better fighters than any of the others that the party met previously.
Isai gets a lucky his in shattering the skull of the undead warrior. Sana then cracks another through the middle of Rheill and Karna. Karna then flips backwards in her mithril armour and then lunges in one celestial motion as she swings her sword, lopping off its head.
The last skeleton did not know what occurred; it was so fast, with the combined teamwork of the party. Rheill then throws his axe smashing the shield, and it sticks into the rib cage of the final skeletal warrior. Karna then stabs it, in the end, to make sure it did not get back up. Rheill then regains his axe from what was left of its rib-cage.
“Well done all! Those skeletons must have been the bones of former champions, as they could fight well!” Said, Karna.
“Now let’s find out where they even came from!” Replied Isai.

The champions of light search the corridors high and low and then find a new tunnel. There was a slight breeze coming from the secret compartment of the passage.
“Be careful, there should be only hot air now, we are so deep underground!” Explained Sana.
Karna kept her blade out, but they do not find any hostile presences within the hidden tight passageway; nonetheless, it was empty. Sana then glances over at the entrance to it, and on the right-handed wall, appeared another exceptionally tiny switch.
“Look here, this must open something else up!” Shouted Sana in excitement.
“Push it, Sana!” Said Rheill was eager to find some more gear for himself.
“Don’t be greedy, Rheill!” Said Karna, as she loves to tease her man.

The party backtracks outside the secret tunnel to see what Sana had opened after she pressed in the tiny round button. At first, they find nothing visible, so they recheck the dark tunnels earlier in the level.
After a small amount of time, Karna notices a corridor she had not to lead the party down before. The route looked to head to the north from the upper side of the main hallway.
Karna keeps her delta sword out as she enters the newly formed passage. The adventurers notice its a short corridor that leads nowhere after taking a left turn. They all search the new hidden area again for switches but find nothing.
“It might be a false wall?” Suggested Sana, as she pokes the walls with her staff.
“Karna, try checking the left wall at the end!” Replied Isai as he remembers the two portcullises that have yet to get explored.
“Hmm I do remember the path did head to the north from the gate I closed, you have a great memory, Isai!”
Isai happened to be spot on with the analysis, as Karna disappears into the wall and finds a pair of white boots. The footwear looked to be made from an unknown type of cloth; also, the design appeared pointed at toes.
Next, Karna grabs them and emerges from the illusionary wall.

“Oh, those boots look pretty, let’s take a deeper look at them!”
She scans them to identify the hidden properties of the footwear, she then says excitedly, “Finally something for Isai and I to wear on our feet. They are boots of speed, both you and Rheill need the armour so either of us should use these first!” Said Sana trying not to sound greedy.
“Sana you take them. It will help you channel your spells faster as well as move!” Replied Isai kindly.
‘Hmm, need to keep my eye on Isai. He is, being extra kind towards Sana, but he has a point too. She said they just boots of speed. It could affect more than the movement of the feet!’ were the thoughts racing through Karna’s mind.
“I don’t see why not, I do prefer to be armoured now the monsters are getting bigger and stronger!” Said Rheill, adding his input to the situation.
Sana removes her suede, brownish boots, one at a time. Karna had given them to her on level two; she preferred the black leather ones back then. She puts each of her petit looking feet into each boot, “Sana let me help you put them on!” Said Isai.
At first, Sana appeared reluctant for him to help, but she decides to let him help, so she can fit them quicker.
She smiled at him and thought after, ‘Hmm, now that’s how you treat a lady!’

Sana starts to walk on her new white, magically enhanced velveteen boots; she notices she can move around a lot faster. Next, Sana begins to refresh her light spell, and she sees it took only half the time to complete her magic.
“My theory was right! Please give the next pair to Isai, so he can conjure flasks faster it may save our lives!”
“Of course, Sana!” Responded Karna, cheerfully.
Karna then announces, “Now to brave whatever horrors await us inside of those two metal gates!”
Karna leads the party back to the gates they open the leftmost portcullis.

The door rattles open, creating a racket. The group peek inside, but see only blood coloured walls in front of them they could go north or south.
Karna suggests that they move left with a hand gesture. Next, she sees this route goes to a dead-end. The four champions of light, then hurry out of it with pure haste, as the area had not been scouted yet.
The party traverses around the north corridor, and the tunnel leads to a crossroads of corridors.
Karna swiftly draws her weapon, “Move back to the gate. We are not alone in this labyrinth of passages!” Said Karna vehemently.
Suddenly, a massive shadow reflected in Sana’s light spell and her illumining necklace. The shadow moved quickly and grew more prominent, which forced Sana to scream in pure terror, “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!”
The shadow then reveals itself as an enormous and menacing giant golden-coated scorpion. It looked massive, its tail reached several feet long, and when it was raised, it reached the dungeon ceiling. The armoured enemy looked tough to cut, and it struck fear even to Rheill for the first time in their journey.
“Close the gate, we need Anti-venom potions. Scorpions carry one of the deadliest toxins in the whole of Crom. One this big, we might need two or three serums!” Yelled Isai seriously.
Karna backs off and closes the steel gate, and lets Isai prepare them for any possible injuries. Next, he passes everyone two antidotes each, as he had a total of eight empty flasks.

“Okay, this will be as tough as those rats if not worse. Scorpions move extremely fast when they want to. Their pincers are deadly, but watch the tail!” Declared Karna.
Suddenly scorpion does the impossible and smashes the steel gate into pieces. Bits of sharp metal fly towards the party, “BEHIND ME NOW, OR BE SEVERED TO PIECES!”
Karna successfully defects all the dangerous sharp iron, sadly it all flew at the party.
Karna quickly stands her ground and starts to defend the humongous scorpion; the beast was cunningly quick for something so gigantic. Karna had trouble keeping up as it would attack with the left pincer and then the right one.
Suddenly the scorpion unleashed a special triple attack, that Karna was unable to guard against. It attacked with the pincers at the same time forcing her to use her bulwark low. The deadly armoured foe then uses its tail to target the throat of Sana who was a little too close due to having to move there to avoid the debris of the door.
Karna does everything she can to deflect the tail, its colossal tail punctures a hole into her shoulder, but it missed her neck thanks to Karna’s blade.
“ARGHHHH!” Screamed Sana, she had never felt such pain, as that bad before in her entire life. She rolls on the floor in agony as blood starts to pour from her shoulder. Sana is now in the fight for survival from the deadly toxin of the scorpion and her haemorrhaging death, even though it missed her vital artery.

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