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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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The Legend of the Firestaff

Book 2 – The Deceiver of the Snake – Chapter 6

Karna moves forwards out of the corridor, where they came down from the stairs. They see a lot of single square columns of raven coloured rocks. After them was a solid wall, with a small tunnel leading further into floor 10, but the light did not extend that far.
“Karna, be careful the keyword in this puzzle is deceiver!” Mentioned Sana.

Karna then goes through the middle of the pillars and is teleported back to the stairway. Suddenly two beholders fly around the corner and attack the party instantly; However, everyone ducks the lightning bolt. A thundering racket booms throughout the chamber, as the spell destroys the stairs. The stones then came crashing down, forcing Karna to roll out of the way on the ground.
Next, Isai starts shooting both of the fiery eyes with a barrage of slayer arrows. The quarrels dispatched both of the burning eyes quickly; The two beholders fell to the ground with the two bolts sticking in each of their large ruby-coloured eyes.

“Great job, Isai that could have ended a lot worse. We got trapped between the broken staircase and the beholders!” Explained Sana.
“Sana, it was a good thing we filled up the water bottles, but we can get back to that fountain once we find the way to the express stairway!” Replied Karna, as she helps Isai collect his slayer arrows.
“Karna, Try to walk around the columns of razor sharp-rock. It says the Deceiver of the Snake. I thought about it while we were almost killed by the beholders. A snake always wraps itself around its victim to crush them unless its a cobra!” Said Sana, as she explained the riddle in detail.
“Sana, there appears to be one place we have to cross the middle though, but maybe we have to repeat it in the second part of the section!” Added Rheill to the conversation, as he readies his two-handed axe to avoid further ambushes.

Karna leads the group back into the first row of squared-pillars. However, this time, she moves around the outside of it and follows the western wall. She then goes on the outside through the pillar, but this time Karna and her party remained where they stood. “Sana, you are a genius!” Praised Karna.
“Well… we have to go through the middle. Karna do the same thing again!” Answered Sana as she readies her wooden stave.
The protector of light traverses through the middle and then comes to the second set of pillars. She peeks her head around each corner before boldly stepping out in case more beholders were lurking about. The rest of the party then followed closely behind this time, near the end of the corridor to the left stuck out a piece of wall.
“Sana, you know you told me to go the other way. It appears you have the gift of foresight, or perhaps some luck!”
“Just luck, Karna!” Chuckled Sana.
“Follow me, the area looks clear!” Declared, Karna.
Karna finally moves through the right side of the pillar and around them, and she then comes to two locked metal-grated doors. Although, there appeared a square-shaped key made out of silver lining resting on the black rocky ground. For the first time in their decent of Kakareeg Pinnacle, the four champions had to make a choice.

“We have one key and two doors, left or right?” Asked Karna, as she retrieves the key from the ground.
Sana tries to peer through the lattice of both of the doors. Nevertheless, both passages turned a different corner, so she could not really make her decision based on that.
“Karna, just go left, we probably have to go both ways, or they lead the same way anyway!” Said Isai.
“Karna, pick one, you are our party’s leader, and we all trust you with our lives!”
“Thank you, Rheill, Isai and Sana, also what was your choice, Sana!”
“Like Rheill said, I trust you with my life. You gave your life to protect us against those two giant rats, even if I had to help you, and you were little selfish, you showed us what it means to have heart and passion on what you believe in!” Replied Sana.
Karna hugs Sana tightly and whispers to her, “I know you believe in yourself more now as a sorceress. I never doubted you from the start, and trusted you since day one with your problem-solving skills!” She gazes into her eyes, almost like an elder sister to Sana, as Karna was slightly older than her.
Sana looks back and smiles, ‘I wish I had a sister. I would love her to be the same, as Karna, as she is kind, caring and loveable!’ Thought Sana to her.
Rheill looks on at the sisterly love between his woman and Sana. It forces him to smile, as he sees how kind and gentle Karna is outside of being with him.

Next, Karna inserted the silver squared-key into the lock and the lattice metal gated open up, allowing the party to venture through it. The corridor then took a ninety-degree turn to the right. However, the route did not meet back up with the right doorway. Suddenly, Karna draws her delta sword swiftly, as she heard a strange sound within the small hallways. She leads the party around the corner but does not see any signs of them, but there appeared two intersections. The first side passageway leads off the right, and the one further down the dark tunnel headed towards the left. The champions were unable to make out where the corridor went after the left intersection. The air grew fouler and hotter, the more steps they treaded; it was much like the Catacombs floor. Suddenly Hanging dead corpses swung from left to right, which freaked out Sana and even Karna. Karna slashes down the skeletons in terror; in the past, they have risen up and ambushed the party of adventurers.
Rheill quickly comforts her; Karna looks at Isai, and written across her face was, why was Isai not doing the same while she was getting cuddled.
However, sadly, Sana did not trust Isai enough for him to embrace her like when they first met.
“Be careful the walls are very hot here, we could be close to a lava tube of the volcano or its the heat travelling up the cone of it from the magma chamber!” Explained Karna.
“Let’s press on Karna, check the first passageway and see what we can find!” Hinted Rheill.
Karna sighs mockingly and scouts ahead of it first to check for enemies, as she walks forwards she notices the corridor turns to the right. She then wanders back to the first turning and leads the party down there, “Rheill, please watch out six, there could be monsters walking the other passages!”
“Yes, Ma’am!” Mocked Rheill playfully as he shifts to the rear-guard.
The party follows the passageway, as Sana’s radiating light illuminates the hallway. It turns to the left and leads to a dead-end with some food lying on the floor. Sana grabs the yellow and green coloured corn that got mysteriously left there. Next, she places it inside her backpack, and then the champions retreat to the main corridor.

“Just in time, I think the undead are coming!” Said Rheill, as he hears small footsteps in the distance.
“Yes, it sounds like skeletons!” Replied Karna as she steps in front of the party to do her job as their protector.
Karna now armed with her delta sword and her long metallic shield, which has got damaged from the previous fights; However, it still held together as a protective-guard. Their steps grew louder by the second, and the skeletal minions traversed the corner. Karna saw their shadows and pulled the party back a bit, “We fight them here, less space easier to defend!”
Sana begins channelling a large fiery sphere, her training had made the spell as potent, as the Vextrixes, they met earlier, “Duck!”
Rheill pulls Karna down, and they feel the intensity of the fireball travel over their heads, Karna pulls Rheill on top of her.
“Karna, that’s kinky!” Karna desperately tried not to be amused by his comment, and she shields them both with her shield holding it over the top of him.
“Rheill, I am saving your ass. You don’t have to think about sex with me all the time!” She replied teasingly, as she feels all the bones hit the bulwark.
Rheill sneaks in a French kiss under the shield sealing Karna’s luscious lips with this mouth and tongue. Karna had little choice but to kiss him back lovingly. Both of them completed their passionate kiss, and Rheill then gets off of Karna and stands on his feet. Next, he helps her up, “Sorry, you two did not realise my fireball was so much more potent now!” Explained Sana.
“That was wicked Sana. I cannot wait to see when fully master the spell!” Replied Karna.
“Karna, there is only one power rune above mine, and we call it Mon!”

Karna moves down the second passage, although it leads to nothing but a dead-end.
The Champions then backtrack to the main tunnel. “Let’s go where the skeletons came from?” Suggested Isai.
Karna nods to him and then takes the point, and she traverses around the corner, followed by the other three party members.
The champions then visualise a crossroads with the end of the dungeon hallway turning to the right. “We will investigate them and then keep following the main corridor!” Declared, Karna.

Karna takes a left at the dungeon crossroads. It leads to a dead-end, but Suddenly they hear a light sound and then something laughs as it tries to take Karna’s Backpack. Isai without an inch of hesitation shoots his crossbow, causing a slayer arrow to pierce its head.
“Sorry Karna, it was the fastest way to dispatch it. I remember last time I got reckless. However, I waited for it to grab your bag so I would accidentally shoot you!”
“It’s okay… you have become quite the marksman, Sir!” Replied Karna mocking him like he did earlier.
Isai learns not to take everything so seriously, which impressed Karna a little bit. Sana smiles, ‘Finally, with my people skills lessons, he is becoming just like us!’ Thought Sana to herself.
They observe that it was another small thief; it looked precisely the same as the one Isai killed in the same manner in the Ethereal Plane.

“It must have been hiding in the passage behind us!” Said Rheill.
“Let’s check it out, Love!” Replied Karna.
The champions of light investigate the other route from the crossroads but find a vacant tunnel and the tunnel where the thief hid. However, if it had got any of their stuff, they would not have been able to get to it or retrieve it.
“Great reaction Isai we could have lost both the Ra keys I took more precautions when we lost our bags. You probably noticed it couldn’t pry it loose, as I keep the strap fastened under my shield arm. However, we need to find a secure place to rest, there could be more of those pesky thieves.

The four adventurers had no choice, but to follow the corridor around the corner and it leads to two alloyed gates. The doors were sealed, but there was a squared recess in front of each entrance.
“So each way comes here anyway, we cannot see what lies ahead but be careful.
“KARNA MOVE!” Screamed Sana.
Karna heeded her Sana’s words and moved Rheill two as two beholders shot two lightning bolts through the lattice of both gates. The spell explodes into the corner just missing Karna and Rheill.
“We cannot get to them, so let’s open the door and run forwards, Or I can try poison cloud, or lighting sphere them?”
“Leave them no need to fight everything, unless it’s a legit threat to our well being!” Replied Isai.
“Okay, let’s crawl on the ground through the door. I know I am used to this stuff, but you will have to make an effort this once!” Explained Karna, as she sticks her tongue out at Sana.

Karna gets down low and shows off her athletic prowess. Rheill Samples his lover’s built body, but especially her lovely bum. Karna feels her man’s eyes feasting on her from behind, small hearts glow in her eyes. Karna finally felt wanted but appreciated. Sana went last, as she did not wish Isai eyeing her up from behind. She did smile, however, when she saw Rheill doing it to Karna.

They slowly pass the two beholders and pass through an open door frame, they then see something none of them had seen before. It was a device of an ancient era, did it belong to the Vextrixes, or did it come from the age where Chaos came from.
The device was a horizontal escalator, which seemed to go forward and then around to the left. Sana noticed the conveyor belt came back around from the left. The dungeon itself looked precisely the same with the dark coloured walls.
“Sana what does this text say?” Asked Isai.
The sorceress reads it out, ‘Zoom!”
“The ancients have such amazing technology!” Shouted Sana in shock.
“Be careful we cannot see where it actually travels. Be prepared to jump off in case it drops us to our deaths!” Said Karna in a stern tone.
“Of course, Karna!” Replied Rheill.
“May I suggest we go to the other side first, as we can at least see that?” Said Sana.
“Yes, Sana!” Replied Karna, as she steps boldly on the device.
The escalator takes Karna forwards, and she jumps off the other side but is greeted by a locked golden door. It had golden plates down the side of the hinges and across the middle with two robust steel latches going across the top and bottom. Not even a Mon fireball would put a dent in this beast of a door.
“A locked door, and it needs a golden key!” Shouted Karna from the other side.
“We will come across jump in front of us, Karna!” Yelled Rheill.
Karna waits for the perfect moment and merely steps on escalator, “No need to jump!” She pokes her tongue out then continues to speak, “Although I did have experience on this a moment ago!”
The four of them then ride the escalator and see a blue-hazy vortex; it presented itself between two small niches. On this pass, the champions only observed what was in the small dead-ends. Karna notices the key was in the one before and Sana witnesses an apple in the area past the teleportation device.
“I’ll go for the key, Someone, please take the food!” Said, Karna.
Sana manages land okay, but made little contact with the wall and fell backwards; however, she remained safe. On the other hand, Karna miss-timed her jump and went into the vortex; she vanishes from the parties sight, “KARNA!” They all Screamed in despair.
Sana gets back on the conveyer belt, and they head to the entrance to the zoom area as the device takes them back around. Sana acquired the apple and then found time to place it inside her rucksack.

Meanwhile, Karna had been transported back to the entrance to the Deceiver of the Snake. She had a tough time moving about, as she was encased in the profound darkness. She began trembling with fear, as she was all alone, but despair did not kick in yet, as she thinks to herself ‘If I panic in anything in life, it will screw up!’ Those were the words that both her parents had taught her in the past.
She navigates in the dark slowly, ‘Well I can fight in the darkness if I have to; also they have no clue where I am. Or maybe they will jump through the teleporter?’ were the questions running through her mind when she tries to get back in the dark.
Karna knew precisely what direction to go as she just had to hug the sidewalls. Apart from the section that split the two areas of how she had to travel like a snake.

The others waited patiently, and after several minutes Karna managed to find her way back. “We did not attempt to get the key, but I think I have a great idea!”
Sana continued to speak, “You could just grab it from the escalator?”
“In theory, it sounds good, but remember back when I got the compass around my wrist. I was worried about it separating my limbs from my body!” Replied, Karna worryingly.
“Guess we have to time it better. Let me do it. I have the light source!” Said Sana.
Karna gives her approval, and they wait at the entrance. Sana then leaps and mistimes it as well and lands in the vortex. The other three did not fear the impending darkness that abruptly surrounded them. Sana returns to the group within five minutes, and she attempts to get the key again without getting frustrated. She fails the second time and the third time happened to be the charm, as she lands flawlessly between the vortex and the wall.
She returns with the golden key in her hand; Karna then leads the party to the golden door. She inserts the key in the lock, and they are then greeted by a large room. The chamber was humongous, the ceiling was higher as well, and different tiles were laid out on the ground. On the dungeon partition to their left appeared a new type of switch. It fitted flawlessly into the wall. Rheill attempts to push the button to see what it did, and Karna forcefully stops him, as she bashes him with her shield.
“DO NOT PRESS THAT BUTTON, do you not know not to press a red button!” She screamed with thunderous rage.
Rheill gets a bit frightened of his lover’s anger, and then says, “Oops, I should have known better, my Queen!” Suddenly Karna spotted groups of enemies in front of her; however, they could not pass a certain point.

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