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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Chapter 5 – Reckless Behaviour!

The four champions of traverse back to the thick air and fireball chamber and head north. The party follow a dank, and winding passageway, and then the adventurers come to an intersection. The side corridor heads to the west, and the tunnel continues and turns to the right.
“Be on your guard, this area has not been scouted, and we need to find a place to rest!” Suggested Karna in a friendly tone.
Rheill moves down right turn to check it, although, he finds nothing but a dead-end. Meanwhile, Karna checks out the intersection, which traversed around a right-handed turning.
“Karna, nothing to the right, keep going left!” Shouted Rheill down the dungeon hallway.
Rheill then joins back with the party and gets in the front line to the right again, with Isai and Sana in the rear guard. A strange scent fills the air as they continue down the dark corridor. Sana’s spell shines in the darkness, the smell grows stronger and they come to an open archway. The door frame looks to contain a portcullis, as Karna notices the button and closes the door quickly. It slams shut rumbling the passageway which alerted some enormous rats.

“Told you I had a bad feeling about this route!” Stressed Karna, as she puts her weapon away.
“Well, they are contained in the portcullis. This must be the rat’s den, but we met two other species of these huge rodents before the other gate!”
“I honestly don’t think they can smash this steel door down. However, the stench here is unbearable to sleep, let’s go make camp near the riddle portcullis.” Karna demanded as she walks away from the room.
“I agree with Karna, it will be easier to fight these when we have rested. We have only fought them one at a time in the past, and they gave us trouble we will need to come up with a cunning plan!” Replied Rheill as he takes Karna’s hand and interlocks her fingers with his gloves
“Yeah I can recover my spells and Isai can give us some strength and speed potions to help with this tough battle that awaits us tomorrow!” Added Sana using her wits, as she tightens her robe ready to pass through the chilling and thick aired chamber.
Isai says nothing and just follows Karna’s lead silently. They all make camp and eat the last of their screamer slices. Those provisions were older, and they did want to touch the meat. Both Rheill and Karna remove their protective helmets before they start eating their meal.
“Look on the bright side food, will be endless after we slay those four beasts tomorrow!” Said Isai, as he relaxes knowing they won’t die of starvation anytime soon.

They all finish their food and take a gulp of their water bottles. Karna and Rheill settle down together for the night, and they sleep with their hands interlocked, with Rheill lying behind Karna. He kisses her on the lips good night, and they both fall into a deep sunder.
Sana and Isai talk about general stuff, as they stay up longer, but she still feels uncomfortable as he forced a kiss on her when she was unconscious back at the creature cavern.
‘I can never forgive him for forcing his lips on mine, but he is making an effort at least to listen to me. I need his company right now to help me sleep!’ Thought Sana silently.
They eventually fall asleep close to each other, but Isai does not try anything.

A few hours later; Karna awakens and stretches her body out, as she prepares for maybe her toughest battle yet. Next, she grabs hold of her delta sword and starts practising her evasive movements. After training on that, she then uses her reflexes and begins using different blocking techniques for a possible bite and claw attacks.
Sana’s enhanced light spell started to slowly fade to black, but it did not stop her; she used to train with Sonja in the dark. Sonja taught Karna this technique, and Karna traded knowledge of stillness in return.
Rheill watches Karna from his resting position. He studies her movements further, so he can get as good as his future queen at defending. Unfortunately, he was cut off as the spell faded in it’s entirely and he could not see. However, Karna keeps on going, until she was happy with her progress, she then comes and sits in front of Rheill.
“Nice moves, I watched what I could. I guess you were preparing for future battles!”
“Yes, Dear!” She replied with a kiss on his right cheek.
“I learned a thing or two on the way you swerved your body to avoid incoming blows!”
Karna smiles at him, and parts her lips to speak, “That’s good this battle will be tough, but Sana has some powerful magic. I think we can isolate and take them on one at a time using Sana’s ZO spell on the gate.”
Sana and Isai begin to stir as they heard Rheill and Karna talking about possible battle strategy for the four enormous rodents.
“Good Morning, Sana and Isai! I have a plan, but it will need speed once we open the door!” Explained Karna.
“Oh, my Zo spell to seal the rest of them in their den!” Replied Sana already figuring out what Karna meant.
Karna then goes over the battle plan with Isai, since he was still half asleep.
Karna gives the others time to freshen up, as she grabs her protective helmet, shield and delta sword.
Sana relights the area using her powerful light spell, that lasted for at least two days, her magic grows stronger every day. She spends time practising when they explore new areas but leaving her enough mana to use her offensive/support spells.

Next, Karna retakes the lead as she traverses her way leading the party of champions back to the Rat’s Den.
“Isai, please make us as many enhancement flasks as you can. The Rats in the dungeon are as fast as the wasps and couatl’s!” Explained Karna, making sure the group understands how dangerous this next battle will be.
Isai rereads the scroll that displays the formula on how to conjure an intellectual potion for Sana. He focuses all his energy into making two strength, four dexterity and one intellectual, which consumed all his empty glass bottles.
“Drinks these, not sure what will happen though if you drink two different ones at once, take caution. Also, we should only drink these once a day to avoid any side effects!”
Karna decides to drink the speed potion and then the strength bottle. Rheill copies her, and Sana does the same but with the intellectual flask. Isai only drinks the speed potion, thus making the four champions of light ready for the colossal battle that awaits them.

Karna opens the door, but the enormous Rats are have disappeared from the entrance of their den. The den appeared quite significant as the chamber headed west for a while. Suddenly two rats lunge themselves at the party. Luckily, Karna had trained earlier that more and was ready for them, and she sidesteps them and the crash into the wall behind them. The Rats hurt themselves badly, as they crack their skulls into the solid obsidian dungeon walls. Karna then does something unthinkable and seals herself inside the den.
“KARNA, what are you doing!” Yelled Rheill.
“Rheill, trust me… protect the others, It’s the only way we will divide them. I am starting to believe Gothmog!” As she utters those words, the two remaining enormous brown rats charge at her.
Karna evades them and then starts to go into full defence mode, shielding herself as an iron curtain of defence parrying, and avoiding their bites and claw attacks.

Meanwhile, the two rodents squeak in pain that hit the wall but starts to get up. Rheill shows no signs of fear, as he swings his axe quickly dispatching the first rat, but he could not finish the second one-off. Rheill now got forced to believe in himself and to mimic Karna’s training on her evasive movements.
The huge rats attempt to might Sana, but Rheill parries it with his two-handed axe.
“Sana, go and help Karna. She is suicidal, I can handle this rat alone with Isai’s Help. Isai, use your crossbow, I promise I will protect you even after what you did to Karna!”
Sana rushes towards the portcullis, as the two rats start to slowly overpower Karna. One of the giant rodents grabs hold of her shoulder with its jaws, while she was defending the other one.

Rheill had no clue what was happening to his lover, as he protected the man that spied on her. Isai started to shoot arrows into the back of the enormous rodent. It slows it down, and Rheill finishes it off with his trusted axe.
‘Thank you, Karna, without your moves, we would have been in trouble today!’

Moments ago, back inside the den, Karna continued to fight for her life. However, the colossal rat was unable to bite through her mithril. Nonetheless, it gnawed on the area that was stabbed a few day’s ago by a skeleton that grazed her.
She screams in a fury, “Argh, I am losing to two rodents, this is embarrassing!”
She then thinks to herself, “If my shoulder weren’t damaged, I wouldn’t even feel it. mithril is crazily strong for chainmail.’
Karna fights through the pain and thrusts forward into the second Enormous rat, but it lands on top of her trapping her under its sheer mass. The giant rodent lied on top of her chest. Meanwhile, the other rat was still trying to eat away on her shoulder outside of the mithril chainmail.
Karna struggles with everything she has, but even with the Ku potion of strength, she is unable to free her self. The remaining rat starts to move toward her neck, where she has no protection. The rodent reaches her collarbone; it gets distracted by the rattling of the portcullis. Sana’s comes to Karna’s aid with a devastating ball of lighting, which knocks the rat flying. She then conjures a ferocious-sized fireball, and it explodes against the wall. The spell did enough damage to finish off the gigantic rat without spoiling the meat by catching the rat on fire. Sana’s precision could not have been more perfect, as it missed the enormous dead rodent lying on top of Karna.

Rheill rushes into the Rat’s Den, “Karna, that was stupid, Isai help me move the dead Rat!”
Isai helps Rheill drag the 6-foot long rodent from on top of Karna’s chest. The armour protected her a little from the weight of the corpse. Karna gets up and runs to Sana and wraps her arms around her, and It takes Sana off guard.
“Thank you, So much Sana!” Sobbed Karna as she began to shed tears knowing how close she was to having her neck ripped to pieces by the last Enormous rodent. Karna knew she was defenceless for the first time in her life. Her sword and shield were trapped underneath the corpse of the other rat.
Sana then embraces her tightly, ‘Wow, this is the first time I have ever seen Karna afraid of anything other than heights and water!’ She thought to herself.
“Karna, let your tears out. Rheill was right to say you were stupid earlier, that was freaking reckless!” Said Sana.
Karna, then runs into Rheill’s arms, “I almost lost you, Karna. Do not do something like that again!” Rheill began to show emotion towards her in front of the group.

Isai and Sana watched on momentarily, they then quickly scouted the room to see if any more rodents lurked inside of the chamber.
They find no signs of life, but they find a glowing object, that looked almost like crimson meteor fragment. It appeared round, with some blue waves on the carved into the top of it. Sana could not believe how light the item was in weight after she picked it up. “This is the answer to our riddle. She puts it in her backpack and then returns with Isai to check on Rheill and Karna.
“I have something to say before we cut up all the meat for provisions. Firstly, I was too reckless, I put the group’s interest at hand, but did it greedily. I should have discussed this with you first. However, I learned a big lesson here today even if I am the chosen one, I cannot fight this battle against Chaos alone. I got defeated in the battle for the first time. If it weren’t for Sana’s magical prowess, I would have been rat food right now!”
“Let me treat your wounds, Karna!”
“Isai, I am okay. It never bit through the mithril, but the pain got me in trouble where the skeleton pierced my shoulder. I won’t do anything so stupid, ever again in my life. I thought I was invincible with my extra training, but even with my father’s potion and Isai’s flasks, it was not enough. Maybe, also getting told I was chosen one went to my head a bit too. Now, let’s carve these monsters up, and after that, I need to rest a bit!”
“Karna I will give you another VI healing potion. It seems that the shoulder has been bothering you. I noticed it when you fought the last rodent. You were a step slower than you usually are!”
“Yes, Isai it has been. It is why I asked for the speed potion. I shouldn’t have hidden it!” Mentioned Karna.
“Karna you are good at that, but hiding serious things like this will get you killed or hurt someone in the group. Swallow that pride of yours from now on. Neither one of us will think any less of you if we have to rest more!” Explained Sana in a friendly, but firm tone.
Rheill caresses the shoulder that was attacked to see if there was any blood, but it seemed like Karna explained the mithril is robust against slashing/bite attacks, but piercing attacks still get through slightly.
“Karna if we had this armour in the war. We would have had fewer casualties that wore chainmail armour. Although the war was wrong and pointless!”
“Rheill you did great today, you slew two of the rats easily, I am impressed!”
“Yes, but with help from my party members, cough!”
She looks at him and knows in her heart without her team, especially Rheill, she would not be the protector she is today.

They all start carving up the dead rats, getting as much meat as they can each of them put it there backpacks, sharing it equally. The four adventurers had to do this, as it was far too heavy for Sana and Isai to carry alone.
“Here, Karna please drink this, so you can sleep better for a couple of hours!”
“Thank you, Isai!” Replied Karna, as she gulps down the healing potion.
The pain vanishes from her shoulder, and she starts to prepare the rat’s meat for their meal using a torch for fire. Rheill gets impressed by her culinarian skills, as he didn’t know she could cook. There was a lot though he did not know about her. However, he wanted to know all about her and accept all of her. Rheill loved everything about her and wanted no stone unturned.
‘Hmm, this is the least I could do, for causing Rheill to panic and putting myself and the party in dire danger. I must act like a leader, and I may be a protector, but I need Rheill’s melee, Sana’s magic and Isai’s ranged offence. When I am defending a lot of foes, I cannot attack, as it puts me at risk!’ Thought Karna long and hard at her bad judgement call today.
‘I sense Karna is thinking about something, she is not usually this quiet!’ Thought Rheill silently.
Karna then hands out to the party slices of well-done drumsticks that she prepared out of the meat.

“This is pretty good, Karna!” Said Sana after she had tasted some of Karna’s cooking.
“Yes, not bad at all, considering we don’t have a real campfire or stove to cook it properly!” Said Isai.
Rheill loved Karna’s cooking; although he did not need to tell her that, as she could see it written across his face after he got stuck into it. Karna looks at him and smiles as she eats with him and then the champions get ready to rest so that their protector can heal up a little bit.
There were substantial bite marks on the mithril shoulder padding that covered Karna’s trapezium. However, it still appeared very sturdy. That was the only thing that saved her shoulder from being bitten into a lot of pieces.
She rests on Rheill’s chest tighter than ever, as for the first time in her entire life, she felt afraid and needed Rheill’s love for her pillar of strength.
“Sorry, Rheill. I just need you right now!”
“Karna, it is okay to be afraid, even I am frightened of stuff. Even if I never show it in battle. I was dead scared of losing you when shut yourself in. I trusted your skill in battle because you uttered those words to us, not just as our leader but as my future queen!”
Karna just smiles and lets him help her sleep, as he runs his fingers through her raven coloured locks.
“Poor Karna, So glad I had the magical knowledge to saver her today. I proved I am dependable, as, at the start of the journey through the Kakareeg Pinnacle dungeon, I could not do much spell wise!”
“You did great today, Sana, and I am not just saying that to have sex with you. I will find someone right for me outside, but if you change your mind before the end of this journey. I will take out to dinner sometime!”
‘Hmm, maybe I might take him up on that offer, but I still am nervous that he may hurt me again!’
“Isai, we will see what happens, Okay. I still need more time to forgive you!”
Isai smiles at her, and they then fall into a slumber for a while.

Time passes the champions of light by, and they all awaken from their much-needed rest. However, Isai panics when he sees how much water they have used since the fountain as the meat made thirstier than usual.
“Isai, relax there maybe another water fountain if not we will go back to the fountain at the start of the floor!” Said Karna in a calm and soothing voice.
“Karna and Rheill, Isai and I found the item to pass the riddle, it is a meteor fragment!”
“We can progress then!” Replied Karna as she grabs her delta sword and bulwark, while the others get their equipment.

Karna leads the party back to the alcove, they pass next to the fireball shooter chamber first. Sana takes out the light meteorite object from her rucksack. Next, she places it down inside the squared-alcove. Suddenly the metal portcullis rattles open, and the way forwards appears within the champions grasp.

Karna draws her sword out and treads with caution, she keeps following the passageway, until she finds a set of obsidian coloured stairs leading further to the planet’s core. Additionally, there was a portcullis leading into a square chamber. Although in front of the stairs was a corridor that branched to the right.
Rheill motions for Karna to check the long and dark corridor, but Sana’s illumination spell began to flicker. Sana then refreshed magic, so Karna could see correctly down the dark hallway. Karna still feeling effects of yesterday gets shaken up by another skull that got etched into the wall entirely, as she draws her sword, thinking it was a monster.
“Oh it’s another one of those locks!” Said Karna, as she felt relieved.
“That’s what the skull meant if you want to get in you out you have to find another way in. It will lead us to the express stairway, so the skeleton key must rest hidden on the level!”
“But, it could be anywhere!” Cried Isai in a desperate tone.
“Isai, we do not need to search for it, but it will help us come back to this floor faster if we find no water sources. It will be scarcer now we are getting closer to the magma chamber!” Replied Rheill.
“Lets check the final room of the level to see if any upgrades, we need better armour and Rheill could use a better weapon too. He had a hard time cutting the thick skin of these enormous rats without the Ku potion of strength.” Explained Karna, as she leads them back out of the long dead-end.

Karna moves to the steel portcullis door with holes in it and pushes the button to open it automatically.
“I never thought about it before, but it seems other civilisations were much more technically advanced than us on Aenas. Look at the vextrix’s Ra doors, for example, and the way these doors open automatically!” Explained Sana.

“Yes, Sana, but no matter how advanced your race is, a pandemic can still wipe your species out without a vaccine!” Replied Isai with his knowledge of medicine.
Karna swiftly moves into the chamber, but it was empty of monsters. However, she faintly hears the tricking of water from her right. The room was quite large, but in a square form. The ceiling was the same as the rest of the dungeon. However, because the place got constructed from raven coloured obsidian would have made it pitched black without Sana’s enhanced light spell. The protector of Rune sees the fountain, which also appeared carved from the dark volcanic rock. Also, next to it was another niche with the second Ra key resting flawlessly in the middle of it. There were no signs of the skeleton key, “Well, the Ra key is here!” Said Karna as she grabs it and places it in her pouch.
The champions take time to have a long drink of water and refill their bottles with the H2O liquid. “I have an idea where it might be, remember that dead-end next to the Rat den. I think it might lead somewhere!” Suggested Isai.
“Great Idea, you have such a vivid memory!” Replied Karna.
“Yes let’s go get it, but we not going to go back to the tomb yet, as remember the Grey lords note the keys, note the plural keys lie hidden deep!” Added Karna, as she spoke again.

The four champions traversed back to where they fought the four deadly, but huge rats.
All of the adventurers search and investigate the corridor with extreme caution. There were lot’s of razor-sharp spikes, which stuck out of the dungeon walls.
Sana locates a small hidden switch. The mechanism looked camouflaged as the same colour as the dark wall.
“Get your weapons ready. I am going to push this hidden button here!” Explained Sana, as she uses her staff of manor to push in the device.
Suddenly the wall rumbles and vibrates the small corridor, “Get back, everyone!” Screamed Karna.
Suddenly, all the spikes flew into the place next to the opening of the secret passageway. Luckily the rest of the party listened to Karna and were far enough from the trap, or they would have got stabbed to death.
Suddenly some daggers are thrown at the party, Karna deflects them with her shield. “Fall back to the Rats Den. We have more space, as the vextrix threw those daggers at us, It has deadly spells too!” Demanded Karna in her leadership tone.

They heed Karna’s words well as the first vextrix knocked everyone out, but Karna.
They all spread out applying the same tactical battle formation as the beholders. The Vextrix then could only cast at one person, and that members job was to avoid the devastating spell.
“They may be advanced, but they die like any other living thing. These creatures are weak to piercing damage that is how I killed the first one with my delta sword!”
Isai shoots a slayer arrow into the dark-robed figure before it could even cast its first spell. The quarrel stuns the evil magician and thrusts the Vextrix right in the heart, “Not all the people of Aena’s are to blame, Theron will answer for his betrayal soon. We only killed you because you threw sharp knives at us!” Shouted Karna as she rams her delta sword through its heart before it could recover.

“Oh look this thing was carrying a large steak and the skeleton key!”
The steak was massive and looked juicy to eat, it appeared as a crimson red colour. The food looked like it came from a bigger beast than the rats. However, the party knew there was a massive beast on the final level after hearing its roar at the bottom of the express stairway.
Karna takes the key from its body, but they find nothing else there in the tiny niche, which held the Vextrix.
“Were we too quick to deal out death here. It could have thought we were monsters and threw the daggers towards us” Asked Sana.
“I don’t think so, its eyes were glowing red as if it was going to channel a fireball or toxic cloud at us!” Replied Karna.
“Either way, Karna we have the skeleton key. Let’s open up the express stairway and continue down the next floor.

The four champions of light then walked and opened the wall using the skeleton key in the keyhole. Sana’s theory got tested as a positive one, as it leads to the same stairway that leads up and down quickly.
The party retreated back and descended to the next level of the dungeon, and they see some text.
Sana reads the cryptic language out loudly, ‘The Deceiver of the Snake!’
The writing appeared carved into the front wall. The passage looked to go either the right or the left, or the champions could go forwards in each direction around the squared pillar.
The champions looked and thought hard on what they should do to solve the riddle on the wall.

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