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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Chapter 4 – Lighter Than a Feather

Both Rheill and Karna wake up; both realise they made beautiful love together last night and smile at each other and kiss each other delicately. “Gosh, last night felt so right, and I love you so much!” Said Karna with all her heart.
“I love you too, Karna, and I have never had sex that good before!”
Karna blushes when he says the last part, but makes her happy.
“Let’s get dressed. I am slightly worried about Isai and Sana, but more about Isai taking advantage of Sana.”
“Karna don’t worry, he took my words seriously yesterday, and you heard what he said. Although I understand why you don’t want to be alone with him, dear!”
They now get dressed into their armour and walk back to Sana and Isai, and they were both asleep close together, but not cuddled.
“Let’s rest a bit, so we do not wake them up!” Suggested Karna as she sits down in front of them where they took the torch from to their room. Rheill then sits behind her and cuddles her gently.

Eventually, Sana wakes up, she nudges Isai to get up; it had been a long time since they all got a good nights sleep.
“Morning, Sana!” Said Karna and Rheill smiling.
‘I guess they had sex last night, I thought I could hear Karna moaning in my sleep!’ Sana thought to herself, grinning in her mind.
“Karna tell me about it later in detail!” Whispered Sana to Karna, as she refreshes her enchanted light spell.
“Of course when we get girl talk time!” Replied Karna’.
Isai finally stirs after Karna shakes him, “Get up Isai we need to explore these halls!” Said Karna happily.
Karna gets up and collects her sword and shield that she left last night and hands Rheill his axe.
Sana and Isai grab their weapons too, and they all quickly drink from the lion-headed fountain. Next, they refill their water bottles and then follow Karna, as she shows them the way to the descending the stone steps.
Karna draws her sword and holds onto the right-handed railings as she slowly walks down the steps. Karna then scouts with caution, she feels the air get slightly warmer than the level above them. The area that she started exploring was nothing but a small room. Next, the others make it the floor, they hen help Karna search.
“Just an empty room. Is it me or is it hotter on this floor!” Asked Rheill.
“We are getting closer to the Magma Chamber, as I stated in the express stairway!” Explained Sana.
“Well, nothing here anyway!” Said Isai.
Karna takes one final look, “Let’s go back to the door we haven’t explored. We might find an answer to why this room is empty later!”

Karna kept her delta sword over her head, as the champions made their way to the door. It appeared constructed from pine-wood, with two concrete blocks carved into the middle of it.
“The same design as the door that had the vextrix in it. Be extremely careful these are not to be trifled with!” Said Karna aggressively.
Karna presses the button and the sound of it opening echoes through the corridor and small chamber.
Karna peers inside, and sees that it is clear. Next, she motions them to enter the small room that presented itself in front of the heroic champions. They look around to see that the passageway headed to a portcullis with lattice holes. Also, Behind it was an opened trapdoor and a lever made from hardwood on a rotational gear. The device appeared on the left obsidian coated wall, which was In front of the bottomless pit. However, rested a golden treasure chest, but the party could not get to it yet.
“There is a green diamond button in front of the door as well!” Said Isai
“Leave the button for now. The rest of the room is just an open space!” Replied Karna.

The champions scan the rest of the unexplored region they find the chamber traverses further right into another dark corridor. Karna changes her stance suddenly as she sees the eyes of another enormous rat approaching. The massive beasts eye glow in the darkness, but become less radiated, as it moves into the chamber. It rushes towards the party but, Karna blocks its charge with her metallic shield.
“Not why I am this party’s protector, you must go through me foul beast!”
Karna stands her guard showing no fear, even if her opponents are more prominent than her. Next, she thrusts, but the Rat evades the attack. She then parries the rodents next bite with her sword quickly.
“Whoa, these rats are fast!” shouted Karna in desperation, but Rheill then comes to her aid and stands in front of her.
He uses his axe as his shield, as he defects the next attack for Karna.
‘Oh just like I showed him in training a week ago, that’s my man’ thought Karna relieved now that Rheill can defend the party too.
Sana starts to channel a lightning bolt, as her hand’s crackle with lightning.
“Karna, Rheill move!” She yells as the spell gets releases.
A massive ball of lightning then travels towards the rat. Sana’s spell looked very different from the beholder’s magic. Her magic appeared more like an electrical storm but in a large purple sphere. The giant rodent gets struck by it, and it stuns it, momentarily. Rheill and Karna perform their grand cross attack, which was high and low slashes, but the rat somehow survived the brutal onslaught.
Isai then raises his crossbow and shoots three slayer arrows into the rat, as Karna and Rheill landed on its side after performing their double team attack.
The party stood victorious over the second huge rat, procuring themselves a load more meat to eat.
“Well, food should not be an issue for a long time. So much meat on these rats!” Said Sana.
Karna looks at Rheill under their casque’n’coif helmets and then start to cut the rat up into more strips of meat. Next, Isai gets his slayer ammunition from what was left of the large rodent. Sana hands some of the meat to Isai as she was unable to carry all of it.
Rheill says, “Karna help me with the legs too, so we can get more drumsticks too, as it’s edible!”

With the food obtained, Karna then leads the party down the corridor, “Great choice on spell Sana, the fireball would have destroyed the meat!” Praised Isai.
“I am not just a pretty face!” Sana says feeling a bit better after her and Isai’s long talk yesterday.
Isai smiles at her as he readies his crossbow in case of any danger, the parties footsteps echo down the corridor, as it leads to another locked door.
The gate appeared shut by another button, and this time it was a reinforced wooden door with metal nails hammered into it.

“So we have two choices, push that button back at the portcullis or investigate this room here.” Suggested Karna.
“Don’t mess with that button yet, we might not be able to close the door again!” Replied Sana.
Karna then replies with, “Yes, a wonderful idea, I didn’t think about that!”
Sana then casts her Zo spell to open the door, and Rheill and Karna move through the archway and into a small room. It had some stairs leading to a different location within the Ethereal Plane. There was also another vextrix.
“Adventurers stop. You are endangering the world. Look at the mess you people from Aena’s have already caused removing the staff. The staff was there to contain the purest of all evils. We cannot allow the staff to return to its master, as if he empowers it, he will be unstoppable!” Said the Vextrix
“But we have to free the grey lord from the evil chaos, by re-joining both sides to him!” Explained Karna.
“That much you speak is correct, The Grey lord is Chaos, Chaos took over his body when Theron gave him the staff. Theron is to blame for everything, and why you are trapped in this dungeon inside the Kakareeg Pinnacle Volcano.”
“We want to stop Theron and bring balance to the Firestaff and the Grey Lord. This was the final orders of the Lord of Order his good side. However, I now don’t believe a word Theron has uttered to us!” Cried, Karna.
“Well champions, many have tried before you, but no one ever made it down here. I am different from the other vextrix, I will not stop you as the protector of your group, your heart is pure, much like the Grey Lord. ‘What did he mean by that. My heart is the same as his!’ Were the thoughts rushing through her mind.
“Did you meet him before here?” Asked Karna curiously.
“Yes, he healed our kind and saved us from perishing to a nasty disease. But the vextrix that are trapped down here have changed they are evil and will kill anyone they see!” Replied the vextrix.
“We already encountered one, but he told Karna about the tomb of the Firestaff before he tried to kill her. It knocked us all out by the impact of his spell!” Added Rheill.
“I see, please use the stairs to find the way passed that portcullis. Your sorceress was right to prevent you from pressing that button, it would have dropped the chest below. However, you are going to have to find a way to scale back down, as I see you have no rope. Please take this advice well, and I pray you can do what even us vextrix have not been able to do and defeat the lord of Chaos for good. The Firestaff is the key, but it is also his weapon. Watch out for Theron even though he brought you here that was a ghost of his form. My Name is Gothmog, was rude for me not to introduce myself before you leave.
“Thank you Gothmog, we will put an end to this, but I have one more question what is this beast that you created to guard the power gem the other vextrix spoke of this?” Asked Karna.
“I don’t know anything about that… other than we created the Tomb to give the staff to the four warriors of light. Karna, you are the chosen one, and only you can stop Chaos, your other three companions are your allies and their role is just as important.

“I’ll be damned. We were right to challenge Theron’s story, as he kept changing it. Theron will die by my blade and answer for everything he has done to us. He must answer for his crimes, and it sounds like he released the Pure Evil known as Chaos using the Grey Lord, as his vessel. If I am truly the chosen one, it is my destiny to stop him, and then marry Rheill and rule the kingdom of Thornwood with him. Are you three with me?”
“We are!” They all yelled.
‘I knew there was something special about Karna, but the chosen one, the warrior of light!’ Thought Rheill, shocked by what he heard.
“Karna if Theron is a demon lord or a powerful magical creature, we will need a diamond weapon to damage him. Will explain more when next eat and drink!” Added Sana, sharing her magical knowledge.
“Good Idea, Sana!” Replied Karna, as she takes the lead of the group.

Next, the four heroes of light traverse up the stairs slowly to an enclosed corridor, which forces them into a single file. Karna takes up the front guard armed with her delta sword. The passage heads towards the portcullis, but one floor above. The small tunnel then opens up, so they can move properly again in twos. Rheill inserts himself back into the front line, with Isai and Sana forming the rear guard. They hear a faint noise coming from behind the wall at the corner before it leads to an open pit, which looked to drop down to the level below.

“Quiet!” said Karna as she raises her sword up.
“What is it, Karna?” Whispered Rheill.
“There is something behind the walls before the trap door!” Replied Karna, as she looks for buttons and levers.
The chosen one was unable to find anything and turns to Sana.
“Sana, you are up, If you have enough energy scan this area please!”
Sana starts channelling her mind and finds a small button on the corner of the obsidian dungeon walls.
“Isai prepares a few strength, Ku potions, and Karna and Rheill drink them!”
Pure power surges through their veins and arteries, as Sana pushes the button. Abruptly, the dungeon wall rumbles and slowly ascends, as it reveals a new passageway.

Four white undead skeletal warriors were waiting for them, and they attack instantly, but Karna raises her metal shield and blocks their thrusts. It knocks the attacking skeleton off balance and Rheill swing his two-handed axe with pure force and kills one of the undead warriors; Its skull rolled all the way down the trapdoor.
“Nice, Rheill!” Shouted Karna as she pushes into the skeletons with her shield.
The protector forces them back into the corridor and Isai uses his mace from the side and crushes another skeleton. The two bony-minions abruptly turned swiftly and thrust towards Isai, but Sana pulls him out the way, as Karna was two their side and could not defend Isai.
“Isai be careful when going into melee, as we need your healing powers. I can’t defend you if a monster suddenly turns in these tight tunnels.” Said Karna, as she slashes down the remaining two skeletons from behind, with Rheill’s help.
Sana may have not done any offence, although, her quick prowess saved Isai’s life.
“Thank you So much, Sana. I better stick to using my crossbow in future. Those two skeletons turned so suddenly!”
‘Wow he didn’t even have a go at me, so maybe he has changed for the better!’ Karna thought silently.

The four champions discover some more drumsticks lying on the ground, but nothing else was in the hidden corridor.
“Now how do we get down this trap door. We do not have a rope. I could try to climb down and hang from the ledge, as it’s not as high as other holes!” Suggested Rheill.
“You can catch me then like a princess!” Said Karna, oozing with love and romance.
‘Aww how cute!’ Sana thought to herself.
Karna gives Rheill her approval now that she got named the chosen one, thrusting her into the role officially, as the leader of the party.
Rheill hands over his two-handed axe to his lover, “Karna pass this to me once I am on the floor below!”
“Certainly, Honey!” Replied Karna, as she receives his weapon.
Next, Rheill climbs down the ledge and then hangs on drops down to the floor below. He lands right behind the grey coated portcullis, and opposite the other trap door.
“Karna I know you are scared of heights but lean over and hand me the axe!”
Karna puts on a brave front and gets on the edge and slowly lowers the axe to him. Rheill then places it to the side.
“Jump into my Arms I promise I won’t drop you. I still have the effects of the Ku potion. Plus, mithril is light anyway!”
The protector of Rune sheathes her sword and places it in her weapon-holder. Next, Karna closes her hazel eyes and takes a leap of faith; she lands perfectly in her lover’s arms. It was a beautiful scene to view, which made Isai and Sana smile at them both.
Rheill then kisses his future queen on the lips, as the helms only covered the back of the head. She kisses him back softly before her future husband lets her down gently.
“Sana jump into Rheill’s arms!” Shouted Karna from below.
‘Oh, this will be interesting. Karna trusts me, but it could unleash Isai’s jealously again!’ Thought, Sana to herself.
She shows no fear at all, as heights didn’t bother her and she jumps right into Rheill’s muscular arms. Sana looks at him with her radiating blue eyes.
Karna watches on but shows no signs of jealousy, as she trusts her man; she smiles at Sana, as she knows what it feels like to get cuddled by Rheill.
‘Karna even smiled at me. I hope one day I can have a bond with someone this powerful!’ Thought Sana.
Rheill’s let her down, Isai appeared okay with what happened, he lowers himself down the edge of the trapdoor. Karna helps him down and into her arms to break his fall.
‘If Isai tries anything, I will bash him with my shield. I wanted to see Rheill’s reaction. As I thought, no jealously from Rheill. He trusts me 100 per cent!’
“Thank you, Karna. You did not have to do that!”
‘Maybe he has changed!’ She thought before opening her lips to speak, “That’s quite, alright!”

Karna pulls the lever, which rattles the portcullis open, allowing them to get back to the area before they met Gothmog.
“Well, the only way we can go is to the right, down this winding tunnel!” Said Sana, as she pointed to the small tunnel.
The opening was small at the front. The champions crawl through the opening and then land where the floor lowered. Karna pushes forwards and follows the winding passageway. Next, it opened towards the left into an oblong-shaped chamber with some cryptic text on the back wall.
Sana begins to read it out loudly, ‘What is underfoot, soon is overhead!’
“Another riddle for you to solve, Sana!” Said Isai.
“Yeah, but there are four of us, and four brains are better than one, even with my knowledge of problem-solving!”
‘A team player as always!’ Karna thought as she treaded carefully into the rectangular-chamber.
The broader region appeared darker than usual, the air was thick, almost like a demonic presence haunted the very halls. Strange sounds echoed throughout the small lengthy room. Karna was moving along left obsidian wall with the party following closely behind her.
Suddenly Karna steps on a trap, as she felt her foot gown down onto a hidden pressure-plate; she reacts hastily, “MOVE RIGHT NOW!”
Karna witnesses a fireball flying towards them, and the champions have no fire protection active. The chosen one saved their life, but only for a split second, as they step on another trap creating another fiery ball of fire.
“GET OUT THE CHAMBER!” Screamed Sana; which forced all of the warriors of light to escape a fiery death at the hands of the medium-sized fireball.
“Karna we have two options, we can try to use the fire shield from my staff and pray it doesn’t burn us to death, but there could be more traps. The second tactic we can try is to sacrifice some items we are not using, and see if it trigger the trap!”
“Sana, I like option two, we have had to do this in the past!” Said Isai, with his insane memory.
“What items do we have?” Asked Rheill.
“Well, I have some ninja stars, daggers that I don’t really need. I have spells I can use now, but I can only cast big spells so many times as you know!”
“Let’s use some of the torches and keep one or two to help cook our meat!” Suggested Isai.
“If we only go down one direction, we may only need three to four items!” Replied Karna as she gets ready to brace the deadly chamber.
“Also, did you notice the horrid sounds and thick air in there!” Said Rheill.
“Yes, this chamber is very unnatural and scary!” Added Sana as she shivers at the thought of re-entering the place.
“We need to go through it, so shake it off, Sana!” Said Karna comforting her briefly with a gentle embrace.
“Let’s use two torches and my throwing daggers as the throwing stars are quite strong!”

Karna gestures for Sana to pass her a dagger, “Stay back, I will test if this works, and easier for me to move out the way with more space!”
Karna takes her dagger and places it down on the area with the hidden pressure plate. The plate creaks, as the weight of the knife, pushes it down. Karna runs back and hides behind the wall with the others.
The fireballs flew past and exploded into the wall, the sound shakes the foundation of the dungeon, but Chaos’ evil magic shields the walls of his creation.
“Okay it seems to work, but I will get closer each time to fireball. Isai, please make me a dexterity potion. I don’t think even being the chosen one, and my father’s potion will be quick enough if a trigger lies in front of the fireballer shooter!” Asked Karna.
Isai channels the new runes and creates a lesser potion of speed into an empty flask. Next, he passes it to her and she thanks him and gulps it down.
Karna then moves with incredible speed and then treads carefully over the first trigger, this time nothing happens. “Looks like it is working!”
The protector returns to get a torch from Isai, and then approaches the tile where she places the dagger. Next, Karna drops the fireband gently on the ground in front of the tiny blade. It forces another fireball to hurl towards Karna. Karna then steps back and then kart wheels behind the wall again avoiding the second explosion.
‘I need to use my brains on the next one, even with my enhanced speed it might engulf me!’ Karna thought to herself, as she takes another dagger.
“I only need the dagger, Isai. I can faintly see the wall. Sana’s enhanced light spell merely reaches the end of this dangerous chamber!” Explained Karna.
“Karna be careful!” Stressed Rheill, as he hugs her for luck.
“I will be fine, I am an idea how to avoid the last one!”
Karna then walks to almost the end of the chamber; however, she could barely see anything. She gets down onto her stomach and crawls towards the final hidden pressure plate.
Next, Karna places the dagger on the pressure pad, and the fireball flies over the top of her. Karna felt the intense heat of it, as the crimson ball of flames flew over her head. ‘By the Gods, if that hit any of us, even with a fire shield… I do not know if we would survive. That was freaking hot!’ Thought Karna, praising her wisdom.
“You can come in now, remember to stick to the right!”

Sana and the others meet up with Karna; Rheill helps her back up to her vertical base, “Thank you Rheill, chivalry still lives!” Said Karna, smiling at him.
“Anything for you, Sugarpuff!” Replied Rheill.
“Looks like we can go left or right. Oh I see the fireball shooters now, it is big hole carved into each of the walls overlooking the chamber!” explained Sana.
“We will go right first, I am worried about the other way, a strong odour is coming from there!”
“You are our leader now, so lead us, Karna!” Said Isai sarcastically.
“Isai… I never asked to be or named the chosen one. Still, it is our destiny to defeat Chaos, and by the Gods, I will die trying!” Answered Karna back with a purpose.
She did not take too kindly to Isai mocking her leadership.
They follow the passage into a small room, which was empty, but a short tunnel leads out of it to the south. Karna gestures for them to follow and the passageway leads to the portcullis, which had no obvious way of being opened. There was a square-shaped alcove, which was empty to the right in front of the metallic iron gate.
‘Light than a feather!’ Was written on the wall behind it, that Sana read out loudly.
The writing puzzled the party, as nothing is lighter than a feather; they all came to the realisation that they must seek an object of that nature.

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