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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Book 2 – Chapter 3 – A King-Sized Rodent

The junction appeared dark much like the floor above, is purely made of cooled down magma rocks. The way to the right lead to a dead-end, the other the way traversed into a small chamber. There looked to be three different directions branching out of the room, one to the left, centre and a right-handed corridor. They notice the path on the left lead only to a dead end. There was some cryptic text on the wall, but the champions decided to ignore it for now and thoroughly examine the other two routes.
Next, they check the corridor directly in front of the small roo “Another freaking dead end. I guess we have only one choice on where to go then!” Said Karna losing her patience slowly.

They follow the right-handed passageway, as it winds around the left and then a right turn and it leads to a wooden door with a rectangular window. The window had two vertical bars descending in the middle of the lattice. Karna notices it has a button in the place it usually is, she draws her sword out as she opens it up.
Inside the door was a small room, which was vacant of any lifeforms. However, there was a dusty yellow scroll resting on the floor. Sana scouts the area slowly for traps or any hidden triggers. Nothing gets activated, and she collects the manuscript and starts to read the cryptic writing on it aloud, ‘Cast the runes, Oh Kath Ra, to create a powerful lightning bolt!’
“Oh yes, another offensive spell. I need to remember this spell travels higher, as the beholders/fiery eyes used the same magic!”
“Yeah, my old shield remembers that well. Nonetheless, it saved our butts!” Replied Karna.
The four champions investigate the small chamber thoroughly but don’t find any hidden devices or anything of value. Next, Karna leads them back to the other room to choose the left direction.

She carefully treads in that direction towards the cryptic text on the left obsidian wall.
“Let me read the text!” Said Sana.
She then starts reading it aloud, ‘When is rock, not rock!”
“Sounds like a riddle?” Suggested Karna.
“Duh, Sugarpuff!” Replied Rheill, mocking his lover.
“Rheill, this doesn’t help our situation!” Said Isai, which angers Rheill a tiny bit.
Nevertheless, Rheill does not let Isai get the better of him.
Sana holds her hand overhead, and scratches her blonde scalp, as she tries to think of a solution to the enigma, that presented itself before the adventurers.
She then says, “It is a mechanic we have already seen before, Karna you first discovered this in the Matrix! If the rock is, not rock it is a false wall, check the nearby walls!”
“Damn Sana, your problem-solving skills are far beyond mine!” Praised Karna, as she finds the phoney wall two paces to the left of the cryptic writing.
Karna then ends up in a winding corridor, but then the profound darkness threatens to soak up all the light. Sana’s enhanced radiant spell did not shine through the fake wall.
Karna makes a smart retreat, “It leads to a curvy corridor, both ways, but it was too dark to see any more!” Explained Karna.
“Well, let’s go through and explore. Nothing Chaos can do, will stop us if we work as a unit!” Said Isai.
‘Maybe if you weren’t a sleazy healer, we would be working together like when we first started!’ Thought Karna, silently.
‘I bet I can guess what Karna is thinking right now, but not going to say a word. It will be like throwing gasoline onto a hot fire!’ Thought Sana as well.
Rheill nods at Isai, as he tries to make an effort to work as a team, as he joins Karna back in the frontline
Karna draws her delta sword out, as the region is open. Any creature could roam freely at this point and pincer the group, so Rheill and Karna split off each side of the fragile monk and sorceress. Rheill scouted the right side and then suddenly walked back and almost into Isai. Isai did not react to kindly, and overreacted, “Rheill watch where you are going!”
“Stop it, Isai. Rheill hit a spinner trigger on the floor. I clearly saw him turn 180 degrees on his own!” Explained Sana, as she was paying more attention.
Karna hurries back to see what all the commotion was.
Sana then turns to look at Karna, as she speaks to her, “Karna it is nothing, but there is one of those spinner tiles we found in the matrix in the other direction!”
The way leads to small open areas with corridors leading to various different ways. So I came back; when I heard Isai yelling at Rheill. I thought they were going to fight each other again!”
“No Karna, Isai was yelling at me for no reason. The only time I will ever raise my axe to him is if he spies on you again!” Replied Rheill.
“Enough about that, we need to progress and find some more food our provisions will only last one or two more days!” Shouted Sana
Karna takes a deep breath and allows herself to be calm, collected and focused. Next, the protector from Rune leads the party back down the route she went traversing around the corner. They arrived back at where Karna had explored earlier. The corridor split into two different directions, one pathway branched to the left, and the other passage went right and around a corner.
Karna scouts the left first but sees nothing other than the dungeon went to an intersection that branched off to the right. Rheill checks around the corner and sees a new type of creature, he draws his weapon out quickly and yells, “KARNA GET HERE NOW!”
Karna rushes to see the monster, it appeared to look about four to five feet long. It was low on the ground and had two pieces of think dark green whiskers hanging from its mouth. It slithered slowly along the ground it had no legs or arms, which freaked Sana out.
It causes Sana to throw a ninja star towards it. The creature catches it in his mouth, and the projectile abruptly broke apart. It was almost as if the throwing star had been untreated and succumbed to rust. “Do not let it bite you. I have heard about these magical creatures that turn metal to dust. They somehow hasten the effect of decaying anything that is made of ore. We call them rusters, but I have only read about them in fabled tales much like Mummies!” Explained Karna.
‘I must use evasive moves only!’ Karna thought to herself, as she engaged the small beast.
‘Hmm, I need to stop Karna and Rheill fighting these then in close quarters!’ Were the thoughts that crept through Sana’s mind.
“Karna, maybe let me use my magical spells. Its blood vessels could contain the same eroding liquid in its body!”
“That might be best, try poisoning it, the space is too small for fireballs or lightning bolts!” Replied Karna.
“Not if we back off, Karna!” Suggested Rheill.
“Hmm, I can try my arrows with the crossbow. Shafts are made from wood and not pure metal like Rheill and Karna’s gear!”
‘Hmm, Isai proving to still to be useful. Mithril is a rare metal I cannot afford this to get damaged!’
“It’s all yours you two, but I will step in… if it gets too close!” Declared, Karna.
Isai inserts a slayer arrow into his crossbow and releases it. The arrow travelled so fast, the ruster could not anticipate it, and it stuck into the side of the beast. Nothing seemed to happen to the quarrel; although the creature shrieks in agony, it continues to slither towards them. Sana launches a fireball at it, and It explodes. However, the beast appeared very resistant to heat sources, as the creature did not catch alight.
“Impossible!” Yelled Sana in disbelief.
Both Karna and Rheill feel helpless, but they want to safeguard their armour and weapons.
“Isai, Let’s fall back a bit. We can round the other way, as we know it’s clear!” Said Sana.
The four champions let the brown ruster follow them, so it is far down the corridor, “Isai shoot it!” Shouted Rheill.
Next, Isai aims his crossbow and lets loose two more slayer arrows they both pierce its heat resistance skin. The creature finally succumbs to the barrage of quarrels, as It slowly slumped onto the dark obsidian ground of the dungeon. They stay clear of the ruster and progress onwards into the new area on level nine.

The party finds that the corridors lead around a few walls, but there were new tunnels they could follow that headed onwards. There was a small side opening, but it only leads to a dead-end. The dungeon then went around another curvy area that went around in a circle. However, on the left side was a wooden door with two blocks of concrete carved to a perfect fit.
“Don’t open that door yet. I think there is more to this area. I am going to use some mana to scan the area for hidden switches!” Explained Sana.
Sana’s eye turns blue to scan, and her magical technique shows her there is a switch hidden inside a deep crevice on the eastern wall.
“I found a hidden switch. Could be some treasure here!”
“Treasure?” Asked Rheill excitedly!
Karna shakes her head and follows Sana as her protector. Karna pushes the switch, and the wall close to it opens, revealing a strange necklace. The piece of jewellery had a black onyx gemstone and silver lining where it connects, wrapping it around the neck.
“Don’t put it around any f your necks until I scan it, as it could be cursed!” Demanded Sana, in a stern tone.
Her eyes glow again, and she notices the pendant is blessed with extra might, “Rheill and Karna, you can fight who has this.” She pokes her tongue out at both of them.
“I guess it is strength-based. It looks prettier than my choker, but I think you should have the pendant.” Said Karna as she gazes upon him behind her casque’ n’coif helmet.
“Thank you, Karna!” Replied Rheill, as he allows Karna to fit the necklace around his neck.
“It suits you, almost like it was tailored for a barbarian!”
Rheill smiles at his love before, they all head to the closed door.

They notice the door was an automatic door, which got operated by the regular button in the top right-hand corner. Karna draws her sword, as she plays it safe, as the champions already encountered a creature that was able to rust metallic objects
Sana fires her Zo spell between Karna and Rheill, forcing the door to open, they see a medium-sized chamber. Karna moves in front of the party, followed by Rheill and the others.
The room appeared to be vacated until Karna spots a small cloaked figure in the corner of the room. It was the size of a dwarf; it was dressed in a dark raven coloured robe. The only thing that Karna saw vividly was his cold crimson-coated eyes. Suddenly it raises its arms as it spots Karna. Its hands glow radiantly into an amber colour. The evil presence prepares to cast a destructive spell at the four champions.
Karna’s takes decisive action, as she witnesses the change in its posture, and yells, “GET OUT THE ROOM!”
All of them heed the protector’s words; Although Karna had no time to move that way, as a sizeable fiery fireball was hurled towards her. ‘I hope this misses me!’ Thought Karna bravely, as she side flips out of the way of it. It explodes, hitting the door frame. The sheer force of it knocks the other three members out.
“No, they did not move far enough!” Screamed Karna in despair, not realising they only got rocked by the impact of the spell.
‘I hope they are okay, but I have to deal with this evil wizard first!’ Thought Karna as she remembers to use stillness, only focus on the enemy at hand
She lets her guard down and lures the evil caster to fire another spell at her. Nevertheless, this time, it chose a toxic rain cloud. The venomous rain poured into the back of the room. Its magic appeared as potent as the ven potion.

“Not bad champion, to survive this long against us, Vextrixes!” It said in a demonic tone.
“So that’s what they call you, servant of Chaos!” Shouted Karna back with rage.
“No, we do not follow him! We are protecting the Firestaff from being stolen by people like the Grey Lord. We sealed it in the tomb to prevent Chaos from destroying the world. Also, we have created a dangerous beast to guard the power gem. The staff can never be empowered. It was stolen from our country, by a conjurer called Theron on behalf of the Grey Lord, but in reality, he is nothing more now than Chaos’ pawn of evil!”
“But he said the Lord of Order asked us to retrieve the staff, the only good part left of the Grey Lord!” Replied Karna, as she prepares herself to dodge another attack.
“Did you design the dungeon?”
“No, only the tomb where the Firestaff rests, Chaos built everything else around it. So even if you find the keys to the first passage you will not get inside without the Master Key we hid on level 12. We also sealed Chaos on floor 13, unless someone takes the master key. Chaos cant do anything other than getting killed by the beast if he goes to the magma chamber for the power gem! So this quest really was a waste of time for you, Theron used you to free him!
However, sadly protector you must die now, but at least you found out that, Theron, lead you all to your deaths!” Explained the vextrix.
‘Hmm, but the Grey Lord said the keys lie hidden deep, what on earth is going on here!’
Mixed thoughts start to creep through Karna’s mind, as she wonders what is the truth anymore. She knows she must be true to herself and see this through to the end. It is not like she can escape the way she entered.
“I will not be dying here today, you will be. I will create my own destiny!” Shouted Karna, as she charges towards the wizard.
She somersaults over the dwarf caster, so his next fireball misses her, and she backstabs it through its back, killing it with a vile thrust. Soon afterwards, the horrific sound of the fireball exploding against the back dungeon wall echoed throughout the chamber.

‘Phew, that vextrix was an extremely dangerous foe!’ As she catches her breath.
Karna rested for a few seconds, and then she swiftly hurried back to check on her friends and Isai.
“Is everyone okay!” Said Karna loudly.
Sana, Isai and Rheill stagger back up to their vertical bases. “Uh, what happened?” Said Sana softly holding her head.
“It seems there is more to Theron’s story than what he told us. The evil creature that shot a large fireball that exploded at the corner of the room told me, they are protecting the Firestaff!”
Karna explains to them in full detail what the vextrix about how Theron stole the Firestaff, everything.
“That lying scumbag!” Yelled Rheill.
“So we need to find the master key, there could be other keys too that we need other than these Ra keys!” Added Sana to the conversation as she regains her balance.
“What of the evil caster?” Asked Isai.
“I took him down, but we need to tread carefully, as they are highly intelligent.” Responded Karna, as she hugs Rheill tightly.
‘So glad he is okay, and the rest of them. I may not be on friendly terms with Isai, but I would never wish death on anyone!’

Karna moves back into the room and says, “We should search this chamber. I never searched its body either!”
The rest of the small squared-room appeared empty, “Just realised Sana, if you were still using the magic torch spell, I would have perished against the vextrix!”
“Yes, Karna this is the best part about the new magic light spell!” Replied Sana, thankfully.
The radiant light beams over every inch and crevice of the small chamber. Sana notices something near the body of the evil dwarf-sized magician.
As Sana got closer, she spotted it was a loaf of bread and some a round piece of red cheese. The food must have fallen out of the Vectrix’s robes; Sana quickly collects the consumables and puts them in her backpack.
“Well, we got some more food from that vextrix!” Explained Sana.
“Does not look like anything else is here, we can backtrack and head in another direction. Also, our water is gone. If there is none by the next time we rest we have to go back up to level four using the short-cuts!” Said the shield-maiden of Rune.

They follow Karna, as she gets back to where the false wall was, and they remember there is a spinner tile in the corridor, shortly after that. Karna’s compass shows her this, so she then urges the rest of the group to turn around, and walk to the corner that swerves to the right. After the champions traverse around the corner, they see a lion-headed fountain pouring warmer water than usual, as they are getting closer to the worlds molten core.
“The water is heated as we are lower under the ground. However, it should be safe to drink as it will cool down. These water bottles are made to sustain a substantial amount of heat.” Explained Isai to the group.
“Warm water tastes nasty!” Responded Karna, the disdain appeared in her hazel Iris’.
“Sugarpuff, be thankful there is even drinking water!” Said Rheill’ as he places his arm on her mithril-plated shoulder.
She smiles warmly as she waits her turn to refill her water bottle.

Suddenly, the walls vibrate a little, Karna feels it, as she leans against the obsidian wall. “Can you guys not feel that?” Queried, Karna.
“Feel what?” Asked Sana, while she fills her liquid container.
It gets more fierce, as something big approaches the party. Karna draws her sword and raises her bulwark as she moves into the chamber. The protector of the group freezes in horror for a brief moment. She sees an enormous furry rodent, approaching the group, and she could not believe how large it is. ‘What the hell rats should not be this big!’ She thought silently to herself.
The giant rodent stood at around seven foot. Additionally, it appeared to be as comprehensive as a dungeon corridor almost. Its fur was a light hazel colour, and it had a grey tail, combined with some evil onyx looking eyes. It moved faster once it saw Karna.
“Rheill with me now, this may be our deadliest foe so far!” Shouted Karna.
“Isai, leave the water for now. We finally found the answer to our question where the drumsticks came from. If we can slay this beast, we will have plenty of meat to eat!” Explained Sana.

The rat lunges at Karna with a massive bite, Karna blocks it with her protective-guard. Rheill joins in the action, and the colossal rat parries his axe with its enormous paw. Karna strikes at it, but the rat grabs hold of her sword in its mouth; It attempts to pry it loose from Karna. Luckily the delta sword was made of durable metal, and Karna had a death grip on it with her mithril gloves.
“Karna be careful!” Yelled Rheill in despair, as he sees rat overpowered his love.
“Rheill Strike now!”
Rheill swings his axe, but the large rodent releases Karna’s sword from its’ jaws. The rat moves away, and the force of it takes Karna off balance. She abruptly falls on her back; however, she nips up quickly onto her feet and gets into her pure defensive stance. Karna moves into the chamber and raises her shield to block another attack from the ferocious rat. Next, she uses her bulwark as a weapon slamming it into the rodents large head but does not affect the colossal beast. However, Karna had managed to get the enormous rat into the chamber, giving them the ability to flank.
Rheill swiftly attacks with his two-handed axe, and it sticks into the side of its body, blood squirts out. The gigantic rat shrieks in pain and turns to Rheill, which allows Karna to pierce the rodent from behind, slowing it down. Sana and Isai then jump into the fray, as it appeared safe for them. Sana throws a ninja star at the rat, and it lands in its head, and then Isai cracks his mace as hard as it can into its cranium. Finally, with all that damage sustained, the giant rodent ultimately lies motionless on the ground.
Rheill removes his axe from the beast, and he and Karna start to carve up its enormous carcass. The champions create several strips of meat from the giant rat.

“Now we have food that will last for a while, but that rat was tough as nails. Alone we would not have stood a chance against it!” Said Karna, catching her breath from all the chopping and the massive battle with the enormous rodent.
“Yes, I got a little worried when it survived the attack from my axe, but you never hesitated for a second. We make a great team, love!” Replied Rheill as he comforts his future queen.
“Well, meat is on the menu tonight!” Said Isai, as he urges Sana to prepare the food.
“I will try to see if I can create a fire, we could use the torch to roast it slightly. I can’t use my fireball, or it will make it as black as these dungeon walls.”
“Not to mention as hard as iron!” Added Karna, as she removes her helmet and leans her head on Rheill’s shoulder. He takes off his protective head-piece as well, and strokes Karna’s hazel hair softly; Rheill knows deep down, that she loves it a lot.
Sana finishes cooking their meal for the night, “I should check the rest of this area quickly. We set up camp to promptly!” Urged Karna, as she gets up and takes her delta sword and metallic bulwark.
“You have the fire, but Sana I need you for light!”
“Sure, let’s check it is safe, the last thing we need is another rat attacking us in our sleep!”
Both Sana and Karna explore the small chamber, and it branches off much like the eastern side they checked earlier. They traverse around many corridors, but they all lead back to where Rheill and Isai camped eventually. They go back to notice another wooden door with a button heading towards the north. Also, they saw another pathway they did not check. Although Sana spots an opening that headed past the door and it leads to some stony stairs descending to the floor below. “Let’s not go any further down, with just the two of us!” Declared, Karan.
Sana nods in approval and makes the short journey back to Isai and Rheill.
Meanwhile, Isai and Rheill managed to remain civil to each other. “Isai I am going to give you some advice when it comes to woman. I know you regret what you have done, and Sana will never talk to you again as more than friends. Try to treat them with respect, and they will respect you back. Take a look at Karna and me. We may not see eye to eye on everything, but we respect each other’s input, views and opinions. We hide no secrets either, apart from when she put our quest first!”
Isai listened well that night, and he thought to myself, ‘Damn, he is right… If I had not been so greedy and allowed it to play out naturally, I may have had a chance with Sana. However, I need to regain the trust of my party-going forwards. I am going to listen to them more and learn from this experience!’ Thought Isai long and hard to himself.
‘Isai seems to have taken my words into consideration. Now I can rest easier knowing he won’t spy on my woman again. I envy him a little as he got to see her bare-figure before me. However, I am the one that gets to make love and pleasure her every night once we are married, and she becomes my queen’ Thought Rheill as eats the cooked meat from the rat.

“We will need to find another way to cook the meat, as we barely have any torches left!” Explained Isai, as Sana and Karna, return to consume their meal.
“The way is secured unless there are any fiery eyes on the floor that can open doors. We can rest here by the torch fire.” Said Karna, as she rests her head on Rheill, as she watches the flickering of the flames.
She continued to gaze into listening to the crackling of the small crimson-coloured flames. ‘I wonder how much longer we will be down here. I have grown so close to Rheill in such a short time. I wonder what engagement ring he will place around my ring finger.
“Everything, Okay, Love!” Asked Rheill as he noticed her staring into the fire.
“Yes, I was thinking about how close we are, but the other thing I can’t tell you as I want you to surprise me with it!”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you then. Come, let me just be close to you. Its been a while since we can get some rest without worrying about our water and food supplies!”
“That reminds me, drink and refill in the morning!” Added Isai.
“Sana, I am truly sorry for hurting you and mistreating you after you friend-zoned me. I would like us to talk or just be there for you to have someone to talk to. I no longer want anything more than friends. What I am trying to say is I want you to teach me how a lady feels and learn from them, and you too Karna.”
“Isai. I don’t know what you thought when you did what you did. I do understand a little on why you did what you did not to ever have a girlfriend all your life. I am starting to trust you again slowly, and as long as you stick to what you just said, I will try and help you!” Replied Sana.
“I said some things to him while you and Sana weren’t here!” Whispered Rheill into his lover’s right earlobe.
“Isai, for now, I don’t feel comfortable being alone with you because you really violated my privacy and took something significant away from Rheill. I hope you enjoyed what you saw, as you will never get to view that again from me. Rheill I want you to see me tonight, alone. I want you to see all of me, as I am ready to show you what only you should have seen!” Explained Karna to the group.
“You can wait, but if you show me, then maybe we can sleep alone together. We can take the torch to the other room!” Replied Rheill.
“Okay, this will give Sana and Isai alone time to sort out their differences and have her teach him!” Replied Karna
“Enjoy your night you too, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Said Sana.
Karna leaves her shield and sword their, and Rheill leaves his axe, “Use our weapons if something happens, but just rush to our room and close the door.” Demanded Rheill as he leads his lover by the hands.

First Karna stripped naked for Rheill slowly for the first time, She first takes off her Mithril chest-piece, revealing her beautiful chest and stomach. Rheill bites his lip as he marvels in her lovely figure. “Rheill, are ready to see my most sacred area?” She asked, enticing him further.
He starts to get hard under his armour as he watches her take off her mithril bottoms and hosen. Karna’s lovely thighs and sacred sanctuary were revealed to him. “You are so sexy, Karna!” Rheill says as he sees for the first time the bare body of his lover.
‘I feel so safe and comfortable with him. He can look at me naked for as long as he likes, tonight!’
“Your turn, Rheill. Please let me see your sexy body!”
He smiles at her and slips out of his mail Aketon armour. First, he reveals his chest to her, which she had already seen. Karna licks her lips as she watches him pull down the mail leggings and his hosen boots. ‘Oh my he is hard for me, and he is perfect!’ Karna thought to herself before asking him a question.
“Rheill, If you want, you can take me tonight. You have earned the right to do so, my future King!”
“No, Karna. I just want to rest with you. Our first time will be in my private chambers in Thornwood Castle!”
‘Aww, I offered myself, and he still wants to wait, what a gentleman he honestly is!’ Thought Karna, however, she did not settle for that answer tonight.
“Rheill, please make love to me tonight. I don’t want to wait any longer, I need you, baby!” She said in a loving but lustful tone.
Rheill needed no second invitation to make love to her, and they both ended up doing just that after they kissed passionately. Rheill and Karna ended up with them lying together closely.
“Rheill that was wonderful, you are a great lover!”
“As were you, Sugarpuff, never done it as good as this before!”
Karna rubs her head against his chest as she falls asleep with the help of Rheill’s delicate caressing of her jet black raven hair.

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