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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Book 2 – Chapter 11 – The History of Crom.

Sana prepares them some more rat meat after cooking with her warmth spell. They sit with their partners and start chatting away while Isai and Rheill caress their ladies.

“Rheill, wonder what is going on above us in the world and the continent. Will we ever hear the churning of the birds, The blazing sun and the lush green grass that covers our continent. That is what I was thinking about when you asked me at the wishing fountain!”

“I don’t know, baby. I promise you this, you will see it again, and you will be coronated as the next Queen of Thornwood!”

Karna smiles at him and kisses him as they eat their meal. Karna stays very vigilant at her surroundings while she enjoys her lover’s sensual touches.
Meanwhile, Isai starts to unwrap the dressing he put on Sana’s shoulder from the deadly puncture wound the scorpion left. Her arm had started to heal up. Sana had been taking a VI potion daily to relieve the pain of her injury. The wound was not so big, but he used some of his water from his bottle to clean it up to avoid it getting infected.

“Sorry Sana, I know that probably hurt. However, the good news is you no longer have a big hole in your shoulder. You will need a proper doctor to look at it when we are out and back on the surface of Crom.”

The adventurers got back up. Karna and Rheill then fitted their protective headpieces over their heads. Next, the protector of Rune leads them back through the large door frame after the square-shaped pressure plate. Karna leads the party passed the right-handed side passageway until she reaches the left corner. She takes extreme caution as the water elemental appeared from that tunnel. She veers around the corner and notices another long passageway heading west, on the walls were more manacles.
Suddenly Sana lets out a terrifying scream as gazes upon a skeleton in half hanging from the grey-scaled chains. The Water Elementals Sulfuric acid must have dissolved even the bones of its victims. Chaos put them there to die an agonising death to the corrosive substance.
Isai comforts her as she rests her head into his chest,

“Sana, this will not be our fate!” Said Isai trying to soothe her with his quiet words.

Aww, well, isn’t that cute! Thought Karna silently to herself.

Karna moves on; however, she avoids the manacles hugging the left side of the dark-coloured wall. Sana’s Rune shone brighter than ever as she masters the light elemental to her almost full potential. Sana still had a little more to learn as her order knew little of the darkness and light elements.
The rest of the group also follow Karna’s route avoiding any possible sulfuric acid. Next, Karna comes to another junction, she walks into it to check where it leads to. Suddenly, she feels a spray of Sulfuric Acid land on the same shoulder she was burnt by the rock pile. Another water Elemental had ambushed her, her shoulder armour began to melt.

“Karna Slowly move out of the junction and then do not move! I am going to do something risky. Isai prepare an anti-venom potion!”

Sana channels a poisonous rain cloud over Karna who holds her breath, and feels the acid wash away. However, she starts to scream in agony from toxic rain as it penetrates the flesh of her exposed arm.

“Karna, move now and take the anti-venom and you will be fine!”

“Rheill, I need you!” She screamed in despair.

“Karna, I am here for you, here drink this before you succumb to the venom. Sana I know you did what you had to I am not angry at you!” Rheill turned to Sana as uttered those last few words.

Karna takes a few sips of the anti-venom potion, and she then regains her strength and drinks the rest of it.

“Rheill, and Sana this Elemental is yours. I need to check on Karna. If any acid burnt her skin, it must be treated!”

Shouted Isai as he orders Karna to move back.
Sana leans around the corner and fires her weakened supernatural beings spells at the watery puddle. She keeps the wall as cover to avoid any corrosive substance from the magical creature from landing on her. Sana did not have armour like Rheill and Karna. Karna’s mithril armour saved her arm from total destruction from the evil water elemental.

While Sana kept the creature at bay, Isai does a thorough examination of Karna’s left arm. It appeared she was lucky as her mithril absorbed all the acid. The toxic rain cloud managed to wash it all away before it penetrated her beautiful skin. “Karna you will be fine, but take it easy. Rheill is more than capable of handling this with Sana. You and him trained each other well, leaning from your different styles.

“Thank you, Isai. You have changed and for the better. Sana will need you more than you know after this is all over. Being down here has even changed me. I am ready to lead the people with Thornwood with Rheill!”

“Sana cover me with your spells, I will try to get into melee range with it. I just don’t have athleticism and the gift that Karna possesses from her father’s magical potion.” Suggested Rheill.

“Be careful one full spray could be your last breath look at dissolved skeleton!” Cried Sana.

Rheill charges the Water elemental catching it off guard, as it got significantly weakened by Sana’s potent magical spells. He manages to thrust into it with his vorpal blade. However, he was forced to drop the enchanted sword due to the sheer amount of corrosive acid on it. Sana quickly channels another toxic cloud over it to wash the acid away before it could take out the hilt.

“By the Gods, I hope this last of these. They are so quiet, and even Karna got ambushed by the Water Elemental!” Said Rheill, as he picks up his blade protected from venom using his Chain gloves.

Both Rheill and Sana rush back and attend to Karna, “No need to panic, Karna is perfectly fine!” Explained Isai.

Karna embraces Rheill, and she is thankful to have escaped that ordeal unscathed. Both the protector and the barbarian of the group are missing parts of their armour, but they know they must press on.
Karna leads them back to the junction of the ambush. However, this time she was able to investigate the corridor. It was narrower on the left side, which led to a crawl space. Sana illuminated the low positioned hollow hole in the dark obsidian wall, and it leads nowhere.

“There could be a secret switch though, we can come back to this area once we have scouted. We certainly do not want to get sprayed by acid from behind!” Declared, Karna as she walks back in the other direction.

The protector of Rune comes to a small circular room, with two portcullises leading out of it. Both of the steel gates were taller than usual, as the dungeons height had elevated itself. The doors, however, the lattice-shaped openings remained the same size. Suddenly Karna listens to her surroundings as a faint sound echoed through the small round chamber from beyond the portcullises.
Karna sheathes her vorpal blade and pulls out her diamond edge sword suddenly as she gets ready for a fight.

“What is it, Karna?” Asked Sana.

“I am not sure, but there is a presence beyond those two doors, but let’s check the low area one more time!”

“Yes, we should. Our armour has got badly damaged as well. maybe we can find more arms of light and really find out what is going on!” Suggested Rheill as he was eager to find treasure.

Sana and Isai nod in agreement as they wander back to the tiny space in the dungeon wall.

“Sana, you are not going to like this! But like the catacombs… you are going to have to go through the hole!” Said, Karna.

“No, but I am braver than before, and it looks empty anyway!” Replied Sana as she smiles at Karna.

She lowers herself, so she can crawl through the tiny space on her elbows. Isai looks at his girlfriends petit bum admiring what he almost lost but now has with his new kindness and attitude. Longs Isai does not revert to his old selfish ways he won’t lose her as a lover.
Finally, Sana exits the small oblong hole in the wall. Next, she makes her way back to her feet and then notices that she is standing inside of a dead end.
Karna worries about ambushes as the light is feinter and will make it harder to see any approaching enemies from afar. However, in Sana’s area, her Rune radiates with pure illumination. She scans with her eyes making them glow as bright a sparkling sapphire. She finally finds the hidden switch, which was inside of a small crevice not far from the dark obsidian coated rocks on the ground. She presses the mysterious button, and a substantial rumbling sound boomed through the dungeon.

Karna quickly rushes to find out what opened up she finds a dead-end, with a full set of plate armour resting inside of it. The protective pieces were very faint as she went too far away from Sana’s magical light rune.

“Karna, come back and wait for Sana!” Shouted Isai.

“I was making sure there were no more water elementals being contained. I am on my way back now, but I found a new set of plate armour with this secret!”

Sana makes her way back through the small crawl-space and cuddles with Isai.

“Welcome back, Honey!” Whispered Isai into her right earlobe, before letting Karna explain to her what she just found.

“I think I found the Armour of Lyte, but I did not dare to touch anything alone, unlike Rheill!” She said with a smug look etched across her face.

“Now, Now, Honey! No need to be mean. Come and show us where you found it!” Replied Rheill eagerly wanting to know more about the ancients.

Karna took Rheill’s left hand and interlocked her fingers with his, “It is in the dead-end here!”

After several minutes passed, they travelled through the dark and damp rocky hallways of the dungeon. Karna remembers her sense of direction, and she finds the short hidden corridor. The set of plate armour was now highly more visible, and it had the same design as Karna’s kite shield.

“Yes, this is Lyte. Sana start scanning it again and see if you get another vision!” Shouted Karna excitedly wanting to know more about how to defeat the lord of Chaos.
Sana scans the armour.

However, this time nothing happens at all, “Karna maybe you need to wear the suit. The diamond edge did glow when you wielded it with the shield of Lyte!”

“I need to find a place where I can change privately then. We are safe, but I prefer to change in a room, and this armour is too heavy
to carry. I honestly hope it is okay for me to wear, I usually wear mithril mail.” Explained Karna.

“Do not worry Karna I won’t peek on you again now. I would be a fool to lose my precious Sana, and it was stupid of me to have conducted this sin!” Replied Isai.

“Damn right, Isai. You would be foolish as you will suffer not only my wrath but Rheill and Karna too. I am glad that you learned from your past mistakes, though!” Replied Sana.

“You teaching me how to be around woman helped me a lot, and when I saw you get hurt I could think of nothing but saving you from the laceration!” Said Isai.

“I have an idea!” Shouted Rheill.

“Tell Us then!” Replied Karna, looked at him under her helmet.

“We can leave the armour here and clear beyond the portcullises and then me and you can carry the Armour of Lyte to a more secure location for you to change in peace?” Suggested Rheill.

“Yeah, that is a great idea!” Replied Karna, pleased that she is engaged to a smart King of the barbarians.

Karna reluctantly leaves the Lyte plate armour set on the ground, and then leads them back to the two button-operated open metal gates.

“Be careful, something awaits us inside!” Said Karna as she unsheathes her diamond edge sword.

Rheill takes out his hard cleave axe but keeps his vorpal blade close to hand.
Karna hastily pushes the squared-buttons of both the portcullis to avoid any ambushes, which forces them to close, creating a thunderous racket. Although it attracted a swarm of gigantic wasps. There were a total of four giant yellow coated wasps with bright lucent ivory wings. The vast insects were the same kind of species they had defeated in the past. However, they have never had to face so many of them at one time.

“Thank God… that you closed the doors! That swarm of enormous insects would have overwhelmed us. Karna is only one person, she cannot defend everything. We have learned this in the past against multiple foes!” Explained Rheill.

Karna responds in a stern tone, “We can try stab and shoot them through the bars. There is no need to make things more difficult, as they are damn quick!”

Next, Isai pulls back on the strings on his speed crossbow, and he aims with pure precision of a veteran marksman. He then fires The slayer bolt flies through the lattice of the portcullis, and the quarrel strikes one of the giant wasps slaying it instantly.
The rest of the buzzing insects swarm and disappear into the darkness.

“A natural reaction to run away, most creatures will act this way if they feel threatened!” Mentioned Isai.

“Let’s go after them then!” Yelled Rheill Loudly.

“I knew you were going to suggest something reckless. I think you have been rubbing off on me, as I am acting in the same manner as of late. We are not chasing the wasps… we don’t even know what other horrors await us through that door!” Demanded Karna as she tries to wait patiently, and patience is not one of the chosen one’s strong points.

“We cannot wait here forever, and our food is getting lower every day!” Stressed Isai.

Sana suggests after Isai’s sentence, “Karna open the door, we don’t need to venture far. It will give us an exit plan!”

“I am jealous of your Intelligence sometimes!” Responded Karna as she pats her on the head with affection.

Aww, my woman is so cute sometimes! Thought Rheill silently as he raises his hard cleave axe!

The protector steps cautiously through the archway of the door, leading the group onwards. Suddenly, a concerned look appeared in her hazel coloured optics, which got hidden by her protective headpiece. Karna could not locate any of the wasps, but the champions hear the ferocious buzzing sound.

The noise grew louder, “Brace for Impact!” Yelled Karna as she lifted her glowing shield of Lyte in front of the group.

The three remaining gigantic stinging insects bounced off of Karna’s Bulwark. The collision stunned the wasps momentarily as Sana yells, “Mon, Full IR!” while channelling her hands together.

She creates a massive ball of flame, “Sana, NOOO!” Yelled Rheill.

Sana not realising how strong of a sorceress she has become in the element of fire. She conjured such a destructive force, but luckily for the party, the wasps evaded the enormous fiery fireball. The incinerating hot ball of flames flew down the corridor. Eventually, it exploded, making a colossal shockwave, which knocks everyone to floor, including the wasps. Karna pierces one of them from the ground as she thrusts into its body with her diamond edge sword. Sana channels her protective shield from the ground, trapping the two remaining flying creatures.

“Hah! now try to escape, finish them off!” Sana said in a smug tone.

“Be careful, Sana cannot move, so protect her!” Suggested Karna.

Next, Karna nips up and takes the front of Sana, as Rheill gets up quickly as well and guards the back of her. The wasps fly towards Sana from the sides, but Isai anticipated their course of action. He had already fired two cross bolts from his speed bow, and they pierce into the remaining enormous buzzing wasps. Sana then finishes channelling her spell and rests on the ground as it takes a tremendous amount of mana and stamina to maintain her magical barrier.

“Well done Sana, that was smart thinking. Now you rest a little, Sweetheart before we scout this area more!” Said Isai as he comforts her.

“Both of you stay here. Rheill and I will investigate further. Do not worry… we will not engage without our full party we are unbreakable when we are all on the same page!” Explained Karna in detail.

The Protector and Barbarian King move onwards through the dark passageway and see a human-sized open hole in the dungeon wall. However, there was another wooden door, which was powered by the regular small button. This route was sealed for not until Karna or Rheill decides to open it.

“The light from Sana’s new spell is powerful, but it fades beyond that opening. If that room is empty, I can change into my Lyte armour and remove this battered mithril mail.

“Karna, let’s open the door. We will need Sana to investigate through the opening at the end of the dank corridor!”

Karna nodes and opens up the wooden gate, which got constructed from hardwood, making it very hard to chop through it with an axe. Luckily for them, the ancient’s technology was far superior to anything in the current era, allowing them to bypass the solid wood.
They come to a conveyer belt much like the zoom room in front of it. However, Rheill and Karna could not make out anything else without Sana with them.

“Looks like we have cleared all lifeforms on this floor. I thought I saw some stairs leading down just before the man-made hole. I can’t be sure until we come as a group with Sana’s illumination spell.” Mentioned Rheill.

“Honey, let’s go back and get the armour and explore the final two areas then. I will change in here, and you can lead them into the unexplored room with Sana’s light!”

Rheill embraces Karna quickly to feel her warmth and then leads her back by her hand as a couple.

Karna travels to where the Lyte armour was hidden. She did not need any light-source as she just hugs the dungeon walls using her memory. Next, Karna grabs the chest piece, helmet and leg plates and carries it all with her.

This is much lighter than standard plate armour, but it was far too heavy to take into battle. I am glad I made this decision earlier to leave it here. Thought Karna to herself as she makes her way back to her party members.

“Karna I will attempt to Scan the armour tomorrow after you have got changed alone. I assume you and Rheill found a safe place?” Asked Sana.

“Yes, Sana. However, we are just not sure if the other room is uninhabited. It was far too dark to see without your radiating aura!”

“Karna, we should go there then and make sure it’s safe for us to set up camp there. We are all tired, thirsty and hungry!” Replied Sana.

“Isai, please help your new lady to the area ahead. Rheill and I will enter through the hole once we have enough light!” Declared Karna.

Several minutes passed as they walked down the corridor where they defeated the wasps. The four champions came across the opened doorway. After the archway appeared a set of raven stony steps, which seemed to lead deeper yet into Chaos’ labyrinth. The stairs were just in front of the small dark corridor that traversed towards the human-made opening.
Sana’s aura shines in the darkness, and a small haven is revealed. Inside of it appeared to be few coin slots and nothing more.

Suddenly Sana yells, “After the stairs, there is a Skull carved into the wall!”

“Great stuff, Sana! now we can open the shortcut and refill our water from the floor we met the gigantic rats!” Replied Isai with is insane memory.

Karna then traverses through the open door and closes it from the other side. Next, she undresses the mithril armour entirely in the darkness and bares her astonishing figure. However, this time Karna had to not worry about someone spying on her, The protector slowly fitted the remaining pieces of the armour of Lyte. She now suddenly became the shining knight as the whole set glowed, much like vison Sana witnessed in her vision.
Karna began to witness the history of the planet without even needing Sana’s help. She heard a familiar voice, but she could not figure out entirely who it was.

“If you are viewing this, then you are the next chosen one to defeat the evil that was sealed a thousand years ago by the Astorians. The ancients known as the Astorians broke the seal and released it. There are two sides, there is always a light and dark side to any force or human being. The Astorians were human just like you, but they were able to harness magical energy known as essence. Still, even that was no match for Chaos with a fully powered firestaff. You must never let him attached the powergem to the staff!”

But the Greylord told us thats what we have to do to restore balance and his apprentice Theron! Thought Karna to herself.
Suddenly the ancient being reads her mind, “Yes, Karna. Alas, I cannot reveal myself yet… I need to make sure its really you under that armour of Lyte. I wore this same set a thousand years ago, but it was not me that stopped him. It was Saphira, our sorceress. Do not trust Theron he has been dead for years he is Chaos’ most loyal demon, The Demon King! I should never have trusted him, he tricked me into releasing Chaos! He appears human, but he is pure evil, and he is the reason Chaos was set free! Chaos is wakening up I was able to escape his grasp momentarily. However, he will have control over my mind and soul again. Do not attempt to face Chaos without the firestaff, but do not let him retrieve from you. Learn from my mistakes and uncover the truth within the Tomb of the Firestaff. The final Ra key lies below, along with the Master key. Karna, please free me, and you must kill Theron, I should have killed him years ago!”

Those words sunk into Karna’s heart that night as she explains her communication with the Ancient Astorian to the rest of the party.

“That voice sounds so familiar, but I just cannot think why, why can I not remember, damn it!” Shouted Karna as anger flows through her veins as she uttered the last part of her sentence.

“let us help you, Honey!” said Rheill.

“Thank you Rheill, we need to get the last two keys from below. Also, there is something here!”

Karna looks at the small hole in the wall. The hollow area was like a weapon that could be inserted into it.

“Karna look some cryptic text is written here, The sword of Lyte will enlarge your view.

“It must mean the Diamond Edge, it glowed as soon as I wielded it with my Shield of Lyte and look at it now that I am wearing the full set!”
Karna shone in the profound darkness as if she was a shining knight, the warrior of light. She puts her sword into the long hollow hole within the obsidian-coloured rocky wall. Suddenly the cavern expanded slightly revealing a key. A crimson coloured gleamed inside of the oblong-shaped recess. The top of the key looked exactly like a red ruby with the base of it coated in pure gold where it would get inserted into a key-hole.
Karna removes her sword from the long hole, and the path remained wide open for the party of adventurers to retrieve the Ruby key.
Karna grabs the key and places it with the other two Ra keys inside of her backpack.

“Do we have any coins left. I remember us picking a few up on the Magenta Worms level. They were gold coins, maybe we can use them to gain some aid!” Suggested Isai.
“We can do that before we rest as its been quite the day for me!” Replied Karna as she yawns.
“Isai let’s rest in the coin area. Those slots are not going anywhere. We can check them out tomorrow, my lass is tired!” Said Rheill.
Sana nods in agreement with the others as they all settle down for the night.
Karna has a little trouble with getting some shut-eye; she keeps hearing that voice in her head, knowing she knows who it is, but just can’t put a finger to it. Roughly, after an hour passes by; Karna rested peacefully next to Rheill.

All of the warriors of light awoke from their needed beauty sleep. The party’s food had dwindled a lot over the last few days, and they found no replacement supplies. Karna searches through her backpack for the coins, and she discovers some golden pieces at the bottom of her rucksack.

“Let’s try these on some of the slots, but which ones!” Queried, Karna.

“Just start from the left. I don’t think this crucial to our progress we have a set of stairs leading further into the dungeon. We got the Ruby key and the Armour of Lyte. We just need to locate the Armour of Darc to learn to possibly learn more about Theron, the Demon King!” explained Sana.

“If Rheill and Isai are okay with that, we shall do just that!”

Both Isai and Rheill nod towards Karna. Rheill then hands Karna her Helm of Lyte. Next, she places it back over her jet-black locks and inserts the first of her three gold coins into the yellow-plated coin slots.
The money is heard as it falls into the slot and an alcove mysteriously appears where the hollow opening was.
Inside of the rectangular recess appeared a loaf of bread, which was shocking fresh. Alongside the food was also some more round cheese with the red coating on top of it. There were several apples as well, although, this was not a large amount of food it added to their low reserves of provisions.
Isai lets out a sigh of relief as he worries more than anyone about their edible supplies.

“I’ll keep the food, and we can have some of it for breakfast to have a change from the rat meat!” Declared Sana.

“Sounds a great idea, Sana!” Responded Isai to her.

Karna then inserts her second coin, and another opening gets revealed in front of their eyelids. This time there was a few empty plastic flasks that rested inside of the new alcove. Isai quickly grabs them and places them inside of his backpack.

“I will use these to prepare extra potions for the upcoming battles. We must be almost at the bottom of the Karakreeg Pinnacle by now!” Explained Isai.

“Karna check the next one!” Said Rheill excitedly, hoping for some treasure.

“Patience is a virtue, although you know its not one of mine!” Replied Karna as she puts her last gold coin into the plated slot.

The next alcove contained a Morningstar, it was a black mace, with a metal chain holding the spiked head. Isai takes it and replaces his current weapon. He swings it around away from his comrades and feels it is a much more efficient and more robust crushing weapon.

“Isai, about time, you found something helpful. I feel bad all the weapons and armour have gone to me lately. But the Lyte is explicitly designed for me. It looks custom made for me because, in Sana’s vision, the armour was much larger on the wielder!” Said, Karna.

“It’s Okay Karna, I bet the Darc armour is hidden below, along with the keys we desire!” Replied Rheill as he takes his lasses hand as she leads them to the stairs.

Karna gazes upon the dark stony stairs and begins to ascend it slowly, the party is then greeted by a small passageway.

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