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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Book 2 – Chapter 10 – Sulphuric Acid!

Praise to the heavens the mechanism, which Karna had triggered appeared in front of the band of adventurers. Another devastating toxic rain cloud shot from left two circular holes that got etched into the left-handed raven-coloured dungeon wall. Karna had her shield of Lyte held high covering her frame. Karna’s wits and anticipation had not only saved her life, but the well being of her friends.
She still considers Isai a friend, even though she has a harder time trusting him after forgiving him. Karna allows her precious heart to understand why he did what he did and to move past it. If it had cost her Rheill, then it would be another story.
“Karna! Please be extremely careful, Honey!” Stressed Rheill.
“Yes, Nobody move please I think because you saved us with the shield bubble. All the traps will activate in front of us to kill any person trying to steal the Diamond Edge. The Sword seems to be one of the arms of light too as it started glowing when I picked it up. Of course, this is my theory, so remain in the dead-end or directly behind me!” Explained Karna in a stern tone.

Karna then sidesteps to the left, keeping the shield up, and another toxic cloud of green rain falls in front of her. Next, two more poisonous throwing projectiles bounce from her glowing shield. Karna’s vision got impaired by the limestone-coloured toxic mist, which saved her from the sharp missiles. The Darts then fall violently to the ground making a racket. Sana picks up the other poisonous darts to use as a ranged weapon. She then moves back to the dead-end, while Karna attempts to get them out of the dangerous area. Fortune was on the party’s side as the traps did not reactivate, which proved Karna’s theory on this particular puzzle.
The protector of light then traverses carefully, as she tip-toes to the next corner of the zig-zagged path. The same mechanism got triggered, but Karna protected herself with her bulwark of Lyte.
However, She stops before the last one as she remembers something in her mind.
‘The door must have slammed shut when I took the diamond edge. Also, I need to turn and face the wall, or I get pierced from behind with poisonous darts!’
Next, Karna turns around to face the wall as she sidesteps right this, the darts shoot almost at point-blank range. She then sends thanks to the heavens that her magical shield protected her.
“You can all come now, as it’s safe for us to exit. We just need to open the door!” Shouted Karna at the other end of the booby-trapped corridor.

The party gets reunited and Sana re-opens the door with her Zo spell, the wooden door rattled loudly open. The four champions then re-close the door, so they don’t accidentally wander back into the odd-shaped tunnel and get trapped in a fight.
“Now we need to choose a door out of the junction of ways through the door we left open due to the three metallic doors sealing the rest of this floor off. We only have one cross key. So let’s pick wisely!” Explained Sana.
The warriors of light traverse through the archway of the opened door. Next, they come to a crossroads inside the chamber.
“Let’s choose the central route we had a choice of left or right.” Suggested Rheill.
“It could be the direct route, and we lose out on more arms of Lyte or even Darc for Rheill. Sana needs new magical gear, and Isai would benefit from stuff too. Or we might be able to explore the other two areas. It honestly is a tough decision!” Replied Karna as she unsheathes her diamond edge, arming herself for combat.
‘I love how thoughtful and kind Karna truly is. She looks out for every member of our party, just if we were friends. We only met each other a few months ago, minus Isai being selfish, everyone gels extremely well!’ Thought Sana as she points to the middle door.
“Karna, open the central door.” Said Isai not wanting to waste too much time.
“Well, there is no going back once I turn the key!” Declared, Karna as she inserts it into the lock, and it is a perfect fit.

The dungeon reveals a winding pathway, which turned to left. Karna motions for Isai, Rheill and Sana to follow carefully and closely. She steps through as the footsteps echo down the newly opened corridor as it appeared empty, amplifying their movements. Karna raises her sword-arm as she hears a noise that sounded like water. However, it was not like a rushing stream or a lake or sounds of waves crashing against the beach.
“Some new minion of Chaos lurks in these new halls. Don’t make too much noise!” Stressed Karna as she peeks around a left-handed intersection.
Karna treads exceptionally carefully, as they travel down this newly dank corridor. Sana’s magical light rune fades a little as Karna moved further down the side-passage. The protector notices that the pathway ended in a dead-end, so she swiftly backtracked. Karna moved more swiftly she tip-toed, creating as little noise as she could with her full mithril chain mail set.
“Was nothing there at all!” Whispered Karna.
Next, Karna leads the group onwards as they head further and around a sharp turn to the right and they come to a junction. The party could no longer travel any further to the north. The sounds that Karna heard earlier grew firmer as the mysterious creature reveals itself. It moved along the floor just as if it was a form of light blue liquid. Steam rose to the ceiling of the dark corridor, and the party briefly inhaled the scent of the boiling hot entity.

“Watch out that’s sulfuric acid! How the dungeon is not being affected, I do not know. The dungeon is not of this world, then again we found out Chaos is not from our time!” Shouted Sana.

“How do we fight acid… it is corrosive and will destroy our weapons and armour. Rheill, look out!”
Suddenly, the puddle of water rose up and created a deadly wave of acid and let’s loose a volley of corrosive liquid. It travelled at breakneck speed, but Karna’s words saved him as he evades towards Karna pinning her against the wall for a second.
He releases her and says, “Sorry, Karna, I had no choice!”
“I know honey, but we need to retreat until we can come up with a plan!” replied Karna.
The liquid grew closer as It strangely flowed towards them. The water did not flow naturally. The watery-creature appeared as blue as the sea, but as hot as molten lava without the crimson and yellow colour. It formed a small circular puddle as it moved along the ground. As soon as it got almost on top of the party, Sana then realises what precisely the nature of this new enemy truly is. She opens her mouth and yells.
“Listen to Karna and run. This is a water elemental. However, the volcanic environment is making it sulfuric acid. I am sure you all know when a volcano erupts, it unleashes hot gasses. I will slow it down with spell I used to kill ghosts. However, Elementals are a much stronger presence of the ethereal world. Somehow the creature can make its corrosive liquid affect our world. It will take me too long to explain everything!” Shouted Sana as the champions make their tactical retreat.

The champions of light attempt to flee, after Sana, conjures the weaken ethereal being spell, which hits the watery-creature. However, Sana’s incarnation had little effect on the creature. The water elemental rose up into another sulfuric wave. The watery-minion abruptly let out another stream of incinerating acid, which landed to the back of Rheill’s upper Mail Aketon leggings before he cleared the corner. Luckily, for him, it only corroded the metal, and it was only very minor droplets that landed on him. The acid disappeared after take a few chunks of the metal with it. The horrific smell of it melting the chainmail filled the corridor leading to the turning before the door.
“That felt so hot, and it didn’t even touch my skin. We are in trouble!” Cried Rheill in despair, as his flesh is exposed.

The four adventurers finally ran through the locked door, which they could not shut. However, they then closed the button-operated metallic door. Each of the warriors of light prays to their Gods, hoping it would seal the creature, while they devise a cunning plan to defeat it.
“My spell had little effect, but maybe the vorpal blade will harm the creature. It is an enchanted blade, which possibly came from the ancient era too. It just might penetrate the acid without it getting dissolved, but this is beyond even my magical training!”
“Sana, we have no choice, and that door will not hold the creature it is melting as we speak. Incredible destructive power!” Cried Karna in disbelief.
The water elemental starts disintegrating the steel door like it was nothing. Pure fright succumbs even Isai, as he witnesses the enormous body of water. Karna remains strong as she is the chosen one, and cannot succumb to fear.
‘The shield of Lyte maybe magical, but it’s still metal. I need to protect it at all costs with it being one of the arms of light!’ Thought Karna, as she hands Rheill her Lyte shield.
“Rheill, take the bulwark. I cannot afford for it to get corroded!”

Karna then hastily runs towards the water elemental and traverses carefully around the back of it. Sana hurls several magical projectiles to help slow the monster down for Karna.
She thrusts into the creature, and the vorpal blade somehow can shift its physical state as it renders itself invisible to the human eye. The water elemental shrieks out in agony.
“Look at the blade… The ancients are incredible!” Screamed Karna.
“Wow! it went into Elemental Plane to harm the creature. Do not touch the blade! I can see acid dripping from it keep it away from your armour and the hilt of it!” Explained Sana sternly to Karna.
Karna slowly removes the magical Sword; soon after the water elemental vanishes from sight. Its life force was too weak to materialise in the world of the living.
“Amazing Karna and Sana! You both defeated the watery monster. Now we sort of know how to deal with them. Take your shield back Karna and let’s continue exploring this new area of dark corridors!” Praised Rheill.

Karna rearms herself with the Lyte shield. Next, she leads them back to the junction and starts scouting the unexplored region. The tunnels had no decorations other than the dark obsidian stones. They took different shapes, as they fit together flawlessly to construct the dungeon. Karna first goes to the right and comes to a dead-end. She then motions the party to follow her in the other direction using a hand gesture.
Karna moves in a stealth capacity making as little noise as possible. She then comes to a small square-shaped room, which had corridors exiting from it in three different areas. One passageway branched towards the left, the second headed west, and the final tunnel headed towards the right.
“We need to watch out here. Lots of ways Chaos’ lackeys can ambush us!” Mentioned Isai, while the four champions made their way to the centre of the small chamber.
Karna keeps her diamond edge sword concealed on the mithril leggings in its weapon-holder. Next, she moves and asks a question,
“Rheill, please investigate the left route while I check the right direction. The western direction looks to be just small dead-end!”
Next, Rheill takes out his Vorpal blade in case he comes across additional water elementals. He find the southern corridor only took a turn to the right, he suddenly sees a shadow, and he draws his magical blade.
“It’s me lower your weapon!” Said Karna forcefully, as she raised her shield in instinct to defend against Rheill.
“Sorry, Karna!”
“It’s okay! The passage went around further than the dead end. We have to find a switch, I think.
Sana and Isai come into either side-passages!” Shouted Karna.
“We are coming!” Said Sana before Isai gives Sana a gentle kiss on cute lips while they were alone.
“Guess they are making out, as they are taking their sweet time!” Said Rheill Mockingly.
Sana gives Rheill a slap on his wrist, playfully, “Sorry, Rheill, we do not kiss and tell!” Said Sana as she pokes her tongue out at him.
“I don’t want to be a bore, but we need your scanning magic. We have come to the point where we cannot progress!”
“Could be a false wall also, which makes it even more dangerous as a water elemental would disintegrate us without us having a fighting chance!” Suggested Sana.
“That’s True!” Replied Isai.
“Rheill and I will keep watch. Do your stuff, Sana!”
Sana does not even need to use her magic as she spots a section of the wall that appeared loose. She smacks it with the head of her staff, and the wall starts to give way on the northern dungeon wall. The section seemed right on the corner from the where they entered from the rightmost passageway from the small chamber.
The other three members of the party help Sana remove the obsidian-coated debris out of the way, and they see it leads to reinforced titanium door.
“I guess there cannot be any more of those creatures this door is still here, this Pressure pad must open it?” Asked Sana as she flicks her long blonde locks back.
Isai loved what he saw, as he thought she did it for him, but she was merely moving it out of her sapphire-coloured iris. Sana caught on what was happening, and she winks at him slyly. Karna then abruptly steps on the squared recess on the ground, and the reinforced gate opens up making a racket. Rheill joins his love in the front line, and they start investigating the newly opened tunnel. The place was silent other than the footsteps of the four warriors of light stepping on the black stone floor. The four adventurers finally come across something different than the long corridor. There was a side passage that headed to the right, and a turning heading towards the left.
Next, Karna takes a quick look down the intersection, but she finds nothing but a dead end. Suddenly another Water elemental flows around the left bend at the bottom of the corridor.
“So much for your theory that there are no more of these. I guess it never tried to exit through the door as it had no prey!” Sighed Sana.
“We have taken this fiend out before. Sorry, Isai not much you can do physically in this fight maybe give Sana some intellectual potions to boost her spells. It helped Karna land the killing blow last time!” Suggested Rheill.
“Wow, I am impressed Rheill. I should give you more credit instead of mocking your brains. However, it is funny to do so. Bring the creature to the squared-chamber we can flank it easier and avoid its acid spit!” Replied Karna while she prepares an ambush for the corrosive water elemental.

A few minutes passed, and the party returned to the small chamber, “Isai stand at the main entrance and let the creature see you, but stay well back that torrent of acid can flow from far away. You can’t help here, but you can be bait, but play smart and run when it gets too close. Us three will do the rest, I am starting to trust you again, and
this is why you get this responsibility!” Stressed Karna putting her animosity aside for Isai.
“I trust you, Karna. Learning from mistakes is what makes us human and better than Chaos. It will be our will and heart alone that will defeat him with the aid of the weapons from the ancients. Get ready the elemental approaches.”
“Rheill, remember to slowly remove your blade as even though it materialises the acid will still melt you. Whatever the material is on the blacked jagged part of the blade withstands even Sulfuric acid. It is unbelievable!” Explained Karna as they get ready to pincer the unsuspecting water elemental.
The watery-minion stops before the junction. Isai moves further back, but the creature suspected an ambush and would not flow into the chamber. Maybe it remembered there were four. It suddenly started spraying the middle of the room with sulfuric acid, trying to kill them with Its fumes.
Sana channels her bubble of protection. The shield even stops the corrosive substance. It gives them an idea on how to better engage these deadly blue-coloured water elementals.
“We can use this magical barrier to shield ourselves from the acid and fumes of it. But I cannot move while I channel it. Karna try to move through the barrier, as I am not sure if it only affects our enemies!”
Karna tries thrusting her Sword through it, and alas the blade is blocked meaning the new tactic will not work as they cannot move in and out of the barrier.
“Looks like this will not work, we have to get the creature inside, or I rush the creature!” Declared Karna.
“Karna Don’t do it!” Yelled Rheill, as he watches her elevate herself over the top of the water Elemental and she thrusts downwards straight into the top of the liquid monster. She holds the Sword inside of the creature carefully as the blade went invisible. The water elemental let out a horrific shriek, but Karna’s ears got protected by her helmet.
“Rheill, Strike now, so I can remove this blade I am vulnerable here!” Screamed Karna as loud as she could. The water Elemental started to slowly rise in water level to try and melt Karna’s hand that was holding the vorpal blade. Luckily for the protector, it was weak from her deadly thrust. Rheill then thrusts from behind slowly, to avoid spraying sulfuric acid onto his future queen. Karna finally withdrew her blade and moved around the corner out of harm’s way. Rheill removes it slowly.
“Sana finish it” Roared Rheill in a gruff voice down towards the chamber. Sana channels all the energy she could muster into a potent purple weaken supernatural beings spell. The magical projectile flies at incredible speed and accuracy, and it finally evaporates the water elemental.
“God, I hope there are no more of these. These are so difficult to kill because I do not want to destroy my Lyte shield. The mithril is replaceable, but the arms of Lyte are not.” Explained Karna as she removes her helmet to get some air.

Next Karna wipes the sweat from her forehead, as the liquid acid from the water elementals is so hot, even just standing near them. Rheill removes his helm to kiss the love of his life on her luscious lips, “Karna, stop being reckless. I am so happy you are alive still!”
“Aww, I am sorry. I made a judgement call. Sana is exhausted. Look at her. She had to channel that barrier for so long, but we have no safe place to rest. Sana would you like to rest a bit. Rheill and I can do guard duty if it helps?” Said Karna in suggestive tone.
“Yes, for a couple of hours. I am needed for these acidic elementals. We can eat here too and drink some water. Once we find the Skull and use this levels skeleton key, we can then top them up!” Replied Sana.
“Looks like you have put up with me making your meal again tonight. We will eat some Apple, cheese and corn sandwiches. Oh no, Sana’s light rune is fading. We will worry about food and water when she wakes up. I guess I cannot poison you with my bad cooking skills tonight!” Karna started laughing after she delivered her final sentence.
Rheill frowns at her, as last time he loved her cooking of the rat meat.
“Don’t be grumpy Rheill. You can cuddle me if it makes you happier!” Said Karna wanting to snuggle with her lover for a few hours.
“I’ll put Sana’s head on my lap so she can rest easier. Keep your ears peeled those water elementals are very quiet when they move!” Said Isai.
Karna took turns with Rheill standing guard so both of the warriors of light and the barbarian of darkness could get some sleep. All of them awaken later with no ambushes and get ready to eat whatever Sana decides to prepare for them.

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