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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg! – Chapter 2
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Chapter 2 – The Missing Gear!

Twenty minutes later, both Sana and Isai awoke to the realisation their backpacks were missing. “Where the hell is out stuff, Karna you haven’t played a trick on us have you?” Asked Isai.
Karna was already seething, but controls her rage, “Look, Rheill’s and mine are missing too. We will hunt them down. The culprit could not have gotten far, he can’t get up to the other floor as the abyss is in the way. Also, the door is locked to the northwest. Its lair must be somewhere to the northeast!”
The Protector of Rune takes them east as the chamber expands towards the east and past the fireball shooters. The group of four continues to traverse through the pink mist with extreme caution. Sana explores the wall in a more depth fashion. She spots a rectangular-shaped button across the razor-sharp rock, and it got carved into it perfectly. Next, Sana pushes the switch with her staff. Suddenly, a wall rumbles, and it then reveals a hidden cavern.

Karna senses a presence behind and quickly does a 180-degree turn and puts her shield up. The mummies fist got deflected, by the protective guard.
“Karna, how did you know they were there under that racket!” Shouted Rheill in shock as he couldn’t believe what he just witnessed.
“Will explain later when we rest, Sana you do the honours here. Everyone run far away so she can fireball them!”
Unfortunately, the mummies scattered as the champions moved their distance, so Sana was only able to destroy the two of them with her fiery spell.
“Don’t worry Sana. Rheill and I will chop them to pieces now that there are only two of them!” Replied Karna.
Karna moves in with her sword over her head, followed by Rheill with his two-handed axe. They both single out the remaining two walking bandaged-corpses. Karna focuses on the left one, and she leaps with a clean-cut decapitating the Mummy.
Next, Rheill walks up to the right one and slashes with all the strength he could muster, and he slays the final enemy.
“Well, that takes care of those undead Mummies. They came from behind us, somewhere?” Suggested Karna.
“I love this new light source. It is only starting to fade now, one day later. I will renew it now, and do lead on, Karna!” Replied, Sana cheerfully.

Karna leads the party to the west a little and notices a small tunnel to crawl through. “Sana you will need to go through that or Isai. The crawl space is too small for Rheill and me!”
“I will go, but If I sense any danger, I will return. We should not venture alone.” Answered Sana.

Sana looks into the tunnel, but cannot see what awaits her fate on the other side of it. She decided to crouch down onto her hands and knees. Next Sana makes it through the tunnel, ‘Hmm, the Mummies must have crawled through the tunnel to get to us!’
Sana now examines the surrounding area of a small cave. There were two full bombs encased in crimson bottles. She carefully picks them up and places them in her rucksack. Suddenly, she notices a brownish staff laying on the floor with some golden string on the top of it. She starts to identify the cane, as her blue eyes radiate into a cyan colour; they sparkle like beautiful sapphires, that got reflected by Sana’s enhanced light spell. ‘Oh this like the staff I have, but it contains an additional spell, a fire shield. It could save our lives. Although it has limited charges. I will exchange my staff and return to the others before they start worrying.’ Sana thought to herself.

Meanwhile, Karna says, “Ah, Sana is coming back. Oh, she has a brand new staff!”
“Yeah, and it has the power to form a fire shield for us!” Replied Sana with excitement as she takes out the two ful bombs.
“Isai, you take these. You have caused a lot of trouble, so you can have the danger of carrying these two bombs!”
“Sana, it is my job to handle the potions anyway, and you are right, but you have to trust me as your healer if any of you get hurt!”
Karna watches on observing the situation and the tension between Sana and Isai. She chooses to not get involved and agrees wholeheartedly with Sana’s decision.
“let’s move on now, and find this thief!” Demanded Rheill.
Karna nods her head at him, as she begins leading the group to east some more. They come across some bluer dark vortexes.
Karna swerves her body to the right, as she hears Sana enchant her fireball spell, and the small glowing crimson ball flies past the protector of Rune swiftly. It keeps flying but loses its power and vanishes before it hits another group of mummies.
“Damn! I need to practise more so I can enchant a larger fireball like, whatever was creating those gigantic fireballs!” Whispered Sana, as she tries to avoid the mummies overhearing her.
Alas, the mummies saw the fireball heading towards them, which pinpointed the adventurer’s location. They start to walk towards them, as they got closer. Isai wastes one of the ful bombs on the mummies, which did not impress the rest of the party.
“Isai, what the hell do not waste those, we have Sana’s fireball spell!” Yelled Karna angrily.
“Sana told me to manage these, and it is a liability to carry these bombs in my backpack, or anyone else’s for that matter. I made a judgement call. The next group will get blown up too!”
“Maybe ask the rest of us first, Isai?” Replied Sana.
“He has a point. These are the same power to whatever was creating those deadly fireballs before we shut off the vortex.” Said Karna.
‘Did I just agree with a pervert. What is this world coming too, but Isai was right in this instance, those potions are dangerous to carry about. I need to make tough leadership decisions from now on. This Kakareeg Pinnacle mountain and dungeon is becoming a graver challenge the more we descend. Also, I hope there is an easier way back up to the Tomb of the Firestaff once we find those Ra keys.’ Thought Karna silently while she gazes upon Sana.
‘Karna must have her reasons for stating what she just did, so I not challenge her on this occasion!”
The protector of Rune takes the point once again, as they follow the obsidian dungeon walls. The south of the floor had no walls, just a massive rift splitting the level in half.

Next, Sana spots a brownish coated grating on the floor, and as her enhanced light from her spell. Additionally, the radiating brightness from her locket enables her to see a grey key lying on the black charcoal ground. It looked like the key that Karna retrieved after the blinking blue hazy teleporters on the catacombs level of the dungeon.
“A solid key rests here! Let me quickly grab it!” Declared, Sana.
“Wait!” Replied Karna, but sadly it was too late.
Although, luck is on Sana’s side today, as there were no traps or any monsters guarding the key; she was able to collect the key without any harm coming to her.
“That was reckless, Sana!” Said Karna displeased with her. She then speaks again, “Never mind what is done is done. I was concerned that there could have been hidden triggers to a trap!”
“Thank you, Karna, for looking out for my well-being. I guess with all the drama that happened two days, guess I am still on edge. I did not think clearly, that I apologise for!”
Isai decides to keep his mouth shut about the whole situation, which just happened.
Rheill watches Isai like a hawk. He appears still concerned that he may pull another stunt to get with his true love, Karna.

Karna leads the group traversing around the northeastern dungeon wall; the party is then able to tread north further. They are met by some resistance from the netherworld; several more green shades float in the air towards the champions.
The protector pulls out her vorpal blade, and Rheill then drapes the two-handed axe across his back. Next Rheill pulls out his magical sword, as the two melee fighters engage the shades in close combat. Karna and Rheill are relentless, as they give the ghosts no quarter and they cleave them back to the realm of the dead. However, while the combat was going on, something snuck up behind the party. The four champions never saw what it was, as it moved so quickly and stealthily.
“What the hell the key is gone from my pocket!” Cried Sana in a high pitch voice.
“It must be that same damn thief, that took our backpacks. Whatever, it was is messing with the wrong adventurers today!” Replied Karna with rage.
“Karna, calm down… this is exactly what Chaos and that thief wants. Let’s look around now that the Shades have been vanquished!” replied Rheill as he consoles his lover.
“Rheill is right, but I understand Karna’s anger, as we are in a grave situation. We need to retrieve our provisions and water before we die of starvation and thirst in the next few days!” Said Isai empathising how serious it is, losing all their consumables.
The adventurers investigate the b vast area; Sana finally spots a tiny tunnel, leading into the northern wall. The hollow space was far to small for a grown human to crawl through. Karna realises that whatever it is, must have stashed their equipment on the other side of the hole.
Suddenly Rheill swings his axe at the wall where the tunnel was, but it has no effect.
“Looks like Chaos built this tunnel for this creature to easily steal peoples gear and take it to a place that we cannot get to!” Explained Sana vehemently.
“Sana, think you are the enigma solver!” Replied Karna, as she puts her arm across her shoulder.
“Maybe brute force is not the answer, maybe there is a hidden switch nearby. Shall we try searching for one?” Asked Sana.
The other three champions nod in agreement to the sorceress, Sana. All of them begin the hunt for a switch, but they are still unable to find it.
“HOW THE HELL DO WE GET IN HERE THEN?” Yelled Rheill, as his voice booms throughout the northern section of the Ethereal Plane.
Rheill’s barbaric voice attracted a group of undead mummies dressed in white bandages. They stagger between an area they have, yet to scout. Sana notices there is a route between two open trapdoors, that look to lead to a dead end. After that area, there is nothing but a big rift that descended farther than the naked optic could see.
“Well, let me deal with these undead Mummies! FUL IR!” Screams Sana as she conjures a much larger full of fire. The fireball explodes, shaking the foundations of the dungeon. Next, it burns the undead walkers asunder into nothing but ash and charcoal. The horrific scent of burning could be smelled in the distance, by the four adventurers.
“Well, Sana, you are dangerous now!” Said Karna, as she starts laughing at the mummies destruction.
“Karna, I would love to investigate where they came from. Please watch out for the deep open holes!” Asked Sana as she flicks her long blonde locks out of her eyes.

The party traverses between the two trapdoors, and they make it to the dead end. There appears no means of opening the dead until Sana notices an oblong switch. The device looked flawlessly carved into a lone wall that stood near the two pit-traps.
“Karna, get ready!” Mentioned Sana.
“Why?” She Replied.

Abruptly the dungeon wall in front of their very eyes started to rumble upwards. Karna withdraws her sword and gets ready for combat; Although they find nothing but a cross-shaped chamber. The ceiling was slanted downwards and appeared different to rest of the floor. Additionally, There was barely anything inside of the small room other than a copper coin and a dusty old and mouldy tome.
Karna checks for possible traps or triggers before she motions for the group to enter the cross-shaped chamber. Sana gathers the copper coin from the shady ground, as well as the old parchment. She opens it up, and she reads it aloud to the rest of the group.
‘Cast these four Runes below. Oh, Bro Ku will give the person that drinks this unbelievable power!’
Before Sana could finish reading the scroll, Isai mentions, “I have those two symbols in my rucksack etched on two flasks!”
Isai pulls them out, and Sana notices he is carrying a Wisdom Flask, which is Dain and the vitality was Neta.
“Ah, yes, so these are safe to drink. Also seems one of the runes is the Rune I use for my toxic clouds as pre-requirement. I will teach you later, Isai.” Explained Sana.
‘Wow, Sana has a strong heart, putting the party first!’ Thought both Rheill and Karna.
“These sound like the potion my father gave to me, but not as potent.”
“Yes, Karna. I think these are only temporary effects, whereas the one your dad gave you, as lasted your entire lifespan!” Explained Isai, as he shares his healing art knowledge with the other three.
‘At least we are civil to one another, but tempers could flare up, at any time!’ Were the thoughts that crept in the back of Karna’s mind.
“Let’s go back to that tunnel and find a way to breach that little thief’s lair!” Demanded Sana.
“I hope it didn’t eat or drink any of our stuff or mess up your hard work, as you took care of our provisions so well, Sana!” Replied Rheill, as his stomach growls.
Hunger and thirst started to set it in on the four champions, but they are not in any danger for the time being. Karna leads them out of the slanted chamber and back into the ethereal plane. They then tread carefully between the two trapdoors not wanting to take a plunge to their deaths.

The party soon arrives back at the hollow opening. Sana starts focusing her magical energy to scan the dungeon. The process was the same, as when she would identify the magical properties of an item. Her eyes glow brightly blue, radiating as pure sapphires; they glisten in the shades of darkness not illuminated by her enhanced light spell. She still is unable to sense anything at first. Next, Sana moves further left of the tiny tunnel, and then she notices a loose rock encased in the wall.
“Yes, I think I have found a concealed switch.” Said Sana, as she starts to pry the loose rock, but she is not strong enough to move it.
“Rheill I cannot make this potion yet, as I need Sana to teach me how to master the OH Rune. We cannot rest out here, either it is not safe.”
“Sana let me try!” Asked Rheill.
Sana obliges and moves to the side, and the king of barbarians Rheill musters all his might but is unable to remove it as well.
“We need that Strength potion, Sana, please start teaching Isai the Rune. We will wait patiently. I will spend some time with Karna.
‘Aww, always thinking about me!’ Thought, Karna to herself as she clutches hold of Rheill’s hand.

Karna and Rheill take off their helmets and gaze into each other’s eyes lovingly, “I cannot wait for this quest to be over so I can spend the rest of my life with you, Darling.” Whispered Karna into Rheill’s left earlobe.
“In due time, my Queen!”
Rheill then cuddles her tightly around her waist, and they both start to kiss each other for a while.
“Rheill, I love you! We should not leave Isai alone with Sana. I am sure she is hurting more than she is revealing to us. Us woman love to hold it in, remember when I exploded about my father. I said I would try to trust him again, so I need to give him a second chance!”
“You are far too lovely, Karna. If I were you, I would have smashed his face in!”

Meanwhile, Sana has a hard time trying to teach Isai, as she feels uncomfortable being around him alone after what he did to Karna.
“Sana, I am so sorry for what I put you through. I was selfish trying to have both you and Karna. I hope one day you can forgive me, and we can be friends again. I don’t expect it to be in the depths of Kakareeg. So let’s work together and remain professional.
“Isai, I understand you are sorry, but this is not something I will forgive easily. I have had a troubled history with men in the past, and you have made things ten times worse!” However, let’s get you to learn this Rune, time is of the essence. We need to get out food supplies back, we need to remove that encased rock!”

Both of them put their personal differences aside, and Isai finally masters the Rune Sana had been familiar with. He already knew the Bro symbol and managed practice the Ku aspect of the spell formula.
“Karna and Rheill… you can come back now!” Shouted Sana.
Both of them re-equip their helmets and wander over as Isai conjures up a Ku potion for Rheill, “Not sure how potent this will be, let’s pray to the Gods it’s enough!” Explained Isai.
‘He better not have tried to poison my Rheill. Should I make him drink a bit first? no, it will look like I don’t trust him!” Thought, Karna, as she worries about the new love of life.
“Everything Okay, Karna!” Asked Rheill.
“Yep, don’t worry!” Replied Karna, as she hides her deep thoughts.
Isai passes Rheill The Ku potion with the sword symbol.
Next, Rheill drinks the potion, and he suddenly feels a surge of incredible power surge through his veins. Rheill swiftly grabs the encased rock on the wall, and with sheer might, he pries it loose, revealing a tiny switch behind it.
“There it is!” Shouted Karna with excitement jumping up and down. She presses the button, and the wall with the tunnel rumbles vertically open. The secret passageway leads to a small room, but then it leads to a passage directly north of them. The turning takes a sharp turn towards the west.

Karna leads the group around the corridor, they then begin to walk, but the passage seems to go on for miles. It even has the same designs on the wall some evil-looking faces and dents in the wall.
“I don’t think we are getting pushed back like the small chamber that leads to the Couatl’s area!” Described Sana.
Karna suddenly walks back a step, and she is teleported back to the entrance of this long tunnel.
“Hmm, Karna got teleported, so we are making progress down this long passage. Let Karna catch up to us!” Explained Sana.
Meanwhile, she meets up with the others a minute later.
“Strange magic is at work here, but hi guys, guess who’s back!” Said, Karna
“Welcome back, love!” Replied Rheill.
Sana motions for Karna to carry on going down the long corridor. After walking quite a bit, they see an opening that leads to the south.
“This way, don’t step past it. It might teleport you back to start like when Karna walked backwards!” Declared, Sana.
Karna traverses around Sana, and Isai and into the side passageway, which then turned left, it leads into a large room, filled with undead. There stood a couple of animated skeletons armed with a falchion and long wooden shield. These undead warriors were separate, whereas the group of white bandaged mummies were together.
Behind them was a square recess on the floor, which appeared to be a trigger. On the eastern wall was a latticed alloyed portcullis door. The party could not visualise how to open it as the monsters blocked most of the view.
“Karna let me shoot a fireball, I have one spell cast left in me before we have to rest!” Said Sana quietly.
“Aim for the mummies! The three of us can finish off the skeletons in melee combat. Also, no sign of the culprit that stole our bags.” Whispered Karna in reply to Sana.

Sana conjures up her fireball runes and lets it fly right into mummies, it explodes with a deafening sound; The champions abruptly jump back to avoid the intense heat of the ball of flame. The Mummies never stood a chance, but the skeleton engaged Karna and Rheill in the front lines.
The first skeleton swings its pointed falchion at Karna, she ducks out of the way and then blocks the second undead warriors thrust at the same time. Next, Rheill swings his axe at the skull of the first animated warrior that attacked Karna. He connects flawlessly and decapitates the skeleton’s cranium from its bony body. Isai then moves in with his two-handed mace and smashes the shield of the remaining bony minion into splinters.
“Get behind me now!” Yelled Karna, as she raises her metallic shield to guard them as becomes an iron curtain of defence.
“Sorry, but I thought taking out it shield would make it easier to kill!” Said Isai.
“Isai what you did was right. Much like us, you thought it wouldn’t splinter so easily!”
Isai nods in agreement, as Karna parries the blade of the remaining skeleton; then in one motion she sideways slashes the skull right off of its endoskeleton. The undead warrior then collapses into a pile of bones. The champions were victorious over the six undead minions of Chaos, they then start investigating the floor. All of them decide to step on the recessed plate, but it doesn’t do anything at all, or it happened so far away they could not hear.
“No active clicking sound?” Asked Rheill.
“Might be activating by these monsters. Could it be they triggered the fireballs, as there was a lot of monsters in this room!” Responded Sana using her intellectual prowess.
“The door can be opened, Also another small tunnel next to it!” Shouted Karna vehemently.
“It must move through here, but we can open the door. Look there is a button in the top right corner of the portcullis!”
Karna peers into the chamber beyond the shut gate, but she couldn’t see whatever stole their gear
“let’s open it, Karna, so we can see better?” Suggested Isai.
Karna looks at the party and opens the door. She then rushes into the room to discover a small but maleficent creature. It was only a metre high, and it appeared to have blue legs and arms that went over its crimson-coloured head. It moved extremely fast once it saw Karna and ran through the hole of the floor and into the central area of the dungeon and its ethereal plane.
“Leave it, for now, let’s see if we can find our bags!” Stressed Isai.
“That creature will soon die by my blade, for the trouble it has put us all through!” Said Karna angrily.
Sana did not have enough energy left to scan the room, but she focuses on the obsidian rocks lower on the floor. She did that to see if the small thieving creature had a switch that revealed where it stored its stolen goods.
She finds a golden coloured pendant on the floor, it had a red round ruby etched into where it would hang down a person’s neck, “Take the pendant, Karna… I will scan it in the morning, as I am out of mana for the day!”
“Okay, Sana!” Replied Karna happily.
Sana eventually finds the small switch. It appeared hidden inside a small crevice at the bottom of a northern wall. She pushes the switch, and the partition to the left of the tiny button rumbles open.
“Our possessions are here, and a powerful blade, which was clearly not ours. However, we will be taking this sword. Karna, you should replace your sword with it. Now everyone, please grab your backpacks!”
Karna picks up the blade and feels a little surge of magical energy flow through her sword arm. She notices that the edge is dominant in both trusting and slashing. The sword was around 4 foot long, it shined in the shades of the profound darkness. The handle was brownish, and it had the name Delta carved into the holder.
Karna sacrifices her old sword to the ground, as the delta sword was too heavy to carry with it, “We now must wait for the thief to return, or it will only steal our stuff again in our sleep!” Declared, Karna.

The four champions awaited hours for the tiny, but hideous creature to return. However, they noticed none of their food was missing, so Sana prepared some screamer slices for dinner. Although they only had a little bit of water left. The champions made a choice to continue onwards and pray there was a water source on the floor below them.
“Let’s pretend we are sleeping. Isai you have a crossbow, fire it when it returns to steal our bags again!” Suggested Sana.
It did not take the creature long to return after they rested on the stone ground. The air, for some reason, started to get hotter with the anticipation of the party getting their revenge on the small thief. Also, they are getting closer to the magma chamber. So naturally, the atmosphere started to get hotter the further they descended. The party only noticed it just now when everything was calm on this ethereal plane floor.

Isai spotted the creature and remained still as it crawled through the small hole in the wall and he suddenly shoots the beast with a slayer arrow from his crossbow. Karna awakens and cuts the creature down with several slashes, showing no mercy or malice. It was almost she had gained an ounce of Rheill’s barbarian rage. “That’s what you deserve, my parents always taught me to respect other peoples property!”
Rheill shakes her to snap her out of her rage. “Karna, control your emotions, you went to that place I used to go to!”
“Sorry! I was frustrated at the time we wasted hunting down that thieving monster. We will probably have to use more provisions, but at least, we can rest safely here for the night!”
“Yes, and in the morning I want to try and retrieve that treasure chest by where the gigantic fireballs came from!” Replied Rheill.
“Why am I not surprised!” Chuckled Sana.
The party then get comfortable for bed. Rheill Kisses Karna on her forehead and a quick lip kiss before they snuggle up to each other. Sana sleeps close to them like before to feel safe. Isai sleeps far from the others, and they all drift off for the next eight hours into a deep haze.

The four champions stir and rub their eyes and stretch themselves out, as they prepare themselves for the rest of the day.
“No time to waste, let’s go!” Said Rheill.
“Someone is eager for treasure!” Said Karna mockingly, as she puts her protective headpiece back on. She grabs her new delta sword and her metallic shield.
She leads them out of the small chamber, “I am going to go forwards and see if we end back at the start of this long corridor!” Explained Karna. She leads them beyond the passageway that leads to where they retrieved their provisions and backpacks. Suddenly, they are the start, so they exit back into the ethereal plane.
Karna then leads them back to where fireballs were getting created. The producer of the balls of flame seems to lie dormant much like Kakareeg Pinnacle. “Let me get the chest, as I have a shield. Isai, make me a Ku potion, and ill carry the chest out of the danger zone!” Said Karna adamantly.
Karna gulps down the strength potion after Isai created it an empty flask for her.
She sprints and grabs the chest. The Ku potion gave Karna unbelievable power, as the chest weighed as much as a huge boulder. Finally, she gets it out of the dead-end, and to the side, so if any fireballs started, the group would be safe.
Rheill looks for traps and finds nothing, but inside the chest was a skull-shaped key, carved out of dark black bones. Also, it was such an odd shape, almost like an L.
“Sana takes the key since you have the solid key!”
“I don’t have it anymore that creature took it when we were fighting the emerald shades!” Cried Sana.
“Damn it. We need that key to open the door here!” Shouted Isai in rage.
Let’s hurry back and recheck its lair, especially where we found our bags and the delta sword.
Several minutes pass by, as the party had no choice, but to backtrack. Sana notices the key lying where Karna picked up the sword. “We were too worried about getting our revenge. We overlooked the solid key.” Said Sana Angrily.
“Sana calm down we have the key down!” Said Isai.
“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down of all people!”
Karna steps in between them, “Cool it, both of you. We must work together. I know It is hard, even for me to do it, but I have to put my pride aside.
Sana storms off in a huff in the direction of their next destination the wooden door with the semi-circular lattice on the top of it.

“Don’t wander on your own, Sana, for my sake. I need to catch up to her, Rheill. Please bring Isai to the door, please!”

Karna quickly runs after Sana, “Sana! Please stop!”
Sana then stops and waits for Karna, she then throws her arms around Karna in a solid embrace. “I am so sorry, Karna. What Isai did and the way he told me to calm down like nothing ever happen eventually got to me. Also, when I see you and Rheill cuddling or romantically together it eats me alive. I thought Isai was different than my ex-boyfriends!”
Sana sobs on Karna’s shoulder. Karna cuddles her tightly and says softly, “I could tell it was hurting you more than you were letting all of us see. However, if Rheill and I affect you, we can do romantic stuff in private. I feel like crying too some nights knowing Isai saw me before Rheill when he had no right too!”
“NO Karna that would be selfish of me. Also, it brings happiness, too, watching you. It’s a double-edged sword because it shows me they are still gentlemen in this world!”
Both of them have a little cry together to let out some emotions to focus on stopping Chaos.

Finally, Rheill catches up to them with Isai, Rheill notices both of them shed some tears. Karna’s helm didn’t hide her full face, and he wipes Karna’s tears away. Sana wipes her eyes and says, “Sorry for my outburst earlier. I just needed someone to talk to, and Karna was my goddess of strength this time!”
“The locked door was just to the west of where we found the treasure chest with the skeleton key!” Explained Isai using his potent memory bank.

Karna follows Isai’s directions, and they find the wooden door. Sana inserts the key in the lock. Abruptly, the door rattles open, and Karna wields her delta sword over her had and raises her shield arm to protect herself. The rattling of bones could be heard faintly in the distance, as they came to a lone squared-pillar of granite. Additionally, the path leads straight past it, which then turned southwards, but they could not see much. Also, the ground appeared more rocky and darker than usual.
The racket drew louder as the undead warriors drew closer their shadows basked in Sana’s bright spell. The party witnesses their long falchions and shields first, which made the skeleton look much larger than the bony-entities they had slain in the past. The undead warriors stagger around the corner, and one of them drags their falchion along the obsidian rocky, floor. It forced Sana and Isai to cover their ears. Karna and Rheill were unfazed by it, as they are used to fighting and had protective headpieces.

“To Arms, there are four of them!” Roared Rheill loudly, as he draws his two-handed axe from his back, placing the vorpal blade into his sword holder.
“Rheill be careful! These skeletons are smarter than they look!” said Karna sternly.
“I cannot use my fireball here, the space is too confined! We will have to use swords!” Screamed Sana worryingly.
Karna closes in on the group of skeletons, guarded by her long metallic shield. The undead warriors strike more ferociously than the bony minions they had fought in the past. Karna uses a series of defensive moves; first, she blocks then deflects the other skeletons thrusts with her delta sword.
“Move back a bit, the corner is giving them the edge, and these are far more aggressive!” Ordered Karna loudly.
The party moves back, but before Karna withdraws, she shield slams the first skeleton, “Sana now, don’t worry about me, trust me!”
Sana conjures up her Ful IR runes, but she lowers the power of her spell, as she had got a lot more proficient at wielding it. The fireball glides past Karna’s frame, as she turns her body as she jumps back and lands on her feet like a cat. The ball of fiery mass then explodes and hits the first two skeletons, destroying them. Their bones fly everywhere, but Karna raises her shield to block the incoming debris like before.
The remaining two skeletons show no fear, as they have no minds other than how to do Chaos’s evil bidding. They get even more aggressive, but this just plays into Karna’s defence. She uses only the sword to keep deflecting the blows. Karna then shield slams them again stunning the closes undead warrior. Rheill then swings his axe at takes both the skeletons heads off from their endoskeletons in one swing. The Ku potion seemed to last longer than eight hours, as that was a feat of strength that impressed even Karna.
“Let’s explore the rest of this place!” Suggested Karna.

The group needs no second invitation as they start to traverse around the corridor to find a large skull flawlessly carved into right obsidian dungeon wall. In the middle of the boned-head appeared a keyhole, Sana used her intelligence, “It appears, this is where we must use the skeleton key. Hold on, as I see some stone steps descending deeper into the dungeon!”
The party observe the stairs, as they investigated the route around the corner from the skull.
“What should we do?” Asked Karna suggestively.
“I think we should use the key. Karna found herself a powerful sword, there could be more equipment beyond one these dungeon walls!” Said Rheill, as he shared his opinion.
“I think we should also search beyond the skull. However, a skull is usually a severe warning sign!” Added Isai with his input.
“I think we should explore it. Don’t forget about spell scrolls. I need new runes, look how strong this fireball spell is, and how well it served us on this floor!” Replied Sana.
“It is pretty much settled then!” Declared, Karna, as she puts the skeleton key in the keyhole. Next, the key gets locked in place and the wall next to it rumbles open.

The party then sees another set of stairs descending and a long bridge. The elevated platform connected back, but close to where they came from the Tomb of the Firestaff.
“This looks like a shortcut back. We must mark this spot on the map. Let’s explore these stairs first!”
“Okay, follow closely behind me!”

Karna steps down the stony-stairs, and they end up facing more stairs, Karna notices a switch at the end of the dead-end, which branched off to her right. She pushes it, and suddenly it turns into a semi-circular alcove, with a clean white parchment resting it.
The text was written by the Grey Lord, as Sana recognised his handwriting from his quill.
“If you want to get out, you must find another way in!”
“So this is an express stairway I think, as I see more stairs heading downwards!” Explained Sana.
“Let’s check your theory out!”
The party then traverses more stairs, at least five more and it leads to a dead-end with a winged lock. They hear vibrations of an enormous entity moving about the level behind the dark walls. They feel intense heat, “We are at the bottom of the Volcano. It could be the magma causing magmatic quakes from the magma chamber, that must lie beyond this lock. We should retreat, without the Firestaff we cannot defeat Chaos anyway. We just need to find the missing Ra keys!” Explained Karna.
Suddenly they hear a tremendous roar, which shakes the foundation of the level they are on.
“WHAT WAS THAT, LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!” Screamed Sana in despair.
The four champions make a hasty retreat and ascend the stairs all the way to the top of the express stairway. Karna thought about whatever that loud creature could possibly be, she knows she needs to prepare herself for the challenges to come. Next, the brave adventurers step boldly down the pair of stairs and are gazing upon a junction.

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