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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg! – Chapter 1
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Chapter 1 – The Ethereal Plane!

We should rest before we explore the next level. It has been a long day! Isai if you even come anywhere near, Karna, I will end you!” Rheill declared forcefully.
Isai looks at Rheill in total fear. Next, he finds somewhere to rest on his own, isolating himself. Sana rests at a spot close to Karna and Rheill.

Karna snuggles up tighter than ever to Rheill, after removing her helmet. She says softly, “Sorry for distancing, myself from you that was the wrong decision,” being careful not to wake the others.
“Karna, look at me.” She looks at Rheill, as both of them remove their armoured-headpieces.
He speaks again, “You did nothing wrong, and I cannot imagine what you are going through now. Let me hold you so you can get some real sleep.
Karna merely curves her lips into a warm and graceful smile and places her head on his chest and drifts off into a slumber. Next, Rheill kisses Karna gently on her forehead.
Karna got the rest, which she desperately needed after finally not having to hide the despicable actions of Isai.
She held this burden for so long that occurred within the Creature Cavern one month ago. Sana struggled to get some rest, as all she could think about was what Isai had done to her. Even though they were not together officially, she did like him a lot.
She thought to herself, ‘At least, I know what he is like now, and not later when we got married!’
Sana then calmed down after that final thought of her knowing now; she tried to get closure and focus on the task that they have to achieve, as failure is not an option. She then falls into a deep haze. Isai had a long time to think hard at what he had put Sana, Karna and Rheill through before getting some shut-eye. Rheill had fallen sleep like a log with Karna snuggled up tightly in his muscular arms that got concealed under the chain mail sleeves.

The adventurers awaken from their short nap; Rheill gives Karna her morning kiss on her luscious lips, and she smiles at him.
“Thank you, Sweetheart, for that lovely morning kiss!”
“Only the best for my lover!” Replied Rheill, as he grabs his weapons and helmet. Karna then places her head-piece over her head, concealing her jet-black locks.
Sana uses her new light spell, but they don’t notice anything different at first other than it no longer got channelled. Then suddenly Karna realises she no longer needs to be right next to Sana.
“Let’s see what the eighth floor has in store for us, shall we?” Asked Karna. Also, Sana that light spell is fabulous!”
“Yes, but it not so strong now, and could go out faster than the magical torch spell. Also, we should take caution! We did not come across any monsters in the access we had to the Tomb of the Firestaff!” Responded Sana.

The protector moves in front of the group and slowly starts descending the stairs. Karna’s footsteps echo throughout the corridor and the opening of the spiral staircase. The steps went around and into a far-plane. There was a massive chasm, which appeared around where the dungeon walls should be. There was an eerie colour of pink mist surrounding the area, making it insanely hard to visualise anything into the distance. Karna stands in awe at the area and yells, “BE CAREFUL. THERE ARE NO DUNGEON WALLS ON THIS FLOOR!”

The others tread with caution and heed the words of Karna. “Oh, this is not good. We are in the Ethereal Plane. I have heard rumours of this place in my magical studies. Karna, take my vorpal blade, as swords and axes are of no use here. I got my spells, so at last, it is now my time to shine. Also, I trained a bit before falling asleep on that new fireball spell. I cannot wait to test it on a group of skeletons or mummies!” Said an excited Sana.

Karna takes the vorpal blade from Sana, and Rheill unsheathes his magical sword.
Next, Karna leads them between the open chasms between the entrance, and suddenly a hidden mechanism gets triggered by the party.
Karna quickly pulls everyone forwards to safety as fast as she can; the four adventurers fall on the ground but out of the way of the growing abyss. The gap expanded in front of the staircase and almost swallowed the champions into the void.
“That was close, thank the gods for your reflexes, Karna!” Praised, Sana.
“Looks like there are hidden pressure pads on this floor!” Said Isai, as he remembers something like that when they froze the skeletons back in the Catacombs of the dead.

“WATCH OUT!” Yelled Sana as she fires her weakened ethereal beings spell at a green ghost that was hovering over to Karna. The supernatural being was the same creature they met on the magenta worm floor. The green ethereal-entity suddenly vanishes in a puff of grey smoke. Next, Karna arms herself, “Make a perimeter, Rheill. I will shield us from their gazes, but you and Sana need to take out the rear and sides. The chamber is massive, and we have nowhere to run now unless that same trigger closes the chasm! However, we will worry about that later!” Explained Karna vehemently.
More green shadows wander towards the champions, they illuminate in the mist, and their crimson-coloured eyes shine at the party. Karna raises her shield and protects everyone. “Rheill, see if the vorpal blade works!” Karna stressed.
Rheill lunges forwards and strikes the green monstrosity with his enchanted jagged-blade.
It screeches in pain as if it got struck by a standard weapon and then vanishes into thin air.
“So these weapons were designed to destroy the ghosts. Where did they come from and who made them, but who knows. Get ready lots of them are now coming towards us thanks to this one screaming before it died!” Explained Karna to the party.
Karna and Rheill fight vigorously holding off as many of them as they can, with Sana’s help. Sana spent a lot of magical energy with her spells, Karna pulls them back to the trigger. Luckily for them, the chasm closes, and they can fight them one at a time now on the staircase. Karna possesses an unparalleled balance.
“Karna this is working better, there does seem to be skeletons, as well. I can hear a faint rattling of the bones in the distance. I will try out the fireball spell once I am. able to recover some of my magical prowess!”
The green-coated ghost was forced to attack the party from the front. However, little did they realise was the spirits could float.
“Damn your strategy was working for a moment, but they are not of this world they can float anywhere they want to. Karna let’s back up to the floor above, and then they have no way to flank us.” Explained Sana using her intellectual prowess.
“What would we do without you!” Praised Karna, as she hand gestures them to move back to the level above.
“I feel useless! I cannot do anything to harm them,” sighed Isai.
“You have proven yourself capable with the skeletons, using your maces and staves. Unfortunately, you do not have any magical weapons!” Karna explained remaining professional.
‘I am giving him a second lease on life, but he has to prove it to me that he won’t spy on either of us ladies again. Only then will he regain my trust.’ Karna thought to herself quietly, while she fought for her life against all of the green ethereal-minions.
The sprits somehow could not move through solid stone, but wood and anything else did not bar them, passage.
Karna stabs the green shades as they come up the stairs one by one, as the ghosts life-force seemed extremely weak. Finally, after several minutes, Karna and Rheill had destroyed all the ghostly creatures.

The adventurers celebrated a little before heading back down to ethereal plane below. They decided to leave the chasm closed and started to explore the pink-mist.
They all tread boldly and carefully watching the large void on the outside of the level. They see some blue-hazy vortexes around the vast area.

A lonely skeleton starts to walk towards the champions. Karna switches her weapons over, but suddenly a circular fiery fireball flies and changes direction as it passes through the blue haze. It strikes the skeleton with even more force that the floating fiery eyes; the undead warrior gets blown into nothing, but flying bones. Karna raises her shield arm and covers the party from the debris. “That was too close!” Shouted Karna.
“Watch out, and don’t stand in a direct line of the vortex, some powerful magic graces us with its presence. I can faintly see some darker walls at the end of this huge area.” Explained Sana.
“Rheill, keep your vorpal blade out, as I have switched to my sword. Additionally, Isai conjure some more cure VI potions in case we get hit by a fireball!” Said Karna taking the leadership role once more.
Yes, Karna. I will always keep them in supply as stuff is getting very dangerous from here on!
‘Well, Isai, seems to be a team player, but I can never forgive him for what he did to me, spying on poor Karna like that!’ Sana thought silently to herself.
“Follow me slowly. We will dodge between vortexes to these dark obsidian shaped walls, which looks to only be the middle. Be on guard for more creatures, as there are no doors here at all yet.” Explained Karna.

She moves slowly, and hastily if she sees any vortexes, they soon reach the Volcanic-carved walls. The dungeon layout seemed to return to normal, but with razor-sharp cooled-magma rock, it was a tunnel that got carved by magma running through it. Luckily the Kakareeg Pinnacle had not erupted for over a thousand years and laid dormant.
“I have a bad feeling about this tunnel ahead, but how do we close the trapdoor here?” Asked Isai.
“look for a different type of switch, and this looks man-made with natures destructive power helping!” Replied Sana.
“We need to pass through this small cavern it looks like it splits the area in two. Sana, do you see anything unique here yet?” Asked Karna
She then moves in front of the opened trap door, showing no fear as the pit room, and her two near-deaths from heights has helped her overcome one of her anxieties.
It, however, still always lingers in the back of her mind. Sana suddenly spots a lighter type of rock, almost as if a crystal had developed etched into the cavern wall. She pushes her staff onto it, and then the switch clicks and the trapdoor closes; it allows the four champions to cross.

Karna leads them across, and it goes back out into the open where they see another fireball pass them by via more vortexes.
They take caution and see another cavern entrance to the northwest. Also, the chasm only divided the floor in two as at the end there were more dungeon walls constructed from the same material. The vortexes were on the edge of the north-eastern wall beyond where the passageway lied.
“We shall check out the passageway first. I do not want to be out in the open with all these fiery projectiles flying about!” Stressed Sana, as she worried about the powerful magic.
I bet there’s a locked door, Chaos won’t make it this easy, and we are going to have to go between the fiery balls of fire.” Replied Karna, as she draws her sword, and raises her shield arm as she leads them towards the cavern.
The tunnel was as broad as a regular dungeon corridor with the difference of it being even more sinister without Sana’s light spell. The walls glow in the darkness once the party enters through the opening. They then come to a right-handed turn, which leads to a wooden door, with a metallic semi-circular window. The gate had no way of opening and Karna said, “See told you! A keyhole rests in the left wall. I guess we better go searching the north side where the
walls are.”
“I was hoping we would not have to go this way. Maybe we can turn the fireballs off via a mechanism. Miss Protector lead the way!”
Karna smiles at Sana, underneath her helmet when she mocked her slightly as she found it pleasant and humorous.

The shield-maiden of Rune leads them out of the cavern to search for the key that fits the lock. They turn left as they were facing south by Karna’s pocket compass. Next, the part starts investigating the northern part of the Ethereal Plane. Karna traverses following the wall but keeps them clear of possible contact with any fireballs.
The four of them soon come to a side-turning to the left. Inside of it was a long corridor with a golden coated treasure chest barely visible due to the blue-hazy vortex.
“Rheill do not even think about it!” Karna demanded with aggressiveness.
“The thought never crossed my mind, Karna. I know I could get blown to pieces.”
Abruptly, the sound of a fireball roared passed them; it was even more comprehensive than the one that struck the skeleton.
“This is where the destructive magic gets created. All we need to do is remove that vortex, and they will hit the wall making it a lot safer to explore!” Explained Sana.

“We will search for the switch, but don’t stand next to the wall. Sana test your fireball spell. Four mummies are heading in our direction!”
‘Finally, I will show these undead bandages just who the real sorceress in Kakareeg is!”
She invokes the magical runes Ful and Ir. Sana’s hands suddenly glow, as if they were getting incinerated by some intense flames. Next, a medium-sized fireball flies into the air and engulfs the four mummies. The explosion rocks the ethereal plane slightly before they turn to nothing but charcoal and ash. The roaring of the flames burned ever so loudly even though they were fifty paces away. “God damn, that felt so good. Those mummies never stood a chance. The skeletons could block it with the shield, like you did, Karna. Least now we don’t have to worry so much about the undead!”

Sadly for the champions, the racket of the fireball drew the attention of more green ghost, this time a group of two came. Sana conjures up the runes of Des Ew, but it has no apparent effect.
“What, it hit them?” Sana cried in disbelief.
The two ghosts continued hovering towards the adventurers. Karna switches her weapons and stabs the single ethereal beings and disposes of them.
Rheill then closes in on the two ghosts, and he thrusts into the middle of one of them. It then shrieks in pain but does not die.
“These two ghosts are larger and seem to be older. So it is taking a lot more to send these ghostly-spirits back to the grave!” Explained Sana.
Both of their eyes glow bright red.
“Everyone, look away, Karna is busy with the smaller ghosts!” Yelled Isai in despair.
Isai had saved the group from the glare attack; it could have been petrification, or much worse.
The party did not wish to find out what the gaze attacks did from the green shades. Rheill then thrusts again at the same gigantic ghost he stabbed earlier, and it vanishes into smoke much like the previous ones.
Karna finally observes the sight of the ten-foot ghostly entity, as she was too busy with the smaller green shades. She gets shocked at the sheer size of it.
“We already destroyed the first ghost, but it took a spell and two thrusts from my vorpal blade. For their gaze attacks, just turning away is enough or hide behind Karna’s shield!” Shouted Isai.
Karna assists Rheill now, and they perform the high and low attack finishing off the ghost. The ethereal being’s only defence was it could not get harmed by stabbing weapons. However, The vorpal blades were purely made to destroy these types of creature.
“Now back to finding how to remove the vortex that is directing these fireballs!” Said Karna forcefully.

Sana spots a small crevice in the northern obsidian wall. Next, She pushes the switch and the Vortex vanishes. Gigantic explosions of the fiery balls hitting the southern cavern wall boomed throughout the cavern. The wall was unaffected by the destruction, as Chaos had enchanted all of the dungeon walls immunity to damage.
“I am and getting tired, but we have no safe-haven to rest in, but the floor must be clear of monsters by now!” Said Rheill.
“We are slowly running out of food, but we have at least a weeks worth of provisions before we start to starve. Sadly, the last two floors have been scarce of tasty monsters!” Responded Sana, as she enlightened the group of a potential food shortage.
Both Karna and Rheill start to remove their helmets, so they are ready to eat.
Sana then pulls out the last of the Screamer Slices, but she sees that is plenty of fruit and few of those large drumsticks left. Fear suddenly courses through her veins, and Karna notices this. She then asks, “Sana, what is wrong, dear?”
“Oh! I was thinking about what kind of beast these few drumsticks came from, that we found scattered in the dungeon!”
All of them drink some water from their leather containers and eat the screamer slices that Sana provided the group with to eat.
Isai still keeps his distance a little from the party.

Karna hears some strange sounds when she was half awake, but then nods back off to sleep.
Karna is the first to wake-up, and she Screams, “OUR BACKPACKS ARE GONE, AND OUR HELMS TOO. I knew I heard something while I was sleeping. Sana’s new light-spell was so powerful it worked while the party slept.
‘If Isai took them… I will kill him. No, it cannot be he slept with us the whole time, and also his bag is gone too!’ She thought while Rheill awoke from her shouting.
“Where is my gear?” Shouted Rheill, but not as loud as Karna did.
Both Rheill and Karna wonder what, who could have taken their stuff; however, they are thankful that they still have their weapons. Although now they are faced with a grave problem, they have no food or water.
“We will hunt down whoever it was, and find our gear once Sana and Isai are awake!” Demanded a seething Karna.

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