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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 8 – Dissension in the Party!

After several hours, they then wake up and are relieved that the door held the water and they remember never to open that door again.
“We did find some upgraded equipment and one of the gold keys for one of the doors!” said Karna, relieved to be alive.
“There is no point going back to the locked doors yet, as we know we need more keys because we could see through the doors,” declared Rheill.
All of them get up and stretch, “Which door shall we try to today?” Asked Sana.
“Time is of the Essence is something possibly we have faced before… we had to be fast, this could be an option?” Suggested Isai.
“I do not care, as long as it does not involve me fighting for my life in another flooding cavern!” Mentioned Karna.
“Then it is settled. Time is of the Essence, it is!” Said Sana.

The entourage manages to agree, and next they move gradually and softly towards the archway; this door is standard, unlike the Matrix. The entranceway is a portcullis, just like on the level above, but it fits flawlessly into the cavern walls. Rheill pushes the button inwards, and the alloyed-portcullis opens automatically, they then see a blue diamond-shaped button carved into the wall.
Sana begins to read the writing on the wall out loudly, “Hit and Run!”
“Could be a trap… well let’s check the corridor first, never just press buttons after what happened yesterday!” Said Karna suggestively.
“Agreed, Karna!” Answered Rheill.
They decide to check out the tunnel, but it leads to nowhere at all, just a dead end. Next, Karna presses against the walls to see if any more false walls existed. She remembered this from the Matrix, where she found her new wooden shield; while she leaned on the wall before the flooding event occurred.
“No false walls here. So we have no choice, but to press this button. Let’s see what it does!” Suggested Isai.
“Okay, everyone… go back to the door, we have no idea what it does,” Declared Karna.
“I am pressing the button, to try and see what happens!” Said, Karna.
They notice nothing at first, so Karna presses it again and then, they see a passageway open up and close quickly.
“Now, this is going to be a speed area, it seems!” said Rheill.
“Really? I would not have guessed!” Replied Karna, mockingly.
‘Damn she got me again… she is witty too, I love it!” Thought Rheill to himself silently, smiling on the inside at her.
“Okay, we can make this easier… as the corridor is not that far, but we have got to watch that we do not get crushed. You guys wait by the opening and go through. I will wait here… otherwise I risk being crushed. Also, I will close the door, so that I am safe. You look for a way to open it on your end. If there is nothing, I will then take the risk!” Suggested Karna.
“Okay Karna, it’s probably safer, but we may need you… if anything hostile is on the other side!” Replied Sana.
“That’s true, but Rheill should be able to take care of it, and I do not want you to go far into the next area. Also, it gives you three a chance to escape with me standing here as I can simply re-open the door, not trapping all of us in the new area!” Replied Karna, using her wits.
“Alright, it will be fine, so let’s go already. Press it now Karna!” Shouted Isai impatiently.
Karna presses the button, and the cavern partisan opens slowly and all three of them, but Karna go through the exit in the wall. The opening shuts behind them making a crashing and thunderous sound that echoes throughout the cavern. Sana, Isai and Rheill are now in the new area; meanwhile, Karna shuts the door sealing her from the Choose Your Fate room.
“Okay, looks like this area goes past a pressure pad, maybe that is how we get out of here, let’s try it!” Said Isai.
“No, wait! It could be another wall that opens revealing hostile enemies or something worse, let’s look around!” Suggested Sana.
They step around the pad but realise they just cannot go any further, as there is an enormous pit-trap blocking them. Situated there was a four by four square in the cavern with three spaces next to the dark pit. Notwithstanding, another pressure pad was found, around the corner. The Trapdoor prevented a direct throw towards the plated-mechanism.
“Let’s head back and step on the first pressure pad. Karna, we have found two pressure pads, but one is unreachable. We are going to step on this one, and hopefully, it will open up!” Shouted Rheill.
“Okay!” Yelled Karna right back at them.
They step deliberately on the stony-plate, and assuredly, it was not that simple. Suddenly, the wall opens; Karna promptly goes through the archway of the opened cavernous-wall and rejoins the others. Now the partition does not close at all; Karna treads around the pressure pad and meets back up with them, although the party is still being obstructed, by a puzzle that they now must solve.

“Also, it is a good thing that we saved all of this food and water, as we have yet to see a single food source on this floor. We are not sure if that water in the cavern is drinkable!” Said Sana.
“Oh, I see we have a pit trap with a pad that we cannot throw anything on it, we for sure cannot jump it… there is another blue diamond-shaped switch here also. Yes, it is a good thing about our rations.
Maybe in the level below, we will find new creatures for food, but let’s worry about this puzzle, right here and now!” Replied Karna.
“Yes, you are right, Karna!” Answered Sana.
“So, what does this diamond switch do… let’s see, there is nothing else we can physically do here!” Said Rheill, as he presses the button.
After Rheill presses the button, a blue-swirling vortex appears in front of them, but beyond the pit trap. Suddenly, it vanishes giving them a very little time-period of a five-second window of opportunity to do something, if not shorter.
They start to discuss what to do now to overcome this new type of obstacle.
“I think I know what to do! This vortex looks similar, to the one that Karna went through with the Mummy on the second level of the dungeon!” Explained Sana.
“What do you mean, Sana?” queried Isai.
“Well, do you remember when I threw the torch, and it went through the vortex… maybe the blue-haze teleports the items onto the pressure pad?” Replied Sana.
“That could work, Sana!” Answered Karna.
“It looks to be the only way to solve this problem. I cannot even get a clear throw to the plate, even if I line it up between the two corners by throwing an object. It is not physically possible without some form of magic here!” Explained Rheill.
“Rheill, take one of the unlit torches from my backpack, as with Sana’s new light spell, we do not need as many of these!” Replied Isai.
“Karna, please press the button,” declared Rheill.
“Throw it as hard as you can Rheill, do it now!” Shouted Karna.
Next, within the five-second time-frame, they were given; Rheill throws the torch, and the firebrand flies into the vortex, and it magically appears the pressure pad. The item then hits the corner of the wall. Suddenly, the pit trap slowly begins to close endorsing them to progress onwards into the Time of the Essence’s area of this dark and gloomy cavern.
They swiftly and hastily travel over the now-closed pit trap and come to yet another hole in the ground; they can see some strange shadows moving along the end wall.

“There is something across the pit… so it cannot get us, but we cannot get across either!” Said, Karna.
“It looks to be a new type of creature as well, the shadow is different, but they move silently; it is not the shape of a Mummy,” replied Isai modestly.
“It seems to have moved away, as the shadow is gone. So once we find a way across this pit, we need to charge whatever it is!” Said Sana, a bit frightened, not knowing what it is.
“Check the walls around it… there must be a way to close it!” Said Rheill
Karna looks closely along the walls to the sides but not the cavernous-wall behind her. She does not find anything. Sana, being the brains and wits of the party, discovers another blue, diamond-shaped switch on the back, cavern wall that is directly behind them.
“Look another switch! I am going to press it now, so be ready for anything,” declared Sana.
Sana pushes the button in, and the pit closes. Nevertheless, only for a short time; it abruptly flings open again in less than five seconds.
“Looks like they were not kidding… whoever wrote Time is of the Essence, in this area!” Said, Karna.
“We have to use haste then, but I am not sure whoever can press the button can turn in time, maybe they can run backwards?” Suggested Isai.
“I will do it. I am the agilest… due to my sword and shield training! You have seen what I can do,” declared Karna.
“Okay Karna, be careful! The rest of us will run on my countdown… one, two, three and go!” shouted Rheill.
Karna quickly jumps backwards twice and then backflips onto her feet, avoiding the pit trap. She lands precisely on the edge of the trap-door and shows transcending balance; the rest stare in shock.
“Wow, Karna! You amaze me more every day!” Shouted Rheill, praising Karna’s natural gift of agility and athleticism.

Karna unsheathes the new sabre that she obtained in the area with her new wooden shield; she, unfortunately, lost her other spare falchion in the Matrix in the surge of rushing water. Rheill readies both of his falchions as well.
“Rush to end of this corridor, and hopefully we have more space to fight!” Yelled Karna.
The Adventurer’s rush to the corner and see a massive cavern and then witness two blue figures, which look like Ants. They have a blue insect-like head and bodies and are both wielding wooden clubs; they make a ferocious buzzing sound. The two insect creatures stand at around seven feet tall; they are towering over even Rheill and Karna. They move unceremoniously towards the entourage. Next, Karna blocks the first incoming strike from the first sky-blue pismire creature with her bulwark and then evades the second attack altogether.
Karna lands a glancing blow, which cuts it’s tricep slightly and green blood squirts out from the arm of the creature, but does not seem to phase it much.
“You have hurt it, Karna, these are not magical creatures like the Mummies. Meaning we only need to stab them to kill them!” Roared Isai, in the heat of battle.
Rheill then thrusts both falchions straight into the abdominal region of one of them, and it falls to the ground. Karna terminates it with a straight swipe, lopping its head from its insect shoulders with her sabre to make sure it was dead.
The other Ant creature moves in on Sana and Isai, but Sana shoots a Poisonous bolt with the new rune that she just learned; This stops it, allowing Rheill to cut the Ant creature down from behind. It then falls lifelessly to the ground, as they defeat both of insectoid monstrosities.
“Hmm… new enemies in this cavern. I wonder what other horrors await us. Keep your weapons out, as there could be more of them!” Said Sana vehemently.
“Sana, your poison spell works well, but it will not work against Mummies or any beings that do not have flesh!” Explained Isai.
“Yes Isai, I already mentioned that, when I learned the Des Rune!” Said Sana, poking her tongue out at him in a friendly manner.
“We cannot use these creatures as a source of food, though. They are just insect parts; let’s look around this room before we go ahead!” Suggested Rheill.
They all decide to examine the underground-chamber, Isai discovers an arrow on the floor and obtains it for later use and then places it in his quiver. Karna finds another blue diamond-shaped button on the wall.
“Look! Another switch, maybe that is to close the hole, we had to run across. So we can get back out, but let’s leave it for now and move out of this open cavern!” Said, Karna.
They decided to ignore the button on the cavern-wall for now and move into the corridor, which leads to another tunnel, but the underground-corridor comes to an end, and they cannot go any further. However, they do find another helmet on the ground.
“Rheill, take the helmet… you will need it as well, as I will for armour and protection!” Said Karna, as she passes it to Rheill gracefully.
Rheill places it on top of his head, and it gives him the same defences as Karna’s helm, but their faces are still slightly exposed, and they will need to find some better protection than this. Underneath the helmet, there is a second gold key; Karna picks it up since she has the other gold key already and she then places them together.
“Looks like we should head back then?” Asked Sana.
“Yes, there is nothing else here, and that switch must close the pit trap, much like the wall that let us in here!” Replied Isai to Sana.
Next, all of them backtrack to the room, and they decide that pressing the switch is the only option.
“Karna, press the button… I will go look down the cavern corridor!” Said Rheill.
Next, Karna pushes the button and Rheill nods to her indicating to Karna the switch closed the hole in the ground.
“There seems to be no timer on it either, so let’s make haste!” Mentioned Rheill.
The entourage then quickly hurries back and leaves the Time of the Essence area of the gloomy cavern; next, they then open the portcullis and close it behind them.

“Let’s head back to the locked doors, in case we lose the gold keys. We could only really see that there were a few more doors,” Said Karna, in a suggestive manner.
“Yes, a good idea, Karna!” Replied Rheill, always siding with her.
“Rheill, you always side with Karna. However, in this instance, it is the right decision!” Said Sana, teasing Rheill.
Next, they head back out of the Choose Your Fate cavernous-room and find the locked doors. Karna then places the gold key inside of the golden lock, and then the door opens up. The party then witnesses a third closed door behind the second metal-grated portcullis. Next, Karna inserts the second key into the next golden lock, and the portcullis rattles open as well; although they are facing a third locked door.
“Looks like we have to do all of the rooms or maybe just a few more!” Said Isai.
“I guess we should head up the stairs to take a drink from the fountain and eat before continuing our exploration!” Replied Sana to Isai.
“Yes, a good idea, but we must ration all of our food. It is good that we found so many Screamer slices from the Screamer trees!” Answered Rheill.
“Yes, a break would be nice… let’s head back up there then!” Said, Karna.
Next, all of them head backtrack up the stairs to the second level of the dungeon and back into the dungeon-type area. They decide to rest here; they also eat some more Screamer slices and drink some liquid from the bottle, which becomes a water-skinned bag. Sana then refills the aqua-bottle from the lion-headed water fountain; the entourage then rested their feet a little. Next, the adventurer’s get back up on their feet and then heading towards the room, which they had spent the last two days choosing their fate.
“Promptly we have to decide which door to choose next. I say we go with the Creature Cavern as it may contain many creatures, but it sounds straightforward,” queried Karna.
“What are the other rooms we have yet to do?” Asked Isai, adding further insight to Karna’s question.
“We have The Room of the Gem, Creature Cavern, Chamber of the Guardians and finally, The Vault!” Replied Sana, reading the room names from the walls next to each of them aloud.
“I say we do the Creature Cavern. It sounds the simplest, and we can take a rest after this, then we have half of this area explored!” Replied Rheill.
Karna presses the button to open the door, and the champions get greeted by a group of Ant creatures; they were the same creatures they fought in the Time of the Essence room.
“We know what to do… let’s have at them,” declared Rheill, cockily.
Rheill rushes in after drawing both of his falchions; he strikes one of them down with his right falchion. Finally, Karna was able to draw her sabre out from her weapon-placement part of her belt, as Rheill went in too recklessly. Karna is not impressed at all; she moves in and thrusts at the other one killing it. Then the party traverses around the curvy-cavern, and they encounter more of these creatures. Sana and Isai sincerely have nothing to do so far. Karna and Rheill pretty much dominate the next group of four Insectoid-creatures with vicious thrusts and slashes, taking them down. There is a small pillar of razor-sharp rock within the Creature Cavern that could be traversed around on either side of it. All of them move into the room. Nonetheless, they did not know another one of the Ant creatures was lurking around the corner of the rocky-column. The whole party was too busy tunnel-visioning in what was front of them.
Both Rheill and Karna are profoundly involved in battling another four of the Insectoid creatures. Meanwhile, the hidden Ant monster stealthily sneaks up on the four champions from behind and the creature nails Sana in the back with a clubbing blow, with its timbered club. Sana never anticipated it, as she was knocked completely unconscious by the vicious attack.
“NO, SANA!” Yelled Isai.
Isai then goes into a berserker-like rage and stabs the hell out of the Ant creature, at least ten stabs into every part of its body with his dagger, and then he checks on Sana. Karna and Rheill finally take down the entire army of the remaining insectoid creatures in an epic battle. Karna had a lot of avoiding to do in that battle, as she had to dodge and block all of their clubbing strikes from their wooden clubs. Although Rheill assisted her well, neither of them has any idea of what just happened to Sana.

Isai screams out and directs it towards Karna, “KARNA, you are meant to protect us! Now, look at what just happened!”
“Isai, Stop it… this was not Karna’s fault. She was dealing with enough already! If you have not noticed the number of corpses lying on the floor!” Yelled Rheill, in Karna’s defence.
‘OH, Isai should count his lucky stars that he is our only healer or I would throttle him right now!’ thought Karna to herself and then realises this solves nothing and then yells at both of them.
“STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU!” Shouted Karna at the top of her lungs as she raises her sword forcefully and then she continues to speak, “This does not help Sana, at all. Isai, go and quickly check on her, to see what damage she suffered. See if you can use the VI Healing Potion formula you studied on the level above!”
“You are right, Karna… I apologise for shouting at you!” Replied Isai.
‘Least he apologised for his rude outburst, but I will be watching him closely from now on. He is trying to take advantage of Sana too, I have seen his flirtatious ways!’ though Karna again to herself silently.
Next, Rheill apologises as well for yelling at Isai. Isai, Rheill and Karna then go and check on Sana to see how seriously injured she is; as she was out like a light. The champions suddenly become encased in darkness, which then covered them rapidly as Sana’s light spell, was no longer channelled.
“Pick Sana up and take her to the door in case there are more of these fiends in here!” stressed Karna to Rheill.
Rheill gently picks up the unconscious Sana and secures her in his arms, feeling the cavern wall until he reaches the ajar door.
Karna assists Rheill as she gently holds onto his muscular arm. Isai follows them, and he feels for the switch to shut the portcullis door; this prevented any more insectoid creatures from escaping and attacking them in the darkness. Isai checks on Sana’s pulse by pressing gently on her neck to make sure she is alive and breathing. Isai becomes assured by the feel of her pulse, and then he sighs in relief, as she is still alive. He had to wait to do this because of the impending darkness and the worry of more Ant creatures lurking around.
Isai chants the VI Healing spell and fills up one of the empty flasks with an unknown type of liquid. The potion bubbles giving off a warm sensation and cosy aroma, which hastily spreads throughout the cavernous-chamber for when Sana finally wakes up.
“Isai, we should rest as we cannot do anything more for her until she wakes up; we cannot continue without her either. She is the only one that can make a light source!” Said Rheill.
“Yes Rheill, we must truly be careful from now on. She was lucky to have been not killed by that wooden club to her back!” Explained Isai.
Karna and Rheill sleep close together in each other’s arms; worry is apparent on Karna’s face, and she is also very disappointed in herself for letting an enemy slip past her defences. Isai continues to worry about Sana, as a few tears trail down his cheek.
While Karna and Rheill fall into a deep slumber; Isai suddenly settles for a deceitful kiss on Sana’s dry lips, while she is still in her unconscious state. Karna catches this out of the corner of her right eye, as she had not exclusively fallen asleep just yet, ‘What a creep! I will keep quiet about this only to preserve our quest!” thought Karna to herself.
Luckily for Isai, she did not wake up yet, and he got the chance to pull away from Sana’s mouth as she woke up.
Sana witnesses that Isai had a tear rolling down one of his cheeks and she responds with, “Isai, do not cry. I am fine, what happened…? Why does my back hurt so badly?”
Isai embraces Sana and tells her to rest, but he makes her drink the VI potion he made first.
“You got hit from behind. That is why your back hurts. If the VI potion does what the scroll says; this will heal from the blow, which you just sustained from the insectoid creature. It will probably not heal you fully but will remove the wound and ease your pain a little!” Explained Isai.
“Awww… thank you, Isai!” Replied Sana.
She then gently kisses Isai on his right-handed cheek and tells him not to blame Karna; she had her hands full. Isai then kisses Sana back on the left cheek, and both of them cuddle for a tiny bit; meanwhile, Karna pretended to be asleep on top of Rheill’s body; before she is ultimately able to drift into her deep haze for the time being. The quarrel that had just taken place will only make the team stronger. Unfortunately for Isai; Karna witnesses his sleaziness and he has no idea about this.
“Please sleep on top of me as you are hurt and let me comfort you, Sana!” Asked Isai.
She obliges and places her head on top of Isai’s torso in a friendly fashion to get some rest, Isai strokes her blonde locks, while still concealing his real motives.

The champions wake up after several hours of rest; Sana lights up the area again. Isai has revenge set in his body and soul because of what the Ant creatures did to Sana, the woman he desires to have.
“Isai, do not be too hasty with trying to get some revenge for what happened. We have to be even more careful from this point onwards and not let this happen again!” Explained Karna, ignoring what she saw him do to Sana and sticking to the task at hand.
“Open the door and ready your weapons… There will be more of them, most likely in this creature cavern. I will try and stay far back as I have not yet fully recovered yet!”
They slowly go back inside, but this time Karna’s awareness elevates to the next level from their previous encounter. She oversees the area that goes around the particular room in a rectangle, ascertaining nothing is hiding on all sides there again; before they head deeper inside the dreaded Creature Cavern. As the champions move in deeper into the cavern, the party observe that they can travel right or left; nevertheless, from the left several more blue Ant creatures come out and attack them with their wooden clubs. Karna moves in with her shield and readies her sabre. Rheill prepares both of his falchions, and they then engage the Insectoid creatures. Next, Karna gathers them to her like a magnet. She easily blocks and parries all of their attacks with her new shield; the wooden bulwark is sturdier and more effective than the buckler she had before.
Karna yells, “Strike now!”
Rheill, taking her advice, slashes one of them where the heart of a human would be, and it falls lifeless to the ground with its green blood staining the grey cavern floor. Isai throws his dagger right into the head of the other one but soon more come from the left. Karna picks them off defensively and slashes both, of them down with ease.
Karna peeks around the corner to see that there are a few more of them left, but it leads nowhere; nonetheless, something is laying on the ground ahead. Next, she motions to Rheill that there are two more and they pre-emptively strike them down, and the area is now clear of hostile forces.
“Check the other route to be safe, Karna!” Suggested Isai.
Karna traverses around the corner to investigate where the route leads to; only to find it lead to a closed wooden door with a button on it in the regular place. This door, however, had a square four-by-four window etched into the top of it.
“It is clear… there was something on the floor in the big area!” Replied Karna.
“It is another arrow!” Explained Rheill, as he picks it up and hands it over to Isai.
“I simply need a bow to be able to use these properly!” Replied Isai, as he puts it inside of his quiver.
Sana hands over the arrow-shaft, which she found right near the start of the dungeon. So Isai now held a total of three arrows in his inventory; this meant that Isai could keep the projectile ammunition together.
“Well, now the only place left to explore is beyond that wooden door!” Said Karna to the others.
“Keep your weapons out, there could be more lurking inside this door,” declared Rheill in a stern voice.
Sana presses the button on the right of the door, and it opens upwards like every other automatic door; the party found up until this point in their journey through the dark and evil place. The cavernous-passageway turns to the right and leads the entourage to a dead end, only for it to be occupied by four more blue insectoid creatures. They advance towards the party; Karna gets in the front again. The first Ant creature swings it’s massive club towards Karna and makes contact with the cavern wall after missing her, as she ducked out of the way; again, the tunnel-wall is unaffected. Karna connects with a stab, which sends the first one crashing to the ground; Rheill parries another hit with his left blade and swipes one of the Ant-creatures with the right falchion. Karna bashes the minion with her shield, stunning it for a split second, which is enough for Rheill to thrust inside of it and defeats it; now only two remain. The blue monstrosities try making their way to Sana and Isai. Nonetheless, they have no chance with Karna there; she completely bars the remaining insectoid-creatures off, preventing all of their attacks with her shield and sabre. Isai throws his dagger into the skull of one of the creatures as Karna managed to position them on her right side; this situated the monsters against the left cavern wall, which allowed for the more exposed ranged offence.
Rheill then slashes it down as Karna jams the final Ant creature against the wall with her wooden shield. All of them now lie motionless with green blood splattered everywhere; Karna is most displeased with as her body language portrays it more than her face could ever.
“What is wrong, Karna?” asked Rheill, reading her body language.
“Do you honestly have to ask, Rheill? Take one more look, you numbskull!”
Rheill glances at her and sees her drenched in the green liquid from the now-dead Ant creatures.
“I have some on me, too, Karna… you should relax a bit, and we can open that door now that the water has subsided. Also, we could bathe together!” Whispered Rheill to Karna.
Next, Karna slaps Rheill right across his face; Sana and Isai look on in shock.
“Rheill is acting like a pervert and a typical man. you can guess what he asked me by looking at me!” Yelled Karna.
Both nod their heads at Karna, guessing what Rheill had just whispered to her.
“Maybe, let Karna go back upstairs… so, she can wash it off using the water fountain. We have yet to find any other water sources on this floor, other than where we almost drowned. Opening that door may flood the entire cavern and is simply too risky!” Stressed Sana.
Karna wipes all the liquid she can, “I will do that after exploring here as we could use some rest,” declared Karna.
She then notices there is a tiny bit of food on the floor along with a golden-shiny object. Sana wanders closer and sees that it is some cheese, which was dropped by one of the Ant creatures, and the shiny object was another key. “How on earth did these creatures obtain this cheese. Nonetheless, we now have a little bit more food!” Said Sana.
Both Karna and Rheill ascend the stairs to the closest lion-headed fountain and begin to wash the blood.
“Rheill, can you please help me rub this off of my back, and I will do yours?” Asked Karna.
Next, Rheill gently washes the blood from Karna’s back with his muscular hands; Next, she smiles, and her eyes begin to glow with small pink hearts.
“That feels so nice!” Said Karna in a soft and loving voice as Rheill’s hands sail over her vertebrate.
Karna then rubs the blood from Rheill, and he feels Karna’s gentle, soft hands span over his back as well. They then wash each other’s hair, and Karna’s eyes remain closed as well as Rheill’s, but Karna cannot hide her smile. Karna and Rheill look at each other, but Karna refuses to kiss Rheill on the lips at this point; she feels he needs to do a little bit more to earn that right. She pretends to kiss him and brushes away at the last second, “You, are a tease, Karna!” Explained Rheill to her.
Karna quietly laughs as she presses her finger on his lips, and she says, “Shush, all good things come to those that wait!”
Rheill grins as they walk back down to meet Isai and Sana, both of them were resting together; Rheill and Karna kip in the spoon position as the two of them get some sleep.

After a few hours later, they wake up again; all of them learned that blaming each other for mistakes was wrong. Especially, when Sana got hurt and when Karna nearly drowned. They discuss what has happened so far for an hour, while they eat and drink. Karna and Rheill filled their water bottles up while they were near the fountain before they went to sleep. They also shared the water from their containers with one another.
“Thank you, Karna, for sharing your water. We will need to refill soon. Additionally, I hope we can find one for Rheill soon; I am sure you do not mind sharing with Rheill for the moment though,” replied Sana.
“Thank you, Karna, for sharing your water with me, darling. I hope I will find a drinking container for myself. However, I love sharing things with you!
“You, are so sweet, Rheill!” Replied Karna.
Rheill lips curve into a warming smile, as he glances into her radiating eyes for a brief moment; while Karna returns the favour in her own right.
Isai and Sana also thanks Karna for sharing her water battle with Rheill, complimenting her kindness.
Karna then replies, “Not at all we are getting very devoted towards one another, so it is only natural we are sharing our water.”
‘Hm, that’s rich coming from him, who took advantage of a defenceless Sana earlier!’ thought Karna to herself, still hiding it from the rest of the group.
“Do we choose more doors, or try the keys as we do not know if we need more?” Suggested Sana after she hands back the water bottle to Karna.
“Let’s see how many doors there are, maybe?” Responded Karna.
We could also search more for better gear and treasure as well,” stated Rheill.
“We do not want to be too greedy. Remember, it said to choose our fate. We want a good fate,” answered Isai.
“I am going with Rheill on this one, minus the greed because we require better equipment to defend ourselves and we may as well explore through all the doors while we are here. We need to find another source of food as our Screamer supplies are getting thinner every day. Nonetheless, we did obtain the cheese and drumsticks, which we found in the Creature Cavern,” explained Karna.
“I say we choose the door that is next to us, ‘Room of the Gem!’” Said Rheill.
After the extensive discussion about whether or not they want to explore all of the remaining rooms. All the adventurers agree on doing so and immediately realise they need to be even more cautious now. The traps and creatures are getting more dangerous as well since his living things are getting armed with weapons. Next, all four of them head towards the Room of the Gem and unfasten the door by pushing the button.

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