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I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
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Book 1 – Journey to the Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 4 – Screamers and Mummies


The shadowy figure slowly moves closer to them, and they can finally distinguish what it is. A gigantic tree was seen, in the distance; it stands as elevated as the dungeon ceiling and has many branches that are moving about with stalks disappearing into the ground. Also, on the prominent part of the tree, illuminate-green leaves and red apples are found growing on the inside of the cotyledons. The tree’s branches seem to be also withered and look fragile; although they also appear fierce and justified to the sheer size of them. The enormous tree slithers along the corridor grabbing and tugging at the dungeon walls to get closer to them.
“What the hell, this tree is moving!” yelled Rheill, as he readies himself for battle, by drawing his sword; Karna joins him as well in the front line.
“Stay back, Sana and Isai, let Rheill and I deal with this monstrous thing; it is, which we have been trained to do!” declared Karna.
firstly, Karna moves in and ducks the incoming tree branch that smashes into the wall; some magic is at work here, as the wall does not budge with the sheer force that it had used to try and land a hit on her.
Rheill slices the left branch off with a slashing, descending spiral attack from his falchion. Alas, it does not stop the tree a single bit, as another branch swings towards Rheill; Karna swiftly intercepts the ligneous plant and cuts it off as well with a curving slashing-strike, before it strikes him. Somehow, the gigantic tree is still standing and shows no signs of letting up. Suddenly, a dagger flies between Karna’s and Rheill’s bodies with incredible accuracy and strikes the treetop, where the leaves and apples are. The tree lets out a terrible, unsettling shriek, which forces all four of them to cover their ears momentarily. Next, the tree comes crashing down as Isai and Sana pull both Karna and Rheill out of harm’s way; the giant woody plant then lays motionless on the stony, grey floor. “Sana, you did it!” shouted Isai in amazement to Sana.
“Well done, Sana, now we know the tree’s weak spot… if there are any more. It would seem the life force was on the top of the tree. This place gets stranger and bizarre by the minute,” responded Karna.
Rheill pulls out the dagger, which is covered in bright green juice, and hands it back to Sana; she gently takes it and says, “Thank you, sir.”
Rheill investigates the dead-tree closer and begins to chop it into smaller pieces from the top of the tree.
“This plant is a great, food source; look at the size of it. We have enough slices for each of us, for a few days possibly?” replied Rheill to Karna.
“Are you seriously, going to eat that, Rheill?” questioned Karna.
“Yes, what else do we have, to eat; they resemble a different coloured grapefruit with pieces of red apple inside of them,” explained Rheill.
Sana starts collecting the tree slices one at a time, and she begins to pack them into her backpack.
“I am going to be calling these Screamer slices, because of the horrid shriek, it made when it died!” said Sana.
“Ha, ha, a superb choice!” chuckled Karna, in response to Sana’s choice of naming.

The tree is no longer blocking the whole view of the corridor that they are currently standing in after entering through the first semi-circular, locked entrance. The tunnel is compact; it ushers to another door, which is in the form of a reinforced, oaken doorway. It’s constructed from thick brown hardwood, but then it retains separate bars going across it with immense iron-nails, plated into the reinforced parts. So, there would be no way you could even attempt to bash it in or let alone chop it down with a weapon. There is a keyhole to the left of the door; much like the previous door. Now, luckily for them; they decided to search the other room and already acquired, the solid key. All of them slowly step around what is left of the dead tree, which now is just withered, pristine branches and its trunk as they approach the door lock.
Next, Isai places the key in the lock, “Get ready! There could be more Screamers about since Sana called the segments Screamer slices. We can now call these trees, Screamers!” articulated Isai.
The door slowly rumbles as it opens and they then anticipate a turning that goes to the left. The left passageway formed into a right-handed intersection and is viewable out of the corner of the naked eye. They turn the corner to consider the path beyond the junction, which just happened to only lead to a dead end. All of them now decide to ignore the dead end and follow the passage; the corridor seems to go on forever. Additionally, the scenery of the dungeon had changed again. The walls now are built from the same radiant green limestone colour as the Screamer treetops of the tree, which they had just killed. The ceiling is identical to the walls, but the floor remains the standard old-fashioned and tiresome grey colour.
The entourage continues following the lengthy passage, which then winds around a few corners; they then come to a small room only to see another gigantic Screamer before their very eyes. Karna and Rheill this time know what to do to defeat the Screamer. The tree lunges at Rheill with one of its branches; Karna shoves Rheill out of the way knocking him over by accident, as he was caught off-guard. Karna goes in and thrusts into the top of the tree with her falchion, exactly where its life source is; it then lets out a horrific shriek, but the Screamer does not die. The tree then grabs hold of Karna with one of its branches and seizes her and clutches her; it then tries crushing her body. Next, Rheill makes it back up to his vertical base and chops off the branch with all of his might; the long tree-limb was currently holding Karna extremely high up into the air, as soaring as the ceiling. Suddenly, a horrific thud is heard throughout the squared-room as Karna falls to the ground hard and collapses; she then lies motionless.
“KARNA, NO!” yelled Rheill at the pinnacle of his voice. He then leaps at the tree with an elevated slash, and slices the top in half; the tree falls, down instantly. Isai quickly rushes over at the speed of light, to check on Karna.
“She is still breathing… thank the gods, and she just took a major hit on her body when she fell. It looks like, Karna will be perfectly fine as she is merely unconscious,” explained Isai.
Suddenly, guilt runs courses through Rheill’s mind and veins; he then begins to doubt himself as he almost got Karna killed by a hasty mistake. Karna briefly is someone that Rheill has emotionally grown attached to in such a short timespan.
Rheill shakes off the doubt and rushes over to enfold her in his arms. The protector lies there still and motionless, but peaceful, “I am so sorry, Karna, I should have caught you, please be okay!” said Rheill worryingly as he kisses her on the top of her forehead.

Sana replies, “Let’s take a break; we need to check that there is nothing more lurking around; we cannot continue with Karna like this anyway.”
“Yes, a good idea, Sana!” Answered Isai.
Rheill is still carrying Karna in his arms as she dwells unconsciously. He gently places her on the ground, as Rheill surveys the area around them. He then sees that there is a passageway, leading out of the narrow room to the right; Rheill pursues it while Isai and Sana watch Karna. The corridor then comes to a wooden door with three lines going down it, and there is an exit sealed by a lock on the left side of the doorway. Next, he comes back to Sana and Isai.
Rheill then speaks, “We are safe here; there is only a locked door ahead, and there seems to be another water fountain here. So, this would be the perfect spot for us to rest,” uttered Rheill.
Rheill cuts into the fallen Screamer’s treetop like the previous one so that Sana can store, yet more provisions for the group. Next, Sana puts the Screamer slices away; she then prepares the food and keeps Karna’s separate for when she finally wakes up. Suddenly, Karna slowly begins to wake up as she holds her head.
“Ouch! My head, what happened?” mumbled a dazed and confused Karna.
“You were grabbed by the tree. It was trying to crush your body. I tried to save you by freeing you from the branch that was holding you. I forgot how high up you were in the air and you came crashing down to the ground,” replied Rheill.
Rheill gives Karna a friendly hug, now that he knows she is safe. She hugs him back in a comforting manner to say thank you again for saving her life. Isai and Sana smile at each other as they watch them cuddle; now knowing that Karna, is going to be okay.
“Please rest and relax Karna. We were about to get some rest after our meal. Seeing now that you are awake, I can immediately hand out your meal as well. We have no idea how this will taste. After checking the screamer-slices further, it does look unpoisonous, and it is safe to eat!” Explained Sana.
Sana hands Karna her Screamer slices, as they all start to get stuck into it, “This tastes delicious!” Stated Rheill.
“It sure does taste a lot better than I thought it would. It was a good thing we found these as we desperately, needed more food,” replied Sana.
Karna still with a glazed look in her eyes, as she devours her food too. Rheill slowly and quietly moves closer to her, while she is eating. He decides to gently place his arm around Karna to keep her safe, as he witnesses the glazed look in her goddess-looking, hazel eyes.
“Mm, this is delicious indeed. My head and body hurt so much after that drop from that horrible tree. I must be more cautious in the future,” mumbled Karna.
“You are safe now,” answered Rheill, as he rubs her shoulder gently; she smiles as she relaxes with him and tilts her head against his shoulder.
“Thank you, so much all of you and especially Rheill. As he certainly knows how to treat a lady well, when she is injured,” declared Karna.
Sana motions at Isai to do the same with her as they sit against the wall. Sana is slowly starting to like Isai more as a friend as the time goes on and she does sense the feeling is mutual. Although Sana is not as sure of this matter as Isai is challenging to read and she gets the feeling he wants more than her friendship. Isai does put his arm around her and to Sana’s surprise; Isai kisses her tenderly on her left cheek. After that, he strokes her face with the back of his wrist, proving to Sana that she was right.
‘I knew deep down in my heart that he wanted more than just friendship. I will let him continue to do this for now, as he has been profoundly kind to me. I for sure don’t want to start an argument in front of a weakened Karna.’ were the thoughts running through Sana’s intellectual mind, putting the party first before her selfish deeds.
Isai whispers into Sana’s left ear, “You are magically beautiful Sana, but I do not want to rush things or cause complications on our task at hand.”
She replies to Isai in the form of a whisper, so that Karna and Rheill cannot hear.
“Awww, that is so sweet, and I agree. No need to rush, as we will presumably be here for weeks and if not months. This place looked massive from the outside, and it will get more dangerous from here on.”
‘He is showing mix-emotions, he kisses me on the cheek and then tells me I don’t want to rush, what is Isai’s motive or game here?’ Questioned Sana to herself silently.

“Rheill, this feels lovely. May I sleep like this? I will get some rest and hopefully, will be much better afterwards and I can be of some use again,” whispered Karna.
She then sleeps her head peacefully on Rheill’s big muscular right shoulder.
He quietly replies with, “Would not have it any other way. You are so charming, intelligent and powerful. Karna, this is a rare combination to possess, and you are truly blessed.”
As Karna hears those sweet and gentle words flow into her right earlobe, she blushes slightly but is unashamed to show it to Isai and Sana.
She smiles and closes her eyes as she leans against him and the limestone, coloured wall.
“Aww, they look so cute together,” whispered Sana as she watches Karna sleep on Rheill’s shoulder; while he holds her in his arms.
“They do, but both of them probably think the same about us. Close your eyes, sweetie so that we can rest now,” replied Isai.
He then smiles, as Sana rests against his shoulder on the other side of the room from where Rheill and Karna are sitting; he fastens his eyes tightly as Sana had already fallen asleep.

Many hours, at least six or seven must have passed; being underground the adventurers did not know if it was night or day. Nevertheless, they all know there is a water source. The entourage now obtained an adequate number of Screamer slices to keep them healthy, for the time being. The area is as dark as a shadow without a torch, as Isai had put the firebrand out to conserve its energy; so, it was unburnt out entirely while they slept. Sana illuminates the flambeau again that is in Isai’s hand with her, Ful Rune; the area begins to radiate in bright, flickering flames and they can see the room once more and its contents.
“Wonder how many days we will be underground here, and we have no other clothes. I guess that is the least of our troubles,” said Karna, not relishing the lack of changing clothes, but knowing she has little choice about this at all.
“Not much we can do about the clothes part, unfortunately, Karna. Getting back to the task at hand, we need to search for a key to this wooden door up ahead,” replied Rheill.
“What is that gold and shiny thing in the corner, not far from where you were sitting, Karna?” asked Sana, pointing towards it.
Isai slowly shines the burning flambeau over it.
“Well spotted Sana. You certainly pay attention to crucial details!” replied Isai.
Rheill bends over to pick up the key as he knows where the door is; he also utters, “Karna, take it easy and let me take the full-frontal point for a while. Surely you are not at a hundred percent, after that fall not long ago.”
“Sure, that would be a marvellous idea. I feel a lot better now… however, I am still a little bit sore from the fall earlier!” Replied Karna.
Rheill takes the lead with Karna a little bit behind; she walks pretty, well already for someone that almost was crushed and dropped from several feet high. Next, they follow the passage out of the room until they reach the wooden doorway. Rheill then slowly inserts the key and unlocks the seal on the exit to the corridor. The door opens upwards, and the sound of the creaking hardwood lets out an eerie sound; which startles them all for a split second.
Once the door fully opens, it reveals a vast chamber with two tightly shut steel-squared portcullis gates. Both of these portcullises are across the room and on the other side of it. However, on the floor are nine square-shaped recessed pressure pads into the ground. These are much like the ones the four of them had encountered before they found Rheill’s falchion. There is also nothing abnormal about the ceiling or walls, although they still shine of limestone. All four of them look worried as they glance back at each other. Their facial expressions suggest that something is not right about this room.
Next, Karna begins speaking gently and quietly, “This does not bode well, my friends; could the incorrect ones be traps or open and close both doors?”
“Let me step on the first pad and see what happens. The rest of you, please wait outside the room so that I can move out of the way if something happens,” said Rheill.

He boldly steps on the first pad and an alloy portcullis rattles and slowly begins unlocking automatically. Notwithstanding, it is not the first door that opens; it is the door behind that, which is now wide open. However, the first portcullis remains shut. Next, Rheill steps on the middle grey-scaled pressure plate and the front, portcullis then opens; which then leads the way out of the room and further into the wicked, dungeon maze. As the others enter the room, the doors close as they stepped on the pressure pads as well; they all decide to step on the far pad next to the closed doorway, which causes the far door to re-open. Sana uses her intelligence to solve this simple puzzle; she has demonstrated once more and again that she is the brains of the party. So, Sana steps on the middle one by herself, which then re-opens the first door.
Amazing, Sana!” all three of them shout, this then alerts more Screamers as they hear the horrible shriek in the distance. Nonetheless, it was as loud as if it was right next to them, or very close.
Karna wields her falchion over her head and is ready for battle. She shakes off her previous injuries and pain. She is eager to kick some butt, “Karna, please be careful, sweetheart,” suggested Rheill.
“I will… Previous mistakes only make you a better person, as well as a fighter,” responded Karna to Rheill.
Rheill prepares his sword for action as well. They walk delicately into the corridor and see that there are six Screamers.
“Oh, by the Gods… there are too many!” yelled Isai.
Sana begins to think as she places her right-hand on her head and holds it gently.
“I know what we can do, why do we have to assault them all at once? We have two metal doors here that open when we step on the pads. Nevertheless, we do not know if the trees will trigger the plates or did Chaos design the pressure pads to only activate for champions.”

Karna nods and smiles at Sana, liking her plan; she decides to go out alone, “Wait here! They will stalk me and make sure you only let one or two of them through the doors. Also, maybe we can crush the others in the door,” she declared to the others.
The Screamers notice Karna and start to slither and move towards the shield-maiden from the enormous hall. Karna quickly runs back around the corner, praying they will trail her, as against all six Screamers we utterly do not stand a chance. Luck is not on the entourage’s side as all six moved and chased her; Karna shows some brilliance of her own. She motions for Sana to close the door as one of the gigantic trees passes the first portcullis.
Sana steps on the end pressure-pad, which forces the second portcullis to seal. Therefore, the other ligneous plants are presently there, and the door starts crushing the remaining trees. Alas, the combined strength of the screamers overpowers the metal-grated doorway as four of the trees use their branches to hold up the door momentarily; this now allows a second Screamer to slip through the defences that Sana tried to use on them. Suddenly, they cannot hold the iron-door; the four woody plants are smart as they step backwards, letting the metal-grated door slam hard into the ground and the trees avoid the contact.
“Yes! Now we have separated two of the Screamers. This will be our toughest challenge yet, to arms my brethren!” yelled Rheill.
“I will try keeping the first one occupied with me, and I promise not to get struck by the Screamer. I will only use my evasive fighting techniques. You take the right one and protect Isai and Sana; they can aid us from a distance,” shouted Karna.
As they finish discussing their battle-plan, the Screamers are fundamentally on top of Rheill; Karna is wielding her sword above her head. The first tree lunges to attempt to seize her. She avoids the contact with astonishing ease and parries the blow with her sword. Karna demonstrates the most exalted defensive skill with a falchion that Rheill has ever encountered in his life. As Rheill is an experienced, two-handed fighter in his own right; Isai places his flambeau in his left hand as he equips a dirk from his scabbard that he took back after defeating the white undead Mummy earlier.
“We have your backs covered!” yelled Isai, as he throws his dagger straight into the head of the tree that is attacking Karna.
The Stilleto causes the Screamer to shriek loudly in pain. In the meantime, the second tree is moving closer towards, Rheill slowly. It prepares its left branch to attack Rheill. He reads the Screamer’s attack and is more than ready for it and safely moves out of the way. She then sees the tree, injured by Isai’s dirk. Nevertheless, she does not take the risk and starts to chop off its withered-brown branches one at a time with her falchion.
“Sana, you must throw your dagger now! You have a clear shot because its branches are gone!” shouts Karna.
Sana does not hesitate for one second as Karna rolls out of the way on the ground, still keeping her sword up to parry. Nevertheless, this saved her life as the other tree lashes out at her, thinking she was a vulnerable target on the ground, but she manages blocks the blow from the Screamer with her falchion.
Sana’s throwing-dagger pierces the ligneous plant right next to the spot where Isai’s knife could be still seen stuck inside of the Illuminate area. Suddenly, the woody plant collapses to the ground next to Karna. Rheill slashes away at the Screamer vigorously, and with great malice; he cuts off the remaining branches. Next, Rheill defeats the tree by slashing the illuminant area in half, and it comes crashing down as well. The remaining trees scream out in frustration and anger as the Screamers witness others of their species being killed by Theron’s handpicked champions behind the Portcullis.
“Phew… that was rough! Grab the ranged weapons you two. W,e got four more to slay, and they seem to be resentful as we slaughtered their friends,” said Karna.
“If the trees would be friendly and freaking leave us in peace. We would not have to slay them,” replied Rheill.

Both Isai and Sana grab their projectile weapons from the fallen Screamers. Suddenly, one of the Screamer learns it can position its branches through the squared-holes of the metal door. It grabs grasps Sana while another barky-limb holds Isai as well. The Screamers intend to crush them through the bars.
“Help us!” They both yell desperately.
In an instant, both Rheill and Karna leap into the air with a phenomenal altitude into the air. The fighters both come back down with aerial-slashes on each of the two Screamer pristine branches and slices them from their thick oaks. The two enormous trees shriek out in pain and agony as Sana and Isai become free of their grip. Although this time they were not raised so in the air, as both barky-plants were unable to elevate them due to the door’s restrictions.
Karna explains their new strategy, “Move away from the door, you two, as we now have a plan. We can weaken them. Let them try to grab me, and Rheill. We can quickly slash the branches off, leaving them defenceless.”
Karna’s plan works like a charm; Sana and Isai execute the order even further to success. Sana and Isai managed to somehow fling their daggers through the squared-holes in the gate with incredible accuracy and precision. It magnificently dispatches two of the woody plants. Both of the missile weapons strike supremely in the illuminate areas slaying them, which leaves only two Screamers remaining.
“Let’s finish them off, but remember the last two have branches still!” Yells Rheill.
“Yes, we have felt their wrath once too often,” replied Sana.
Isai re-opens the door operating the pad as Karna readies herself for evasion once more. The two Screamers try grabbing Rheill this time as they saw Karna’s defence was too adequate for their fallen species. This event played right into the female fighter’s hands perfectly; she ignores the branches that grab Rheill. Karna completely trusted Rheill’s skills as a barbarian, and he could just cut himself out. With the Screamers being vulnerable on the ground; she jumps on them and thrusts her blade directly into their life sources, one at a time as Rheill frees himself with his falchion. After the battle, the party celebrated their victory over the six dead Screamers.
“We did it! By using our combined skills, knowledge and intellect. We outfought and outsmarted them,” roared Karna in a bold voice as she wipes the sweat from her brow.

“We now have a ton of food as well, can you and Rheill begin cutting the Screamers up into slices for me. So that I can pack them up tidily in our backpacks as there is too much for me alone to carry? Could you please carry out this after you have fully recovered from your fatigue, following that intense battle?” Sana asked Karna.
“You were amazing, Karna! I have never seen such skill with a blade,” said Rheill to Karna as he smiles at her.
Karna smiles back and starts to chop the first Screamer for Sana; as she accomplishes that, Rheill secretly looks at her gorgeous and cute bum when she is bending over to hand Sana the provisions. Once Rheill had sampled enough of the product with his brown, hazel eyes, he then starts to help Karna cut up the remaining trees.
Sana asks Isai a question, “Isai, I need your help. Could you help carry some of the provisions as we already have lots, more than I ever hoped for?”
Before Isai could answer, Sana continued speaking, “I feel a lot safer to take more than I can carry in my backpack, as I will be unable to move if I over encumber myself. We need as much as all of us can carry as a group. We don’t know what waits for us ahead. Some areas might be without food for a few days. I would have asked Karna or Rheill, but they need to carry their weapons and soon maybe armour if we can find some.”
Isai replies with, “Sure, Sana!”
Ten minutes have now passed since Rheill and Karna were using their falchion blades to cut up the Screamer-sliced provisions into nice, neat piles. They completed this, allowing the consumables to get crammed inside of Sana’s and Isai’s backpacks for efficiency and quickness; this enabled Sana to pack the reserves of food more carefully and tighter together using less space. Although it took an additional five minutes of time to sort them; Both Karna and Rheill clean their falchions from the juice of the Screamers and then sheath away their slender swords.

Karna is back to one hundred percent health. It seems she did not miss a beat in that long and hard-fought battle; she moves to the front again as the protector. They silently walk around the corner into the new large dungeon hall. Before them is a garden and in the area is covered in leaves with small and short green grass and plants that are mysteriously growing here. It is an eerie sight, as they all look at each other and wonder how on earth plants and grass can grow inside a place like this. Here are also a few red roses here; Rheill secretly chooses one and hides it inside of his backpack.
The dungeon seems to branch out to the left; the greenhouse-like hall, continues forward a little bit more with a left niche at the end.
“How in the name of Crom are plants even growing on top of this solid, rocky ground. It is beyond me, or maybe the natural habitat contained plant life here, where Chaos built his evil creation!” Stated Isai.
“Not sure, Isai. Could be he made this to trick us and have the trees attack people from behind, who knows?” replied Sana.
“Let’s continue in this area first,” demanded Karna, but in a gentle and suggestive tone of voice.
“Splendid idea, Karna!” Replied Rheill, keeping it very professional and saving the romance and flirting for a time when they are resting or eating alone.
Karna swiftly moves forward; she scouts a little bit ahead and checks out the niche. Next, she finds another golden key off of a hook, which is attached to one of the limestone-coloured walls; Karna grabs it and deposits it inside of her pouch.
“Karna looks like the only way onwards is the side-passage, back in this main greenhouse!” Said Isai.
“I found another golden key. It was simply hanging upside down from a hook, which was very strange. Why would trees have a key here?” wondered Karna aloud.
“An excellent point you make there, Karna. Nonetheless, we should move on with our quest to save the world. Nothing makes sense in this place, anyway!” Said Sana to the others.

The party heads back to the primary area of the greenhouse, and now they smell the unpleasant scent of the decomposing trees, which they had slain earlier; with the life source gone, they wither even more. The adventurers hold their noses as soon as the entourage heads down the corridor. All of them feel a slight breeze as they enter this corridor; there should not be any wind at all while they are underground. Despite that, the dare-devils ignore the breeze and move slowly forward, which afterwards takes a right turn and leads to another metal locked portcullis gate with squares in it.
“At least we do not need to backtrack this time as we have the key and I am going to open the door,” said Karna.
Karna inserts the key into the lock and slowly opens, up the door.
The passage goes forward another thirty paces and comes to a left turn with a square pressure plate on the floor. Another steel door with rectangle holes in it is visible around the corner. Next to the pad is a coloured grey boulder and looks very time-honoured; it for sure does not match the limestone dungeon walls.
“What the hell! Why is there a freaking boulder here?” asked Rheill of the rest of the group.
“No idea!” replied Sana.
All of them then decide to step on the pressure pad; the portcullis opens, but when they try to enter the door it closes ferociously fast, making a thunderous crashing sound that echoes throughout the corridor. Karna quickly pulls Rheill out of the way, merely in the nick of time. He is stunned for a few fleeting moments and then gasps, “Thank you, Karna, you saved me this time!”
“That was too close, Rheill! Now it is you not paying attention much like that pit earlier,” Karna said giggling back at him.
“Seems this pressure plate, needs to be held down, perhaps?” asked Sana.
“Surely, using the boulder is enough, but it seems too damn easy!” replied Isai.
Rheill bends over and kneels, down as he raises the boulder with relative ease; Karna find a use for a bit of her significant time to watch Rheill show off his strength, but more importantly to view his body. She cross-examines him up and down with her striking hazel eyes. She views Rheill’s solidly built an impressive physique; this is clearly, visible as he is wearing only his barbarian hide. His shallower intimate parts are covered up. However, Karna harvests an inclusive sample of the goods as she gazed at his exposed-chest and genuinely appreciated what she was staring at right now. Karna then curls her lips into a gorgeous and sly smile in the background.
Next, he places the boulder down gently, remembering not to throw it like before and making a huge racket.
“Well, at least you did not make Sana shake her head this time you, big brute!” Joked Karna.
They all laugh out loud and then have some fun together, before the door suddenly, rattles opens slowly. The party stops laughing, and all is silent, and the way is now open beyond the portcullis. The pathway goes around a corner, and they cannot see any further from their vantage point.

They quietly and silently go around the corner to see another tremendous undead Mummy dressed in white bandages from head to toe; the Mummy is the same height as the one before. It is not as big as the Screamers; the bandaged-figure stands at least six feet tall. There is an immense whistling sound, almost like the wind; they can also see an enormous swirling vortex, which clarifies why the entourage felt that chill earlier when they entered the previous corridor. The vortex is coloured light-blue, and it was situated, in front of a left-sided niche; it is as bulky as the space infesting the dead end completely, so there is no way around it. The Mummy is standing next to a reinforced wooden door.

“Another Mummy!” whispered Karna almost silently as she did not want to attract the Mummy’s attention.
Next, she unsheathes her sword as soundlessly as she can; the Mummy is facing the other way. Karna prepares herself to take the Mummy’s head right off its shoulders. Suddenly, as Karna reaches the vortex, she is sucked inside as she got too near to it. Karna disappears from existence. Suddenly, the Mummy turns around as Rheill yells out loudly, “KARNA!”
Rheill then readies his falchion for battle; nevertheless, the Mummy punches him in the face before he is ready and Rheill goes down hard to the ground. He tries shaking it off.
The firebrand, Isai use the torch again!” cried Sana.
Isai attempts to employ the torch to set the Mummy on fire, but it was not to be. It was merely not Isai’s night on this occasion, as the evil Mummy knocks the flambeau flying into the Vortex.
“I am fine. It seems to be just some form of Warp Gate. WHAT THE HECK?!” Shouted Karna, as she ducks out of the way of the incoming burning torch that flies through into the vortex.
Meanwhile, Rheill gets back on his feet; he has a ruptured lip from the Mummy’s huge right hand, and he is now ticked off. Rheill’s eyes are puffy with rage and fury.
Sana, please stay back and well away. It is pitch black, and we cannot see,” declared Rheill.
Sana moves backwards, clinging to the walls until she is beyond the door that was opened by the boulder; Rheill strikes wildly and recklessly, trying to find the undead monster in the darkness. Conclusively, he manages to find the Mummy and lops the head of the Mummy from its shoulders. The Mummy finally slumps down and collapses.
“The Mummy is down, but stay there… until we get the torch back, Sana!” Yelled Rheill.
“Isai, what the hell were you trying to do? Burn me or something!?” Shouted Karna, wanting to know why the torch came flying towards her.
“No, the Mummy knocked the torch out of my hands and into the vortex, sorry Karna,” yelled Isai.
‘What is her problem? Like would I want to throw the torch at her on purpose!’ he thought to himself silently.
There is another golden key here and an apple on the ground; though, nothing else is inside the room. Next, Karna grabs both the red apple and gold key; she then places them inside her backpack.
“I am going to see if I can get back out of here; I will go towards the vortex to see if it works both ways. The torch is almost burnt out, but I am going to bring it back anyway!” Shouted Karna.
Karna then goes towards the vortex, and it sucks her back out. She quickly rushes over to tend to Rheill’s bleeding lip; she wipes it softly with her hand.
“Are you okay, Rheill?” she asked while rubbing his head gently with her right hand.
He mumbles under her left hand, “I am fine, Karna, are you okay?”
“I am great. It was just a warp gate. I found the key to this reinforced door as well. Let’s take a few minutes to rest from the battle!” Answered Karna to Rheill.
After resting for a bit; Karna moves closer to the brown-wooden reinforced door. She then opens it slowly with her golden key, and the corridor is revealed, which looks to be a winding passage. Next, she hands Isai back the dying torch as they are ready to press on deeper and further into Chaos’ evil dungeon.

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