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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Book 1 – Journey to the Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 3 – The Descent Into the Darkness Begins!

Karna stumbles at the bottom of the stairs, knocking Rheill over as she falls right on top of him; just as Rheill takes the unlit-torch out of his backpack. Sana lights the torch with her magic Ful Rune, which she learned earlier; suddenly the dungeon is illuminated. Karna is peering directly and deeply into Rheill’s gentle hazel-eyes; with her gorgeous radiant-hazel eyes. He gently grabbed her as she fell from the stairs because of the enveloping, darkness and into his sturdy, muscular arms.
“I am so sorry, Rheill that was clumsy of me,” said Karna, as she blushes brightly as a strawberry. Karna turns away, swiftly as she is extremely embarrassed about what just happened to her.
“Do not worry, Karna, no one witnessed a thing!” snickered Isai as he looks at Rheill and Sana.
“I will hear this for the rest of today!” replied Karna, with her sparkling-hazel eyes hidden as she is peering at their surroundings.

The party stands in front of a junction from the stairs; the left way goes straight for a bit into a dead end. Although before the dead-end is a small opening and the right-side leads away and swerves to the right; but cannot be seen any further. Next, Rheill passes the light-source to Isai; he then acquires the torch with his right hand as it continues to burn brightly, forcing the party to shine brilliantly in the darkness.
“So, which way do we go, left or right?” spoke Sana.
“We should seek the way we can see more of first, do you not agree?” answered Rheill.
The others answer, “Yes, to Rheills question.”
All of them start to walk down the short corridor; they notice there is a crucial wooden club it is made from hardwood. It was merely lying on the ground, and Rheill decides to collect it and wield it in both of his hands as it is enormously heavy.
Next, the entourage looks round the right-hand turning near the dead end; they then see another square portcullis door with a switch on the right, and behind it, the party witnesses a white figure in the distance.
Karna puts her hand over Sana’s mouth and whispers in her ear, “I instructed you once before not to yell you might attract the monster!”
She then releases her hand from Sana’s mouth, as the white figure moves closer towards the door. Next, the entity walks towards them. Now the party experiences, exactly what the creature.
It is the size of a man, but wrapped in light, white bandages from head to toe,”I think it is a Mummy, although I have only read about this in ancient scrolls of texts and did not believe they were real!” explained Karna.
Sana is a bit too close to the door as the Mummy reaches through one of the square holes and grabs hold of her blonde locks.
“HELP ME, HELP ME!” Sana screams in pure panic and fright.
Rheill momentarily takes, action as he is the only one armed with a weapon; he thrusts the wooden club through the door and smashes the Mummy in the face. Shockingly, it has little effect, and the Mummy only moves back an inch; but it does free Sana from the creature’s grip. Next, she travels far away from the door.
“By the gods, it didn’t even harm the creature!” shouted Rheill.
Karna motions for Rheill to move out of the way; as she opens the portcullis, it rattles wide-open like the other doors. Karna consequently makes the Mummy focus on her as she rushes into the narrow corridor, just inside of the door and dodges the attempted lunge at her.
“Karna, please be careful!” shouts Rheill.
The Mummy moves very slowly; Karna has no problems using her athleticism to drive the Mummy further into the short corridor. She then shouts, “Isai, burn the creature with the burning torch as it seems to be immune to the club damage!”
Isai acts boldly and swiftly as he pushes the torch on the Mummy’s back; it rapidly catches on fire, and the bandages start to burn instantly. Karna decided to hastily run far away from the Mummy at the corridor’s end; as the magical, undead vanishes into a massive ball of yellow and reddish scorching white-hot, flames. The warmth disappears as promptly as it started as there was no oxygen left for the fires to burn; once the Mummy was engulfed by the searing blaze.
“So this, Chaos, has summoned magical creatures to guard his dungeon and treasures; we need to obtain some better weapons and fast!” stressed Karna.

They now look around to contemplate what the undead creature was guarding, and they find a small, white scroll. Additionally, there is a small silver coloured dagger; the blade of the knife is around a foot long, and it appears quite sharp. The coloured brown handle is of wood. Both objects are laying on the floor near the far wall. Karna decides to secure the dagger, as she does not have a weapon, at the moment. Sana reads the scroll out to the others, “Small details may hide great rewards!”
Isai determines a distinctive pattern on the far wall; it is an elongated rectangle and looks nothing like the rest of the grey, carved walls.
“Look! There is a switch here; it could be a trap or possibly a reward, but there is no way of knowing until we push it,” explained Isai.
Rheill pushes the button into the wall, and he uses his instinct knowing it cannot be a trap as the switch, was guarded; suddenly the dungeon-wall opens up into an alcove.
Lying inside of the alcove is a long, three-footed falchion. Next, Karna gives Isai the dagger and decides to take the weapon since she is a fighter and would be better suited for her to wield it. Additionally, Karna finds the falchion blade is exquisitely sharp. She also discovers the weapon is light and can be easily used in either hand; so she decides to wield it in her right hand.
“Rheill you were wise to choose this route first; now we should have an easier time,” smiled Karna as she spoke that sentence.
Rheill replies with a simple, “Thank you!”
“Stop wasting precious time, you two, this is not the place for flirting; let us head back to the stairs,” said Isai.

Several minutes passed as they travelled back towards the stairs, and decided to take the alternative passageway. They move around the corner; only to find another wooden doorway with a switch that resembled the store-room above. Next, Rheill immediately opens the timber-door, by pressing the small squared-switch on the right-hand side of the hardwood-door. After following the twisting dungeon; that took the form of an S-shaped bend, they come upon another metal-portcullis. This steel-portcullis looked precisely, the same as the one, where they found the falchion with one slight difference. There was no way to open the metal-door at all.
Rheill stupidly tries bashing the alloyed-portcullis down with his wooden club; but it had, no effect.
“That is not very smart, Rheill… you need to use your brain… not always your brute force to solve certain situations,” said Sana
“Sana is right,” replied Isai.
Karna then surveys the area around the portcullis for an adequate solution and discovers a keyhole on the wall next to the metal-grated door. The lock is a shallow brown plate screwed on to the wall, and the keyhole is shaped to fit only one type of key.
“Look! It is a locked door; we should find the key. It appears that this is the only way to open this door,” suggested Karna.
Rheill glances at Karna and begins to speak, “Remember that scroll we found earlier, ‘Small details holds great rewards.’ Possibly it is a clue for the rest of the dungeon; could it be what we are missing a simple, small detail right here?”
Karna begins thinking and searches the walls accurately, but does not find the missing key.
She starts losing patience and swings her sword at the door. The portcullis does not budge at all and knocks her off her feet from the impact of her blow. If the door had a face on it, it would be mocking her right now.
“Wow, Karna! Are you alright? Please calm down! This is not solving anything, and our light source is fading, we need to find the key quickly,” said Rheill, as he takes Karna by her hand and helps her back up.
“Thank you,” replied Karna kindly, to Rheill.
Isai then shines the torch over one of the dungeon-walls near the locked door to spot something more hidden. As it shines brightly over the left wall; he finds a narrow crevice, and in the middle of it is a golden-coloured key in the shape of a topaz.
“Found it!” yelled Isai to the rest of the group as he pulls the key out of the small crevice inside of the wall. “Karna, would you like to open the door to relieve some of your anger?” said Isai, as he kindly and gently hands the topaz key to her.
“Thank you, Isai, that is sweet of you to care. However, I am no longer angry, and I am sorry for losing my temper earlier,” answered Karna in a gentle tone of voice.
Next, Karna slowly places the key in the lock and turns the topaz-key, and the key gets stuck in the lock. After a brief while, the sound of the alloy-grated, portcullis begins to rattle as it opens from the bottom upwards; just like all the doors so far.

Slowly the small band of four forge their way through the now-opened door. They then come to a water-fountain at the end of a junction. The fountain is placed slightly to their left.
“Be careful! Consequently, we did not encounter anything in the Halls of Champions as they were most likely all contained by this door. Additionally, we did encounter a Mummy; there could be much worse stuff lurking around any corner or place,” said Sana.
Rheill motions for them to move forward after he checked the junction ahead, which he saw by looking down the passage to the right of the water fountain. The way to the left turned briefly; also to the left, right next to the water fountain, around this corner stood two enormous iron-plated doors that resembled the one that they had just opened. You could see the second one as both of the portcullis’ had the squared-holes in them again. They move closer to the fountain, which is in the shape of a lion’s head and face and it’s carved into the wall with the water flowing out of the lion’s mouth. However, as strange as it seems, the water never overflows and stays in a little pool below Lion’s mouth.
Sana explains, “Please drink from the water-bottle… so I can fill the bottle back up, and it looks like we found ourselves a nice water source.”
Several minutes passed as they all have a pleasant drink. Sana was the last to drink. She subsequently used the drinking fountain to refill the water bottle and places it back inside of her backpack.

“Looks like we need to head in the other direction as there is nothing, but two locked doors this way,” Rheill said serenely.
They decide to take Rheill’s advice as the party moves down the other narrow passageway; it takes a sharp, ninety degrees turn to the left. Isai spots another golden topaz key, and he slowly bends down to retrieve it. The dungeon also swerves again to the right, so they are currently standing in an S-bend.
“I just found a key on the floor here; it was in the corner of this S-bend we are currently standing in. Can you wait here a second?” spoke Isai.
“No, do not go alone! We will all come back with you as I assume you want to try the key on the lock of the first of the two locked doors?” replied Sana.
“Very well and you are probably right,” said Isai.
“It’s settled then!” answered Karna as she proceeds with the leadership role, even though they are four equals. The other three did not seem to mind as they have a great deal of respect already for Karna.
All of them arrived back at the two locked doors within seconds; the entourage did not need to travel more than a few feet away when Isai gathered the key.
“Is Chaos mocking us… by putting this topaz key so freaking close and not hiding it?” said Karna.
“Well, we should thank our lucky stars perhaps, or the gods, for such good fortune,” replied Isai.
He then places the key in the lock, and it is a perfect fit. The door opens up slowly as the rattling sound echoes and booms through the surrounding area. In spite of that only to their annoyance, they find that the second door is locked as well.
“Shall we head back to that S-bend?” asked Rheill.
“Sure,” replied Sana, as they decide to head back. They round the second turn in the S-bend; they find that the dungeon is changing in its appearance. The walls look a tiny bit different in appearance as the ceiling is lower and the partitions are slightly closer together, but it is nevertheless the same grey-scaled colour. They then come to yet another junction; Karna looks worried about something.
“What is wrong, Karna?” spoke Isai.
Karna answered Isai, “We should perhaps draw a map or leave some signs, this is becoming a maze with a ceiling that hinders us from seeing over the walls. Either one of these tools will benefit us and let us know where we have previously travelled!”
“You bring up a marvellous point, Karna. Someone else could do this as I am managing our supplies and practising my magic Runes. Soon I will be competent to render us with a light source without this torch!” said Sana.
“Mark this wall with an ‘X’ so we know which route returns to these two locked doors. We will most likely have to come back here to open the second portcullis. We do not have any parchment, so a map is out of the question. A compass would aid us, too, but sadly we do not possess that either!” Replied Rheill.
“May I borrow your falchion for a second, Karna?” said Rheill.
“By, all means take it,” replied Karna as she consequently gives the falchion in a kind gesture towards Rheill’s right hand. Rheill grasps a hold of the sword and carves an X on the wall.
“Thank you, Rheill,” said Karna, as she received back her falchion.
“You are most welcome dear, but should we head right or left now?” replied Rheill.
Karna nods her head in agreement and says, “I know sometimes, I seem like I am leading. Although we are all in this together, so please state which way you would like to explore first. Shall we take a vote?” said Karna.
“That sounds fair, but I think we should go right also. Simply as we cannot see what is right and left? It looks like a long passageway, so it might be swifter to explore the right way first!” Replied Sana.
“I agree with Sana… how about you, Rheill?” Added Isai.
“I agree with you all as well,” replied Rheill.

With their voting now settled. Next, the small band of adventurers decided to establish the route that headed towards the right from the junction only to come to yet, another parting of the ways. The only difference this time is the passage branches out to the right, and the way forward leads to a closed wooden door. Although, on this occasion, it has a semi-circular window at the top of it. The window is visaged horizontally with metal bars coming down vertically.
“No switch on this door either… I see the same keyhole lock on the left side of the door on the wall. Chaos is making us work now to progress,” said Karna.
“Well, we do not even have a key for the other door, let alone this one. let’s continue through the side passage?” replied Rheill to Karna.
They turn into the passageway with Karna and Rheill taking point as Isai and Sana follow closely behind. This time, they witness two rectangular designs on the dungeon floor; also to the right of one is a lonely rock. The rock is the same colour as the dungeon walls. It is shaped round and appears heavy; the rock looks massive as it sprawls on the floor.
There is a closed steel-grated door ahead of them as well, and beyond the archway, the dungeon shifts again to the left in another ninety-degree.
Rheill moves around the room, avoiding the designs on the floor as he senses it might be a trap; Rheill grabs the rock from the floor. He returns to the other three as they wait at the entrance for him.
“Everyone, go around the corner; I am going to try and place the rock on the design to see what happens,” said Rheill.
They do exactly that. Nevertheless, nothing happens when the rock gets placed onto the first design on the floor.
“Nothing happened… these must be pressure plates that demands more weight than this small rock, even though it is quite heavy. I guess it depends upon all four of us to activate since chaos designed the dungeon for parties of four,” spoke Rheill.
“Let’s all step on the first pressure pad then and see what happens, as we cannot waste time… this torch is almost burnt out. We will be in deep trouble if that happens,” said Isai as he looks worryingly at the half-burnt torch.
They step on the first pressure pad, and as the party does the door automatically rattles and opens. Although when they step onto the second pressure pad; it closes the door before the adventurers draw nearer to it. The sound echoes vastly, throughout the chamber causing a massive racket to occur violently. They decide to walk back on top of the first pressure pad and go around the second one to the right and pass through the steel-plated door. Consequently, the small entourage follows a zig-zagged corridor; only to come to yet another locked door, which looks like the one they saw before the room with the two pressure plates situated in it.

“Great! Another locked door! We all voted the wrong way; we should head back to that junction where Rheill marked it with the falchion, and it is a good thing that he did!” exclaimed Sana.
All four of them hurry back to the junction because of their dwindling torch, which imposes them on a strict timer. Sana still incorporates more time to practise her Ful Rune for her light spell since it is a new Rune to her.
They walk down the long corridor with caution and at the turning; they find themselves faced with another closed metal-squared portcullis. Suddenly, Isai’s torch lights up the left dungeon wall, and he discovers there is a new type of wooden lever. The mechanism was found before, passing through the archway of the opened-portcullis. The device was delicately constructed using brown-coloured hardwood. Also, it appeared it could be flipped in either direction handling a rotational gear.
“I am going to flip this lever down because it looks like the door will simply open, but be on your guard… just in case,” declared Karna.
Karna slowly lifts and moves her right hand to the lever and wrenches it down; surprisingly, as easy as that, the door starts to open and they gain access to around the corner. The four of them traverse around the corner and through the door. They then come to a winding-shaped corridor to a dead end. A golden key lies at the end and right next to walls along with another object. Although blocking them was a massive hole that looked to drop at least a few hundred feet downwards. If anyone were to make the mistake of actually stepping into the trap would get broken in half.
Suddenly, Karna is close to stepping over the edge as she tries grabbing the key from the ground; Rheill quickly grabs hold of her waist to stop her from plunging to her death.
“What the hell are you doing Rheill. You can’t grope and feel me up like that!?” shouted Karna unaware as she was about to step into a rather deep hole.
“Rheill just saved your life, Karna; look ahead on the floor!” Sana said softly.
“Oh, Rheill, I am sorry!” replied Karna as she gives him a friendly hug for saving her life.
Rheill returns her hug in a friendly way as well.
“Look around closely. There might be a way to close this pit and please don’t even think about trying to jump over this pit. We both know how reckless both of you can be, sometimes!” Said Isai warningly to Rheill and Karna.
“I learned my lesson earlier when I attempt to cut down a metal door with my sword, which makes me use my brains more,” answered Karna.
They start to look around to see if there is anything and Sana spots the same type of lever on the wall.
Move back just in case this lever makes the pit grow in size! It could be a trap,” said Karna, being the protector of the group, even though she almost took a tumble down that large pit. Rheill pulls the lever down, and the enormous hole magically closes instantly, quicker than the speed of light.
“Let’s grab the key now and leave this place fast in case the large hole re-opens and swallows us,” expressed Rheill.
“Let me get it. I am carrying the least amount of stuff and will be faster on my feet. I do not want to hear any of this ‘you are a girl’ either of you boys,” replied Sana.
Sana rushes over to where the widespread pit was. The other object is now more visible; it is a pair of black leather boots. Sana grabs both the key and the pair of leather boots at the same time procuring them in each hand. She rushes back; suddenly, all by itself, the lever starts moving back up on the rotational gear.
“SANA, RUN! The lever is moving, and I cannot move it back down. The pit is opening slowly!” yelled Isai.
Sana moves with pure rapidity and jumps into the air; Sana then accidentally knocks Isai over as she lands on top of him to clear the pit’s initial position. They have a quick eye-to-eye contact as Karna and Rheill help them both up. Sana smiles as she liked how Isai held her to break her fall in a friendly manner.
After Sana was back up to her vertical base, she hands over the boots to Karna for some better protection. Karna slips a leather boot on each of her feet, and they cover her legs up to her calves; this gives her much better defence in that area.

Next, the entourage decides to head out of this dangerous area of the dungeon, and they even close the door with the lever for safety. Several minutes pass by, and they walk back to the junction that they had marked on the dungeon wall with an X.
Karna queries, “Which door do we try to open… the one where the water fountain is or the two doors with the semi-circle windows?”
“Let’s try those two doors there, they are closer, and we can always go back,” responded Rheill.
They walk back to the first door they saw before the two pressure pads; Sana tries to insert the gold key, but it does not fit inside the lock.
“The Key does not fit, and we need to hurry back to the other locked doors as the torch is almost burnt,” verbalised Sana.
They rush back to the pressure pads, running around the dungeon, knowing the time is of the essence. All of them move around the pressure-pads, as the metal-grated door is still wide open. Sana tries the key again; furthermore, it does not fit. Next, they decide to rush all the way back to the lion-headed water fountain; after a while, the party arrives back there. They each quickly cool off by splashing water from the fountain onto their faces because the running made them all hot. Sana then tries the gold key into the lock after the first archway of the first portcullis; this time it’s a perfect match and opens, up. Nonetheless, it leads to a dead end, and visible ahead are a few objects lying on the floor beyond the door that they just opened, up. All of them decide to move in closer to appreciate a more splendid view of what the objects accurately are.

The first object is an arrow. It is coloured brown and has feathers on the non-pointed end. The other end is pretty sharp and looked like it could pierce even the toughest of chainmail armour.
“Oh, my god a freaking torch, we desperately needed this!” yelled Isai with joy.
The final object is another yellow type of key, although it has a petite- emerald moulded into the top of the item, which makes the item glow green. The base is slightly different from the topaz and gold keys. Sana decides to take the arrow for a ranged-weapon since she does not possess any weapons yet.
Isai takes the torch but decides to put it inside of his rucksack for later. Next, Karna takes hold of the key for safekeeping and puts it into her pouch.
“Shall we take a break?” asked Isai.
“Yes, this torch is almost burnt out. Additionally, we know the creatures are contained, behind the two locked doors, which we haven’t opened yet. We should eat and sleep,” replied Karna with a smile on her gorgeous lips.
“I agree with Karna and Isai. I am sure Sana does as well,” responded Rheill.
“I agree with Karna and Isai. I am sure Sana does as well,” responded Rheill.
“Yes, weary adventurers are soon as good as dead, and we cannot starve ourselves either. We ran around like lunatics trying to get this door open. It has certainly drained my energy.” added Sana to the conversation.
He takes a slight pause between his sentences, “So let’s eat and we have a fountain of water. We should make the most of this moment,” said Isai.
Sana hands out the provisions making sure each of them obtains an equal amount to consume. She is unworried about the supply of water. As they have an unlimited water supply, which is trickling down from the lion’s mouth of the fountain. They are each given some bread, corn and apple, in the form of an apple-fruity meal. It is not a great deal, but it is all they have right now, and they are all tremendously thankful.
“We must find more food. let’s hope we can find maybe some evil creatures as a food source,” spoke Sana.
“You are right, Sana, but we will worry about this after our rest. We can plainly, talk for a bit!” Replied Isai, as they continue to eat their food.
“Karna, that must have been frightening for you at that pit. Especially with your fear of heights and what happened back at the tight-rope bridge and this occurred only two days ago. I had no choice but to grab you like that, or you would have fallen down the hole in the floor, sweetie. Karna, you could have hurt yourself badly or even killed yourself!” said Rheill to Karna.
“Aw… I know, honey, you only tried to save me. Sorry, I yelled at you earlier, thank you so much for saving me. Also, that was nothing compared to the bridge incident. This was the most horrifying experience of my entire 30 years of life,” replied Karna.
She then plants a small peck on Rheill’s left cheek and smiles as she continues to eat her fruity meal.
“That was so sweet of Karna,” whispered Sana into Isai’s ear.
Isai replies, “Yes, I think they will make a lovely couple after this quest is over,” He then places his right arm around Sana’s shoulders gently and speaks again, “Hope you do not mind me doing this, Sana.”
She gracefully smiles at him showing him she likes his friendly manners and rests her head on his shoulder. They then lie down close to each other; Karna lies close to Rheill as they get some rest.
At one point in the night, Karna has put her head on Rheill’s heart as a pillow. As Rheill awakens up and sees her head on his thorax, he slowly strokes her long, silky black hair gently out of her eyes without waking her.
She then stirs slowly and rubs her beautiful hazel eyes gently and mumbles, “Oh, sorry, Rheill, your chest was far more comfortable than the solid, rocky floor,” she then laughs softly to herself.
The profound darkness once again covered the labyrinth as the torch had burnt out during their sleep. Luckily for the heroes, they had just found a new light-source to use. Next, Sana and Isai woke up only to see that both Rheill and Karna were nowhere in sight.
“Where are the two love-birds?” said Sana, Rheill overheard Sana as the sound of her voice resounded down the small corridor.
“We are down by the fountain. Be careful because it is pitch black with the torch being burnt out. We are just washing our faces, and we had to feel the walls to get here,” shouted Rheill down the hallway.
Sana and Isai do precisely the same; all of them decided to take a drink from the fountain one at a time, without having to waste the water that they have inside the only water-bottle in their possession.
“We should head back to the other two doors and try the emerald key on one of the locks,” suggested Karna.
Sana, Isai and Rheill take Karna’s suggestion under adequate consideration. However, before they do that, Sana illuminates Isai’s torch that he takes out of his backpack with her light spell. Thus, the party decides to make their way back to the two locked doors; but they first need to remember how to get back to the junction. Providentially, Rheill identifies the way as he marked the wall with the X, after all. They come to the first door with the semi-circular window, but the key does not fit.
“Looks like it is the other door that is past the two automatic doors,” said Rheill.

He motions for them to turn right and avoid the pads so that the door does not close on them; afterwards, the entourage approaches the door after the zig-zagged pathway. He places the key in the lock, and it slowly opens, rattling and echoing again throughout the maze. As the door opened, they view an insufficient room. It appears to extend further into two larger chambers, one area to the left and another to the right. The ceiling is unspiked in the room, unlike the corridor outside, but back to the standard grey-scaled colour.

Karna and Rheill move with extreme caution and swiftness as they check both of the chambers to secure if any nasties are expecting the band of four. She decides to investigate the room to the right and Karna is unable to discover anything in the area, but emptiness. She then motions for Rheill to check the space to the left. Rheill finds no monsters or evil beings in this room either. However, he did identify some objects of interest on the floor but could not see or find any keys for the other door.
Rheill speaks loudly from the room he is in, “There are two objects in the other room; should we check them out to see what they are?”
The rest of them hurried over to Rheill. The entourage sees there is another falchion, an additional pair of black leather boots and a torch hanging inside a sconce on the far wall. It is much like the one they found before they descended into the darkness on this level. Isai removes the firebrand from the sconce and then puts it inside of his backpack as a spare torch; he surely knows this one will not last forever.
Karna benevolently passes Rheill the falchion and requests he obtains the sword and uses it instead of the wooden club he has. Rheill kindly takes the falchion, as he takes it from Karna’s compassionate and gentle fingers, while Rheill also hands the club to Isai.
“I cannot use this… it is too heavy, and I need to wield this torch or we will not have any light. The torch is a good weapon it destroyed that Mummy,” uttered Isai to Rheill.
Isai gives it back; next, Rheill chucks the club on the floor which creates a massive noise as it comes crashing down on the floor. Meanwhile, Sana shakes her head and sighs at Rheill for making that racket.
Sana says with exasperation, “Really! Did you have to throw it down? Could you have not just placed it on the floor gently?”
Sana pauses and then speaks again, “There must be keys in both of these rooms here, as there is nowhere else to go. Can we please start looking in the empty room first?”
Isai looks at Sana, and her eyes give him her approval, and so they do this; as they are walking to the other room, she also says, “The keys we have found were golden and easy to spot. What if these keys are the same colour as the ground?”
“Sana makes an excellent point,” answered Karna, a few seconds later as she is walking side by side with Rheill at the front of the group doing their protection roles.
Isai holds and aims his torch towards the ground, hoping to find a key. He eventually does find something, which looks different to the regular floor patterns.
Isai speaks loudly, “Over here!”
He then speaks again, “An object lies on the floor here. It resembles a key, and this is what Sana stated exactly. Also, it is an iron-coloured key, and it’s the same colour of the ground!”
Next, Isai picks up the key and puts it inside of his backpack, so it does not get lost.
“Isai, bring your torch in the other room just in case there is something hidden on the ground as well,” said Sana.
Isai and Sana continue exploring the other room as the brightness of burning torch shine’s through the darkness near the ground. The lumination of the firebrand generates a swirling light in the gloom, and another grey object becomes visible.
“There Isai, here is another iron key, though it is shaped very differently compared to the one we found in the other room; it looks more solid than Iron,” said Sana.
“Well spotted, Sana, let’s head back to the others. We can now open that other locked door and progress deeper,” replied Isai with a smile.
Rheill composes a few playful thoughts after Isai mentioned he could progress deeper; as he glances at Karna, admiring her amazingly body from behind.

Both Isai and Sana return with the solid-key. Next, Sana hands Isai the second key, and then he puts it inside his pouch. Karna and Rheill, move to the front-lines again. Promptly both Karna and Rheill are now armed with steel falchions. The party seems a bit more at ease, knowing they have procured better weapons to defend themselves; as all of them approach the door several minutes later. Isai places the Iron key in the lock. Unquestionably, he guessed correctly, as the door begins to rattle’s open, slowly. They peer into the distance to glimpse at a majestic shadowy figure as the torch did not shine far enough to witness it fully.

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