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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 14 – A Supernatural Presence!


After they awake Karna, rubs her hand over Rheill’s forehead to check he is okay and does not have a fever or any side effects from the anti-venom potion, “Are you okay now, Rheill?” Asked Karna afterwards.
“Yes, thank you, Honey!” Replied Rheill as he gives her a good morning kiss not caring about Sana and Isai watching.
Karna kisses him back and says, “I will bring my awareness up to an even greater feat, today!” Explained Karna.
“No, Karna! You were already holding off two worms already. It was just that two new ones came into the fray, and this is where we need to help you. Karna, you cannot possibly see or fathom everything that goes on all the time!” Replied Rheill.
“You are too sweet, Rheill, but maybe you are right!” Answered Karna.
“Yes, we will try to warn you also from the back, since we can see more being at a ranged perspective!” Said Sana as she illuminates the area with her Ful Rune.
“We have these four massive worm/leeches lying here. Maybe we can use these as a source of food?” Asked Isai.
“Hmm, let’s try cutting them up… Sana, your dagger is still sticking into the side of one of them, here you go!” Said, Karna, as she passes the dagger back to her
Next, Karna and Rheill, chop the larvae up into Worm rounds and they then pack the provisions inside of Isai’s backpack as Sana’s was still full of Screamer slices.
“Okay, let me taste a little bit of these Magenta Worm rounds to check it is okay to eat. Also, Isai, please prepare me an anti-venom potion in case their bodies are poisonous. Just as a precaution!” Suggested Karna in a gentle tone.
“Here you go, Karna. I can make this as many times as I want as longs as we have empty flasks and we have three of them so far. Let’s hope we discover more abandoned bottles. I will then be able to prepare this aid in advance easier making more of the Healing/Anti Venom flasks. It will come in handy before dangerous and large encounters. I will always have two anti-venom potions made and ready from now on. If you or Rheill do get hit again by the Magenta worms, you can instantly drink the antidote!” Explained Isai.
“I am taking a bite now from the Worm rounds to see if it is okay, but I do highly suggest that we eat the older Screamer slices first. Also, the Screamer provisions are older, and we surely do not want this food to start rotting away!” Explained Karna, as she then took a bite into one of them; however, nothing happens to Karna, so they leave the anti-venom potions alone. Isai decided to keep them ready for more Magenta Worms.
“Seems the food is not poisonous, but it tastes horrible, but we will have no choice once the Screamer slices do run out and all the other food that we have in our possession. I will keep this Worm round since I already ate most of it, I will have this as my meal today, and you can give the others Screamer Slices please, Sana!” Explained Karna softly.
“Sure, Karna, and you are brave to eat something you do not like, ha, ha!” Said Sana.
“Well you guys, might like them it’s just too sour for me!” replied Karna laughing back.
“We have four water bottles everyone take a drink from it but do not drink too much. I have yet to spot a single water source on this level so far,” added Isai to the conversation.
Rheill is quiet and only consumes his food as he thinks about Karna and their special three kisses that they shared over the last eight hours. Meanwhile, Karna answers Isai, “Yes, we need to be careful with that… Hopefully, the next level has more of those lion-headed fountains!”

All of them finish eating their Screamer slices and take some swigs from their water bottles and place them back inside of their backpacks and get up, “Follow me guys and girls to the door, I think I can remember the way,” declared Karna.
Karna leads the way back to the wooden door with the semi-circular window on the top, which had the small button etched into the right of it, “This is as far as Isai, and I got yesterday!” Stated Karna.
“Let’s open it up and see what is inside, I guess!” Asked Rheill.
Karna presses the button, and the door opens automatically as usual. The party observes a squared-room, but with a little niche to the south. Inside the room, there are two old and dusty yellow scrolls lying on the ground in the north-eastern corner of the room, “Two scrolls here!” Said Rheill.
Before they collected the parchments; the party then checks the room further to only come across another door. The hardwood-door appeared precisely the same as the one that they passed through to enter the small chamber.
Isai then gestures for the rest of the party to seal shut the entrance, so they had a safe-haven for the time being.
Rheill presses the button on the door, which forces the door the shut abruptly. Next, Sana reads the first scroll out loud to the group, “The Runes (Oh) and (Ven), will allow the magic-user to cast a cloud of deadly poison. It will take me some time as it is two new runes to learn instead of just the one. Isai this second scroll is for you, I will let you read it!”
Sana passes Isai the second scroll, which he then picks up and opens the parchment up and starts reading it to everyone, “The two Runes, (Ya) and (Bro), will create a magical shield potion.”
Isai pauses and continues, “It will not take me long to master. The new spell uses the same two symbols. The magical shielding-flask is simply a different combination of the anti-venom potion, which is VI and Bro.”
“Well, we should open the exit-door and continue or would you like some time to learn this new Poison Cloud spell, Sana?” Asked Karna, putting the party before her personal needs.
“No, it is fine to continue… I will learn as we explore!”
“I will open up the door then, be ready,” declared Rheill.
Rheill pushes the button, and the door opens revealing the pathway further into the level. However, they could not see much as the passage took a twist to the right. So the champions could only see the wall, the stony-corridor then turns to the left after that. They enter it and then they see an empty alcove on the wall directly in front of them after taking the right-handed turn. The corridor then travels via another turning to the left and traverses to a new stony-tunnel, which is about fifty-paces long. The pathway then turns again to their left, but the party cannot see any more without moving forwards and investigating the long passageway. All of them walk forwards down the corridor and look around the left turning and see that there is a larger area, a chamber. After entering into the vaster hall, there is some grass, which is somehow growing out of the stone ground. It was in a section of space that is on the left wall near a turning that heads off to the west. There is also a passageway that leads to the right and looks like it turns to the left. Also, a pathway leading directly in front of them; this appears a long way into the distance as they are all standing in the southern area of the chamber, “How can grass even grow on this stony floor? ” Asked Sana.
“It is much like the greenhouse area we found on level 2?” Replied Isai.
“Karna, did you see something move?” Added Rheill.
“No Rheill, you must be seeing a ghost, ha, ha!” Replied Karna teasingly.
“Something is here, Karna! Look it is a green figure, It is very faint!” Shouted Rheill as Karna would not believe him as it started to form a slight irritation in him.
‘Oh, my Rheill gets angry quickly! Now I know how to push his buttons, but I shouldn’t be mean, he is lovely really!” Karna thought to herself.
Karna soon realises she should pay more attention to rheill and not tease him all the time as he was right. Rheill’s thunderous voice attracted a green and sparkling-figure. The shimmering-green shadow slowly hovers towards them; it moves without even walking it has bright crimson-red eyes, and its optics start glowing luminously. The limestone-coated shadow moves silently, without making a single sound as it got closer to them.
“It is a Ghost!” Yelled Sana.
“How do you know, Sana?” Asked Rheill.
“Remember I was trying to explain this before when we found that spell that should defeat them, but I have not mastered the EW Rune properly. So I do not know if it will work!” Explained Sana.
Karna moves in and wields her sword and wooden shield; she thinks to herself, ‘if it can touch us, then we can destroy it!’
Alas, this was not the case at all as Rheill moves in and tries to strike it from behind, his Axe goes right through it; he quickly sees this and shouts at Karna before he nearly kills her by chopping her with his axe, “KARNA! BLOCK NOW!”
Luckily, she has reflexes like a viper and already saw the axe coming and held her shield up and blocks Rheill’s axe with ease and Rheill damages her wooden shield, as the chops some splinters out of the hardwood bulwark.
However, she was not impressed, “Rheill What the hell!?” Screamed Karna, angrily in the heat of the moment. She did not realise his strike went right through the Green Ghost.
“Sorry Karna, it passed through it, we are in serious trouble… we need to retreat to the room and shut the door. Until we can think of a solution or a way to stop this damn thing!” Replied Rheill.
“I agree, I need to practise this Rune,” declared Sana.
The green Ghost’s eyes suddenly radiate even brighter. Although Karna holds the undamaged part of her shield up in front of her face preventing whatever it was trying to do, as she steps backwards, “Run everyone, it is trying to do something with its eyes, and I am not risking it, by looking into its red-embers,” declared Karna, firmly.
She then runs back with the rest of party as Rheill shuts the door behind her.
Sana begins practising the usage of the rune as much as she can to give her the fastest possible way of learning the Weaken Supernatural spell.
Suddenly, the scintillating-green ghost floated transparently inside of the door and then through to the side the champions were on. It is like the appearance is not of this world, but it is emphatically an ethereal-entity.
“The ghost has come through the door! Watch out for its red eyes, do not look at it,” said Karna forcefully to the rest of the party.
Next, Karna stood her ground and moved in front of the party and holds up her hardwood shield, protecting them from the ghosts’ gaze.
“Sana cast the spell now!”
Sana mumbled the words of the EW Rune. After she spoke those words; Sana then lets loose a purple magical incarnation, which flew through the air. The new spell struck the green-ghostly figure, and then the ghost suddenly vanished in a puff of little grey-coloured smoke.
Great job, Sana!” Said Karna praisingly as she then gives her a friendly hug.
“Thank you, Karna, which was very sweet of you. We now know how to defeat these green-sparkling Ghosts as well. This spell is the only method so far, but we could find other means later possibly?” Replied Sana.
“That is possible, Sana,” replied Isai jumping into the conversation.
“Sana, we will use your method until then. I am sure you will get better at it. Also, how well are you doing with the poison cloud spell?” Asked Rheill.
Sana looks at rheill with some sense of accomplishment, feeling important now to the group; without her knowledge of the spell, they would have never defeated the Ghost as she opens her mouth,
“Pretty, well, I should be able to cast it very soon, hopefully by our next battle!”
“Shall we move on?” Suggested Karna.

The rest of the group nodded in agreement to Karna’s suggestion, and they decide to leave the room again shutting the door behind them. They soon arrive back at the spot where they had met the Ghost, “Which way do we go? I think the area to the north is like the area we fought the Screamers earlier on this floor where it goes around in a circle. So, let’s check this way first!” Asked Isai.
“Okay, sounds good!” Replied Karna.
They head directly north and see a crack in the ground, but that was all it was. The grey-scaled walls then take a turn to the right, and indeed it did go around in a circle; Isai’s memory is serving to be a particularly helpful asset to the party; he remembers a lot more than the others do. There was another floor grating carved flawlessly into the stone ground. It was at the end of the right-handed side of the squared-circle area that went around the single column.
“Looks like we have to traverse to the left and continue on that way!” Said Rheill.
Yes, dear! Let’s make haste so we can cover a lot of ground before we have to eat and drink again. We still have not seen another water fountain on this level. It is too far to backtrack to the second level now…”
So, we have to make sure this water lasts and pray there are more fountains on the next level!” Stressed Karna.
“Yes Karna, we have travelled far… it would take several hours to get back to the water fountain and fill our water-bottles back up. Not only that, but we will waste the same amount of time utterly arriving back at this very spot,” declared Sana.
They now set off down the only other way, which they have yet to explore. They then come to more empty alcoves, which kind of annoys Rheill as he speaks, “What is it with these empty alcoves… is Chaos mocking us again?” said an angry, Rheill as he slowly raised his voice.
“Calm down, Rheill, do not fall into his hands and become unfocused!” Replied Karna.
Karna’s simple words then soothe his anger, and they move on around the corner; the party then comes to a right-handed intersection.
“Leave the intersection, for now. There is a small way that lies straight ahead. It looks like another squared room that goes nowhere. Hmm, although it could contain something inside for us. Like food or weapons?” queried Isai.
“Okay Isai, we can always come back anyway… if that way is the correct way!” Replied Sana.
Karna makes eye contact with Sana and smiles in agreement. The party then heads straight on ignoring the intersection as discussed. Isai was spot on with his description; it was a squared-room that leads to absolutely, nowhere. There were also no objects or anything laying around on the floor.
“Back we go then to the intersection!” Said, Karna.
Karna takes the point and leads them back. The champions then traversed the passageway, which then leads to a ninety-degree turn to the right. The party travels around the corner, and then they realise the corridor breaks away into a larger chamber. The vaster area had one exit traversing to the right; however, it contained two small sections on the left. There is nothing in here other than the standard dull grey-scaled walls and ceiling of the dungeon.
“Let’s keep going… it sure has been quiet up until this part, not a single monster, this is very strange!” Mentioned Sana being cautious.
Isai nodded and showed his body language in agreement towards Sana worried words.
“Yes, especially at the start of this level. It contained Screamers, Rock-piles, a Giant wasp and four Magenta Worms in very close, vicinity together!” Responded Karna.

The adventurers follow the chamber towards the exit, which was to the right of it. There was an unpleasant odour as two of the walls had slime leaking out of them; they all hold their noses and move past it as hastily as they could. Next, the party comes to a left-handed turning, and they follow it around into another small area; this time there is a similar carving of a face of some, kind of a demon on the wall.
It frightens Sana, which forces her to scream, abruptly as she sees the image etched on the wall. Next, Isai quickly comforts her, by putting his arms around her body and then whispers the following words towards her right earlobe, “It’s only a face on the wall Sana. It cannot hurt you!”
‘Aww that was sweet of him, I do like him a lot, but I cannot let a relationship get in the way of saving the world, Even if Karna and Rheill have a love-partnership, does not mean I have too!’ thought Sana to herself silently. She then replies to him after having a moment to take in what merely happened a few seconds ago, “Thank you, Isai it just startled me that is all!” Replied Sana.
“Come on, you two. Let get a move on!” Demanded Rheill.
Karna directs the rest of the party with her hand signals as they move out of the chamber towards their left. They then come to an area with many different paths. One pathway leads to the right and past a left turning, shortly after the dungeon wall, which the champions are visualising. The left path leads to a turning that turns to the right.
“Hmm, it could be another singular-type of a column-shaped wall again. The passageway then could go to the right, and it is simply the way out. Unless there is a pathway around the other side, It is hard to see from here!” Suggested Isai.
“Yes, let’s totally check all of the pathways anyway and remember this spot here… It is a nice spot to retreat to if we meet any hostile forces!” Replied Sana.
Rheill marks the wall with an X with his axe, so they remember the spot, Karna begins to speak, “Well, shall we go left then?”
“Whatever you choose, I will follow!” Replied Rheill, wanting to always be with his new love now.
Karna smiles at Rheill; she then tilts her head towards the direction of Sana and Isai to await their approval.
“Karna. look to your heart and let it choose the way,” stated Sana.
“Okay, my heart says to go this way, so it’s decided!” Replied Karna.
They follow Karna behind closely, and they see that the passage leads to a left turning. Additionally, it leads back around to the right, and around the wall in the middle, so it was a single grey-scaled wall.
The entourage continues onwards to the left and follows the passage around a right-handed turn that shifted ninety-degrees, it then comes to a dead end; however, there is a small intersection to the left.
All of them move up towards the right turning and see it is a small niche; although inside of it was a small shield resting on the ground. This defensive item is smaller than Karna’s hardwood-shield, and it is slightly larger than the buckler they found earlier; it is made out of metal and offered more protection. However, Karna’s shield was damaged lightly; she decides to take the new small protective-guard as her new shield and disregards her used and half-broken bulwark.
“let’s head back, and take the other passageway… Your heart was right to choose that way. You got a nice, new shield for yourself!” Explained Sana.
Finally, they make it back to X, which Rheill marked earlier. The X allowed the party to notice that they arrived back at the complicated part of the dungeon, which confused the adventurers a while ago.
‘So glad Rheill marked that column, even with my memory, I would have gotten lost!” thought Isai to himself.
The party then comes across a golden lock on the wall and some encrypted text to the right of it. Sana deciphers it and reads it out to the others, “Short Cut!”

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