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Book 1 – Journey to The Tomb of The Firestaff – Chap...
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Chapter 11 – The Chambers of the Guardian!


After several hours passed, the group finally awakens together, and they all fill their water bottles from the lion-headed fountain. Next, they then take the journey back towards the Choose Your Fate room.
The party approaches the door, which had the writing carved onto the wall next to it, ‘The Chambers of the Guardian!’
Next, Karna presses the button, and the door opens up; they slowly enter through the portcullis and into the cavernous-corridor. They follow the corridor to the south, and it opens into a grander chamber after completing another turn to the right. Next, the entourage observes another group of three blue insectoid-creatures armed with wooden clubs. Karna readies her shield for battle; she then draws her sabre, followed by Rheill’s falchions. Sadly, luck is not on their side this time, as the sound of the weapons getting drawn, notified them of their presence. The three Ant-type creatures move swiftly towards the party, but Karna is ready for them and jumps in the way. She manages to block all three of their blows and stands her ground. Rheill stabs the first Ant creature inside of its head right over the top of Karna’s shoulders as she was ducking and remaining hidden behind her shield; the insectoid-entity then falls lifelessly to the ground.
Next, Karna reveals her head as she is no longer ducking behind her shield; the protector then swerves her body and moves around the Ant-monsters, making them turn to face her. With the two remaining Insectoid-creatures now turned from the group, both Sana and Isai throw their shurikens and daggers into their backs; they fall, down and Karna makes sure they are dead by stabbing each of them in the chest area. “Well, they are getting easier every time to kill, but we still must take them as a serious threat!” said Karna after the battle.
Sana notices that there is another enormous drumstick lying in the corner of the chamber on the razor-sharp floor and it appeared the same as to what they discovered earlier. She quickly plunders it and places inside of her backpack, before the group presses onwards through the cavern; they find a tunnel leading out of the underground-room into another cavernous-corridor, “Be careful! Let me check it is clear around the corner,” declared Karna.
Next, she moves around the underground-corridor and sees that it is clear, but there is a left turning that traverses into to a dead end. Also in the tunnel, there are several portcullises; there are a total of four in view. Also, on the walls are several sapphire coloured diamond-shaped buttons on the walls to the left of each gate.

“It is clear, but we have another enigma to solve!” Explained Karna.
The others rejoin Karna, and Sana looks around to see if she can solve the puzzle. However, before they even get a chance the sound of churning boulders and rocks could be heard faintly in the distance.
“Looks, like we have another Rock-pile to deal with!” Mentioned Rheill, as he draws his weapons out.
Karna gets ready as well, although she motions for them to go back into the chamber. The others recognise why Karna demanded them to retreat as they realise the space, is very narrow inside the corridor. They move to the centre of the underground-chamber and await patiently the Rock-Pile, which took ages to get there. Finally, the rocky-monsters arrive and churn steadily into the chamber; Karna shows no fear and engages the monster. She bashes it with her shield and jumps back to avoid the fiery, hot fangs that come out from beneath the creature much like before. Karna is much quicker than the Rock-pile and deftly avoids the contact; she then lunges and connects into the fang with her sabre. Next, Rheill follows up with a double slash; although the injured Rock-pile quickly goes back underneath the rocks and boulders, which causes his blow to be unaffected.
“Move Rheill!” Yelled Karna as she shoves him on the ground avoiding the razor-sharp rocks; her momentum causes her to fall on top of him as the Rock Pile lashes out with its fierce-fangs.
Karna’s quick actions have saved both of them from becoming burnt to a crisp.
Karna blocks the path of the Rock-pile again to the others, “This one seems to be a lot smarter; it is hurt though, from my blade, that feels extremely hot now. Use your ranged attacks when I make it strike me, I am going to use an evade move towards the right!” Explained Karna.
She engages it again and leaves herself open on purpose, and then she quickly shifts her body and weight to the right using the evading manoeuvre, she mentioned earlier. The Rocky-menace suddenly became vulnerable; next, both Isai and Sana throw their projectiles into the weak spot of the creature. The Rock-pile finally succumbs to the damage of both the dagger and shuriken and then all that remains is the scattering of the boulders and rocks.

“Thank you, Karna… that was too close! I did not anticipate that these rocky creatures were so smart and cunning. I will have to be less reckless in the future with trying my big offensive moves!” said Rheill in a thankful tone of voice.
“It was nothing, Rheill. I know what these things can do to you if they touch you!” Replied Karna as she shows her covered arm where her burnt scar is.
“We should check out the rest of that corridor just to be sure there are no more creatures!” Suggested Sana.
“Yes, a good idea, Sana! We can now try to work out what to do, to solve this area as there are several buttons,” answered Isai.
They all make their way down the tunnel further and find a few more portcullises; although on the right-handed side of one of the cavern walls midway down the underground-corridor is a new device. The device appears shaped in the form of a semi-circle, and it matches the colour of the cavern walls; however, there is a blue, coloured circle in the middle of it, “Stop!” Said Sana.
“What’s up?” Asked Karna.
“There is a symbol here on the wall. We should not touch it for now, though!” Answered Sana to Karna.
Karna moves further down the corridor and discovers it only leads to a dead- end with a few more buttons and closed portcullis doors on the left, much like the start of the corridor. Although there is another golden treasure chest; it is inside the final closed portcullis. However, there is no apparent way to reach the box or get it out of the gate as it is too large, to fit through the squared-holes in the door.
“I think we need to get this chest out and inside it is the item that we need for that mechanism on the wall!” Explained Sana.
“Yes, Sana, I agree maybe these other buttons do something. Try pressing the one to the left of the door with the chest in it and see what happens?” Suggested Karna.
“Get ready, pushing it now!” Replied Rheill.
Rheill then makes his way to the diamond-shaped button and presses it with his right index finger. A vortex then appears, and the chest suddenly gets sucked inside the blue swirling-haze. After a few seconds had passed; the teleporter/vortex animation disappeared from existence, although the chest never came back.
“Well, maybe the chest moved to one of the other doors?” Said Isai.
“Let’s check then since there is nothing else we can surely do here,” declared Karna.
Rheill moves back down the corridor and then points at the golden chest that utterly moved into another tiny-section, beyond a different Portcullis.
“The chest is here now, seems we have to press each button on the left where the chest is currently situated. Eventually, it will come outside, and we can grab its contents!” Explained Sana using her knowledge and wisdom.
“I think you are right, Sana,” Replied Isai.
“I also agree with, Sana. What about you, Rheill?” Answered Karna.
“Yes, let’s do what Sana, suggested… she has yet to fail us yet!” Stated Rheill.
“Sana, you do the honours and press the buttons. I am going to draw my weapon and shield just in case anything teleports in or any walls suddenly open!” Said Karna to the rest of the party.
Sana begins to press the next button, and the chest moves again. It happens several more times as she presses each button; the chest quietly kept on moving to a different narrow chamber behind another closed gate. After every switch had been pushed the chest finally comes outside at the end of the cavernous-passageway; Karna examines the chest thoroughly to see if there were any possible, booby-traps protecting it or inside of the treasure chest. She decides to remove the chest’s lid after she checked it and inside of the box was a strange mirror.
There is some encrypted text carved into the base of it, Sana reads it aloud, ‘Mirror of Dawn.’
The mirror’s base appeared to be coated blue, and on the top of the object it was white, but it still revealed their reflections perfectly. Karna takes the reflector from out of the chest and shows it to the rest of them.
“Wow Karna, your reflective-image is just as beautiful as you are in the real world!” Said Rheill, smiling at Karna.
Karna Blushes slightly, as she curls her lips upwards at Rheill and replies with, “Awww, you are just too sweet!”

She then holds the mirror up in front of the device. Suddenly, the wall to the left of the blue mechanism begins to vibrate and opens to the left of it; she quickly places the reflective-object on the ground. Both Karna and Rheill unsheathe their weapons, and they were right to do so; as two more Mummies covered in the same bandages were contained inside of a dead-end.
“Mummies, do what we usually do and burn them from behind!” Whispered Sana to Isai.
Next, Isai silently finds an unlit torch. Sana whispers the incarnation of the Ful rune, and the Flambeau is set alight, and he then throws the firebrand at the bandaged-figures. The Mummies stood zero chance as they didn’t even get a chance to turn around, as only the horrific sound and stench of the burning charcoal, could be seen and heard throughout the tunnel.

They now examine inside the dead-end, and there is another Leather Jerkin lying on the ground; Next, Isai takes off his robe top, and Sana takes her time to look at Isai’s half-naked body, which was exposed down to his robe leggings. She certainly loved what she was viewing and has a teasingly look on her face. Karna also takes a little sneak-peak of her own at Isai as well to see if he had a better body than Rheill. Isai caught a slight-glance of Karna staring at him out of the corner of his eye.
Isai then thought to himself silently, ‘Hmm, Karna seems to like me, she adores my body. I should play both women to see, which I can score with first!’ totally ignoring the fact she is almost with Rheill.
Next, Rheill whispers jokingly into Karna’s right-earlobe, “Hey… Do not forget me!” as he also saw a glimpse of her examining Isai.
Karna then pulls Rheill by his hand; so that both of them were behind Isai and Sana and then Karna gracefully smiles as she looks into his eyes sensually and whispers back to Rheill softly, “I will never forget you, silly.”
She then places a kiss on his cheek very quietly behind Sana and Isai.
Isai finally finishes putting on the leather jerkin, which offered a lot more protection. He took his sweet time as he knew both of the ladies in the party were watching him closely. The entourage then witnesses there is another red apple and another massive drumstick lying also on the cavernous-ground.
“Sana, grab the food!” Said Isai at Sana as she was still startled, by Isai suddenly taking his top off earlier even though they are not a couple.
After she puts the provisions away inside of her backpack, she notices another golden Key, and she passes it to Karna, “Karna, another golden key since you have the other three!”
“Thank you, Sana!” Karna replied as she takes the gold key from her.
Karna then puts it in her pouch.
Next, she motions for them to leave this area and head towards the locked doors down the passageway, which branched off to the right of the Choose Your Fate room.

The entourage finally arrives at the third locked door after passing through the archways of the previous two. Karna then takes out one of the four, golden keys from her inventory and opens the next door. The cavernous-passageway then takes another ninety-degree turn to the left.
Before they decide to pursue the tunnel, they notice directly in front of them is an alcove and resting inside of it is a very strange looking golden key. The object appeared carved in lots of different ways, which formed the luxurious shape of it. At the top of the item are two capital letters ‘RA’ that are moulded directly and excellently to fit the keys image.
“This key is most strange indeed, but we should take it. It looks remarkably important,” stated Sana.
“I will take it and keep it safe along with the other three golden keys!” Replied Karna to Sana as she collects it from within the small semi-circular alcove and places it inside of her pouch.
The party then follows the tunnel to the left and that lead to another perfectly carved alcove, which was an oblong-shape.
Resting inside of the alcove is another dusty, old scroll, which is coloured yellow, Sana then takes it and reads it aloud, “Cast the symbols, (DES) (EW), to weaken non-material beings!”
“This means anything that is not physically part of this world but somehow still exists. It is hard to explain, but the easiest example would be a ghost!” Explained Sana.
“Yes, I have heard of hauntings before, but I have never seen one before!” Replied Isai.
“I will memorise this Rune and practise… so if we do meet one of these creatures. I will be able to send it back to the realm it belongs in!” Said Sana firmly.
The tunnel then turns another ninety-degrees to the right and leads the party into a spacious chamber, which branches out to the right of the rocky-corridor that they are currently standing in. The cavernous-passage leads straight after the branching of the underground room a few paces more before it forms another ninety-degree turn to the left.
“Let’s explore this chamber!” Said Rheill to the group.
Karna takes the front-guard and leads the group into the chamber, but they find no signs of life. Although inside the room are two sconces with unlit-torches hanging inside of each one. Next to the right firebrand-holder is an alcove with lots of food lying in it; the food is another enormous drumstick, some cheese, bread and finally another red apple.
Sana collects all of the provisions from the recess and stores it with the rest of her food; meanwhile, Isai collects both flambeaus and puts them inside of his backpack as well.
Next, the adventurers follow the underground passageway around the next corner to come to another portcullis. The closed gate looked precisely the same as the other three doors that they passed through to get to this spot.
Rheill takes point as he already had his weapons out and he arrives inside a small room. To the left was a new type of wooden door, which seemed to be locked, as another golden lock was present; It looked the same as the previous ones they had just used. Situated at the upper part of the door and the lower part of the wooden door were two reinforced iron latches; this prevented anyone from chopping through the hardwood gate.
“Another locked door, but we do have the key. Also, there are stairs, which are descending deeper into the labyrinth. I suggest we open this door and see what it contains. You were wise Rheill, for us to search all the rooms or we couldn’t open this door. However, we still have one key and the Ra Key!” Explained Karna.
“I agree with, Karna, there could be worse stuff down on the next level of this cursed place… We need to rest soon, and we can refill our water- bottles and explore the lower level when we are fully awake!” Replied Sana.
“Karna, unlock the door, we are ready,” Said Isai.
“Sana, I sense and have a feeling that something is inside and is waiting to be let out!” Answered Karna as she opens her small hand revealing the key.
“Sure, Karna,” answered Sana, as she takes the golden door-opener from Karna.
Karna’s senses could not have been more spot on as inside of the wooden door, were two more Rock-piles; they were lying in wait and become visible as the wooden door opened automatically.
“FREAKING, ROCK-PILES!” Shouted Rheill, as he draws both of his falchions out and gets ready for battle.
“Wait, Rheill! There is hardly any room to move inside where they are; let’s lure them out into the larger area and kill them there,” suggested Karna intelligently.
Rheill heeds the advice of the woman that he is slowly falling in love with as he then backs off not lunging into the corridor; even though they had only just met before they entered inside of this place. Both of the rocky-minions churn and crawl slowly as the sound of moving boulders and rocks echoed throughout the small cavern, which the champions awaited the terrifying monsters constructed out of granite. Karna quickly leaps and pretended to strike one of the rocky-creatures, but not physically landing a hit on it. Karna knew she could not damage the rock-pile from above and then she quickly side-stepped to her left. She did that to avoid the deadly crimson-flames.
Rheill sees a slight gap in the Rock-pile’s defences that Karna jumped towards a few seconds ago; he then trusts both of his falchions deep into the deadly red fangs of it. Suddenly, he drops both his swords after as the blades become too hot to hold; even Rheills protective gloves could not withstand such incinerating-heat. Next, Karna kicked both of Rheill’s blades with her right foot towards the party immediately; she showed no signs of hesitation to prevent Rheill’s weapons from being burned asunder. Rheill swiftly seized both of his weaponry from the jagged-floor; after Karna had kicked the blades all along the ground a few moments ago. Rheill wielded both of his swords once again with his protective gloves, as the falchions had cooled down from being at a distance from the Rock-Piles. Karna then stood between the party and the surviving Rocky-monster; preventing it from reaching both Sana and Isai.
Rheill hastily rejoined Karna as she battled the surviving Rocky-creature; Karna continued to evade the incoming rocky-entities fiery-fangs as it attempted to strike at her. She swerves her body to the left and right before she jumps backwards. Karna finally discovers the opening in the Rock-piles defences, which she was trying to find. Karna quickly thrusts at the fiery-fangs, which kills the second Rock-pile. Although again, her sword got too hot to handle as her sword-arm had no protective covering; as it was burned earlier by one of the evil rocky-creatures. The sabre flies out of her small hands and lands on the rocky-ground; she waits patiently for about a minute and then collects it from the ground again. “These Rock-piles seem to have hotter fangs, than the previous ones that we had fought earlier in the level!” Explained Karna as she shuddered at the thought of these two creatures, possibly burning her arm again.

“Phew! We have now defeated more of these creatures without any major injuries!” Mentioned Isai.
“What is inside? We should check it out!” Replied Sana to Isai.
“Yes, we should,” declared an overeager Rheill.
Karna sighs softly; she then looks at Rheill and speaks in a gentle tone, “Oh go on ahead then, Rheill!”
Next, Rheill goes and walks into the room through the locked door and finds nothing at all, “There is nothing here, but why would we need a key to get inside of this narrow tunnel?” Queried Rheill as he sounded slightly irritated to the group.
“Look for a hidden or small switch. We have seen this mechanic before!” replied Sana.
Karna looks around in the small corridor where the Rock-piles had emerged from, and she finally sees an unusual crack in one of the cavern walls. At first, she glances over it and then realises it is a switch in the form of a small crevice.
“Here! There is a small switch. Get ready, I am going to push it now,” declared Karna.
Karna slowly and gently placed the palm of her hand into the tiny crevice; the concealed switch then activated, which caused the same clicking sound before to occur. Suddenly, the rumbling of a cavernous-wall started to open somewhere; it was very close to the party, as it was very intense, and vibrated the tunnel walls of the narrow passageway.
“Get out of this small dead-end, quickly!” Stressed Karna.
“Good Idea, Karna!” Replied Isai.
They all hurry out of the dead end; it was a good thing that they had taken Karna’s advice. Abruptly, two blue Ant-creatures emerged out of a new small tunnel, which was situated only two paces to the left of the opened door. Karna quickly blocks the incoming blows from their wooden clubs; just in the nick of time protecting the rest of the group.
Karna was unable to get her sabre out, so she was limited to only her blocking skills, which are magnificent, to say the least; however, luckily for her, Rheill had his weapons out as he was not busy blocking their incoming attacks. Next, he flanks one of the insectoid-creatures from the left and chops off its head with one of his falchions; the monster’s body then fell lifeless to ground after its skull was decapitated. Now, this left only one Ant creature; Sana then launches her poisonous-bolt spell, along with a ranged projectile attack from Isai as he throws his dagger into the body of the surviving insectoid-minion. Somehow the Ant-type monster survived Sana and Isai’s onslaught. Next, Isai tosses his throwing star at the insectoid-creatures head. It then fell dead instantly with the throwing star sticking right into its skull; Isai then pulls the ranged-weapon back out of its brain, but the ninja-star got covered in the green substance of the ant creature.
“Rheill, did you honestly have to get it all over me again!?” Said Karna jokingly as deep down, she was very thankful for his aid; she then smiles at him warmly.
After the battle had finished; they then look into the secret area, which they opened. The champions find a lot of suitable equipment that they could upgrade from their previous armour and weaponry. There is another type of sword found resting on the ground. The weapon looked deadlier than Rheill’s falchion, and the Karna’s Sabre as the blade looked sharper and a lot longer.
Additionally, there was a single piece of chainmail, which was resting next to the sword. It looked to be the breastplate of a Mail Aketon armoured set. However, only the chest piece was present, and the rest of the protective gear was missing.
“Karna, would you like the sword? Also, I think you should take the Mail Aketon as you are usually taking the brunt of the enemies’ attacks?” suggested Rheill.
“I would like the sword, but this Mail aketon looks a bit too heavy for me to wear. Also, I feel greedy if I take both the sword and the armour, dear!” replied Karna.
“You could give me your Sabre, Karna, and that way, I will have two different types of swords, and this will work well for me. The sabre appears great for cutting compared to the falchion as the falchion got designed for piercing. Please take this new sword,” replied Rheill to Karna.
“Okay then, take my Sabre then!” Said Karna, as she passes her Sabre to Rheill.
“The sword looks good with you wielding it Karna… then again, anything does!” said Rheill.
“Awww, thank you Rheill!” Replied Karna as she blushes slightly at Rheills sweet compliment.
Isai and Sana, merely look on and Sana speaks, “Are you all set then, Karna?”
“Not yet, as Rheill did not answer about the armour!” Replied Karna as she tests it a few times in her weapon-arm. She realises it is a bit heavy, but she will learn how to handle it better in the future. She knows it will be able to cut and pierce any adversary. She then takes her shield in her left-arm; while she awaits Rheill’s response to her armour question.
“Oh sorry Karna. Yes, if you insist I will wear the armour, it does look a bit too heavy for you to wear. I remember when we first met you had custom protective gear designed for you to have more flexibility?” Queried Rheill as he picks up the Mail Aketon.
“Yes, at Rune the woman use a rare material called Mithril. The metal got discovered only a couple of decades ago. It’s stronger than steel and the best part about Mithril armour, it is as light as a feather.
Rheill then takes off his leather Jerkin exposing his muscular frame to the party; Karna licks her beautiful lips with excitement. Luckily for her, she is not facing Rheill as he has his back turned or he would be asking her some questions.
‘Mmm, I wonder what he is like as a lover in the bedroom!’ she thought to herself, continuing to observe his body as he places the Mail Aketon over his head and onto his chest giving him a far superior form of protection.
“What do you think?” Asked Rheill.
“Looks pretty good on you and matches the berserker helmet in colour, also we are ready now to continue, Sana!” Responded Karna.

“Now, it is time to refill our water bottles up and eat before we explore the next level of this place!” Explained Isai.
“Good Idea, Isai,” replied Sana.
The adventurers head ascend the stairs to the previous level of the dungeon; as there was not a single water fountain inside the cavern at all, other than the flooded area. They eat and then drink from their water-bottles before filling them back up from the Lion-headed spring and get some rest; eight hours later and they all began to stir.
Firstly, Sana illuminates the area with her Ful rune; the party all then begin washing, there bodies at the fountain. Next, they then all head back down to cavern and head all the way down and descent down the stairs and they appear back inside of the grey stone walls of the dungeon again.
On the north wall appeared some writing, which was not cryptic this time. Next, Karna reads the text out loudly, “Prepare to meet your doom!” She then shudders after reading those words.

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