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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Chapter 4 – Lighter Than a Feather

Both Rheill and Karna wake up; both realise they made beautiful love together last night and smile at each other and kiss each other delicately. “Gosh, last night felt so right, and I love you so much!” Said Karna with all her heart.
“I love you too, Karna, and I have never had sex that good before!”
Karna blushes when he says the last part, but makes her happy.
“Let’s get dressed. I am slightly worried about Isai and Sana, but more about Isai taking advantage of Sana.”
“Karna don’t worry, he took my words seriously yesterday, and you heard what he said. Although I understand why you don’t want to be alone with him, dear!”
They now get dressed into their armour and walk back to Sana and Isai, and they were both asleep close together, but not cuddled.
“Let’s rest a bit, so we do not wake them up!” Suggested Karna as she sits down in front of them where they took the torch from to their room. Rheill then sits behind her and cuddles her gently.

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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg Pinnacle – Cha...
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Book 2 – Chapter 3 – A King-Sized Rodent

The junction appeared dark much like the floor above, is purely made of cooled down magma rocks. The way to the right lead to a dead-end, the other the way traversed into a small chamber. There looked to be three different directions branching out of the room, one to the left, centre and a right-handed corridor. They notice the path on the left lead only to a dead end. There was some cryptic text on the wall, but the champions decided to ignore it for now and thoroughly examine the other two routes.
Next, they check the corridor directly in front of the small roo “Another freaking dead end. I guess we have only one choice on where to go then!” Said Karna losing her patience slowly.

They follow the right-handed passageway, as it winds around the left and then a right turn and it leads to a wooden door with a rectangular window. The window had two vertical bars descending in the middle of the lattice. Karna notices it has a button in the place it usually is, she draws her sword out as she opens it up.
Inside the door was a small room, which was vacant of any lifeforms. However, there was a dusty yellow scroll resting on the floor. Sana scouts the area slowly for traps or any hidden triggers. Nothing gets activated, and she collects the manuscript and starts to read the cryptic writing on it aloud, ‘Cast the runes, Oh Kath Ra, to create a powerful lightning bolt!’
“Oh yes, another offensive spell. I need to remember this spell travels higher, as the beholders/fiery eyes used the same magic!”
“Yeah, my old shield remembers that well. Nonetheless, it saved our butts!” Replied Karna.
The four champions investigate the small chamber thoroughly but don’t find any hidden devices or anything of value. Next, Karna leads them back to the other room to choose the left direction.

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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg! – Chapter 2
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Chapter 2 – The Missing Gear!

Twenty minutes later, both Sana and Isai awoke to the realisation their backpacks were missing. “Where the hell is out stuff, Karna you haven’t played a trick on us have you?” Asked Isai.
Karna was already seething, but controls her rage, “Look, Rheill’s and mine are missing too. We will hunt them down. The culprit could not have gotten far, he can’t get up to the other floor as the abyss is in the way. Also, the door is locked to the northwest. Its lair must be somewhere to the northeast!”
The Protector of Rune takes them east as the chamber expands towards the east and past the fireball shooters. The group of four continues to traverse through the pink mist with extreme caution. Sana explores the wall in a more depth fashion. She spots a rectangular-shaped button across the razor-sharp rock, and it got carved into it perfectly. Next, Sana pushes the switch with her staff. Suddenly, a wall rumbles, and it then reveals a hidden cavern.

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Book 2 – The Lower Depths of Kakareeg! – Chapter 1
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Chapter 1 – The Ethereal Plane!

We should rest before we explore the next level. It has been a long day! Isai if you even come anywhere near, Karna, I will end you!” Rheill declared forcefully.
Isai looks at Rheill in total fear. Next, he finds somewhere to rest on his own, isolating himself. Sana rests at a spot close to Karna and Rheill.

Karna snuggles up tighter than ever to Rheill, after removing her helmet. She says softly, “Sorry for distancing, myself from you that was the wrong decision,” being careful not to wake the others.
“Karna, look at me.” She looks at Rheill, as both of them remove their armoured-headpieces.
He speaks again, “You did nothing wrong, and I cannot imagine what you are going through now. Let me hold you so you can get some real sleep.
Karna merely curves her lips into a warm and graceful smile and places her head on his chest and drifts off into a slumber. Next, Rheill kisses Karna gently on her forehead.
Karna got the rest, which she desperately needed after finally not having to hide the despicable actions of Isai.
She held this burden for so long that occurred within the Creature Cavern one month ago. Sana struggled to get some rest, as all she could think about was what Isai had done to her. Even though they were not together officially, she did like him a lot.
She thought to herself, ‘At least, I know what he is like now, and not later when we got married!’
Sana then calmed down after that final thought of her knowing now; she tried to get closure and focus on the task that they have to achieve, as failure is not an option. She then falls into a deep haze. Isai had a long time to think hard at what he had put Sana, Karna and Rheill through before getting some shut-eye. Rheill had fallen sleep like a log with Karna snuggled up tightly in his muscular arms that got concealed under the chain mail sleeves.

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Journey to Luminitia’s Heart and True Love! – Chapte...
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Chapter 10 – Luminitia Explores the Night-Life of London!

It was Saturday morning, and it was around nine o’clock in the morning. Luminitia’s Mother was making breakfast for her husband and two daughters. She was cooking eggs, bacon and sausages for everyone.
Luminitia had just woken up and took a hot shower, freshening herself up for the meeting with the landlord. She had washed and rinsed her hair out beforehand and then picks out a beautiful black dress. The outfit was long and showed a little bit of her lower leg, as it was a business dress.

I won’t need any underwear with this! Luminitia thought to herself.

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