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Hi all, my name is, Natasha, I am an ex Webcam/Lingerie and topless Model. ( I got forced into it due to an ex-boyfriend creating financial problems), now turned professional writer. It has always been my dream to be an author since I was a little girl.

I love to write fictional stories, which are sensual-exotica erotica stories, and dungeons and dragons. Some got based on my real life and some fiction. You have to guess how much of a princess I am or how much of a dirty princess I can be behind closed doors.
Please note all my stories are written in British English, and not US English, since am British/Romanian.

If I do Publish a story; it will be removed from the site and put in a paid section, or you will need to buy the story on Amazon. I will always have free stories for you to read and allow you to read my drafts of my novels!

I honestly hope you enjoy the stories on my site.

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An Interesting Meeting With a Brand New Neighbour (18+)
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In the Country of the United States of America and in the state of Miami Beach, Florida. There is a married couple who are both in their low-thirties, they live in Palm Beach right off the coast with a gorgeous beach, which is situated to the east of them. They are not too rich, but not poor either to live in such an exotic location; one can only dream to live that close to the beach.
The Wife is in her Bikini today as she plans on going to the beach later today; it is a beautiful pink coloured and is pretty revealing too as it shows her lovely petit bum, her Tattoo on her tail-bone of Ma’at, the goddess of protection. She is not from the United States of America by her heritage, she is a mixture of English and Lebanese as you can tell by her gorgeous, luscious lips and she has a pair of Hazel eyes and dark black, silky hair, which drapes down her back. She is about five foot and eight inches tall also in height and her figure is to die for as well with 36D cup breasts, the bikini clearly shows off her cleavage as well and she knows it does; she simply just loves the attention of every man in the world looking at her at all times knowing that they cannot have her as she is already married to the love of her life.

“Vasanta, I need to go out for a bit… will you be okay going beach alone for a while; I will join you when I am back?” asked the husband.
“Yes dear go ahead, Where are you going?” replied Vasanta in a gentle and sweet voice.
“Just shopping, want to buy you something nice to wear to bed!” he replied smugly.
“Awww, so glad I married you! You always think of me as your Lebanese Princess!” she replied happily.
He comes to see Vasanta quickly and he kisses her softly on her perfect lips, “Bye, Austin, see you later and stay safe baby!” replied Vasanta as they end their beautiful goodbye kiss.
Austin is wearing just some white shorts and a light white t-shirt as it is very hot outside as the rays of the sunshine down on the beach east of the house. He also has black hair and his around five foot and nine inches tall and some black sunglasses that look cool. He has his hair gelled and brushed forwards he now leaves the house as Vasanta shuts the door.
‘Damn without my husband on the beach everyone is going to chat me up’ she thought to herself knowing how sexy she is.

Suddenly, she notices that the house that is usually empty next to their house on the right has a young man unpacking his stuff from his red car, “hmm this must be our new neighbour never knew someone was moving in as I thought this house was still up for sale” mumbled Vasanta out loud.
‘damn this guy is cute, but he is only about eighteen, well he is legal if he is eighteen!” she suddenly giggles, “I will eat him for breakfast these young guys have no experience in bed, but I want him and Austin is going be gone for a while it seems!” she says again out-loud.
“Also what Vasanta wants, Vasanta knows how to get!” she giggles after saying that again to herself.
Nick is wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but they are coloured navy-blue. He has light brown hair and light, brown coloured eyes and is a little bit shorter than Vasanta as he is about five foot and six inches tall. He has a really toned body and looks like he works out daily and has pretty big muscles in his arm.

Vasanta decides to greet him and of course, she is barely wearing anything too! “Hello, Are you the new neighbour, I am Vasanta, pleased to meet you!” she said smiling.
He stutters after seeing the way Vasanta is dressed, “Oh, hello, Vasanta I am, Nick!”
“Oops, sorry I was going to the beach why I am dressed like this, would you like some help moving stuff to your house?” asked Vasanta.
“Sure, you are really kind, Vasanta, and I must say you look damn sexy in that Bikini!”
“Awww, thanks” she giggled as she starts helping Nick carry his stuff to the house.
“Vasanta, just place the stuff in the living room, I will sort it out later!”
“Sure, Nick, would you like to come to the beach with me?” asked Vasanta Kindly.
“I would love too, heard its amazing in Miami, why I moved here!” replied Nick.
“I will wait for you then in my garden while you get changed into some sunbathing attire!” said Vasanta.
“Vasanta, I will come in the garden when I am ready” stated Nick.
“Yes please do!” responded Vasanta.
Nick goes and takes his top off and reveals his chiselled abdominal area and amazing physique and he then puts on some swimming trunks instead of his normal shorts. Next, Nick heads towards Vasanta’s garden gate, which is made out of hardwood and is painted a dark brown colour.
He enters and sees Vasanta laying on her back next to the pool getting a lovely real sun-tan with her black designer sunglasses.

“Wow you have an amazing set of abs,” declared Vasanta as she sees Nick standing in her garden, she motions him over to lay next to him.
Nick quickly lays down next to her as Vasanta had kindly laid out a sun tower for him to lay on the grass, “Thank you for the towel, Vasanta,” said Nick.
“You are welcome, dear,” replied Vasanta in a gentle voice.
Vasanta waits until nick closes his eyes and she suddenly climbs on top of him and lies on top of him and takes off his sunglasses and takes off her own sunglasses and looks into his eyes.
“Nick, do you think I am attractive!” asked Vasanta.
“Yes, who wouldn’t your freaking gorgeous!” replied Nick.
“Good then I am not making a mistake when I do this!” stated Vasanta and she starts to kiss him gently.
Nick starts to cuddle Vasanta rubbing her back softly over her tattoo and upper back with both of his hands as he gently kisses her back.
“Mmmm, Nick!” moaned Vasanta as she lies on top him kissing him.
Vasanta pulls away looking at him, she licks her lips as she unties her bikini top revealing her amazing breasts.
“Wow, those look amazing, Vasanta, how big are they!?” said Nick.
“They are 36D, sweetie, and now stop talking and suck my nipples! You are my bad boy for the next hour!” declared Vasanta.
“oh would like nothing more you are so sexy, I hope you are not cheating on anyone!” said Nick.
Vasanta does not answer and starts running her long pink and yellow nails through his light brown hair as Nick begins to start sucking on her beautiful nipples on her large breasts, “Mmmm, Nick, my bad boy!”
“You have such sexy moans, baby!” replied Nick as he pulls her long, black hair forcing her to reveal her neck to him as he sucks and licks it, “MMMM, NICK!” screamed Vasanta, luckily for them she has no neighbours other than Nick.
he notices that she loves her neck being kissed, sucked and licked; Vasanta begins to get wet underneath her pink Bikini, G-string and she gets very excited as well.
“Mmmm, Baby… don’t stop!” she moans again.
He grabs hold of her hair and makes her crawl into doggy style as he slowly unties her g-string revealing her petit and cute ass, “Wow, what a sexy ass and your pussy is fully shaved, Vasanta!”

Nick quickly leans over her back and kisses her on her neck as rubs her ass-cheeks in a circular motion. Vasanta gets even more horny for Nick.
“Spank me hard, I want to be your little slut until we are done!” demanded Vasanta.
“Oh Vasanta you are a naughty young lady!” replied Nick as he grabs a handful of her hair from behind with his left hand as he sucks on the side of her neck and licks over her left earlobe.
“Mmmmm!” moaned Vasanta.
He then spanks her firmly on the right buttock and then on the left ass-cheek, “Mmmm, Baby!” shouted Vasanta sexily.
“Your hair smells lovely, and feels amazing too, so soft and silky, Vasanta!” said Nick as he slowly rubs her pussy from behind and he gets to feel how wet she is for him.
“Mmmm so wet, Vasanta, I wonder if you taste as good as you look, get on your back, baby!”
“With pleasure, now please me, my bad boy!” replied Vasanta as she lays on her back and spreads her legs wide for Nick.

Nick quickly leans inside of her legs and lays in front of Vasanta’s beautiful shaved pussy as he licks from the base upwards and gently sucks on her tiny clitoris, which is already swollen, “Mmmm Baby!” Moaned Vasanta out loud.
Next, Nick licks her in a circular, clockwise motion all over the tight wet and steaming hot pussy; it makes her go crazy and she shivers before he sucks on her clitoris again.
“I see someone likes that!” giggled Nick, as he slowly inserts 2 fingers inside of Vasanta and slides them in and out gently.
“MMMMM, FINGER MY PUSSY!” screamed Vasanta again.
Nick needs no second invitation to finger fuck such a wonderful young woman, and delightful looking pussy, he starts to finger her faster and harder as he sucks deeply on her clitoris as Vasanta begins to squirm all over the place he holds her down by her thighs. Vasanta then reaches for his head and runs her nails through it with her right hand as her left-hand hold’s her hair as she places it behind her head.
“You taste delicious and divine, Vasanta, Just like strawberries!” moaned Nick into her pussy.
“Mmmm, thank you, Nick, you lick pussy so good, baby!” moaned Vasanta as Nick continues to finger her harder, which simply raises the volume of her moaning to the next level.
He increases is thrusting of his two fingers and curls them looking for Vasanta’s lovely G-spot she screams in ecstasy as she arches her back up as Nick continues to lick and suck on Vasanta’s beautiful clitoris.
“Mmmm just little bit more, I AM CUMMING BABY!” Screamed Vasanta louder than ever as she lets loose all her love-juices over the fingers of Nick and his face, which makes him smile and lick it and taste it.
“Vasanta have a taste!” declared Nick as he slides both his fingers to Vasanta’s mouth.
Vasanta eagerly sucks his fingers wildly turned on from her wonderful orgasm. Next, she leads him to the ball edge as she jumps into it and stands in front of him, she slowly pulls down his swimming trunks revealing his large seven-inch cock, which is fully erect and hard for Vasanta.
“Mmmm still hard for me I see, let’s show you what a real woman can do with a cock!” Explained Vasanta.

Vasanta starts to stroke him from inside the pool and then she wets her hair inside the pool and flicks her hair back, “That looks so hot, Vasanta!” said Nick.
Vasanta smiles and looks up a second with her hazel eyes before she wraps her lips around the head of his cock and sucks it gently and then licks up the base and along with his seven-inch shaft before placing him back inside of her pretty little mouth and luscious lips. She suddenly looks up and then closes her eyes to enjoy his cock as she sucks tightly on it and Nick starts to play with her hair without her asking him too.
“Mmmm, Nick I love having my hair played with while I suck cock!” explained Vasanta as she licks his shaven balls and sucks on them one at a time starting from the left one and then moving onto the right one.
“MMMM, Vasanta, baby-girl!” moaned Nick.
Vasanta then slowly sucks him some more and increases her speed, but she stops as she does not want him to cum in her mouth just yet, “Baby stay there I want to get on top of you, don’t worry I am on the pill!” said Vasanta.

Vasanta climbs out of the pool and kneels over Nick and sinks down inserting his seven-inch cock into her sacred cavern, it slowly fills up her pussy as she moans out in pleasure, “Mmmm, Baby!”
She slowly kisses him on the lips as she begins to gently ride him slowly, to begin with, “Mmmm, Vasanta, your Pussy, feels so good!” moaned Nick.
As Nick moaned that, Vasanta increase her pace and rides it faster in a full circular motion working her hips to perfection on top of Nick forcing his cock deep inside of her dark, damp and wet cavern.
“Mmmm, Nick, your cock feels so good, deep inside my pussy!” screamed Vasanta as Vasanta start to bounce up and down on his hard shaft and her 36|D breasts bounce up and down.
Nick massages and holds them before sucking on them after moving his hands to both of her hips and buttocks. He spanks her making her ride him faster like a horse trying to win a race, she simply rides him even better as being spanked turns Vasanta on big-time.
“MMMM, I thought all young guys were inexperienced! Guess I was proven wrong!” said Vasanta as she winks at him.
“Vasanta you shouldn’t judge that is naughty now I am going to fuck you hard for that!” replied Nick.
Nick pulls her on her side next to the pool and lays behind her in the spoon position and lifts up her right thigh and slides his cock deep inside of her glistening and wet pussy.
“MMMM, Nick, fuck that pussy!” screamed Vasanta.
He delivers on what Vasanta wanted a hard fucking as he slides in and out of her hard, as he holds his arm around her neck and starts to kiss the side of her neck, which drives her more wild for him.
“MMMM, fuck me harder!” she screamed.
“Whoa, you like it hard don’t you naughty slut, you better not be married or anything; I don’t want the husband coming to beat me up!” Joked Nick as he fucks her even harder.
“Never mind all of that just give me the fucking that I deserve!” replied Vasanta refusing to tell him that she is really married.
What Nick does not know won’t hurt him she thought to herself; however, she really is married to someone else who could be back at any-time, but the thought of getting caught turns her on even more.
“Vasanta do you like Doggy-style, you little slut?” asked Nick.
“Yes, I do! It is also my favourite position and I really love it when you talk dirty to me like that!” replied Vasanta.

He pulls her by her hair and forces her into the doggy-style position onto the towel next to the pool and he slides his cock back into her divine pussy.
“MMMMM, Baby, now fucking give it to me, but do not cum inside of me I want it on my ass!” explained Vasanta as she moans in pleasure.
“MMMM, Vasanta, I am going make you cum again all over my big and thick cock!” stated Nick.
“MMMM, Baby it will not take much more as you fuck just beautifully and perfectly!”
Nick gets a confidence boost and really starts to pound Vasanta in doggy style as he grabs hold of her hair controlling her position, he spanks her a few times too on her ass as he knows she loves it.
“MMMMMMMM, YES, MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!” she screamed loudly.
He takes his free hand that is not holding onto her silky long, black hair and rubs her clit from behind, which forces her to burst into Orgasm as she shakes wildly in front of him.
“I AM CUMMING AGAIN, MMMM CUMMING ALL OVER THAT HARD DICK!” screamed Vasanta as Nick holds her close to him as she cums.
Vasanta’s pussy squeezes Nick’s cock so tight that he has pulled it out quickly to avoid cumming inside of her as she kindly asked him not too.
“Cum on my ass, sweetie!” she screams still high from her orgasm as she pants for breath.
Nick suddenly strokes himself backwards and forwards above her ass and it only takes a few strokes, but he suddenly shoots his white, hot liquid all over Vasanta’s ass and back. Suddenly she feels the hot sensation of it hitting her and warming up her lovely back.
“Oh god nick that was amazing, but there is something I need to tell you!” said Vasanta.
“You are Married right?” asked Nick.
Yes I am married, so please leave quickly my husband is due home any moment now and he will kill you if he sees you naked in my garden! I am meant to be at the beach also; but, I will make some excuse that I left early, do not mention what we did today, it was amazing though!”
“Yes, it was and you are much too old for me anyway. I am only eighteen, but you were the best fuck I have had so experienced!” explained Nick as he puts his swimming trunks back on and leaves the garden and goes back to unpacking his stuff in his house.
Vasanta quickly rubs the white, cum from her back with one of the towels and then puts her Pink, Bikini back on and decides to go swimming in the pool.

“Vasanta, I am back please try on this sexy corset for me tonight!” said Austin who had no clue what Vasanta had been up to today.
“I am in the pool swimming, babes, also we don’t have to wait until tonight do we?”
“Not if you are horny now Vasanta?” asked Austin
“Yes, please let me try the corset on, what colour is it?” said Vasanta.
“It is white with a sexy black and white thong, also I have other stuff too, but they are for other nights and days!” replied Austin
“okay let me just dry up and I will come to the bedroom shortly. Vasanta finishes drying her body and goes to the bedroom to try out the sexy white corset and lingerie that her loving husband had bought her.

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